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12:00 AM
@Fluttershy do you have the apk yes or not? D:
Hate you both, thanks. :P
@FAE Your thoughts should now be about all sorts of things, but not what they previously were about.
@Braiam He uses an iPhone, so whatever the iTunes store would use, I imagine. He doesn't have an Android phone. Also he's out picking up dinner at the moment.
12:05 AM
Fine, here, have kittens:
@FAE I really want to post pictures of teeth now.
(This is what Parker is up to every time @BenBrocka records a video)
My cat loves that video.
And by “love” I mean “is horrifyingly confused by"
Then again, that’s my reaction too.
@Brant Your use of angled quotes disturbs me more than any cyriak video
@Brant that kind of applies to all Cyriak vids
12:08 AM
Are you piping your chat messages through Word AutoCorrect?
I’m using Fluid, which I guess is webkit, so it’s either mac os x or safari
Still. Evil.
I’m guessing it’s OS X though, because the right-quote isn’t angled until I space after it
A: Where do I get the boots of introspection?

etfbob is da best person in da world i liek pooping my pants because i feel good when i do it

What's with the backticks for apostrophes?!
12:11 AM
@spugsley yuuuum
Typography FTW, I guess
Feb 7 at 22:10, by Stack Exchange
I just noticed this.
I went the whole weekend thinking I was a room owner!
@Brant You seem fully stuck inside the typography distortion field.
Any app that has a textedit control (so, basically all of them) have an Edit > Transformations menu where you can turn it off.
12:13 AM
@Wipqozn They say, don't wake up sleep walkers.
I'm not risking it!
And I imagine there’s an API where you can disable it programmatically, because I’ve never seen “smart quotes” appear in text editors.
@badp is a hero.
@Wipqozn More like goodp! AMMIRITE?!
12:14 AM
@Brant Is it just about quotes? Try typing: "I SURE WISH I WAS USING WINDOWS XP RIGHT NOW"
@RonanForman Oh snap!
the closing quote doesn’t get converted to an angled quote if I hit enter after typing it, but if I press spacebar it does
@Brant That's reassuring; it's not autocorrecting your sentences after all.
I've just discovered the best thing ever!
I'm not in until 3pm tomorrow!
12:15 AM
dash dash gets converted — to an emdash
It would've been funny if it came out as "BRB ORDERING A MAC PRO FOR MY KITCHEN"
@RonanForman second best thing ever. Here, I'll let you discover the best thing ever for yourself.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Wait, when was I removed?
12:16 AM
@RonanForman Trick answer: in five seconds!
what? Do I look like I'm on owner removal duty? That's supposed to be @fredley now.
First week and slacking off already.
Apparently Strix did it a whole week ago, goes to show how much I use that power.
Yeah, well I didn't give the power back to you for nothing y'know... With power comes responsibility, and all that nonsense.
So chop chop.
Thinks of something to do
@RonanForman clear some stars.
@RonanForman Update the room topic.
@RonanForman Pin butts.
@badp I was just about to do that!
It's important that everyone knows butts.
12:24 AM
nah OK I got it...
I'm bored. Entertain me.
@mbr butts are pinned. Laugh
@Brant lol
Q: What does an MC server handshake look like?

phillips1012I know an HTTP connection looks like this: Client Server GET /hello.txt HTTP/1.1 Host: www.example.com Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: text/plain ...

12:30 AM
@Brant No no no no no
@Lazers OT because it's about programming, correct?
@Wipqozn Does it feel good, though? I'm not sure. We should ask on Skeptics.SE.
I don’t think there’s enough of a crossover between “gamers” and “minecraft utility developers” for that question to be seen by a knowledgeable audience here
@Sterno I agree!
@Wipqozn if you agree, why are there only 2 close votes?
Oh wait, that's not what you were agreeing to. My bad
12:36 AM
@MBraedley Yes.
Your bad indeed.
I will not! My iPad prevents me from feeling shame while in chat!
Do any gamedev.SE people hang out in here? What is their stance on minecraft mod development questions, anyway?
@Brant @JoshPetrie comes in sometimes
I want to nudge that question’s asker towards gamedev.se but I’d hate to accidentally send him into the maw of the beast
12:39 AM
Modding questions, in general, on-topic at GDSE.
But they are very rarely answered.
@JoshPetrie Yo yo.
We used to be on the other side of that back when superuser would close and migrate anything that contained the word “game” so I know what it’s like
There isn't really a decent population of modders on the site; I think it's almost certainly better to nudge them out-of-network, to the Minecraft forums or the like.
(not because we don't want the questions, but because they're just going to have to go there anyway to get decent answers)
12:41 AM
Yeah, there's forums specifically for molders, correct? That might be the best place.
I'm not sure if you'd be able to get a good answer to this here on Arqade, since it's more of a technical/programming question as opposed to a question about the game itself. You might want to ask over at GameDev.SE or on the Mapping and Modding section of the Minecraft forums. — Brant 38 secs ago
and now some celebratory scotch
Do we want a mod to migrate that right now? Even if they're unlikely to get an answer on GameDev?
Q: What do the after battle bonuses do and how do I get them

