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6:00 PM
I've been trying to just dry a bit and then let it dry naturally, which you're supposed to, but it's so hard to. It just really bugs me.
@Wipqozn Unless that is a legit diagnosis, can we avoid using OCD to mean "I am really careful about things"? Like in general? Because...well, it's more than just having a few repeated behaviours. Sorry. Just...bugs me.
Disney, why do you have so much amazing music? At this rate, my playlist will be two days long...
@badp This is so so so very fascinating. And it makes me feel better about the world
@Yuki That sounds awesome to me
@Yuki Only 2 days. Wow, you must be cutting out a lot
@Ktash I'm compiling this playlist at work, so it's not going very quickly.
6:02 PM
@AshleyNunn When i was a kid, I used to do everything in sets of 8. If I didn't reach my destination on the 8th step, I'd take a slightly longer path.
Also, I've had Michael Bolton's version of Go The Distance on repeat for the last hour or so. It's SO GOOD.
@AshleyNunn Sure.
@Wipqozn Thank you :)
@Yuki It is so lovely. :D His voice is just...yay.
Next hour will probably be Roger Bart's version. As soon as I heard this song again, it jumped to the top of my "need to learn this" list.
@AshleyNunn Well, probably better about the US. But still.
6:04 PM
@badp I am letting myself believe I can extrapolate some of that data.
I usually prefer the in-movie version of the song more than the end credits version, but Michael Bolton is just so amazing I put at least on-par.
Also I now just figured that the Human Centipede is not just an image on 4chan but an actual movie trilogy?
@badp Yeah, it's a real thing
@badp Yep.
@AshleyNunn but that does remind me, I actually have been meaning to see a doctor about it. Because it's more than just a "repeated behaviour". I can think of at least one occasion where I was really, really upset because I couldn't get myself dry.
Upset to the point my mother thought I was having a panic attack.
...which also reminds me, I need to find a new doctor, again. My doctors office, which I only recently joined, is shutting down.
6:08 PM
@Wipqozn Might be a good thing to get someone to poke at, then. Problematic brain stuff sucks :( and I apologize a little for my reaction, it is just instinctive at this point because so many peopel around me use OCD to mean "oh hey I am just a neat and tidy person"
@Wipqozn oh, boo, finding new doctors is always so stressful :(
@AshleyNunn Yeah. I had quite a bit of trouble finding my current one, too.
I'm hoping an office closer by will have finally started accepting new patients again.
@AshleyNunn Since you're Canadian you can also relish in the fact that the Canadian dollar is up a fair deal more against the US dollar than it was 10 years ago.
Admittedly not the good ol' days of mid-to-late 2007 when the Canadian dollar was actually worth more than the US dollar, but still.
It's so stupid. I was with one clinic, but one of the doctors left to do cancer research, and my file was transferred to another clinic. When I went to make an appointment they told me that although they did have my file, I wasn't a patient there, and they weren't accepting new patients.
@TimStone yeahh, that was so nice :)
the entire point of transferring the file was to transfer the patient as well.
6:10 PM
@Wipqozn What? That's....what why would they do that to a person.
Because the clinic it was originally in didn't evne shut down. The doctor I was in just left.
If they get your file, you would think they would also, you know, get you.
@AshleyNunn You would think so.
Did they then refuse to give you your file?
The only thing I can think of is that I didn't make an appointment with them until a couple years after I was transferred.
6:11 PM
That's a crappy thing to do, especially when, you know, it is something related to your HEALTH AND WELL BEING
@Wipqozn even so.
@TimStone I'd have to pay to transfer it, or pick it up myself. I just left it there.
My file was very small. I don't have much of a medical history.
I have piles, but it is scattered over so many places...
So I have gotten very good at advocating for myself.
My medical history is basically I have Eczema (or something), and have suffered from depression in the past.
Also, I have snowglobes 2,4, and 6 if anyone wants any.
Both of which I can easily relay to a new Doctor.
6:14 PM
@Wipqozn Wait, you got eczema from watching Doctor Who? Capitalizing "doctor" always confuses me.
@Yuki It's a habit from too much Doctor Who.
My medical history is probably just "No spleen"
@Butterscotch That's... probably not good for you. Unlike the appendix, I think the spleen is pretty vital.
@Butterscotch I like to think that's your entire file. In big red letters "No Spleen" with your name sketched in the top.
@Yuki Not super vital.
6:15 PM
@Yuki I guess it's no brain.
Never mind, it's possible to remove without adversely affecting you.
@AshleyNunn I could use 4 and 6, what do you want in return?
I always forget about your horrific accident.
@Wipqozn It's probably embroidered on the manila folder, like a badge of honour.
@Yuki I've been living fine for 7 years now.
6:16 PM
@Arperum $50. @AshleyNunn is greedy. Also give me the money, and I'll pay her.
@Yuki Nah. you can live without it pretty easily. I mean it does leave some effect, but it isn't doom without it
Trust me, I'm a tortoise.
@Wipqozn I don't even trust this a little, I have seen how corrupt you can be
@Wipqozn Sorry, I don't trade in TortoiseCoin.
I have been living without an appendix for... 9 years, I think.
6:17 PM
@Arperum I dunno, I mean I am not really going to use them, so whatever you think is appropriate. Do I have you on steam?
@Yuki The only adverse effect is a weakened immune system.
@AshleyNunn Don't think so.
@Yuki Is the appendix that organ that doesn't do anything anymore, but used to way back in the day?
@Wipqozn Yeah.
@Arperum Alright - I am Araleith there, if you want to add me, I will also try to find you
6:17 PM
In fact, it's more dangerous to keep your appendix since it can inflame and burst.
Cool. I once had all my unawesomeness removed and replaced with more awesome. That's why I'm so awesome.
@AshleyNunn I don't know, I can give you a couple other snowglobe cards or other trading cards if you want.
@Arperum I don't really use that stuff, so hey, merry-post-holiday-gifting
I have more adverse effects as a result of the actual surgery than the lack of spleen.
My appendicitis was caught just in the nick of time too. The doctors said that if I came a day later or so, it would've burst and I would've been in much more trouble.
6:19 PM
@Yuki Damn. Another bridge person we almost came close to not having.
change your name backadasd
@AshleyNunn Thanks a lot!
@Yuki When my friend's appendix burst, it apparently popped so hard that it the burst was visible outside her body. As in, you could see her skin move from it.
@Arperum No problem :)
@FAE o_o
@FAE aaaaaaaaaaaa
6:20 PM
Are you sure it was an appendix and not an alien?
whenever origamipoopface talks about how horrible his accident was I always get a tad bit sad at how close we came to never knowing him.
Yeah, it was pretty bad for her.
Yeah, medical science being what it is makes me happy
@Wipqozn OK
6:21 PM
because otherwise I wouldn't have gotten past the whole being born bit
This talk of doctors keeps reminding me of things I've been meaning to see the doctor about.
I'm a horrible patient.
Q: Are color combination nodes innately more powerful than plain ones?

