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7:00 PM
@Yuki yes
@Krazer Hide
TIR @Krazer is not a Bridge regular
To answer your question: A LOT. I WANT THIS MOVIE A LOT.
(-‸ლ) I mean how badly (how immediately) to you want it to get it once it comes out
@Krazer Probably immediately.
@Krazer Love the face.
7:02 PM
The very instant it is released!
Also, that face is making me giggle
@Yuki then camp out side of toys r us
One of the earbuds on my skullcandy FMJs is coming apart
Think I'm going to get these next
Since Skullcandy seems to have stopped carrying the higher end earbuds
...I already pre-ordered Frozen on DVD
Or was it DVD + Blu-Ray combo... I forget.
Checking in from 9000 feet!
@DavidM you're gonna crash the plane!
7:06 PM
Sitting in a ski lodge eating lunch and decided to say hi!
@Krazer This was my thought
@DavidM how u get reception?
@Krazer wifi?
@DavidM Hello! :D How is lunch?
7:08 PM
@DavidM o ic
@DavidM Ohai.
@TimStone Ooh, you got that! I considered it back when it first came out
Damn. I can't paste!
Lunch is excellent!
Zeus damn it @Yuki. I've got "Do you wanna build a snowmen?" stuck in my head now and it's all your fault.
It's been stuck in my head since you linked to that ama.
Oh hey, class starts in 50m and I'm still at home.
7:12 PM
@SaintWacko I was going to get the big Sydney Opera House, but the price tag is over double of what the ship is, heh.
@TimStone Plus, ship is cooler
Also true
@Wipqozn I keep singing it to myself. AND I woke up with Let it Go in my head. @Yuki what have you done to me
@AshleyNunn I do The Lord's Work (Walt Disney).
Walt Disney was a cartoonist who started a religion. Discuss amongst yourselves.
7:15 PM
I think I am going to make chocolate chip pancakes instead.
And I need to head to uni.
@DavidM Hmm. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
@AshleyNunn Mmmmm.
@AshleyNunn @Yuki is a monster with a Frozen heart.
HIs heart is cold as ice.
Q: How many tasks for the "Service to the Empire" Event & what are the rewards?

CatijaFor the new event, "Service to the Empire", is there a finite number of tasks? If so, what is that and how many medals are required? Also, if anyone has been keeping track, what are the requirements and rewards for each level? I am currently on the third (?) level, which requires 500 medals an...

7:17 PM
something something ice puns something something
Well here's my thesis: How many people have seen an actual Mickey Mouse feature? Yet, they will happily festoon themselves with his image. Discontinued characters continue to sell their iconic images on a variety of keepsakes. Millions of people make pilgrimages to see the shrines built in his honor. Need I go on?
@lazers is a dupe. Too difficult to deal with from up here on mobile.
@DavidM There are an unfortunate number of modern TV shows with poorly animated Mickey Mouse characters.
!!!!!!! This Maleficent mug I've been looking for for years is on ebay
I check once in a while to see if it's there
True. But Mickey's Clubhouse was the first feature in like 30 years. And for the audience, it's a good show.
oh god what do I do
7:21 PM
Buy! Buy your religious icon!
Not sure I'd trust drinking from that
@DavidM I haven't ebayed in forever! D: I'm panicking
It's this
@FAE Try and snipe it at the last minute if possible, auto-bids still let other people know to raise their bids
@kalina The fact that I only recognize the name of one current moderator means I'll be sitting this one out.
7:23 PM
the website however does an awful job of notifying you so I've been told to use the mobile app (but too lazy to use it and haven't been using eBay much since)
@FAE. Yes. You must own that.
wow, I just sneezed and all of my cold symptoms suddenly disappeared
@BenBrocka Hm, I've never used that
the world is so loud all of a sudden
@Wipqozn <3
7:24 PM
@StrixVaria which one?
@DavidM I saw it once in the Disney Store like... over 15 years ago. When I went back it was gone and I have been trying to find it since.
@kalina Marco Ceppi
Lol. See my comments about it being a religion.
@DavidM Don't judge meeeeeee T_T
I love Maleficent
7:25 PM
@FAE Big fan of Maleficent?
@FAE Do you use Slickdeals?
@SaintWacko Yes
@FAE Is your name there Maleficent?
@SaintWacko nay
@SaintWacko also nay :P
@FAE Aww
oh god I want that mug D:
7:27 PM
Oh, wups, didn't see which one you replied to :P
and now I have to eat pizza before it gets cold because Jochem's yelling at me that the pizza is going to get cold
but muuuuuuuug
@FAE just set a reminder for a little before it ends and don't panic and bid too soon or other people will just drive the price up
@FAE no judgements. Just stating for all that they need to understand that they are in a cult. Not necessarily an evil one, but a cult nonetheless.
Mug will be there for 4h.
OK. I think it's time for pee and ski.
7:34 PM
Worst olympic event
IDK. The Albanians are contenders this year!
@DavidM 4d
> Original owner from smoke free house4 1/2 inches tall
So is the house 4.5 inches tall, or the owner?
@FAE Do people actually lock their doors in the US?
@GnomeSlice Yes
@SaintWacko Weird.
7:37 PM
@GnomeSlice In cities, at least
@GnomeSlice Do people actually leave their doors unlocked in Canada?
@Fluttershy Yes.
@Fluttershy Yes.
@GnomeSlice Weird.
If I'm home, my door is unlocked.
7:37 PM
Same here.
Ok. Off to compete.
@Fluttershy some do in the US. I sure as hell don't. It's a regional thing
In fact, I demand that my friends and family walk in without knocking or ringing the door bell.
I'll lock it when I go to bed, but that's it.
@JasonBerkan My friends and family often do the same.
@Fluttershy NEVER
My door is locked, always.
7:39 PM
Moi et @Wipqozn - small towns; @AshleyNunn - city.
@AshleyNunn You're weird.
My door is always locked unless I'm in the act of going through it.
@StrixVaria Same.
@Wipqozn I live in a bad part of a city. I worry.
The rare occasion I'll leave it unlocked is if I'm doing some chore that requires I go outside for a few minutes.
7:39 PM
My door stays locked unless someone is going through it.
@AshleyNunn I live in a nice part of the city. But people from the bad part have cars, so...
@Fluttershy You don't live in St. Louis, though, right? Are there other cities in Missouri?
@StrixVaria There are!
Just not very many.
When I think city, I think of Manhattan.
In the really small town I grew up in, no one locked their cars, ever.
7:41 PM
So all these "cities" in other states don't really feel like cities to me.
My parents live in a very tiny town, they rarely lock anything
Jeff found it creepy that here people lock their doors on their way in, too. Like, with the same keys you lock the house on your way out.
For example: If there is room for a house with a yard, that's not a city.
they will lock the door if htey are leaving or going to b ed and that is it
@StrixVaria But you're from an area where there are huge cities. The cities here are probably more like towns to most. I live near a college town, and it's technically a city, but it only has ~40,000 people.
7:41 PM
Q: Is BAWSAQ down / under maintenance right now?

