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12:00 AM
@FEichinger D: why?! HOW DO YOU KNOW??!
@AnnaLear I wasn't upset. I just thought it was kind of funny.
Also, I think you're about to have a hound encounter soon if I remember correctly
@Sterno I've got about 13 hours in now, 8 solo, 5 co-op.
@Frank I once did rotational mechanics to increase damage in EVE
12:03 AM
I want to play don't starve again now
@spugsley Experience.
@ash Probably your Rune Factory question. But I can't do that until I get back into the city.
@Frank grins I am excited, then, for the science.
@spugsley It's true.
@FAE It is false.
it.is(false); if you prefer
12:16 AM
Q: What happens when I jiggle my staff?

fredleyI've just got my first staff, and a new button has appeared in the combat UI, allowing me to jiggle it. If I were to do so, what would happen?

Q: Tips to win pandemic 2

ijfisjfsaiThis seems fucking impossible to me wherever I start because madagascar always seem to survive. Only once have I infected all countries but the vaccine finished me off before I could win. How do you win this game?

Don't listen to the naysayers, @spugsley! I'm up to day 100 and still going strong!
@Fluttershy :D
Spelunky is still kicking my ass.
I blame @Fluttershy.
@Wipqozn Why do you blame me for your poor ability to play Spechunkies?
@Fluttershy You know why.
12:26 AM
Is it your lack of a 360 controller?
Mmm... spicy mac&cheese
Snowglobe Badge get.
You go blind... — Fluttershy 10 secs ago
I can't wait for the sale to be over because then I will have missed a holiday badge and I can be freeee.
I can't wait for the sale to be over so I stop spending money.
Another $20 today.
12:29 AM
@FAE I think you can still craft the badge after the sale
@PrivatePansy Nope.
Cards disappear after.
> You have spent approximately $90.83 USD in the store since the sale began.
@MechanicalLoon I'm so happy I've spent less than $20.
@PrivatePansy No, no, I don't want to. I'm purposefully skipping it because I've crafted every holiday badge so far. If I let myself skip it now, I won't be compelled in the future because I'll already have broken my streak.
also ffufu
I'll be thinking "things are going well!" and then I run into a billion arrow traps.
12:31 AM
I haven't spent a dime this sale.
@MechanicalLoon I'm... not going to post mine here.
sobs quietly in a corner with @TimStone
@PrivatePansy Why would you do that to her?
@Frank me either :)
I want to spend money on games I'll never play, but none of them interest me!
I have the same problem
12:36 AM
Just buy games for other people.
@Wipqozn That's part of what put my spending so high, we bought Christmas presents.
Someone want to double check that Pandemic question? I haven't played it, so I'm not sure if what I've reworded it to is even possible.
@Wip I did. Remember?
@Frank Yeah, that's fine.
@Frank Oh right!
@Frank is such a cool guy.
Also, asdfjadasdjk
I was on the last floor fo the mines, but I got killed by a shopkeeper which was angered by a giant boulder.
@Wipqozn I keep getting memory leaks. I didn't even know a mine could leak memory.
12:49 AM
@RavenDreamer This may be my favorite ping ever
@DaveMcClelland I had to look and that is not what I expected.
@FAE I was amused. But I actually did recommend it. I don't personally use one, but according to reddit they're quite useful
And I believe everything I read on reddit
@DaveMcClelland Yeah, I've heard of them before and heard decent things.
1:17 AM
is there a stack exchange for android operating systems and their related app issues?
1:31 AM
Shucks, Dive Kick didn't win
@MBraedley What? How?!
I'm afraid to unpause
1:35 AM
... What?
I think I may be missing some context here.
Don't Starve
Pigman won't hurt you... usually
Oooooooh. Yeh, they're fine.
Don't forget: You want their poop.
1:37 AM
Well, this is the second episode in a row that had me say WTF @Fluttershy
@PrivatePansy I know! Isn't it awesome? :3
1:49 AM
Can we make a canonical Minecraft crash report Q&A? There have been far too many recently, many of them hard to identify dupes.
@Wipqozn Spelunky makes a really great drinking game FYI.
Every time you clear a level, you take a drink. Whenever you die, everybody else takes a drink and you pass the controller.
2:07 AM
@spugsley altar
@FAE O_o yeah. No items, half health and thank GOD I built my fucking base right next to that alter
I had no idea
@spugsley Told you so.
@spugsley technically "Touch Stone", forgot the right term
Ahahahahahahahahaa The Dallas Cowboys backup QB tomorrow will literally be a high school math teacher who is spending his winter break being a professional football player.
2:13 AM
Touchstone I think is the right one.
@LessPop_MoreFizz This would be a terrible idea.
I beg to differ. Now, should I remember my Twitch password...?
@JeffreyLin going on a closing spree
@FAE More like great idea.
It makes for a very fun night.
Although, I never really figured out what is considered a "drink" in drinking games. If it's a shot...
2:16 AM
At least I have new people now ;.;
@spugsley Welcome to your inevitability! Now you have XP to unlock new characters.
@Pvt.Grichmann it's generally considered to be a drink from your beer/glass of wine/mixed beverage of choice. Playing with alcohol of radically different strength than your peers is considered poor form for the most part, but otherwise, it doesn't really matter much.
Thanks. Armed with that knowledge, I now can....
get pissed. What else.
2:20 AM
@spugsley You should still have the items where you died
@PrivatePansy I DIED AGAIN
Wheeeeee, was it fun?
How many days?
You can also make your own meat effigies, which have the same effect. They are a bit expensive to make, and take away a bit of your health
Hey hey! Don't spoil too much, half the fun is discovering all the ridiculously stupid ways you can die!
@PrivatePansy 15 ;;;;;;;;;;;.;;;;;;;;;;;;
And that was your first try?
2:24 AM
@Pvt.Grichmann no 3rd O_o
the first time I died right away because I didn't know I needed to build a fire or I'd die
Still good. I don't think I ever made it that long.
and the second time I went insane hahahahahaha
You didn't poke it with a stick, did you?
I think my last game left off at 30-35 days or something. I can't remember.
@PrivatePansy X.x
with a spear.....
2:25 AM
You know what, I'll join.
@Pvt.Grichmann I'm starting another one. I am addicted
(but I love him for it <3 )
Great. Let's see, I have 5 characters unlocked, so d6 and I get to choose on a 6...
LOL there is a morgue where I can see all the ways I died
The longest I've ever lasted was 71 days
Wilson. Let's do this.
2:27 AM
No, 82
Oh, my longest was 20. As Wendy. Wendy cheats.
Great. I start right next to a skeleton surrounded by some seeds, a pitchfork, and poop.
Wickerbottom, still going strong after 82 days. But that was around two major updates ago, so I guess I need to start a new world to see all the changes
@PrivatePansy You didn't have to with the old updates at least
Like at Caves and stuff, I know it just updated seamlessly with existing worlds.
I'm not sure if they did
I've linked a lot of Area 51 proposals.
But I'm pretty sure, this is it.
The best Stack Exchange Site of all time, being born before our eyes:
Shania Twain