authenticgeekAdditional nodes are generated in just three colors - red, blue, yellow - but alternate nodes can be created by combining two of the 0-level nodes to create orange, green and purple. Considering they take twice as many nodes to produce, are these alternate colors more powerful than the primary o...

and I like being alive and knowing all you fantastic people (even you, @Wipqozn)
@Wipqozn Prevention, man, prevention.
@Wipqozn Why his regeneration scene felt a bit sub-par?
6:21 PM
@FAE I never go to the doctor.
@Yuki Because Moffat. That's why.
I see a doctor daily.
The last time I went to the doctor it was because I couldn't even drink water without vomiting. Before that, I can't even remember. Possibly when I got my staples taken out.
@Sterno That's cheating.
@Sterno Your wife doesn't count.
6:24 PM
@AshleyNunn Yeah, I'm pretty fantastically fantastic.
@Wipqozn Are you calling Mrs @Sterno dumb?
@OrigamiRobot No, but just seeing a Doctor doesn't count is seeing the doctor.
So much innuendo potential.
In other news, my daughter's daycare is closed tomorrow for New Year's Eve, even though NO ONE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY GETS THAT DAY OFF #@#$*#$!
@Sterno That's dumb.
What kind of doctor is your wife again, @Sterno? I feel like I've asked this but I don't recall at the moment.
6:30 PM
Like really, really, really stupid.
The entire point of daycare is to look after children while parents are at work. Closing on a day when parents don't get the off is just dumb.
@Sterno Word of warning: Your daughter's caretakers are drunks.
@FAE She was a family doctor, but she hated it and now works at an urgent care.
@TimStone That's exactly what I got out of it.
@Sterno Aaah okay.
@TimStone And/or lazy.
Also, @Sterno, just bring your daughter to work! She can help you program.
6:32 PM
At the urgent care she gets paid by the hour and is never on call. As a family doctor she got paid by the patient (no matter how long they took) and was always on call.
Neither of which are qualities that are particularly acceptable for a child caretaker.
I will babysit Skydrift!
@Sterno That sounds like a much better situation, yeah.
Especially now that you have a kid.
I'm great with kids. I just let them do whatever they want. They love me.
Q: What do houses require to advance?

