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 Socket Science

For Charcoal projects' use as a direct communication channel.
6s ago – SmokeDetector
SmokeDetector: 6s ago, 102817 posts (99%)


Associated with Math.SE; for both general discussion & math questions alike. Just ask; don't ask to ask. Rarely if ever expressible as a ratio of integers. Chat guidelines: http://tinyurl.com/hzl2955 | $\LaTeX$ in chat: http://tinyurl.com/cfqcvpc
8s ago – Leaky Nun
Leaky Nun: 8s ago, 53511 posts (1%)Ted Shifrin: 41s ago, 164523 posts (5%)Daminark: 2m ago, 42121 posts (1%)Mike Miller: 2m ago, 84635 posts (3%)Karl Kronenfeld: 2h ago, 9477 posts (0%)ÍgjøgnumMeg: 2h ago, 5327 posts (0%)mathsssislife: 3h ago, 108 posts (0%)Jacksoja: 8h ago, 1654 posts (0%)user76284: 1d ago, 794 posts (0%)Kasmir Khaan: 2d ago, 22910 posts (0%)Rithaniel: 2d ago, 1387 posts (0%)Loong: 29d ago, 38 posts (0%)nitsua60: 35d ago, 675 posts (0%)user50393: 44d ago, 23 posts (0%)Jenna Sloan: 175d ago, 61 posts (0%)

The Nineteenth Byte

General discussion for https://codegolf.stackexchange.com | Guidelines: https://ppcg.github.io/chatiquette/
9s ago – Mego
Pavel: 38s ago, 34814 posts (2%)Mego: 1m ago, 41159 posts (2%)quartata: 1m ago, 61456 posts (3%)Dennis: 3m ago, 28676 posts (1%)Quintec: 6m ago, 741 posts (0%)Downgoat: 1h ago, 53599 posts (3%)El'endia Starman: 1h ago, 34833 posts (2%)dzaima: 5h ago, 3667 posts (0%)ngn: 6h ago, 2078 posts (0%)feersum: 11h ago, 11691 posts (0%)Adám: 12h ago, 13415 posts (0%)Neil: 16h ago, 1353 posts (0%)Leaky Nun: 16h ago, 27897 posts (1%)Skidsdev: 3d ago, 5329 posts (0%)caird coinheringaahing: 4d ago, 12587 posts (0%)H.PWiz: 5d ago, 1359 posts (0%)Doorknob: 12d ago, 25162 posts (1%)Shieru Asakoto: 17d ago, 147 posts (0%)Bubbler: 17d ago, 196 posts (0%)aditsu: 49d ago, 8330 posts (0%)Potato44: 149d ago, 221 posts (0%)user9961151: no posts

Stack Overflow en español

Discusión general para http://es.stackoverflow.com
32s ago – Shiki
Shiki: 32s ago, 2436 posts (0%)Pedro Miguel Pimienta Morales: 1m ago, 33853 posts (6%)abulafia: 4h ago, 2678 posts (0%)lois6b: 2d ago, 29038 posts (5%)AsieR_2: 3d ago, 360 posts (0%)Juan Salvador Portugal: 5d ago, 210 posts (0%)Aaron Romero: 5d ago, 5801 posts (1%)Jenna Sloan: 20d ago, 43 posts (0%)

The Bridge

General Arqade chat, wherein we occasionally summon nameless elder gods by accident with Google translate
1m ago – Unionhawk
Unionhawk: 1m ago, 154092 posts (4%)Yuuki: 7m ago, 113604 posts (3%)Wipqozn: 12m ago, 161590 posts (4%)Ash: 1h ago, 142615 posts (4%)Sterno: 2h ago, 66225 posts (1%)Memor-X: 2h ago, 12002 posts (0%)Buns Glazing: 7h ago, 211098 posts (6%)Chippies: 1d ago, 55772 posts (1%)GodEmperorDune: 1d ago, 77548 posts (2%)murgatroid99: 1d ago, 29074 posts (0%)Frank: 1d ago, 114103 posts (3%)bwDraco: 2d ago, 1375 posts (0%)Trent Hawkins: 2d ago, 4807 posts (0%)Invader Skoodge: 2d ago, 75414 posts (2%)Niro: 3d ago, 49781 posts (1%)SaintWacko: 4d ago, 53407 posts (1%)Mad Scientist: 5d ago, 7370 posts (0%)3ventic: 10d ago, 11163 posts (0%)djsmiley2k: 67d ago, 28623 posts (0%)

