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3:00 AM
Should get ready for sleep, night all
I figured that would either get starred or flagged.
@GnomeSlice Don't give us any ideas . . .
@GnomeSlice I can switch my star to a flag if you'd like.
Why would I like that
3:02 AM
@Fluttershy >.>
What did I just tell you :P
@Wipqozn So I watched the climax to Pacific Rim again on YouTube because something @AshleyNunn said. Is it wrong that I immediately thought "Ceadeus" when the Category 5 Kaiju showed up?
I did that in the theatre too.
@Yuki I haven't seen Pacific Rim, so I have no idea.
But they only ever fought him underwater.
@Yuki I am missing the reference.
is waiting for her dad and dancing in her kitchen to Disney songs
@AshleyNunn The thing in the thumbnail to @Wipqozn's video is a Ceadeus from Monster Hunter. :P
3:19 AM
So tomorrow I can either edit videos, because I'm behind on uploading, or I can reinstall Windows, because I don't want to deal with crashy Firefox. What should I do?
@MBraedley Both.
At the same time.
@Wipqozn I may have 2 computers in my living room, but editing and reinstalling takes place on only one of them.
@MBraedley Sounds like someone is afraid of a little challenge!
@Wipqozn I'm not editing video on my HTPC. Not gonna happen.
Just edit the video on the computer you're doing the reinstall on while it's reinstalling.
3:24 AM
Especially since I'll be watching the moguls at the same time from it.
@OrigamiRobot: In a few more days Banished will only be a week away.
@MBraedley Reinstall.
Then the editing will be better.
How old is the newest question on the front page? I want to know how bad the caching is on my iPad.
@MBraedley 16m
@GnomeSlice editing probably won't get better until I get better editing software. Waiting yo try out OpenShot when it gets released for Windows.
3:32 AM
@MBraedley What are you using now?
@GnomeSlice okay, good.
@GnomeSlice videopad by NCH software
@MBraedley Videopad is pretty decent, what doesn't it do that you're looking for?
@MBraedley Lightworks
Haven't tried either of them (yet), but they look pretty decent.
I haven't done any straight up video editing in a long time.
I dunno if I can even remember how to use Premiere.
Hmm... how do I pretend to be canadian in a manner that tricks the internet?
3:37 AM
@GnomeSlice video overlays are somewhat janky and inconsistent. Can only do one video track. Other things.
@Unionhawk Say sorry a lot.
@Unionhawk enjoy hockey and curling
> This video is not not working or not available in your territory. Please check again later on.
Also, I can totally watch highlights on NBCOlympics, without a cable login. So I think we're good.
@Unionhawk is that on CBC?
@MBraedley Yep
And it really does say "not not working"
3:42 AM
(sad trombones)
@Unionhawk bug! ;)
Snapfiles is for me what tvtropes is for you guys.
@GnomeSlice I've been there with that type of addiction. Oh gof
> Lightworks Free has all the power of Lightworks, allowing you to export only to MPEG-4 (Web, YouTube and Vimeo) at a maximum resolution of 720p.
@MBraedley Ah, only 720? That's silly I guess.
3:45 AM
I record (and prefer to upload) at 1080p
Yeah, I'm not paying what they want for the extra features.
Wasn't sure about that.
I'm gonna try the other one out.
I don't really do video editing on this PC, but sometimes.
@Wipqozn You enjoyed Dear Esther right?
> Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is a spiritual successor to Dear Esther, and a larger scale project than any of The Chinese Room’s previous games. It’s about six different people living out the final hour of the world leading up to the apocalypse, played over and over and over again. With each playthrough, you’re given the chance to explore new places and see new things before it is all inevitably over.
Delinquent dolphins! Classroom Aquatic is a stealth/trivia "cheat-'em-up" for the Oculus Rift: http://indiestatik.com/2014/02/04/classroom-aquatic-kickstarter/ http://t.co/PDqd0ZWeAD
Okay, time for some spam.
4:10 AM
C-c-c-combo breaker!
@Fluttershy Joke's on you, I was done anyway.
Well, I now own the Frozen OST. THANKS @YUKI
okay, one more I guess
@GnomeSlice LIAR
4:21 AM
@Unionhawk You chose... wisely
@Ktash your prints are in :) I'll ship Monday or Tuesday <3
@spugsley HI
they look amazing if I do say so myself ;)
4:22 AM
@spugsley YAY! ART! :D :D :D
Thank you m'lady
@spugsley HI PRETTY LADY
@Fluttershy I thought that was my line ???
I'm drinking sleepy time tea. Yummmm
4:23 AM
I am drinking naked.
The Bridge: After Dark
Specifically, that one.
It has: 13 raspberries, 11 strawberries, 3 cranberries, 1 1/2 apples, 1/4 pomegranate, 1/3 orange, 1/2 banana, and 7 red grapes in it. Supposedly.
I drank one of those once and the result was very very very sick
@Fluttershy Oooh. A fine hello to you too. How are you
@spugsley :(
4:27 AM
I'm really frustrated tonight though
I have an art show coming up that I need to sell tickets for and my own stupid family won't even by them. Lol. I'm an art misfit
@spugsley :(
Well, you are a very talented misfit
@Ktash yeah :/
Q: Full-size card in slim case?

