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RPG General Chat

Main chat room for tabletop role-playing games
just now – kviiri
kviiri: 2m ago, 10621 posts (1%)trogdor: 1h ago, 37715 posts (4%)BESW: 2h ago, 164075 posts (18%)Yuuki: 2h ago, 5971 posts (0%)Shalvenay: 8h ago, 22474 posts (2%)Frezak: 12h ago, 114 posts (0%)Magician: 2d ago, 11987 posts (1%)Joel Harmon: 3d ago, 2652 posts (0%)Szega: 4d ago, 1005 posts (0%)Wibbs: 22d ago, 3927 posts (0%)Trish: 26d ago, 1895 posts (0%)ToxicFrog: no posts

Stack Overflow en español

Discusión general para http://es.stackoverflow.com
25s ago – David Isla
David Isla: 25s ago, 137 posts (0%)Paula_plus_plus: 1m ago, 10957 posts (3%)Pablo Simon DiEstefano: 2m ago, 2504 posts (0%)Pikoh: 28m ago, 6143 posts (1%)lois6b: 38m ago, 15266 posts (4%)Pablo Lozano: 39m ago, 3845 posts (1%)blonfu: 41m ago, 4506 posts (1%)Muriano: 1h ago, 4172 posts (1%)David DPG: 1h ago, 368 posts (0%)Trauma: 2h ago, 10354 posts (3%)ArtEze: 5h ago, 19181 posts (6%)Pierro: 10h ago, 1240 posts (0%)Lamak: 14h ago, 4933 posts (1%)Aaron Romero: 16h ago, 4233 posts (1%)fredyfx: 3d ago, 17593 posts (5%)Alejandro: 5d ago, 31 posts (0%)Jenna Sloan: 23d ago, 3 posts (0%)Joacer: 32d ago, 809 posts (0%)Kromster: no posts

Problem Solving Strategies

Discussion Room for problem solving strategies (JEE, Olympiads, and other competitive science examinations)
46s ago – John Rennie
John Rennie: 46s ago, 1448 posts (2%)Abcd: 4m ago, 3676 posts (7%)

Vedanta and Philosophy

Discuss various philosophies of Hinduism
1m ago – SwiftPushkar
SwiftPushkar: 1m ago, 10808 posts (11%)

The Quill and Tankard

General discussion of "Game of Thrones", including all SPOILERS.
1m ago – TheLethalCarrot
TheLethalCarrot: 1m ago, 8681 posts (26%)Edlothiad: 19m ago, 9106 posts (28%)Jarko Dubbeldam: 1h ago, 1016 posts (3%)Nog Shine: 23h ago, 61 posts (0%)Jolenealaska: 3d ago, 208 posts (0%)

The 2nd Monitor

General discussion about http://codereview.stackexchange.com/ - Welcome to The 2nd Monitor! http://meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/5967/welcome-to-the-2nd-monitor - Site Business always comes first
1m ago – Mast
Mast: 1m ago, 53663 posts (5%)Peilonrayz: 4m ago, 2320 posts (0%)Zeta: 1h ago, 1733 posts (0%)Heslacher: 3h ago, 5366 posts (0%)hoffmale: 12h ago, 327 posts (0%)Donald.McLean: 4d ago, 4824 posts (0%)

The Closet

Smelly's testing chamber
1m ago – Smelly
Smelly: 1m ago, 5191 posts (71%)Mithrandir: 18h ago, 89 posts (1%)user181438: no posts

Root Access

For all you Super Users out there. You have backups, right?
2m ago – bwDraco
bwDraco: 2m ago, 48076 posts (2%)Journeyman Geek: 6m ago, 212495 posts (13%)Michael Frank: 6m ago, 16529 posts (1%)Bob: 25m ago, 231646 posts (14%)Henry WH Hack v2.1.1: 45m ago, 177 posts (0%)ChatBot John Cavil: 47m ago, 11345 posts (0%)Fleet Command: 53m ago, 4822 posts (0%)Rajneesh Gadge: 1h ago, 1 posts (0%)FML Cat: 5h ago, 58419 posts (3%)Canadian Luke: 8h ago, 12524 posts (0%)djsmiley2k: 11h ago, 42289 posts (2%)Burgi: 15h ago, 33766 posts (2%)Ave: 16h ago, 7997 posts (0%)tereško: 4d ago, 3620 posts (0%)ToxicFrog: 4d ago, 389 posts (0%)MetaEd: 74d ago, 36 posts (0%)I Am A Bot: 110d ago, 293 posts (0%)Gaurang Tandon: no postsJenna Sloan: no postsSemaphore: no posts