Proposed Q&A site for shania Twain fans Questions and Answers.

Currently in definition.

2:37 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz ...I...
Is there a "VTC as creepy"?
aw come on
everyone loves Shania Twain
@Mana just because she's Canadian doesn't give her carte blanche
@FAE Have you ever seen the movie "I Think We're Alone Now?"
2:40 AM
this time I'm going to explore and see where the best place to set up my base is
@spugsley what game?
It's a documentary about super creepy fans of Tiffany. One of whom thought it would be a good idea to show his love for her by giving her a Katana.
@MBraedley Don't Starve
@spugsley Yes, that's probably a good idea
You have a map you can access with the M key
Brilliant. Day 2, and I found an abandoned base, some pigman villages, two spider lairs and a pond. No stone, though.
Or tab.
2:41 AM
@PrivatePansy I'm always unsure. I have stuff to make a fire pit and science machine and I want to make sure I pick the right area
last time was a bust
@Pvt.Grichmann Day 2 - I found a stone field, a beefalo area, and a HUGE FUCKING grass area with all the grass forever. Nothing else yet
Ok so let me ask - when is is actually night? Like, the red area or the blue area on the thingy?
if I'm walking around in the red will I die?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I have not seen this. Wow. The casualness with which the guy says he would ask for a fingernail or scab is... wow.
@spugsley Red is dusk, blue is night
@PrivatePansy ok so I won't die in red
You can still walk around without light in the dusk, and generally you can see. You need light at night, or else... well, something bad will happen to you
Yeah, night is... No good without light
2:47 AM
There's a constant sanity drain during dusk and night, even if you're around light sources
Yup yup
@PrivatePansy I know, I died that way once already :(
@PrivatePansy the flower garland helps it to go slower :) I always build one right away
YES! Got my Nightmares up to 5 instantly by failing the luck check on the Strange Graffiti opportunity card
Day 3, another skeleton. This one had a logsuit and some planks.
Man, I still haven't read any of John Scalzi's books yet, but goddamn, his blog is fantastic.
2:49 AM
Heh. Picking flowers helps
@spugsley The act of building the garland will probably help with your sanity more than actually wearing it
@FAE If you can sit through the extended cut of just creepy stalkers being super creepy, it's a fantastic film.
You gain sanity instantly when picking flowers
@LessPop_MoreFizz I managed to sit through an hour long documentary about some people who owned Realdolls (think I found that through SA), so I'd probably be able to manage this.
@FAE Go read his books! Like, right now. Redshirts is really, really meta and funny
2:51 AM
@PrivatePansy I've always heard good things. I own Old Man's War but haven't read it yet.
@FAE It's worth it. If only for the scene where one of the dudes GIVES TIFFANY A KATANA.
And now I need to get Nightmares down from 5 again. Ah, well...
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'll see if I can track it down.
@FAE Should be on various streaming services
I watched the Realdoll one back when Google Video was still a thing, IIRC.
Aw, it's not on our Netflix. Should be able to find it though.
2:54 AM
@FAE wow, I totally forgot Google Video was a thing before they bought YouTube
@MBraedley I know, right?
I think this might be the whole thing...?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Thanks, I don't have time to check it out tonight, but I'll let you know when I watch it.
@PrivatePansy Ah yeah, Jochem told me about this. :(
2:56 AM
Note to self: red mushrooms spoiler.
My piggy friend just... I didn't know they do that.
what type of area should I build my base?
@spugsley Close access to all of the materials you need to survive
Good idea to have a pig village close, but (importantly) not too close
If you can, wormholes make for good fast travel option
@PrivatePansy werepigs baaaad
Near tracks, since you travel faster on tracks
@PrivatePansy Mind the sanity though
3:05 AM
