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5:00 AM
@Ktash Sadly, it's a lot more widespread than that.
@FEichinger heh, oh yes, I am painfully aware
it comes up a lot in my job lol
@Yuki Did u see that Frozen Turd?
The blond girl is Mila Kunis?????
You'll note that she appears in silhouette to keep people from mobbing her wherever she goes . . .
@Ktash Oh, I got through the vomitousness of it long enough to see the real Mila Kunis. I missed the 2:55 bit
@Ktash Look up Aaron Paul's early "masterpieces" prior to Breaking Bad
5:08 AM
A: How do I beat Beef Cloud?

Cole JakahiYeah, sure! Everybody thinks that Beef Cloud is an easy boss, right? WRONG! For now on, I'll call Beef Cloud 'Beef Crud'! Now, there is obviously no answer to defeating this so-called Beef Crud, but you could always look it up in the Super Mario Wiki. You have to be quick and step on Beef Crud ab...

A: How do I beat Beef Cloud?

Reyn JakahiWho thinks that this Cow Cloud is annoying? I do! It's like he thinks,"Doy! I'm invincible....snoorrrrrrrre..." The way to defeat him is almost impossible! I suggest you try to jump, use one of your strongest Luiginary powers and get all EXCELLENTS. To use Luiginary powers, you need to eat Nuts a...

... sockpuppet?
@TrentHawkins Yah, they have the same last name
Never mind both are in desperate need of some editing..
The bigger question is, who the hell upvoted both answers?
@PrivatePansy Each of the puppets probably upvoted the other
@PrivatePansy Definitely Sockpuppets
5:11 AM
@Ktash But how did they get the rep in the first place?
Again, begs the question: WHY BOTHER?????
Its the same gravatar that makes me curious
@PrivatePansy Ask a stupid question, answer it yourself with the sock puppet. And, vice versa.
@PrivatePansy ah, right
@AshleyNunn They have the same last name!
5:12 AM
meh, whatever
@AshleyNunn Same Email.
@FEichinger Yeah, I know, thats what forms a gravatar
Then that's either not curious at all, or confirms the sockpuppet assumption.
I think I'm going to have nightmares tonight about that lisa frank site
@FEichinger - Well, It certainly seems pretty sock puppetty in here.
5:14 AM
Honestly, if the answers had been better written, I wouldn't have batted an eyelid. But as I was trying to make sense of the more recent of the two I noticed it.
The gravatars are not only the same image, but from the same URL too
@TrentHawkins You can edit them to make sense. LOL
@DavidM I was working on that, then gave up.
@TrentHawkins Sometimes it's more fun than gaming.
What if we're wrong? Maybe it's two kids sharing their daddy's email account. LOL
Sometimes. But now that she's calm, I'm just going to sit here and pet @frank's kitten.
5:17 AM
@TrentHawkins Do you need some privacy for that?
@DavidM ....O.o
@DavidM I was debating using the word "pussy(cat)" but felt it too obvious.
... And now I want to watch old reruns of "Are You Being Served?"
Did we lose @spugsley to Don't Starve?
5:26 AM
@spugsley Ohhi. :3
So you discovered their terrible secret?
FYI, I upvoted those....
I mean I don't usually talk about my voting
but then I saw a comment
and was like well, fucknuggets.
I upvoted them because at the core they are usefull
they do need some cleaning
@spugsley Why are you attacking the pigmen?
5:31 AM
but they're a good first attempt
admittedly, I am a little weirded out by two answers same gravatar
You have to admit that it looks pretty suspicious
but well. thats that
@AshleyNunn It's ok. We still like you
@3ventic I never said it didn't
and it was stupid
I just did a thing
Oh well
5:32 AM
and if anyone needs me I am in a blanket fort
because I caused unnecessary stupid
@AshleyNunn Does your fort have a moat?
It's pretty weird for 2 users to use the same email address though
You're a librarian! Build a book fort!
@3ventic well, same email hash, which, while uncommon, not impossible
in this case, we can probably assume the same email though
@Ktash that would mean flooding my house
5:33 AM
Same email hash and last name while different email is... very unlikely.
@AshleyNunn That doesn't answer the question.
@PrivatePansy I was a library assistant, now I am a jobless lazybean
@Coronus Fair enough. No, no moat.
@AshleyNunn Does it have a ball pit?
@Ktash Torture chamber?
@Ktash no, I should get one.
@Coronus no comment.
5:35 AM
@Coronus ...
I take that as a yes.
@Coronus That totally means yes
@Ktash I want this life
@AshleyNunn I would be the person coming to visit
but, like, everyday
5:36 AM
@Ktash I love XKCD - when I understand it . . .
That is my favorite strip of XKCD
though it did get sent around the office a few times, which was funny
@DavidM That one isn't quite accurate, but it is a good one
@Ktash I know, but it's clever
it is
5:41 AM
OK, I need a bit of rep. Is it worth editing the nonsense out of those two posts?
@DavidM editing nonsense out of anything is usually worth it
@3ventic I just hate editing to find out that it's getting deleted
@DavidM you need a bit of rep?
@Ktash Totally. Please do.
Note to self: change all passwords from 'correcthorsebatterystaple'.
5:42 AM
Well, I'm still under 2K
It's annoying.
@DavidM I said no comment it means no comments :P
@AshleyNunn In. Just let me know when you've got the ball pit ready, and we can reenact this scene
@Fluttershy I was dying of hunger and I needed food :(
@spugsley Berries! Carrots! Bunnies! Crockpots! D: Never kill the pigmen!
5:43 AM
@AshleyNunn - In my experience people who own ball pits are not averse to having their own torture chambers, too. Just look up the sordid history of Chuck E. Cheese!
@Ktash Okay :)
@Fluttershy I didn't have a crockpot :( And I can never catch bunnies
@PrivatePansy I cannot explain how much I like this
He was a serial killer before being sentenced to endless community service entertaining people while they eat pizza
and there was no time for berries or carrots
5:44 AM
@spugsley Do you have traps?
@Fluttershy yes but they never seem to work :(
@spugsley Did you set them on top of the rabbit holes?
@spugsley It helps to set them as close to the rabbit hole as possible.
@spugsley Traps! Stick them right on top of the rabbit holes
5:44 AM
@Fluttershy Yes.
@spugsley Remember to cook your food
@PrivatePansy I do
@Fluttershy ok I'll try that
OK, edited both.
If anyone is interested, take a look.
I'm too trigger happy with my enter key
@3ventic Thanks
@AshleyNunn Thanks
5:50 AM
@DavidM np
Oh how I love being able to navigate things with my keyboard
Tell me that's not from the Darth Vader collection. Saw a lady wearing that today
@spugsley I can also give you a crock pot recipe list if you want! :D
@Fluttershy how do I make a crockpot? :(
@spugsley 3 Cut Stone, 6 Charcoal, and 6 Sticks.
6:03 AM
Q: Will an Egg move still be passed on if it is overwritten by the daycare's levelling?

