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9:28 PM
Q: Diablo 3 - Is Low(Smooth) Shadow Quality better than High?

Erick Sasse FilhoWill I have a better gaming experience if I choose to run in Low(Smooth) Shadow Quality than High?

9:43 PM
@wip I'm not actually that cynical; its public knowledge that hospitals mark up supply usage by orders of magnitude, if you don't have insurance.
I am currently waiting on the glue of my sanding sticks to dry, so I am bored.
@Frank except that only applies to American hospitals. There's no reason to do that in Canada.
@Frank - What's that about mark up of supply usage for uninsured patients?
In re the minecraft question above, I agree it isn't a dupe, however, it is a mess and a half
@FAE I tried to be methodical and only hit the smallest one at any one time but it's really easy to get hit by accident while doing so and/or hitting the wrong thing
@Mbrae Indeed; we don't even get that. I am speaking specifically of American, for profit hospitals.
9:50 PM
How often do you just see a username such as "Frank"
So simple.
So short.
Real names as usernames are boring
Except @TimStone
Me, too. LOL
@Frank I think @OrigamiRobot is jelly.
9:51 PM
Also agree
@david I've read some articles that show there's a person who's only job is to set the costs of items and procedures. And that those costs often bear absolutely no relation to reality.
My real name is Eduardo - LOL
Real names are for boring people and @TimStone
No, David, it's David.
@ErraticFox My username could be "Nicolas", but that is boring
9:52 PM
@ErraticFox And, how can you be sure?
You're not Frank Costanza, you wouldn't understand @OrigamiRobot
@Frank - I agree with that statement, but it's a different statement than they mark up on the uninsured. There's no recoup mechanism for the uninsured.
Is sitting in a hospital right now
@ErraticFox Who?
@err Nah; he's just cranky that I changed my username, so he can't pronounce it like a swear anymore.
What was it before?
9:54 PM
@Frank - Prices are set hospital wide But, the insurance companies set contracts to agree to pay lower rates for them. It's a lot like a volume discount for bigger orders.
Oct 23 at 21:25, by OrigamiRobot
The only reason I don't use my real name is because real names are boring.
@David Usually, the costs charged are the same, but insurance companies know how the game works, and refuse to pay the inflated prices.
@badp I tried that at first, but I found the Asteroids method was more successful for me. Shooting down a bunch in short bursts. Also red first. I got red down in about a minute with no hits, then took my time with green a little so I didn't get careless.
@OrigamiRobot, their you go again, being jealous.
@FAE Does red behave differently?
9:55 PM
@badp Yes, more aggressive.
@Frank - I'm not implying it is fair. Just the way it works.
I see.
@Frank - You never see hospitals making huge profits. You do see insurance companies making huge profits.
@badp Don't forget to take advantage of the whole Asteroids-like aspect of being able to move through the edges of the screen.
I suppose there is absolutely no way to influence those boss fights, huh?
Make them at all possible or something.
9:57 PM
@david Those with insurance don't worry about it; that's exactly what insurance is for. Those that can't afford it are the ones who have no options or avenues for appeal, beyond declaring bankruptcy.
Nevermind I started NG+2 and thus all virt bosses are now locked for me, except for Alexander.
@Frank - It's a break down in the system that we have to subsidize indigent care, etc. with bad pricing strategies.
It's all just a conspiracy against people without insurance, obv
@Frank - I agree. It's a bad system. I'm one of the 3 doctors in this country who is in favor of universal basic health care.
9:58 PM
