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1:00 PM
> forcey fun time "rape"
@5pike There's one about 3/4 of the way down that ruins the whole thing.
@3ventic That'd be the one.
I'm the only one who appears to be in the office today (though it's still early). I wonder if we're still on holiday.
@Sterno I'm working from home today because I expect my office is the same way.
I think a lot of people here are taking today and tomorrow off with vacation time so they could have a big chunk off from Dec 22 - Jan 2
Yeah, the way our holidays were set up you could use 3 vacation days to get 12 consecutive days off, so about 75% of employees did that.
Having just started, I didn't have 3 vacation days to use.
1:05 PM
I used to always do that. Then I had a kid. Now I never have paid time off left by the end of the year.
The office here is pretty empty too.
The only developers are myself and the other newish guy. We both started 2 months ago, so we don't have vacation time yet.
Am I the only one around here who's still a student?
Mind you our developer team is only 4 people, so I suppose that's not saying much.
@3ventic No. @RonanForman is still a student. I think he's like 12 or something.
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF @kalina passed me in the top users overall list :(
I guess this is what happens when you stop asking and answering questions.
Q: xbox downloadable game characters

GeorgeI was just wondering does anyone know the characters microsoft do or don't use for downloadable games as I think its different compared to xbox live memberships and ms point cards Thanks

1:10 PM
@MechanicalLoon I bet if you played more monster hunter you'd have more questions.
@Wipqozn My problem is that I figure out the answers to my own questions before asking them.
@MechanicalLoon That's not a problem. That's an opportunity.
@MechanicalLoon I do that sometimes as well.
@Sterno I just need to actually spend time asking and answering my own questions then.
1:12 PM
I used to do it a lot, but I've gotten better at trying to just ask on the site instead of looking it all up myself. Sometimes people come up with solutions which are better than you find on wikis and random forums.
I'm playing through Ocarina of Time now so that should hopefully be a good source of questions.
@MechanicalLoon Your first time playing?
@MechanicalLoon The 3D edition?
@Wipqozn Since I was a kid. I never got past the water temple before, and I only got that far once.
@PrivatePansy Yeah.
@MechanicalLoon I love the Water Temple.
1:15 PM
@Wipqozn I'm in Jabu-Jabu's belly right now, and I'm fairly certain I've only ever fought the boss here once. Everything after this is going to be like playing it the first time.
Like I know what all the temples look like from speed runs, but I don't know how to actually complete them.
Q: How do you deal with these jellyfish?

Mechanical LoonI just got into Jabu-Jabu's belly, and there's annoying enemies all over the place. Jellyfish are only one among them. Two others I've seen are bubbles and floating lamprey-ish guys. If I attack any of them with my sword, I take damage. They are all immune to my slingshot. How do I deal with the...

Q: How do you get the pieces of heart on the way to Zora's Domain?

Mechanical LoonOn the way up towards Zora's Domain from the central overworld area, there's a long river with a lot of paths over it. I saw 2 pieces of heart on my way up, but couldn't figure out how to get either of them. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the chicken, but I can't figure out how to ge...

