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9:00 PM
See, now I can't find the right one... I just keep coming up with the L4D2 Plantation level screenshots in Source 2
@Sterno "buy" was mentioned in the question.
Ah, here we go
Both tf and tf_imported directories.
Anyway, as for the plantation level of L4D2, here's what it currently looks like (in Source 1)
and here's the leaked Source 2 version
Hmm, it doesn't like that url
@Powerlord Ooooooh snap.
(Forgot to mention there were 2 leaked images)
9:05 PM
@Powerlord hmmm.... that slash-slash
@BenBrocka want in higher resolution
@BenBrocka Mewtwo but no Mew?
got on Twitter, that's all they had. maybe tineye
@Powerlord Well, sometime in 2036.
9:06 PM
Then again, Mew would probably just be normal Kirby.
Nothing. Wish people would sure this stuff, it was just the image
@badp Valve uses Perforce for its source control. No clue if that's what its UI looks like or not.
@Yuki Normal kirby with a tail
@Yuki Seems pretty much a random selection in general. I mean, only Regigigas, and for some reason Rotom's there.
Rotom was as about as hard to obtain as a legendary in DP, trading aside
9:10 PM
@Sterno There, my thoughts posted.
I won't be heartbroken if it gets reopened, but I don't think it plays well to our expertise at all.
I'm so sad, my question on the Frozen AMA is the most highly upvoted question that doesn't have an official reply.
Hopefully, this is because they're trying to contact their animation team.
user image
Kevin Montrose on February 10, 2014

There’s been a lot of excitement lately here at Stack Exchange, what with the launch of our Android app and the start of our iOS app alpha.  A few sharp-eyed users noticed, hidden deep within each app, a new version of the Stack Exchange API. After a few more weeks of testing I’m happy to say that V2.2 is now frozen, documented, and released.

Creating questions and answers


Editing, Deleting, and Flagging

Improved OAuth UI on mobile devices

…and lots more

Almost everything done by our own apps is using our public API, but there are a few notable exceptions: …

@Frank Are you sure that's Spring? It might be Summer!
@Powerlord For us, it actually could be.
9:19 PM
I was about to star something in the sidebar and chat removed it when I moused over it. >:/
@TheStackExchangeBlog Still no chat :(
@fredley I love how clicking on that arrow to view the previous message does nothing.
@Powerlord eh?
@fredley I can't see what you're replying to. The icon for it does nothing when clicked.
@Powerlord The Blog post...
9:21 PM
@fredley ...then why does it even show a Reply icon/link?
@Powerlord It works for me
sounds like a case for
@fredley Chat needs a major revamp anyway.
@FEichinger Chat works well enough tbh
It just needs more scriptability
That would be a good thing
@TheStackExchangeBlog Stack Exchange API V2.2: now with pokeballs.
Oh right, I apparently added @TheStackExchangeBlog to my ignore list back when it would constantly spam chat.
9:24 PM
Oh god, I'm cold. Pretty everything I'm wearing is wet due to the rain and the A/C feels like it's on full.
Actually, I think I'll leave it on ignore.
Q: Minecraft 1.6.4 World fails to load or generate

lramos15Whenever I go to load or generate a world the game decides to crap out and go into a dirt background. Here is the client log:http://pastebin.com/LTKYMUGF Here is the Forge Moadloader Client 0 just in case:https://www.dropbox.com/s/t0gjm1htwyns8y0/Forge%20Moadler%20Error%20log.txt Thanks In advanc...

Q: What's the difference between Easy, Medium and Hard Interceptor?

NolonarThe Cops have 3 different kinds of events: Rapid Response (Reach the goal as fast as possible with as little collisions as possible) Interceptor (Wreck your target as fast as possible) Hot Pursuit (Wreck as many competing Racers as possible before they complete their race) The differences bet...

Adieu, SO Live
You were useful, once.
@badp In the days of HTML4
@fredley I'm debating if I should port the chat edition
@badp what does it do?
I haven't been using it for months
The main bug is the notification API won't show the same message twice, so these events get lost.
...although, rather than pushing new copies of the same message, I should be updating the previous one. With infinite time...
Oh jeez, my legs are so cold.
@Yuki Move them
@Yuki Hug a radiator.
9:32 PM
@Yuki wraps you in all the blankets
That's what I do to keep them warm.
My uncle from Alberta is starting to send me email with lots of conspiracy theories.
@Yuki If you didn't walk for 30 minutes in -30 this morning, I don't care.
@3ventic But that puts them in contact with my pants which are even colder.
@badp I don't care enough
I'm going to make a mod flag pinger at some point
9:32 PM
@JasonBerkan I walked in pouring rain and the A/C in this room is on full blast?
@Frank Sounds....fun?
@Frank Is Alberta a hotbed of controversy?
@AshleyNunn Not really.
@Yuki Leave. Find warmth, dry things.
Q: Searock Castle - Zoya only

Tom I've managed to get up to the part shown in the image, but I couldn't find any way to get past it using only one Zoya. Any ideas?

