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11:01 AM
@badp I wouldn't mind asking a question for said game, assuming it exists, and I end up playing it for reasons currently unknown to me.
@Arperum It does exist.
You might need Windows 95 though.
@Arperum it exists, I'm saddened there are no questions for it though
@badp TIL something new.
@badp The second part is not fullfilled, I feel no desire to play it at all.
i had my rep removed once too
because my coworker upvoted my stuff
however me upvoting his stuff did not matter, he could keep his rep :D
we just upvoted stuff we liked from each other
11:24 AM
you guys know the teens react series right?
or kids react
i love that youtube series so much
they even have an elders react
does any1 have stats for playerbase of diablo 3?
for 2014
@Wandang Blizzard does! And on the 25th of march a huge upsurge will be visible.
When clicking the "suomeksi" link, should the text fade out and then in again instead of instantly changing? (3ventic.eu)
11:38 AM
@Wandang Probably the only one of those which I find mildly interesting is Hank and Jed's "Game Idiot" series, and that's because it shows the guy actually playing the game and the reaction of the "gamers" to his antics are as hilarious as his own. Also, they're short.
@MartinSojka never heard of that before
reminds me of that latenight show
@3ventic Do you like eye-candy?
I like blue flashing lights
@3ventic I approve of the instant changing.
@Arperum Seconded
11:40 AM
lang attribute fits to all elements, correct?
conan obrian
@MartinSojka well your series is kinda... gaming on a console?
HamStare @Ebay
Or rather, why would anyone buy something like that
62 bids!
I now have a replacement script for ಠ_ಠ ♦ and ‮
@5pike Ok fine
@3ventic Go on
I was gonna github mine
11:49 AM
@fredley The last one is ‮
It's this letter (‮ ), which will break your text
12:02 PM
we still have an old iPad touch
i wonder how much money that would give
@Wandang Does it have flappy bird?
@5pike since i am dev there may be an easier way to install past the shop
Q: Installing nvidia drivers on acer aspire v5-573g

user246676I am new to linux in general ( ive just tried it years ago) and as I've seen it for first time - i loved it! The best OS for me but there was a little problem - I am a gamer since i remember myself. But now I am sick n tired of Windows and want to start using only linux (till now I used it dual b...

@5pike back when times were easy as a man
"They should add a scene at the end where the grandma asks: are you pregnant yet?"
Q: Can you change the resolution in Jets'N'Guns?

AssylumHow do I actually change the resolution in Jets'N'Guns? In the menu there is only an option to switch to Fullscreen, which makes the game look blurry and the default resolution, which is 800x600, is too small for me.

