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4:01 PM
I'm not paying $330 for one, and then $60 for each game.
Think of how many games I could get on steam for that amount!
@OrigamiRobot The solution for every problem in the world is "GET MONSTER HUNTER".
@FAE I'm offended that you mentioned pretty much all of the Monster Hunter regulars EXCEPT ME.
@Yuki I'M SORRY! My brain is still tired from yesterday!
4:04 PM
HOLY CRAP! The amazon.co.uk is selling the wii u for cheaper than amazon.com.
How is this happening?
@RonanForman IT'S A SIGN
@RonanForman They're not too bad here either, but I am locked into getting a North American Wii-U because my 3DS is North American.
Success! Figured out how to grant access to chat room through mobile!
4:07 PM
I might get one next year, when I'm sharing a house with people I don't despise.
@RonanForman cc @kalina
@OrigamiRobot I don't follow.
Q: Is it productive to down vote the questions of first time posters?

David MSo, I was reviewing a question that clearly needed some help from a first time poster. To that end, I flagged the question as unclear what the poster was asking. And, I left a constructive comment for the person who posted the question. When, I looked back at the Questions queue, I saw someone...

@Frank Thankya.
4:10 PM
@OrigamiRobot Her roommate's a dog...
@OrigamiRobot I see, well it's her own fault, I'm stuck in this situation because the uni randomly assigns rooms to people.
@OrigamiRobot There wasn't a box for people who are up at 4am shouting, don't do washing up and are almost constantly drunk.
Ocarina of Time for 3DS is amazing if only because I can just close the DS and pick up exactly where I left off without restarting dungeons and renavigating to places.
@RonanForman Ha, none of that's allowed at my college.
4:19 PM
Who here plays Risk of Rain?
@Ullallulloo Well it's not encouraged either.
@GraceNote I do, @Fluttershy does. Neither of us have had the game very long though.
@GraceNote Apparently I now own it, but haven't played it.
@GraceNote Well, I've put 4 hours in, but.
4:20 PM
Because of family sharing, I now have 2.5x as many games on steam.
I'm going to have enough of the other cards to craft the Holiday Sale badge three times over before I get one #7. |:
I see, I see...
I don't think I'll be buying games for a while now.
I really like it a lot so far. My only quibble is that I wish it was a bit easier to see the sprites onscreen.
@GraceNote I have a friend who plays it a bit.
He's been trying to get me to play as well.
4:22 PM
You should give it a try.
I enjoy the kind of BoI-esque aspect of working with what items you get on the fly, and the way you have to balance gathering stuff against difficulty is really fun.
@TimStone I have one.
I take that back, my main issue is that @Fluttershy and I have not been able to successfully multiplayer yet so far.
@Ullallulloo :O
@RonanForman: It would matter (sort of). You wouldn't be able to join our hunts, but we could join yours. doing so would result in us killing stuff really quickly unless we used low-end gear. Which we have done when playing with flutter and raven.
4:22 PM
@FAE That's distressing. Bad timing or technical difficulties?
@GraceNote Technical difficulties.
@FAE Ugh, no successful multiplayer? That's a turn-off.
@FAE That really makes me lose all interest in the game.
The question here on the site about it has no answers.
4:24 PM
also, @FAE, did you pick up spelunky when it went on sale earlier?
@Wipqozn Well, even as single player, it's a really really fun experience. I am definitely enjoying it so far. I foresee myself putting in quite a few hours.
@Wipqozn If you note Steam, I'm playing it right now.
@Yuki We're just having trouble with networking working right.
@FAE Not logged onto steam. I can't connect to the servers at work.
@Wipqozn No excuses!
@FAE :(
By the way @FAE, not that it does you any good now, but I played Blackguards briefly and it's not too bad for Early Access.
Feels like it could use a little polish, and coming from Fire Emblem it sometimes seems like the controls aren't as smooth, but I'm hoping they'll iron some of that out.
4:27 PM
Hm... asked a friend and he's having no troubles with multiplayer on his end.
@OrigamiRobot My college will stop people. They come through basically every night and make sure people are quiet.
They'll write you up if you aren't.
@TimStone Cool, thanks. :)
@GraceNote I'm having two problems. I've forwarded my ports on my router, and opened them on my Firewall, but they still show as closed within the game. Also, when I set it to show my IP, so I can give it to @FAE to connect, it doesn't show anything.
Army camps are like boarding school, jail and frat house all rolled into one
4:30 PM
@Ullallulloo You go to a nonsecular university though too, don't you?
@TimStone Still need holiday sale 7? I have a double, I need 3 or 4.
@OrigamiRobot They do it from midnight to one at least.
@FAE yeah
Not really patrolling, but they'll walk around.
@Ullallulloo In general, those tend to be more diligent about those types of rules than secular ones.
@FAE yeah
4:32 PM
Huh, kind of surprised we only have 13 questions about Spelunky HD.
@Arperum I've got a double 4, so that works.
@FAE My brain broke and so I parsed this as a university that studied noses. Welp.
@GraceNote I... huh.
@FAE Drop the second "N" in nonsecular.
Q: Starcraft 2 change unit response language?

