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5:00 PM
@kalina The entire point of a private beta is to make a mess so you know how to deal with it when you go public...
Some people...
You're telling me, I thought that was quite obvious
> Software Recommendations beta
anyway, hometime
@BenBrocka ...
@kalina You're not supposed to just pump out questions you don't have for the sake of testing. You're supposed to just ask them naturally.
If users have game recommendations that can ask them, and you can deal with it when they start coming in. Or you can try to start dealing with it now. Just copy-pasting deleted Arqade questions en-masse (if that's what you plan to do, which is the impression I got) isn't the right way to do it.
@Wipqozn In private beta, you're supposed to ask interesting on-topic questions, especially if you have them, but even if you don't.
5:02 PM
@GnomeSlice 2d borderlands
@BenBrocka Yeah. SE thinks it might have a chance.
Personally, I think the whole thing's gonna crash and burn, but they're worth a shot, I suppose.
@BenBrocka RE: IndieGameStand videos, I just received a response. It's apparently 'perfect timing', so expect to hear from them soon.
@MBraedley I don't think that's intended for copy-pasting deleted from other questions en-masse.
Huh, why didn't I hear about this software rec?
@MBraedley I think what @Wipqozn is getting at is that it's all right to ask those questions, but mindlessly moving deleted questions from Arqade to Software Recommendation is not the way to stimulate meta discussion.
5:03 PM
@GnomeSlice Cool
I might have committed to that
@Wipqozn Fair point
@SaintWacko You must be blind.
@Frank Well they doubted Workplace. I don't think it's the same situation though
@Yuki Exactly.
5:04 PM
It's been mentioned several times here, prior to beta.
@BenBrocka One more game you should really, really play if you haven't, is Out There Somewhere. One of my favourite games of 2012. Second only to Tiny & Big
As much as I like the idea of a site for software recommendations, I cringe at the thought of using the SE model to do so.
@Yuki yeah, seems more like a Reddit thing
Stack Exchange is quite literally turning into a "when all you have is a hammer..." problem.
Or some other engine
5:06 PM
If you're hell-bent on relating software recommendations and SE, then ask those questions in chat.
@Yuki How are they going to be treating upvotes/downvotes?
20 rep is not that hard to get.
another purpose of a private beta outside of defining scope is to help gauge the kind of questions that users may ask and what interest people have. Asking things en masse which are just copy pastas of Arqdae side steps that.
Additionally, public beta as a whole is intended to be for defining scope.
@Yuki Chat's a bit too synchronous though, you have to be in at the right time and the info bleeds away
Private beta is just meant to be setting up the foundation.
5:06 PM
@FAE At this point, I'm worried that upvotes/downvotes are basically going to be a measure of how many fanboys a certain piece of software has.
@Yuki One of the reasons we stopped accepting game-rec was because of this problem, yes.
Basically, if someone asked about a game, anything that mentioned "Portal" got a jillion upvotes because Portal.
And there's going to be no way to avoid that problem, methinks.
@Yuki No, there isn't.
There's no way to control how people vote.
So stuff was getting upvotes based on the amount of popularity rather than actual content of the answer itself.
5:07 PM
Unless they want to try to scope the use of upvotes/downvotes differently.
"Flappy Joe"
@Wipqozn Short of de-anonymizing them, and then punishing those that vote against the way it's supposed to be.
From the makers of Concerned Joe
Which, in that case, I kind of question why one would insist on using the SE engine at all.
4 hours ago, by OrigamiRobot
Recommending a thing for your entertainment (games/books/movies) is fundamentally different from doing the same thing for a tool, IMO.
5:08 PM
@FAE It still won't make a difference. You can make all the rules you want, but there will stil be users who ignore the rules and vote how they want.
@Yuki It's more of a problem for entertainment than it is tools.
@FAE I think @Yuki is correct with his "whne all you have is a hammer..." statement.
@OrigamiRobot There's still the subjectivity of meeting the asker's qualifications, which was another problem game-rec had.
@BenBrocka Hey, you may be interested in this. It's kind of like the evolution spritesheet mutant gangland posted
5:09 PM
We see it all the time, when we close questions and users respond with "But no other site on the network will answer it!". There are other sites and platforms outside of Stack Exchange.
