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12:03 AM
He posts like 2 a week
That's nuts
Q: Do Temple Run 2 artifacts (masks, rings, and holidays) appear randomly, or based on your actions?

William CDo chests appear randomly, or are they rewarded after you achieve specific things? What achievements? The odd distribution (I've gotten 8 Fire Breather masks, and only one of most of them) hints that it isn't random. The ten rings are Infinite Loop, Angel Wings, Twisted Root, Floating Islan...

12:17 AM
Q: If I pre-purchase D3 RoS Deluxe Edition will I receive the bonus content for other Blizzard games before it's release?

WarpedI want to pre-purchase Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Deluxe Edition, but I want to know if I'll receive Wow and SC2's content now. Thanks for the help!

@ElfSlice he spends less time linking stuff to internet chat rooms
Diablo 3 expansion is available to preorder
well fuck my bank account
Hello all
Q: Are there any external input devices that will make swoop racing a little easier?

LessPop_MoreFizzI've been playing the iOS port of Knights of the Old Republic, and while the conversion to touch controls is generally excellent, I've found it to be infuriating While playing the various built in mini games. Especially swoop racing. Back when I played KOTOR on the PC, I wasn't particularly good...

Q: What are the torches Inside Zora's Domain used for?

Memor-XIn Zora's Domain there are a number of torches which go out after some time, 2 are behind the Waterfall and one is in the shallows by the shop. I've tried lighting them all and i think i do get them but they always seem to still go out, i remember in some dungeons these kind of torches will go ou...

@kalina you can wait a couple of months
I probably won't even bother with it tbh
I was so disappointed with D3
12:24 AM
Auuuuuuuugh KOTOR mini games I hate you so.
@Blem-baFett I just noticed your name/hat combo. If I'd been drinking something, I would've spit it all over my monitor. It made me laugh more than it had any right to. <_<
@Fluttershy have you found Adventure mode yet?
@spugsley I don't think he's ever gone through.
@spugsley Also he's afk at the moment, so it might be a bit.
@FAE np :) I just got lost on the wiki and found something about adventure mode and I was curious
12:35 AM
Q: If you oppose the rotational movement, do you go faster?

KappeiWhile playing, especially at the faster difficulties, it looks like that moving the cursor in the opposite sense of the rotation of the hexagon makes you go slightly faster. Is this true or it's just an optical illusion?

@spugsley Getting all the pieces can be a challenge sometimes because of what guards them. I've never chosen to go through, myself.
(the pieces in Sandbox mode I mean, let alone Adventure)
Though, AFAIK, you don't really lose anything by making an attempt.
@spugsley I found it, but I haven't entered!
@FAE @spugsley 99% sure this is accurate.
@Fluttershy Yeah, just dumps you back into Sandbox mode if you fail.
A: Do I need to have played Mass Effect 1 or 2 to understand Mass Effect 3's storyline?

RamiroPart 2 is the best of the three, you can start with that one, you won't miss out on much

Ooh, did people start playing Don't Starve?
12:40 AM
I think this is my nicest not really an answer comment ever.
@SaintWacko Yeah! I got @spugsley addicted!
@Fluttershy Nice!
Don't Starve is amazing
I really need to figure out if old saves are compatible or not.
@TrentHawkins Hi Bela?
@FAE yes, Bela misses @Frank, and is clearly arrtempting to communicate this through the bridge.
12:44 AM
@TrentHawkins Hehe.
All whilst singing "Space Oddity", surely.
...as much as cats can sing.
@TimStone Cats can sing. Quality, on the hand, is something harder to find.
@Yuki is a jerk. I am going to cry.
@OrigamiRobot What did I (allegedly) do this time?
@Yuki "I know our family is little, and we don't have many toys, but you can be part of it if you want"
12:49 AM
@OrigamiRobot Ohana means family.
And family means...
@Yuki nobody gets left behind
blubbers or forgotten
or forgotten
@OrigamiRobot passes you the tissues
@OrigamiRobot Aughhh I cry every time I just cant even
As long as no one makes me watch Up again anytime soon, I should be okay. Maybe.
What the what
12:51 AM
@FAE tbh I couldn't even finish Up
"This is my family. I found it all on my own. It's little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good"
@AshleyNunn That first 15 or 20 minutes or whatever it is just wrecked me.
Q: Split screen for COD ghosts (xbox live)

