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8:00 PM
@WorldEngineer Try Hero Siege or Obludia
Sadly I don't know any language on that list :(
Me neither until one day I saw the keys in my inbox
BoI and Little Inferno are two games I like because of like how you play, but the story or whatever makes me want to throw a thing
(seriously LI makes me cry)
@GnomeSlice You do realize I'm on a Mac...right?
@GnomeSlice It's mostly because it's so easy to make entertaining videos out of.
8:00 PM
@WorldEngineer Clearly you should play Team Fortress 2.
@WorldEngineer Why would I have realized that?
@Wipqozn I'm happy to answer a question but too lazy to read all the backscroll to figure out which question you were talking about
@Powerlord That's not the same kind of game.
@GnomeSlice because I'm mentioned it.
@GnomeSlice No, but it runs on OSX! :D
8:01 PM
@Powerlord I got bored on that ages ago.
@WorldEngineer stabs
...have you tried MvM? PropHunt? Vs. Saxton Hale?
multiplayer shooters in general don't hold my attention
@Powerlord No stabbing! We are a blood free zone!
I have realized I can't play shooters. Like at all. :(
@WorldEngineer I have found more and more recently that shooters in general don't hold my attention.
I suck ass at all shooters, but I'm really really good at Loadout.
8:03 PM
PropHunt... you know you want to.
prophunt is pretty fun
Vote for @GnomeSlice!
Why can't I hold all these elections
8:04 PM
@3ventic I just released a new version of PropHunt Redux which fixes some more bugs, too!
Loadout > TF2
@GnomeSlice You can keep saying that, but it doesn't make it true.
Am I like the only one who plays a 10-year-old game?
@GnomeSlice Where? In the house I grew up, we didn't during the day.
TF2 is intentionally designed so that the classes play differently from each other.
@3ventic Multiplayer game or single player game?
Heck... isn't WoW turning 10 this year?
8:06 PM
@Wipqozn Okay, I hunted it up anyway. I don't specifically remember why I voted to undelete that. It would help if I could see when exactly I did it. I think I voted to delete it, regretted it because it had some reopen votes on it that I hadn't noticed until actually casting my vote, agonized over it a bit, and voted to undelete the next day.
@Powerlord MP mod for SP game
Dammit I went to the bathroom and the tarot cards are out of stock
@AshleyNunn This is what we did too.
@BenBrocka You... do fortune telling in the bathroom?
The spirits wait for no man
Okay got one in cart
8:08 PM
@Wipqozn But either way, if someone's looking to argue with me about it, I've got nothing. I don't much care about it.
I was just reminded that this coming weekend is a 3 day weekend for me because next Monday is Presidents Day.
We have a long weekend coming up, too.
@SaintWacko Why'd you ask me about Slickdeals, by the way?
I get to go out into the snow and go tobagganing that day!
@FAE I used to be very active there, and had a friend who went by the username Maleficent
She was similarly obsessed with her
8:13 PM
@SaintWacko Ooooh gotcha. Nay, I've never had an account there.
Elections for everyone!
@Frank When is it, precisely?
Come and join us on the good ship mod
Yay, surprise rain...
@AshleyNunn Next Monday
The 17th.
Louis Riel day for us in Manitoba.
Not sure if it's a Canada-wide thing, though.
8:20 PM
My jacket is 100% wet, my hair looks like I just came out of a shower, and the entire top half of my shirt is water.
@Frank Hm, I dunno, I know we have one in Feb but I dont know when
@Yuki What were you doing?
@AshleyNunn Going to class.
@Yuki Yikes.
It was raining for a bit, but it calmed down when I got on campus.
Then, when I was halfway to my class, sudden shower.
And not just light shower, it was pouring.
@Frank Province specific. Ours is called "Family Day" and only started ~5 years ago.
8:22 PM
Boo. The link to chat on the StackExchange iOS app just opens the mobile site in my browser.
Oh well. Now I can look at that snow animation paper, I guess.
And there is apparently no search capability?
I'm unclear on exactly why I'd use this app. The only thing that looks easier is asking a question.
@Sterno That's just like the regular SE sites.
Because web apps are incompatible with many people's mental model of how "phones" and "apps" work I guess. Shame it doesn't have a fuller-featured chat
@JasonBerkan I can't even look at questions by tag
@Sterno you wouldn't because it's still missing most of the features to come
@3ventic WELL THEN
@Sterno Seems odd. I can't install it until I get home.
@Sterno I don't get the way they've designed it. Given the range of sites under SE, when exactly am I going to want to ask a question when I'm not at a computer anyway?
8:25 PM
@3ventic it is? Wasn't it in Beta for ages?
@fredley I think I posted something on arqade once from a phone
@fredley It happens a lot for me if I'm playing a DS or console game
@Sterno spose
@BenBrocka android
I only use the android app to get sound notifications
8:26 PM
The current version of the iOS app really doesn't do much other than show you front page questions, let you ask one, and show your notifications
A: Why is there no review queue on the mobile site?

