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5:08 AM
Q: Minecraft Forge 1.7 - Item List

drummerpSo, in Forge 1.6 and previous, if you wanted to get a list of all items available in the game, you could just do Items.itemList This would return an Item[], containing all the vanilla items and all the items added by other mods. The problem is, in 1.7, as part of the new changes to the block/i...

@Lazers This might be better suited to EE.SE
Q: Minecraft seeds multiplayer vs singleplayer

JoRoussI went to my multiplayer server and typed /seed: 2200642393142709666 I created a singleplayer world with this seed and went to the same location in both worlds. They are different..... Why? How can I generate my multiplayer map in singleplayer mode? Thank you! :)

Q: "Panna City" dream job?

GingerHas anyone gotten a bitizen whose dream job is Panna City Medicines? I haven't seen one yet despite having evicted and gotten a significant number of bitizens since I got PCM.

Why is this question gathering undelete votes?
Q: My Minecraft worlds won't load up on Magic Launcher

NathanI'm running 1.5.2, and I usually play offline, but lately my worlds just won't load up. The screen says it is downloading but after a while it says that minecraft has crashed. My worlds do work on the normal minecraft launcher.

5:23 AM
@Frank It's already undeleted, even.
I'm off to bed, Bridge.
That particular question is off topic only in a narrow-minded Wikipedia-style play-bureaucrat form of the phrase.
But that’s just my opinion.
If I knew it was deleted I would have voted to undelete it a lot earlier.
And then I guess I've voted to delete it again.
The question's not on-topic in any sense whatsoever. There's no reason to keep it around.
I think that one would have had to have been a mod undelete, maybe?
I cast the fifth undelete vote myself
Oh, I see.
That's a different one then, with a retroactive mod deletion.
5:31 AM
@Frank a shopping recommendation is broken because there are too many variables, not because it's "about shopping"
@NickT A shopping rec is broken because it's about a specific point in time.
"consider the voluminous amount of information you need to even begin properly answering a shopping question:

What is your budget?
Where do you live?
What are your preferences?
Which alternatives will you consider?
When do you want to buy?"
@Frank You could apply that argument to any answer on the site, because games can be patched. Where do you draw that line?
Strictly speaking, every minecraft question could be about a specific point of time.
Yes, because specific points in time is totally valid thing on the gaming site
e.g. ^
5:33 AM
@Brant When it asks for website/product recommendations.
Which is exactly what that is.
That said, I'm not chuffed if the community disagrees.
My question was about how specific a point in time a question has to apply to in order to be considered invalid, not the topic
Q: How can I determine what the current market value of my items are?

FrankBackground For the last few days, I've been attempting to figure out what my items current market value are, if anything. Attempts This is extremely hard to figure out, due to the auction house. I have attempted to input items into the in-game search, but with the limit of only three criteria...

@Brant It's not about specificities. It's about our expertise.
@Frank that question should have been closed, the AH is going away.
The intent of “no shopping recs” is because of the number of underlying problems that shopping recs have, not because somebody decided that anything mentioning shopping is bad
5:35 AM
We're gamers. We play games, and can be reasonably expected to know how to figure it out inside a game.
But too many people only read as far as DATA ACCEPTED: SHOPPING == VOTE TO CLOSE QUESTION and don’t stop to think about why Arqade exists: To help answer questions
By proxy though, we also have to buy games.
Or else it's also off topic for other reasons.
@NickT Good find. Yeah, I'm not sure what we do with outdated questions; we seem to be wonky about closing, or just leaving it alone.
@Unionhawk Yeah, but that has nothing to do with playing games.
@Frank I was trying to be hyperbolic about "question about feature X in game Y", because game Y receives updates, so feature X might be rendered moot later, so why bother asking at all
This site isn’t about playing games, it’s for passionate videogamers. That includes more than just playing them.
5:37 AM
@Frank nothing should be done with the question now...it's like a million other minecraft questions
@NickT And within a game, we can be reasonably expected to notice that.
@Brant No, that scope is far too broad.
It's not, "if it's tangentially related to video games, it's on-topic"
I tried to make the temporal context of my question clear (beyond timestamps), because it's after the kickstarter, after backing, after game release, and post-release...nothing seems ot be around
unrelated, close this
@Frank questions like the x360 controller mod aren't really ones I want on EE.SE...but people usually put that crap there anyways
Q: Converting a wireless 360 controller to wired