Pvt. GrichmannI'm stuck on mission 2-2. At that point in the game, I need 150 researcher population to finish a project, but my research assistants just don't seem to want to SCIENCE any harder. I built a community centre and covered nearly all of its area of influence with domiciles. Their needs are all 100%...

6:34 PM
@FAE Oddly, the other job would have been better for that, because it was more 9-5 weekdays (other than call), and urgent care is 12 hour shifts including weekends. A bigger factor was that if you don't get enough patients, you don't make any money, since the first bajillion go to covering office overhead and whatnot.
And she really hated the doctors that would push people through as fast as possible so they could see more patients a day
Which is exactly what the pay scheme encourages
Oh hey, lunch time was an hour ago.
Hmm... is it okay if I go out to get lunch right now? Even though I technically missed lunch?
@Yuki Yes.
If I recall correctly, anything beyond 15 minutes spent with a patient would cost her money.
Lunch is whenever you want it to be.
@Yuki At my job: sure. Don't know about yours though.
6:36 PM
@Wipqozn Just as long as you only take 30 minutes to an hour for your lunch break, right?
@Sterno What country?
Technically that math is still true at an urgent care, but it's pushed to the facility, not to the individual doctors
@Yuki I don't know the laws in the US.
I know as a employee of the State of Michigan, I get tomorrow off.
Or however long your lunch break is supposed to be.
6:37 PM
and Wednesday
@Powerlord United States. Specifically Indiana, if it matters
@Powerlord I get the day after tomorrow, but not tomorrow off.
In Canada employers are legally required to give you your breaks, especially if you're not paid for them.
New Year's Eve is a federal holiday?
In fact, all State and Federal offices country wide are likely closed tomorrow and Wednesday.
6:37 PM
@Sterno This is what happens at my mom's doctor. The guy sees like 60 patients a day. He barely even steps into the room. >_<
I live in Canada, the land of free healthcare, so Doctors are magically paid by the money wizard.
@FAE If they don't own the practice, you can't even blame the doctors for it. My wife worked her last two months at her job earning a $0 paycheck
@Sterno Ugh, that's awful.
That office was awful, anyway. I hated their staff. I was never a patient there, but I had to drop things off for her a few times and they didn't know I wasn't a patient. They'd just sort of let you stand in front of the window and not acknowledge you or make eye contact or ask if you need anything. You basically had to say "HI, I'M HERE, COME TALK TO ME"
Places like that are the worst.
@Sterno Agreed.
6:41 PM
@Sterno The first time I get $0 for an entire pay period is when I quit and start looking for a new job full time, since I'm getting the same pay that way anyway.
The other reason she likes urgent care is that people are usually there for specific, addressable problems.
@MechanicalLoon yeah, they somehow guilted her into staying an extra month
While I'm complaining about shit no one cares about, I've got one more story!
@Sterno yyaaaay, storytime
My daughter had a 104.7 fever (turns out it was from pneumonia) and we took her to the ER. We had to hold her down to get an IV. They screwed it up so we had to hold her down again while they did the other arm. And for some medicine. And for an x-ray. She basically cried and screamed and was terrified for 2 hours straight. Finally, we get her calmed down and she's sleeping on my chest. A nurse walks in and says "Is she sleeping?" and I whisper "yes".
The nurse then turns on the light, says some religious group was giving out build-a-bear's, opens it up, exclaims loudly "Oh it's so cute!", and wakes my daughter up
I wanted to punch her
@Sterno ...............
6:45 PM
Q: What's the maximum number of rank upgrades per level?

