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12:01 AM
in Ask Ubuntu General Room, 2 mins ago, by hbdgaf
@Braiam we draw minecraft pictures with coke cases all.the.time.
this show is CRAY
@spugsley game of thrones?
@MBraedley The Tudors
@spugsley I was close
@MBraedley lol yeah
12:03 AM
@spugsley Yeh, that's your kind of show, definitely.
No stars
You are all so kind
> "The team is currently working hard on the upcoming story DLC and there currently are no plans for releasing another patch to address the issues that have been reported on the forums," a community manager said in a post on...
/cc: @AshleyNunn, @FAE, @whoeverelsewantsadeathbyawesomefood
Woo! Magitek armor!
@FEichinger Fun fact, pasta is my favorite food.
12:18 AM
@Fluttershy There's also "Chinese food"!
@RedRiderX That sounds like a reason not to support those developers.
@FEichinger Most of those seem passable as "authentic Chinese", but I draw the line at General Tso's Chicken and sweet & sour anything.
Typically anything with the name <Chinese person's name>'s <dish> is not authentic Chinese.
@FEichinger oooooh
Yes, that is an octopus.
I love that. :D
@Frank Indeed
@Yuki cool!
Q: Marches scene unlocked, but won't run

Cocktail_QueenieHas anyone unlocked the Marches scene and been able to see it played back from their album ?

@spugsley @OrigamiRobot CtM for this week is uploading to the usual spot.
@AshleyNunn gracias!
12:37 AM
It will take a bit, because Dropbox, but it will get tehre
@AshleyNunn is best Nunn
I know :P
@Yuki These are amazing. I love surreal art.
12:45 AM
Why do I have the feeling this CtM ep is going to make me cry, and it is going to be Shelagh related?
(aka this show always makes me cry)
@Yuki daw, so much cute!
Arrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhh. I hate spotty wifi
@DavidM in a hotel?
@MBraedley Worse. Hotel conference center.
"We have people looking into it."
12:59 AM
That still qualifies as a yes. But that's why people use mobile hotspots.
"Has anyone tried turning it on and off at the router?" - David M
@MBraedley In the mountains. My phone displays LTE, then 4G, EDGE, GPRS all within the same 2 inches of space.
@DavidM: more likely, shitty consumer router. too many people
@DavidM: no HSPDA?
@JourneymanGeek I'm in the mountains of Utah. I'm lucky that I have any reception at all.
@JourneymanGeek But, I believe that AT&T calls that 4G
@DavidM: so isn't. At most its 3.75
@JourneymanGeek I didn't write the software.
HSPDA+ I guess is what they call 4G
1:05 AM
@DavidM The call a lot of things 4G nowadays.
@RedRiderX Yes, yes they do.
Q: What does the Crystal "Lockdown" power do?

Jonah BishopI finally managed to obtain my first Crystal crew member (finally!). I note that he has a "Lockdown" power, as shown in the screenshot below: What does this power do? None of the tooltips I've seen provide any explanation. When is this power useful?

Oh hey
I guess I'm popular on the stars list today
Q: How do you change your Steam status, ect. from a shortcut?

saxlover98I want to do this, because I want to use RocketDock to change things like my status and open things like the Friends window. I'm trying to create a Steambox of sorts with a heavily modified Windows 7 install, so I don't need Windows Explorer. I know it's possible because this guy → ...

1:12 AM
@RedRiderX Oh hey, me too.
Things that annoy me: Reddit threads that begin with "Am I the only one..."
I want to always answer with "Yes, you unique and special snowflake. It is only you."
@Yuki Law of probabilities state that, no, you're not the only one.
Holy shit the difficulty spike in this dungeon in FF4 is insane.
In the previous area I can win every battle with Auto-Battle on without incident.
In this dungeon every encounter has 2 enemies that can OHKO 3/4 of my party every time they act.
It's stupid.
@Yuki Immediately unsubscribe to that subreddit.
@DavidM most of my phones refer to it as H or H+. LTE is 4g here
1:20 AM
@RedRiderX The problem is, it crops up in every subreddit.
Because everyone wants to feel like they're the only one.
but we don't have douchbag telcos, only incompetant ones ;p
@Yuki Eh, you might be in the wrong subreddits then.
Q: Why Are My Servers Being Wiped?