@GnomeSlice cool! I wish more devs would share prototype footage (or even versions)
@FAE I know. I'm saying it's less of a problem.
@BenBrocka Yeah, process is pretty neat to see in some games
Whoa, concerned joe has a new website
Wow, much better than the old one.
I agree with @OrigamiRobot that recommendations for tool is a different, albeit related, problem than recommendations for "fun".
They share some issues, but there are also some things about software recs for tool which make them different enough to warrant their own discussion.
5:18 PM
@Wipqozn yeah whether something solves a concrete need is at least answerable I suppose
@Wipqozn -recs come down to how much detail the asker can provide. With tools, you can have a problem and detail that, which allows the answers to provide the best tool for the detail.
Though it's likely to have a domain expertise problem. If I get a UX software rec, can I really migrate it to Software Recs and expect people there to know enough about the domain to answer it (well)?
I have a sick Ian home from work today :(
@spugsley Awww... at least @Ian's home with you?
We migrated a couple of "using UX software" questions to Super User and in retrospect it was sort of mean, those questions mean nothing to that site
5:20 PM
@Yuki yeah :)
@BenBrocka No, you can't. Which is one of the many problems with the site.
@spugsley Get some chicken noodle soup and eat it together.
As @badp was saying earlier, Stack Exchange is vertical, not horizontal.
And have maximum cuddles! Actually, considering that he's sick, probably not a good idea.
@Yuki eh, if I'm gonna get it, I'm gonna get it.
5:21 PM
@spugsley Then it's cuddle time! Followed by Adventure Time?
Q: What can cause an explosion in peaceful mode?

John the GreenI was recently relayed an odd episode. My friend was playing Feed the Beast's Monster pack, mining away in the Nether, on peaceful mode, nothing unusual in sight, and suddenly there's an explosion. Obvious culprits are TNT, exploding machines, and creepers. After verifying there was nothing l...

@Yuki perhaps after my dentist appointment. Boooooo
@Wipqozn Exactly. People ask on UX because there are people knowledgeable about UX there, not (just) because UX is on topic there. Which is also why migrating hasn't been all that useful for us, except to Graphic Design in some cases
@spugsley Wait, so that person saw Ron Perlman on a train?
5:27 PM
@Yuki no he drew a Hellboy head
@spugsley The caption says, "BEST THING about traveling by train: Sometimes you get to see famous people just chillaxing."
@Yuki I think he's making a joke about his drawing
@Yuki The captions literally ruin those images.
Thought he saw Ron Perlman and drew a Hellboy head to fit.
5:28 PM
I'm pretty sure that this site isn't the original source, and whoever wrote the captions didn't know who that was a drawing of so just wrote something vague.
@StrixVaria yeah I just kind of ignored them
@StrixVaria actually I think they are his captions. He posts these to his twitter account. I think the site pulled his tweets
yeah :/
still cool drawings though
@Yuki a job?
5:34 PM
@Krazer Frozen has kinda gotten me interested in programming for animation...
@Yuki you know what to ask then
@Krazer Problem is, the AMA is for the directors, producer, and songwriters.
No animators.
@Yuki Are they verified?
@Yuki doesn't mean they can't pass them on
5:36 PM
@Yuki It's been live for 30 minutes, already too late
Oh, nice
@fredley Aw... 30 minutes is how long AMAs usually last?
@Yuki Those people could be any people!
@Yuki There are already hundreds and hundreds of comments
@Yuki Not necessarily, but there's already a billion questions and yours will be at the bottom.
Over 400, 15 were asked in the past 30 seconds or so
@Yuki Do a computer science degree, do a masters in computer graphics
Then do a PhD in hair
@fredley A guy from my university did exactly that. Ended up working on Gollum's hair.
Sorry, he only got a M.Sc. No Ph.D.
A: Stuck on the SOL moon in MirrorMoon EP

user68967You arrived at a planet which was solved by another player and named SOL. Travel to planets with a name like XYZ/12 as they have not been discovered. You are probably in an early season, so start a new game on the current season.

@JasonBerkan Yup. If animating hair is your dream job, this is your basic academic pathway
Basically you work on a really neat hack, or set of hacks that enable people to do animate/render something they couldn't do before (like feathers). You pimp out your research to somebody and they might employ you to help them make a short. Eventually your work might be part of a feature film!