9:33 PM
@Yuki That's cold, but not -43 wind chill cold.
@Yuki Wear warmer pants
@AshleyNunn But claaaaaaaaass...
@Yuki Do they take attendance?
How are all you beautiful people doing?
Also, I'm fully expecting to get a 10 on this programming assignment.
@DavidM No, but this is my OS class so I want to be here as long as I can manage.
9:35 PM
@RedRiderX I can't speak for the rest of them, but I am doing well.
@Yuki I thought all of you CS guys were self-taught!
@DavidM Sure, but I'll take what advice I can get.
@spugsley Yay!
9:36 PM
@spugsley That's always a good accomplishment.
@DavidM well that is mighty fine!
@Frank We've pretty much had this exact same discussion before
@AshleyNunn Mmmmm abandoned places.
9:38 PM
@Sterno Yep.
We'll have to agree to disagree again.
how dare somebody post before my good and dear friend @Chippies
Wait, does that mean I have to agree with you? Shit.
9:38 PM
I will simply abstain from voting!
@spugsley I saw them on tumblr and I tracked down the originals for you (it took work but there was more awesome there than the tumblr post)
@Sterno Too late, you already voted to reopen it!
@GnomeSlice stahp!
You have to VTC to balance it out!
9:39 PM
@Chippies You can reply to a specific message if you hover over it and click the little arrow.
Back from an interview, things are looking hopeful.
@GnomeSlice that requires using a mouse
@Chippies That is correct.
@Chippies Welcome.
@AshleyNunn yeah it's incredible!
9:40 PM
I find it interesting that no one who voted to reopen has yet argued it's case on Meta. So much for community consensus.
@GnomeSlice Link?
@Chippies I think there is a keyboard extension that might help. Also, hi :)
@fredley shrug
@GnomeSlice ...
@fredley All I have is the image.
9:40 PM
@GnomeSlice Where did you screenshot it from?
@Frank I did leave a comment.
@GnomeSlice Oh
@fredley @Chippies screenshat it.
@Frank Nick's making a pretty good case as to why I disagree.
I screenshat all over it
9:41 PM
@Chippies This might help you - stackapps.com/questions/2105/…
Screenshat is past tense of screenshot
@DavidM Where? I don't see it.
@AshleyNunn thanks, that might come in handy.
@GnomeSlice I know that
@JasonBerkan You're free to your opinion, but you're wrong.
@Frank I assume you are talking about Nick T's post?
9:41 PM
@Chippies No problem :D
@DavidM Yes. I'm not seeing it.
@Chippies I dunno what you're replying to.
STRANGE!!! I totally left a comment.
I basically said: It smelled off-topic, but it didn't fit the description in the Q&A is hard, let's go shopping post.
@GnomeSlice I'm replying to YOU in general.
9:45 PM
@Chippies change your photo
@GnomeSlice @GnomeSlice that's a lot of work, yo
Q: My minecraft isn't giving me my blocks as soon as i mine them

user68985I just recently got Minecraft and I realized that as soon as I break a block it takes almost 4 to 7 seconds or more to give me my block. Is this a normal glitch for update 1.7.4? How can I fix it?