FambidaIn Bravely Default if you meet certain conditions during battle, such as taking no damage, defeating all enemies in one turn, or defeating 2+ enemies with a single attack, you get bonuses after battle. If you do it in multiple battles in a row, you can get upgraded versions of these bonuses. What...

That'd be an okay fit for MinecraftCrashes.SE
12:46 AM
why isn’t that on area51 yet?
Someone would have to mod it, and no one hates themself that much.
@Sterno lol
@AshleyNunn Whoa...
@AshleyNunn That is awesome! I love tiny art.
12:53 AM
@AshleyNunn That is flippin' amazing. o_o The Matt Smith one is just as nutty as Matt Smith!
@Fluttershy grins
It was yet another case of Wil Wheaton not sourcing something on tumblr properly, but hey, I am getting good at hunting down this stuff. :D
user image
@Chippies Hi.
Q: Tiny Death Star multiple instances

IgzyI keep getting prompted when starting the app to choose my Death Star. Apparently I have two separate Death Stars being built. One local and one online. However, I don't want two separate Death Stars. This happened after the latest patch (1.2.2) has anyone else had this happen? Am I just missing ...

@Sterno To be fair, sometimes he's not an asshole, just an idiot who didn't realize the street he needed to turn onto was that one because street signs are often small and unreadable!
12:58 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz This is true.
@Sterno This makes me so mad! Especially when it's on the interstate, and the "Lane Closed Ahead" signs have been posted for miles.
You can usually tell by the speed at which he attempts the maneuver.
I want this game.
@Fluttershy No, on an interstate with a lane closure, this is appropriate behavior.
The guy who causes "No driving on marked shoulder" signs to go up on various exits? That guy is an asshole.
12:59 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz They are so tiny in the Netherlands, especially in the city centers. They're on the sides of buildings, so you can't see them a lot of times because they're like covered by vines or something.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Or is unfamiliar with the area.
@Sterno The person who is even more of an asshole is the guy who won't let him in and causes two lanes to be stopped up with traffic rather than one.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I couldn't disagree more! But! I don't drive for my work nearly as much as you, so... Yeah. <_<
@OrigamiRobot Well yes, this is a good reason to be a idiot.
@LessPop_MoreFizz This
1:00 AM
Driving sounds hard
@Fluttershy Appropriate behavior in the event of an upcoming lane closure is to use the whole road that is open, and prepare to merge properly at the proper time.
Merging early just causes one lane to be slowed down with heavy traffic while another lane isn't.
It is a suboptimal use of road.
@FAE My mom went to the Netherlands a few summers ago to visit family and she told her uncle that in Canada you have to be like able to see the tires of the guy in front of you in order to not be following too close (someone we knew was taking driver training at teh time) and he promptly leaned over the steering wheel, peered down and went "yeah we are good"
cc @OrigamiRobot @TimStone
Lane closures etc are the worst.
1:01 AM
Like, yeah, you're an asshole if you wait to the last second to merge over when there's no heavy traffic and both lanes of travel are moving at appropriate highway speed.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I've never seen it done this way around here, but it does make sense!
@Wipqozn Buh I'm not gonna be able to get this right away because money.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yes, though there are exceptions, such as when you could merge behind everyone right now at 5mph less, or gun it and get 5 car lengths ahead before trying to merge, then makign them all slow down to let you in
@AshleyNunn hahaha
But if one lane is moving fast and the other lane is bumper to bumper, the appropriate thing to do is get in the fast moving lane.
1:01 AM
@GnomeSlice IT's also a digital download and you don't have internet.
The Chinese women's curling team is kinda cute. Too bad I don't speak Mandarin. Or Cantonese. Not sure what they speak.