@Wandang and they aren't easy now?
@Lazers this guy's avatar... Every time, it's still disturbing
12:27 PM
@5pike the good thing is that, as far as I can see, they are getting backlash for it
@KevinvanderVelden Seems like it, yeah.
@KevinvanderVelden you need to talk to women and make compliments nowadays
@3ventic U+202E
Not to be confused with U+220E: ∎
@Wandang jeeaaah, us poor men have it so difficult, let's all talk about it on reddit.com/r/MensRights
Oh god I don't even want to look at that. That sounds like ultimate toxic subreeddit
12:30 PM
Soo ... now @Wandang is MRA, too?
@Unionhawk it is the most toxic subreddit
@AshleyNunn I agree 110%. I hate pointless shows of support which do nothing.
Why doesn't this surprise me?
@FEichinger naah, I'm just exaggerating, I don't think he's that bad
Because nothing surprises you?
12:31 PM
@3ventic That might be true.
Almost nothing surprises me
@3ventic I think he just removed his surprise glands
That's a thing right?
@KevinvanderVelden No, but I wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong on this.
@Wandang closed as "Confuses @FEichinger"
Also, thanks to your avatar I STILL type she first ><
12:32 PM
@KevinvanderVelden ♥
@KevinvanderVelden you know that i was kidding right?
3 mins ago, by Kevin van der Velden
@FEichinger naah, I'm just exaggerating, I don't think he's that bad
I knew/assumed
but i saw this yesterday
@Wandang Well I can sympathize with wishing to see your own grandchild
it was linked in here? i cannot remember
@badp i cannot
sorry, did not know that would be the thumbnail.
not onelined now
12:38 PM
@badp true, but pressuring someone into having children is always a bad thing (note: pressuring). Not everyone wants kids and not everyone wants kids now
@KevinvanderVelden Well, think on the plus side: typing "she" would confuse @FEichinger, and probably @badp.
@Unionhawk that might work I think
@Unionhawk Would not confuse me. I've long embraced the "minor GraceNote" role.
Well... it might confuse @badp.
@Unionhawk I have been the major proponent of the GraceNote Oscillating Gender Assumption.
A theory I've since dropped, but anyway, the opportunity for confusion is pretty low.
12:42 PM
Hmm... well this is a disappointing day.
@Unionhawk Are you bewildered and confused by the disappointment?
@Unionhawk well, we might still confuse you, that'd be usefull
GODDAMMIT @Kevin >_>
Jan 30 at 20:45, by Unionhawk
I hate each and every one of you.
@Unionhawk ♥
@Unionhawk <3 you to
12:44 PM
@KevinvanderVelden I'll accept this from you. @FEi's &heart;s can die.
@Unionhawk Have you tried using milk?
@Unionhawk It's actually &hearts;
Quick poll: would anybody here be willing to recommend games in the event game recommendations remain on topic on Software Recommendations?
@kalina I... potentially
12:46 PM
Quick poll (2): would we as a community be willing to have Software Recommendations for games added to our GTFO feed?
@kalina No.
@kalina No.
@kalina This sounds like a bad idea.
@kalina No, because the answer would be a list
and opinions
@5pike That's literally what SR is for, though ...
@kalina No. Reddit and forums are the place for game recommendations, not Stack Exchange.
12:47 PM
@5pike nope, we're avoiding lists
@Wipqozn A site exists, I'm asking if Arqade wants to be involved
@kalina I'm well aware. I'm saying the site shouldn't exist, and so I won't take part in it.
@kalina yeah why not
This community has rejected the idea of game recommendation being possible on SE; while there probably is a minority that think it's possible, attracting the majority to game recommendation questions on SE is not going to end well for everybody involved.
12:48 PM
@kalina Well, though luck, because when you want a game rec, I'm going to list a few games. Also - OPINIONS!!!
@kalina well, the general games tag is already added isn't it? It should show up already
I am back as far as I know
I encourage people who do believe in game recommendations on SE to simply subscribe to the relevant tag privately. And if our community's heart on the topic should change as a result of software recommendations.SE, then we should revise our own ban rather than outsource our traffic to a glorified garbage bin.
Good Evenings
@5pike actually the allowed question format is "I want <x> that does <list of requirements> similar to <y>" and the answers follow a format like "<x> is a possibility that meets all of your requirements in this way <list of how requirements are met>" with one recommendation per answer
12:49 PM
@badp Don't migrate crap, et cetera.
Q: Breeding for Vivillon patterns

sceniaPrerequisites: So we know Vivillon's pattern depends on the geographical location set on the 3DS when the game was started. Once a save file exists, it will always yield the same Vivillon pattern even if the location on the 3DS is changed or the cartridge is played in a different 3DS. Trading the...

@Wipqozn More like, don't empower the idea of creating SEs as garbage bins for unwanted, unloved questions.
@badp that too.
Hence my above comments.
Either it is possible to do game-rec on SE or it is not possible to do game-rec on SE. If it is possible, it should happen here.
Then there will be overlap between the two sites, assuming SR succeeds in the first place
12:50 PM
@3ventic This is not a problem. Well, not one of Arqade's.
I never said it was
@badp Actually, I disagree on that.
@badp: Slight aside, but temp mods for Betas are chosen by Stack Exchange, correct?
I agree that SR is a stupid site. But they definitely have an advantage: They can focus on recommendations.
@FEichinger Videogames is our vertical. Recommendations is an horizontal. If we really are a vertical then we must cover all feasible horizontals.
12:51 PM
Recommendations wouldn't flood the site with nonsense, because it's what their site is about.
@FEichinger A site about nonsense is still filled with nonsense.
Recommendations have standards, too.
The whole idea about the site is that it's not nonsense.
We ban recommendations because we can't reasonably answer them in our format, because our format is different from the one SR picks - despite using the same engine.
@badp Bullshit. We like to whine about SF&F being oh-so-shit every other day, but it faces the exact same issue. It uses the engine for something else - and successfully so.
Game recommendations would look something like this: stackmobile.com/softwarerecs/questions/767
12:54 PM
@FEichinger Well, for certain definitions of successful...
@OrigamiRobot It has traffic. It answers the questions it holds. I'm not seeing the problem here.
Q: Can you display the name of monsters in general?

