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The h Bar

General chat for Physics SE (https://physics.stackexchange.com/). For MathJax see https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/220976. Don't ask about asking, just ask. For further guidelines see https://physics.meta.stackexchange.com/a/11094.
10s ago – ACuriousMind
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The Nineteenth Byte

General discussion for https://codegolf.stackexchange.com | Guidelines: https://cgcc-se.github.io/chatiquette/
20s ago – hyper-neutrino
hyper-neutrino: 20s ago, 38442 posts (2%)Anush: 4m ago, 8789 posts (0%)pxeger: 13m ago, 2795 posts (0%)Razetime: 16m ago, 4367 posts (0%)caird coinheringaahing: 16m ago, 29243 posts (1%)Neil: 18m ago, 2909 posts (0%)ngn: 1h ago, 4623 posts (0%)lyxal: 2h ago, 12421 posts (0%)rak1507: 3h ago, 3935 posts (0%)New Posts: 4h ago, 94 posts (0%)Sandbox Posts: 16h ago, 72 posts (0%)Bubbler: 16h ago, 3630 posts (0%)John Dvorak: 4d ago, 5676 posts (0%)att: 7d ago, 13 posts (0%)Joseph Adams: 11d ago, 21 posts (0%)dzaima: 92d ago, 5420 posts (0%)

The Heap™ – Consultancy ©®

General on- and off-site discussion for http://dba.stackexchange.com. Jokes explained at great length (JEAGL) please. We are using SQL. It's always morning in the Heap™ Best gymnastics group anyone could ask for.
59s ago – ypercubeᵀᴹ
ypercubeᵀᴹ: 59s ago, 33728 posts (5%)Paul White: 3h ago, 51952 posts (8%)Vérace: 6h ago, 1650 posts (0%)Hannah Vernon: 20h ago, 16470 posts (2%)billinkc: 1d ago, 19356 posts (3%)Cade Roux: 2d ago, 6158 posts (0%)mustaccio: 2d ago, 592 posts (0%)Faheem Mitha: 11d ago, 926 posts (0%)Tim Stone: 187d ago, 489 posts (0%)


Ad linguam Latinam (et Graecam, Punicam, Aramaicam, Babylonicam, Etruscam, &c.) disputandam | http://latin.stackexchange.com/
2m ago – Adam
Adam: 2m ago, 2260 posts (4%)Joonas Ilmavirta: 9m ago, 11594 posts (25%)Cerberus: 18h ago, 15096 posts (33%)


A side expansion of the SOBotics project to the SE network. Follow us @SOBotics on twitter. https://sobotics.org/sebotics | Github: https://sobotics.org/github | Redunda: https://sobotics.org/redunda | Channel: http://sobotics.org/channel
3m ago – Natty
Natty: 3m ago, 26211 posts (74%)Generic Bot: 313d ago, 31 posts (0%)

Raiders of the Lost Downboat

Place to sail the open sea, and search out boats to take down. Trello board: https://trello.com/b/N4tGabC2/ask-ubuntu-abandoned-questions-cleanup Guide to handling Trello board: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eG0qNJaXGR7krDllIITZNXUSXFdpFfFkwtdcAudvz1c/edit?usp=sharing Looking for the main room to discuss Ubuntu? https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/201/ask-ubuntu-general-room
3m ago – Natty
Natty: 3m ago, 19237 posts (19%)Zanna: 52m ago, 20487 posts (20%)jokerdino: 1h ago, 1938 posts (1%)Videonauth: 347d ago, 2628 posts (2%)

Charcoal HQ

Where diamonds are made, smoke is detected, and we break things by developing on production. 190k true positives and counting. This room is for Charcoal, which focuses on detecting and eliminating spam and rude/abusive posts on all SE sites. For more information, see https://charcoal-se.org/about. Handy links: https://metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com, https://github.com/Charcoal-SE
6m ago – metasmoke
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Associated with Math.SE; for both general discussion & math questions alike. Just ask; don't ask to ask. Rarely if ever expressible as a ratio of integers. Chat guidelines: http://tinyurl.com/hzl2955 | $\LaTeX$ in chat: http://tinyurl.com/cfqcvpc
8m ago – schn
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Cafe and Tavern on the math.se

A place to socialize, have fun, share humor and war stories, and more.
9m ago – soupless
soupless: 9m ago, 235 posts (1%)Xander Henderson: 10m ago, 2607 posts (13%)amWhy: 19h ago, 6914 posts (36%)

TeX, LaTeX and Friends

14m ago – Ulrike Fischer
Ulrike Fischer: 14m ago, 23521 posts (2%)David Carlisle: 15m ago, 97446 posts (11%)Paulo Cereda: 2h ago, 132177 posts (15%)Marcel Krüger: 2h ago, 1364 posts (0%)Faheem Mitha: 6h ago, 24047 posts (2%)TeXnician: 8h ago, 2508 posts (0%)barbara beeton: 16h ago, 9983 posts (1%)Alan Munn: 16h ago, 23517 posts (2%)egreg: 17h ago, 52198 posts (6%)yo': 1d ago, 39884 posts (4%)Phelype Oleinik: 2d ago, 4979 posts (0%)LukeTheWolf: 26d ago, 46 posts (0%)prosody-Gab Vereable Context: 131d ago, 1 posts (0%)

