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2:00 PM
the problem is he kinda quoted the same thing over and over again
he seems to understand that, but then questions why we shouldn't use "best" in titles
@KevinvanderVelden Or does the forcefield mod has somthing that can be used like that?
@Arperum yeah, it kills you if you don't have authorization
Or, well, that's what I leave it on
It kills you and takes your stuff
note: don't mess with @KevinvanderVelden: he'll kill you and take your stuff
@badp "best"
best in a title makes me twitch
2:01 PM
@Unionhawk well that's only if you make it past the radioactive bees
if you've signed up, you should check out this post - that's kinda the direction some of us want it to go in
@KevinvanderVelden Hmm, I think @Jochem and I need that to defend a certain linking book once we start working on it again.
note to self: @KevinvanderVelden is a psychopath
@KevinvanderVelden Or the fire monstrosities before those.
@Arperum yeah, the personal ender chest didn't work to well =p
@Arperum I was still developing the radioactive ones! They're delicate
2:02 PM
@kalina I haven't but I'll read.
@kalina Meanwhile: has the topic of deduplication come up yet?
not yet
I'll add it to my list of things to bring up
Good morning, Bridge
@Frank o/
If we'd turn off mob griefing I could research the ones that spawn creepers everywhere
@KevinvanderVelden Mob griefing stays on.
2:05 PM
@Arperum aah =[
The one that causes random explosion damage then?
I'd still suggest researching them in a separate location though.
Since I want a huge place with all different beekinds.
@Arperum this, I want that
Hmm, it'd be pretty cheap to do with transfer pipes even
@fredley yes, but who gets to wear the side with "2 in 1" on it?
It's got more writings on it!
@badp Obviously @OrigamiRobot since he needs to match with his 1st and 2nd besties
2:09 PM
@Wipqozn wears the sweater that says 'best', @Sterno wears the sweater that says '2nd best'
Seems legit.
@Unionhawk Download - Safe Download
36 secs ago, by Unionhawk
Seems legit.
@Unionhawk you still have advertisment?
why not use adblock
@Arperum We have reached the ultimate level of lazy.
@Wandang I have it turned off on YouTube
2:10 PM
Because reasons.
@Unionhawk That would probably be me yes.
"Because reasons" is best reason.
No? Damn.
@Arperum Replying to me with the message I used to comment on the situation, to comment on the situation... Ultimate lazy.
5 mins ago, by Arperum
@Unionhawk That would probably be me yes.
2:16 PM
The both of you are ultilazy
Real men type their messages by hand
@KevinvanderVelden not really, but I didn't even understood the question
2 hours ago, by Unionhawk
Jan 30 at 20:45, by Unionhawk
I hate each and every one of you.
yesterday, by Unionhawk
1 min ago, by Unionhawk
@Wandang ಠ_ಠ
@FEichinger I always hated you the most.
@Unionhawk this is the time I'd quote me saying "Lies" to you but I've never said that to you before
So for future reference:
@Unionhawk Lies
@Unionhawk ♥
2:19 PM
@FEichinger congratulations! You're hated more than a psychopath
@KevinvanderVelden Well, I like a challenge. :P
@KevinvanderVelden That implies @FEi is not a psychopath, which I'm not ruling out.
@Unionhawk I was gonna say that, but what would that tell you about myself?
@FEichinger that you are honest, which is something at least, you psychopath
2:21 PM
@FEichinger Nothing new, for sure.
I honestly would not be surprised.
It's espruino time!
@fredley ?
@Unionhawk Javascriptable microcontroller
@fredley you should drop that Javascript and use jQuery C
2:24 PM
@fredley That way lies madness.
Urgh. Wordpress has worst editor. And is the worst.
@Arperum Water is wet.
@Powerlord Seriously.
@Arperum Oh, I thought we were making obvious statements.
@Powerlord We were. I was mostly being annoyed at it's terribleness though.
2:28 PM
@Powerlord falls out of chair :o
@Unionhawk You are not in your chair!
Are we still making obvious statements?
Wait, what? No, I figuratively fell out of my chair.
@RedRiderX how does this not have all the stars?
@Powerlord Fun hacky madness
It's like the best thing I've seen today.
2:30 PM
Just like when I defenestrate to make a dramatic exit. I don't actually throw myself through a window.
12 mins ago, by Kevin van der Velden
@Unionhawk Lies
@fredley I'm sorry, did you seriously just refer to something that involves JavaScript programming as fun?!
@Powerlord Yes!
@Unionhawk I'm just happy that I already knew what defenestrate means :)
@Arperum Okay, you're right. I'm actually secretly a ninja, and can survive such jumps
2:31 PM
I'm pretty sure you can be locked away in a mental institution for saying that
There's nothing wrong with Javascript, per se. Browser support is another matter
@fredley browsers are the worst
(don't tell anyone though)
But as it's a microcontroller it doesn't matter!
@Unionhawk They are survivable from the ground floor! Easily survivable even.
2:31 PM
@KevinvanderVelden I hate browsers
@fredley Oh god, don't tell me you're one of those Node.JS sympathizers.
@fredley use C! C is awesome
Not as awesome as C++ but still awesome
@Powerlord I do not Node.js
@KevinvanderVelden If by 'awesome', you mean 'gut-wrenchingly awful'
@Arperum I live on the second floor (for definitions of "second floor" meaning "There's a second, mezzanine, first, and ground floor, so, basically, the 4th floor")
@Unionhawk Your building is the worst
2:33 PM
@fredley Even better, the M and G levels don't exist throughout the building. Neither do 1, 3, or 4.
2 is the only continuous floor
@Unionhawk Only sensible thing to do: burn it down
1 min ago, by fredley
@Unionhawk Your building is the worst
@fredley It's a maze
14 secs ago, by Kevin van der Velden
1 min ago, by fredley
@Unionhawk Your building is the worst
And I think it's the longest dorm building ever
2:33 PM
@Unionhawk I retract my statement. Mazes are awesome.
weeeee, I got the light to blink!!!!
Yay code!
@fredley \o/
@5pike Next I'll make it post a disapproval face to Bridge when I press the button
Try doing that in C
That reminds me, that I have an arduino at home, but never really did anything with it.
2:35 PM
I'm so confused
@fredley sure, I'll just make it act like a USB keyboard to the computer and send the proper keys
> [Putin] congratulated me and asked if everything was OK in Russia and I congratulated him on (Russian speedskater) Olga Graf, of course, for her third place (in the 3,000 meters). He was happy to see me, but then he had to leave again. But I cuddled him
@Unionhawk Apparently, Russia and the Netherlands are on a lot better terms now.
@Yuki Apparently
@KevinvanderVelden So you end up with masses of cruft anyway?
2:38 PM
Q: Imperial assignments and rewards disappearing

