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4:00 PM
See, I don't get INB4-ed because I just remove the message (most of the time)
Well, time to read fineprint
It's highly recommended you don't store my password in plaintext. >_>
delicious 80's
@TimStone Might be a good idea to just cancel your account entirely, with those sorts of business practices.
technically it just came out today.
4:01 PM
@TimStone but...but...but...hashing is so much work
@TimStone It's also their company name.
@GnomeSlice :P
@Frank Yeah, they have a better selection than 1-800-Flowers though x_x
Q: Are saves portable?

Tim CokerI have a minecraft game going on a Mac laptop. Assuming the minecraft version is the same, would it be possible to transfer this save to a Windows PC and continue playing it?

They do have a "Delete your account" link though, which is easy to find.
@TimStone If that's a temp password they don't have to store it in plain text to send that email. They could still be hashing real passwords. Though making your temp password just "company name" is extrordinarily lame
4:04 PM
That wasn't the password, I erased it. :P
@TimStone 99% sure that that just sets a flag to mark it as erased
And I'm 90% certain that the password that was there was the truncated version of the password my password generator made.
Yay, M.SO no longer asks me to comment when I downvote!
@TimStone was it your password or a reset password they sent?
Which was why I had to request the password in the first place.
Let me rerequest it and see what happens.
Yeah, they're sending me the actual password.
And silently truncating too-long passwords on account creation.
4:06 PM
Oh, yeah, that's bad
Know what's worse than auto-truncating too long passwords? Doing that AND letting you enter passwords too long on the login screen
Some little startup called "Microsoft" does that
Yeah, they're guilty of that too.
As is Ubisoft
oh man
so good
thanks @Mana
Q: Is Angry Birds deterministic?

Andreas BoniniWhile trying to get 3 stars on the more complex levels (the ones with a lot of destructible entities) I noticed that even after playing the same level over 50 times, doing always the same thing, I've never seen the same final result. Something always goes differently. Does the same input always ...

> This question has an open bounty worth +100 reputation from Community♦ ending in 5 days.
@Wipqozn I think it was a user who got burninated.
Did an account post a bounty an then get deleted?
4:08 PM
@GnomeSlice Did you grab Mutant Gangland? It was on sale for ~$2 yesterday but the Super Alpha price is over I think
Q: Is it appropriate for a user trying to delete an account to dump all their rep via bounties?

psubsee2003I just noticed new activity on a faq post, and it turns out to be a bounty. Which tools and technologies are used to build the Stack Exchange Network? The specific user offering the bounty has accounts on multiple sites and all appear to be requesting deletion given the account name and the acc...