user68763I have a wireless Xbox 360 controller that batteries or rechargeables won't work, but the Play & Charge cord still works. I wanted to wire the controller with a USB from a broken wired controller. I know that the USB cable still works. I know how to wire it so that the controller will take powe...

I like to think of the ideal scope of the site like this: Imagine you have a friend who isn’t much of a gamer, but does play them from time to time. They come to you with a question. You tell your friend you don’t know the answer, but you know a great group of gamers who definitely do. That’s us.
@Brant And as long as it's about playing games, I've got no issues with it.
That's where we excel.
Not about anything under the sun related to video games.
5:41 AM
If we turn around and tell your friend “well, I know the answer, but that’s not really about playing them so I’m not going to help you” then we’re just jackasses.
@Frank Well we have established that in-universe lore is okay, much to your dismay.
And by "established", I of course mean the unicorn poop of consensus.
So in the specific case, if someone asks “what online store will give the developer the most money?”, and we know the answer to that question, why are we telling them to GTFO?
@Brant Because we don't know.
It's developer intent.
Sure we do, somebody posted an answer with references.
Or as close as you can get, with a developer = online store.
@Brant I see zero links in that answer.
5:44 AM
There’s one in the comments.
We have a single developer providing a reference. Not sure if I'd call that authoritative.
Well, okay, it’s a little thin, but it’s still better than no answer at all. “Don’t know” and “can’t know” aren’t really the same thing anyway.
@Unionhawk Well, lore's a real controversial issue, and our current compromise is pretty wonky.
3 mins ago, by Unionhawk
And by "established", I of course mean the unicorn poop of consensus.
But to get back to my original point: Just because it’s vaguely shopping-related or development-related doesn’t mean that it’s not a gaming question for gaming experts who can provide gaming answers.
5:46 AM
@Brant There's nothing vague about it.
I think those questions are outside our scope. And the one we're currently talking about most certainly is.
The Broken Age one, I'm willing to let the community decide.
It’s not a shopping question in this sense:
14 mins ago, by Nick T
"consider the voluminous amount of information you need to even begin properly answering a shopping question:

What is your budget?
Where do you live?
What are your preferences?
Which alternatives will you consider?
When do you want to buy?"
I don’t think it has any of those problems
@Brant In that sense, no. That refers to physical shopping.
Online, it's essentially a website recommendation.
It definitely is! What’s wrong with recommendation questions?
Yeah, that’s a facetious statement, I know.
Recommendation questions aren’t bad, but the problems that recommendation questions almost always have are bad, and that’s why we don’t like them.
But I don’t think the delivery platform question really suffers from any of those problems, at least not strongly enough to outweigh the usefulness of it (as indicated by the number of votes it has)
Anyway I’m kind of blathering and ranting because it’s past my bedtime and I’m kind of drowsy, I apologize for that
Q: Can't Dismiss Follower on Skyrim

SlaterHi there everyone i seem to have a little problem as i play through the Dragonborn DLC from Skyrim... Recently i've run into a problem that's beginning to frustrate me...and that is that i have a riekling hunter as a pet/follower as well as a custom one. I decided that i no longer needed the rie...