The Back Room: Live Tabletop Games

A space for online tabletop gaming.
1m ago – Shalvenay
Shalvenay: 1m ago, 5213 posts (6%)Sora Tamashii: 3m ago, 824 posts (1%)nitsua60: 2d ago, 2462 posts (3%)trogdor: 2d ago, 959 posts (1%)Glazius: 17d ago, 2 posts (0%)Rubiksmoose: 17d ago, 1 posts (0%)

This Is Fine

The news discussion offshoot of the Bridge. Stars reserved for news items. Discussion should primarily be about news topics.
2m ago – Yuuki
Yuuki: 2m ago, 8873 posts (6%)Ash: 1h ago, 6282 posts (4%)Memor-X: 1h ago, 3837 posts (2%)SaintWacko: 4h ago, 1401 posts (1%)Buns Glazing: 7h ago, 2677 posts (2%)GodEmperorDune: 8h ago, 21047 posts (15%)Unionhawk: 9h ago, 26230 posts (19%)Frank: 12h ago, 239 posts (0%)Wipqozn: 1d ago, 5123 posts (3%)puzzlepiece87: 2d ago, 6490 posts (4%)murgatroid99: 2d ago, 1789 posts (1%)Mad Scientist: 3d ago, 1445 posts (1%)Niro: 5d ago, 91 posts (0%)Chippies: 10d ago, 180 posts (0%)Invader Skoodge: 68d ago, 553 posts (0%)Trent Hawkins: 85d ago, 52 posts (0%)


General discussion for https://hinduism.stackexchange.com
2m ago – Akshay S
Akshay S: 2m ago, 2617 posts (3%)

The Reading Room

Welcome to chat for http://literature.stackexchange.com/! -- Read any good books lately?
3m ago – Double U
Double U: 3m ago, 129 posts (0%)Mithrandir: 8h ago, 7069 posts (10%)Ash: 2d ago, 2330 posts (3%)Gallifreyan: 2d ago, 3790 posts (5%)Catija: 30d ago, 636 posts (0%)

Charcoal HQ

Where diamonds are made, smoke is detected, and we break things by developing on production. 116k true positives and counting. For more information, see https://charcoal-se.org/about. Handy links: https://metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com, https://github.com/Charcoal-SE
3m ago – SmokeDetector
SmokeDetector: 3m ago, 375102 posts (41%)Makyen: 3h ago, 10116 posts (1%)Jenayah: 8h ago, 123 posts (0%)thesecretmaster: 10h ago, 5844 posts (0%)Nisse Engström: 14h ago, 3190 posts (0%)NobodyNada: 18h ago, 8328 posts (0%)tripleee: 3d ago, 28598 posts (3%)Ramhound: 3d ago, 31 posts (0%)Henders: 3d ago, 5043 posts (0%)Mithrandir: 5d ago, 13003 posts (1%)Catija: 18d ago, 2532 posts (0%)Loong: 29d ago, 114 posts (0%)Videonauth: 31d ago, 975 posts (0%)bwDraco: 40d ago, 2094 posts (0%)Mego: 48d ago, 1104 posts (0%)Nathaniel: 53d ago, 130 posts (0%)Cerbrus: 79d ago, 4396 posts (0%)Rory Alsop: 292d ago, 209 posts (0%)dbc: no posts

RPG General Chat

Main chat room for tabletop role-playing games
4m ago – nitsua60
nitsua60: 4m ago, 27193 posts (2%)Ben: 5m ago, 15780 posts (1%)BESW: 29m ago, 178077 posts (16%)MikeQ: 34m ago, 8349 posts (0%)Peter Cooper Jr.: 40m ago, 443 posts (0%)Shalvenay: 45m ago, 26087 posts (2%)Ender Look: 2h ago, 741 posts (0%)Carcer: 2h ago, 3282 posts (0%)kviiri: 16h ago, 21258 posts (1%)Ash: 2d ago, 1274 posts (0%)trogdor: 2d ago, 49660 posts (4%)Rubiksmoose: 2d ago, 13854 posts (1%)Sir Cinnamon: 2d ago, 3767 posts (0%)Glazius: 5d ago, 528 posts (0%)Joel Harmon: 5d ago, 3401 posts (0%)