HipCzeckI have upgraded a level to rank 10, and am wondering if there is an upper limit to the number of upgrades I can apply to a particular level.

@FAE Because stupid. there can be no other explanation.
Seriously, every time my daughter saw this nurse she'd start screaming, so even if I'd said she wasn't asleep, there was no need for it
On the plus side, we totally got a build-a-bear out of that probably-$3k hospital visit. So, score.
@Sterno Because greed.
Also Hitler.
6:47 PM
I once asked a doctor at a hospital how much a procedure would cost. He looked at me like I was speaking a different language.
We can only assume their billing process is similar to that.
I mean, my wife's a doctor too, and she has pretty much no idea how much anything she does will cost the patient, other than "a lot" or "a little" or "none"
When I repeated myself, he waved his hand and said something about "insurance".
And that was it.
Today's procedure will cost 3d6x1000 dollars!
@MechanicalLoon Same. When I had my tonsils out I tried really hard to get them to give me an estimate of what it would cost and they literally refused to do it.
@Sterno This project will be finished in 8d20 xdays.
Exactly the same in development.
6:49 PM
@TimStone Well, that or the healthcare provider and the insurance company each send a representative into a cagematch, where the winner of a best-of-3 competition gets to determine the battering price.
@Sterno If they gave an estimate and it was later more than the estimate they could probably get in legal trouble.
@Wipqozn Maybe. It's just ridiculous that you don't know what something will cost until after the service is rendered. "By the way, that cheeseburger you just ate... that'll be $22,000 please."
Oh, you expected only $3? Your bad.
@Sterno I agree 110%.
@Wipqozn NO
@OrigamiRobot THIS
6:51 PM
Q: Can kids steal from the chest in their bedroom?

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Q: Dota battlepoint bonus question

user65361If battlepoint bonus says it is for 2 hours, does it mean it gathers the points exactly in 2 hours of playing time, or is it so that i receive bonus for the normal battle point amount even if i activate the booster 10 seconds before I win a match?

@OrigamiRobot I agree 120%.
@Sterno The way insurance companies negotiate rates is fairly ridiculous.
(see above cagematch scenario)
Unless he means he agrees with @Sterno 110% more than @Sterno agrees with himself...
Agreement is binary.
"Oh, this blood test is $1500...but because you have insurance, the actual cost is only $700...And the insurance company will pay $675 of that."
6:53 PM
I just realized I've been talking to you jerks instead of going to get some free pizza, which by now is probably gone. Worst day ever.
@Sterno Mission accomplished.
Hey, if we can't have free pizza...
Hi Bridge. Have some dinosaurs.
It probably had no pineapples or anchovies on it, anyway.
6:55 PM
My parents are payinf for the pizza I'm having for supper, so it's like free pizza.
Q: How do I find the longest palindrome in a string?

Joe Z.The challenge: Make a function that finds the longest palindrome inside a string. Note: This is a code-trolling question. Please do not take the question and/or answers seriously. More information here.

@Sterno For medical bills, they can't tell you, because they're not in charge of billing. And the actual cost depends on how much they think they can bilk you for.
The only pizza left had broccoli on it.
@Sterno What is this I don't even
6:59 PM
That's still delicious.
@Frank I love how cynical you are. It's my favourite personality trait of yours.
@fredley I never knew about , and now it's my favorite tag.
Q: View stolen item status more easily?

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Q: Jungle terraria

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A: Please give me "Fibonacci sequence" the code

Baabelfish#define vomit <iostream> #include vomit #define numbers Fibo< #define So >::value #define Fibonacci << std::endl; return 0; } #define Such template<unsigned A> struct #define barf int main() { std::cout << #define doge }; #define haz enum { value = #define nope - #define one 1 #define plus < #def...

7:16 PM
Q: Ender land is stupid

JacobDudes, I was using my ender eye when this black object appeard, my cousin said "it's probably a ghast" my cousin ran away to build my/our house cause we were on hard on survival. There was a village averagely 67 blocks away I turned away and it said junkyboy4597 burned to death. But when I turned...