@Brant And I don't think knowing where to find or buy a video plays to our expertise. Yeah, we'd be able to answer it now, but what happens if the link dies? Answer's useless. We can't really be expected to notice that and keep it up to date, because as gamers, we're playing games, not constantly re-watching the same things over and over.
Now, if it's something that changes in a game, I think we can be expected to go, "Hey, this isn't right anymore. We should fix that."
@Brant What usefulness? There is zero utility to that question.
5:52 AM
All answers will become out of date on a long enough timeline. That’s why even anonymous users can suggest edits.
51 secs ago, by Frank
Now, if it's something that changes in a game, I think we can be expected to go, "Hey, this isn't right anymore. We should fix that."
@Frank I guess that’s the core point where we disagree. I think it’s a useful question because it’s one that I’ve often wondered about myself. Sometimes I have the opportunity to support a developer I like and I want to make sure as much of my money as possible goes to them.
@Brant And I think that's a noble goal.
I just don't think we have the capability to answer that in anything that doesn't approach speculation.
Short of buying it directly from the developer themselves.
I know what you mean. There are probably quite a few questions on the site that nobody can definitively answer. I just think it’s worth keeping those questions around on the off chance that I’m wrong, and someone comes along who can.
You make some good points though.
I should really go to bed.
@Brant Yeah, this Winnipeg cold is getting to me, too.
5:58 AM
6:16 AM
Q: Change the location of the Steam screenshots folder?

AradalfThere's an option in the "In-Game" tab in the Steam settings menu to change the screenshot folder, but it doesn't seem to do anything? I took a screenshot after changing the location through the settings and the screenshot still went to userdata/id/760/remote. Is there any way to change where Ste...

6:34 AM
Q: Tiny Death Star - New Levels Monday

NataliaDid anyone of you see the screen telling you new floors are available but then are not able to build any because there weren't any new floors? The latest update gave me 2 residential floors initially and supposedly more each Monday. But I haven't got any. Any clue? Thanks

6:50 AM
Q: more tar.gz questions

user246603Trying to install Catlateral Damage using the usual extracting and installing commands on the terminal, but it keeps tossing me annoying errors. Probably missing something obvious. Both the archive and the file are on my desktop. Note: the file created by extracting the archive starts out named t...

7:22 AM
Hey, should duplicate answers to a question be deleted?
@Chippies If they don't add anything new to the existing one, yes.
Q: What does the Crystal "Lockdown" power do?

Jonah BishopI finally managed to obtain my first Crystal crew member (finally!). I note that he has a "Lockdown" power, as shown in the screenshot below: What does this power do? None of the tooltips I've seen provide any explanation. When is this power useful?

I don't think I have the power to delete, so someone who does can deal with it :)
@Chippies Well, in this case, it adds something new, so it's fine.
Not much, but it does.
@5pike, mkay, if you say so.
Q: Xbox360 troubles

LaurenI purchased a new external hard drive for my Xbox and installed it. It completely wiped my hard drive and all progress on all games were removed. Now it is having trouble turning on...it stays on the loading screen and is not an internet connection problem. I've tried restarting it, taking out th...

7:40 AM
Q: Is there an effective counter to a hero's armor?

ahsteeleA warrior I was playing tonight was able to get their armor much higher than I would have liked. In Hearthstone a hero's armor is similar to a hero's health and since there is no practical limit to the amount of armor a hero can stack, his armor advantage became insurmountable. While I was being...