@Chippies YOU DID IT
@GnomeSlice What is your relationship to @Chippies that you're his eternal champion?
@DavidM None of your business!
9:46 PM
@Chippies You can dooooo it I believe in you ;)
@DavidM he's in love with me, but afraid to admit it in public.
@GnomeSlice That's my favorite type!
@BenBrocka Die Upworthy, die.
I hate you and your stupid headlines.
9:46 PM
@Chippies Go there, and hover over the picture.
There should be a thing pop up to let you change it.
@GnomeSlice goddamn peer pressure! Fine!
@Frank It's funny since we often do get snow in spring.
@Yuki I hate them so muuuuuuch
Aaaaa... 55 upvotes and still no official reply.
9:49 PM
@Frank Wow. Have you considered that that attitude is why I haven't made a meta answer?
I just realized I asked a "how do I get in the biz" question. I hate those questions. WHAT HAVE I BECOME??!!
@spugsley I'm in Park City, Utah. It snowed this morning.
@spugsley It has been snowing here every day do you want some>
@AshleyNunn I will have my own later tonight :3
@JasonBerkan A) I already hashed that out in chat, which @NickT linked to. B) It was at least slightly joking. C) I'm bloody tired of a community run site where I offer up my opinion (for good or ill), and not being respected enough to pay me the common courtesy of giving the community a dissenting opinion.
9:50 PM
So, about that ...
mmm bacon
@Yuki You won't believe this crazy annoying business model--and it works!
Bacon is nature's perfect food!
I can't say 'p' words :(
I care enough about the site to show why I think the way I do. If you disagree, at least articulate why, so that there's a balanced opinion on Meta questions.
9:52 PM
@spugsley Did you get a cavity filled?
@Frank While I appreciate that stance, telling people they are flat out wrong for disagreeing is....unfair, at best.
@Frank And just outright telling someone their wrong isn't going to get someone to discuss it with you. Quite the opposite, in fact.
@FAE three cavities
@FAE I totally misread this
If you want people to consider your views, you should also be open to considering theirs.
9:52 PM
I have horrible teeth. Devil teeth.
@spugsley Oof.
@spugsley hugs
@kalina Teehee.
@kalina :o
9:53 PM
@kalina I didn't but now I do
@kalina STOP THINKING LIKE A MAN DOES... because all men are perverts and think like that all the time.
Also, an old Sony analog surround-sound system.
@spugsley Just one of those people who no matter what you do, you always have problems type thing?
I am better than @Chippies at Loadout.
@kalina Blame me.
It's probably my fault anyway.
@FAE yes. I am so so so so good about taking care of my teeth and no matter what I have cavities
9:53 PM
@spugsley My mom's teeth were like that. :( She has dentures now.
@FAE I would happily get dentures right now at the age of 24
@spugsley :( :( :( :( :(
much pings
very loud
(I'm just assuming people realized I was making comments involving stereotypes and stereo types earlier)
@FEichinger oh hai :3
9:55 PM
@spugsley o/
@Powerlord I saw that.
I should get a cheap digital surround system at some point.
Chippies is the cutest name I've ever seen. I'm jealous.
Then again, my current system still works.
Decision Analysis

Proposed Q&A site for researchers, academics, and practioners interested in discussing and promoting how real people can improve their decision-making processes, using sound logical procedures, methods, tools with a prescriptive focus

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for medical professionals preparing for the USMLE examinations.

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for anyone using Infusionsoft or wanting to learn more on how to use it.

Currently in definition.

Mathematical Social Sciences

Proposed Q&A site for students, researchers, academics, and professionals studying human behavior and social interactions using mathematical models and formalism.

Currently in definition.

Data Mining & Web Scraping

Proposed Q&A site for programmers interested in scraping/analyzing data, linked data and the semantic web.

Currently in definition.

Pebble Watch Development

Proposed Q&A site for developers that need help with Pebble SDK tools or projects written using Pebble APIs

Currently in definition.

Domestic Engineering (Home Making)

Proposed Q&A site for people looking for help solving common domestic issues such as: cleaning, organization, living with others, appliance modification, home automation and property management.

Currently in definition.

vim editor

Proposed Q&A site for questions on vim script, plugins, or general information on how to use or modify the vim editor.

Closed before being launched.

Internet of Things

Proposed Q&A site for tinkers, tech experts and solution development professionals.

Currently in definition.

holy fuck Nope
9:56 PM
Bloody hell, @NOPE!
Y'all! Greenlight! Votes! Halp! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=152465002
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment What?
@AshleyNunn This is my internet of many things!
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Don't they use Android or something?
9:57 PM
@Wipqozn I'd play it.
Q: Are there any specific places where the bike spawns?

LokoRecently a bike has been added to Nether and I was wondering if there are some specific places where it spawns. Like for example some places just always spawn the same items. So I was wondering wether the bike would be on a

Q: Conditions for a Kerbal to Die

James Of Da PeachWhat are all the ways a Kerbal in KSP might die? I know that they always wear space suits, so they (seemingly) can't suffocate. Side Question: How far must a Kerbal fall to die?

@GnomeSlice me too. I like winning.
@Wipqozn I have days where doing this is totally considered a win
@AshleyNunn I was thinking that <3
9:58 PM
Winning is the best.
@Wipqozn It's harder than it looks, that's a TAS
@AshleyNunn Me toooooo
@Wipqozn That would take forever.
@DavidM So, wrong close reason was chosen, so it should be reopened.
9:59 PM
Yay... work decided to block imgur again
@Frank To my mind, yes.
@spugsley hug
but not if I visit the image links directly.
@DavidM I get it, and don't agree with it.
Otherwise, we run shod over the right reasons to close questions.
9:59 PM
how will we milk flappy bird for more gaming news articles!?
@Powerlord It's a quilt/blanket/tapestry/weave of the LttP light world map
If it's a bad question, it's less important that the correct close reason was used than it was actually closed.
@Frank I don't ask you to agree. I merely stated my reasoning. Right or wrong, it was my reasoning.

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