I fell behind in my hatting. Now I'm free of having to care!
Sorry @mechanicalloon
Just doing my thing
So, I headed to my parents over the holiday. My dad has a PS3, so I copied my Saints Row IV save from my PS3 so that I could keep playing it there.
Turns out, you can't use your SR4 save on a different PS3
That's beyond stupid.
@Sterno I'll be the judge of that.
1:21 PM
Or maybe I needed to copy the profile too, and then it would have worked. The reason why it wouldn't let me was unclear, other than "This save isn't associated with this profile, so you can't use it"
Either way, making it harder to play a single player game is dumb
Euro Truck Simulator is $6.24 this sale but was $4.99 last sale. That's not how it's supposed to work.
I'll hold out for American Truck Simulator. The metric system frightens and confuses me.
@MechanicalLoon The DLC is on sale, too, this time.
@FEichinger Oh interesting.
@MechanicalLoon Yeah, double checked your post. I double checked the3 wiki. There were a couple other ways.
1:23 PM
American trucks are just big cars, not lorries
It's been a while since I'e played, so I forgot deku sticks and nuts worked on them.
@kalina Well, it's not called Lorrie Simulator, is it?
I think the American version is called Microsoft monster truck madness
Ugh, I was expecting to be able to grab a quick bagel from our snack shop today only to find out our snack shop guy didn't show today
You must mean lorry
Silly American
1:24 PM
I don't feel the need to spell nonsensical words correctly.
Well you better
I see we were talking about classified information earlier.
A) I don't like that my own views increase the view count on a question
Technically, this notepad over here discussing stuff I'm working right now is considered classified information, it just doesn't require a security clearance.
@powerlord sssh
1:28 PM
B) I don't like that it's been 12 days on a question with no votes, answers, and only 11 views (until just now when I looked) and I didn't get the tumbleweed badge.
@Sterno They're so stingy with views, though. If you view your question a bunch of times in a row it still only counts as 1 view.
Poor you @sterno
I got that hat already
because information on this notepad could potentially allow people to disrupt the 9-1-1 emergency system.
On android enthusiasts
@kalina I am unclear as to why I failed.
1:29 PM
Q: How can I make sure I don't miss my party member's sidequests?

SternoIn Avadon 1, each companion had a loyalty mission which would cement them to your side. It appears as if Avadon 2 has the same concept. I'm playing a Blademaster, and want a Blademaster/Tinkermage/Mage party, so my other two members are always Yannick and Alcander. I stumbled upon Alcander's ques...