jerboa88I have a Dell Optiplex 745 (the slim one) and was thinking of upgrading the video card. I was interested in something like the GeForce GTX 660 Ti, but because I have a slim case, this may not be feasible. I looked around for slim cards but they appear to be very underpowered compared to normal ca...

aww thanks. It's just stinky is all :/ I have zero family support (except Ian who is the best)
That's no fun. But you are very good at it, and you have the support of friends at least. I'm sure you're family will come along. They'll have to when you're all famous like. IRL famous and stuff. You know
@spugsley Also, BLASPHEME it's good Ian supports you and I can't steal you away and... where was I going with this?
4:34 AM
@Ktash you're adorable :p
@spugsley And so are you. See? Clearly meant to be ;)
I was going to go with an "I'm fabulous" picture. But I liked that better
ooh, no, winner
@Ktash oooo yes I like it
suddenly I'm having the best night ever
@spugsley Its' because I'm here, huh?
4:43 AM
@Ktash ....it might be because of Tom Hiddleston gifs :p
cc @AshleyNunn enjoy ;)
how can breaking someone's neck look sexy?
@Ktash ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just make squealing noises every time I see him
@Ktash it's true ;)
I know. You are pretty awesome
4:46 AM
<3 aww
So is @Ashley. Between the two of you, this room is just chalk full of amazing.
Then throw everyone else in, and you've got a mixture filled to the brim with wonderfulness and chaos
it's good fun
it's true.
The Bridge is my favorite people :)
The bridge is good peeps
Not to take you back down from Tom, but how many tickets do you have to sell?
@Ktash 20.
they are only 15 dollars each. And I have a few sold already.
If I sell them all, I get to keep all my commissions from the show
How many are left?
4:52 AM
@Ktash I think 12. I just figured my family would be a huge help. And then they weren't :/
@spugsley :( Well, I'm sure you'll do it. You've got about 2 weeks, right?
@Ktash Also, I just really love this gif. It is just wonderful
yeah :) I'll get it. I'm just getting anxious/frustrated
Well, continue to stare at gif's of Tom. That seems to do wonders for your mood ;)
Starbound gets scary at night. ._.
@Fluttershy You get lovely at night
4:58 AM
@Ktash Oh don't worry, i am :p
I have a secret tumblr devoted to it
:o Such a charmer.
I'm quite popular :p
@spugsley It's not a secret if you keep telling us about it! :P
@Fluttershy you'll never find it!!!!
@Fluttershy Only return the favor. After all, you charmed me right off the bat
5:00 AM
@spugsley Challenge accepted
Or not. I'm lazy.
Ugh... I should sleep... but I can't stand the thought of another night of zero progress in Starbound. :(
@Unionhawk :p
Yesssss! Progresssssssss
5:13 AM
There are people standing on desks in my room. What the hell is going on
Craziness. Shenanigans. All kinds of stuff.
Mostly alcohol, is what's going on in my room right now.
(I don't drink, which is why I can spell right now)
That sounds special.
It's very special.
... I forgot why I used to watch Glee... Youtube reminded me they can sing, and they sometimes chose great songs
5:20 AM
@spugsley <3
Yeah, GTFO PEOPLE. GET OFF MY DESKS AND GET OFF MY LAWN. (they actually just left, I didn't actually kick anyone out)
This is my most favourite version of this song
You wanna hold my hand, @ktash?
I remember :)
And of course
I like hand holding, it feels nice
5:30 AM
I agree
Especially with pretty ladies
Indeed :)
I also love this one. Mostly because of song. But also bowling
Decisions to make. Watch the last of this episode of Smallville, or go to bed, and save it for tomorrow.
Q: Does the Surface a Mouse Sits on Matter?

