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11:04 PM
@GnomeSlice "No reason needed." wink wink nudge nudge
What the hell? Does stackexchange do this now?
Sometimes, when the request seems suspicious.
A: Is it possible to transfer my save to the Steam version, and vice versa?

ChippiesThe DRM Free version save file is in %USERNAME%\Documents\SavedGames\LittleRacersStreet\LRStreetSave\Player1 and the Steam save file is in Steam\userdata\30528937\262690\remote I tried disabling cloud, I tried finishing a race and then replacing the save file, I even tried making it...

If there's a captcha, solve it. Otherwise, try agian.
11:10 PM
He posted it as an answer and it went through.
Maybe because it has like file URLs in it
@GnomeSlice Nevermind that 11 rep is not enough to post a comment
@badp Good point.
so he was most likely trying to post an answer.
@Yuki True
Oh, yeah he said he tried to do an answer now.
He meant answer.
11:13 PM
So yeah, trying again did work.
@RedRiderX Oh God.
How much rep do you need for chat these days?
20 on any one site, I believe.
11:16 PM
@RedRiderX This is really shitty, you fall so slowly.
@Yuki Hahahaha.
@Chippies Hi!
I love you
@GnomeSlice I know
@RedRiderX I'm glad that I now know what I'm missing out on by not playing flappy bird.
Everybody, this is @Chippies. He is awesome.
11:18 PM
@badp Same here
That being, basically nothing at all.
Howdy @Chippies
@RedRiderX hi there
Hi @Chippies.
11:19 PM
@FAE Gah, none of the files in the Jets'n'Guns soundtrack are tagged...
@GnomeSlice That sucks. Do you not have a tagging program?
@FAE I do, but there's like 30 of them.
I guess they're all the same genre.
@GnomeSlice Same genre, year, artist, and album, so that's not too bad.
@RedRiderX Related
11:23 PM
It's the worst when you get a compilation of stuff in different genres and it's all tagged incorrectly.
@FAE What would you call the genre? SID Metal? Also what year?
@Yuki ;_;
@GnomeSlice I am horrible at genres. I think they're tagged as alternative metal for me? I usually just see what Wikipedia calls them because I am seriously just bad at genres. And 2004.
@FAE What's the difference between the gold version of Jet'n'Guns and the original? @Chippies is too shy to ask.
ping him instead
@badp Ah yes
> Nguyen said earlier this week he did not want attention from the media, tweeting, "Press people are overrating the success of my games. It is something I never want. Please give me peace."

We've reached out to Nguyen for comment and will update accordingly.
Good Job, journalists.
11:30 PM
@Chippies The difference between Jets'n'Guns original and Gold is summarized here. Basically, new levels added, new storyline presentation, new ships, some new songs, and some new weapons.
@FAE coolbeans, thanks
@Chippies No problem. :)
user image
@RedRiderX "Please don't bother me anymore." "More on this news to follow after we bother him some more."
Q: How does TF2 determine the "Best Available Server"?

ZibbobzWhen I choose to play a multiplayer game on TF2 (without manually picking a server), after choosing the map type, the game informs me that it is searching for the "Best Available Server". To say nothing of often getting hundreds of results, I can do this, leave a server and start again and it ...

@Yuki Nice
11:42 PM
Guys how do I undo this?
Bcdedit /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu yes
@Yuki Silly Canada, you're not Team USA. And silly Russia, you're not Canada.
Those counts aren't even right. Canada has a second silver after today
@MBraedley Might be from yesterday
11:44 PM
@Unionhawk That's ... not Russia.
@FEichinger Well damn.
I figured I was probably wrong.
@MBraedley "after today". The DVR says Sunday morning.
@Unionhawk Fun fact: Every flag belongs to a country on that list.
@FEichinger Dutch then. I see...
11:45 PM
Nevermind just had to swap yes for no
@Yuki Augh they used the wrong "there"
@Yuki that was Vancouver, right?
@MBraedley I... think so?
@MBraedley Looks like it.
Let's ask teh googles
11:49 PM
Is that real?
that can't be real
Nope, they've gotten golds before that year.
That was 2002, Salt Lake
@MBraedley Salt Lake.
Damn you, @Uni
Short Track is still terrible.
Well that's no fun, that was a long time ago
11:51 PM
@FEichinger You're still terrible.
Why, yes, I am.
But seriously, Short Track sucks.
@FEichinger short track is awesome! It's hockey without the sticks, pucks, and with 16 inch blades!
@FEichinger is literally worse than @Wipqozn
Half the time people win because everyone else falls flat on their ass. >.>
And sometimes even the winner fell flat on their ass!
Well, it's an art of not falling on one's ass.
It's like Snowboard racing
Like that one year, in women's, where an American blew her gold medal because she did a little grab at the bottom jump
Got destroyed on the landing, everyone passed her.
@Unionhawk @FEichinger probably starred that one.
11:55 PM
@Unionhawk To prove you wrong, I will now star it myself.
I'm out of stars.
This ... sucks.
wins @Unionhawk
@Unionhawk it's not as bad as Donovan Bailey blowing the world record for men's 4x100 track relay by doing a fist thrust at the finish line.
11:56 PM
The people at Walmart don't get paid nearly enough.
@Yuki Someone else puts those art specifications together. They build them from instructions.
@Yuki To be fair, they're usually given a building pattern for those things.
@FEichinger >:(
And the walmart workers don't actually stock the shelves

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