7:58 AM
Morning. kinda
I hate getting up this eatly.
@Arperum I might have stayed up until 11:30 playing minecraft. This was not such a good idea in retrospect
@KevinvanderVelden Only 11:30. I left the server around 1 AM, and got to bed around 2 AM. And then could sleep for a pretty long time. I think it was 3 AM by the time I slept.
@Arperum o.o
I would just die
And/or not wake up till 2PM
That's more likely I suppose =[
8:07 AM
@KevinvanderVelden I like that part of the plan. I've had a week break last week and never got to my bed before 3AM, so that might have helped in me being unable to sleep >_<
@Arperum could be
@KevinvanderVelden Even a full hour of blasting metal couldn't get me to a reasonably good mood today >_< way to tired
@Arperum Sounds like you messed up your sleep cycle...
@5pike I sure did.
@Arperum I have to go to the train station on my bike, the cold gets me awake pretty fast
8:11 AM
@KevinvanderVelden The music noramlly does so for me, not today.
8:39 AM
@KevinvanderVelden @5pike Hi!
Hey @spyder
@spyder OK, I guess...
Working so at best meh
@spyder Morning @spyder!
@Arperum hello
8:41 AM
@KevinvanderVelden This. If I have to be awake, I'd like to be playing minecraft at least.
AAAH I'm reading the transcript and reading something about a blue sun being cold and I JUST WANT TO CORRECT THEM
@KevinvanderVelden Isn't blue fire pretty damn hot fire?
@Arperum exactly
@KevinvanderVelden sun and cold should never be in the same sentence...
Or wel l no
That's a different reaction actually
That's a gas being oxidized, the gas burns blue in a complete burn
8:43 AM
@KevinvanderVelden So it's a clean fire.
Black body light is purely dependent on heat and at about 7000 kelvin starts being blue
Oh wait, huh
I have a bunch of things open right now.
Hmm no wikipedia is actually confirming me, kinda. 7000 kelvin is way to low for it to be blue though
@kalina all the time
Our sun gives the light of a ~6000 kelvin black body source, a blue sun would likely be a couple thousand kelvin hotter
Morning @kalina
8:46 AM
@kalina oh I see they finally killed the kalina over IP protocol.
only partially, there are still other issues that need resolving
@badp well they fixed the issue where the fires were random rather then controlled
They didn't stop the fires though, just made them reliable
@KevinvanderVelden One person's method is another company's random
Wouldn't want to accidentally burn down the house when no one is inside, that's just a waste!
8:49 AM
@KevinvanderVelden totally, what a waste of effort
these fires don't come cheap, you know
@kalina o/
it's physically and mentally draining to channel that much power at a single entity
I burned well over 9000 calories in the first few weeks of January by setting fire to things
I'd probably even sleep through it in my current state.
Q: Looking for First Person, Physics based, Puzzle games

Oxinabox Private Beta Notice: this question is a test question for Would video game related question be ontopic? I recently completed Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers, a Puzzle game, that revolves around it's physics engine. The main game mechanic is being able to slice various parts of the tera...

Does that make anybody else die a little inside?
@kalina no, it makes me happy someone else is dealing with that crap
8:52 AM
> Yuletide celebrates the feast of St. Yule "Be Sorry" Brenner. Brenner used to go from house to house in Seaside Town throwing flaming logs through the windows of sinners, to remind them of the flames of hell and encourage them to repent. After Brenner committed suicide by stabbing himself repeatedly in the back, then throwing himself to wild dogs, the denizens of Loathing began the custom of gathering around a flaming log every Dougtember, roasting marshmallows, and telling ghost stories.
@KevinvanderVelden it's still a Stack Exchange site
@kalina one I will very carefully not me an account :)
So cute, I want one:
@fredley I should log in more, KoL is getting on a backburner again here.
@Arperum no. Play more minecraft
8:53 AM
I gave up on Fallen London
@kalina Is this a "suggest games that fit a category" question?
@kalina Fallen London is dull
I'm stuck in a loop with the boatman
@5pike on software recommendations SE though
@5pike yes it is
I, being me, have answered it twice
with Portal/Portal 2 and Antichamber
8:54 AM
software recommendations SE ... sounds like opinions
@KevinvanderVelden I will once I get home from work. about 98% certainty. I leave 2% for random events preventing me from playing.
I don't like that
actually, the community involved is spending a lot of time defining where the bar for minimum quality level is
I actually think it might end up working
there is an incredible amount of crap on there already though
one liners where somebody has googled
@5pike sounds like some kind of forum, not SE
saying things like "first result on google is <something>"
all of that stuff will die before it makes it out of private beta though
8:56 AM
@kalina Yeah. You have to hope that new people will actually read the guidelines.
But knowing humans, they won't and you end up with "Recommend me X please"
@5pike I believe the idea is that it will be moderated with a very heavy hand
@kalina It better.
Everything is Terrible, #2,142,148
Q: Full screen games either crash or auto minamize while in play?

Brock GonsoulinWeather im running Dota 2 or Skyrim ill be playing fine then bam it will freeze up in the case of skyrim it will freeze for a few seconds then ussually allow me to continue playing but in the case of dota 2 it will completly crash IDK why and its really annoying cause it was not doing this 3 days...

