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3:00 AM
@FEichinger Well it worked
@AshleyNunn wheeeeeeee
@TrentHawkins Even so.
@ElfSlice "a rather young user" I did say that, yes? checks yes.
Wait, how young
@ElfSlice young enough to post something like that. :/
3:01 AM
@TrentHawkins So... what... 10?
Mario cool,
@ElfSlice or under.
@ElfSlice @TrentHawkins My four year olds have clearer stated thoughts than that.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Luigi cool cool
I think my favorite part of that question is the mass effect tag.
3:02 AM
He probably hit 'm' for mario
And just went with the first one
@DavidM Congrats! You have raised your spawn well enough for them to be smart and likely hold conversations. That is sadly uncommon, I've found.
Best of all, it's posted as a QUESTION! I could understand if it was an answer, a misguided response to the conversation.
@TrentHawkins They raise themselves.
I went to a lot of effort to get that video to start at just the right point, you should click it.
I don't know how to set the end point though.
3:07 AM
Is too old to understand that, apparently
Shakes his head, and pops a geritol
I remember when Mario was just some dude who maltreated his pet ape Donkey Kong . . .
It seems that this is not off-topic as per the meta post, When does a question “support piracy and pirated games”?galacticninja 31 mins ago
I'm just going to sleep ... This is tiresome ...
I would describe it as nearly-off-topic.
The linked meta Q has absolutely nothing to do with the question at hand. And more importantly: Absolutely nothing to do with the reason we closed it.
If we had closed it because it was about piracy we would have used the bloody piracy reason. Jesus, how hard is that to grasp?
3:17 AM
don't worry, most of the time, people don't read what they are doing...
but either way, you can't fix humanity...
@FEichinger I would disagree that the meta question isn't relevant. The question is clearly about an aspect of piracy
@MBraedley The reason we closed the question is that we are no experts on the who and how of piracy. The meta Q has nothing to do with that at all.
If we had closed it because it's about piracy, I would fully agree. But we didn't.
@FEichinger - I think it's moderately relevant. The poster doesn't outright claim he pirated it. But, then again, all he said was "I downloaded the blah blah blah"
The fact that skidrow makes cracks for games is irrelevant. The question itself has nothing to do with gaming.
@Braiam Well, you can, but there's all sorts of laws and stuff that get in the way.
3:21 AM
It's closer to game developing than gaming
@DavidM That has nothing to with why we closed it, though.
@FEichinger it doesn't matter why we closed it in this case, since it's still about piracy.
What was the final reason for closing it?
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about people or groups involved in software piracy, not about playing games. — FEichinger 59 mins ago
> This question does not appear to be about videogames or videogame consoles within the scope defined in the help center.
3:22 AM
the reason to close it is very important, if we close stuff with the wrong reason, we are doing it wrong...
@MBraedley It's not. That's what I'm saying: It isn't "about piracy", and that's why we specifically didn't close it for that.
Q: How is a question about who someone is offtopic and promoting piracy?

AssylumSo this question got closed: Who is SKIDROW? It should have stayed open because I cannot see any copyright violation or promotion of piracy or supporting it. As I said in my comments, asking who Hitler was is also not promoting fascism or supporting the holocaust. Therefore, the question should...

Except your very custom close reason seems to contradict that
@SepiaLazers a wild meta question appears
@SepiaLazers saw that coming.
3:23 AM
@SepiaLazers and that happens...
@MBraedley No, it doesn't. I very specifically do not say "about piracy", but "about people or groups involved in piracy"
That's a fundamental difference.
@FEichinger in my view, in the context of Arqade, there isn't. We don't support piracy. Full stop. That means we don't support people that are explicitly involved in piracy.
@FEichinger @MBraedley - I think it's off-topic period. It's like asking who is Shigeru Miyamoto. It's vaguely about gaming, but how is it on topic for this site?
In this case, there was explicit mention of a person involved with piracy, with the implication of getting closer to that community, i.e. to pirate games.
@MBraedley - Entirely true.
3:29 AM
A: How is a question about who someone is offtopic and promoting piracy?