NinjakrebornIs there a way to get the monsters to display names above their head in-game. I am in Hardcore and it would help to see the names of the enemies well ahead of time.

@FEichinger Yes, that is one definition.
Needs a counter example
Others include NO NO I HATE IT GO AWAY
12:56 PM
@OrigamiRobot Yes, and that's ridiculous.
I'm sorry, but "I don't like it" isn't a reasonable argument. It's just pointless whining.
Software Recommendation is a site that is literally made up of question type no one else on the network wants.
@Wipqozn There are a load of sites that were close reasons on SO
@FEichinger Don't be sorry.
Additionally, there's no expertise. You can't be an expert at "recommendations".
12:57 PM
Does anyone here even use iOS..?
@Wipqozn You're right, I have already bought this point up
I don't like SF&F or SR either - for that matter, I don't like how gaming.SE uses tags either - but I'm not bitching for any of those to be removed.
@fredley It's pretty much why SE as a whole is a thing at all.
@3ventic nope
Q: Help us test the alpha version of our iOS app

Arie LitovskyWe are in the early stages of development of the official Stack Exchange iOS app and we need your help with testing. To set a few expectations: there will be bugs, crashes, and missing features, all of which will be fixed in 6 to 8 weeks. We are initially targeting iOS 7 on iPhones only. To ...

@FEichinger There is nothing wrong with the idea of a SF&F site. The problem Gaming has is with the way the site is run, not with the topic. Software Recommendations is a different thing. The problems are with the core idea of the site.
1:00 PM
If Software Recs is a success, it's a success. If it's a failure, it's a failure. Either way, I intend never to go there.
the entire premise of the is "This isn't welcome anywhere else on the network, so let's make it here!", in addition to the fact that you can't be an expert at recommendations.
@Wipqozn I beg to differ - SF&F is inherently about lore. Remember, that part we have a hard time keeping on our site because people bitch about it every time it comes up? Same friggin issue.
@FEichinger yet we don't ban it, because those people are in the minority.
i sometimes ask myself which software would be best to do the job
like that one
i just need software that can do the job
@FEichinger "all feasible horizontals"
1:02 PM
@FEichinger No, that's an issue with what people think our scope should cover, not an issue with how they work in the SE engine.
I hadn't anticipated that two innocent questions would result in a heated discussion like this one
@OrigamiRobot The issue with lore usually boils down to "we can't prove a negative", which is an engine issue - those questions would never get answered.
the problem with SF isn't that it's about lore, but that they allow stupid thought experiment likes "Could a vampire be beamed onto the enterprise?".
Although the feedback is noted, if SR can't gain some experts on the subject matter of gaming from Arqade, it's probably best they made gaming recommendations off topic
We have judged recommendations, plot extrapolation and memory-only identifications as unfeasible horizontals.
@FEichinger The solution is not to make a site for those horizontals, because SE is supposed to be a verticals engine.
1:03 PM
@badp Then what's the harm in another site making it work, because they inherently work differently?
@FEichinger Well whoever uses that argument for all of lore is stupid.
It's quite obvious that well scoped, answerable lore questions exist in a format consistent with any other SE question.
What something is supposed to be, and what it actually ends up being aren't always one and same, and they don't need to be.
The idea that we can't and won't go back on our decisions is provably false
First we allowed all ITGs, then we banned all ITGs, now we just ban those that aren't tall enough to ride.
guys you allow "Native First person shooter games?" questions?
@kalina If a new SE site needs to depend on getting experts from already existing SE sites to survive then I think that's a sign it's going to fail.
1:06 PM
@OrigamiRobot Sure do. But we can't definitively remove those that aren't, because we can't prove that they're not answerable. But this is getting off topic.
Three years ago we failed to find a suitable bar for game recs, so we went from allowing them all to banning them all.
@Braiam I'm not sure what native means in this regard?
Or uuh, context. Better word
If we can define what "tall enough to ride" is then we should allow them back. That is all I am saying.
@OrigamiRobot Exactly. Something like "Could you beam a vampire onto the enterprise?" is not well scoped. That is to it's dumb.
Q: Getting started with Pokémon (on a 3DS XL)

TravisI am a fan of RPGs but to this point have never played a Pokémon game. I think I would like to try it out. Given that I have a 3DS (XL if it matters) where can I start in the massive series of games and what order should I play if it matters? Additionally, the games appear to come in pairs, how...