I suspect that's the culprit.
@BenBrocka I wanted to, but I didn't. I have like no money left.
@BenBrocka How is it?
Actually I think the account name was PLEASE_DELETE_ME
I remember seeing that a few days ago.
I literally bought it and was offered a free copy for being a youtuber two minutes later
Haven't played it yet
@BenBrocka Gimme your free copy
4:10 PM
I didn't take it
@badp cast off your illusions! subjectivity completely justified past experiences
@BenBrocka Yeah, I wouldn't have either.
Looks pretty good though.
if you could provide me a list of the deleted game-rec questions though, that would be a useful experiment
Also the developer has expressed interest in getting it on IndieGameStand
only 5-10 of them, preferably ones that are all positively voted
4:12 PM
@GnomeSlice they shared a set of character sprites over 4 revisions, was pretty cool
@BenBrocka The developers seem pretty awesome.
Most indie devs are though.
It's just shit like indie game: the movie that makes them all seem like pretentious dickwad fart sniffers
@GnomeSlice I saw yet another article bemoaning stuff like that. I usually just unfollow devs I don't care for and move on
@kalina give me a search query and an ordering I'll give you the first page of results
Morning, Bridge
@BenBrocka Yeah, me too.
4:16 PM
@badp I am terrible at using SE's search - I usually google site:gaming.stackexchange.com query
that was probably the article
@kalina Yeah, but that doesn't work with deleted questions.
It's actually a pretty good article.
Yep that's it
> There is no such thing as the “Indie Ego.” The majority of indie developers are down to Earth and humble, while indie fans are normal gamers just looking for ideas off the beaten path. I wish the perception of the scene was more in line with reality. Yes, some developers are egotists who insult fans, throw tantrums, and sniff their own farts. Yes, some indie fans are obnoxious, elitist, uptight dorks. But they are not the standard bearers for indies, and gamers need to know that.
4:17 PM
@badp Normal peons can't search for deleted questions :(
'sniff their own farts'
@StrixVaria That's why I'm offering as a human proxy for SCIENCE purposes.
@badp Are you back in Italy now?
@StrixVaria Yep.
Hint: the top voted questions are hopelessly general
People are attempting to sell phones with Flappy Bird on it for stupid amounts of cash.
I weep for humanity.
4:18 PM
Sooo sleepy >.<
Oh, do you know if itch.io does Steam keys too when a game hits steam? It was the only way to buy and I prefer the option that gives the dev the most money anyway, but I prefer to have them all insteam when possible. Non-Steam Games are a bit fussy
@Frank Fortunately? the high bids are almost certainly jokes
The top-scored game-rec question at +52: What games offer a good co-op multiplayer experience?
@BenBrocka Here's hoping.
@BenBrocka Not sure if it does, haven't bought anything there yet. itch.io is pretty new anyway. The game is probably coming to indiegamestand, but it sounds like you already bought it.
@GnomeSlice That's a rude thing to say about Phil Fish!
4:19 PM
@badp Not Found T_T DAMN REP!
@badp That's the mother of all subjective questions.
@Powerlord I don't see any names mentioned.
Screen shot please?!
@Frank Wait, what?
@Michel The top voted answer at +33 is L4D2.
4:19 PM
@Frank I can't imagine if you were around at the same time as .
Why would they do that?
@GnomeSlice ...that's the joke.
@Frank if they were that desperate to get it I'm sure the android APK has been snatched for sideloading
@badp and wha's the question
4:19 PM
@Powerlord Oh, okay.
"ha ha ha"
(because it described Phil Fish to a T)
@SaintWacko Now that it's no longer available for download, people are seeing an opportunity of rarity. By trying to sell their phones that have it for tons of cash.
I forget what that kind of insult is called... it's more specific than veiled insult.
@Frank Huh, hadn't heard about that. Why is it no longer available for download?
@GnomeSlice yeah, figured it was worth the risk for $2 anyway. Even if I just get a video out of it and get to oogle some good sprites it'll be worth $2
4:20 PM
@StrixVaria I wasn't; I joined after the fallout passed.
I like the first comment
@SaintWacko The developer doesn't want the attention.
@Frank It is sad that given how iOS works, that's the only way to get an iThingy with the game.
@Frank He is not being wildly successful at that.
@Frank I know. I meant that you would have been so vehemently for banning it that it would have been entertaining.
@Frank ...what?
4:21 PM
(And rightly so, though.)
That's odd
@badp no duh :P
@BenBrocka if you're interested in covering games, IndieGameStand is looking for people to do videos of the games available in their store. I can hook you up with the community manager, and he'll give you pretty much any game you want.
Your video will be visible on the store pages too
easy mode
@3ventic Thanks!
Well, it will when they implement that. It's an upcoming change
4:21 PM
@GnomeSlice That would be cool, info on this somewhere?
@badp what is the correct search-fu to return tags:game-recommendation is upvoted ?
@BenBrocka I don't think there's anything actually documented anywhere let, but let me see what I can find.
@StrixVaria Indeed. I tend to get rather irked at questions that are that popular, and yet are incredibly bad.
The changes coming to the store haven't been implemented yet.
@Frank It's because the worst questions are the most popular.
4:22 PM
@kalina [game-recommendation] score:1 is:question probably
Speaking of bad questions, this needs delete votes again
@GnomeSlice I guess just give 'em my name/youtube account
@kalina deleted:1 [game-rec] is:question score:1
I had that typed out already.
@Frank Since it has 2 reopen votes on it I don't think it should be deleted.
@badp well then, let's try that and see what happens
4:23 PM
@BenBrocka Are you also interested in doing streaming?
@kalina relevance, newest, votes or active?
Why can't non-mods search for deleted posts?
@badp votes
high to low
@3ventic Because you're not a mod.
@kalina You chose poorly. Here comes
4:24 PM
@Wipqozn ...
@Wipqozn The chances of it accruing the number of delete votes to get rid of it again before the reopen votes fall off is rather low.
@badp :S
@BenBrocka They have an application form for becoming an official IGS twitch caster here. Not sure if it's for streaming only
@GnomeSlice To what end? I was vaguely interested, but the low viewcounts and low discoverability for indie games were a turnoff
gief question ids, I will launch my test project at softrecs later
for great triumph
the good news is, this little project will likely result in game recs becoming off topic
4:24 PM
@BenBrocka Well, you get free games I guess, but that's mostly the issue I have with indie streaming as well.
@Frank it needs 5 delete votes (like it works with close and reopen?)
@kalina Aren't they already?
@kalina I remember some drama about games already
@Michel It depends on how many upvotes it has.
There is some drama
They're not off topic yet
4:25 PM
Last time, it needed six votes.
@Frank Until they disappear though I don't think deleting is a good idea. I don't think we should ever be casting delete votes on a question with re-open votes on it or any sort of on-going dispute about whether or not it should closed or opened. Deletion is intended to be used when everything has been resolved about a question, and it won't be reopened. Things being undeleted should therefore be rare.
@Michel 3 delete votes, more needed for upvoted posts based on the number of upvotes
@Wipqozn This question is clearly off topic, though?
Well, there's the original announcement of them asking for community videos, but I think what they have planned in the future is a lot more in-depth.
@kalina Not to the people who voted to undelete it and reopen it.
4:26 PM
@BenBrocka Just give me a link to your youtube and I'll pass it along.
@Wipqozn Thing is, though, that (un)delete votes never expire. At all. So the author can just vote to undelete, and wait for the undelete votes to come in.
@Wipqozn do we not have a meta consensus that makes it off topic?
@Wipqozn And if the people who voted to undelete it want to keep it around, they can make a Meta about it.
Which we don't have.
They have the same opportunity to challenge it as anyone else.
@Frank Can a question's author vote to undelete their own question?
And that has not been done, to my knowledge.
4:27 PM
@kalina On this specific question? No.
@Powerlord Yep.
Q: Is all raw product always moved to an industry building?