akshatI am trying to access BAWSAQ and it keeps showing me an error. Is it currently under maintenance? Or am I doing something wrong? I am signed in to my PSN account.

@StrixVaria KC
The town I lived in growing up has 56,000 people.
In a "why would you want to lock yourself in?!" sort of way
@Lazers Haha, 'Bawlsaq'
Oh wait, there's no L
@JasonBerkan Oh yeah that one always throws me off, what with the "Kansas" in the name.
7:43 PM
@StrixVaria Throws everyone off. My mom's from there, so I'm probably the only Canadian that knows that it is mostly in Missouri.
Somebody buy me this
@GnomeSlice Not on Steam or I would consider it.
Oh, @RedRiderX I forgot to mention, the Steam version of Shufflepunck Cantina is in that bundle right now.
@StrixVaria What, yes they are.
@JasonBerkan I only know because it came up here once and hurt my brain
Well, some of them.
7:45 PM
@GnomeSlice The thing you linked to is not Steam.
@StrixVaria No, but most of them include steam. And the ones that aren't on Steam yet will add steam codes once they get on the platform.
@StrixVaria There's also Columbia, Springfield, Branson, and Jefferson City.
You people and your Steam
@GnomeSlice I think you misunderstand.
Ultionus had better get greenlit soon
That game is so rad
7:46 PM
I think his objection comes from the fact he'd need to register his credit card info et cetera to buy it, as opposed to some one button click on steam.
@Wipqozn 'Misunderstand' is my middle name
Oh, I wasn't actually expecting anyone to buy me it anyway
I should just do it, it's like $1
I, for one, often don't buy games from not steam out of laziness.
but I really should not do it
@Wipqozn Well, that's just silly.
@Wipqozn There are only 3 sources for my games: Steam, Amazon, and Blizzard (and Blizzard is an exception only because their IP is nostalgic)
@StrixVaria :/
7:48 PM
@GnomeSlice If I can't be bothered to make an account somewhere else then the deal isn't good enough for the trouble, or I don't want the ame bad enough.
I use paypal everywhere so it's not really any easier anywhere. Would prefer Google Wallet but few places use it
@BenBrocka Do you keep a balance?
I really, really don't trust PayPal to hold my money for me.
No, I don't like having balances
7:48 PM
Same with me ^
I've used them to pay for things occasionally, but never anything else.
You don't actually hve to keep money in your paypal account.
I don't like having balances either
I only have one on Steam because of my translations
You can just have them use a credit card and you log in for every purchase with just password
7:49 PM
I thought that was a doge meme at first.
@3ventic Translations?
That's pretty neat.
That's a decent payout. How long did you actually spend doing translations?
7:53 PM
Dang, at best I could only help for that last 4% of german translations. And probably not even those
On average about half an hour a day for ~2 months
Retrobooster looks so good.
@BenBrocka wtf
7:54 PM
Excuse for art/merch
The Binding of Isaac is not even that good
I mean it's good
but I don't get what all the hype is about
@3ventic you get steam credit from helping with the translations there?
And why does that look like 10x50$?
err 9x50$+25$
Shrug I like Edmund's games since the old Newgrounds flash stuff
@BenBrocka They're good, but like... BoI is like ulta-popular.
@Lazers RIP Too Localized
7:56 PM
What's so special about it?
It's got pretty crazy replayability, interesting interactions. Not my fav game evar, but pretty neat
And Rebirth will finally fix lots of the item interactions
I guess the wealth of items is pretty cool.
You should play Hero Siege too.
I like the gameplay, I find the rest of it is repulsive
@Oak Sometimes, apparently approximately once in a year and a half.
@3ventic still nice
didn't know that

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