FEichingerAnd I will repeat it once more: We did not close it because it's about piracy. The mere mention of the word "piracy" in the close reason does not suddenly make the close reason "It's about piracy." We closed it for this reason: This question appears to be off-topic because it is about people...

But I would say the fact that it is just a bad question in general makes it close able.
So would it be on topic to ask: "Who is Ubisoft?"
@DavidM no, being a bad question is not reason itself to close
I misphrased.
I meant, bad topic for the site.
3:32 AM
@DavidM probably, but it would be down voted into oblivion.
Fair enough
It was your arguing point though. Now you try to make it look different. i.imgur.com/QbAEd4F.pngAssylum 2 mins ago
I would have tarred it with the same brush, but I can accept that the more experienced folk disagree.
You have got to be fucking kidding me.
Seriously, now? Seriously?
This is ridiculous.
fucking ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I got into a huge fight with my mom
I am a fucking adult. How can this still happen?
3:34 AM
@spugsley oh no :( hugs and gives cupcakes
Also, I dunno, but I got into a series of small skirmish fights with my mom ALL DAY
so I sympathize
Why did my comment get removed? Stop censoring me because you disagree. I am done. This is just pointless. Do what you want, but the ability to discuss is clearly not a strength of this site. Which it should be because it is community moderated. But I guess you are only part of the community when you kiss some butts. — Assylum 18 secs ago
and guve hugs
@AshleyNunn Since my brother had surgery I have been by his side constantly. I go visit him EVERY day. And today she basically told me what I needed to do and that I need to make more of an effort and yet she's BARELY BEEN TO SEE HIM
@spugsley Unfortunately, your parents will never fully be able to see you as anything but their child. Even as an adult. I'm 38 and my mother still tells me to be careful when I go outside.
she said "I've been by his bedside since this all happened."
3:35 AM
@spugsley argh, people like that suck lots of sucking. Just remember you know what is truth and what isnt, and don't let her crap get sucked into you and be truth
@spugsley It sounds like she's redirecting her own guilt at you.
@AshleyNunn <3
because, well, she's wrong and you are the most awesome bean
@DavidM that's my take on it
@AshleyNunn you are lovely. Thank you. I know the truth
@spugsley My advice. Let it pass.
@spugsley She will likely come to regret it, and if you let it go, you're allowing to pass peacefully.
3:37 AM
yeah. My instinct is to call her and say whatever I can to make her feel better because her being angry at me makes me VERY anxious. But she's really wrong this time. And I can't apologize
@spugsley Don't apologize either. It doesn't make it better. Just let it pass over you.
@spugsley dont apologize. you did nothing wrong.
you are wonderful and awesome and she is being a bully.
it will pass
I promise.
And know that we are all here and we are all your friends and we all support you
<3 thanks guys. I feel better
@SaintWacko bawwww thank you <3
though on a happier note, my brother had a very good day today in therapy :) Lots more progress. And he has a discharge date!
3:39 AM
@spugsley Heck yes that is best news
@spugsley - I'm new here, but do you mind if I ask what type of surgery? (I can't help it, I'm a doctor . . .)
@DavidM Seriously? Of what? is a curious person
Shiny! :)
3:40 AM
Not after I get through with you . . . Then everything is a nice dull . . . LOL
@DavidM no problem :) Welcome. He had an emergency surgery on his L3 and L4 discs. They herniated and his legs went numb and he lost control of his bodily functions. So now he's in therapy to learn how to do everything again
@spugsley That's actually got an excellent prognosis.
The spinal cord ends around L1-2. So, it's just the individual nerve roots. And, people usually make a full recovery from that.
@DavidM yup :) They said it could take a few months to regain all his feelings but otherwise, he's good
@spugsley Best of luck to him!
thank you very much <3
3:43 AM
I used to do exclusively neurosurgical anesthesia. So, I've had a fair amount of experience there.
@ElfSlice night!
And now I believe I will go edit today's picture :) Be back in a bit!
@elf G'nite
@DavidM I have had a lot of anesthesia for neurological reasons! :P
Q: Do i need to be online to obtain Trophies on a PS4?