EthanBaconGamingI just opened Minecraft in the morning and noticed all my servers were wiped. I added some back and just decided to forget about it. Then later in the day my servers were wiped again. I then decided I need to figure out how to stop this. All the rest of my worlds, resource packs and settings ...

Or I think it is
1:26 AM
@Unionhawk Why did you just say "MEHMEHMEH"?
@RedRiderX ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ
Your fake HamStare does not phase me!
(he's not fooled. Crap)
(Quick break out the stare tag)
55 secs ago, by RedRiderX
Your fake HamStare does not phase me!
Either way, I hate you, for making fun of my love of the Winter Games.
1:29 AM
Okay that is funny
But actually, except, like, figure skating, and kind of speed skating, the Winter Games is like my favorite thing.
Men's downhill is going to be insane this year, from what I hear.
1:31 AM
@Unionhawk Figure skating is ridiculously political.
It's hilarious.
Pretty much
And Speed Skating is meh. Unlike @FEi, I like Short Track better.
Expect no American to win a gold medal in figure skating this year pretty much.
Possibly not even silver.
Disclaimer: I don't know if they've awarded the medals for figure skating yet.
I haven't been following. Isn't the US locked into a battle for 3rd in the team competition? And don't they have some time until the individual competitions?
@OrigamiRobot @spugsley Make sure to have loads of tissues handy for CtM, you will need them
1:34 AM
@Unionhawk Apparently, one US skater got a lower score than someone who fell during her program or something like that.
I don't watch figure skating so this is all osmosis from Reddit.
Well, we all know Reddit isn't full of people who go "It's all a conspiracy against America/Is a conspiracy by America" (Oh wait)
I'm pretty sure Figure Skating is scored on difficulty values and deductions. But I might be wrong.
@Unionhawk Yeah. Apparently the other skater fell during a specific part of her program that deducted less points or something or another.
Figure skating never really made much sense to me, so I never really bothered.
I have no idea.
And I'd venture a guess and say Reddit has no idea either.
Let's be honest.
Yeah, but it doesn't help that Olympic figure skating has a record of score fixing a mile long.
I've got to say, I like watching the Women's competitions as much as the next guy, but the sheer amplitude and intensity of the Men's competition is just awesome.
@Yuki Yeah, well, you're hearing it from Reddit.
1:39 AM
@Unionhawk Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating about a mile long, but Olympic figure skating does have a pretty sketchy background.
Q: Is the Double Fine Adventure Documentary publicy available?

Nick TBeing lame, I missed out on backing the Double Fine Adventure, which would go on to produce Broken Age. I am still curious about some of the behind-the-scenes stuff, a la Indie Game: The Movie, but I can't tell if there is anywhere to buy the episodes. The 2PP page points me to the DFA Slacker-...

2:01 AM
Lots of flat light today, so I couldn't even imagine skiing it at those speeds
Well that was a slightly disappointing run from Bode Miller...
@Unionhawk Short track is still stupid.
@FEichinger Your face.
@Chippies Are you still around?
I think short track is just a lot more fun to watch than speed skating, overall.
2:36 AM
@Unionhawk Not available in my country.
@GnomeSlice Srsly? -.-
@Unionhawk he ain't lying
@Unionhawk Works, but I don't think I'll be able to get it to load.
@Unionhawk I am going to regret watching this aren't i?
2:38 AM
> Wow! Watch this again.
@Unionhawk Oh God, ow.
@AshleyNunn Well, that depends on whether or not you want to see a french man getting hit in the balls with a slalom gate.
@AshleyNunn I think @GnomeSlice just answered that
> The boys really took a beating on that one.
> Those are the moments that change your life
@Unionhawk winces "Watch this again"....no. Painful enough the first time.
2:39 AM
I thought they wore cups, but I guess not.
@AshleyNunn But you're not even a men!
@GnomeSlice Yeah, but the pain is transferable. Doesn't exactly tickle when I get hit there either, its just a smaller surface area to hit.
@GnomeSlice I sure hope she's not a multiperson
@MBraedley Well, the key is, you ski through the gates on good line and don't get your ski caught between the gate.
Or else you're probably going down anyway.
It's just degrees of how spectacularly you go down.
At least in the quicker one (as in shorter distance between gates) they wear shin guards.
2:42 AM
> That guy needs a hug.
@Unionhawk That was hilarious.
@MBraedley Well, yes, but slalom is so much different
You still don't want to get a gate between your legs, or you're probably going to be in pain, cup or not.
Getting anything between your legs is usually a bad idea
unless it's a lady
HamStare @GnomeSlice
@GnomeSlice ಠ_ಠ
Does that script not use fredley anymore?
HamStare @Unionhawk
2:46 AM
@GnomeSlice ಠ_ಠ
I don't get it.
Wait, it let me send the same message twice in a row?
I'm confused
Q: Magma Slimes Erratic Attack