@PrivatePansy oooooo is that what those are for? They had teeth so I didn't want to get too close
Yeah, the sanity loss is a bit painful
@spugsley Oh, just jump in and they'll take you to the other end somewhere else on the map
@PrivatePansy YAY!
You do take a sanity hit every time you jump though, but they're fantastic for covering long distances
Day 4 is almost out, and I've only just now built a science machine.
I usually use Wickerbottom, for her science bonus
Wendy is @kalina incarnate, but her bonus aren't very useful
3:09 AM
@PrivatePansy Yeah, I agree.
My best run was with Wickerbottom.
Yeah, I've not unlocked wickerbottom yet...
@Pvt.Grichmann I haven't built mine yet :/ Still trying to find the right place for my base
Had a couple okay runs with strongman
I had one run with the robot, but finding gears is so hard
@PrivatePansy ...?
3:13 AM
@kalina Wendy sets fire to things randomly when her sanity is low
This is bad. Lightning struck ten yards away from my place.
@PrivatePansy So I'm not the only one that thought that? Great!
@Pvt.Grichmann I have a couple lightning horror stories. :(
It's slightly obvious...
3:15 AM
@FAE As do I. I transferred an entire garden of berry bushes from a pig village to my base, only to have the entire thing burn down because of lightning
It didn't occur to me but that's because I don't associate her with firestarting.
But I have ash now. It'll go well with all those spider glands I've collected.
@PrivatePansy This happened to meeeeeee.
what game are you talking about anyway?
@FEichinger Also, WX-78 is @OrigamiRobot
3:16 AM
@kalina I presume Don't Starve.
@kalina Don't Starve
I don't intend to starve myself, I only asked what game you were talking about
@PrivatePansy Hmm. Not hipster enough.
@kalina Oh, screw you.
@PrivatePansy Think you should be able to see this. It got all my saplings and my grass too.
@FEichinger OrigamiRob is so not a hipster. His tastes are insufficiently discerning to be a hipster.
3:19 AM
@PrivatePansy Lightning Rods are now of utmost priority for me.
There's a reason I asked this and this. :(
Awww, spiders sleeping without a lair are so cute.
@Pvt.Grichmann Until they eat your face.
how do I take a screen shot with steam?!?!
3:35 AM
It didn't work
I burnt down an entire forest somehow O_o
and now
I think I'm fucked
Oh, that happens all the time. Well, not all the time, but it happens from time to time
Go collect the charcoal. They're very useful.
@spugsley Yeah, that's what spurred that second question up there. When it's raining, there's a chance lightning will strike somewhere on the screen around your character.
There's also a cave nearby. I haven't explored any caves before.
@Pvt.Grichmann Uuuuh, you probably wanna wait on that.
I'll be really careful.
3:39 AM
I wish you luck!
Wait what? Why does the game suggest that I cook my wooden walls?
@Pvt.Grichmann I haven't even seen a cave!
@Pvt.Grichmann because fire fun awesome party yay
also still haven't built my machine :( Haven't found any pig buildings, worm holes, ponds, or anything really
@spugsley At some point, you'll have to settle for an imperfect spot because otherwise you won't be as prepared for hounds.
3:44 AM
@FAE O_o
Speaking of hounds...
also I have shit to do but I keep fucking playing this game
@spugsley Yeah, it'll do that. I put like 30+ hours into it the first week I got it.
Though I was also really really depressed that week, so I also used it for escapism.
Yeah. Just as you said hounds, hounds.
3:46 AM
@Pvt.Grichmann You're welcome!
how far away should I build?
@spugsley at least offscreen
ok I'll go on the other side of this river. There's a pond and a flower patch and berries!
This is a game where the wiki will serve you well.
3:51 AM
@FAE yeah I haven't closed the wiki since I started
Is @spugsley LPing this yet?
@OrigamiRobot NO
also that shot from today is up
if you wanna see it :) turned out good
@spugsley Yay! My idea worked! :3
I take full credit for your artistic success.
This needs to be shared
@OrigamiRobot :p it was a good idea
3:58 AM
Tallbird, eh? Tonight I feast!
Two models done, only one left to do.
This one. Its supposed to be super detailed.
Q: How can I run games on Ubuntu-13.10

