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Stack Overflow en español

Discusión general para http://es.stackoverflow.com
2s ago – gbianchi
gbianchi: 2s ago, 29919 posts (5%)g3rv4: 4s ago, 5020 posts (0%)Pablo Lozano: 2m ago, 16988 posts (3%)ArtEze: 12m ago, 21501 posts (3%)lois6b: 24m ago, 30871 posts (5%)AsieR_2: 26m ago, 2225 posts (0%)Aritzbn: 30m ago, 9346 posts (1%)Nicolas Oñate: 1h ago, 355 posts (0%)zerokira: 1h ago, 3921 posts (0%)devconcept: 1h ago, 2120 posts (0%)Pikoh: 2h ago, 21495 posts (3%)NaCl: 2h ago, 25069 posts (4%)Fran Islas: 2h ago, 992 posts (0%)terdon: 3h ago, 120 posts (0%)PaperBirdMaster: 4h ago, 16558 posts (2%)Sebastián Lagos Yañez: 4h ago, 5558 posts (0%)abulafia: 6h ago, 3269 posts (0%)Juan Salvador Portugal: 3d ago, 246 posts (0%)Osvaldo Alvarado: 8d ago, 129 posts (0%)Aaron Romero: 8d ago, 5853 posts (1%)Jenna Sloan: 51d ago, 43 posts (0%)McNets: no posts

Charcoal HQ

Where diamonds are made, smoke is detected, and we break things by developing on production. 120k true positives and counting. For more information, see https://charcoal-se.org/about. Handy links: https://metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com, https://github.com/Charcoal-SE
6s ago – SmokeDetector
SmokeDetector: 6s ago, 389525 posts (42%)tripleee: 1h ago, 28905 posts (3%)Chris: 3h ago, 134 posts (0%)Makyen: 4h ago, 11113 posts (1%)Videonauth: 5h ago, 996 posts (0%)ArtOfCode: 5h ago, 41419 posts (4%)Zoe: 6h ago, 3779 posts (0%)Suraj Rao: 6h ago, 3368 posts (0%)Erik the Outgolfer: 20h ago, 5018 posts (0%)Rob: 20h ago, 1903 posts (0%)Andy: 21h ago, 7994 posts (0%)J F: 1d ago, 5560 posts (0%)Jenayah: 1d ago, 156 posts (0%)Andrew T.: 1d ago, 246 posts (0%)Henders: 2d ago, 5072 posts (0%)Paul White: 2d ago, 218 posts (0%)Mithrandir: 2d ago, 13089 posts (1%)Magisch: 3d ago, 16279 posts (1%)Ferrybig: 5d ago, 7703 posts (0%)thesecretmaster: 6d ago, 6171 posts (0%)terdon: 9d ago, 858 posts (0%)Mego: 80d ago, 1104 posts (0%)Tim Stone: 114d ago, 136 posts (0%)Rory Alsop: 323d ago, 209 posts (0%)Caleb: 337d ago, 16 posts (0%)lalo: no posts

Stack Overflow на русском

Генерал Дис Куссий несёт возмездие во имя http://ru.stackoverflow.com
9s ago – Anton Sorokin
Anton Sorokin: 9s ago, 1584 posts (0%)Alexandr_TT: 37s ago, 500 posts (0%)Nicolas Chabanovsky: 3m ago, 13565 posts (4%)avp: 9m ago, 3603 posts (1%)A K: 2h ago, 10989 posts (3%)Nofate: 5h ago, 11546 posts (3%)Grundy: 6h ago, 27886 posts (8%)Yaant: 12d ago, 4 posts (0%)Vladimir Gamalyan: 20d ago, 7209 posts (2%)0xdb: 23d ago, 329 posts (0%)

 Socket Science

For Charcoal projects' use as a direct communication channel.
9s ago – SmokeDetector
SmokeDetector: 9s ago, 238129 posts (99%)


A side expansion of the SOBotics project to the SE network. Follow us @SOBotics on twitter. https://sobotics.org/sebotics | Github: https://sobotics.org/github | Redunda: https://sobotics.org/redunda | Channel: http://sobotics.org/channel
10s ago – double-beep
Natty: 9m ago, 9293 posts (52%)Housekeeping: 5d ago, 451 posts (2%)Mithrandir: 42d ago, 217 posts (1%)Generic Bot: 75d ago, 8 posts (0%)FireAlarm: 282d ago, 841 posts (4%)

