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Elecciones 2017 SOes

Sala oficial para tratar temas sobre las elecciones de moderador de la comunidad como "problemas" con las páginas, dudas, animar a alguien que se nomine, etc. https://es.stackoverflow.com/election/1
1s ago – Rubén
Rubén: 1s ago, 505 posts (15%)jasilva: 27s ago, 291 posts (9%)Theia: 1m ago, 31 posts (0%)Paul Vargas: 4m ago, 96 posts (3%)Neftali Acosta: 6m ago, 2 posts (0%)Jose Antonio Dura Olmos: 27m ago, 23 posts (0%)L. Ronquillo: 20h ago, 27 posts (0%)Lamak: 1d ago, 104 posts (3%)g3rv4: 1d ago, 109 posts (3%)toledano: 8d ago, 20 posts (0%)FederHico: no postsPatricio Moracho: no posts

Wolfram Mathematica

Welcome! This is the main Mathematica chat room for http://mathematica.stackexchange.com/. Other than the general guidelines (http://chat.stackexchange.com/faq) in place, anything goes here. Feel free to discuss most things.
15s ago – hftf
WReach: 58s ago, 544 posts (0%)hftf: 8m ago, 201 posts (0%)pH13 - Yet another Philipp: 3h ago, 37 posts (0%)halirutan: 21h ago, 16923 posts (8%)Edmund: 21h ago, 221 posts (0%)JasonB: 16d ago, 680 posts (0%)kirma: 19d ago, 4153 posts (2%)

The h Bar

General chat for Physics Stack Exchange (http://physics.stackexchange.com/). For MathJax see https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/220976

The Heap™ – Consultancy ©®

General on- and off-site discussion for http://dba.stackexchange.com. Jokes explained at great length (JEAGL) please.
31s ago – hot2use
hot2use: 31s ago, 1257 posts (0%)Forrest: 42m ago, 466 posts (0%)sp_BlitzErik: 52m ago, 2490 posts (0%)McNets: 1h ago, 1885 posts (0%)gbn: 1h ago, 7391 posts (1%)Andriy M: 2h ago, 8897 posts (1%)Paul White: 4h ago, 30885 posts (6%)dezso: 4h ago, 11297 posts (2%)ypercubeᵀᴹ: 4h ago, 25206 posts (5%)Joe Obbish: 14h ago, 6171 posts (1%)Lamak: 17h ago, 21693 posts (4%)Max Vernon: 20h ago, 9696 posts (1%)bluefeet: 3d ago, 19913 posts (4%)EBrown: 3d ago, 916 posts (0%)Marian: 4d ago, 6560 posts (1%)Oliver Salzburg: 56d ago, 136 posts (0%)

The Bridge

General Arqade chat, wherein the description of this room doesn't fit in the margin of this webpage, and that's pretty upsetting if you sit down and think about it
42s ago – SaintWacko
SaintWacko: 42s ago, 47515 posts (1%)Yuuki: 3m ago, 91953 posts (2%)badp: 3m ago, 225904 posts (7%)MadMAxJr: 14m ago, 17247 posts (0%)Nzall: 29m ago, 11041 posts (0%)BlueBarren: 36m ago, 13989 posts (0%)MBraedley: 37m ago, 29251 posts (0%)Kevin van der Velden: 56m ago, 53976 posts (1%)Unionhawk: 59m ago, 128500 posts (4%)Private Pansy: 1h ago, 55375 posts (1%)Frank: 1h ago, 111122 posts (3%)Memor-X: 2h ago, 6378 posts (0%)Jutschge: 2h ago, 1499 posts (0%)ToxicFrog: 2h ago, 3220 posts (0%)Chippies: 3h ago, 48199 posts (1%)fredley: 5h ago, 76101 posts (2%)GodEmperorDune: 7h ago, 59625 posts (1%)djsmiley2k: 8h ago, 27659 posts (0%)Trent Hawkins: 8h ago, 4463 posts (0%)Avery: 8h ago, 49044 posts (1%)murgatroid99: 13h ago, 27015 posts (0%)RedRiderX: 14h ago, 35848 posts (1%)Mad Scientist: 17h ago, 6827 posts (0%)Ronan: 19h ago, 30649 posts (0%)DanmakuGrazer: 20h ago, 1710 posts (0%)Beedrill: 2d ago, 68028 posts (2%)James: 3d ago, 25207 posts (0%)3ventic: 3d ago, 11034 posts (0%)Oliver Salzburg: 284d ago, 71 posts (0%)