Memor-Xi juts learned that unlike the PS3 or PS Vita i can't view trophies offline on the PS4 (for the time being), with that said i am wondering, in order for me to setup/obtain trophies do i need to be online or can i do this offline NOTE: by setup trophies i mean initially starting up the game and n...

3:44 AM
See, and you guys just thought I was some deranged old man . . .
@DavidM Being deranged and a practicing physician are not mutually exclusive.
@FrostEngineer thank you, my dear, you typed it faster than my brain can currently handle
@FrostEngineer NOTE I said "just"
@DavidM I like you.
@AshleyNunn Be careful, that's how it begins.
3:49 AM
@DavidM oooh, but how does it end? :D
@AshleyNunn In my experience . . . pancakes at a diner.
@DavidM I like pancakes
@AshleyNunn Who doesn't?
Like for serious I like them a lot
@DavidM people who don't get that pancakes are pretty much the best food
@AshleyNunn That is pretty much axiomatic.
3:52 AM
@DavidM help my vocabulary is broken and I cant find that word
True in and of itself without needing proof.
@DavidM fair enough
but I suck at logic
but I make damn tasty pancakes
I made cinnamon roll pancakes once
We have a place near us where they make hundreds of types of pancakes.
3:53 AM
@AshleyNunn want. Like super want
Including those
It's called Chip's
@AshleyNunn You had me at cinnamon, but confused me at roll+pancake.
now I want to start whatever it is that we were starting that ends in pancakes if it ends in pancakes at the pancake nirvana place
@TrentHawkins take pancake, swirl in the sugary cinnamon goop inside a cinnamon roll, cook, cover in frosting, stick in face
3:55 AM
@AshleyNunn Unfortunately, it was my non-sequitor way to sound dark and mysterious. When called out on, I have nothing . . . LMAO!
But I do know a great place for pancakes!
@DavidM Hey, I will do a lot for pancakes
@AshleyNunn My mother warned me about girls like you. In it for the pancakes . . .
@DavidM My mother warned me as well. Fat lot of good that did.
@DavidM I am kind and sweet and innocent. Ask @FrostEngineer he knows
@FrostEngineer HEY
@AshleyNunn dies laughing
3:58 AM
@AshleyNunn I was never sweet, and probably never innocent (at least that I can remember).
@DavidM licks herself I taste like syrup
thats sorta sweet
Q: Prison Architect version specific tags

TonyI would like to see alpha-version specific tags used on Prison Architect questions to help me filter out questions/problems that have most likely been fixed in an update. New releases are fairly frequent so it would also remove the need to ask the OP which version they are running before being ...