DJClayworthIn Tropico, let's say I have a number of tobacco farms, happily exporting tobacco. Then I build a cigar factory. At this point my teamsters start moving tobacco to the cigar factory, instead of the dock. However let's say I have more tobacco farms than my cigar factory can possibly process. Will...

@Wipqozn no, in general
@Frank I agree, but if they don't make one and the reopen votes expire then feel free to delete away. If you want to delete before then I'd suggest making a meta.
in all honesty, I don't know either way off the top of my head, but it does seem like the sort of thing we would already have a consensus on
4:28 PM
@kalina I'm not concerned about the general case, but about this specific one.
I'm not saying this question should be re-opened, but deletion isn't intended to be a way to cancel out peoples re-open votes.
thanks @badp
@Wipqozn That's not how I'm using it. We've had the arguments about it, and there's been no arguments about how it should be allowed since it came back.
4:29 PM
50 of our "best" game-recs
If they want to keep it around, they can make their case.
@BenBrocka passed along
Until then, the argument was completed when it was first deleted.
The community guy has been apparently really busy lately, and has been off the radar for a few weeks now.
He'll get to it eventually though.
4:30 PM
@GnomeSlice thanks
don't delete that message, I'm going to reference it when I get home
much thanks <3
@Frank Which will likely result in it being deleted again, but until those re-open votes expire I don't think you should be casting any delete votes. I'm of the opinion we should never delete questions with re-open on them because that's not what deletions are meant for.
@Frank and you could say it started again when it was undeleted.
@BenBrocka For the record, his email is matt [at] indiegamestand [dot] com
Some users deleted it since they think it was done and over, and other users disagree so they casted to undelete it.
In anycase, I don't see why there's a rush to redelete this question.
Is there any harm in just letting it be until the reopen votes expire, and save your delete votes for another question?
@BenBrocka Also, if you ever want some upcoming games in a certain genre or whatever to take a look at, just ping me or something.
4:32 PM
If you're so concerned with burning it right here and now make a meta to see if anyone can make a case for keeping reopening it.
@Frank What happened to cause that question to come back from the grave and get 5 undelete and 2 reopen votes?
For example, Temple of Lunarius is a pretty cool looking procedural metroidvania
@Wipqozn I see no argument to allow it. All I see is it being undeleted.
(actual question)
That's not an argument.
4:32 PM
One of the undeleted is @Sterno, who is usually in chat. It would take no time at all to ask why he saked to reopen it.
@badp The original undelete vote is from the asker.
And since (un)delete votes never expire...
Q: Dota 2 - Why do I always fall behind in levels with experienced players?

user68964I have around 150 hours in dota 2. I know most characters move sets and skills, and I last hit rather efficiently. (Around 85% of the time when not near any tower). I usually play carry, and I do rather well in public matches I get matched up in. When I play with my friends who have signifigantl...