James Of Da PeachI've noticed that the smallest magma slimes still do damage (unlike normal slimes) -- however, you can stand in the midst of a bunch and not get hit for 5+ seconds. (this seems to be even more relevant if you stand still). Is this a bug? How can I fix it?

Shucks, curling starts really early in the morning. I can't justify staying up all night to watch it.
2:49 AM
Sure you can.
@MBraedley DVR it if you have one?
CTV will probably upload it online too I suspect.
@Wipqozn CBC has the rights. And yeah, they seem to be doing good with that. Had an issue with stuttering video earlier.
Oh, so many important events to watch tomorrow. Men's and women's curling, women's hockey, men's moguls, and both short track and long track speed skating. All stuff I want to watch, and all airing when I'm either asleep or at work.
3:08 AM
this is so stressfullllllllllllllllll
@spyder goodnight
I'm headed to bed. Lots of Olympics to watch tomorrow while on the clock.
@spugsley meep?
And not touching those flags with a 10 foot pole.
3:11 AM
@AshleyNunn my show. Prints and business cards and tables and lights and alterations for my dress and tickets and WHY AM I DOING THIS AGAIN
@spugsley because you're going to be a world famous photographer
I'm starting to wonder if I'm actually ready for this O_o
I'm only been actually shooting for a year. Maybe it's too soon
Hell, you already are. There are people from all over the world in chat right now!
3:14 AM
@spugsley Stop it. You're awesome. Your work is great. You're definitely ready.
@spugsley no, you're awesome. Do what ever it takes to calm yourself done, get a good nights sleep, and attack this in the morning.
@MBraedley yeah I don't think I can look at it anymore tonight.
what, no
no no no no no
@GnomeSlice lol
3:16 AM
> Before you laugh at these morons, look at the phone in your own hand. If it's a relatively recent iPhone, and you have Flappy Bird installed, you no longer have just a phone. You have a piece of history, one that you too could put on eBay, charge stupid prices for then have nobody pay.
@spugsley Breathe, pretty lady. Your art is awesome, as are you, and they obv agree. Take a break from all of this. Breathe. Watch something awesome. Have a bubble bath. Read a book. Just take some time for you, doing something completely not this thing.
@GnomeSlice right, like the files aren't available anywhere....and really, its a fucking mobile game. facedesk
Okay, really off to bed now.
I wish I spake Dutch
Oh wait, it has captions
Hahaha, what.
3:25 AM
Congratulations to Jamie Anderson and Team USA for sweeping Slopestyle gold. GO USA
That was a damn good run too.
@GnomeSlice Are you serious?
@Unionhawk Sadly yes
What the hell.
> Play the role of Putin, who will participate in a gay friendly figure skating competition at the Sochi Olympics.
3:30 AM
@GnomeSlice Hahahahaha, nice
> The games have always been a little gay. Let's fight to keep them that way.
Canada is the best.
....and what teh hell does me changing my facebook profile pic do? NOTHING.
@AshleyNunn What do you mean?
In the description
3:33 AM
Oh, right.
I never got that either.
I never do those 'change your profile pic' things.
@AshleyNunn Yeah, well...
Doesn't make sense.
People r dum
I am just generally tired of "look at all the twee videos about how gay is yay" well, yeah, welcome to being in a Western society, where we can do the things. I don't see how any of this makes a damn difference.
That's how I look at it.
@Unionhawk How did I know that'd be starred?
3:35 AM
Because Bridge? ;)
@Unionhawk Because I'm done reinstalling my OS and so can proceed to star all the out of context random shit.
And also I have new stars ...
@FEichinger That's not even out-of-context
That's totally in context.
Yes, but it's 4:30 and I'm just putting it all in one line so I don't have to think about it more.
Thinking isn't your strong suit at 4:30, I guess.
Or anyone's, really.
1 hour ago, by Unionhawk
Watch it.
You know you want to.
3:38 AM
Q: When is the darkest time of a day?