fredleyI think Stack Exchange are missing a big trick here. The most popular sites on the network are generally for programming/technical matters, and gaming (us!). All the time when I'm in a position to ask or answer a question on these sites, I'm at a computer. What do I want to do when I'm not at t...

@StrixVaria I strongly suspect that's fake but it's a hilarious mental burrito image
@BenBrocka I've had burrito issues similar to this, but not quite so extreme.
8:28 PM
@John If @GnomeSlice gets 300 rep there to nominate, I'll get 50 rep there to vote for him
@GnomeSlice you heard the man.
@Sterno At AU? That would be somewhat hilarious.
@StrixVaria I've actually eaten cilantro by itself. It's delicious.
Speaking of burritos, Qdoba just launched 2 new flavors of queso and the 1 that I've tried was delicious.
8:29 PM
Anyone within reasonable distance to a Qdoba would be stupid not to go.
@Sterno ಠ_ಠ
Elections should require more rep to vote. Or not count the association bonus. Or both.
@Sterno yes
@Yuki I mean, cilantro is good, but it's pretty strong and I'd rather have it with stuff.
8:29 PM
I haven't had a good burito since I stopped living a short walk away from chipotle.
@StrixVaria Which one did you try?
26 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
@Sterno Queso Diablo
@Sterno Yes, this matter has been brought up repeatedly.
@fredley this is ask ubuntu
I mentioned this like 30 minutes ago
8:30 PM
@FEichinger You've never seen a dead horse beaten in here before?
I plan to go back soon-ish to try the other flavor.
@StrixVaria Cilantro is also really good in hot pot.
@Yuki I don't know what "hot pot" is but I assume it's the 420 version of "hot pockets".
Hot pot, less commonly steamboat, refers to several East Asian varieties of stew, consisting of a simmering metal pot of stock at the center of the dining table. While the hot pot is kept simmering, ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table. Typical hot pot dishes include thinly sliced meat, leaf vegetables, mushrooms, wontons, egg dumplings, and seafood. Vegetables, fish and meat should be fresh. The cooked food is usually eaten with a dipping sauce. In many areas, hot pot meals are often eaten in the winter. History The Chinese hot pot has a history of more ...
8:31 PM
No. Cilantro is the GROSSEST THING
@AshleyNunn Wrong.
It makes everything taste like BAD.
@StrixVaria I'd try it
@Sterno Oh, I have. I'm just saying, there's probably an MSO q about it, and there should've been a meta.Arqade one this election as well (after the ... rather unsettling stuff that happened with users actively doing what I stared at you about).
Basically, it's a communal bring-your-own-ingredients stew.
8:32 PM
@Yuki Weird.
@Yuki That sounds awesome.
@StrixVaria It's actually really good.
She's got the gene where Cilantro taste like soap to her
I would try it.
@FEichinger Sounds like I'm missing out on a story, here
8:32 PM
Cilantro smells awesome
@WorldEngineer Yes, thank you, that is the thing.
@John Long story short: Users from other sites spammed edit suggestions until they were able to vote, just to vote for someone they "knew from another site".
Is it strange I don't even know what cilantro is?
Cilantro is really, really delicious but you don't need to use much because it's so strong. But you can only buy huge-ass bushels of it so you always wind up wasting 90% of what you buy. Luckily it's like $2 for that huge-ass bushel so it's not a big deal.
@Frank Yes.
@Frank aka coriander
8:33 PM
@FAE Still not sure what that is.
@FAE Oh, hey, I know that word!
@Frank Do you have Chipotle at the north pole?
@Frank Who on earth calls it cilantro?
@FEichinger Yeah, that's how I had to figure out what it was too.
Chipotle is like a lame Qdoba.
8:34 PM
@fredley A lot of people.
@StrixVaria Some sort of spicy sauce, yes.
Coriander to me means the seed, the cilantro is the leafy junk
@Frank wat no
Only they don't have nachos or queso
@AshleyNunn I've never heard it called that in my life
8:34 PM
> Cilantro is the Spanish word for coriander, also deriving from coriandrum. It is the common term in North America for coriander leaves, due to their extensive use in Mexican cuisine.
@Sterno I was just going for the more famous one. Qdoba is obviously superior.
@fredley That's how my grocery store calls it.
@FAE Well, that explains as much.
@fredley I just call it cilantro because that's what my Asian market calls it.
8:35 PM
@Ullallulloo Dupe closure in 5... 4... 3...
Unacceptable. A linguistic correctional team has been dispatched to your location.
@Frank I feel so sorry for your tastebuds, having never eaten Mexican food.
I've probably tasted cilantro before, I've just never identified cilantro specifically.
We really lack decent mexican here
This is the closest suggestion I found:
Q: Change the time frame for users to get 150 rep during election