1:07 PM
@KevinvanderVelden here meta.askubuntu.com/a/1873/169736
@badp I think that's fair. like you pointed out, we did that with ITG.
@Wipqozn I'm not completely sure, as you say, recommendations will not survive based on getting "experts in recommendations", because such a thing doesn't exist. It could, however, survive by drawing on the expertise present on the network in each different subject matter
And, again, I said it before: I find SR horribly stupid a site and I wouldn't use it either (and I have my own reasons for thinking gamerec doesn't work there), but this hostile reaction and bitching about the site as a whole is just not okay.
@Wipqozn "That is to it's dumb"?
@badp ssshhhhhhhhhhhhh
1:09 PM
@FEichinger I'm asking them to be just removed altogether
@kalina My point is that if the only hope this site has to to lure experts in from other sites on the network since SR can't have an expertise then that's a sign that site is doomed to fail and shouldn't exist.
@Braiam aah, so you're asking if we take recommendations for say FPS games that run on linux
@FEichinger The only reason I feel justified in complaining about SFF is that I tried to use it and it didn't work for me. If you hate the idea of SR from the get-go, just don't go there and shut up about it.
@FEichinger I've been historically against whining and bitching about SFF
(not "you" personally)
1:09 PM
That's pretty much what the current discussion is about =p Current stand is no, we don't do recommendations because lists
I think =p
@FEichinger the whole reason this got brought up is because a user from SR asked for our input.
Asking someone for their input and then getting angry when they give it is just dumb.
@Wipqozn When the input is "I think the site should just go die in a fire", there is a problem.
The problem is that the site exists.
@FEichinger So only positive input is allowed?
Hopefully it'll bring something new to the table.
1:11 PM
@Wipqozn I wasn't here for whatever that was, but if the input isn't constructive, then anger is justified.
26 mins ago, by kalina
Quick poll: would anybody here be willing to recommend games in the event game recommendations remain on topic on Software Recommendations?
Man, I hope that is to me!
@Wipqozn No, only constructive input is allowed. "The site is shit, go away!" is not okay.
@Wipqozn I am just "some user from SR" now?
that's one hell of a relegation
Yay! It was to me!
1:13 PM
@kalina not, some user, a user. As in, someone who uses the site
And again: I have no problem with saying "game rec wouldn't work on SR" - as a matter of fact I agree - but not "SR sucks, so no".
@FEichinger Except we didn't just say "this site is shit." We said "We don't want to do X because we think this site is shit because Y"
@OrigamiRobot yay
> We've already got a lot of sites that make up the Stack Exchange network, all of these sites are for specific subjects and these sites each have their own expert users. Enticing these users to come over to Software Recommendations to share their knowledge has the potential to be our biggest growth area in the short to medium term. We've got experts on programming, security, gaming, web development, amongst other fields.
@Wipqozn Frankly, when the site is already in beta it's a little late to whine about the site being terrible. It exists, deal with it. Don't wanna go there? Don't. But don't actively ask for it to die.
> The biggest sticking point that I see, is that Software Recommendations breaks from the Stack Exchange formula that these experts are used to. It is our responsibility to make this site accommodating for these users by utilising a "same but different" philosophy - this is still the Stack Exchange you know and love, but here, we exist to provide objective recommendations to people that fulfil a specific list of requirements.
1:15 PM
@FEichinger We were asked for input.
I'm not sure how I can make this any clearer.
@kalina why must you taunt me with private beta links? :(
This wasn't us just randomly standing up and ago "man, this site is crap!"
You know I'll click on them!
The reason I could see game-rec not working, after you assume that -rec can work at all, is that "fun" isn't really quantifiable.
@Wipqozn Input about a topic for the site - Not input about the site's idea itself.
1:15 PM
@KevinvanderVelden you should still be able to sign up via Area 51 if you want
@kalina no, the private beta has already started, you can't commit right now.
@KevinvanderVelden interesting, I joined after beta had started
@KevinvanderVelden Wait, SR is still in private beta?
@FEichinger only for today
1:17 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Okay, the app can open the links regardless of beta status, apparently.
Also, arduino.se is 100% commited :D
@3ventic well yes, I suppose I could do that
if anybody wants an invite, message me your email address on Steam
@FEichinger You can reply to my arguments or you can keep whining about my opinion while continuing to ignore my arguments. Feel free to decide which is the "constructive" approach.
@badp I already said that I agree that gamerec wouldn't work on SR - I'm not going to agree that SR should die because it uses the engine differently.
SR is a thing, SR has people, SR gets questions and answers - Deal With It.
@FEichinger Why is gamerec fundamentally different from the rest of *-rec, then?
1:20 PM
4 mins ago, by OrigamiRobot
The reason I could see game-rec not working, after you assume that -rec can work at all, is that "fun" isn't really quantifiable.
@badp Games, unlike most other software, is a creative medium.
@FEichinger and you should deal with the fact we think it's a terrible idea and doomed to fail, because of all the reasons we've said along with everyone else on the network who has banned recommendations.
Software of other variety is a rather pragmatic medium.
@badp Because it's the only one that isn't based on getting something done, it's about getting something to do.
"recommend me a game that is fun" would get nuked so hard that the site would 500 internal server error for a bit
1:20 PM
@FEichinger There are still 5,000 different programs to unpack archives.
Telling us to "Deal with it" when you're, quite frankly, throwing a fit because you can't deal with our opinion is just silly.
@5pike You know, the whole ad is critically missing the point why arranged marriages worked (to a degree at least): Both partner's parents knew each other, both knew the future partners, and all of them tried to do what's best for their children, though it didn't always work out that way. This kind of control is simply not there when you're using an online dating site.
and this conversation is getting more friendly and constructive by the minute!
@badp So what. The amount of answers is irrelevant. The scope of a question is, and due to the nature of games such questions would be horribly broad.
@kalina The problem is any game rec carries that as an inherent criterion.
1:22 PM
Most of you are just arguing based on the stereotypes you have about recommendation questions.
Recommending a thing for your entertainment (games/books/movies) is fundamentally different from doing the same thing for a tool, IMO.
@3ventic "Stereotypes" informed by having lived through one year of trying to make game-rec works.
@Wipqozn I have no problem with you thinking that - I have a problem with you hammering that point against an innocent question about a subset of the site.
@badp Stereotypes nonetheless
@OrigamiRobot This.
1:23 PM
@FEichinger It doesn't seem like you have no problem with it.
but this exchange isn't going to go anywhere good, and I need to work, so I'm going to head out.
toodles all.
@3ventic They are backed with hard data, hard experience and hard-won lessons. We have gotten 1,500 game-rec questions before we banned them.
Please keep your assumptions on check.
I've seen some of them, and none of them were good.
Q: an htop-like tool to display disk activity in linux