RobotnikI'm trying to pass on the move Wish to a line of Eevees, as well as get the right nature and IVs. The Smeargle I used to pass on the move only has 1 IV, and I'd like to swap in another Eevee (one of the children which has Wish) that has 3 IVs. However unlike Smeargle, Eevee learns a lot of move...

Alright folks. Checking out.
@DavidM Good night
Diagnosed and likely fixed my own BSOD problem. If it worked, I feel like a rockstar
6:19 AM
@AshleyNunn You rock.
@AshleyNunn New Disney songs I added to my playlist: Do You Want To Build A Snowman? and For The First Time In Forever.
@Coronus I mean it is kinda like sitting on a timebomb, because the only way to know if it worked is to essentially find out it didnt if it BSOD's again
@Yuki I love this whole Disney song thing you got going on. I much approve.
@AshleyNunn I love those problems. Make change... wait... make another change... wait...
Ok, new 3DS. What games should I look at?
@Coronus Insert obligatory "Get Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate".
@Yuki Eh... I didn't care for how it played on a handheld.
6:22 AM
@Fluttershy how do I trade with the pig king? I have a gnome I can trade him ;.;
Fire Emblem: Awakening, A Link Between Worlds, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
@Fluttershy Target Cam made it easier, but I agree the camera controls do kinda suck.
@Coronus Link Between Worlds, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Pokemon... Theatrhythm if you like rhythm games. I hear good things about Rhythm Thief, too.
@spugsley Click on the gnome, then hover over the pig king. You should see "Give".
@Fluttershy ohhhhhhh ok :) thankies~
SMT IV would be the next game on my list
6:23 AM
@PrivatePansy I was thinking of Fire Emblem: Awakening. I have Pokemon X and the Dream Team one that came with it.
@Coronus Super Mario 3D Land, Fire Emblem, Link Between Worlds, Mario and Luigi Dream Team, MIghty Switch Force (eshop), Pushmo/Crashmo (eshop), Animal Crossing, Rhythm Thief, Rune Factory 4
@Coronus Are you European? If you are check out Bravely Default
@Coronus Oooh yes Fire Emblem
@PrivatePansy That's coming to the US, too. Next month, I believe.
February 2014 for the NA region edition, boo
6:26 AM
@PrivatePansy Oh, I saw that in the store tonight! Is it out here?
I was close. :P
One of the few titles to be out for Europe before NA

Proposed Q&A site for games, Anime, Mangás

Currently in definition.