GeotanI have a Razer Taipan set to 1800 dpi and 6 Windows sensitivity. On my tabletop, it takes about 3.5 to 4 centimeters to get from one side of the screen to the other. However, on my mouse pad, it takes about 5 centimeters to get from one side to the other. The tabletop is a rather glossy surface. ...

@Lazers Yes.
5:35 AM
@Ktash I like to sing "It Won't Be Long" because it is a fun song
@Frank I never like leaving a show unfinished before bed
5:53 AM
I'm convinced @Yuki's condition is contagious.
@AshleyNunn The video for that reminded me of this
@Unionhawk oh no
2 hours ago, by Unionhawk
Well, I now own the Frozen OST. THANKS @YUKI
@Unionhawk It is good music!
At least I don't have a theater that I can go to, so I won't end up spending $100
5:55 AM
yeah, i might have acquired it so i can jsut watch it over and over
6:13 AM
Lol, Bob Costas you so short
Q: 1.7.2 Forge Mods that are available or in dev?

ylluminateNow that MCPC+ nightly is working rather well for 1.7.2 support, I am hunting dev forge mods that I can start testing and helping out with. Presently Mo' Creatures seems to work well, but I'm not finding a lot of other mods available for this build yet. Is there a list of mods that are currentl...

Q: how to make server

Tamarahey guys I'm new to this but thought I might ask if anyone knows, how do you make a server if you don't have publisher? will it work? btw if it does, I will of course invite everyone to my server, and if you wanna know, my minecraft name is Tamara28156. thanks, Tam

6:40 AM
Is it up?
Oh, well yes
6:43 AM
@Unionhawk We did! It was in the channel!
Oh it is.
But Jochem forgot to whitelist me so I can't play right now :(
Well, I told him all about it in my "Whitelist me!@!" ping, so, that should get fixed.
7:08 AM
Oh cool, I'm getting an error that isn't "Server is whitelisted". Greeeeeeat
7:22 AM
Ultimate Fantasy: Album in the style of Final Fantasy et al.
7:37 AM
Q: Fallout New Vegas weapon mod button not working for PC

don kingI have FNV on Steam for PC, all add-on content as well. I am very experienced with this game, and understand that GRA mods only fit on GRA weapons. That being said, in the PIP-BOY menu, the (x)MOD option is constantly grayed out, regardless of the fact that the proper weapon and mod are in the in...

Q: Addons pluggins to work in ubuntu 13.04

blackjust wondering is this the right place to place this question here. how can i use my addons amx pluggins for counterstrike 1.6 kreed/bhop in ubuntu 13.10 as the windows version of addons dosent work in linux.how can i use addons in linux.is there any other version avail for linux.

8:38 AM
Q: Is there anyway to tell if a Stalker is after you?

Shadow ZorgonOn Warframe, you can obtain a DeathMark by killing a boss in the game. When you have the DeathMark, the Stalker Mini-Boss has a chance to spawn and attack you. The Harvester ( a Stalker-like enemy) sends you a message when you get his mark (well, Alad V does). Does the Stalker send a message like...

9:08 AM
9:19 AM
@KevinvanderVelden What did he break? I can't check now, still waiting for that goat to get on with it and have her lamb.
@Arperum I think he forgot to reload the whitelist, cause both Origami and I can't log in
Q: The Twelve Bells missing beer style

user68760I'm stuck at getting Banshee's Tear, now I know that there are 23 competitors for every style, except one. But I only have 23 styles, is there anything I'm missing? Please help.

@KevinvanderVelden Or you wait for Jochem to wake up or something, or until I get home and you have a command that can refresh the whitelist from ingame. But now I'm off, my little brother is waking up, and I have to go check on that goat.
@Arperum jup, I'm playing pokemon now :)
@KevinvanderVelden I'm was playing too in between goatchecks. I keep running into Pikachu, he's just a common pokemon now or something.
9:24 AM
@Arperum he is, I've got one to
Which starters did you pick? I've got bulbasaur and fennekin
Q: Easily getting rid of items

iltempoI'm hitting the 2000 items limit. I find it very time consuming to drop or recycle every item with 3 taps. The easiest way to get rid of xmps is to just fire them. But what about the other item types?