@Wipqozn No, but I can get it eventually.
@GnomeSlice No.
I know we've discussed this before. <_<
@GnomeSlice ....what
no, he used the word right.
Pretty much the sign of an asshole is when they're gunning it, well over the speed limit, and merge at literally the last second and cause the lane they're merging in to to slow even further for them
1:02 AM
The other shitty thing is when an 18-wheeler is trying to merge in heavy traffic and no one will let them over.
Han if we want to be the most politically correct
@OrigamiRobot My opinion is my car vs. 18-wheeler, the 18-wheeler is always going to win so I better let them the hell in.
unless they are one of the 54? ethnic groups as defined by the PRC
That said I always just let them in. It drives me nuts when my wife specifically tries to not let people in. It's like "Great, now we have an asshole AND people specifically driving unsafe so he can't get in"
1:03 AM
:13707364 um, they probably speak one or both of those. And there are many other languages in China, let alone Asia as a whole.
@Sterno I am scared of road rage so I try not to get people mad. People in the US carry guns in their cars sometimes, so.
Mandarin more than likely
written is the same regardless
@FAE Are you kidding me? Is that legal?
1:04 AM
@GnomeSlice It's only legal if it's not loaded and in a case.
@GnomeSlice Usually yes.
Ah, that
Canadian road rage is when the drivers get out to apologize to one another.
@FAE Have I ever told you how I failed my first G2 test?
Cantonese, Hakka, Wu, Hokien, a myriad of others and that's just the Han varieties
@Sterno It varies from state to state, right?
1:05 AM
@Sterno Varies.
@Wipqozn Probably.
@Wipqozn Probably. But that's been every state I've traveled through with a firearm
@GnomeSlice You can do that here, too, if the triggers are locked.
@Sterno My dad was a police officer though, so...
@AshleyNunn I don't think so
Oh, by the way.
1:05 AM
I'm more worried about getting shot in a school than on the road.
RE: Binding of Isaac people earlier, you should take a look at A Wizard's Lizard
not counting Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Dzhongka, Tibetan, Uighur, Manchu, Mongolian.
If you have an itch for something similar.
And nothing but nothing beats the fear of that dude sitting behind me in a movie theater, ready to cut my throat.
@FAE I had only ever learned on two lane roads. So I learned to count (for left turns) one lane, and the next was mine.
1:06 AM
@Sterno Sit all the way in the back.
The Drive Test center was on a four lane road.
SO I counted one, two, and went into the second one because in my panicked head it was my lane
there was a semi
coming straight at me
Scariest moment.
I failed.
I don't think I will ever even take the driving test.
They made me do the whole test anyhow.
I don't trust myself with tourette's not to tic while driving and swerve places
@AshleyNunn Ack!
1:07 AM
@GnomeSlice Going to get the age of majority card for ID then? :)
@GnomeSlice I am interested in this
@AshleyNunn Yeah, I have the purple thing
@GnomeSlice Yeah, that's the one I mean
@spugsley It looks really really good. Like Binding of Isaac, but better.
A lot of people around me don't know it is an option, so I like to point it out
1:08 AM
@AshleyNunn Thank you. =]
@AshleyNunn Wow. That was really good.
It wouldn't be so bad if buses went out where I live
Which they do not.
@Sterno GOD DAMN IT.
@Fluttershy I have a major addiction to slam poetry.
@GnomeSlice I don't know about better but it looks pretty fun
1:09 AM
@spugsley The Binding of Isaac is not that great.
It's good, but not amazing.
@AshleyNunn I have only seen a few pieces, myself, but I have enjoyed what I've seen. Just not enough to like... actively seek it out, I guess?
It has really good music.
@GnomeSlice :o it's one of my favorite games
@spugsley I really don't get why it's so popular.
Q: Any advice on how to play TERA?

Lolait's going to be a good laugh,so keep reading. I've never played mmorpg games before,i don't even know what it stands for,but i've decided to beat my boyfriend at this game. I believe he's level 60 in Tera , with 7'ish years of LOL and WOW,and spending about 5 hours a day playing. I know it do...