@Unionhawk You're not that far off.
@badp Yeah you'll have to go through them again. I just popped up to NG+++ last night. I was waiting on finishing my blueprint farming for that and I got the last of them last night.
@FAE How bad is it? I'm worried that the last 10 damage upgrades aren't going to cut it for me
@Unionhawk @Frank People always assume that the doctors and hospitals are rolling in bucks. But, I'll tell you that we struggle to keep costs down. But, it's the cost of the supply chain that eats most of the profits.
It's a lot like the military. A screw at the hardware store costs $.39. But, if you go through the rigamarole of getting FDA approval to put the same screw into someone, it costs $400.
@Frank Those articles are not incorrect, they are just missing a large portion of the picture.
@Frank We do inflate our prices beyond costs, but that is because we lose a lot of money in other places that we have to subsidize.
Steps down from his soap box.
What part of the picture am I missing? The one where healthcare is not affordable without insurance? And that surgical gowns and other supplies are marked up 1000+%?
I honestly would hold surgical supplies at higher standards than your run of the mill hardware store stuff
10:03 PM
@badp Grace runes will be your friends.
@FAE Right now I have one dash, one grace and three vampire
Pretty much what @badp said.
@Frank You are missing the part where the people who are working get paid. The janitorial staff, the cleaning, the regulatory requirements, etc. etc. etc.
@badp Do you have Dark gear yet?
@FAE as in?
10:04 PM
@badp Any of it.
@david Not missing it. Not agreeing with the established practice of gouging those that can't afford it.
Slayer Sword, Royal Helm, Royal Chestplate, Guardian Bracers, Sky Cape is what I've got.
@Frank Again, I think it sucks that not having insurance makes healthcare unaffordable. But, that is a legislative issue. Not the hospital's fault. There are SOME hospitals that are cheaper.
@badp So you haven't unlocked any of the Dark stuff I assume then. That'll have vampiric/siphon on there, which will let you equip other, potentially more useful runes.
@Frank Our country has routinely elected officials who are against creating a viable public option for health care.
10:06 PM
@FAE I'm honestly pretty happy with what I've got. The Sky cape gets me triple jumps. Others are big buffs to armor, health and damage.
@badp Dark is also +air jump so you won't need Sky anymore.
If the Dark stuff is straight upgrades then sure, I'll use them, but...
@FAE Phew!
@badp They're the best in the game, pretty much.
@Frank I'm not going to cry poverty, but it costs a lot to become a doctor. Med school loans, undergrad loans, etc. Years of your life. Working odd hours at high stress. If you want good Doctors, you have to pay commensurate wages for that. These days a lot of Docs are barely breaking 6 figures. Sounds like a lot of money until you consider the profit ratio . . .
Is there any sane country that does healthcare without insurance at all?
10:08 PM
@Frank If people understood what socialization of medicine really was, they wouldn't fear it. They would embrace it. You could offer EVERYONE a base level of coverage, and offer Cadillac care to people who want to pay for it.
I just noticed that I am back at the manor with 6k in the bank and... no Charon
@badp Not really.
the one time Haggle proved useful: right now.
@badp Technically, Canada, but our taxes are rather high to support it.
@Frank I don't think we pay explicitly anything for it either, but it still is insurance
10:09 PM
@Frank But you do have insurance. It's a different system, but the hospitals are being reimbursed rather than merely subsidized.
@Frank You still have insurance, just not privatized, neh?
Q: How to use the additional coins?