The Bridge

General Arqade chat, wherein literally everything is just an attempt to get stars.
13s ago – fredley
fredley: 13s ago, 83095 posts (2%)Moacir: 19s ago, 4450 posts (0%)Jason Berkan: 47s ago, 11544 posts (0%)ToxicFrog: 7m ago, 7862 posts (0%)Dragonrage: 12m ago, 22036 posts (0%)GodEmperorDune: 14m ago, 77766 posts (2%)Yuuki: 24m ago, 114447 posts (3%)MBraedley: 25m ago, 31756 posts (0%)Wipqozn: 37m ago, 162127 posts (4%)Unionhawk: 51m ago, 154869 posts (4%)Chippies: 1h ago, 55991 posts (1%)Private Pansy: 1h ago, 60836 posts (1%)Buns Glazing: 1h ago, 211745 posts (6%)Mad Scientist: 1h ago, 7402 posts (0%)Ash: 2h ago, 143179 posts (4%)Trent Hawkins: 2h ago, 4823 posts (0%)Frank: 3h ago, 114236 posts (3%)Niro: 13h ago, 49785 posts (1%)SaintWacko: 18h ago, 53531 posts (1%)Wrigglenite: 21h ago, 3146 posts (0%)Matt E. Эллен: 23h ago, 2429 posts (0%)Tim Stone: 1d ago, 36553 posts (1%)murgatroid99: 2d ago, 29139 posts (0%)Ronan: 3d ago, 32583 posts (0%)Invader Skoodge: 6d ago, 75615 posts (2%)djsmiley2k: 16d ago, 28631 posts (0%)

English Language and Usage

Where all questions are always on-topic. And all answers always incomprehensible. And everything is just a shadow of its former glory.
29s ago – Mitch
Mitch: 29s ago, 106526 posts (5%)Cerberus: 11m ago, 314071 posts (16%)Student404Mus: 26m ago, 42 posts (0%)Jasper: 37m ago, 2710 posts (0%)Educ: 38m ago, 2624 posts (0%)Matt E. Эллен: 1h ago, 104973 posts (5%)Tonepoet: 23h ago, 8480 posts (0%)tchrist: 4d ago, 183204 posts (9%)Jolenealaska: 5d ago, 225 posts (0%)Pseudohuman: 7d ago, 21 posts (0%)terdon: 20d ago, 19601 posts (1%)Gigili: 44d ago, 1328 posts (0%)Jenna Sloan: 141d ago, 21 posts (0%)Caleb: 811d ago, 172 posts (0%)

The Awkward Silence

Welcome to The Awkward Silence! Here, you can find the general discussion for https://interpersonal.stackexchange.com. Feel free to ask your questions about the site, or participate when people are practicing their smalltalk skills! "True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable." ― David Tyson.
38s ago – TheTinyMan
TheTinyMan: 38s ago, 3835 posts (1%)Ælis: 54s ago, 3965 posts (2%)El'endia Starman: 1m ago, 1159 posts (0%)Rainbacon: 3m ago, 1905 posts (0%)scohe001: 11m ago, 2388 posts (1%)Jasper: 46m ago, 1046 posts (0%)ElizB: 47m ago, 6673 posts (3%)JAD: 1h ago, 7022 posts (3%)IPS Comment Bot: 1h ago, 3805 posts (1%)Mithrandir: 2h ago, 10395 posts (5%)Pseudohuman: 2d ago, 200 posts (0%)Jenna Sloan: 3d ago, 68 posts (0%)Rory Alsop: 23d ago, 1125 posts (0%)thesecretmaster: 109d ago, 199 posts (0%)

VBA Rubberducking

Discussions about VBA, the VBE, C#, COM interop and Rubberduck. Also, where Stack Overflow questions become Rubberduck inspection ideas. http://www.rubberduckvba.com | http://www.github.com/rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck
40s ago – Comintern
Comintern: 40s ago, 36369 posts (6%)this: 1m ago, 57946 posts (10%)Mathieu Guindon: 4m ago, 117521 posts (21%)FreeMan: 14m ago, 15494 posts (2%)KySoto: 1h ago, 6027 posts (1%)Hosch250: 2h ago, 70767 posts (12%)IvenBach: 15h ago, 25193 posts (4%)

This Is Fine

The news discussion offshoot of the Bridge. Stars reserved for news items. Discussion should primarily be about news topics.
1m ago – Tim Stone
Tim Stone: 1m ago, 33216 posts (23%)Unionhawk: 7m ago, 27024 posts (19%)BradC: 10m ago, 1431 posts (1%)GodEmperorDune: 14m ago, 21902 posts (15%)Yuuki: 25m ago, 9317 posts (6%)Private Pansy: 26m ago, 512 posts (0%)puzzlepiece87: 36m ago, 6865 posts (4%)MBraedley: 1h ago, 960 posts (0%)Buns Glazing: 1h ago, 2833 posts (2%)Frank: 14h ago, 275 posts (0%)Mad Scientist: 17h ago, 1544 posts (1%)murgatroid99: 17h ago, 1887 posts (1%)SaintWacko: 19h ago, 1472 posts (1%)Moacir: 6d ago, 68 posts (0%)ToxicFrog: 7d ago, 959 posts (0%)Chippies: 12d ago, 182 posts (0%)Trent Hawkins: 15d ago, 56 posts (0%)Invader Skoodge: 20d ago, 555 posts (0%)Niro: 37d ago, 91 posts (0%)

Raiders of the Lost Downboat

Place to sail the open sea, and search out boats to take down. Trello board - https://trello.com/b/N4tGabC2/ask-ubuntu-abandoned-questions-cleanup Guide to handling Trello board - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eG0qNJaXGR7krDllIITZNXUSXFdpFfFkwtdcAudvz1c/edit?usp=sharing
1m ago – SmokeDetector
Natty: 9m ago, 5188 posts (12%)Zanna: 8h ago, 13597 posts (32%)Videonauth: 1d ago, 2566 posts (6%)