user54579I am looking for a linux command-line tool that would report the disk IO activity. Something similar to htop would be really cool.Has someone heard of something like that? Thanks! EDIT: for the vote down:about not being programming -related. I happen to need to check if my code is actually beha...

I think this is a completely reasonable recommendation question.
Q: Battlefield 4 Commander - Getting Kills without Gunship or Missile

Kevdog777I was getting kills without the gunship or missile deployed. All I remember I had deployed was the EMP UAV, and every few seconds, I was hitting a vehicle and was gaining points right up until I got 100 points, then I got the kill. How on earth did I kill that poor guy?

1:34 PM
um, I wish stackmobile had post scores
@badp which scores are you trying to see?
oh right, all the scores
@badp Seems like a pretty fundamental thing to omit
@fredley It's giving me read access to a private beta, so I'm still happy enough.
@badp It's public now
> Warning: this site is currently in private beta for at least 1 more day.
1:44 PM
@fredley It's more likely that kalina (or somebody else) invited you.
@badp Oh
15 secs ago, by kalina
> Warning: this site is currently in private beta for at least 1 more day.
I invited nobody
I just went there and could see it, and sign up
I have offered
1:44 PM
No Private Beta nonsense...
@fredley this is what I did, too
I mentioned it earlier
i want to PUNCH something
Maybe it's just Private Beta in Italy
fast give me something
I'm okay with read-only access
1:45 PM
@fredley And Belgium.
Q: Punch a user button!

Manishearth Gotten frustrated with a user? Want to vent? Feel like punching them? Don't worry, here's a script that adds a "Punch" button to every gravatar. You can punch all the worst users now: Installation Click here to install. Will work in Chrome or Firefox (the latter requires Greasemonkey). S...

I might be asking a couple questions
i just deleted a bunch of crap code from my coworker that did nothing
@kalina I am at work and not on steam =[
well you could post an email address on chat and then delete it
I'd need to copy it first
but I'm pretty sure you can just sign up to it
since I did it...
1:47 PM
Yeah, I'm fairly certain there's a bug with private betas and whatnot
Need an app that tells me if I left my garage door open
When I did commit to Italian I was blocked on the "private beta" page anyway. I had to go through Area 51 every time anyway.
I wouldn't be surprised if the reverse happened too.
Q: Can you explain me the REAL difference between asking for the best softwares, some good softwares or some softwares?

