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Root Access

For all you Super Users out there. You have backups, right?
1s ago – rahuldottech
bertieb: 1m ago, 15834 posts (0%)djsmiley2k: 10m ago, 62275 posts (3%)DavidPostill: 11m ago, 24875 posts (1%)rahuldottech: 5h ago, 35739 posts (2%)Michael Frank: 6h ago, 20548 posts (1%)bwDraco: 13h ago, 60781 posts (3%)Burgi: 19h ago, 42883 posts (2%)tereško: 2d ago, 3926 posts (0%)Ave: 2d ago, 9926 posts (0%)Canadian Luke: 3d ago, 14161 posts (0%)Bob: 5d ago, 247696 posts (13%)allquixotic: 13d ago, 141177 posts (7%)Ben N: 65d ago, 8303 posts (0%)Jenna Sloan: 277d ago, 10 posts (0%)user9747145: no posts

The Screening Room

“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.”
38s ago – M.A.R. ಠ_ಠ
M.A.R. ಠ_ಠ: 38s ago, 6561 posts (1%)Ankit Sharma: 4m ago, 93714 posts (22%)A J: 12h ago, 32827 posts (7%)Mithrandir: 4d ago, 2342 posts (0%)

The Nineteenth Byte

General discussion for https://codegolf.stackexchange.com | Guidelines: https://ppcg.github.io/chatiquette/
48s ago – user202729
user202729: 48s ago, 11740 posts (0%)Neil: 6m ago, 1519 posts (0%)Leaky Nun: 10m ago, 27998 posts (1%)Maltysen: 1h ago, 12725 posts (0%)Esolanging Fruit: 12h ago, 1785 posts (0%)Anush: 20h ago, 3302 posts (0%)DJMcMayhem: 23h ago, 35189 posts (2%)J. Sallé: 23h ago, 2528 posts (0%)Dennis: 23h ago, 28793 posts (1%)dzaima: 1d ago, 4145 posts (0%)Erik the Outgolfer: 1d ago, 20375 posts (1%)ngn: 2d ago, 2250 posts (0%)someone: 2d ago, 37 posts (0%)H.PWiz: 2d ago, 1523 posts (0%)Downgoat: 3d ago, 53693 posts (3%)Mego: 5d ago, 41559 posts (2%)Doorknob: 10d ago, 25192 posts (1%)bb94: 32d ago, 4 posts (0%)Potato44: 103d ago, 226 posts (0%)Grimy: 107d ago, 6 posts (0%)

Ask Ubuntu General Room

Normally: General discussion around Ask Ubuntu, Ubuntu & official Ubuntu derivatives. For other Linux distros please see: http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/26/dev-chat
1m ago – terdon
terdon: 1m ago, 31203 posts (1%)Byte Commander: 1m ago, 39323 posts (2%)WinEunuuchs2Unix: 2m ago, 13352 posts (0%)Fabby: 15m ago, 58744 posts (3%)DK Bose: 38m ago, 345 posts (0%)RobotHumans: 2h ago, 56975 posts (3%)Kulfy: 2h ago, 687 posts (0%)Moytaba: 9h ago, 98 posts (0%)Jacob Vlijm: 10h ago, 5557 posts (0%)LeonidMew: 3d ago, 149 posts (0%)Seth: 4d ago, 82227 posts (4%)Videonauth: 4d ago, 22329 posts (1%)


General discussion for http://unix.stackexchange.com. If you have a question, see http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/ask
1m ago – Jeff Schaller
Jeff Schaller: 1m ago, 4050 posts (1%)Fabby: 17m ago, 8065 posts (2%)Faheem Mitha: 54m ago, 78262 posts (25%)terdon: 3h ago, 27183 posts (8%)derobert: 19h ago, 26221 posts (8%)Jesse_b: 20h ago, 7985 posts (2%)Kusalananda: 2d ago, 9700 posts (3%)Michael Homer: 4d ago, 1740 posts (0%)fra-san: 17d ago, 51 posts (0%)Videonauth: 55d ago, 799 posts (0%)Jenna Sloan: 634d ago, 6 posts (0%)

The h Bar

General chat for Physics SE (https://physics.stackexchange.com/). For MathJax see https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/220976. Don't ask about asking, just ask.