MercfhIs there a way to change the unit responses from English to say....Korean? The Korean voices just sound honestly wayyyyy better. Thanks

4:34 PM
Nosecular isn't a word but it definitely has an odd smell to it.
@TimStone Thanks!
@Arperum Thank you! Now I can stop shaking my fist at Steam.
@TimStone I will do some more shaking, I expect the whole magica stuff to go on sale sometime and I'm missing a couple DLC's... And I'll probably waste some more money to other games...
4:36 PM
The correct choice.
@OrigamiRobot So much shinies ;_;
Also, I must say. I really like the new item system used in A Link Between Worlds. I do think it needs some work (make it so you get items through some method other than a bunch of rupees), but other than that it's great. Having access to all the items from the get go really makes the world open up a lot. It makes it a lot more exploration based, instead of being more linear.
That is also shiny
4:37 PM
@ElfSlice I haven't voted yet, I'll vote for your choice.
I really hope they expand on and improve the system in future games. It seems like a fantastic way to give the games a more open-world feel. I also hope they remove the map markers for dungeons in the next game.
@ElfSlice I am most definitely not waching that, don't need more game's I'll barely play.
4:38 PM
@Arperum :P
@GraceNote I've played a little.
@MechanicalLoon Thought it wouldn't be much your style.
@GraceNote That was... painful.
@Wipqozn watch out what you wish for
@GraceNote It's pretty good actually.
4:39 PM
Have any of you played/heard of Exteria?
I've never seen it before.
@ElfSlice Installed. Sounds interesting.
So that you really need to go exploring to find all the dungeons. also, this may chance now that I'm in lorule (or whatever it's called), but so far I've been somewhat disappointed the dungeons still only rely on one item. They should really rely on more than one item now that you can have al the items from the get go.
you might just get Fi v2 bugging you every 7 minutes about going to the dungeon that is with 69% probability in this general direction
@MechanicalLoon If you don't mind holding your tablet vertically it's pretty neat.
4:39 PM
@MechanicalLoon So I keep being told.
@PrivatePansy what are you a terrorist?
This is getting really annoying
To be fair, I've only played Risk of Rain coop. I haven't tried single player yet.
@PrivatePansy (also for some reason your avatar now looks like Kirby.)
@badp haha, you goose. that's really a separate concern though.
4:40 PM
@PrivatePansy Which Steam skin is that? PixelVision?
@badp I've been told that more than a few times
@ElfSlice Metro for Steam
@MechanicalLoon From the prodding I keep getting, co-op is a bunch more enjoyable.
@PrivatePansy It does look like Kirby. Probably because it's quite similar to Kirby. Did I mention Kirby? Kirby.
@OrigamiRobot I don't know. Your taste in video games seems to be poor.
@Wipqozn You are expecting less handholding from Nintendo.
4:41 PM
@badp something something kirby
@FAE Hammerwatch had that problem for me too. That game was kind of a letdown.
@Wipqozn That is pretty cool.
I might get Link Between Worlds once I finish Ocarina of Time.
Oh, the hipster robot comment is off the visible stars list.
Day 10: Desktop Dungeons & Trilby http://goo.gl/fb/PbmQe #indiegamestand
4:42 PM
@badp Implement a normal mode nad hard mode right from the get go. Hero mode is pretty ridiculous from what I understand, with you taking 4x damage from attacks. Or something.
@PrivatePansy Ah, yes, the 100th strip. :D
or easy and normal.
20 hours ago, by badp
The more time passes, the more @OrigamiRobot perfectly embodies the hipster spirit
Point is just add all that hand holding stuff in another difficulty mode, and have both modes unlocked from the get go.
4:42 PM
@MechanicalLoon Thanks
I hate you all
@OrigamiRobot <3
@OrigamiRobot just ragequit the room.
@OrigamiRobot It does seem to be a recurring theme