5:56 PM
Woo, content ID claim finally lifted. "Only" took 4 days which means I missed the release week of the game
@BenBrocka Wow, that's ridiculous
Yes, yes it is.
Let's Plays! fall under Fair Use in USA I believe, so all this attacks on Let's Play is just the worst.
Fucking Youtube
Boatmurdered is best LP
The worst irony is the claim is from Mondo Media. They do Happy Tree Friends, which makes the "Copyright School" they force you to watch if you get a copyright notice
So the guys who made "copyright school" on youtube were illegally claiming copyrighted content from other people
@BenBrocka Wow, totally not a conflict of interest
5:58 PM
Granted I'm not actually a "beginning Computer Science student". If all things go well, I should graduate in the fall, but I still consider myself a rookie when it comes to programming.
The game was Octodad Dadliest Catch which they have nothing to do with. Apparently they or one of their partners claimed an LP of the game, which then claims other LPS based off it's visual content
@BenBrocka I can't believe Youtube is still running that system
There are so many issues with it
Yeah, it's really really terrible for video game content. And now people are feeding everything they can into it
@SaintWacko Until youtube gets some real competition I doubt it's going to change.
It makes perfect sense to match full/significant reproductions of TV shows, movies or songs, but snippets of gameplay is too much. And they're even claiming royalty free stuff which is just completely wrong
6:01 PM
Yeah, that's the worst part. It's opt-out, not opt-in
I kinda hope they get sued. Claiming royalties for royalty free music (that you didn't even make) has to be illegal
The entire system is just broken. The way it should work is that after the file a claim and the claim has shown that they are the rightful owners and deserve the money you should need to give them a settlement.
Not you get your videos taken down and lose revenue.
That's now how the legal system works.
@Wipqozn that depends on largely on how you wield it
This wasn't even a fair use thing, they were just straight up claiming other people's content as their own and claiming ad rev based on that
fml @badp these questions are horrible
6:03 PM
@BenBrocka That is fucked
@kalina Which?
@AshleyNunn game rec
@Wipqozn That would be why they are deleted!
Because they suck.
A lot.
The answer to the what fair use is and how to use it is so vague that only litigation can answer the question
6:04 PM
@AshleyNunn some of our old game rec questions that I was going to use as test cases on software recs
@kalina Oh, that whole site gives me hte wibblies, because....there is no real metric for voting
I don't want to have questions of this quality posted against my account
"I like this software! +1. I HATE THIS ONE. -1".....Not really practical
@kalina Then don't do it?
I just look at that site and see like a giant dumping for ITG esque things and it horrifies me
SE is not the place for that, the engine doesn't really work
6:06 PM
@AshleyNunn we're doing our best to set a quality requirement that prevents most of it
@kalina wait, you're still going ahead with this? Based on your earlier comments I thought the community was against you doing this.
@kalina Oh, I know, I am lurking in the beta.
I still think it is a terrible thing.
@Wipqozn no, they've accepted the purpose
@Wipqozn They agreed on a particular number.
I'm not posting these though
my personal standards prevent me from doing so
6:07 PM
If the entire purpose of this is to establish guidelines then you need to post the good and the bad.
@Wipqozn There is that, as well.
Teach them what a crap question looks like, so they know what they will be up against.
@Wipqozn so this is how I get banned from Stack Exchange, is it?
@kalina What?
it was a joke -.-
I have no idea how that is related to anything I said.
6:09 PM
I'm guessing you've not looked at any of the links @badp shared
the "bad" I wouldn't even post on a forum, let alone Stack Exchange
My point is that you can't set out to establish guidelines for Game Rec questions and then completely ignore the bad ones.
You need to look at at what worked as well as what didn't work.
I've been given five questions that I'm allowed to post
not much room to demonstrate a full spectrum in that
Aaaaa, why am I reading this paper on snow animation? I need to do finishing touches on my homework!
6:10 PM
one awful, one slightly less bad, one meh, one better, one awesome.
Bam. Five.
lol, there is no awesome in this list
(I have done so many surveys lately that I am good at 5 point scales :P)
Then don't post them as questions? Make a gallery of them via images and upload it to meta. People can discuss it there.
@AshleyNunn There's a Frozen AMA going on right now, if you're at all interested.