The Bridge

General Arqade chat, wherein room ownership appears to be a fungible commodity with much lower volatility than any cryptocoin out there, and quite a bit more mod abuse purchasing power
3m ago – Arperum
Arperum: 3m ago, 42727 posts (1%)Nzall: 4m ago, 14154 posts (0%)Kevin van der Velden: 5m ago, 59377 posts (1%)GodEmperorDune: 10m ago, 69131 posts (2%)SaintWacko: 4h ago, 49966 posts (1%)Frank: 5h ago, 112266 posts (3%)Yuuki: 5h ago, 101941 posts (3%)Private Pansy: 5h ago, 58012 posts (1%)Tim Stone: 5h ago, 34368 posts (1%)cazc_941: 7h ago, 206983 posts (6%)ToxicFrog: 7h ago, 5110 posts (0%)Jutschge: 12h ago, 2423 posts (0%)Ave: 12h ago, 64165 posts (1%)Fluttershy: 13h ago, 48854 posts (1%)StrixVaria: 16h ago, 70949 posts (2%)fredley: 17h ago, 79355 posts (2%)MBraedley: 18h ago, 30718 posts (0%)Chippies: 20h ago, 51044 posts (1%)Ronan: 3d ago, 31489 posts (0%)Trent Hawkins: 4d ago, 4620 posts (0%)murgatroid99: 5d ago, 28107 posts (0%)Mad Scientist: 7d ago, 7068 posts (0%)

The Nineteenth Byte

General discussion for https://codegolf.stackexchange.com | Guidelines: https://ppcg.github.io/chatiquette/
5m ago – Mego
Mego: 5m ago, 37993 posts (2%)Christopher 2EZ 4RTZ: 6h ago, 9488 posts (0%)Martin Ender: 6h ago, 54721 posts (3%)Pavel: 7h ago, 25455 posts (1%)DJMcMayhem: 8h ago, 29444 posts (1%)Dennis: 8h ago, 25732 posts (1%)Adám: 10h ago, 7375 posts (0%)mudkip201: 10h ago, 74 posts (0%)Leaky Nun: 11h ago, 25826 posts (1%)caird coinheringaahing: 11h ago, 9516 posts (0%)NieDzejkob: 16h ago, 395 posts (0%)Sherlock9: 1d ago, 9552 posts (0%)John Dvorak: 1d ago, 4351 posts (0%)Neil: 2d ago, 643 posts (0%)Fatalize: 3d ago, 7209 posts (0%)mınxomaτ: 3d ago, 15140 posts (0%)aditsu: 3d ago, 8292 posts (0%)Jonathan Allan: 4d ago, 1815 posts (0%)Emigna: 5d ago, 644 posts (0%)Geobits: 15d ago, 42728 posts (2%)MetaEd: 34d ago, 120 posts (0%)Riley: 74d ago, 338 posts (0%)

Mith's Desk

@Mithrandir's office

Charcoal HQ

Where diamonds are made, smoke is detected, and we break things by developing on production. 82,000 true positives and counting. Handy links: http://charcoal-se.org, https://github.com/Charcoal-SE, http://charcoal-se.org/blaze/, https://metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com
7m ago – SmokeDetector
SmokeDetector: 7m ago, 217282 posts (37%)Byte Commander: 16m ago, 2943 posts (0%)Mithrandir: 45m ago, 7812 posts (1%)Nisse Engström: 1h ago, 2141 posts (0%)Suraj Rao: 1h ago, 1744 posts (0%)A J: 1h ago, 1113 posts (0%)Jarko Dubbeldam: 2h ago, 408 posts (0%)Rob: 3h ago, 566 posts (0%)John Dvorak: 3h ago, 4547 posts (0%)ArtOfCode: 6h ago, 28045 posts (4%)Glorfindel: 11h ago, 13205 posts (2%)Wai Ha Lee: 18h ago, 1095 posts (0%)Henders: 21h ago, 3734 posts (0%)PeterJ: 21h ago, 404 posts (0%)JoErNanO: 1d ago, 633 posts (0%)Ferrybig: 2d ago, 7205 posts (1%)Magisch: 3d ago, 13155 posts (2%)Makyen: 3d ago, 119 posts (0%)bwDraco: 4d ago, 1712 posts (0%)Cai: 5d ago, 186 posts (0%)Henry WH Hack v2.1.1: 6d ago, 229 posts (0%)Videonauth: 7d ago, 451 posts (0%)CaffeineAddiction: 11d ago, 978 posts (0%)Eliah Kagan: 11d ago, 61 posts (0%)JamesENL: 28d ago, 353 posts (0%)MetaEd: 28d ago, 38 posts (0%)Tim Stone: 71d ago, 128 posts (0%)Loong: 149d ago, 75 posts (0%)greg-449: 268d ago, 4 posts (0%)Zyerah: 314d ago, 139 posts (0%)