user68954Is anyone else experiencing: 1) finishing an imp assignment, and the assignment is auto-replaced with a new one, but the reward doesn't appear? 2) stockpiling unneeded imperial resources ahead of time, but they seem to disappear when you periodically check your inventory? Is so, then I'm not goin...

@fredley uuh no, actually depending on the micro controller it'd just be the micro controller and proper code
And the Lightning Strikes event is complete! cc @Fluttershy
@KevinvanderVelden depending on the microcontroller
@fredley well specifically the board it's on
I think teensys don't need anything special to act as a keyboard
2:45 PM
@PrivatePansy Some of those are funny.
> "How rigorous was the training to go from Tara Weak to Tara Strong?" "It was called getting married."
Q: Equivalent to filter?

Johan HjalmarssonI'm playing FTB direwolf20 and I'm setting up a storage-system with a router and some barrels. I've watched plenty of tutorials on how to do this efficiently, but they all use a filter (from RedPower 2) to pull out stacks of items (instead of pulling items one-by-one). The problem is that my ve...

Q: How do I Counter-Break combos

JLaBellaKiller instinct allows you to counter a combo-breaker by breaking the breaker (yup) to continue your combo, but to do this you must hit a certain button/perform a certain move and then your character feints. What is the command? Does each character have a different one?