The Restaurant at the End of the Univ

General discussion for https://scifi.stackexchange.com — both on and off topic, but please be nice
12m ago – Jenayah
Jenayah: 12m ago, 19724 posts (23%)Gallifreyan: 1h ago, 3948 posts (4%)Adamant: 2h ago, 1141 posts (1%)RDFozz: 3h ago, 994 posts (1%)SmokeDetector: 3h ago, 49 posts (0%)Mithrandir: 1d ago, 4735 posts (5%)Catija: 2d ago, 426 posts (0%)Donald.McLean: 3d ago, 652 posts (0%)Loong: 14d ago, 86 posts (0%)Pseudohuman: 53d ago, 30 posts (0%)Tango: 101d ago, 270 posts (0%)

Maid Café (メイド喫茶)

Welcome back, my Master! (お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様!) Sit wherever you'd like and enjoy some General Chat for https://anime.stackexchange.com/. Now serving anime and manga images in regular intervals via our maid service. To improve your chat room experience, install these scripts: https://anime.meta.stackexchange.com/q/1166/191
13m ago – Tonepoet
Tonepoet: 13m ago, 3712 posts (0%)Memor-X: 17m ago, 54924 posts (7%)Dimitri mx: 4h ago, 7032 posts (0%)Gallifreyan: 7h ago, 7399 posts (1%)Mysticial: 2d ago, 16544 posts (2%)Keale: 3d ago, 432 posts (0%)Jon Lin: 284d ago, 549 posts (0%)Martin - マーチン: 353d ago, 936 posts (0%)

Wolfram Mathematica

Welcome! This is the main Mathematica chat room for http://mathematica.stackexchange.com/. Other than the general guidelines (http://chat.stackexchange.com/faq) in place, anything goes here. Feel free to discuss most things.
21m ago – bobthechemist
b3m2a1: 1h ago, 4670 posts (2%)C. E.: 5h ago, 3662 posts (1%)kirma: 3d ago, 4537 posts (2%)Michael E2: 6d ago, 2299 posts (1%)

The 2nd Monitor

General discussion about http://codereview.stackexchange.com/ - Welcome to The 2nd Monitor! http://meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/5967/welcome-to-the-2nd-monitor - Site Business always comes first
22m ago – Duga
Heslacher: 3d ago, 6000 posts (0%)Donald.McLean: 4d ago, 5167 posts (0%)Malachi: 5d ago, 29967 posts (3%)Stephen Rauch: 157d ago, 6 posts (0%)

The Screening Room

“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.”
22m ago – Jenayah
Jenayah: 22m ago, 84 posts (0%)Memor-X: 22m ago, 5576 posts (1%)A J: 54m ago, 32100 posts (7%)Loong: 2d ago, 28 posts (0%)Mithrandir: 7d ago, 2215 posts (0%)

Game Development

Game development and other polite discussion. Game development conversations have priority. Please star responsibly. Be Nice applies here: https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/help/be-nice
27m ago – abobakrdy
abobakrdy: 27m ago, 19 posts (0%)V.7: 4h ago, 503 posts (0%)Alexandre Vaillancourt: 11h ago, 15744 posts (0%)DMGregory: 2d ago, 2097 posts (0%)Almo: 2d ago, 105480 posts (6%)Pikalek: 2d ago, 1753 posts (0%)nwp: 12d ago, 2095 posts (0%)

The Side Channel

Mostly randomly generated noise. – https://crypto.stackexchange.com
28m ago – forest
forest: 28m ago, 2676 posts (9%)Ella Rose: 6h ago, 3266 posts (11%)Forrest: no postsngn: no posts

JEE/High School Chemistry Problems

Problem Solving Strategies of Chemistry.SE For Mathjax see: https://chemistry.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/89/how-can-i-enable-mathjax-in-chat/3625#3625 JEE Problem Solving Rooms : Physics: https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/54160/problem-solving-strategies Maths: https://chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/76340/jee-maths-problems
29m ago – Esha Manideep
Esha Manideep: 29m ago, 509 posts (2%)

Root Access

For all you Super Users out there. You have backups, right?
38m ago – Journeyman Geek
Journeyman Geek: 38m ago, 229555 posts (13%)bwDraco: 40m ago, 58968 posts (3%)Canadian Luke: 1h ago, 13845 posts (0%)ChatBot John Cavil: 8h ago, 12162 posts (0%)Bob: 13h ago, 246632 posts (14%)djsmiley2k: 14h ago, 59728 posts (3%)Ovie Adese: 23h ago, 14 posts (0%)tereško: 1d ago, 3723 posts (0%)allquixotic: 2d ago, 140700 posts (8%)FML Cat: 4d ago, 64977 posts (3%)Ramhound: 7d ago, 9643 posts (0%)Ben N: 12d ago, 8275 posts (0%)Jenna Sloan: 153d ago, 10 posts (0%)
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