TylerI have this problem where I'm signed into xbox live and no one else is. I go to the Xbox live screen in multiplayer to find match and it says press A for split screen and when I click on guest it says please use a valid membership please help

@FAE I haven't gotten through all of that bit
12:53 AM
A good majority of my tears have come from Disney films. And not a small portion of those tears came from Lilo & Stitch.
@AshleyNunn It does not get easier.
After that, the movie's quite fun.
Also pretty awesome to have another POC protagonist.
I think I've had more emotional breakdowns from watching Disney films than as a reaction to actual real-life drama. Which, I want to assume, is a good thing.
I wish I could say the same.
@Yuki Not quite there yet.
You know, at first the whole "Pudge controls the weather" line seems funny and indicative of Lilo's silliness. And then you find out that Lilo's parents died as a result of a rainstorm. descends into unintelligible blubbering
1:00 AM
@Yuki Oh god, I never even connected the two.
Last movie with Miyazaki as director (theoretically)
Hello again, cat
@FrostEngineer Apparently, it got a lot of flak (undeserved, in my opinion) because it was supposedly about the guy who designed the Zero.
@Yuki I never considered that until right now and oh my god
1:03 AM
Oh my god, I apologize to all the Lilo & Stitch fans who didn't make that connection.
@Yuki Nobody vilifies Oppenheimer in the U.S. despite the fact that he headed the Manhattan Project.
@FrostEngineer Because most people tend to have skewed perspectives.
Q: Host your own minecraft question

Cole BusbyIs it okay to ask how to host a minecraft server using linux or windows and having the community come up with a massive HOWTO? I have begun one using a specific architecture (webmin and Ubuntu Linux) for another question but I feel that helping individuals get one started on a linux or windows s...

@kalina =[
Last day of the year.
1:15 AM
@ElfSlice As much as I hate to say it, she is right. You've got some real talent. Just need to harness it.
@FrostEngineer Given that a good chunk of talent is straight up discipline and work, I agree.
@FAE yeahhh, so much of stuff is just sittingyour butt down and doing stuff.
Lots of people assume that you just need to have an innate natural talent to be awesome at something and producing high quality work will just come easily, which leads them to being frustrated/disappointed when they try something and don't meet that standard. They just assume they're not "talented" enough and stop.
@FAE sometimes you just gotta put all the time ever in
@FAE The question is the time worth the result
1:19 AM
@FrostEngineer Like with me, and programming.
@AshleyNunn Aye. And remember, like Jake says:
me? totally worth it. You, shell scripts and maybe web design as needed
@FrostEngineer Also true, but people don't even know if they don't give it a bit of a shot first.
@FAE It's amazing how perfectly this sums up the Cutie Mark Crusaders. <_<
1:20 AM
And many people don't even do that.
Completely off-topic, but... Yeah. >_>
@Fluttershy omg yes
@FAE Except if you're pb, who's naturally good and not being bad at things.
@RonanForman Well she's like 1,000 years old and is awesome, so.
1:21 AM
@TrentHawkins HI BELA
@FrostEngineer Hell, not everyone should even go to university, but current American society expects that everyone should.
I wish steam had an option to automatically post all cards on the market for $0.01 less than the current lowest.
@FAE I spent 9 years getting two degrees. I don't need that from you.
At all.
@TrentHawkins Bela deserves stars too.
@OrigamiRobot Can you make something that does that? (I have no idea if you can do the things in the steam)
@TrentHawkins Kitty posts are best posts
@FrostEngineer Er... I have no idea what you're trying to say here, and it feels rather hostile.
1:25 AM
@OrigamiRobot What Bela is going to deserve is a time out if she doesn't settle down. >.<
@FAE Oh you'd better believe it's hostile. Perhaps I was suckered into the whole trap of "American Education". Perhaps I should have used my natural talents and just worked at it.
@FrostEngineer This seems a bit unnecessary.
@TrentHawkins My cat came, sat, left fur over everything, and left
@FrostEngineer Listen, I don't think I deserve this, I was making a general statement. I don't even have one degree, so there is no way in the world I'm making a judgement call on you, okay?
I'm leaving. Goodnight.
@TrentHawkins Carter had been playing in a gift bag for like half an hour until he knocked over a folding chair and made a big racket.
He then proceeded to get stuck in the bag and tear ass through my apartment.
1:28 AM
@OrigamiRobot best.
1:39 AM
A dinosaur! Who wants to be a turtle! With Mario Powerups!
I cannot even.
@AshleyNunn I don't know how, but I read this backwards in my head and was thinking, "What does she mean a turtle who wants to be a dinosaur? That's clearly a dinosaur pretending to be a turtle!"
@Fluttershy Awww <3 I know my dinosaur-turtles! :P
tries not to link all the gaming-related ones
in case people want more cute
Q: Is my Saints Row IV game bugged?