JEE Maths Zone

Related Rooms: [Physics](https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/54160/problem-solving-strategies) [Chemistry](https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/74807/jee-high-school-chemistry-problems) For mathjax see: https://chemistry.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/89/how-can-i-enable-mathjax-in-chat/3625#3625
4m ago – Dante
Dante: 4m ago, 3556 posts (13%)Advil Sell: 4m ago, 3018 posts (11%)N.S.JOHN: 20d ago, 1 posts (0%)skullpetrol: 234d ago, 1 posts (0%)

JEE Chemistry Club

For Mathjax see: https://chemistry.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/89/how-can-i-enable-mathjax-in-chat/3625#3625 JEE Problem Solving Rooms : Physics: https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/54160/problem-solving-strategies Maths: https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/76340/jee-maths-problems Papers: https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/91904/only-papers-jee

The Classical Channel

General chat for Quantum Computing SE. For MathJax see https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/220976. “A classical computation is like a solo voice — one line of pure tones succeeding each other. A quantum computation is like a symphony — many lines of tones interfering with one another.” ― Seth Lloyd.

Charcoal HQ

Where diamonds are made, smoke is detected, and we break things by developing on production. 125k true positives and counting. For more information, see https://charcoal-se.org/about. Handy links: https://metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com, https://github.com/Charcoal-SE
6m ago – Makyen
Makyen: 6m ago, 14046 posts (1%)SmokeDetector: 10m ago, 432779 posts (44%)Byte Commander: 24m ago, 5199 posts (0%)DavidPostill: 1h ago, 5457 posts (0%)Shree: 4h ago, 1585 posts (0%)Jenayah: 8h ago, 251 posts (0%)Olivia: 18h ago, 4698 posts (0%)EJoshuaS: 1d ago, 90 posts (0%)John Dvorak: 2d ago, 5901 posts (0%)Loong: 2d ago, 121 posts (0%)Mithrandir: 3d ago, 13205 posts (1%)bertieb: 4d ago, 1271 posts (0%)Chris: 5d ago, 149 posts (0%)Erik the Outgolfer: 7d ago, 5464 posts (0%)Videonauth: 13d ago, 1039 posts (0%)Suraj Rao: 17d ago, 3410 posts (0%)terdon: 18d ago, 953 posts (0%)Rory Alsop: 22d ago, 212 posts (0%)Ferrybig: 32d ago, 7743 posts (0%)Vogel612: 57d ago, 268 posts (0%)Andrew T.: 68d ago, 247 posts (0%)Nathaniel: 96d ago, 133 posts (0%)

The Bridge

General Arqade chat, wherein we don't have enough pins for all these goodbyes.
7m ago – Nzall
Nzall: 7m ago, 21772 posts (0%)Ash: 9m ago, 145035 posts (4%)Wipqozn: 11m ago, 163177 posts (4%)Wrigglenite: 16m ago, 3492 posts (0%)Moacir: 34m ago, 6277 posts (0%)Ronan: 1h ago, 32925 posts (0%)Ave: 4h ago, 77231 posts (2%)ToxicFrog: 4h ago, 8412 posts (0%)Dragonrage: 16h ago, 22650 posts (0%)Private Pansy: 18h ago, 61481 posts (1%)Frank: 18h ago, 114822 posts (3%)Trent Hawkins: 19h ago, 4862 posts (0%)SaintWacko: 20h ago, 54482 posts (1%)Chippies: 21h ago, 56530 posts (1%)Kevin: 21h ago, 65399 posts (1%)MBraedley: 1d ago, 32456 posts (0%)Invader Skoodge: 2d ago, 75891 posts (2%)Yuuki: 2d ago, 116473 posts (3%)murgatroid99: 3d ago, 29390 posts (0%)djsmiley2k: 7d ago, 28677 posts (0%)John: 8d ago, 21467 posts (0%)Niro: 10d ago, 49804 posts (1%)


General discussion for https://hinduism.stackexchange.com
7m ago – Kulfy
Kulfy: 7m ago, 178 posts (0%)Akshay S: 9m ago, 7543 posts (8%)TheLittleNaruto: 27m ago, 7316 posts (8%)