Raiders of the Lost Downboat

Place to sail the open sea, and search out boats to take down. Trello board - https://trello.com/b/N4tGabC2/ask-ubuntu-abandoned-questions-cleanup Guide to handling Trello board - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eG0qNJaXGR7krDllIITZNXUSXFdpFfFkwtdcAudvz1c/edit?usp=sharing
7m ago – SmokeDetector
Eliah Kagan: 2d ago, 4391 posts (18%)edwinksl: 5d ago, 1031 posts (4%)Videonauth: 13d ago, 2148 posts (9%)Sathiya Moorthy Karan: no postsuser181438: no posts

The Awkward Silence

“Silence is only awkward if one cannot feel a connection with the other.” ― Dominic Riccitello. General discussion for https://interpersonal.stackexchange.com
10m ago – Gypsy Spellweaver
Gypsy Spellweaver: 10m ago, 1059 posts (1%)Mithrandir: 43m ago, 3341 posts (5%)A J: 4h ago, 2100 posts (3%)ArtOfCode: 12h ago, 335 posts (0%)Magisch: 14h ago, 3093 posts (4%)Tensibai: 15h ago, 167 posts (0%)Jarko Dubbeldam: 17h ago, 3676 posts (5%)Tonepoet: 18h ago, 43 posts (0%)Jolenealaska: 2d ago, 477 posts (0%)Captain Bohemian: 2d ago, 215 posts (0%)Henry WH Hack v2.1.1: 2d ago, 1327 posts (2%)Loong: 3d ago, 46 posts (0%)Adam Lear: 3d ago, 12 posts (0%)Tim Post: 5d ago, 46 posts (0%)MetaEd: 5d ago, 29 posts (0%)Mithrandir24601: 8d ago, 481 posts (0%)Jenna Sloan: 35d ago, 10 posts (0%)

The Base Camp

Welcome to 2018
13m ago – Liam
Liam: 13m ago, 9791 posts (24%)

This Is Fine

The news discussion offshoot of the Bridge, wherein we realized the resolution for the brexit thing is to reverse Article 50, bit by bit. Stars reserved for news items.
14m ago – Arperum
Arperum: 14m ago, 197 posts (0%)Nzall: 19m ago, 304 posts (0%)GodEmperorDune: 5h ago, 4675 posts (15%)Tim Stone: 6h ago, 5561 posts (17%)cazc_941: 7h ago, 918 posts (2%)Yuuki: 11h ago, 2148 posts (6%)Kevin van der Velden: 11h ago, 751 posts (2%)MBraedley: 12h ago, 619 posts (1%)ToxicFrog: 2d ago, 224 posts (0%)puzzlepiece87: 3d ago, 254 posts (0%)Mad Scientist: 4d ago, 200 posts (0%)murgatroid99: 5d ago, 653 posts (2%)StrixVaria: 10d ago, 399 posts (1%)Trent Hawkins: 41d ago, 25 posts (0%)

The h Bar

General chat for Physics SE (https://physics.stackexchange.com/). For MathJax see https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/220976. Don't ask about asking, just ask.

Estouro de Pilha

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
16m ago – Jorge B.
Jorge B.: 16m ago, 16224 posts (2%)Jefferson Quesado: 7h ago, 7957 posts (1%)rray: 14h ago, 9749 posts (1%)Omni: 4d ago, 9422 posts (1%)Victor Stafusa: 6d ago, 914 posts (0%)


A serious place where infosec is discussed PS we don't do hardware/software support (srs face -.-)
17m ago – Tom
Tom: 17m ago, 72 posts (0%)Arperum: 24m ago, 3680 posts (0%)M'vy: 42m ago, 10324 posts (1%)user3379939: 18h ago, 8 posts (0%)AviD: 2d ago, 102910 posts (11%)NH.: 2d ago, 127 posts (0%)Journeyman Geek: 19d ago, 8092 posts (0%)Henry WH Hack v2.1.1: 589d ago, 198 posts (0%)Caleb: 1264d ago, 16 posts (0%)

The Screening Room

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." - General discussion for http://movies.stackexchange.com
19m ago – Mithrandir
Mithrandir: 19m ago, 1577 posts (0%)Ankit Sharma: 2h ago, 76816 posts (20%)A J: 2h ago, 25765 posts (7%)Jarko Dubbeldam: 22h ago, 640 posts (0%)Nog Shine: 1d ago, 7977 posts (2%)user1950349: no posts
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