@sterno interesting
Must have had a comment or vote on it at some point
The only way I can see that being the case if if someone specifically did it to be a jerk and immediately undid it.
Well it's too late to do anything about it now
1:31 PM
Which I guess is possible
Let me find a violin small enough for this occasion
I don't really care about the badge. My hat caring ended a week ago. At this point I'm curious about why it didn't trigger.
@sterno people were messing with me with random down votes too
Looking through recent tumbleweed awards, some have up to 30 views
But shrug
1:33 PM
@kalina Did you ever manage to get that, or did the downvotes continue?
@kalina That's probably it. I remember mentioning in chat I had a question that was a candidate. I guess someone hunted it down for the lulz.
@Sterno It was probably SkyDrift. She's probably angry you didn't get her that super special present for Christmas.
Nah I it it in the end
@Wipqozn She kind of hates me right now for repeatedly forcing medicine down her throat, so maybe.
@sterno that's why I went off site to get it
1:35 PM
@Sterno Is she feeling better? I recall you mentioning she was sick.
@Wipqozn Yeah, much better.
She had pneumonia, which for a while required lots of drugs at frequent intervals, all of which she had to be held down for.
It was kind of like baby waterboarding
@Sterno I probably shouldn't have laughed at that but I did.
It's a pretty sad sight. I tell her it's time for medicine and she'll run and try to hide. When I grab her, she'll say "noooo! nooo!" and then basically cry, squirm away, try to spit up the medicine while we very slowly administer it via medicine dropper to the back of her throat while she's pinned
However, you get over it seeming awful pretty fast, because you know she could just open her damn mouth and swallow it and be done in like 3 seconds if she wasn't stubborn
Yay kids
That sure does sound like a terrible experience for everyone involved.
She's also over it about 20 seconds later.
1:42 PM
Kids are the worst.
Guys, you know what?
2 days left until the new year.
Oh my. I think we all know what that means.
Sterno will begin posting Rebecca Black videos again!
I'm considering a resolution of only referring to @OrigamiRobot as @Butterscotch.
@Sterno Do it. It'll be hilarious.
you could make use of the edit trick so it pings him too.
Like this, @Sternold.
1:50 PM
I would have to be careful to never reply directly. Probably too much effort.
My hand hurts so much.
2 days ago, by OrigamiRobot
I hate you all
He ragequit after he said that.
@ErraticFox Nice trace! Not sure if some of the shapes were necessary though
The figure would be cleaner and more recognisable if you remove some of the shading on the wing, I feel
Those are not the final colors. Some stuff will go.
Most of the shapes are for cutting out.
I'll show you after I'm done. It's suppose to be able to be one color for that flat icon look.
1:54 PM
@Sterno I knew you cared.
Morning, bridge!
@Fluttershy Morning, vampire!
@ErraticFox Not sure if you have to go that flat
I should change my name to Flutterbat.
1:56 PM
Removing too many colors and it becomes difficult to recognise
@PrivatePansy it has to be that flat :\
Oh hey, not bad
See what I mean? :\
Although, really, if you drop the background there would be a few which would be unrecognisable
Thus why it is there. c;
2:02 PM
inb4 lies
@PrivatePansy Think of it like this. Most people will use this for their desktop icons and/or Windows 8 Start Screen. If they can't tell what the icon is from without the background, there's a high chance of them not even taking the time to change the icon for that specific game.
Oh facny. IE6 worldwide usage is down to 4.9%. Most of that still comes from China, was expected.
Seriously, china, wtf? 22% of china is still using IE6.
@PrivatePansy Here is the final: puu.sh/63vif.png
@Wipqozn You know what's sad? All IE6 users are Windows XP users.
As far as I'm concerned Winodws XP is the new IE6.
2:18 PM
You know what pisses me off? When you see people complaining that didn't make such and such a game compatible with windows XP.
It's 2013. Upgrade to a modern OS.
People are basically the worst.
I'm really worried that people are still stuck with XP 12 years after release
No other operative system ever has been or will be supported for 12 years.
The closest think I can think of is RHEL
People seem ridiculously conservative when it comes to their computer systems.
"It's been working for the past X years, so why should I change?"
@Yuki That's because they plain refuse to learn something new.
to be fair, a new computer isn't exactly cheap.
I'm kind of glad that Windows XP has this implicit timebomb in the Windows Update mechanism
2:22 PM
@Wipqozn Er....what?
@5pike You disagree?
@Wipqozn Yeah, I can get a good office computer for 350 ~ 500 no problem.
@5pike which is quite a bit of money to throw down for "something which has been working for the past X years".
@Wipqozn Yeah it is for a lot of people
@Wipqozn is it?
2:23 PM
@badp For a lot of people, yes.
depends on how long it lasts
@Wipqozn I think I get what you want to say
Good morning, Bridge.
@Wipqozn What do a lot of people per per month pay for their cell contracts?
@5pike See, that's the problem of perspective. For those of us that know computers, 350-500 probably isn't a lot of money. But for someone who doesn't, you're talking about spending a quarter to half a thousand dollars.
2:24 PM
A 500$ computer that only lasts 12 months comes up at 42$/mo
I could toss down $500 no problem, but I also don't have mortgage payments, a family to look after, a new car to pay off, tommy and susies hockey gear, medical bills (if you live in the USA)....
My understanding is that people are willing to throw down a lot more for their cable tvs and their smartphones and their netflixes.
1 min ago, by 5pike
@Wipqozn I think I get what you want to say
Getting caught up on drama this morning was fun.
@badp some, but not all. Also, those are things people feel like you need to have. Although people feellike you need a computer, you don't need a new and fancy one.
2:27 PM
@badp My computer has its own top hat.
I'm thinking about springing for a monocle on the monitor as well.
@Yuki @OrigamiRobot is your computer?
Q: How do bubbles work?

SietseIn New Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. U, when a character gets stuck in a bubble (by dying or by hitting a ‘panic button’), the player could get the bubble to float to another character (faster) by shaking the Wii remote, allowing that character to free the trapped character. That do...