SamThe formal difference is obvious, and there is a strong difference in many contexts, but I can't see any difference in a website like this. Infact what are you expecting to read as an answer to the following questions? Can you list me the best software*s* to make a forensyc analysis of someon...

1:49 PM
@Sterno This is the part where I make fun of you like you did to me with washing my hair.
@fredley that was good thankx
@OrigamiRobot Not even the same ballpark.
@Sterno What? Yes it 100% is.
@OrigamiRobot Yours is in a timespan of seconds, @sternold's is just a problem of age and memory failing after half an hour.
Closing a garage door is a less than one second button press while performing other activities (such as tuning the radio for my daughter, pulling out of the driveway)
Washing your hair is at least a one minute activity
1:50 PM
Q: HamStare: Basic automation for chat

fredleyGet it from Github! HamStare is the last word in disapproving stares. Now, roll your own! Out of the box is how it is configured for me, but if you have a little knowledge of Javascript (or not), it should be straightforward to modify it for your own use. Protip: Test your modified script in Th...

wherein there generally isn't much else you could be doing
@Sterno You must have a lot of hair.
I think you're showering wrong.
@Sterno You literally just have to look.
@OrigamiRobot I agree! Unfortunately my house is 20 minutes from work. Looking is hard.
1:52 PM
@OrigamiRobot That doesn't work once you rounded a corner.
@Sterno Do you pull out of the driveway with your eyes closed? That's dangerous.
@OrigamiRobot It's the doubt that creeps up on you later.
@OrigamiRobot I do not face the garage as I pull out of the driveway.
@Sterno washing your hair is at least a ten minute activity
@fredley tl:dr;
1:53 PM
The same thing that makes Jochem have to walk back and check the car door every single time we walk away from it.
@Sterno Your car doesn't have mirrors? That's dangerous.
Or the front door.
@badp Good
Or anything he has keys to.
@fredley or: I wasn't expecting that piece of JS to be that complex
1:53 PM
@FAE I know the feel.
@OrigamiRobot I don't think you're understanding the part about not wanting to know this until a few minutes after I've left.
@manis your punch addon does not work
1 min ago, by Arperum
@OrigamiRobot That doesn't work once you rounded a corner.
@badp The actual function is at the bottom. All of the crap up top is just livequery
parse() is where the magic happens
Honestly I wouldn't care but the door between the garage and kitchen is, I am certain, unlocked.
1:54 PM
@Sterno Just like I don't think you understand my situation. See? 100% the same.
@OrigamiRobot I would understand your situation a lot more if later in the day you couldn't remember if you washed your hair.
I shall continue to make fun of you. Deal with it!
@FAE me and car doors, every time
Well that was interesting, my keyboard just stopped working
@Sterno That was the exact situation!
1:55 PM
@FAE I found out this week that one of the doors of my house was unlocked for most of january >_<
@badp Yeah, Jochem and every single thing he locks ever. I wish I had a dollar for every time he asked me, "Did I lock the door?"
I'm just happy that I've managed to lose my home keys in neither of my 6-month renting stints.
@Arperum Ack!
@OrigamiRobot Really? I thought you were saying that literally like one minute after washing your hair, while still in the shower, you had to wash it again (often) because you couldn't remember if you'd done it.
@Sterno That is how I prevent the future doubt.
Like pressing the lock button on your car more times than you need to.
1:57 PM
Hmmm, thedogehousediaries.com is available...
@OrigamiRobot I see. I had misunderstood your complaint.
We're in agreement then. Let's be besties.
@FAE simple solution! Take his keys away from him :D
@Sterno Sorry, @Wipqozn is my bestie. You can be 2nd bestie.
Just install a pressure plate in front of the door, it works in minecraft right?
I wonder if they make matching outfits for 2nd besties
1:58 PM
@KevinvanderVelden But there are no personal pressure plates anymore, they trigger for anyone.
@kalina Sam is really taking his psychology numbo-jumbo seriously, and since it's written in Italian I got to skim the start of that document in the original language to boot.
@Arperum fine personal pressure plate with lazers behind it
I hope the twitching is for "softwares" though.
@Sterno It would have to be an outfit that could be worn on top of matching 1st bestie attire
@fredley it's just 1st bestie attire with the 1 crossed out and replaced by a poorly drawn 2
1:59 PM
@badp yeah totally

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