Foxes are shopkeepers in Bravely Default. Apparently, the answer to "What does the fox say?" is "1000pg for that Mythril Sword."
My Lightning clone.
@Yuki And then when you actually buy it for that price rather than haggling "Wapowpowpowpowpow!"
@Sconibulus Sadly, I think they were finishing up the port for Bravely Default before Ylvis became a thing.
2:53 PM
it just happens off screen
> how did you get voice actor?
@Frank Wrong hair colour, I think. Which game or poser tool?
@MartinSojka FF14.
Finished the Lightning Strikes event.
That's my character in the Lightning gear.
> We're going to see a film come out in a few years about the trials and tribulations of a young female voice actor, portrayed by Bruce Willis in the greatest method acting performance ever.
> Bruce Willis is Tara Strong.
@Frank you need to unlock the aesthetician and get that hair made over~
2:59 PM
@Yuki Does Bravely Default have a stupid difficulty spike like FFIV?
@StrixVaria So far, I haven't seen anything.
@Krazer I understand that's a patch 2.1 thing; is that out?
And if so, how do I unlock the aesthetician?
If anything, Normal is a bit too easy.
Seriously, if I train in the hardest previous area, nothing has a chance of killing me, but if I go to the next area, every encounter has two enemies that can instakill 3/4 of my party.
I just half-lifed one of the bosses with a crit on a special attack.
3:00 PM
@Frank been out for a while, go to the drowning wench to start it
@StrixVaria Haven't run into anything like that so far.
It's stupid.
Granted, I'm not playing on the highest difficulty (I never do for my first playthrough).
Debating whether it's even worth continuing playing.
FFIV doesn't have difficulty settings as far as I know.
Oh, the special attack system is really cool.
3:02 PM
Q: 8% Damage = Defeat?

ConfusedI was recently attacked and my attacker only used 14 archers, doing only 8% damage to my town, however, it is listed as a defeat. Is this possible? My town hall was destroyed. Does anyone know if your town hall gets destroyed do you automatically get a defeat? Thanks.

As you build up your town, you get access to all these special attack modifiers that you can equip in your menu screen.
And then, when you do certain things in battle, you can do special attacks.
Which, depending on what modifiers you have equipped, can do all sorts of things.
You build up a town in Bravely Default?
Does this game have everything I like in an RPG?
@StrixVaria Quite possibly.
I'll leave it at the end of my queue to keep the incentive up to finish the other games.
For example, the Sword special attack requires you to use Brave. After a certain number of Brave uses, you can use the Sword special attack which typically does some damage and buffs your party with increased physical attack power.
Each weapon type has its own way of unlocking the special attack for use.
Katanas require Defaulting, which is good since Katanas are often used by Swordmasters who focus on countering.
Bows require hitting weak points, which Rangers specialize in.
So on and so forth.
3:06 PM
I have just done something I'm going to regret
It's dirty
ugly dirty filthy ewww
Q: Are there any alternatives to Flappy Bird?

FlykFlappy bird was a side scrolling game released for iOS and Android in which you controlled a bird flying across the screen by tapping on the screen to make the bird move up the screen. This game has since been removed from the iOS app store and from Google Play. The specific features that I'...

it's not a public site, there is no rep whoring involved
when it goes public it will be badge whoring though
@kalina Get ready for CLONES!
@Yuki I need this game.
get ready for downvotes and close votes, more like
3:07 PM
@StrixVaria It's really nice. And so far, I have not needed the Bravely Second mechanic at all.
@kalina that too, but someone will answer with a clone
Which, I think I mentioned before, is the micro-transaction part of this game.
So, it's absolutely completely optional. At least so far.
@5pike you know how I react to negatively voted content, though
@kalina You remove it ASAP?
I wonder, would it be considered cross posting if I got a collection of the best game recommendations in the history of Arqade and posted them on Software Recs as test questions
3:12 PM
Woo, my board is now morse coding with its LED
@Yuki Let me know again when you finish the game.
@kalina It's generally frowned upon.
@FEichinger they're all deleted on Arqade though, due to them being off topic
Ah never mind, it didn't really fit
3:13 PM
@5pike Not really, no.
At this point she's more like a knight in battered armor that gets a bit of polish every other day ...
@kalina Well those are usually fine.
user image
@Yuki Email the fire department.
@Yuki Fire extinguishers cause fires! They're always there when there's a fire!
@FEichinger There's another thing that would fit, but I can't find it.
@FEichinger those look like the least appetizing french fries ever
3:18 PM
> OP, in all seriousness, is there official documentation of these awards?
@5pike At this point, I'm considering it more of a title theme anyway.
Q: How deep down is the jungle temple?