@GraceNote I don't have it, but I want it. I have a friend who didn't really like it for a number of reasons, but pretty much everything else I've heard about it has been positive.
4:43 PM
@OrigamiRobot As long as it not hipster hate, we'll be alright.
@MechanicalLoon and here comes @MBraedley to fill the void!
@MBraedley, type in all caps and then tell people it's because of autocad.
Millions of Dogecoin stolen in Christmas hack http://vrge.co/19j20ZD
What point am I arguing?
Spelunky, why are your item descriptions useless?!
4:45 PM
@MBraedley No idea.
♫ I hate unboxing
♫ I hate human growls
♫ I hate Banished
♫ I hate sloths too
♫ I hate you all guys
♫ Origami Origami Origami Origami
@badp I thought he was really interested in Banished?
Man, now I'm excited for banished again. Thanks a lot, @OrigamiRobot. I had forgotten about it for a bit.
@badp Also you forgot 'I hate GnomeSlice'
@ElfSlice He is, because of me.
I'm basically the worst.
4:45 PM
@Wipqozn Me too. So thanks. ;]
It looks excellent.
@ElfSlice "you all"
@badp Oh. It should be 'all you guys' probably. But I missed that one.
@badp origami is such a character. He's the best.
@OrigamiRobot is in my list of Top 5 Bridge People
@Wipqozn I even wrote him a song.
...I don't actually have a list, but if I did, he'd be on it!
4:47 PM
Oh, awesome, Rose and Time and Volt are in the IndieGameStand store now
@Wipqozn If there is ever a movie made about The Bridge it should probably be called Bridge People
Or at least until someone thinks of a better name
@RedRiderX I agree.
@Wipqozn That is pretty impressive when you look at who is in here!
@RedRiderX A Bridge Too Far
I'm not good at naming movies
4:51 PM
@RedRiderX Abridged: A Low Orbit Spaceship in Space.
So maybe that's a really good name.
See now it depends on what kind of movie is going to be made.
@ElfSlice Mmm
@GraceNote Thank you for this constructive response.
@badp That almost sounds like a book name.
It's clearly a romcom between @Wipqozn and himself.
4:52 PM
@RonanForman does it have live studio audience?
It's fanfiction time on the Bridge again, I see.
@RonanForman Okay that's a possibility.
@badp It's really meta, so we are the live studio audience.
Apparently it's cheaper to have this item I'm trying to buy shipped to the US from Japan then here than to it shipped from Japan straight
@ElfSlice I've had lots of people give me fuss, here and over there, if I don't make acknowledgement that I have in fact read what has been spoken. So I usually at least give a little note if I'm not otherwise actively engaged.
4:53 PM
@RonanForman We are our own laugh track? Awesome!
A laugh track @Grace contributes to is the best laugh track.
@GraceNote I was kidding anyway. =P
@Arperum Had any more luck with Star-Twine?
@RonanForman I'd watch that.
@ElfSlice Haven't played yet, I played minecraft yesterday.
@Arperum ruh roh
Drug trip: the game?
@Wipqozn Let's go deeper: Watch @Wipqozn watch a romcom between @Wipqozn and @Wipqozn.
@MechanicalLoon How does the Risk of Rain multiplayer hosting work?
@FEichinger I'd watch that too.
I just like looking at myself.
@Fluttershy One player acts as server, like a lot of old multiplayer games.
You need to forward ports and stuff.
@MechanicalLoon Ugh, noooooo
@ElfSlice Port forwarding is really easy.
At least it should be.
5:06 PM
@Wipqozn Not if you don't have access to your router (like me)
Considering all the internet related problems you have maybe it won't be.
My dad doesn't like people messing with that
According to friend, Risk of Rain likes to lie about what ports are actually closed, but it'll still actually be open if you set it up right.
I should play Risk of Death and see if it can convince me to drop the money on Risk of Rain.
I thought you were supposed to stop buying games and saving money?
I've had you ignored for 2 months so maybe something has changed. Did you ever get a job through that agency?
5:11 PM
Q: Is there a way to get a free house in skyrim?