ChloeI have finished building all the levels, as time goes by, I have accumulated a lot of coins, what would be a good use of the additional coins? I could not use them to build a new level otherwise I could not think of a good use of them...

Speaking of which - Germany has a pretty retarded system where there are three competing providers of public health insurance.
@David I read this article, and that tells me a lot about the system. While you, personally, may not be benefitting from it, there are plenty of doctors who are.
Where's FEichinger when you need him. I think the German system may be less of an insurance and more of a "We're here, come use us, model.
10:11 PM
@fae I honestly don't know if that can be called insurance.
Who knows.
If you work in Germany, you have to get German insurance; your employer can't sign you up for it. If you don't take action, your employer will have you signed up for it. Because Germany, that's why.
@DavidM It's still called insurance there and I believe it's mandatory, like in the Netherlands.
@FAE @badp - I believe you're right. My memory is fuzzy from that class I took in med school a thousand years ago.
@DavidM Having signed up with German health insurance in September my memory is pretty fresh :)
10:13 PM
@DavidM @badp's working in Germany at the moment and I live in the Netherlands currently, so. :)
@badp @FAE, well, then I credit you both as experts! LOL
I would've had to get Dutch health insurance if I worked there too - since I didn't I had to sign away my right to work there
@Frank - I read Brill's article in Time. And, it was powerful. Powerfully written. Designed to drag an emotional response out of you.
then I kept Italian health insurance - which incidentally is when I realized that it actually is an health insurance, and not just magic "go in hospital, get fixed up" fairy pixel dust.
@badp Si, è sicureza!
10:14 PM
> an health insurance
@Unionhawk Trolling is an art?
At any rate. Yay European Union! It's a shame you have to actually cross borders to realize first-hand how much simpler it makes life for us all.
I prefer to believe that people who do that are just dumb/typo'd
@Frank Canada does have health insurance. You just don't encounter the front end of it. But if you provide an identity card, it's insurance.
I usually skim over the sections of paperwork required for non-EU citizens to get stuff done, shiver and do none of it and it mostly works.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending the system. It is broken as hell.
10:16 PM
Both Germany and the Netherlands rank pretty high in regards to speed at which you can get next day appointments and time spent getting after hours care. Unfortunately, Canada's pretty low in that regard.
Also hi :)
Also I build a stone wall and it's lovely and I am protected from hounds and shit now!
I just don't like that guys like Brill write shitty articles that get taken as gospel because they appear in places like Time magazine.
@Frank Not directed at you personally.
@spugsley yay, no more less dying in the future!
10:18 PM
@MBraedley :(
@DavidM I believe there is scientific evidence that says we're evolutionarily wired to pay 3 times more attention to evidence supporting things we believe in than to stuff that doesn't.
The above article regards debunking the notion that universal healthcare automatically equals more time spent in waiting rooms (not in all cases, no).
@badp Statistics can be manipulated to say anything you want. 75% of all people know that!
@DavidM What I hate is manipulation of visual data.
10:19 PM
@spugsley don't starve is perma-death, isn't it? Walls should help avoiding that death. Be happy!
@DavidM What is that? 25% of people? That's like all the weirdos right?
86% of all statistics are totally made up
Futzing graph scales into a form that makes things look better/worse than they are to purposefully misrepresent info. Argh.
We had a saying: There are three types of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
10:20 PM
Lock 'em up and toss the key I say!
@FAE Preaching to the choir!
Give or take a percent or two
"Most of the quotes you see on the internet are completely made up!" - Abraham Lincoln
Woo, don't have to feel bad about sitting out on playing bridge tonight, one of dad's friends needs a partner too.
@DavidM "Use the Force, Harry - Aristotle" [Picture of Jimi Hendrix]
10:22 PM
@MBraedley it is indeed and it's infuriating! (and fun)
I never learned to play.
@badp Well done, sir
I'll give you an idea what a shit business medicine is:
@DavidM the play is relatively straight forward for a trick taking game. The complicated part is bidding.
We have a regulatory body (one of several that compete with each other). They did our periodic audit a few weeks ago, and declared that our practice of storing a type of medication is a complete violation. We've been audited for the last 20 years without a word of this but they suddenly decided it's the new rule.
But, there is no published set of their rules.
There is no appeal process worth pursuing without retrobution
And, the fix is going to cost at least USD $2 Million
There is NO REIMBURSEMENT for that $2M. You can't bill patient's for medication storage fees, etc.
So bingo, price gets jacked up to pay for it.
No, I didn't want to search "localhost", Chrome, I wanted to open it, you stupid thing.
Does it suck. Absolutely.
10:27 PM
@DavidM Certainly the invisible free hand of the market means you can switch to other better regulatory bodies!!
@badp Nope.
@DavidM and right over your head.
@FEichinger Ah, the inherent problem with merging your address bar and a quick access search bar.
@FEichinger try "localhost/" next time
@MBraedley I got it, just playing it straight
Just looked back at my own transcript and I'm mortified by my own typos.
10:30 PM
@badp I was actually looking for a subdirectory, which happened to be a common www-placed subdirectory, so Chrome just assumed I wanted to know something about it.
Q: The community is closing "mod rec" questions?

agent86We had a discussion not too long ago about questions that ask for mods as a solution to a problem: Is "mod rec" really an umbrella category that we want to use? Or is it confusing the situation? Closed 'mod recommendation' Skyrim question - Can this question be improved and then reopened? Comm...

@badp When I say they compete. I mean the state, this group, Drug Enforcement Agency, etc. all come in and try to one-up each other. We have to comply with all of them, even when they're in conflict with each other.
@DavidM So it's the standard problem of ridiculous levels of mutual recursion in governmental policy.
Okay, so my Magic deck sucks.
@ElfSlice Many do, don't feel bad about it.
10:33 PM
@DavidM Wait a second, the laws and guidelines they enforce are not public?
@Wipqozn When I get upset I say stupid stuff
@badp public yes, but it's like trying to wade through a sea of roaches to get to it
@badp Yes, because it would ruin the fun.
@FrostEngineer I thought that was what lawyers were for.
@FrostEngineer Correct.
10:34 PM
Q: Check the summary of spent money for Steam games

czupeHow to check the all paid money in steam for paying games? I mean the summary of spent money for paying games, i have a pretty bad feeling that i paid more than i think for the first time.