@KevinvanderVelden Only fennekin yet, haven't gone to the next town yet, or where do I get the other one?
Luminose city or however you spell it
Not far in
Q: A mod that allows making personal notes on the map

NetismineI'd like to be able to add my own notes and comments to locations in Skyrim - in example "There's a bandit leader here whom I couldn't kill yet - come back later to finish the job". Is there such a mod?

9:46 AM
oop, two new pokemon players?! And you're on the list! adds friend codes
10:09 AM
Q: GTA V disc 1 download

user68763I just got a copy of GTA V but only disc 2. My brother doesn't have the game right now but he has disc 1 (install disc) on his HDD. I know I can transfer it to a flash drive but is there a way to copy it so it's still on his HDD and the flash?

So, I call it a half succes.
The goat is still alive, the lamb is dead :s
I guess I saved a life and failed to save the other life :s Stupid wrongly positioned lamb.
@TrentHawkins I'll add you back once I'm home, don't have the link to the list here.
10:25 AM
Q: How to fix missing crossfire option in CCC

VadimAfter one of CCC updating (I don't remember what version from, one of 13.11 betas) stopped working crossfire. Now I use latest beta CCC 14.1 and can't enable crossfire because crossfire option as you can see below is missing and second adapter is "disabled". Second adapter is actually working bec...

10:47 AM
@Arperum at least the kid was as stubborn as the goat
@Arperum Pikachu is relatively rare compared to the other wild Pokemon in the woods, and it's only found there
11:02 AM
@AshleyNunn @Red I think you might find this interesting failbettergames.com/?p=1416
11:23 AM
mmorning people
> Their faces were harvested for ‘Persuasive’ icons.
11:45 AM
> What price was paid for London? Twenty-one billion bitcoins.
Anyway, I had to visit the Ministry of Defense today as part of my tour of duty, and was mildly surprised to find that the Ministry of Defense actually has a public bus service running through it, inside the restricted area
@PrivatePansy Oh my
Unfortunately it only runs on weekdays, so I have to climb all the way the bloody hill up the ministry of defense is built on
At least it wasn't snowing, and I wasn't barefoot, and I didn't have to climb uphill both ways
which bus?
I know 961 passes by
It stops at 'Blk 319', which is actually the guardhouse on the Upper Bukit Timah road exit, as well as the MINDEF carpark
Technically speaking it stops right outside of MINDEF proper, but it's already inside of the restricted zone
Also, looking at Google Street View, I'm mildly amused by the fact that the street view car actually went right up to the guardhouse before turning around
Taking in the sights and sounds of the Ministry of Defense, including the all important 'no photography' sign
12:10 PM
Today's TF2 update makes my Strange Degreaser look funny now
> Fixed deflected projectiles not affecting Strange and Killstreak counts
@PrivatePansy It didn't feel very uncommon. I think I've had like 7 or so already. Certainly more then Pansage.
To anyone recently active in the room: My little brother just loudly declared "Beautifull stickers!" He was talking about the avatars.
@Arperum Did he try to grab them and peel them off
Bonus points if you are on a tablet or something
@Arperum Hmmm, I've caught all three sages and only one Pikachu. Of course I got lucky with my first and got one holding a light ball
Q: How do I install Catlateral Damage?

user246013It's this game: http://www.catlateraldamage.com/play It's a .tar.gz file; and doesn't contain any Installation files. Need some help. Thanks in advance!