Q: How can I get the monsters to like me?

Ashley NunnI have been feeding monsters stuff as I see them, but I can't seem to get them to like me enough to want to live in my barn. Does each monster type like a certain thing? Or what else am I missing to get these monsters to want to come live at my house?

Q: How I get my friendly monsters to do my work for me?

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@AshleyNunn So, did you ever finish Zelda?
@Lazers huh?
Is that an attempt at creepypasta?
Okay, the jump to NG+2 is quite more noticeable than the jump to NG+ in Rogue Legacy
That's as far as I made it. It gets stupid at NG+2.
7:20 PM
It's just that some classes break
...essentially all classes but Hokage are broken
Hawaiian has waaaay too much vowels.
the Spelunker is super extra useless with the measly +7.5% gold bonus
Isn't hokage supposed to only be good early on, before you get your crits up?
That didn't feel like a game where NG+ seemed worth playing
@Pvt.Grichmann Hokage is the only thing that can kill things in a couple of hits now
7:22 PM
Rogue Legacy was fun, but the real challenge seemed to be not in continuing on in NG+, but rather seeing how few upgrades you could beat the base game with
my Barbarian Kings have 950 HP or somesuch but everything now takes four or five hits to kill
@Sterno Right.
and there's plenty of damage to be taken that way
my Hokages "only" have 400 and take down things in two
(with 1 grace rune)
I'm at level 249, which means I'm almost halfway through the upgrade system!!
It's been a while since I played. There was some sort of major update, wasn't there?
@Pvt.Grichmann They added "virtual" bosses that are extremely cheap and very shitty.
You are given a locked hero with very little health and must fight a super-powered version of each boss.
You have unlimited retries though.
For example the "virtual" version of Herodotous, Astrodotus, takes place in a room that wraps around the border with a 3-hits-you-are-dead Dragon that can fire as fast as you can push the button.
...and there's two Heredoti.
Each splits 5 times.
They all bounce around while loosely trying to chase you.
Sounds interesting.
It's boring as fucking hell.
The powered up version of Alexander has half the cooldown between attacks and you again die in three hits.
Your attacks are only good for recharging mana on hit
You're supposed to spam swords on the thing, slowly draining of his health while you fail to jump around.
Q: why does minecraft give you alot of junk

The gamerwhy does the Minecraft download download a lot of PUP (possibly unwanted programs) and the programs slow down my computer and when i try to delete them they don't go away

The powered up version of the Forest one has the field split in two by spikes, plus spikes all around, and you must use the blink ability to go from side to side.
I don't even know what the Tower powered up guy looks like.
7:29 PM
What class was added in the new content?
but they're all extremely tedious and boring and awful and missing the point of a game where you upgrade your guys and have a variety of different approaches and stats and classes and traits.
@Sterno The traitor is unlocked by beating all four virtual bosses.
Then you can beat Johannes as Johannes and get an achievement.
I'd much rather grind my way to level 507
I started playing Pirates! again last weekend. That game is still fun.
Okay, I'm getting even weirder looks now that I'm not even singing in English anymore.
Q: Does the shovel do anything?

Trevor SullivanWe all know about tools like the Woodcutter's Axe, Pickaxe, and so on, but I'm wondering if the Shovel does anything. You find them all over the place, and you can pick them up, but they don't apparently have any use case. You might dismiss this entirely, except that a non-player character (NPC)...