NiteCyperAs a vampire and assassin, darkness and night are like brother and sister to me. Within their cold embrace, I rejoice. 19:00 (7:00 PM) is when night time begins for the purpose of my vampiric weakness to sunlight, and it ends at 05:00. However, it seems that 19:00 is not the darkest time of the d...

oh jeez
worst tumblr
@Unionhawk I have watched it. It's neither funny, nor particularly painful.
@FEichinger Well...
This solidifies your status as "Worse than @Wipqozn"
How so?
Because I said so.
3:40 AM
It's safe to say that I DON'T CARE.
> Dear developers, I want source code. Please steal it, like they did in Mission Impossible.
> "Do reskin on my computer via Teamviewer"
<-- will sleep now
Will you though?
Probably not.
3:45 AM
@FEichinger no
Are we playing the "Ping allegedly sleeping @FEichinger because he never learns to turn off his speakers and/or computer when he announces sleep" game? Or has he learned?
@FEichinger so? can you hear this? hello?
"We want to be the new Flappy Bird. We want instant money. Please advise."
@spugsley Well, it seems he's learned.
3:48 AM
pid has such good music
You guys should have listened to me when bundlestars was giving away free steam copies.
Q: Minecraft client stops responding when connect to server, create new world or load old world but server doesn't after RailCarft mod was added

Dmytro TsiniavskyiI'm creating my own mod pack (just adding mods I like to one big mod pack to play with friends) and now I have the following mods added: mod list. The problem is after adding RailCraft mod when I start the server - everything works fine, server is running (I host server on my local host - the sam...

@GnomeSlice ...
@Unionhawk It's the worst.
@GnomeSlice Literally worse than @FEichinger
4:01 AM
@GnomeSlice Is this SPAZ2?
@Ullallulloo No, Deep Space Settlement
Also I've still never played SPAZ despite owning it. I should probably do that.
@Unionhawk You know what's sad about this?
My speakers were off ...
@FEichinger facedesk
I returned because my phone vibrated ...
I can no longer help you sir.
4:07 AM
Well, you could try not pinging me.
But this time it was @spugsley's fault, so ...
Again, I can no longer help you.
I'm dying over here oh my god that's hilarious.
@spugsley Considering you live in my underbed, you had already won before.
@FEichinger DOUBLE WIN
... And now I'll try that sleeping thing again.
4:09 AM
Good luck, and maybe disable vibrate on notifications? No? Too much?
Gonna make a zero button game. Downloads, installs itself, wins automatically. Goes viral, everyone hates me forever.
4:14 AM
@GnomeSlice With microtransactions for actual gameplay!
It's genius!
It'll make hundreds@
@Unionhawk No, why would you say that
Maybe even tens!
Worthless Bums doesn't swing that way
also you should buy their game
4:26 AM
Q: Converting a wireless 360 controller to wired

user68763Ok, so I have a wireless Xbox 360 controller that batteries or rechargeables won't work for. Play & Charge cord still works for it though. I wanted to wire the controller with a USB from a broken wired controller. I know that the USB cable still works. I know how to wire it so that the controller...

@Lazers err... wut?
Holy balls, when did Triptunes become free?
CC @Krazer
Definitely one of my top most-listened albums of last year.
Oh God, the goat.
Multiple goats, even.
I didn't know Goats could do that.

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