12:25 PM
Oh no
There are big Clay Man at the door
They want the Box
Uh oh
They're gone now
They just wanted to know I had it.
This seems somehow even worse.
Oh, and now they want me to tutor their nephew.
Is this a mahogany Hall storyline?
@Lazers How is server made?
All the routes I have unlocked.
I think there are one or two left now
I think Bazaar sidestreets and Wilmot's End are the last few left
Is the Cave of Nadir a route?
12:34 PM
Well sort of but not really
It's not a place you can go to. Just more a requirement for the expedition.
Haven't gotten to it yet. How do you raise archeology to 5?
@PrivatePansy More expeditions.
Oh yeah, and I guess someone has a band of assassins out after me.
I feel so special.
@RedRiderX Requiescat in pace.
Sorry! Too much Assassin's Creed, lately! Blame my wife.
12:40 PM
That's a bit premature. :P
@ProfessorCaptainLokiCaprion Heh
I am now Plagued by A Popular Song.
@RedRiderX Looking at mine, I see you're missing the labyrinth
And I think one more route related to the Sidestreets
But I've heard there are more places to go after that
I thought Wilmot's End is related to Sidestreets
It is
I thought there is another place too
There's also other areas across the sea, but those require a ship
12:55 PM
But I might be mistaken
@RedRiderX Do you mean Jon La Joie's?
@PrivatePansy Right
@RedRiderX Ah yeah, got that too
@ProfessorCaptainLokiCaprion Nope something else.
@PrivatePansy It is kind of hilarious though.
It just ocurred to me that frozen is to @yuki as skydrift is to @gnomeslice
12:56 PM
I think it's supposed to be about a marygoround?
That's true.
Don't see any way of reducing it, so I think we'll have to wait till it raises till 5
Maybe @sterno should name his next child frozen
My poor weasels!
I hope they'll be safe!
1:04 PM
@PrivatePansy I got all sages too.
@BoltClock I was at the PC of my mom, he's nearly four, so he knows not to try to grab at the screen.
Q: Best Dragon shout in skyrim

mjoshWhat is the best dragon shout including all three add-ons considering recharge time to effectiveness in battle ratio?

1:19 PM
@GnomeSlice Yes.
How crytocurrencies work: http://i.imgur.com/3KrmRf7.gif (via @dualcoremusic)
@badp That's the only valid use for doge.
@arp it is sad that dogecoin is the only not-as-toxic cryptocoin
@badp Dogecoin is sadly pretty goddamn toxic too.
Well it's got inflation built-in, so that puts it way ahead of the rest
which is not much
almost everybody else just seems to want their very own fork of bitcoin so they can be atop their private special pyramid
It's pretty telling that early adopters of dogecoin learnt about the inflation scheme very coldly. "My coins are not gaining 300% value y/y! I'm going back to shitcoins!"
1:55 PM
> Join the waitlist for a private My Little Pony ponzi scheme BUT WITH BITCOINS.
> Looking for beta testers for a My Little Pony TV show ... but with bitcoins!
Apparently the cool thing to do is to keep your Bitcoin Mining Rig in a jar of your own urine?
Me neither
@Putin as every member of the Village People as requested by Matty Knight http://t.co/KnNJWnxzJ1
user image
It's funny, because he's a horrible bigot.
2:20 PM
Q: Xbox 360 GTA V download

user68763Stick with me here. I have downloaded disc 1 (install disc) of GTA 5. I don't have disc 2 now. If I had a USB drive formatted for xbox, with a digital copy of disc 2 (not downloaded from disc 2) would I be able to play it? Or would that have the same result as trying to play pirated games withou...

Q: Civilization V - Brave new world - bug when purchasing happiness structures

clardalanthis question is not about game mechanics or tips, but rather a weird problem I face. Imagine I am in the game, many rounds in with happiness about +30 In one of my cities I decide to buy a stadium (and tooltip says as normal, +2 happiness) I purchase it with gold. Happiness does not change! Same...

@Lazers but you aren't trying to pirate the game. Riiiiiiigggghhhhhttttt.
This is Teenager Logic™ at its finest.
Q: Moga Pro Power's Latency on Samsung Galaxy S4

KarlI just got Moga Pro Power for my Samsung Galaxy S4. I tried running Sonic CD, but the first few seconds, I noticed that the joystick got some short delay (roughly 0.25 seconds) and sometimes it does not register my button press. I tried the native touch interface, and there are no delay whatsoev...

"The game comes with two discs! That means me and my friend can split a copy!"
Somebody commented on the fact that Princess Twilight's wings are connected to her behinds on the season 3 DVD cover, and now I cannot unsee it ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/814qM2tlAvL._SL1500_.jpg
2:35 PM
@PrivatePansy They really are.
@fredley Morning I guess.
@RedRiderX It's Mamota time
Oh my
@RedRiderX What should I develop next?
2:41 PM
No idea
@RedRiderX Good shout
because that's simple :P
PVP is hard
But for that reason, a good thing to do now
17 hours ago, by Unionhawk
@fredley Is go dennis a valid place?
@Arperum This is easy to implement, but I refuse anyway
Because stupid
2:43 PM
@fredley Aww :(.
@Arperum stupid
You should make it so the player then ends in some horribly complex puzzle thing.
@fredley Can't deny the stupid though.
@RedRiderX PVP == database reset!!
2:59 PM
play.mamota.net isn't loading

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