@badp This is America, lawyers are expensive.
@FrostEngineer Also necessary
@badp Expensive and unmotivated to fix anything.
What with your precedents system and stuff
Lawyers are not usually activists.
@badp That and multiple levels of conflicting authority
city, county, state, various subdivisions there in, all governed (in theory) by the Feds.
here's a hint, stay away from the Feds if you can.
10:36 PM
@DavidM It's not so much about fixing stuff as much as knowing exactly in what new and exciting ways it broke in the last few months.
unless you work for them, work for something they govern or need research funding...
@FrostEngineer For now I have a half mind to stay away from the US altogether
@badp Not a terrible plan. You can avoid being groped by the TSA.
...although it might be a career-crippling stance to take
@badp Best of all, it can vary from examiner to examiner. We think they are allowed to make up rules as they go.
Especially without a published guide.
10:38 PM
@DavidM Maybe there are so many, they just get to selectively pick a bunch of them to enforce
but the part where there is no published guide is completely bullshit
@badp I wish it were that simple. They frequently will come back the next time and contradict the previous examiner's demands
@DavidM It's similar to programmers. The languages they need to know (rules of the Government) are so huge that no one human can know them all at the same time. Ergo, you get people who are confused. That's not counting the deliberate jackasses.
@FrostEngineer True, but this is not government regulation, per se.
The government side of things is written down and codified
@DavidM I thought that a lobbyist driven country like the US would make sure that the lobbying businesses would have a non-impossible life in the country
See the national electrical code, for instance
10:40 PM
@DavidM Right but the U.S. has always been fast and loose with enforcement. See "Three Felonies a Day" for a good run down
@badp Sorry, I was laughing too hard to type a response.
(please excuse my sweeping generalizations)
@badp Lobbying is very targeted and incremental. It also varies by local authority.
@FrostEngineer This is a para-government body in particular causing problems. It is a commission that is sanctioned and paid for by the hospitals themselves. It just grew beyond it's original mandate.
@badp Those are my favorite type of generalizations.
@Lazers this is a dupe, right?
10:42 PM
Oh come on Rogue Legacy.
@DavidM Ah, the standards commitees...yeah I heard tale about those. I know we've got some in computing but mostly people just kind of don't worry about that stuff unless they are programming aircraft, MRI machines, or the compilers for those things.
I just killed the second of those things
what was I supposed to do?!
@Frost I turned to my boss the other day and said, I'm going into something more loosey-goosey like nuclear energy.
@badp I hate Sollocks. I hit a room with 6-7 of them in NG+++.
@FAE ouch
10:44 PM
@badp Yeah. I died.
Yawnnnnnnn . . . I'm done venting if anyone wants to talk about fun stuff again.
@DavidM Thanks for the insight! It was really interesting.
@badp What line of work are you in?
@FAE I'm just happy I have invuln type maxed out
@DavidM Software Engineer Intern at Google. One month left.
@badp Very nice!
10:45 PM
@DavidM Spectacular, even! :)
@badp My dad is an old-timer software developer. Used to program in Cobol.
He's still at it, 66 years old
@DavidM I hear there's no shortage of demand for Cobol developers
@badp He has done a lot of retrofit legacy stuff over the years. Put me through college nicely.
@badp The hard part is finding guys who are not retired or below the ground.
@DavidM I'm happy to read that not everybody saddles themselves with crippling debit for university
admittedly, it's easier in Italy...
@badp No, just medical school. $200K USD later
@badp Where in Italy? Are you from there originally?
10:48 PM
Yep, was born in Sicily, now in Bergamo.
My family is from Collesano, Palermo
@DavidM :D
I'm from Messina, so a hundred or so kilometers away
@badp Ciao paesano!
@DavidM Uelà, compare :P
@badp My family has been in the US >100 years. But, I taught myself to speak Italian, and made contact with my distant relatives there. Now, my cousin in Collesano is one of my dearest friends.
10:49 PM
My degree was paid for by the Bank of Mom and Dad. Helped out a lot not having to pay down debt.
@DavidM btw, sicurezza takes two z's :)
@MBraedley My first was.
@badp Grazie!
I understand double letters are the hardest part of Italian for foreigners?
Admittedly, when I type in Italian, I look up a lot of vocabulary in the dictionary.
my family is from a neat line running from York to Caerdnavon if you go back far enough (400ish years)