Stack Overflow en español

Chat de la comunidad de Stackoverflow en español. A veces charlamos sobre temas de programación, discutimos preguntas y/o respuestas, hablamos de tecnología y otras cosas. Habla, convive, conversa, responde, pregunta, pero siempre desde el respeto. https://es.stackoverflow.com

The APL Orchard

https://apl.chat ― Learn, teach, ask, code, golf, & discuss usage. See https://apl.wiki/APL_Orchard for access and info, https://aplcart.info for simple how-to questions.
21m ago – rak1507
rak1507: 21m ago, 8289 posts (4%)Razetime: 23m ago, 5067 posts (2%)dzaima: 33m ago, 16219 posts (9%)RGS: 39m ago, 7714 posts (4%)hyper-neutrino: 17h ago, 262 posts (0%)Bubbler: 1d ago, 3335 posts (1%)Joseph Adams: 2d ago, 67 posts (0%)xpqz: 2d ago, 2791 posts (1%)Jeff Zeitlin: 3d ago, 2122 posts (1%)0xACE: 5d ago, 132 posts (0%)goof: 5d ago, 91 posts (0%)phantomics: 7d ago, 303 posts (0%)lambda: 98d ago, 2 posts (0%)Richard Donovan: no posts

The Litter Box

General discussion for http://pets.stackexchange.com. Pet pictures and gifs welcome. Oneboxes are awesome! Please read https://pets.meta.stackexchange.com/q/2338 for more information about the recent changes in this room's usage; thanks.
25m ago – C.Koca
C.Koca: 25m ago, 532 posts (0%)Elmy: 53m ago, 480 posts (0%)lila: 1h ago, 2637 posts (3%)Journeyman Geek: 12h ago, 5544 posts (8%)motosubatsu: 2d ago, 613 posts (0%)Sarov: 5d ago, 847 posts (1%)Niall C.: 203d ago, 87 posts (0%)djsmiley2kStaysInside: 514d ago, 205 posts (0%)


For feedback/discussion/requests of Close/Undelete/Reopened/Edit/Delete for questions and answers on Math SE (for Math Meta stuff go to https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/64952/). Your experience of CURED may be improved by installing the SE Close Vote Request Generator script found at https://socvr.org/tools/userscripts .
29m ago – Buraian
Xander Henderson: 43m ago, 8582 posts (11%)Peter: 2h ago, 1252 posts (1%)vitamin d: 3h ago, 301 posts (0%)amWhy: 19h ago, 11376 posts (15%)TheSimpliFire: 12d ago, 870 posts (1%)an4s: 20d ago, 113 posts (0%)user3733558: no posts

Island of castaway thoughts

overly long technical / off-topic discussion bailed from the Downboat (https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/3877/raiders-of-the-lost-downboat)
29m ago – Random Person
Zanna: 51m ago, 6544 posts (32%)

English Language & Usage: Multi-Layer

Not for the faint of heart or those easily triggered by English (or other languages) in the raw. That doesn't mean we want to talk about waste elimination or hemorrhoids or other such topics.
30m ago – CowperKettle
Cerberus: 42m ago, 340766 posts (16%)Robusto: 2h ago, 130377 posts (6%)M.A.R.: 8h ago, 23612 posts (1%)tchrist: 13h ago, 201858 posts (9%)Xanne: 1d ago, 1684 posts (0%)Faheem Mitha: 17d ago, 10587 posts (0%)prosody-Gab Vereable Context: 150d ago, 20 posts (0%)

Sports News

For posting links to sports news, articles, interesting stats, ...
42m ago – Martin Sleziak

This Is Fine

The news discussion offshoot of the Bridge. Stars reserved for news items. Discussion should primarily be about news topics.
43m ago – Wipqozn
Wipqozn: 43m ago, 16351 posts (7%)Nzall: 3h ago, 4874 posts (2%)Tim Stone: 9h ago, 50110 posts (22%)MBraedley: 1d ago, 2386 posts (1%)Memor-X: 2d ago, 9043 posts (4%)Jolenealaska: 3d ago, 2299 posts (1%)Mad Scientist: 3d ago, 3323 posts (1%)ToxicFrog: 9d ago, 1444 posts (0%)Private Pansy: 10d ago, 1147 posts (0%)Ronan: 10d ago, 299 posts (0%)murgatroid99: 23d ago, 2478 posts (1%)Elva: 36d ago, 2691 posts (1%)

Calvin's Chat Room

A place to sometimes discuss mathematics, fluids, mathematical physics, and other things MSE users may care about. Anything goes, as long as you **be nice!** current rules - https://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/55021703#55021703
46m ago – Calvin Khor

The Sphinx's Lair

General discussion for http://puzzling.stackexchange.com
52m ago – oAlt
Lukas Rotter: 55m ago, 2745 posts (0%)Rand al'Thor: 9h ago, 13320 posts (3%)Deusovi: 12h ago, 23433 posts (6%)Gareth McCaughan: 20h ago, 14612 posts (4%)bobble: 1d ago, 12002 posts (3%)MikeQ: 4d ago, 2141 posts (0%)John Dvorak: 9d ago, 2684 posts (0%)Bubbler: 11d ago, 710 posts (0%)
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