RPG General Chat

Main chat room for tabletop role-playing games
1m ago – nitsua60
nitsua60: 1m ago, 27511 posts (2%)Rubiksmoose: 1m ago, 14796 posts (1%)MikeQ: 4m ago, 8756 posts (0%)Yuuki: 6m ago, 12488 posts (1%)Xirema: 16m ago, 3428 posts (0%)kviiri: 1h ago, 22110 posts (2%)BESW: 1h ago, 179165 posts (16%)goodguy5: 2h ago, 9932 posts (0%)Shalvenay: 11h ago, 26520 posts (2%)Glazius: 14h ago, 662 posts (0%)GreySage: 17h ago, 4991 posts (0%)Sdjz: 20h ago, 442 posts (0%)Derpy: 1d ago, 1902 posts (0%)Joel Harmon: 8d ago, 3440 posts (0%)Helwar: 28d ago, 2639 posts (0%)godskook: 485d ago, 3935 posts (0%)

Language Overflow

This is the main chat room for English Language Learners Stack Exchange. Welcome!
2m ago – SamBC
SamBC: 2m ago, 15 posts (0%)Jasper: 46m ago, 1076 posts (0%)CowperKettle: 13h ago, 38240 posts (12%)SmokeDetector: 3d ago, 300 posts (0%)

Политота на ru.SO

Всевозможные политические баталии и демагогия на русском языке. Правила: http://bit.ly/2FWOUJ0.
2m ago – avp
avp: 2m ago, 1742 posts (8%)

EE - Ask a Moderator

A place to ask those little questions that a moderator can help with. Ping at least @w5vo, @Clabacchio, @DaveTweed, or @NickAlexeev to get a faster response.
3m ago – dirac16
dirac16: 3m ago, 6 posts (0%)W5VO: 9d ago, 332 posts (10%)


For feedback/discussion/requests of Close/Reopen/Undelete/Delete/Edit for questions and answers on Math SE (for Math Meta stuff go to https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/64952/math-meta-chat instead)
3m ago – Xander Henderson
Xander Henderson: 3m ago, 4143 posts (10%)Bill Dubuque: 52m ago, 226 posts (0%)Lord_Farin: 23h ago, 444 posts (1%)Arnaud D.: 2d ago, 74 posts (0%)Holo: 10d ago, 778 posts (1%)

Problem Solving Strategies

General chat for high school physics. For MathJax see https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/220976. Related rooms: Mathematics (https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/76340) & Chemistry (https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/74807).
3m ago – John Rennie
blue_eyed_...: 12m ago, 842 posts (0%)Dante: 17m ago, 2452 posts (1%)YUSUF HASAN: 6h ago, 63 posts (0%)jiten: no posts


Associated with Math.SE; for both general discussion & math questions alike. Just ask; don't ask to ask. Rarely if ever expressible as a ratio of integers. Chat guidelines: http://tinyurl.com/hzl2955 | $\LaTeX$ in chat: http://tinyurl.com/cfqcvpc
4m ago – Secret
Secret: 4m ago, 34488 posts (1%)Rithaniel: 8h ago, 1820 posts (0%)Tobias Kildetoft: 8h ago, 20969 posts (0%)Kasmir Khaan: 17h ago, 23351 posts (0%)Rudi_Birnbaum: 20h ago, 5295 posts (0%)Lozansky: 3d ago, 3342 posts (0%)Thorgott: 4d ago, 118 posts (0%)Albas: 5d ago, 916 posts (0%)loch: 31d ago, 1841 posts (0%)nitsua60: 67d ago, 675 posts (0%)Jenna Sloan: 207d ago, 61 posts (0%)Saeid Nourian: no posts


General discussion for http://unix.stackexchange.com. If you have a question, see http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/ask
4m ago – Jeff Schaller
Jeff Schaller: 4m ago, 2975 posts (1%)Faheem Mitha: 10m ago, 71979 posts (25%)terdon: 53m ago, 25896 posts (9%)Jesse_b: 1h ago, 5906 posts (2%)Stephen Kitt: 2h ago, 5664 posts (1%)Kusalananda: 2h ago, 7998 posts (2%)Archemar: 9h ago, 277 posts (0%)Videonauth: 3d ago, 728 posts (0%)derobert: 15d ago, 25357 posts (8%)sebasth: 19d ago, 541 posts (0%)Caleb: 516d ago, 957 posts (0%)Jenna Sloan: 541d ago, 6 posts (0%)


A serious place where infosec is discussed PS we don't do hardware/software support (srs face -.-)
7m ago – defalt
defalt: 7m ago, 100 posts (0%)Conor Mancone: 3h ago, 177 posts (0%)M'vy: 7h ago, 10890 posts (1%)Steve: 4d ago, 11 posts (0%)Rory Alsop: 5d ago, 60628 posts (6%)AndrolGenhald: 9d ago, 308 posts (0%)djsmiley2k: 478d ago, 152 posts (0%)Caleb: 1665d ago, 16 posts (0%)
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