Everything is Terrible, #2,142,149
8:56 AM
It's not like they're going to be short on traffic
@badp O_o
@badp Flappy bird clone with payment? Jesus
Is it just me or is Claim your reward* here (no explanation on the * anywhere)a terrible thing?
As people look fruitlessly for Flappy Bird, "Fly Birdie - Flappy Bird Flyer" becomes the #1 Free App. And down we go: http://t.co/1tSNEKUQT9
8:58 AM
@badp Disgusting, but expectable.
Very much disgusting.
You noticed, that they switched Cancel and OK? Fiendish...
It's consistent with OK/Continue :P
Aside of the disgusting, there is also the part where the twitter icon is murdered into something not following twitter rules for links.
I thought the half-upside-down facebook icon was enough twitter murder.
9:01 AM
damn, somebody stole the idea I had while dreaming lastnight
@badp Yea, it's pretty bad, I kinda hope twitter goes angry at them for that at least.
I have got to act faster on these things
since flappy bird itself is just a clone who cares
i could not care less for all the kids who do not know good old games
their money shall burn
@Wandang A clone of a clone doesn't make it better.
It's also misusing a competitors name. or ex-competitor.
And it's not only the cloning part that is terrible, it's the blatant moneywhoring that makes it disgusting.
9:08 AM
the mechanics of flappy bird came from a helicoptergame, flash game from 1998 ಠ_ಠ
@Wandang That wasn't on mobile though.
@5pike because people are to dumb to jailbreak their phone
or buy one to jailbreak it
or just let them be dumb
@Wandang Because people don't know you can just download the app elsewhere...
I bet there are tons of torrents for flappy bird already.
@5pike i am not familiar with iOS. i assume you need a jailbreak to load apps not from the app store
@Wandang Yeah, probably, IDK
9:10 AM
and that was my first post "to dumb to jailbreak their phones"
just make a game with shitty controls and get famous
QWOP is no exception. it is plain bad but free
@Wandang Yeah, but QWOP is bad on purpose. IDK if flappy bird falls under this category.
@Wandang @5pike Yes, unless you have a iOS developer account and are creating said game
@KevinvanderVelden yeah you can distribute to 100 devices
@Wandang I think that's only the amount of free keys you get if it's on the store
Could be wrong though, not a mobile dev
9:20 AM
@kalina ಠ_ಠ
@kalina that is some sick nightmare fuel there
@KevinvanderVelden no. i as an developer can put my app on 100 devices avoiding the store
@kalina And so it begins
I don't even know how to use Linux
@Wandang okay
9:21 AM
@KevinvanderVelden Or it is an app that is released via a business plan thingy, forgot the exact name. But it's aimed for internal usage in a company.
@kalina but you know something 90% of people do not, how to use the googlez
@fredley on next week's episode: #1 user on Stack Overflow for the week
some companies buy extra licences to distribute to 1000 devices . those apps are for worker of a company only
that is some nightmare fuel right there
@Arperum Just got Silver Wossname! :D
9:22 AM
@fredley Congrats! Did you do any sidequests? or just the plain old 2k manual kills?
@Arperum All of them
@kalina you restored my faith. i was surprised you knew linux. and then you didnt
7 kills on each side, then all sidequests, then 124 kills each side
@Wandang good surprised or bad surprised?
@fredley Fancy, I got it by just killing them all manually.
9:22 AM
I surprise a lot of people at times
you are always so good
@Arperum Wow, effort
@fredley World of Warcraft is a lot of effort
@kalina I never said it wasn't
@fredley yea, possibly even during a hardcore ascension, don't know anymore, it's a long time ago.
9:24 AM
@fredley I never said you did
@Arperum I've not tried hc yet, might do next time
isn't it like a month now until the D3 expansion is released?
@fredley It's fun, no external help at all though.
oh btw, alpha 2 of Elite Dangerous is so fun
a little buggy
@Arperum Not that I use much now
9:25 AM
but fun nevertheless
@kalina a month and 15 days IIRC.
I really should preorder the goddamn thing already. stupid lazy me.
@Arperum Bla, diablo
I don't get the pointless grinding of that game
Also my hands are to cold to type properly
It's annoying, they're cold so they move slower but my brain is used to the regular speed so my fingers are going down before they're at the right position ><
@KevinvanderVelden My brain is currently floating in the area of near-death.
@Arperum do what I do! Get more hot tea
That always solves everything
Go away spam limiter D:
@KevinvanderVelden I got three cups of hot chocolat milk already, no tea available, and I hate coffee.
9:30 AM
@Arperum no tea sounds horrible, coffee is the worst.
But yeah, the chocolate milk thingy our machine makes is ... not very tasty
@KevinvanderVelden It's acceptable, but I think the fact that I'm still not sugar-rushing is saying something.
Q: Are there any wired (gaming) controllers that "just work" or natively support Linux/Ubuntu?