Prakhar GuptaI want to run games like AoE3 (age of empires 3) on ubuntu. I have already install wine on ubuntu. But how it's work on ubuntu using wine. Thank you in advance please try to get the answers

@spugsley ?
4:04 AM
@spugsley Oh good, you found the swamp!
I was doing so good ;.; I found a pig village and everything ARGH
Quoth @spugsley: "A Tentacle Came Fucking."
How the crap does this guy put out projects so fast?
He posts a new project like twice a week.
That's ridiculous
That arsehole pig!
Okay. The wall myself in project has just been bumped up in priority.
@Pvt.Grichmann Pig Arsehole. Also known as Calimari.
4:08 AM
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, yesterday, by Anna Lear
lifehack: don't use the term "lifehack"
Not sure if gross, terrifying or delicious.
Q: How do I know which is the next character to unlock in TDS?

David MI'm playing TDS without spending any Bux to unlock any bitizens. (See my other question on that subject.) And, from conferring with other players, it seems clear that the game unlocks in the same progression for everyone (assuming you don't buy bitizens). My question: Is there a way to know w...

You know, I never did find out how to split stacks.
@LessPop_MoreFizz it did :(
@Pvt.Grichmann shift + click?
@spugsley How very anime of it.
4:16 AM
@MechanicalLoon By the way, if you like Jetpack Joyride you need to play Extreme Road Trip 2
Q: Which ? characters do NOT seem to unlock any scenes in TDS?

David MNot sure if people will like this as a question: There seem to be several ? bitizens that DO NOT unlock any scenes. I want to put together a list of them so people will stop cluttering up Which character unlock each scene? with them.

Unfortunately we won't be able to compare scores and stuff because I play it on iOS
I almost forgot the other use of ponds.
And my pig comrades appear to be constipated.
Wow, did they buff the logsuit? I don't recall it almost negating damage.
@elf Hi son!
Q: Windstad Manor House bug

MurphyWindstad Manor house is completely bugged , I have built everything I could to do with the house and the build is still not there . It is not showing anything i have done with the house , can anyone tell me what's going on ? is it a known bug or did I just get unlucky . Please help me out here . ...