Zeke MacintyreI love to play Skyrim, but I am broke. I can't seem to get enough money for the cheapest one I know of, the one In Whiterun. Does anyone know of a cheaper one or a way I can get a free one?

Q: How can i play Age of Mythology on WMware Fusion with Windows 7?

user65032Thanks to google i found this video on youtube: I did the instructions Nolnar posted - they are the same like the youtube...

Q: How do I earn Play Coins?

Shadow ZorgonOn my Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the T&T store is selling Fortune Cookies for 2 Play Coins. I went to my home screen, and realized that I had 1 Play Coin. How do I obtain more Play Coins?

@Wipqozn Sadly not. I don't think that's going to happen at this point.
@GraceNote did you end up getting Steam Family Sharing for you and your brother yet?
@ElfSlice Get Risk of Rain but not for $8.
Wait for another sale at some point.
@Wipqozn And yes, that's the general idea. I bought 3 games over the holiday sale and they're all pretty great, but I feel dirty.
Wait, just 2.
@ElfSlice What games?
5:13 PM
@MechanicalLoon Guacamelee (Humble Store), UnEpic (Steam), and... uh... something else.
Oh yeah, the humble bundle with Sanctum 2 in it
Which I will probably never be able to download.
I need to try out Guacamelee.
...And a couple games from Groupees.
I bought it yesterday but I have so many things to play and so little time to play games.
Definitely looking forward to this weekend.
@MechanicalLoon Having a lot of games sucks.
@MechanicalLoon o__O
5:14 PM
Lots of games isn't the issue.
Lack of free time is the issue.
Oh, and I bought an indieroyale bundle with Legend of @FAE and Prime World Defenders and some other shit as well
@badp I know right?
@MechanicalLoon Be careful what you wish for. I have free time basically 24/7 and I'm generally miserable.
@badp Nope
I had tons of free time in college and it was the best ever.
5:15 PM
@GraceNote Ack. (I can't help you, sorry; turns out Steam isn't doing this feature through "coupon" thingadongdongs.)
@badp Don't worry about it. As it stands we don't even have any Steam games and more than enough on our plates right now.
Steam Family Sharing wouldn't technically get us anything for now. It basically remains an option for if we care.
Holy shit this song is good
I don't remember any of the music from Fez, but this is an awesome remix of whatever song it was
Q: Can monitor cause microstutter/lag?

evilIs it possible? I use a new PC with an old monitor, it's an LCD monitor, but old. I experience the problem in Dota 2 when gliding over the map using edge pan/mouse. It's not unplayable, but it exists.

@ElfSlice That whole "grass is always greener" thing.
@FAE Yeah, true enough.
5:21 PM
...I just killed myself in Spelunky because the rock I threw rebounded. :|
@FAE Ouch.
I might play that tonight.
I'd like to play Zelda as well, and also spelunky, and I've also got multiple people bugging me to play some multiplayer games.
I'm so popular.
I'm like the fonz or something.
@Wipqozn So handsome.
You better not break out into doge just because I used a two-word reply.
@Yuki Somebody has a trigger word.
I'm getting close to Dangerous 100. 5 more and I should be able to hit it with equipment.
5:28 PM
I'm wondering whether I should spend on my Trade Secret on Dangerous or on one of the other two stats.
@Yuki It actually can be really annoying. I'll be trying to play a single player game and then a few people will pipe in about playing some multiplayer game. not to mention when I have people in RL trying to steal me for the weekends.
Man, being awesome is such a pain.
Being awesome isn't all fun and games kid.
Q: Work is hard, let's color the walls

Tiny TimPicture pages! Picture pages! Time to get your picture pages! ... time to get your crayons and your pencils! That's right, it's time to realize that you're simply not going to get anything meaningful accomplished this week, and your time would be better rewarded by joining in on the last of th...

7 hours ago, by Private Pansy
Oh, I need Nightmares 5 for the next part of my Ambitions, so would any Fallen London player please confess their nightmares to me?
@PrivatePansy Sorry, I keep accidentally getting rid of my Nightmares by sleeping off Wounds.
5:36 PM
Q: Who actually runs the 'Other Springfield'?

Canadian LukeWhen starting out the game, and you get access to The Other Springfield as a friend, who actually runs it? I notice it keeps getting built up and up, and I even find Sideshow Bob in there once in a while.

@PrivatePansy I will when the site actually loads for me.
@FAE I do this all the time. It's also possible, if you throw a rock and simultaneously turn around, to throw the rock from behind you, and thus hit yourself with it
@SaintWacko ...damn
@FAE Yeah
5:44 PM
@SaintWacko lol
I should get Spelunky
I never play the cool games that are popular in here
@PrivatePansy Is that just Sharing Dreams?
NASA's next robot rover squishes like a child's toy http://vrge.co/1kL2Y5Z
Watch this race between two drivers in the same car: one is actually driving, the other is doing it in a game http://vrge.co/K7W2kV
<3 Verge
Q: What does the percentage value on my gear represent?

ElfSliceWhenever I find a new weapon, it has a number below the name which is represented by a percentage, like 93%. What do these numbers mean? At first I thought it might have been weapon durability, but the number doesn't seem to go down after even extended use of the item. The number is also over ...

@ElfSlice based on the number of tweets you've posted, that's not surprising
@MBraedley Heh.
@Lazers I love you, mystery upvoter!
5:49 PM
I didn't say stop
@FAE It should be from Lodgings, if your Nightmares is above three I think there should be an option that allows you to reduce Nightmare by sharing it with a friend
I put out a rope, the rope triggered a trap, the arrow from the trap rebounded off the wall and hit me.
@PrivatePansy Ah, my Nightmares aren't high enough at the moment. :(
@FAE what game is this?
@MBraedley Spelunky
5:50 PM
@FAE Are the walls made out of rubber?
@FAE Is there an achievement for killing yourself in completely crazy ways? There should be one.
No and unfortunately, no.

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