Gregory OperaPretty much as the title suggests, are there any wired (gaming) controllers that "just work" or natively support Ubuntu "out-of-the-box"? Having spent plenty of time fighting (ongoing) battles with Ubuntu, it'd be nice to have something that is natively supported or "just works" for a change... ...

@Arperum If you don't like coffee (or haven't got the time to drink some) go and get some caffeine pills.
@5pike I'm at a client right now. And horribly behind shedule already >_<
@Arperum Well, you can get some after work. They shouldn't be that expensive. I keep some in my car (somewhere), for emergencies.
9:39 AM
Q: Is this site http://www.latestgames2.com is save and secure for browsing and downloading games and software?

user246639Is this site http://www.latestgames2.com is save and secure for browsing and downloading games and software please answer this question quickly i want to download some game demos from there.

@5pike Meh, I'll just be sleepy/at quarter power or something like that.
@GamingTopicsFromOutside Kind of looks like spam for the requested site.
A: Is this site http://www.latestgames2.com is save and secure for browsing and downloading games and software?

JohnYes this site is very safe but you must have a proper updated antivirus for more security

@Arperum the site is a warez site so flag it regardles
Best answer ever.
@KevinvanderVelden No AU account, and cba right now to associate my account to it. to much work.
@Arperum flagged it for diamond attention :)
@KevinvanderVelden I also like how they made two users to make it look authentic and real.
I expect both users to be in the spamdeal.
9:45 AM
@Arperum 2 one rep users being created and then involved in the same question in 5 minutes?
Yeah that seems legit
@fredley How do most of these expect to get away with max $100 for making a game?
Well, "making a game".
@Arperum To be fair, that's probably what it would have 'cost' to make Flappy Birds a few weeks ago.
A few hours of a student's time.
Q: Missions counter stuck

AndalurWhen I visit the Rocksmith 60 day challenge website, the missions completed count always remains the same since a few weeks... Other stats such as the days completed, total song attempts etc. are not affected. Is there a workaround for this?

Q: You're doing it all wrong!

animusonBefore this proposal went into beta, Tim Post laid out some ground rules on Area 51. If you haven't read them yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. The problem, a lot of you guys aren't following them, and it's really bringing down the overall quality of a just-blooming site. It's beginning to ...

9:59 AM
Q: Do I Need to Patch Skyrim (ES Anthology set)

NitrogueI recently purchased the Elder Scrolls Anthology box set which includes Skyrim (Legendary edition) along with its 3 DLCs for PC. My question is, despite Skyrim 1.9 version, do I still need to install the Unofficial Skyrim Patch? And also, is it advisable to be patching the 3 other DLCs as well? ...