@Lazers So much backticks ...
7:37 PM
@FEichinger Someone should point them to that one meta
@SaintWacko Said "someone" should also edit it out, which is why I'm not doing it myself. Ain't got no time for dis.
I can't decide if I should get Spacebase DF-9 for 50% off
@Sterno No
The progress so far makes me think that it'll be really nice once it's done, but there's really not that much there at the moment.
So unless you like throwing money around for no good reason like I apparently do, $12.49 is still too much for it right now.
(under the assumption that it will one day be on sale again in some Steam <sometime> Sale in a more complete state)
Yeah, I don't think I'd play it yet.
But that's usually not a factor
For what it's worth, what little is there seems pretty enjoyable. There just needs to be a lot more to sink time into.
7:46 PM
What annoys me a little is that the sale discount completely overrides the Double Fine discount ...
I'm a little annoyed with Kickstarted games that go on sale before they're out of alpha, for less than what kickstarter supporters paid
@Sterno Yeah, that's annoying
I'm annoyed with unfinished games being discounted at all.
I got Gnomoria for a quid. A quid! It's not even finished yet, and I got it for a quid!
Anyone have spares of snow globe cards 4, 5, 6, and 9?
7:49 PM
It's been shown that sufficiently discounted games net more profit than full priced ones
@Sterno While I get where you're coming from, I still think there is - and should be - a difference between fundraising and retail.
All my cards go on the market and sell 3 seconds later
@SaintWacko I have 4 and 5
@SaintWacko I think I had some. Wanna trade for a #1?
Ooh ooh ooh, Farming Simulator is on sale!
7:50 PM
@TimStone What cards do you need?
@MBraedley I know, I got so excited and threw my entire wallet at the screen.
@Pvt.Grichmann Yes, I would. I have a spare
@SaintWacko I don't need any, I've already crafted the damn badge 4 times over and told myself to stop. :P
@FEichinger I agree. And I don't think it's not like they have the right to do it, it is just something I find annoying that makes me less likely to want to fund them for future games.
@TimStone o.0
7:50 PM
Particularly the ones that end up way overfunded
So you could just send me the cards? :D
You are awesome
My Steam name is SaintWacko
I'm not sure if we're friends there yet
@badp True, but the games aren't even finished yet.
Seemingly not, but remedied.
7:51 PM
My credit card expires 1/14 so I had to look this up:
Q: Credit card expiration dates - Inclusive or exclusive?

Matt SheppardSay you've got a credit card number with an expiration date of 05/08 - i.e. May 2008. Does that mean the card expires on the morning of the 1st of May 2008, or the night of the 31st of May 2008?

That is not an answer I expected to find on StackOverflow
Expiring credit cards are the worst.
As are changes in addresses
Both of which are occurring this month!
@Sterno Uh huh. I'm just saying that the pricing between Kickstarter and Steam, should be completely unrelated. Kickstarter is not a pre-order platform and feeling "ripped off" when the game later gets way cheaper is ... understandable, but merely part of the misconception about Kickstarter in the first place.
As the move date into my new house approaches, I care less and less about cleaning my current house
7:55 PM
@Sterno let the new owners/tenants handle that!
@TimStone Changes in address are almost as bad as changes in name
If people didn't think of Kickstarter as a storefront (and instead focusing on actually funding and supporting the bloody thing), the price changes would be completely irrelevant. And that is, frankly, how it should be.
Changes in name are almost as bad as changes in chat handle.
@FEichinger And then Planetary Annihilation ends up on Steam with a 90-dollar price tag.
@FEichinger If so many companies didn't treat it like a storefront, people probably wouldn't think of it that way, either.
7:56 PM
@Pvt.Grichmann The reasoning for that was precisely what I'm complaining about: "We have to honour our Kickstarter backers!"
Okay, now I need cards 6 and 8
@SaintWacko Got a #6.
@Sterno True as well. I still believe "the finished product" shouldn't be a backer reward (because that also creates some interesting legal implications).
@FEichinger If you're specifically offering "early access" as a higher level tier, then turn around and sell early access at a discount from even the normal tier when it hits Steam, it's not super cool. Yes, people should view that money as "funding" rather than "purchase", but meh. It's still not great.
@Pvt.Grichmann Yay! Thank you
7:58 PM
@Sterno Definitely, there are a bunch of discounts in Early Access that raise some eyebrows.
@SaintWacko Thank you very much!
Overall, video game Kickstarters seem to go so much better than P&P RPG kickstarters
Those things are notorious for never delivering
Oh, wait. I need card #9. Anyone have a spare?
@Sterno Much more media coverage.
If a video game Kickstarter doesn't deliver, you can expect to see it on at least three large sites within an hour.
Indeed. Selling the thing is selling the thing. Asking for money to make the thing is asking for money to make the thing.
They're a little bit different.
8:00 PM
If a P&P RPG Kickstarter doesn't deliver, the best you'll see is an angry forum post on a big site. Maybe.
And probably some reddit threads about it ...
I really enjoy following the drama of the RPG kickstarters that don't deliver
Mike Nystul's, in particular
I do not see how this is an "exact duplicate"
Q: Minecraft crashed with this report?

olubouncerI have just bought minecraft for my son using minecraft 1.3.7 launcher i have the following error ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Surprise! Haha. Well, this is awkward. Time: 30/12/13 12:36 Description: Initializing game org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated at org.lw...