I must have seen a pre-order. Hmph
@Coronus Your 3DS is region locked, so don't buy games from other regions
6:28 AM
@Yuki FYI: I added you on my 3DS. :D
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Dupe of... Anime & Manga SE? And Arqade?
Goodnight, Bridge!
And good luck, @spugsley!
@Fluttershy Good night!
One of the animals in my town started calling me cupcake one day, and now the entire town calls me cupcake
@PrivatePansy Is this a problem... cupcake?
6:41 AM
@3ventic It's in the low quality queue too
No items to review for me
@Coronus works
7:21 AM
Q: Is there a way to slow the elevator down?

DaKaMAfI have the Ultra-Lift 3000 Extreme and am having a hard time getting some ? Bitizens to the correct Imperial Levels because it moves too quickly and I can't see enough floors in advance to stop in time. Any ideas? Or, conversely, can I move an Imperial Level without the VIP mover?

1 hour later…
8:47 AM
8:58 AM
@Coronus GAY!
Oh boy, seems like another slow day
It's Monday, Monday, gotta get down on Monday
hmm, ctrl+F5 refreshed my helm on the chat i have written but not on the icon next to my chat box :/
@Blem It takes some time. Wait a bit and refresh again.
It is 10min+ since i changed my hat, and it looks like it has updated every where else
there we go!
@Blem-baFett Oh boy, this seems like a total waste of time - for the artist as well as the listeners...
@5pike yea, I made it through 8 tracks, mostly do to leaving the computer after I started it!
@Blem-baFett You... you...
Do you need your ears checked?
@PrivatePansy The ears are not the problem... The brain is
9:28 AM
... did @blem change his name? ... ok, not refreshing this tab.
A: Are there grounds for getting an extra custom reason close slot?

3venticProbably incomplete close reasons with links. Close reason against pirated content: Questions about piracy and illegal content are off topic. We only support questions about playing games through legitimate means. Close reason against speculative content: Questions requiring speculativ...

@TrentHawkins had to make it match my hat, and luckily it still triggers on @blem
@Blem-baFett I see. I also have hats turned off, so...
@TrentHawkins Why did you turn hats off 0:
9:34 AM
@qwertie I have little to no interest in them.
9:45 AM
@qwertie I hate hats.
Q: Why doesn't my "?" characters stop where I direct them to?

HanWhen "?" characters appear, I would always direct them to my topmost floor (58 as of now) for the maximum income. On a few occasions though, I've noticed that some of them were always forced to step out on the 40th or 40+ floor. Initially, I thought this was due to my not putting my finger proper...

9:58 AM
Damn, seems to be quite hard to get a used 3DS with an old firmware
@5pike looking for homebrew solutions?
@TrentHawkins I dont think there is any apart from the gateway flashcart
@TrentHawkins Yeah. The flashcard only works with Firmware <= 4.5
Seems I have to bite the bullet and buy a new one, to get an old firmware. Ironic
@5pike "* Full support for firmware 7.1"
I still feel like getting a homebrew channel in through the SD card is probably a better approach, but most of the effort seems to be going towards the next flashcard.
10:07 AM
@qwertie That's sadly not the case. You need firmware 4.5 so that it can run.
@5pike on there website it says it works on 7.1
wait no it doesnt work on 7.1 maxconsole.com/maxcon_forums/threads/279440-quot-*-Full-support-for-f‌​irmware-7-1-quot
@qwertie Seems that the EmuNand is 7.1
@TrentHawkins I bet there's a good explanation why this method doesn't work.
@TrentHawkins Thats what I was thinking
Q: Fallout Tactics character stuck

Giles RobertsI'm currently on the first level of Fallout Tactics. I generally move my characters in sneak mode where possible. I've also got turn based set to individual. When my characters move over some sort of obstacle, e.g. a barrel, crate or tank trap, they finish their move there even though they hav...

@5pike I figure there is a good reason, probably having to do with the encryption used, and each unit having a unique key or somesuch. But I still figure it would ultimately result in less playing whack-a-mole with nintendo's updates. (also, there's no profit in a purely software hack.)
10:22 AM
Q: can i download and play saved gta 5 game in xbox 360?