10:51 PM
But, your spelling rules are far more sensible than those in English!
I've tried to get the phonetic difference betwen, say, "casa" and "cassa" through a Portuguese colleague of mine and he just couldn't feel the difference
Completely unscientific poll of whoever happens to be around at the moment: should I wait a few months for a PS3 price drop that may never come, or just buy the dang thing now and stop wasting a few minutes of every day thinking about it?
although that second 's' is like super obvious to me
@Pops get one off ebay?
@badp I can hear that one. There are others that I do not.
@Pops Yes.
10:51 PM
I have not had pleasant experiences with used consoles in the past.
@Pops now. There probably won't be another price drop until the PS4 drops in price
@badp The acquisition of language is a hobby of mine. I speak 3 languages (pretty good for an American . . . shit for a European)
@Pops then buy one now before they go out of production forever at some point
You lose the ability to discern phonemes that are not used in your native language.
@DavidM Hey, I'm happy with Italian and English myself.
10:53 PM
Yeah, okay. Thanks.
@badp Your English is stellar, so I wouldn't worry.
@badp I can see this being difficult. That's like singular vs. double vowels in Dutch for me.
I studied a little French and alarmingly little German but I honestly don't feel the pressure or need for it.
@badp tu ne parle pas en français?
@MBraedley je parle Français comme se nient fuss.
(@DavidM might be able to get that)
10:54 PM
@badp I tried to pick up Portuguese and French. French stuck with me long enough for a trip to Paris, Portuguese felt too tongue tying and too close to Spanish and Italian . . .
@badp You had me until fuss
@DavidM everybody else is probably pretty confused anyway.
I spoke German as a kid, Spanish in high school and took some Spanish and Arabic in college along with tiny bits of Japanese as a hobby. English is native. Welsh is hard. Norwegian is on the list tbl
Il y a sept ans que je parle en français quotidien.
In an average work day, I speak Spanish 20% of the time. Portuguese would be 30% if I could manage it, and English the rest.
"comme se nient fuss" is a "cheap fake plastic frenchisificatiònne" of "come se niente fosse" or "as if it was nothing" as in "I eat French for breakfast"
10:56 PM
Once in a blue moon I speak Italian with the nonne . . .
@DavidM at that point it's probably more Palermitano than Italian :D
@badp My Italian is a proud Rosetta Stone Toscana . . .
@badp Funny story . . .
I had 6 years of Spanish and 7 years of French between high school and college, a semester and half of Japanese, I just... kinda live Dutch now I guess. I have interest in several other languages, including conlangs, because I'm a dork like that.
Once upon a time, I wanted to be a translator/interpreter.
10:59 PM
I'm constantly mystified by the amount of interest people show in learning Italian
@badp So, I made the effort to learn Italian, reconnect with my relatives, and two years ago I went to visit them. I was proud that I was able to carry on meaningful conversation with them until they started talking to each other in dialect.
@badp That was the next one I wanted to learn after French and Spanish.
My wife turns to me and says "Do you understand them?" I said, "Um, no."
@DavidM I can imagine. Something along the lines of, "Maria stu picciriddu come crisciu!"
At that point my cousin turns back and explains that no one outside Sicily and Calabria can understand the dialect. It's basically Arabic mixed with Italian.
@badp LMAO
So I puffed out my chest and told them I was going back to America to tell everyone I went to Italy and learned to speak Arabic. Got a good laugh.
11:01 PM
Control over Sicily used to be a pretty big deal when America was not on the map.
I enjoy being a cultured American. We're pretty rare animals.
Plenty of different people took over the island and the resulting language and culture kinda reflects the unique blend. Or so I'm told.
@badp You don't have to tell me. I'm 1/4 Sicilian, 3/4 Eastern European Jew. All of my ancestral lands traded hands so many times, it's impossible to trace some roots.
@DavidM Um, now I feel happier about the "100+ years" part.
@badp I would argue it was the Moorish occupation under the Kingdom of Spain that had the most lasting influence on the culture.
11:04 PM
@DavidM I'd reply that I have no friggin' clue
@badp Well, I went on this big find your roots kick a few year back. And, I did a lot of research . . . blah blah blah
duly noted.
@badp Plus, I really loved the movie Cinema Paradiso . . . So, there's that.
11:25 PM
cricket noises
Q: How do I get Skyrim saves back into save folder from My Documents?