Julum-EiI'm doing the "Matt's Back" mission, and when I get to the point where I'm on a ship shooting other ships with a turret, I kill one ship and then my ships stops moving and nothing happens. I'm on the PS3 version. Also, I'm using the all upgrades, infinite sprint, clear notoriety, give cash, heave...

@kalina has set fire to a lot of people in April '13.
Including myself ... hah.
1:55 AM
Later, Bridge.
@Fluttershy Later :)
Evening all. Popping in and out between work related issues.
inb4 a billion "are the servers down" questions. Apparently, quite a few servers are being DDoS'd right now.
Riot and EA in particular.
Oh and apparently Dota 2 servers are down.
I missed drama that I don't even understand.
2:07 AM
Inb4 2 billion "HELP THE SERVERS ARE DOWN" answers in addition to the questions
@AshleyNunn I'm adorable.
@Wipqozn On the internet, everyone is adorable
@Wipqozn I know, right?
2:11 AM
@spugsley Which game?
@ElfSlice lol still don't starve
On the internet, no one can hear you scream!
@spugsley That game is scary!
2:11 AM
@Sterno Yeah, I looked back and I'm ust like "wtf...?"
@ElfSlice holy fuck, I know!
when it start it back up, I'm getting chased by hounds!!!
WEll, I'm off to bed! Toodles ladies and gents.
Also, Risk of Rain is pretty enjoyable to play with some friends I must say.
@spugsley You want me to stick around?
@Wipqozn yes, only until you die of exhaustion :)
2:12 AM
Oh, well, in that case I better leave.
If I died you'd have no one to hate.
le sigh, it's true
life just isn't complete without hate.
@Wipqozn I didn't get that game because I didn't think anyone else in here would play it and now suddenly everyone else here is interested in it and I still don't have it bukgilsebevrblivbleksvf
@Wipqozn it's true and you are quite horrible :)
Awesome soundtrack! @spugsley
2:13 AM
@ElfSlice You're supposed to be saivng money anyways. Not spending it on games.
@ElfSlice awwww
@Wipqozn Yeah, good for me not buying it.
@Wipqozn see you are terrible!
I'm the best!
2:14 AM
@spugsley Tough love is best love.
@Wipqozn says people who need an excuse to be the worst
@spugsley Oh please, like I need an excuse.
@Wipqozn :D
Okay, but I'm going to bed. I need to get up early for work will likely be up late tomorrow.
Scumbag new years eve, existing.
@Wipqozn Sleep well, good luck tomorrow, etc.
@Wipqozn Try not to choke on a spider in your sleep and die.
@Sterno now you, you I like
@ElfSlice Thanks for the nice musical interlude. One of my favorite songs! And, the come on from the whores on 7th avenue just isn't the same since they cleaned up NYC
@DavidM This is my favourite version of it too.
I'm not really a huge S&G fan, but I really like this song.
2:18 AM
I like the tempo of the album version a bit more, but that's familiarity more than anything else.
I've always said this song SHOULD NEVER BE COVERED!
At least not recorded
It is such a personal bit of pain and longing, no one else should ever sing it for profit.
After changes upon changes we are more or less the same. One of my favourite song lyrics ever.
That may not be a lofty achievement though because most of the stuff I listen to is either instrumental or full of words like 'pussy', 'weed', and 'money'.
And he carries the reminders the reminders of every glove that laid him down or cut him till he cried out in his anger and his shame, "I am leaving, I am leaving," but the fighter still remains.
It always gives me chills
Legend of Dungeon is still the dumbest game title I've ever seen.
@Sterno Dungeon was a legendary guy . . .
2:21 AM
@ElfSlice Better
@ElfSlice Better
@elf That lyric you like isn't in the original song. Is it in this one? I didn't hear it.
@Sterno Maybe if it were actually a naval war simulation game
And not a bullet hell shooter
@DavidM Yeah, they added a verse in this version.
Nice! @elf
2:22 AM
@DavidM Listen again for it. Best verse in my opinion as well.
@elf doing it now.
You can tell the crowd hadn't heard it either because they all get quiet.
@elf This is an amazing song on all levels.
Check out the SNL sketch I gave the link to above, though. F'n hilarious.
@DavidM I tried but my internet said no
Regional issue?
2:24 AM
@DavidM Slow internet issue.
No streaming for me
I was listening to the S&G song offline
I just linked it for everyone else.
I'll try tomorrow
Let me know if u can't get it. The sketch is funny as hell.
I don't really know much about them anyway
I just really really like that song
Premise of the sketch. Paul is waiting to see a movie, and all these fans come up to him and he remembers all of them from concerts. "You were in seat 12, Row C, right?"
2:27 AM
@ElfSlice Are you kidding? Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf sounds awesome.
Then he meets Art Garfunkle and doesn't remember him.
The problem with "Legend of Dungeon" is that A) It's super generic B) It is meaningless C) I hate it
@Sterno Yeah, that was a terrible example. Also it's free.
2:28 AM
It's like every generic fantasy game on the iOS store
@Sterno 'Naval Warfare' fits two of those at least.
@Sterno Yeah those are bad
@ElfSlice Naval Warfare is at least two words that make sense together.
Legend of Dungeon does not make sense as a combination of words
@Sterno Yes, but the game is a steampunk bullet hell shooter
I'm so SAD
2:29 AM
@Sterno Maybe 'Dungeon' is the name of the hero?
@spugsley =[
@ElfSlice It's not, and while that would be slightly more forgivable, it would be a really stupid name.
@Sterno Oh, oh, what sort of game do you think 'Fields of War' sounds like?
@Sterno I am Error.
Q: Does deck choice (basic or constructed) have any impact on who you are matched with in Play mode?