The Renderfarm

A place to talk while we wait for our renders to finish. Site stats are at http://goo.gl/lXFMXG, more detailed stats at https://goo.gl/iw8l5x. Go download the latest stable release of Blender: http://www.blender.org/download and you can get the latest official builds at https://builder.blender.org.
10m ago – cegaton
cegaton: 10m ago, 918 posts (0%)batFINGER: 11m ago, 1120 posts (0%)GiantCowFilms: 3d ago, 52571 posts (14%)VRM: 21d ago, 42617 posts (11%)skiwi: 126d ago, 151 posts (0%)

Stack Overflow en español

Discusión general para http://es.stackoverflow.com
12m ago – hubman
hubman: 12m ago, 1202 posts (0%)Mauricio Contreras: 1h ago, 1523 posts (0%)abulafia: 19h ago, 4265 posts (0%)AsieR_2: 1d ago, 8672 posts (1%)David DPG: 1d ago, 6405 posts (1%)Aritzbn: 1d ago, 15353 posts (2%)lois6b: 1d ago, 34137 posts (5%)farsSharp: 6d ago, 6266 posts (0%)Jenna Sloan: 17d ago, 45 posts (0%)


For feedback/discussion/requests of Close/Reopen/Undelete/Delete/Edit for questions and answers on Math SE (for Math Meta stuff go to https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/64952/math-meta-chat instead)
13m ago – user21820
user21820: 13m ago, 6032 posts (13%)Xander Henderson: 2d ago, 4575 posts (10%)RRL: 10d ago, 227 posts (0%)Bill Dubuque: 15d ago, 752 posts (1%)Makyen: 74d ago, 229 posts (0%)schn: no posts

 stop the merry-go-round

Gallery room. Feel free to request write access if you read SQL Server CU fixes for fun. 🤔🤔🤔 Interrogate Erik, Friday at noon EST: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGKoa4FuG7kI3rKnzhgGPeQ 🤔🤔🤔

Wolfram Mathematica

Welcome! This is the main Mathematica chat room for http://mathematica.stackexchange.com/. Other than the general guidelines (http://chat.stackexchange.com/faq) in place, anything goes here. Feel free to discuss most things.
20m ago – andre314
andre314: 20m ago, 384 posts (0%)psimeson: 39m ago, 522 posts (0%)halirutan: 20h ago, 20178 posts (8%)kirma: 1d ago, 4708 posts (2%)Chris K: 3d ago, 412 posts (0%)Michael E2: 5d ago, 2361 posts (1%)Henrik Schumacher: 15d ago, 290 posts (0%)Lukas Lang: 16d ago, 294 posts (0%)Rithaniel: 35d ago, 6 posts (0%)berniethejet: 38d ago, 5 posts (0%)Rohit Namjoshi: 39d ago, 8 posts (0%)b.gatessucks: 1767d ago, 2 posts (0%)

TeX, LaTeX and Friends

22m ago – Werner
Werner: 22m ago, 4693 posts (0%)Joseph Wright: 1h ago, 63258 posts (8%)Ulrike Fischer: 2h ago, 10236 posts (1%)Faheem Mitha: 2h ago, 16037 posts (2%)egreg: 3h ago, 51194 posts (7%)Skillmon: 6h ago, 3903 posts (0%)marmot: 18h ago, 5192 posts (0%)AlexG: 1d ago, 649 posts (0%)Phelype Oleinik: 2d ago, 907 posts (0%)skullpetrol: 2d ago, 62 posts (0%)Marcel Krüger: 6d ago, 85 posts (0%)mickep: 8d ago, 966 posts (0%)

General Network Engineering recommend

Product Recommendations / discussion. This room has different standards than the main Q&A site. Open discussion & opinions are welcome here; however, please do not post questions here that are on-topic for the main site.
22m ago – Ron Maupin
Ron Maupin: 22m ago, 1995 posts (13%)JukEboX: 8d ago, 1259 posts (8%)Teun Vink: 8d ago, 142 posts (0%)

VBA Rubberducking

Discussions about VBA, the VBE, C#, COM interop and Rubberduck. Also, where Stack Overflow questions become Rubberduck inspection ideas. http://www.rubberduckvba.com | http://www.github.com/rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck
24m ago – Duga
mansellan: 14h ago, 6470 posts (1%)Vogel612: 15h ago, 24024 posts (4%)this: 16h ago, 65780 posts (11%)KySoto: 22h ago, 7125 posts (1%)FreeMan: 1d ago, 17591 posts (2%)skiwi: 8d ago, 1445 posts (0%)
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