@Wipqozn Let's go with that.
@badp Many seem to be more likely to underestimate monthly payments, it just looks lower until you calculate how much it is actually.
2:29 PM
@badp Off-topic sort of, but this reminds me of the cycle of poverty. That is, how hard it is to get out of poverty.
But I also wouldn't say that computers are all that expensive, they keep for quite a while now, 3-5 years is usually no problem
If you live in poverty, you can keep using your Windows XP machine for everything you need, because you shouldn't be buying the latest AAA games anyway
Part of the reason people get stuck in poverty is because they can't afford to buy more expensive and reliable products, and are instead forced to buy cheaper and less reliable ones and then need to replace them. This results in them spending more money in the long run, but they don't really have any chance because they just can't afford to spend the money on the more reliable one. They just never have the surplus funds to spend that kind of money at one time.
@Sterno you still shouldn't be using Windows XP because your family data is worthy of protection that Windows XP can't give you.
@badp On the plus side, you have nothing worth stealing!
2:31 PM
I don't know, get yourself Ubuntu for crying out lout.
@Sterno Ransomware + family photos/documents etc.
@badp People that swear on XP will never ever turn to linux...
@5pike Then they shall pay $99 for Windows 8.
@badp People in poverty also tend to be less educated for a variety of reasons, including the fact that their schools tend to be in worse condition (this might be a US only thing, since school funding is tied to taxes in the local area).
@badp But windows 8 is to "new"
2:32 PM
@Wipqozn Sound like the "boots" economic theory from Vimes (Discworld) ;-)
Seriously, poverty sucks. I hope I never need to experience it first hand. It's basically the worst.
@Wipqozn I agree.
@Wipqozn That's deep, man.
@MadScientist I'm not sure what that means, but okay.
Surely you don't think that they have to learn something, if they are going to pay 99 $ for it?
2:33 PM
@Sterno I try.
and by "pay 99$" I mean "pirate it like everybody else does"
@5pike What? I have no idea what you're trying to say or what your point is. Feel free to clarify.
@Wipqozn Vimes says that rich people spend less on boots because they can get better quality ones that last much longer.
@RonanForman Oh, yes.
That's basically what I'm saying.
@Sterno That's not ransomware. Ransomware is "we've just put your data in this RAR archive with a 512 characters long password and deleted the originals. Pay $200 and we tell you the password."
2:34 PM
Maybe my New Year's Resolution should only be to buy games on Steam this year during their super sales.
The boots theory is a good example of why people in poverty tend to stay in poverty. There are a lot of other reasons too.
@Sterno You just might end up spending more money that way.
@Yuki That doesn't seem possible.
one example is transportation. The lower your income themore likely you have to rely on public transport to get around. Which, depending on where you live, can make getting better jobs, eduction, et cetera harder.
"Ooo look, a deal! And I haven't spent any money on games at all recently."
2:35 PM
@Yuki See, that second sentence there? Never a factor.
@Sterno That would actually be an excellent resolution.
It's more like, "Oh, this is coming out? Pre-order? And this? Pre-ordered too!"
Then playing them months later when they're already 50% off
@Wipqozn Something like Dark Souls 2 will make me break it, though.
I know I actually end up spending more money than I normally do on games when Steam sales come around.
I wish I could be using Chrome :(
We all joke about how much money we throw away on steam sales, but if you make a point to only but games during steam sales you'd wind up playing a lot more of those games.
2:37 PM
@Sterno Ooo, when is Dark Souls 2 coming out?
I don't actually spend much on Steam sales anymore because I've already bought everything I wanted when it wasn't on sale.
@Sterno and then proceeded to never play them. How's monster hunter coming along?
@Yuki I've been doing that for years and so far I've spent €426.24 plus HIBs plus a couple games on Amazon in about five years. €31.82 of these came from the Steam market, so my actual spending is... verly low.
@Yuki March I think/
@Wipqozn SHUT UP YOU
@Wipqozn Finish EOU yet?
@Yuki March
2:38 PM
@Sterno Nope!
I'll get back to it one day.
I'm on the fourth floor. I think.
the desert one.
@Wipqozn Meh, I tried to make a joke...
I think you mean Stratum. Otherwise you're way behind.
I keep meaning t get back to it, but then people keep making new games!
2:39 PM
I beat the main quest but haven't done any of the post-game stuff yet.
@Sterno Nice. Are you getting it on PC?
Don't know if you own any consoles.
I didn't finish the new Zelda either. It was fun for a while but it's so damn easy that it just got boring
also I'd like to go again on record and say that the custom bosses of Rogue Legacy are a total and complete disappointment.