I'll have to re-write most of these anyway, I can't post bad questions after my quality guidelines post on meta earlier
@Wipqozn ooo
6:11 PM
Granted, it's been going for about an hour, so you probably won't get any questions answered...
Is there such a thing as an answer ban?
like the question ban
@kalina In theory, yes.
@kalina I have no idea, but my suggestion wasn't ot post 50 answers. Make an imugr gallery or something similiar.
@Yuki I will do as I usually do, and wait for it to be over, for hte interesting stuff to get to the top, and read it then :)
6:12 PM
If the community is opposed to you asking a bunch of questions then I doubt they'd look more favourably on your posting a bunch of meta answers with them.
<punches self> Stop reading the snow animation paper! Go work on databases!
@Yuki You need one of those browser extensions, where it locks pages on you for a while :P
@AshleyNunn Yeah, I asked a question about getting into animation on the AMA, and someone posted a link to the stuff they used for animating snow in Frozen and now I'm hooked.
I don't even know half of the math in this paper and I can't stop reading!
@Yuki oh no
@Yuki Stop it! Do work!
6:15 PM
Also, I have a friend who recently graduated from an Animation program!
@Yuki Do work, or no more singalongs.
@Yuki Stop or you'll have to watch Rebuild 3.0 again.
ughhh so anxious. I HATE THE DENTIST
<pants> Okay. Okay. Back to homework.
@Yuki You learn the maths along the way
6:17 PM
I'll just save the link to my Sticky Notes or something and close the window.
Or just save the pdf.
@fredley The worst thing is that the math is not intimidating me at all. I want to learn this stuff. I haven't felt this way about math in a loooong time.
I usually tolerate it and am somewhat competent in my math classes.
@Yuki That is the right approach!
@spugsley hug Deep breaths. Do any calming stuff you know (I tend to do this thing where I create very detailed imaginings of being Not There for things like this).
But math hasn't really captured my interest like this in forever.
@AshleyNunn ughhh I'm afraid this is going to mess my stomach up all over again
@Yuki I know that feel! That is me and programming, and why I am learning math with an app that uses cute monsters to make the math less scary.
6:19 PM
@Yuki My problem with maths was that I was always excited with what I could do with it. Turns out a maths degree isn't like that at all.
Math is fantastic.
@fredley Maths degree is hard
@spugsley Remember, you have doctors helping you with dealing with both the stomach and the anxiety. You are well cared for, and this too will be okay.
@Arperum Would not recommend
@AshleyNunn <3
6:21 PM
@Wipqozn I agree. Up to a point.
@spugsley And yes, I will keep telling you these things as long as you need them. :)
@fredley I finished ~1/3 of a math degree. And then gave up because stupid physics where part of the curriculum, and I hated them.
Q: Where is the quest progress screen in Happy Wars?

user2758631I know once I managed to find the screen, I need to find it again and forgot where it is! Can anyone help me?

Q: Fire Tick on Lava doesn't work

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@Arperum I finished exactly 1/3 of a maths degree, then quit it, took a year out of academia altogether living in India, then came back and did comp sci instead, which was much better (for me).
I think a fundamental part of it is if you break maths, you're doing it wrong. If you break computers you're doing it right (in certain fields).
@fredley I ended up with a applied informatics thing. Basically developer/web developer.
6:24 PM
@Arperum Yeah, the maths I learned wasn't that. It was craploads of stuff, none of which I found intrinsically interesting
The one bit of maths I did genuinely enjoy (Number theory), was also the hardest, and required masses amounts of time, which I did not have.
@fredley I once blew through the CPU of the server of the whole university by making it figure out PI to way too much precision.
@Yuki This refers to how the mesh reacts as it is deformed... in a lagrangian mesh deforms with the body (as opposed to what happens with a eulerian mesh); both the nodes and the material points change position as the body deforms...
@Arperum Yeah, that's not the kind of maths we did.
@fredley It was during some practice in one of those fancy math programs, forgot it's name though.
@Krazer He's trying to do homework!
6:27 PM
@Arperum We didn't use programs, or computers at all.
In all seriousness, that's exactly what I did.
@Yuki Do your needful things then the math can be a treat after :)
@fredley We did, we even got real programming! The basics, but still.
like a reward for responsibility
6:29 PM
@FAE I hope it's note due today.