RedSheepIm looking for the jungle temple in Terraria. I've not had much luck yet, but I figured I'd make a lot of hellevators and I'd soon bump into it, but I'm not sure how deep down it is. Any ideas? Also, does anyone have a better method of finding it other than hellevators?

@FEichinger Seems like it. It got on the frontpage, that's something
@5pike Well, it started with ... I think cookies, way back. Those actually had won awards.
3:22 PM
thefoodguru has since posted all sorts of food, keeping the title for recognition mostly.
@FEichinger they're cookies! Of course they win awards
3:24 PM
> Champagne and Red Bull Jello Shots
> Is anyone else bothered that the "Roasted Italian" is instead the Russian flag?
@5pike Eeeeeugh.
I wonder how many people will actually try a recipe.
3:30 PM
So maybe you can find 2nd bestie shirts. If not you could make one.
Finally done. So. Many. Stickers. x_x
@Frank Lightning is a Miqo'te, Kipih Jakkya said so~ :p
@Krazer Trust me, I've looked at that ass long enough to notice there's no tail. :P
A: How do I cure Sanguinare Vampiris?

user68959My name is Mrs. Belli Smith and am here to share a precious testimony on how I was delivered from vampirism and I am now a new person. About 3weeks ago I was so board at my self, I do things that don’t please me, I am so attractive to blood, I do stupid things in dreams, I do get angry easily...

3:35 PM
@5pike Flag as spam.
@Yuki Holy snap crackle and pop. I had to google this girl for some context, and my zeus is she talented.
@Frank I will, once I stop laughing
@Frank not ones from another dimensions
I don't think talent is even a strong enough word to describe he level of skill. Like, holy snap crackle and pop. To the max.
@TimStone very nice
3:37 PM
@Wipqozn Can you post a video because YouTube is filled with crap fake videos right now.
@5pike Wow
Just... Wow
She's only 13 in that video I tinhk.
@RedRiderX Think about that - Someone scanned the internet to drop this spam (or wrote a bot)
@5pike It honestly boggles the mind.
But if you have spam farms adding one more keyword bundle isn't the hardest thing ever.
Yeah, waching that one now.
@RedRiderX True, but someone had to post an order to do so.
We should stop now.
They probably just added the keyword for shits and giggles.
@5pike Damnit I finally find how to cure my vampirism via email and you go and delete it as spam
3:45 PM
@BenBrocka I was literally just coming in here to offer my advice on how to cure vampirism!
Clinical vampirism, more commonly called Renfield's syndrome or Renfield syndrome, is an obsession with drinking blood. The earliest formal presentation of clinical vampirism to appear in the psychiatric literature, with the psychoanalytic interpretation of two cases, was contributed by Richard L. Vanden Bergh and John F. Kelley in 1964. As the authors point out, brief and sporadic reports of blood-drinking behaviors associated with sexual pleasure have appeared in the psychiatric literature at least since 1892 with the work of Austrian forensic psychiatrist Richard von Krafft-Ebing. Many...
@kalina "best"
@Yuki How she does that thing with her leg is beyond me. Talk about flexible.
@5pike Does anyone else feel the urge to go into Wikipedia and enter something about the work of Dr. Van Helsing?
@OrigamiRobot @TimStone Almost a week until banished.
3:47 PM
It's true, I've been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for it to come out as if it were a roller coaster ride.
3:50 PM
Q: Can you find cocoa beans out-of-jungle?

James Of Da PeachOther than a jungle, where can you find cocoa beans? I'd think you could find them in dungeon chests etc, but from experience this doesn't seem to happen.

@Yuki I didn't know you watch Finnish TV
@3ventic I didn't either.
@Braiam Kinda late there.
> 16/11/2007
3:54 PM
But is it...SternOld™?
He's probably the reason coupons can no longer be stacked.
> a bailiff accompanied him to the store
@StrixVaria Probably to ensure the store didn't try to give him the runaround.
@Frank I never denied that.
@Frank when that happened they were coupons that couldn't be stacked but those said nothing about it ;)
3:58 PM
@Braiam Actually, that's the loophole he exploited.
It said nothing about them not being used in combination.
Is there a law now, that you cannot stack coupons?
If no, I have to do some shopping.
@5pike Most businesses have that in their ToCs
@5pike Most of them have fine print, saying you can't use more than one coupon per item.

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