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12:28 AM
Q: Screenshot of the week #63 has the wrong game tag, but the tag for the game doesn't exist. How can this get fixed?

LexibuttScreenshot of the week #63 is labelled as being from the game super-mario-3d-allstars which is the game that the screenshot predating it (SSOTW #62) came from, I would have fixed this myself however a psychonauts-2 tag does not exist. Should I have instead used the psychonauts tag? Where can I go...

1:10 AM
Q: Any solution to play Roblox on Linux?

YourLocalRobloxianHas anyone figured out how to play Roblox on Linux? I’m looking for solutions and would love to hear your experiences or advice. Any help is welcome.

9 hours later…
10:16 AM
twitter.com/AKBrews/status/1782862006497997289 I didn't know it was possible to violate spaghetti this hard
cc @badp
Is he even around anymore?
5 hours later…
3:36 PM
@Nzall That needs a content warning
7 hours later…
11:04 PM
Q: What's the purpose of Wormskin Folios?

pinckermanI collected one while doing a Nexus mission on an infected planet. The wiki says that there are more of these collectibles out there, so I suppose I can find the others in the same method. But then? Are they a lore element? Or maybe related to a quest? What am I supposed to do with Wormskin Folio...


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