@AshleyNunn let's gamify @Yuki's homework
@Arperum Nope. We got 4 pieces of paper a week, each with about 20 questions on.
@AshleyNunn Oh god, "math can be a treat after". WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?
Hard questions
@fredley That sounds boring.
@Yuki The first time I told @WorldEngineer that I was doing to play Dragon Box (my monster math app) to calm my brain down, he cackled like a madman. It was wonderful.
6:32 PM
2 hours ago, by badp
@kalina You chose poorly. Here comes
2 hours ago, by badp
Hint: the top voted questions are hopelessly general
would you like to look at the next 50? They seem a little bit better
Are you joking?
One of our courses was basically a teacher who looked at his book the first five seconds of his course to see what proof he had to do and then make up a proof on the spot. It ended up more then once that he made an error and had to redo half of it.
Or are the next 50 actually a little bit better?
Let me skim them.
If you sort them by the ordering you feel yields the highest quality, that works for me. Obviously I can't look at this list otherwise I'd do it myself
6:34 PM
those were gamerecs scored 52-7
these are scored 7-6
@Krazer Wish he had clearer and stronger rulings on fair use. Some stuff should just be completely obvious fair use. That's the sort of stuff that goes on day to day in all sorts of mediums, but only on the web is it (usually) a problem
@fredley Dammit! I was planning on minecraft! Now I am going to think about these problems all the time. must solve
@Arperum Haha
Anyone used the Steam OS beta, especially with an AMD card (since they released AMD drivers)?
6:37 PM
@fredley Augh, those hurt my brain
@Arperum Guess you'll miss the Deep Dark
@Arperum There's plenty more where that came from
Man, moguls is a scary sport.
@OrigamiRobot NONONONO. I WILL PLAY. And probably die while thinking about prime number question things.
@kalina Okay, I've put a star next to the least awful looking of this next bunch
6:38 PM
@Arperum We have to wait for @KevinvanderVelden to get back because he LOGGED OUT WITH THE SIGIL THE BIG JARKFACE
@OrigamiRobot ... That's quite rude.
I'll log in already, still eating, so no chatting from me yet.
@badp ta
so that's 4/51 that don't make me want to die, which is more than the 3/50 on the previous page
That's like 31% better.
@Arperum Think about the Sieve of Eratosthenes.
6:44 PM
@Arperum I'm certainly not giving you mine!
@Arperum I hope by that you mean starred questions (e.g.15)
@fredley I recognize that question. DAMN YOU.
@Arperum Whoops. Silly old me.
@fredley I'm going to hire @KevinvanderVelden to murder you with bees.
> 5. Show that a positive integer n is a multiple of 9 if and only if the sum of its digits is a multiple of 9.
6:48 PM
@Arperum Don't mind him, he's sick and grumpy.
@FAE I support his claim of BIG JARKFACE though.
@fredley I kind of remember that the proof for that was possible to abstract to any x if you count in base x+1
@badp Probably within the margin of error though
@Arperum nice
@BenBrocka The top 30 or so questions were consistently shit.
By virtue of being top 30.
@fredley Not entirely sure though.
6:53 PM
Well, at least they're consistent
@Arperum Works for base 2!
@AshleyNunn UK libel law is stupid
@AshleyNunn I think the jailing was correct seen as she basically fucked up the life of her father and stepmother with her trolling.
@AshleyNunn "P.S. There is a ballad - a love song to Anna that exists in an undisclosed location :)"
@Arperum The sad was more a comment on how she felt this was a thing she needed to do in her life.
6:55 PM
@AshleyNunn Yea, that's really sad.
@Yuki pterodactyl noises
Dammit, I need that song. It just might be the one song on the Frozen soundtrack that's actually in my range.
@Yuki "We had an intro for Kristoff that was action, mountain man, climbing with pick axes. It was great. With a fun surprise...It'll actually be on the DVD!"
@AshleyNunn I'm stuck on whether I should pre-order it from Amazon or Toys R Us.
The only reason for the latter being that it's the only one with a comparable price to Amazon that I've found.
6:59 PM
@Yuki How badly do you want it?
@Krazer Are you asking how badly I want the DVD set for Frozen?

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