That said, I don't advocate reopening because it's not even clear what he's asking. The only real question in there seems to be "Why is there not a pre-req checker?"
It's a superset. We've been getting what seems like a tonne of Minecraft crash log questions which can only be closed to something more generic.
I'm not seeing the dupe either ... The answer happens to be included, but the question is completely different.
It's not even clear to me the answer is included.
@Sterno It's at the end of the list.
8:13 PM
It's the last or second last one. Bad graphics drivers.
No, what I mean to say is it's not clear to me exactly what the guy's question is, and thus it's unclear if the other one even covers it
I mean, he already seemed to know it was a graphics problem
But even still, that's not how exact dupes work
So please stop closing things as exact dupes when they aren't! /endPSA
Yes, please. Because my anno2070 one is not an exact dupe, either, and I still have no idea what to do.
Did we get a flag or are other mods just visiting?
Don't see any flags. I just came to lurk.
Which you've now ruined.
If the guy comes back and does some more cleanup on his post, and it becomes obvious that there's something else going on, I'll consider casting a reopen vote. I cleaned up the obvious mess, but I can't understand everything at the bottom. Besides, I think it is appropriate to close a question that is "I see this error, what do I do now?" as dupe of "What errors can I see and what do I do after seeing them?"
8:23 PM
@Pvt.Grichmann Hokage really falls off in late game, I've found.
@badp I beat that one last night! It's not bad if you play it like Asteroids.
Took me about 3 minutes.
@MBraedley The problem is that the second question can become wildly too large in scope
You force the answerer to know the solution to every error code. That isn't a good practice here.
That's the fundamental problem of these collection questions that get the singular versions duped to them. Often the broader question does not have all the specific details needed for someone who just cares about the one single instance
And requiring such details in the broader questions makes it far too broad.
Q: What do you do when a question is asked which is a collection of other asked questions?

SternoWe've had a lot of traffic for candy-box-2 today. One of the encounters is with a squirrel who poses a series of riddles. As people got stuck on various riddles, they asked questions about the problem they had (a particular riddle) and got an answer about it. What is the answer to the third squ...

Of course, this one is the reverse sort of, because at least in this case the collection question was asked first
This might be the better one:
Q: Is a question a duplicate just because it asks for something that can be part of another question's answer?

ZommuterDoes damaging an enemy ship reduce the amount of scrap found? had been closed as a duplicate of How can I maximise the amount of scrap I collect?. While it's been reopened now, I'd still like to get the general stance on this - as per the Dr. Strangedupe blog post and probably many other blog a...

Either way, the question still sucks and might as well remain closed for the current reason unless it's edited
@Sterno I voted against the majority on that. Appropriate scope changes is a good thing, IMHO.
@MBraedley This guy's question is kind of hard to decipher, but it seems to be "I got this graphics error. As far as I can tell I've got an okay video card and it's still not working. What now?"
I.e., our larger scoped question with a low-detail answer about that specific case didn't really help him
Obviously if you're graphics card isn't working with minecraft, you'd probably like more info than "this error means your graphics card won't work with Minecraft"
8:40 PM
@Sterno this might offer some more insight to my motivations.
Q: Can the lifts be called?

SilverlightFoxOn some maps where there are lifts (e.g. Hainan Resort), is it possible to call the lift down to your floor? I'm wondering if the lift automatically returns to the original floor after it has used by a player (i.e. a player getting in then activating the button), or you can call the lift to diff...

@MBraedley I understand the motivation. I had a similar pet peeve about game completion time questions
8:52 PM
Q: How to transfer minecraft pocket edition world between iPads?

ColinMy daughter has built a minecraft world on our iPad. As of Christmas 2013 she has an iPad mini of her own. Is there any way to transfer her world from the old machine? Even better...is there anyway way to synchronise the 2 machines?


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