NReilinghWhen in Play mode, one has the option of using "Basic Decks" or "Custom Decks", presuming you have constructed one. Does this option match you only with other players that are using the same deck mode? (Likewise, does Casual vs. Ranked have any bearing?)

@ElfSlice It doesn't matter because at least Fields of War is a combination of words that makes sense!
@Sterno Guess anyway
No googling
2:30 AM
I'm going to go with Match-3 game
nevermind then
You aren't even trying
It's a mech combat game
also it looks kinda not the best
Well, I figured you were picking something that was absolutely nothing like the title.
Actually that may be the best title
I wish it were less expensive.
@ElfSlice Exactly! It's a DDR roguelike and the title clues you in to that!
2:31 AM
@Sterno How come you keep using stuff like that as criteria for being good but you don't agree the ones I said were bad are bad
The only thing at all you get from Legend of Dungeon is that it's probably an RPG with a dungeon. Which is pretty much every RPG
Oy . . Edit or cringe? Can't decide
@DavidM wtf
@DavidM Delete
@ElfSlice Because the main problem is that the word combo is terrible.
Yes, Necrodancer is a made up word, but "Crypt of the Necrodancer" is a combination that makes sense
Fields of War makes sense
@ElfSlice I think it's an answer and could be salvaged with an edit.
2:33 AM
'Naval Warfare' is the dumbest name ever, it makes it sound like a ship combat sim
"Legend of Dungeon" is as nonsensical as "Sword of Dungeon"
@DavidM Link to the question?
@DavidM Also all of that information about herobrine is incorrect
It's just choosing random fantasy words and mashing them together.
Maybe 'dungeon' is the name of the dungeon?
Q: How can messages be appearing on signs if the player didn't place them?