Khang MaiSo I wanted to start out fresh and never go back into my older saves so I deleted all 400 something saves. Now I've changed my mind so I want to get those deleted saves back. I deleted them from the recycle bin already.

in other news, let's casually pat ourselves in the back for yet another stellar Christmas traffic spike
@badp What if I wanna pat other people?
@badp How can you tell that's a spike?
11:34 PM
@ElfSlice Zoom out.
@ElfSlice Select the 3m, 6m, or 1y view.
@AshleyNunn Our collective back is wider than any of our own individual backs, so yes, it's fine.
@badp :D
@AshleyNunn I may have mentioned this before, but it bears another mention: Hawaiian has way too many vowels.
@AshleyNunn ...by the way does the use of "in" rather than "on" make "back" mean "butt" rather than "spine"? :P
11:35 PM
@Yuki Yeah, they have quite a few. :)
@badp good question. ponders
Either that or it means you are trying to pull people's spines out :P
For some reason puns about ponderation are coming to me and I'm having a hard time keeping them to myself.
bad badp, bad!
So, I can sing it pretty well, barring one line, if I have the lyrics.
New @DailyRoyale deal: Full Bore block puzzler 75% off right now!
Memorizing this is going to be really, really annoying.
Anyone who doesn't have this and is even remotely interested in puzzle games needs to get it.
11:38 PM
♪Malamalama i Wahinekapu♬ is tripping me up real bad.
@badp See, that just makes me curious
@Yuki That doesn't sound very hard.
@badp It actually starts on the first upbeat and Malamalama jumbles up my mouth.
@Yuki Link me to a version of hte song again, if you have one, please?
@AshleyNunn This is the one I'm using, which popped up before the official version when I searched it.
11:42 PM
@Yuki Man, the overlapping vocals make it harder
Turns out, I'm 20 minutes early to meet a friend. And its freaking cold outside.
@Yuki This isn't the surfing song!
@Frank Oh no! Don't freeze
@OrigamiRobot Dang, I regularly confuse the opening scene with the surfing scene. Ugh.
11:45 PM
@ash I'm in my car, and have it running.
Mars One just narrowed its pool of potential Martian colonists from 200,000 to 1,058 http://vrge.co/JpEWPs
Whoa, this is a real thing?
@OrigamiRobot Which means I need to add this one to my playlist too.
I honestly have to wonder what kind of people volunteers for a first-ever no-guarantees one-way trip to Mars
Thankfully, that one seems much easier to learn.
...and passes screening
11:47 PM
@badp Yeah, that's teh biggest thing I am curious about
@Yuki Yes!
hell, it's just going to be 4 people
@ElfSlice yep, and it'll probably never happen
warning, this image is huge
11:47 PM
you're going to be stuck on an alien planet with 3 other human beings for the rest of your life
@badp Someone who wants to explore another planet more than anything in the world
@ElfSlice I don't think much exploration will be in order for them
@badp You know what I mean.
the way I understand it, they'll build some kind of dome, make it breathable and settle in there.
...until they die.
Maybe. They might live in the ship that takes them there.
I know I wouldn't want to do it.
11:49 PM
Or the whole thing is a sham TV reality show.
They wouldn't livein a ship.
@ElfSlice That sounds even less appealing.
And they won't even leave the atmosphere, let alone the planet.
They'd make a dome which they'd set-up so they could actually grow plants in it.
The whole thing gives me the heebie jeebies
11:50 PM
@Yuki I'm not sure if that would be amazing or not, the whole thing is just to be convincing to the participants.
Thanks @Yuki, now I'm watching Lilo & Stitch
@badp I don't think they're building a dome. I think it's just 5 or 6 Dragon capsules.
@OrigamiRobot If I get even one person to watch any Disney movie just one more time, I have succeeded.
@OrigamiRobot Which is the best idea ever
@Yuki I just watched it like a month ago :P
11:54 PM
@ElfSlice Why does this have Finn from Adventure Time in it?
@Fluttershy I uh. Dunno. Who was he voiced by? Maybe they included the dog because the guy who voiced bender voiced him?
Still seems weird.
Maybe they just liked adventure time
@Fluttershy Jake's there too
@Fluttershy Ah, apparently this is why
to answer the finn and jake thing, watch "Leela and the gene stalk". finn and jake are in the dungeon.
jake: "what time is it?"
bender: "time for you to shut up!"
@AshleyNunn Oh... Well then.
Yeah, I didn't know that either
@AshleyNunn Jake is the dog, isn't it?
It's funny because it's the same voice actor
11:58 PM
@ElfSlice real time strategy brown segway?
@ElfSlice are you faceplanting on your keyboard again?
Oh I thought I messed the link up
Ghost Control Inc. (also on Steam Greenlight) looks pretty much like Ghostbusters: The Game. Which is awesome.
user image
@kalina He's not just faceplanting it, he's terraforming it.

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