1:10 AM
@spugsley There's also Obludia but it doesn't look as good as either of them.
@Fluttershy If you are bored and want poetry, Button Poetry is one of the best places for it
@AshleyNunn This makes me want to cry
@GnomeSlice Mark Grist! I know this poem just by the thumbnail!
@FAE He is an amazing poet. Him and Neil Hilborn are my current faves.
@GnomeSlice I really like this one too.
1:13 AM
This is my current favorite:
But all his stuff is AMAZING.
@AshleyNunn Bookmarked! Thanks!
@Fluttershy No problem. :D
@LessPop_MoreFizz hugs It will be okay :P
@AshleyNunn The struggle continues.
1:15 AM
@AshleyNunn I've seen this. Some hipster guy I went to school with posted it once.
Pretty good.
I love his poetry.
Then again there isn't much spoken word I have heard that i don't love.
I wish I could write poems.
Q: Which level in tiny death star has the highest stock quantity?

chocI want to concentrate all my upgrades on a single level, so I wanna know what's the level with the highest quantity. :)

@AshleyNunn oh god all the feels
@FAE Yeeeah
@AshleyNunn It's really hard to watch because I dated someone with OCD and he said I made him feel similarly, the compulsions were less, the pressure was less, the tics were less...
1:19 AM
Being loved tends to calm brain patterns.
@AshleyNunn This is true.
@Sterno I am scared of the guy who's planning on breaking in and shooting me while I'm on the toilet or in the shower.
1:25 AM
@OrigamiRobot O_o
@MBraedley I didn't even realize the Winter Games were happening.
@OrigamiRobot ...
@Unionhawk And you say I'm the worst?
@OrigamiRobot I'm not watching this year, I'm just... ugh.
1:27 AM
@FEichinger ...
@Wipqozn I don't even care. <_< I'm not watching the Olympics this year.
@FAE I never watch it.
Which is really hard because you have no idea how much I love figure skating.
I don't understand the hubub.
1:28 AM
I might watch bits and pieces of it here and there, but I mostly ignore it.
It's awesome that's what it is.
I do, however, keep track of all the medals so I know how much better Canada is compared to other countries.
@AshleyNunn WOO
@AshleyNunn Railroad Tycoon II?
1:29 AM
@AshleyNunn Have fun!
There's quite a few train games now that I think about it.
@MBraedley It's actually fairly common for the US to not lead the first day or so. I've seen it fairly regularly in both Winter and Summer Olympics.
Sitting Out Sochi <— pretty much agree with this
@Brant Is this Scalzi's post?
Yes 'tis.
Yeah, that, pretty much.
1:32 AM
@Yuki LET ME HAVE THIS GLORY WHILE IT LASTS! Also, today was day three.
@Wipqozn Sid Meier's Railroads!
@WorldEngineer but that's not Railroad Tycoon II!
@Wipqozn Sid Meier > all
1:34 AM
I've never actually looked into Railroads before.
(I really like trains. And buses.)
I just assume everything is inferior to - oh, you should look into buying cities in motion then ashley.
It's literally a transportation game.
@Wipqozn Was just gonna say that
Wait for CiM3.
You plan bus routes, build roads, trains, ferries... all that jazz.
1:34 AM
It's bound to happen this or next year >.>
@Wipqozn WHAT
@AshleyNunn subways too
@AshleyNunn It's all about public transport
It also has all teh errors.
@Yuki This is because the US tends to put more resources into teams that are competing in the BIG MARQUEE SPORTS like Hockey and Figure Skating, as well as Medals Bonanzas like Speed Skating that haven't had much medaling going on yet, relative to the games as a whole.
1:35 AM
@FAE dies
I'm sorry, I may be slightly disgruntled by getting ripped off with DLC constantly when they never bother to fix core problems with the pathfinding and game logic.
@FEichinger oh boo
I just really like buses! And schedules!
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm pretty sure every figure skating event is going to lose that 15-year old Russian girl.
Like I can tell you what time it is roughly based on what buses I see
I think she'll given be given the medals for the male competitions.
1:36 AM
@AshleyNunn It's great to pass a few hours every now and then, but the citizen AI is terrible.
She won't actually compete in them, but she's so awesome they'll just give them to her.
@Wipqozn She's going to be a complete terror in 4 years when her jumping matures
Ice dancing with herself too? Not actually competing?
@FEichinger sad
@WorldEngineer Are you suggesting she's going to use her skates as deadly weapons?
1:38 AM
People actually know things about figure skating?
@Unionhawk A partner would only drag her down.
@Wipqozn Gotta take gold in fencing somehow
@StrixVaria I grew up rural, where hockey/figure skating were like the thing to do
I never did it because well, I cannot skate without much much downfalling
@AshleyNunn You missed the bundlestars cities in motion bundle =[
@StrixVaria I love figure skating.
1:39 AM
@GnomeSlice sad