SarahjIn my son's Minecraft PE world, random signs keep appearing. One said "angels fear to tread fools rush in" [sic] and the other said "you will dide" [sic]. He found these particular signs underground after following a trail of rare rock. A misquote and a spelling mistake suggest it's someone playi...

2:34 AM
(unless it's actually about a sword which is so large that inside it is a dungeon)
Fine, you win
@Sterno No, that's Dungeon of Sword
That name is pretty terrible
@elf Perhaps Naval Warfare is about fighting with your belly button.
Just mispelled
@DavidM Or oranges.
@OrigamiRobot OMG! I saw one of those orange fights once. Not pretty
@ElfSlice I can't do this with you anymore. But that game has time travel so now I have to go check it out.
@ElfSlice OK, it's dumb.
@Sterno It's not that good. I had fun with it for a bit, but like they say, it really does give you an unfair advantage if you aren't new.
It's almost impossible to find part of the world that isn't taken by someone with a huge autoshooting base
Also it has literally nothing to do with time travel at all
I wonder what my favourite game title is.
Greed Corp maybe.
Frozen Synapse is pretty sweet as well
@ElfSlice I'm pretty sure mine is now Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf
2:38 AM
@Sterno I still haven't played that for some reason
^ Not entirely sure I'm prepared to play it, to be honest
That does look like nightmare fuel, yeah.
I'm gonna do it
11 mb
@elf I edited it. Not sure if it's a real answer or not, but let it get down voted instead of deleted by flag.
@DavidM Link?
inb4 the virus in the exe hijacks your computer
2:40 AM
Not gonna show yet. I don't have 2K rep.
@Sterno I doubt it, the game has actually had some decent coverage.
Look in the queue.
Q: How can messages be appearing on signs if the player didn't place them?

SarahjIn my son's Minecraft PE world, random signs keep appearing. One said "angels fear to tread fools rush in" [sic] and the other said "you will dide" [sic]. He found these particular signs underground after following a trail of rare rock. A misquote and a spelling mistake suggest it's someone playi...

@DavidM I approved it, but it's still incorrect.
2:41 AM
@elf Not the job for the edit . . . That's the job for the down vote.
@DavidM I flagged it as being entirely incorrect.
If it's complete nonsense it should be deleted.
I was told that's not a reason for flagging.
Maybe. I guess we'll find out if my flag is approved/declined.
I can tell you with 100% certainty that 'Herobrine' is not a thing that exists. None of that information is correct.
@ElfSlice Yeah. I got a few declined for that early on, so I now I just down vote them
Yeah, it's creepypasta
It was a whole hoax video thing some people made a long time ago
2:45 AM
@DavidM just downvote and move along. That's about the best you can do.
Did it.
Added a comment so the mom who posted won't fall for it
Real question, why is the question so down voted? I wonder if it was pre-edit or something. Seems fairly legit.
@DavidM That question (why is it so downvoted) will never be answered.
People probably thought the OP is dumb and should know better why this is happening
Which is stupid
Yeah. I actually applaud a mother for trying to help her young kids like that.
Q: In Farcry 3 does taking outpost affect the number of wild animals?

CoomieIn Farcry 3 it seems like at the start of the game, when there are a lot of enemy outposts, I seem to encounter more wild animals. Do outpost affect the chance to encounter animals or do I just notice it more when I have crappy weapons? It seems like the second island has far fewer wild anim...

Someone else needs to go up vote that into the zero range.
2:49 AM
Asking people for upvotes usually generates downvotes.
True, true. But I don't have a dog in this fight.
It's not my question.
As is my interest in the question.
That answer is good as gone, eventually.
But likely with delete votes
It's a dumb answer to a slightly dumb but I'm willing to forgive question
@Unionhawk - Slightly dumb questions make the site what it is . . .
2:58 AM
To be honest, I don't think there's anything dumb about the question.
Particularly if you're a mom with little to no experience in video games whatsoever
@ElfSlice I agree, but I don't know quite enough about MC to decide.
Yeah, I upvoted to help a Mom. That's a cool Mom
@Sterno You need to play Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf

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