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12:00 AM
It looks sweet.
@Frank Is it going to be a permanent lifestyle change for him or just while he's recovering?
@FAE Probably permanent; his kidneys almost failed completely on him.
@Frank Ah, gotcha. Hopefully, in a few years, he can get back to somewhat of the same level.
@FAE I suspect he's hoping the same.
12:06 AM
@Frank What was the cause? Congenital stuff or...?
@FAE He apparently got a viral infection in his lungs, and compunded with his diabetes...
@Frank Yiiiiikes.
My god, if that error message says failure, I'll be pissed
Nope, just telling me to remove the flash drive.
Q: I cant find my bin folder! in windows 7 and 1.7.4

LizzyI was trying to install a mod in minecraft then i noticed i don't have one Im using windows 7 and i'm in 1.7.4.

@GnomeSlice I will. I'm used to having to do this for prog albums.
12:26 AM
@Brant -1 for instructions not being in doge.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm pretty sure when I asked an ESO question it got downvoted into oblivion due to still being under NDA
@kalina To be fair, you also very publicly announced your intent to break the NDA.
along with some remark about me using the wrong tag
12:32 AM
Q: How Can I Trigger a Event in GTA 5?

BIG PIMP MACDADDY69I keep going to the strip club in single player, because I saw on a video on YouTube there was topless lesbian strippers in the strip club if you got a private dance. and I can't get the 2 lesbian strippers or the topless ladies with big tits. How can I get this event to trigger? Please help, I r...

@Lazers Can we burn this guy already?
@Frank But there's probably a cheat code or something to do it, and wasn't everyone arguing just the other day that stuff that requires cheats are OK as questions???!?!
@Powerlord look at the user's other contributions
@kalina You realize I was being sarcastic, right?
@Powerlord ... Really, now?
12:35 AM
you didn't use sarcasm markup, so no
@Powerlord That didn't come off as sarcasm to me.
It did to me. Doesn't make it any better.
OK, maybe I should have included ??? or ???!?!? to make it more obvious
</sarcasm> would suffice
@Frank was pretty much the only one of us snarky folks who wasn't involved in that discussion yesterday ...
12:38 AM
@FEichinger Eh? Dare I ask?
@FEichinger Am I a snarky person?
Q: How do I open locked chests?

YukiI've encountered two blue chests so far in the game and they both read "Locked" whenever I try to open them. I haven't found any chest keys or other such items, so how am I supposed to unlock these treasures and exploit their valuable goods?

@FEichinger Given that I don't remember that question, I guess I'm not considered a snarky person.
I guess I'm not either
12:40 AM
By "snarky folks" I mean the people who, given the opportunity, would jump right at the argument.
and I'm not one of those people?
TIL I'm calm and reserved and would never jump right into an argument
@kalina That's not what I said.
You certainly don't jump into every argument, though.
Unlike me. I love arguments. Pointless arguments on the Internet are fun.
@Frank Dealt with.
12:42 AM
@AshleyNunn Yay!
@FEichinger I don't think that's the definition of "snarky" though.
Yay, working desktop again!
@Yuki No, but the manner in which we do is!
And I need to shutdown so I can reinstall second hard drive.
Take that, Microsoft! It only took $120 to bend you to my will!
12:49 AM
@spugsley, @spugsley, and baby-punching?
death, taxes, and if there is a cannoli spugsley is gonna eat the fuck out of it
Close enough.
cannoli. Anytime. All the day. Every day. All the day. I want them all. I will eat them. Nom nom nom
12:52 AM
@FAE Mind the gap
Yes, that is cannoli inside of cannoli. The size of a man's arm.
12:54 AM
WHY U DO DIS!?!?!?!?!?!?
@kalina Or Schiphol's "Mind Your Step" in this weird accent that's not quite mechanical and not quite English sounding.
I don't think I've ever had a cannoli.
@FAE inb4 @spugsley raeg
@FAE if you ever have the chance, do it and know that heaven does in fact exist
See, the moment things start to sound mechanical, I start to get freaked out.
@FAE I'm actually googling what it is already
12:55 AM
it sounds tasty
Huh. Should've inb4'd @LessPop_MoreFizz raeg, not @spugsley
I've been sniffing this cannoli for ten minutes. Eating it means it'll be gone
you should have just inb4 rage
They're not a thing I have ever even seen served anywhere near me
12:55 AM
...I really need to stop listening to Lorde's Royals.
@AshleyNunn I'm gonna grab some dinner and then we can do singing!
@Yuki Wooootsauce
@AshleyNunn yeah I can't say I've ever seen anywhere selling them either
@FAE I to have never eaten a cannoli
I don't know why this song is was stuck in my head even before I loaded it up on Youtube.
12:56 AM
Nor do I think ever seen one in real life
Bla, why am I entering chat it is late and my brain is slowly but surely shutting down
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so I've not eaten a lot of sweet pastry type things. Also I don't think they sell them here in the Netherlands anywhere I know of. I'm not sure they were anywhere I grew up either.
Q: How can I tell whether or not equipment is metal?

StrixVariaI have just made it to Troia in search of the earth crystal, but I have been told that a dark elf stole it and hid it away with him in a magnetically charged cave. Because of this, metal equipment will render me immobile while in the cave. The problem is, I have no idea what's metal and what isn...