@Frank but that's not enough to get the question into a review queue, right?
@badp There is no delete review queue.
@badp I think it is, actually. It's in the 10k tools.
4:34 PM
All we have is the delete/undelete mod tools.
@Wipqozn That's a list of undelete votes
Oh wait. I see what you mean. The 3k review tool.
I figured the 10k tools are so well hidden they are virtually non-existing :P
@Frank: I'd like to ask this again though: Is there a reason this needs to be deleted right now?
@Wipqozn I understand where you're coming from with not casting delete votes while there are reopen votes kicking around, and for the most part, I agree with it.
However, the argument for this question has concluded. There's no new information, or anything of that nature to support it's continued existence.
4:35 PM
Q: Notice of intent: Testing the game recommendation category of questions

FlykNotice of intent Related: Would video game related question be ontopic? This is just a friendly heads up that I am going to be extensively trying to define and establish the test case for game recommendations later on tonight, using material that has previously been deleted from Arqade (gaming....

that was a quick downvote
If there's a meta on it, I would happily hold off on delete votes. This, though, essentially seems to be the asker trying to undelete his question, and finding enough support since it's deletion to get it back.
@kalina I'm not sure you'll find 20 questions you'll want to ask from those 50.
And since it apparently takes less undelete votes than delete votes, I think there needs to be an argument made to allow it to stick around.
And not a single person who voted to undelete it has done so.
@Frank I still don't understand why you feel we need to delete it right now, instead of just waiting for the votes to expire. There are plenty of closed questions to use up your delete votes on.
@Wipqozn Because the argument is done.
4:38 PM
@Frank It requires the same number of votes.
@Wipqozn Check the revision history.
Six delete votes.
Post Undeleted by Boluc Papuccuoglu, Sterno, galacticninja, 3ventic, Brant
occurred 11 hours ago

Post Deleted by OrigamiRobot, Frank, kalina, Fluttershy, FAE, Sterno
occurred Dec 17 '13 at 13:02
Five undelete votes.
oh, 6. My mistkae. I misread that first name on the undelete to be two names.
Honestly you could have 3 undelete votes and most questions would never come from the grave anyway
4:39 PM
It has to do with votes I believe. I wouldn't be surprised if that question got some downvotes after fae voted to delete but before sterno did that reduced the threshold for votes.
It is something to bring up on Meta though. It does seem odd.
@Frank The same is true for many other questions on the site.
@badp a quick glace through them does agree with that assessment
Q: Blaze Melee Attacks?

James Of Da PeachI summoned a blaze with its speed, health and attack attributes enhanced, and while fighting it (multiple times) I noticed that sometimes it could run up to me and insta-kill me (it didn't have the fire around it, so it wasn't a fireball). I'm thinking it has something to do with the enhanced spe...

@BenBrocka You should do a video of the current Moon Rift alpha version.
...Jochem's boss just called him only to tell him "Hi, calling to let you know I emailed you, we can discuss the contents later, and if you have any questions, you can ask your colleague." THEN WHY DID YOU CALL? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!
@FAE Because silly.
4:52 PM
@FAE Because people like making inane chatter.
@GnomeSlice What is it? Website doesn't exactly show it off well, demo aside
@BenBrocka One sec.
I also backed it on kickstarter.
It's a run and gun shooter with randomly generated guns.
@Frank That user probably needs to be burned too. Or at least force a name change.
4:54 PM
@FAE He's checking up on him, to make sure he's there!
@FAE Wow, that'd make me really anxious. WHAT DOES THE EMAIL SAY AM I IN TROUBLE OH GOD
@GnomeSlice Interesting guns
The game has been strangely silent since the kickstarter though...
It was successful, but I guess development has been slow.
Or maybe he just ran off with the money
Kickstarter dates are rarely accurate
I think Anamanaguchi's CD was the only thing I've recieved on time yet
4:57 PM
Yeah but like, I think it's been updated maybe once since the kickstarter?
and that was like a year ago
@BenBrocka Anyway, another upcoming game I'd recommend (which was recently greenlit on Steam) is Inverto
If you get it on IndieGameStand, you get a desura key now, steam key when it goes live, and the exclusive level editor
Really cool game.
wow, me warning the site that I intend to post game recs later is causing trouble
and I thought warning them in advance would have been the right thing to do
As stated in chat: this experiment isn't about me, this experiment is about us. Do you really want to enter public beta with game recs still on topic if we're going to ultimately decide they're off topic? Or would you rather find out right here, right now, what we're doing with them? Me "making a mess" during private beta to help us come to a consensus is nothing in comparison to the world+dog+internet+therest posting game rec questions on here. — Flyk 6 mins ago

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