phwdIf you don't have the 150 reputation by nomination/primary stage, you shouldn't be allowed to participate. It's that simple. Some cases you are a new user starting from 1 rep. There is no way (okay maybe a really slight chance) you know the system and principles well enough within the two weeks...

8:35 PM
OK, I'm back down to a reasonable altitude.
I know it better as 香菜 (xiang cai), which is also a name for parsley apparently.
Cilantro is a really polarizing flavor. A large percentage of the population possess an enzyme in their saliva that breaks it down to a saponified ester (soap).
The main reason I could never live elsewhere is the lack of delicious pseudo-Mexican food.
@Yuki cilantro looks like parsley. Doesn't taste the same, though.
Even Mexico wouldn't compare.
@DavidM Pretty serious. They have a Facebook group
Qdoba is like a lame ANY MEXICAN restaurant.
Remember when 90% of Facebook was "if this group gets 100,000 likes I'll..."
@DavidM Qdoba is the best of the medium-speed burrito places.
If you disagree you are wrong.
@StrixVaria I'm teasing.
8:38 PM
@Ullallulloo I like that it has an accepted answer that never actually happened. Those are my favorite metas.
I agree, and I do prefer them to Chipotle.
I kind of miss Tex-Mex.
People in this room are smart.
People I know in real life are comparably stupid.
People who claim Chipotle is superior to Qdoba because of some "it's organic" BS are literally worse than mobile Hitler.
@StrixVaria Shameless ploy to get favorited.
8:39 PM
@DavidM Well it worked
2 mins ago, by StrixVaria
The main reason I could never live elsewhere is the lack of delicious pseudo-Mexican food.
@DavidM @Strix is pretty shameless.
Mostly, I miss just being able to go to eat for convenience.
@FAE As opposed to?
@FAE refresh my memory. You're in the Netherlands these days?
8:41 PM
@StrixVaria Here, you go out to eat as like, an event, mostly. The attitude at sit-down restaurants is completely different from North America. We usually allot 3~ hours to go out for dinner here, at least.
@DavidM Yessir.
McDonald's has penetration there, I thought? LOL
@FAE So what do you do if you're hungry but don't feel like cooking?
@Sterno I wonder if those reopen votes are from before ti was deleted then.
@DavidM That's not food.
@StrixVaria Cry.
@FAE Confirmed not moving out of America.
8:42 PM
@FAE I didn't say it was. It's belly filler.
@StrixVaria We're usually relegated to frozen pizzas or something then.
I got tired of frozen pizzas like 1 month after I moved out of my mom's house.
@StrixVaria I quite enjoy my health insurance coverage though, so I'm pleased with that!
@FAE Heavens to betsy.
@Wipqozn Pretty sure. At least one of them, anyway
8:43 PM
@Sterno Mobile Hitler? And you thought stationary Hitler was bad enough
@DavidM Yeah, but if you don't eat it regularly, it's belly filler that makes your guts go "OH GOD WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME", like I had last week.
@FAE True enough.
@BenBrocka @Yuki wants us to say "worse than mobile chat" instead of "worse than Hitler", but it doesn't have the same ring. So I'm compromising.
@Sterno I haven't actually heard anyone claim that. I have heard that Chiptole is better because everything tastes better, but those people clearly haven't compared the queso options.
Chipotle is better because it's closer to my apartment, Qdoba is like 3 miles away.
8:44 PM
@NickT I like this reasoning.
@StrixVaria On the plus side, we have a wok restaurant on our corner that's all you can eat (one of the few places here) and it's also all you can drink beer, for one price. It's about €26 Tues-Thurs and that's a price that's allotted for a 3 hour stay. We were done in an hour and a half once and they were like "Oh wow, you're done already?"
I do make an effort to visit McD's in Europe whenever I can, though. If for no other reason than to people watch the idiot American tourists. (As opposed to the non-idiot, cultured American tourists like myself!)
@StrixVaria I switched out a burrito of one of my friends who claimed Chipotle is awesome and Qdoba sucks and he did not know it had occurred. I asked him how his burrito was and he said it was good.
@Sterno Did you catch in on hidden camera, too?
Clearly, I can extrapolate that one incident to determine that all Chipotle lovers are wrong.
8:45 PM
@DavidM It's funny to see the different types of burgers they have.
@DavidM I did not. It only worked because he was my roommate and too lazy to ever come with me to get the food.
And serve him Folger's crystals instead of his regular coffee?
Q: Asking if a game-related-product is available, at all, anywhere, for anyone