4:30 AM
@DavidM ಠ_ಠ
Burning pine cones for warmth. Ain't got no time for sustainability.
A Link Between Worlds finished.
@Elf LOL
@Pvt.Grichmann Will somebody think of the air pollution!
4:40 AM
Found a Maxwell's Door. First time I see one of those yet, but I can guess what it does.
@spugsley Are you playing Minecraft?
@ElfSlice Don't Starve
@spugsley Oh.
@ElfSlice Most fun I've had with a game in a loooooooooooong time
I didn't find Don't Starve as interesting as I'd hoped.
4:41 AM
@trent Dammit, I just got that for you!
Q: Windstad Manor House bug

MurphyWindstad Manor house is completely bugged , I have built everything I could to do with the house and the build is still not there . It is not showing anything i have done with the house , can anyone tell me what's going on ? is it a known bug or did I just get unlucky . Please help me out here . ...

@Frank It may be a love letter to A Link to the Past, but the dungeon puzzles are really easy and fast. I think I only had some minor trouble in one dungeon.
Great, a dupe of a question just barely asked.
This guy posted the same question twice 15 min apart. And, I just finished editing his first damned version!
@frank Dupe by the SAME guy!
@DavidM That's exactly what down voting and close votes are for.
4:45 AM
Already did
@Frank That's not really what downvotes are for.
> HCI people discover bugs by receiving a concerned email from their therapist. Systems people discover bugs by waking up and discovering that their first-born children are missing and “ETIMEDOUT ” has been written in blood on the wall.
I wish Salem had an actual game designer in the team.
@ElfSlice If you read Meta, no one really knows what they're for. There's a question about when it's appropriate to down vote. It's been down-voted so much that it doesn't show up in a search for the term down vote!
@DavidM sigh
4:47 AM
@DavidM I usually just follow the tooltip on the downvote button
@DavidM Well, @Frank downvotes a lot more than he probably should, so he's maybe not the best person to ask about it.
@ElfSlice @PrivatePansy Agreed
If @elfslice is arguing (again) about not down voting the newbies, he's wrong. As usual.
Although there are a few times where I cannot resist downvoting for extreme stupidity
Not about Frank
4:47 AM
@Frank Why don't you unblock me and find out
Thx for the stars
^ Great game
I got down voted on Meta by a guy who didn't like the way I edit posts.
Much better than I was expecting
@DavidM On Meta, well, downvotes are a lot more free and easy
@Frank Yeah, and you're a dick. 'As usual'.
4:49 AM
It was basically a douche vote
@elf I haven't even unignored you, so don't even bother. Save your breath, because I'm not listening.
@Frank Then stop talking to me
Guys. Stop.
Anyways, I'm down to 5% battery, so that's it for me.
Seriously, you guys have to check out some of the other stacks. The English language and usage one for instance. The answer section is more like a chat!
4:51 AM
@FAE ;_;
Q: Which ? characters do NOT seem to unlock any scenes in TDS?

David MNot sure if people will like this as a question: There seem to be several ? bitizens that DO NOT unlock any scenes. I want to put together a list of them so people will stop cluttering up Which character unlock each scene? with them.

@Elf, you shouldn't antagonize, if someone's ignored you, they've done it for a reason, and you kind of have to just accept that whether you want to or not. @Frank If you have someone on ignore, then just keep it that way. If you guys aren't getting along, then just plain don't respond to each other, transcript or not, please, for our sake.
What do u guys think about this as a question? Gonna get down voted?
@FAE I don't recall antagonizing anyone, but okay.
@TimStone quietly salutes you with a tear in her eye
@ElfSlice Calling someone a dick counts as antagonizing.
4:55 AM
@FAE Maybe he shouldn't act like a dick then.
@ElfSlice Dude. Stop, okay?
@ElfSlice Set each other on ignore, pretend either of you exist. Problem solved.
@ElfSlice - Saw that shoot. It's interesting. But, people like models for a reason. They look like models . . . LOL
@PrivatePansy I don't need to use a computer function to deal with somebody else I don't agree with.
@DavidM ;]
@ElfSlice - I'm pretty sure there was a show on the Disney Channel where someone got bullied online and got their feelings hurt. And, they told a teacher, and the teacher told the other kid's parents, and they told them to stop, and ...
4:59 AM
Okay I get it
I'm going to bed anyway

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