@Yuki Probably. I had Dark Souls for PS3 and it ran like crap.
But, if I end up with a PS4 and it comes out for that, then maybe I'll give it a shot there.
2:40 PM
@Sterno I'm really enjoying it. It is fairly easy, but I still love me some Zelda. Like I've said in chat I really like the new item system.Really let's your explore the world. Being able to o the dungeons in any order is good too.
I hope they follow this trend in future games, and make sure to up the difficulty from the get go.
A game that's all about progress and choice in class traits upgrades equipment and runes locks you into the shittiest characters ever with extremely hard 3-hits-and-you-die bosses, missing completely its own point.
Instead of waiting on hero mode after you beat it once.
@Wipqozn I thought that at first, but I'm actually wondering if that's part of why the game is so easy. It lets you do the dungeons in any order without any serious risk of failure, which means none are really harder than the others. Which in turn means the more dungeons you do, the easier the game becomes (due to sword, armor, and health upgrades)
@Yuki Is it going to be twice as empty too?
2:41 PM
@Sterno That's a valid point.
@badp This is a distinct possibility.
@Wipqozn I think it would actually have been better to just have a fixed amount of hearts and not get one at the end of every dungeon
@Sterno Certain dungeons and bosses ARE harder, though.
@Sterno That's an interesting idea.
@Powerlord I've only done about half of them, so you're probably right. But it certainly hasn't felt that way with the ones I have done.
2:42 PM
Of course, you have no idea which ones since there're no indications of this.
@Sterno I'm not sure that's a good idea.
@Sterno Or they could have the dungeons change based on which ones you cleared before, but that seems like a lot of fuss for little gain.
They could always just do it like Mega Man always does. You can do the bosses in any order, but some of robot monsters are a lot harder than others. You'll only discover that once you get to the boss.
@Yuki they could also divide the dungeons into difficulties.
have multiple tiers of "difficult". Have a few dungeons in each tier.
For open world to be exciting to me in a game where your power progresses, I really want some areas that are challenging and where you can get in over your head if you go to early.
I really hated how Skyrim loot scaled to your level. Yeah, you could go find the cave with level 30 monsters or whatever when you're level 10, but you still got level 10 loot
Have it so dungeons players are likely to encounter first are easier, and those further away are harder.
2:44 PM
Removing any possible reward for taking that risk.
It might be interesting to have different dungeon progressions indicate different difficulty modes. Like water->forest->fire->etc. being "hard mode" or something like that.
Dark Souls had pretty awesome world design
That way you still can have some difficulty curve, but you also allow players to do the dungeons in any order, or at least give them some choice. Even if you come across that super duper difficult dungeon first you still have a few choices of other dungeons to do.
You couldn't do stuff in any order, but you could do it more out of order than it appeared at first glance.
Dark Souls 2 maybe a day one purchase for me.
2:45 PM
I kinda wish they'd go back to the old dungeon progression.
Especially since each dungeon focused only on a single item at most.
If it comes out before the 20th I'll probably just tell my folks to gift it to me for my birthday.
@Sterno With the Master Key, you could do stuff pretty out of order.
@OrigamiRobot Yeah. I think the only real hard stop was Sen's Fortress
@Sterno And draining New Londo.
@OrigamiRobot What was that tied to? I know you can tackle the vessel souls in any order.
Actually, can't you kill the friendly NPC on a rooftop and get his key early?
2:47 PM
@Sterno You had to get the Lord Vessel.
Wait, no, you could just kill the dude to get the key. Nevermind.
Such an awesome game.
A terrible game.
I think it does an awesome job of appearing linear for people who prefer it (which is helpful on the first playthrough), while really letting you do things in the order you want
I still need to do the DLC.
I should probably do that before Dark Souls 2 comes out.
The DLC was kind of meh
2:54 PM
The cool thing about Dark Souls is that you can beat the game without ever leveling up your character.
so is your face. Oh buuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr‌​rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn
Flagged as a lame burn.
Oh buuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn‌​nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
@OrigamiRobot go autocad go!
2:58 PM
I should probably figure out what AUTOCAD is one of thee days.
@Sterno You could just change the units from the settings, you know.
Autocad shipping diagrams? Interesting.

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