The UI is supposedly really bad in CiM. Also I hear the learning curve is steeper than a thousand steeps.
I've been skiing for like, 16 years now. That's my reason for really loving the winter games
@Wipqozn Nah, the learning curve is fine. The UI is a bit weird at times, but not necessarily bad.
@StrixVaria Like, I have Opinions on how the scoring system was changed after the scandal with the French judge in SLC in 2002.
I don't skate myself, but I watched it all throughout my childhood.
I guess I used to watch it when I was a kid.
I just really don't like sports where there isn't some objective scoring system.
1:41 AM
All this talk about Railroads is making me want to play Railroad Tycoon II.
Thank you internet, for explaining what happens in my head every time I watch Frozen
@Wipqozn It's making me want to write a new Transport Tycoon. >.>
Because, you know, I have ~3 books full of sketches here for that very purpose.
@AshleyNunn When you're done with Railroads you should try OpenTTD.
@StrixVaria See, I love the freestyle events. Not too huge of a fan of figure skating, personally, though.
I just got a foil trading card on Steam that doesn't have any others listed in the market
1:44 AM
@Wipqozn I tried it, and it was hard for my brain.
What do I price it at?
It's better when you know what the judges are watching for. Like, my roommate doesn't understand it, and was like "Oh, he just put his hand down for a second, no big deal, right?" "No, big deal. That's probably going to cost them the run."
@AshleyNunn Oh, TTD has a terribly overcomplicated UI.
@FEichinger Yeah, that I noticed :( Made me sad.
@Unionhawk But it's still got some element of subjectivity, which is annoying. I hate watching something and thinking person X should win, and then person Y wins, because it was that close.
1:45 AM
Yeah, TTD was not good for my brain.
@AshleyNunn Chris Sawyer's Locomotion is better in that regard, but it lacks the micromanaging for schedules (and pathfinding) etc :/
15 minute Game of Thrones preview. Spoiler Warning for the TV only crowd
@StrixVaria Yeah, true
@StrixVaria most sports have made improvements. For instance, many deduct points for specific infractions.
1:46 AM
@FEichinger but yaaaaaaay
for the not crap UI I mean
@MBraedley Yeah I remember the announcer for Gymnastics in the last summer Olympics was actually able to fairly accurately predict scores, which was nice.
It's all a matter of the will of the judges, and also deductions
I love Locomotion. Still got a copy somewhere around here. It needs some convincing to get it working on Windows >=Vista, but when it does work, yay.
also my game is downloaded and I keep hyperventilating because I am so excited.
Mousecraft is a really nice game.
1:47 AM
It's pretty much why I have those sketches in the first place - combining the advantages of TTD with the advantages of Locomotion + better modding = awesome.
Professional sports with scores are also kind of taking steps in that direction too. Adding replays and stuff so if the refs on the field aren't sure or make a mistake the correct call can be made anyway.
We should keep suggesting transport games to @AshleyNunn until she's overwhelmed by suggestions and then forgets to eat due to playing too many transport games.
@GnomeSlice link doesn't work
@MBraedley Does now.
One thing that was unbelievably shitty was in one of the Madden games a few years ago when they added a "challenge" system, which means the game intentionally gets the call wrong occasionally.
1:47 AM
I guess the site is gone...
@Wipqozn You laugh but as it is somedays I need reminders to eat
Yup, I have those days >_>
I blame my ADHD meds.
I think we need a or something ...
Because this edit is ... well, technically correct, but the question asks about the classic version anyway.
@AshleyNunn Which game?
1:50 AM
@StrixVaria but take moguls (and I think halfpipe too). Not only do the judges not get instant replay (to say nothing of slow mo instant replay), but they're also at the bottom of the course, a long way away from the action for most of the run.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Did you listen to that album I pinged you with earlier? I think it's something you may genuinely enjoy.
If not I will never send you more music again ever because clearly I don't get it.
Oh wait, found it. Railroads!
I've never played that. I like trains but I do all my training in openTTD.
@slomegnice re link please.
@LessPop_MoreFizz sec
Also that doesn't actually ping me
He knows.
1:54 AM
I could make it so it pings you.
This game is amazing.
@AshleyNunn Which?
1:56 AM
GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLL! Oh wait, this game was like 8 hours ago. And I already know the final score.
hahaha I made myself laugh
@Wipqozn Why didn't I get a real song...?

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