Associated with Math.SE; for both general discussion & math questions alike. Just ask; don't ask to ask. Rarely if ever expressible as a ratio of integers. Chat guidelines: http://tinyurl.com/hzl2955 | $\LaTeX$ in chat: http://tinyurl.com/cfqcvpc
48s ago – Emolga
Emolga: 48s ago, 100 posts (0%)Julius: 1h ago, 118 posts (0%)SteamyRoot: 1h ago, 7336 posts (0%)Akiva Weinberger: 1h ago, 35422 posts (1%)user8469759: 1h ago, 774 posts (0%)Alessandro Codenotti: 4h ago, 8792 posts (0%)Daminark: 4h ago, 18942 posts (0%)user462339: 4h ago, 12 posts (0%)Astyx: 6h ago, 14472 posts (0%)Perturbative: 6h ago, 814 posts (0%)Semiclassical: 10h ago, 59767 posts (2%)Lucas Henrique: 12h ago, 913 posts (0%)arctic tern: 13h ago, 6625 posts (0%)ZMoltion: 1d ago, 4 posts (0%)parvin: 1d ago, 126 posts (0%)Mike Miller: 2d ago, 74556 posts (3%)godskook: 3d ago, 9 posts (0%)user107952: 17d ago, 60 posts (0%)hftf: 863d ago, 22 posts (0%)

TeX, LaTeX and Friends

1m ago – Paulo Cereda
Paulo Cereda: 1m ago, 96671 posts (16%)David Carlisle: 2m ago, 56131 posts (9%)Jonas Stein: 20m ago, 273 posts (0%)Joseph Wright: 53m ago, 53307 posts (8%)egreg: 1h ago, 47599 posts (8%)CarLaTeX: 2h ago, 2518 posts (0%)Ulrike Fischer: 3h ago, 2634 posts (0%)Skillmon: 3d ago, 390 posts (0%)naphaneal: 5d ago, 163 posts (0%)Faheem Mitha: 19d ago, 12885 posts (2%)David Z: 73d ago, 98 posts (0%)

The Periodic Table

Haikus are awesome / Chemistry's even better / So pull up a chair

The Water Cooler

General discussion for http://workplace.stackexchange.com
1m ago – Lilienthal
Lilienthal: 1m ago, 4700 posts (4%)Valentin Silvestre: 9m ago, 8 posts (0%)motosubatsu: 18m ago, 681 posts (0%)Kaz: 20m ago, 1926 posts (1%)angarg12: 22m ago, 308 posts (0%)enderland: 25m ago, 15166 posts (15%)Richard U: 41m ago, 4693 posts (4%)Rory Alsop: 59m ago, 451 posts (0%)Pete: 2h ago, 196 posts (0%)PlasmaHH: 14d ago, 392 posts (0%)DefunctNinja: no posts

The Pod Bay

General discussion for http://space.stackexchange.com/. Check our scheduled chat events at http://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/9682/the-pod-bay?tab=schedule
1m ago – uhoh
uhoh: 1m ago, 728 posts (0%)geoffc: 3d ago, 8294 posts (6%)PearsonArtPhoto: 3d ago, 5236 posts (4%)Rory Alsop: 68d ago, 1672 posts (1%)

The Awkward Silence

General discussion for https://interpersonal.stackexchange.com
1m ago – parvin
parvin: 1m ago, 8 posts (0%)Mithrandir: 4m ago, 124 posts (2%)Yvette Colomb: 1h ago, 837 posts (14%)Gypsy Spellweaver: 18h ago, 474 posts (8%)Jenna Sloan: 4d ago, 1 posts (0%)Mithrandir24601: 6d ago, 42 posts (0%)SQB: 25d ago, 2 posts (0%)

Minecraft Talk

Everything Minecraft. Warning: Exposure may cause insanity and/or chickens.
2m ago – Ieuan
Ieuan: 2m ago, 14764 posts (15%)Kevin van der Velden: 23m ago, 14077 posts (14%)Jochem: 21h ago, 7957 posts (8%)

English Language & Usage

For English language enthusiasts; http://meta.english.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/chat-faq
2m ago – Arjun
terdon: 5m ago, 18156 posts (1%)Mitch: 19m ago, 82612 posts (4%)Tonepoet: 30m ago, 6756 posts (0%)depperm: 41m ago, 1 posts (0%)tchrist: 1h ago, 172432 posts (9%)Sayros: 5h ago, 313 posts (0%)MetaEd: 17h ago, 20867 posts (1%)Gigili: 19h ago, 636 posts (0%)Andrew Leach: 8d ago, 6156 posts (0%)Oliver Salzburg: 53d ago, 167 posts (0%)