Nick TI asked this question about finding the DFA documentary a couple days ago, and first it just seemed a little controversial; +2/-2, now +3/-3, then it was seized upon as being one of those darned shopping-rec questions and closed. If it's good or bad...I dunno, but I disagree a fair bit that it i...

Now I want mexican food.
And he would NOT shut up about how Chipotle was better than Qdoba
For a while, the two were literally right next door to each other.
Now that Chipotle is out of business.
8:46 PM
@FAE My favorite was the McTurco. I forgot exactly what was on it, but it was very Turkish
@SepiaLazers So @RavenDreamer comments that I forgot to nail down the question in my post, so I fix it
Stupid song, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!
whacks Lorde with a stick
@Sterno I hope you're happy with yourself! Killing an innocent Chipotle!
the number of up-votes on his comment continues to rise even after I did so
because apparently, tl;dr
@DavidM Right now the one here is doing a rotating special that's based on various American cities
8:47 PM
I'm getting really sick of "shopping rec" as far as it being a bad class of question being incorrectly applied.
Q: Quake 2 network problem on localhost

Vilx-In a bout of nostalgia I installed Quake 2 again a few weeks ago and started playing through it, one level at a time in the evenings. Yesterday thought a weird problem started. When I load my single-player game (or start a new one) the "network problem" icon keeps flashing in the upper left corn...

Asking where to buy something might be a bad question or off topic, but it is not what is meant by "shopping recommendation" when we talk about that class of questions.
@FAE Oooooohhhhh. I can't wait to see what they come up with for Delaware! (OK, technically not a city . . .)
@DavidM It's almost as big as one.
@DavidM haha
8:51 PM
@Yuki Or as small as . . .
@FAE The one for D.C. will have to be filled with pork and cheese!
We need to have a flag for "this question is off topic because reasons."
@DavidM Or "this question is off-topic because raisins."
@DavidM Right now it's California Tomato Piquant.
Website doesn't seem to let me look at past weeks.
@FAE Hmmmmmmm . . . is that the Dutch version of salsa?
WTB Raisin Brand skin for LoL
Seriously, someone, tell me what we mean by "Shopping Recommendation" here.
8:56 PM
@NickT ...is... is that a thing?
Bonus points if two people answer the same thing
@FAE my friend knows a guy at LoL and he constantly bothers him about it
@DavidM Something like that
I think the last reply was "they're trying to see if they can"
@NickT I would buy Brand just to have this.
8:57 PM
@NickT I think my friend at Valve would block me if I bugged him about TF2 stuff.
@Powerlord Is it because he works on <Valve game that is not TF2>?
@Yuki HL3 confirmed.
@Yuki Well, last I heard he works on the Steam WebAPI, but I've noticed he's been talking more about C++ lately, so...
@Powerlord yeah, but TF2 has an outlet for that stuff via community items though (not totally sure how it works)
@NickT No. I stand by my hypothesis that Valve will not release anything 3 ever. They'll skip straight to Half-Life 4.
8:58 PM
@Powerlord L4D4 confirmed
@badp btw, did you noticed in the leaked screenshots of the Source 2 stuff that there's a tf (or was that tf_imported) directory?
@Powerlord I didn't see those screenshots

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