> [...] It's beginning to look an awful lot like Yahoo! Answers.
@5pike oO what ermergencies do require caffeine pills?
@Wandang Emergencies that prevent you from acquiring coffee.
Late night drives
Coffee machine broken
hahahahahaha @fredley
that link... omg . everyone wants to hop onto the bad game train apparently
@5pike does your face turn to your avatar too?
before you realize you have emergency pills? :D
Q: Panna City Medicines Dream Job Found!!! :)

NataliaSorry for posting the same issue again. I just don't have enough reputation to comment on the existing ones, but wanted to share this information with everyone else anyway. :)

10:12 AM
@Wandang I ... what?
if you get grumpy not having caffee
my english is bad sorry
@Wandang Ah, ok. Yeah, I get a bit grumpy.
i am still waiting for a flappy hitler game
10:13 AM
@Wandang Recommend it on 4chan. You should get results fast.
@5pike rule 1 and 2 ಠ_ಠ
@Wandang The only rules that still matter are 34 and 35
i brb getting some coffee
mmm coffee
@5pike how about 85: If it exists there is a pony of it. ?
10:22 AM
@spyder That must be a new one. Seems to be true
Q: Is this site http://www.latestgames2.com is save and secure for browsing and downloading games and software?

user246639Is this site http://www.latestgames2.com is save and secure for browsing and downloading games and software please answer this question quickly i want to download some game demos from there.

I think this question is for gaming.stackexchange.comAvatar Parto 40 mins ago
It might be for spam.SE though. ;)
Q: Civil war faction’s relationships edit?

Agnot2006Ok This is my fourth try and I’m a bit fed up each time I go through the quest Season Unending I think I have chosen the neutral rout (I even followed a walkthrough on one occasion outcome was score 3-3) but after I finish the main quest and killed Alduin and start clearing bandits from forts e...

@kalina That things looks so much like spam that has somewhat adjusted to the SE model.
10:26 AM
that's a dangerous thought
"high quality spam"
spam so good it doesn't even look like spam anymore
When spam is so good that it's actually useful contribution, I don't really care anymore
@kalina Not the high quality, more the Q&A thing, the user who answere it is also a new user, so I'm assuming both were made by the same spammer to make it look look.
> make it look look.
look look look look look look
buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo
10:28 AM
@3ventic looooooooooooooooooooooooooook
I can't count.
Luckily someone came up with replacing numbers with letters in math
@3ventic Count to three, then restart, do that as long as needed.
Hello Everyone
@Arperum What if I work for Valve?
@3ventic I'm assuming you start again after 2?
10:31 AM
@Ved Hi!
Anyone can say why this account was temporary suspended ? (I got curious).
10:42 AM
@Michel I heard he got suspended for using sockpuppets.
I don't think there is a "log" to "normal-users" to see the reason the banishment or punishment for other user
Voting irregularities if I recall correctly
@5pike HOW DARE HIM!
@3ventic o.O ?You mean voting dammed "bad" posts ?
I don't know what counts as irregularities
I assume sockpuppetry and/or serial voting users
But again, only moderators would know and I don't think they're allowed to share that information
10:46 AM
The soclpuppetry I understand ... but the irregularity on the vote I would like an explanation ...
Juggling gif of the day:
user image
@Michel Repeated sockpuppeting. Sockpuppeting is voting irregularities.
@Arperum Oh ...
He was first suspended for a shorter time, after that suspension, more sockpuppetry happened. Or at least multiple people thought it was sockpuppetry.
@Michel Well, Owning sockpuppets is allowed, voting your other accounts up isn't.
@Michel What do you mean by damned "bad" posts?
@fredley I can't help but wonder how many times they failed when trying to get that.
@Arperum Doesn't matter, they got an epic gif out of it
10:52 AM
@fredley True.
@kalina also the site in this spam is a warez site so on those grounds alone it should be removed
@Arperum um, no?
@badp True, the upvoting yourself part is though.
6 mins ago, by Arperum
@Michel Well, Owning sockpuppets is allowed, voting your other accounts up isn't.
@Arperum Yes.
@fredley Sweden?
10:57 AM
@badp I assume answering your socks questions and accepting them isn't allowed either?
@Arperum Sounds about right to me. If you're using sockpuppets to work around the system, rather than hiding your shame for having to ask about Barbie Magic Hair we'd love to learn about it.
@Arperum I'd have thought that accounts with the same owner shouldn't be interacting with each other in any way.

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