Game Development

Game development and other polite discussion. Game development conversations have priority. Please star responsibly. Be Nice applies here: https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/help/be-nice
2m ago – Curio
Curio: 2m ago, 1524 posts (0%)Slereah: 2m ago, 3460 posts (0%)Charanor: 2m ago, 152 posts (0%)dcfyj: 2m ago, 608 posts (0%)Tyyppi_77: 11m ago, 55959 posts (3%)Mithrandir: 29m ago, 103 posts (0%)n_palum: 31m ago, 48 posts (0%)PearsonArtPhoto: 1h ago, 13218 posts (0%)Tom 'Blue' Piddock: 1h ago, 7862 posts (0%)War: 1h ago, 34285 posts (2%)Kevin van der Velden: 3h ago, 19622 posts (1%)Bálint: 3h ago, 4854 posts (0%)Alexandre Vaillancourt: 14h ago, 10709 posts (0%)Leathe: 154d ago, 872 posts (0%)Oliver Salzburg: 393d ago, 105 posts (0%)TreDubZedd: 563d ago, 4718 posts (0%)

The Restaurant at the End of the Univ

General discussion for https://scifi.stackexchange.com — both on and off topic, but please be nice
2m ago – Mithrandir
Mithrandir: 2m ago, 1362 posts (7%)amflare: 3m ago, 277 posts (1%)Donald.McLean: 12m ago, 101 posts (0%)Derpy: 1h ago, 289 posts (1%)SQB: 1h ago, 1195 posts (6%)Forral: 1h ago, 7 posts (0%)Gallifreyan: 3h ago, 2610 posts (14%)Ankit Sharma: 5h ago, 452 posts (2%)Yvette Colomb: 1d ago, 71 posts (0%)Bellerophon: 1d ago, 167 posts (0%)Bellatrix: 10d ago, 121 posts (0%)Loong: 12d ago, 7 posts (0%)Tango: 33d ago, 143 posts (0%)zabeus: 36d ago, 148 posts (0%)JNat: 49d ago, 4 posts (0%)

Vaishnava room

Room for Vaishnava Sampradaya Discussion and followers, including discussions on Vaishnava Agamas
2m ago – The Destroyer


about http://moonwards.com and the Virtual Moon Colony project
3m ago – kim holder
kim holder: 3m ago, 10302 posts (58%)Hohmannfan: 4m ago, 4932 posts (28%)MolbOrg: 5h ago, 1836 posts (10%)

RPG General Chat

Main chat room for tabletop role-playing games
3m ago – BanjoFox
BanjoFox: 3m ago, 1182 posts (0%)Szega: 3m ago, 462 posts (0%)nwp: 4m ago, 573 posts (0%)Adam: 8m ago, 2816 posts (0%)godskook: 20m ago, 2460 posts (0%)NautArch: 54m ago, 5180 posts (0%)B. S. Morganstein: 1h ago, 175 posts (0%)Anne Aunyme: 1h ago, 986 posts (0%)BESW: 5h ago, 155754 posts (18%)Ben: 7h ago, 6277 posts (0%)Miniman: 7h ago, 19625 posts (2%)Shalvenay: 12h ago, 18432 posts (2%)T.J.L.: 18h ago, 578 posts (0%)GreySage: 21h ago, 908 posts (0%)ACuriousMind: 1d ago, 548 posts (0%)Yuuki: 2d ago, 3844 posts (0%)Magician: 2d ago, 11665 posts (1%)diego: 3d ago, 509 posts (0%)Wibbs: 13d ago, 3911 posts (0%)Adeptus: 14d ago, 4154 posts (0%)RedRiderX: 58d ago, 2004 posts (0%)

The Sphinx's Lair

General discussion for http://puzzling.stackexchange.com
3m ago – Deusovi
Deusovi: 3m ago, 12458 posts (7%)Sp3000: 3m ago, 2833 posts (1%)Rubio: 3m ago, 12722 posts (7%)dcfyj: 4m ago, 8375 posts (5%)n_palum: 8m ago, 6063 posts (3%)Mithrandir: 12m ago, 6131 posts (3%)Forklift: 14m ago, 694 posts (0%)GentlePurpleRain: 36m ago, 1667 posts (1%)Sconibulus: 38m ago, 4939 posts (2%)ASCII-only: 3h ago, 125 posts (0%)feelinferrety: 11h ago, 232 posts (0%)ffao: 11h ago, 1678 posts (1%)stacksfiller: 12h ago, 658 posts (0%)Gareth McCaughan: 15h ago, 7376 posts (4%)John Dvorak: 20h ago, 408 posts (0%)Forral: no posts

VBA Rubberducking

Discussions about general VBA. Also the war room of the Rubberduck project (http://www.rubberduckvba.com | http://www.github.com/rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck).
4m ago – Kaz
Kaz: 4m ago, 1295 posts (0%)M.Doerner: 9m ago, 1622 posts (0%)puzzlepiece87: 25m ago, 3374 posts (1%)Brandon Barney: 33m ago, 1683 posts (0%)FreeMan: 58m ago, 5637 posts (2%)Mat's Mug: 1h ago, 72347 posts (26%)ThunderFrame: 2h ago, 10144 posts (3%)EBrown: 8d ago, 1407 posts (0%)BZngr: 10d ago, 220 posts (0%)
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