@KevinvanderVelden Go sleep.
Oh. Women's Moguls is tonight. THANKS FOR SPOILING IT @MBraedley D:
@FAE the best thing is that cannolis aren't super super sweet :)
12:57 AM
Good plan @FAE!
I'm ordering fancy things for my showwwww <3
clamp lights
and hanging implements
Also argh, I accidentally spoiled the winner of Season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race for myself. >_<
@FAE Oh yuck I hate when stuff like that happens :(
@spugsley ooooh
@AshleyNunn yissss fancy thingsssss
1:00 AM
@AshleyNunn I was looking up some stuff on Hedwig and the Angry Inch and it was there. :(
@FAE Boooooooooo
Neil Patrick Harris is going to be starring in that on Broadway and I want to see it so badly.
But alas. :(
@FAE What show is this?
I live close to Broadway.
@StrixVaria Hedwig and the Angry Inch
I guess that's new.
I haven't heard of it.
1:02 AM
@StrixVaria Old actually. It was originally written as a rock opera for stage by John Cameron Mitchell and was turned into a movie.
During opening week at NYU when I was very briefly there, they did a showing of the film and John Cameron Mitchell came and did a Q&A afterwards. I got to ask him a question and he autographed my arm. :D
He's very short.
Okay, dinner was pretty short.
Just a bowl of noodles.
It doesn't open until April on Broadway.
@spugsley Wait, @spugsley's going to hang people at her exhibition? Sounds exciting.
@FAE Which means tickets are probably sold out through July.
@Yuki lol yes it's a living art show
I will hang people
because art
1:05 AM
@FAE If it's any consolation, I spoiled Attack on Titan for myself. :(
@spugsley If you're going to hang people, I don't think it should be called living art.
Guys, I haven't played a single game today.
@Frank me either
It's been a pretty busy day, for a guy without a job.
@StrixVaria Here's the official website if you want to keep an eye on it. Not sure if it'd be your thing.
1:06 AM
I'm sat here debating what game I want to play
@kalina Dark Souls.
Greetings from the skies!
I've narrowed it down to a choice between Mass Effect 3, Elite: Dangerous alpha 2, and Elder Scrolls Online
@StrixVaria It's got some pretty great music though and c'mon... Neil Patrick Harris.
What game is the "Nights Watch" room (on Mumble) supposed to be for?
@DavidM Hello!
1:07 AM
@Yuki It doesn't say in the notes?
@DavidM Will you be getting magic skyjuice?
@FAE NPH is enough for me to want to see it with no other information.
@FAE Doesn't have notes.
In fact, it's the only room that doesn't.
I'm going to do none of those things and instead watch S1E13 of Agents of SHIELD
@Fluttershy Nope. :(
1:08 AM
@FAE Oh. :( Okay.
@spugsley How u feeling?
@DavidM almost back to normal :) Just watching what I eat
giving things time to heal
@spugsley Smart.
Man, WTF did I do with my time before in-flight wifi????
@Unionhawk No, women's moguls was this afternoon. You're late.
@StrixVaria It's fairly well known in the queer community. I want to see it on Broadway so baaaaaaad. </whine>
Like, I squee with delight even thinking about the fact that this is a thing.
1:14 AM
@DavidM Hello, user of Magical Sky Internet.
@AshleyNunn Wait, is that you in the root room (Ara)?
@Yuki Mhm
I totally forget how to use mumble, though :P
@AshleyNunn I think you have to switch to another room (double-click) because the root room is perma-muted.
Q: What are the maximum levels for the village shops?

CyberSkullWhat are the maximum levels I can upgrade the Norende village shops to in Bravely Default?

Q: Does time in Norende pass for other players?

CyberSkullMy sister and I are playing Bravely Default on my 3DS. A big concern for us is if time is passing for only the player who is loaded or all players of the game. Is time passing only for the player with the loaded game or does time in Norende pass for all players?

1:15 AM
Okay, rooms switched :D
Particularly during previews.
Q: What do I do with the mechanical pig?

BrantI've hunted down and defeated the mechanical pig, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do next. How do I proceed? (The QR code on the side tells me what I need to do, but I don't know how to do it.)

@Yuki Movie nights are the best!
@Fluttershy Actually, we're doing sing-alongs, but close enough.
1:25 AM
@Yuki :o
Speaking of singing... @spugsley, I believe you owe me a song!
@Fluttershy :o I do?!?!?!
@spugsley Yep! I think. You were gonna vocaroo a thing. But I forget what. Or why.
@Fluttershy :o well. We'll see
Dec 23 '13 at 4:38, by spugsley
@Fluttershy if I had my mic I would sing you a song and send it to you <3
@Fluttershy but why?!?!
1:27 AM
@spugsley I don't know!
But you said it, so it must be important.
@Blem Aww! It thinks it's people!
@Fluttershy It's watching The Lion King
@Blem That looks like the skinnier version of my mom's one cat :P
@MBraedley Well, blame NBC
1:32 AM
Yay, pretty much back up and running. That took far too long, (and too much money).
@Unionhawk That's easy. I was doing that a bunch last 2 olympics
The installer has been like this for 5 minutes. That's not normal, is it?
@MBraedley Probably not, no
It was fine with me force quitting it. Things seem to be working properly
1:48 AM
Okay, fuck the final boss in Valdis Story.
@MBraedley "Create shortcut"... I'm gonna die
....why do I always hear "I'm gonna die" in the voice of the little girl from Despicable me?
@AshleyNunn And any time I hear "Despicable Me" I think, "IT'S SO FLUFFY!"
@Fluttershy <3
I just installed the Vines app on my phone
instant brain damage
1:58 AM
Warning: super cute
chromium sucks...

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