RaheelMy saved file got corrupted in xbox 360. i completed the game around 60%. I don't want to pay it whole again. Is there any way that i can download a saved game file and play it on xbox or just skip 60% of the game?

@TrentHawkins Seems like the flashcard approach is a relict from the old DS, since they had no SD card slot (so I read), therefore they had to use a flashcard.
@5pike right. and there's $ to be made selling those cards to people. considerably harder to monetize a software hack. I figure all we need is one game with a poorly written "access SD card" code for someone to take advantage of. (as a number of wii hacks used. also the wiiU's virtual wii)
oh my god the bonus bosses in Rogue Legacy are terribad
10:37 AM
You just need to dodge well enough ;)
Dead in 3 hits? fuck everything about that, four times
the Astrodotus fight must be especially soul draining
@TrentHawkins Can you launch 3DS shop games from an SD card? If so, I don't see why a softmod shouldn't be possible.
@kalina Hi
10:54 AM
Waking up at 5 in the morning is the worst.
@ErraticFox Sure, but it's around 10am where @kalina is
nearly 11 actually
@PrivatePansy speaking for myself. :p
Waking up at 4 in the morning is worse
@ErraticFox Nah, worse is when your job requires it
10:59 AM
Oh I know. I use to work a job that'd put me at 5pm to 2pm and the that very next day 10am to 5pm.
on Thursday/Friday I will be snapping back to my stupid sleep pattern
Stupid as in regular or irregular?
stupid as in 5am
Ah. :|
@kalina Welcome to the club!
11:02 AM
Time to open up PS and Ai.
Craving something nice and warm such as pizza and all I really have is cereal. I'm so burnt out of cereal. No matter want kind it doesn't taste the same.
@ErraticFox Just make one yourself.
@5pike I wish I was that talented...
@ErraticFox Pizza dough is piss easy to make.
Even if I was to achieve that, I don't think I have the material for the rest.
@ErraticFox That's a bummer.
11:08 AM
I'm waiting for the reply of "Oh all you need is house hold supplies and you should be able to".
@ErraticFox Well, I don't know what you have, so I won't say that.
If you don't have the ingredients, then there's no point.
@5pike I suck at trying to make things funny, because that just went right over your head. :|
@ErraticFox Was that a quote of something?
No... Please stop asking about it, the joke/pun was horrible enough as it was. ;-;
@ErraticFox Ok, alright.
11:14 AM
You any good with Illustrator?
I'm a little good at Illustrator
Dabbled in it for a while. Nothing good came out of it, but at least I can use the pen tool to create shapes that don't look like they belong in a modern art gallery
Do you know about the PathFinder option?
wait a second. Attacks as the dragon cost Mana?!
@badp Yeah, but you have mana regen.
11:26 AM
this is a trainwreck and it makes me appreciate just how much more polished the rest of the game is
Q: TF2 Scripting: Action Slot

Kevin DukeI'm trying to make a script that spams the snow-flake noise maker but couldn't get it to work nor any I found on google. I tried figuring out what was wrong and it seems that "use_action_slot_item" is no longer a recognized command? I typed use_action_slot_item right into the console and it says...

I see I missed some delicious site and meta drama last night.
@Wipqozn Oh?
Q: How is a question about who someone is offtopic and promoting piracy?

AssylumSo this question got closed: Who is SKIDROW? It should have stayed open because I cannot see any copyright violation or promotion of piracy or supporting it. As I said in my comments, asking who Hitler was is also not promoting fascism or supporting the holocaust. Therefore, the question should...

@Wipqozn Cause of drama: Can't read close reason.
11:37 AM
@Wipqozn I would have missed the chat part, since that user succeeded in getting on my ignore list in less then 5 minutes of him entering chat.
@5pike There was a bit more to it than that.
@Arperum I was unaware there was any chat drama.
Aside from people complaining about it annoying them in chat.
@Wipqozn Probably, but from what I read, that's the sole reason.
@5pike I just mean that the problem is a user taking things too personally. also Hitler comparisons. Hitler comparisons everywhere.
@Wipqozn Yeah, but it seems that the whole drama could have been avoided, if OP had read the close reason.
Final note out of this thing for me: I really don't like that specific user. He/she has too much of an "Everything should bend to whatever I want" mentality.
11:41 AM
@Arperum Who? Assylum?
@5pike Yup.
> "Once he saw my phone, he looked at it like, 'What the f-k is this?' and gave it back to me," Kevin Cook told the Post.
I remember his first time entering chat with a purely offensive statement, and then be offended that someone thought it was offensive.
Oh, he was the one that came in swearing at people, and then asked if we were british because british people are easily offended.
And then madara came in saying no one should have flagged any of his posts since there wasn't anything wrong with them.
11:45 AM
@Arperum I think I never met him in chat, or I wiped it from my memory.
Yeah, I remember that, I have him ignored too.
@5pike You weren't there at the start at least. First it was me and FEichinger IIRC.
Then I never met him...
@Arperum Yeah, I think it was.
I didn't show up until madara made his comment. At which point I went through all the backlog.
I also said I disagreed with him. Then he went crazy and hunted me down in real life and killedmy entire family. Either that or he never replied to my message. one of the two.
@5pike Praise yourself lucky.
11:52 AM
@Arperum He, I like a little drama once in a while.
@5pike It was no fun drama though. It was the annoying, "you are wrong and I don't care what you say"-kind.
@Arperum I like to wind up such people...
12:23 PM
Oh wow, an email from the Ministry of Defense got classified as junk by Outlook.com
HA! ^
Not sure if Microsoft's spam filter sucks (I haven't had many false positives, but I don't get much junk anyway), or if the Ministry of Defense just suck so much at writing email it appears as junk
@PrivatePansy or both.
@PrivatePansy Both, probably
The email was an invitation to an event, but it was just one large image with no text, so that probably looked suspicious
12:26 PM
Yeah, that would do it.
Oh wait no, there is text
> WARNING: "Privileged/Confidential information may be contained in this
message. If you are not the intended addressee, you must not copy,
distribute or take any action in reliance thereon. Communication of any
information in this email to any unauthorised person is an offence under
the Official Secrets Act (Cap 213). Please notify the sender immediately
if you receive this in error."
@PrivatePansy Just an image with no text? Yeah, that would raise much flags.
That's the only text in the email
> communication of any
information in this email to any unauthorised person is an offence under
the Official Secrets Act (Cap 213)
Which is exactly the kind of message you'd expect to see in one of those fake "WE R TEH FBI WE CONTAC U 4 COMP-U-TOR CRIME U CRIMNAL GIV US CREDI CARD" emails
12:28 PM
@5pike Well great, now I have to die
@PrivatePansy Can I have you rep when you die?
what security rank do you need to see that?
Gamma Omega 3 Delta Red.
Sector 8
Classified information is material that a government body claims is sensitive information that requires protection of confidentiality, integrity, or availability. Access is restricted by law or regulation to particular groups of people, and mishandling can incur criminal penalties and loss of respect. A formal security clearance is often required to handle classified documents or access classified data. The clearance process usually requires a satisfactory background investigation. Documents and other information assets are typically marked with one of several (hierarchical) levels ...
I got NATO SECRET (NS) rank
My security clearance is as such that I'd have to kill you if I told you what it is
@PrivatePansy hasn't responded since he made his die comment. I think he's already been killed.
If I was @PrivatePansy I think I'd leave chat for 2 weeks just so everyone would start thinking he got sent to the Ministry of Truth or something.
@Wipqozn Yeah, they probably rigged his devices with explosives.
Q: Just wanted to share one of the solutions to the problem "Couldn't open audio: Couldn't open audio device or ESD connection"

astarSo for a past few days i've been desperately trying to find a solution to the problem where when i'm launching a game(particularly heroes of might and magic 3, linux version), this error would get thrown into terminal and there wouldn't be a sound in game. I've tried literally every solution i'v...

12:50 PM
I always thought "whinging" was just people misspelling whining. But you even pronounce the G! The British ruin English once again.
Why are you always whinging?
Is that actually true? Do they say the G?
I have absolutely no idea.
That's the first time I see "whinging"
In any case the British are masters of ruining English.
Except that they sort of are the origin..
12:52 PM
@MechanicalLoon Are you asking if whinge and whine are two separate words?
Q: Minecraft crashed with this report?

olubouncerI have just bought minecraft for my son using minecraft 1.3.7 launcher i have the following error ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Surprise! Haha. Well, this is awkward. Time: 30/12/13 12:36 Description: Initializing game org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated at org.lw...

@RonanForman Oh are they different words?
That's more acceptable then.
Yeah, whinge is more annoying. We have many words for complaining.
I thought whinge was Australian
@3ventic Yeah, but the Brits couldn't get English right, so the US had to take over for them.
12:57 PM
Oh, @Sterno isn't dead. I owe @kalina some money...
@Sterno I'm going to star this just for the drama it'll no doubt cause.
@OrigamiRobot Why did you think @Sternold was dead?
@Wipqozn You'll see that my edit was made for maximum star-annoyance potential

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