(in my defence I just finished eating waffles)
Resists urge to make VERY inappropriate joke regarding flexibility
@DavidM awww no fun
3:59 AM
@AshleyNunn I don't want to be reminded again that this chat is googleable, etc. etc.
@DavidM Fair enough, but now you have piqued my curiosity
@DavidM It is but it's also like 2 million messages
Just us, or network?
Just this
hot damn
how many of those are terrible late night innuendo fests? :D
4:00 AM
Well, in that case . . .
@AshleyNunn A lot of them.
@AshleyNunn You're awfully flexible if you can taste that!
@DavidM high-fives
@AshleyNunn I regret nothing
@Ktash of course not!
4:02 AM
@Ktash Then you haven't lived long enough or hard enough.
@DavidM I've done both those things. But I still have no regrets
I hate you ' key
you are my mortal enemy
I shall smite you with the power of a thousand suns
@Ktash what?
oh, okay, processed it
my brain is slow
@AshleyNunn It's ok, we like you anyway
@Ktash yaaaaay <3
augh I found my stash of pixie sticks
tonight is awesomer
I'm done :)
4:04 AM
@spugsley done?
I love when things go exactly as I expect / better
my photo
@spugsley Let's see, let's see!
it only took a couple of minutes to edit as opposed to hours and hours
@spugsley oooooooooooooooooh
4:05 AM
@spugsley creepy, but good
today is Day 269 :)
I really like the one before that too :)
Well done!
@spugsley hot damn, you are awesome :D
U doing a 365?
4:06 AM
@DavidM yup :)
I've never had the time!
@DavidM flickr.com/photos/slpugsley if you're interested :) here's them all
@DavidM yeah it's tough. I definitely hit speed bumps and skip sometimes but it's been a really good experience. I've learned a lot!
@spugsley It's dark, but I dig it!
I took off my hat, check out my avatar.
@AshleyNunn Logic defying pancakes?
@DavidM you took all these?
4:13 AM
Also, I died in Fallen London
@spugsley The camera in my avatar is my Grandfather's. He was a pro photog. It was my tribute to his memory.
@DavidM nice :) I love that vintage camera, and those are great shots
@spugsley Thanks!
@DavidM that's lovely :)
4:15 AM
@spugsley When I was very young, he tried to teach me about painting and drawing (his favorites), and I was crap at them. But, the lessons stuck because I was so young. And, it translated into photography.
@spugsley I took pictures and people would ask how I did it. My response was always, "Doesn't everyone do that?" I took me years to realize that he taught me about things like perspective, framing, etc. before I was old enough to know what they were.
@DavidM that's amazing :D
Barring some miracle play, I think I just won my fantasy football league without watching a single game this season
@spugsley Are yours selfies? Or is someone else shooting for you?
difficulty settings for that game must be low
@Ktash laughs they must be
4:19 AM
Yeah, and the AI is terrible ;P
@PrivatePansy well reply to you too
@PrivatePansy Is that a new emoticon?
Guy vomiting numbers?
empty replies are the best
4:21 AM
@DavidM nope, I do them all myself :) sometimes with help for set up if someone is around. But I have a tripod and a remote timer
It's not by default that you can just type : and click up arrow to reply, is it?
@spugsley Doubly impressive
@3ventic no
@3ventic I think we know his ATM pin, now
Blah, give me a break, my phone's misbehaving :p
4:22 AM
@DavidM well thank you <3
mine is setup that up just selects chat so that I can reply/edit with keyboard shortcuts
@spugsley I'm the lackey!
@OrigamiRobot hehehe :3
Oh right
Q: Chat Reply Helper for Stack Exchange sites

Oliver Salzburg Press : to start replying to a previous message. Press ↑ as many times as you need to mark the desired message. What does it do? First of all, the Chat Reply Helper for Stack Exchange sites provides a simple key combination to select a message to reply to. This removes the need to grab the...

It's that.
Candy cannon! for @AshleyNunn
4:24 AM
@3ventic doesn't work on iPad. Therefore useless
@MBraedley Therefore iPad is useless*
Okay, it has uses
like getting your accounts stolen
@PrivatePansy best.
@spugsley dont die <3
4:27 AM
@AshleyNunn Don't Starve /ftfy
don't worry, I'll be in and out of here complaining and saying fuck words
@spugsley I feel like you need to do another let's play :p
@spugsley What are fuck words? Orgasm? Labia? What are we talking here?
@Ktash I think it would work really well for this game hahahaha Ian can attest that I've been super loud and angry with this one
4:30 AM
@spugsley Sounds like something people could enjoy. You should think about it :)
@spugsley I would watch the FUCK outta that
@AshleyNunn @spugsley see? :D
@BillyMailman Who do you think you are to tell me what sites to visit? I go where I please, you gotta ban me if you want to stop me coming here and then I am gonna have a new account in a few days and you cannot even know its me because dynamic ip ftw. Valid opinions in a discussion get deleted here. That is not okay when you have a community moderated site. It cannot be that a few people decide for everyone else by just flagging stuff that is not supposed to be flagged. And the "moderators" just delete everything so it fits the argument of those few. — Assylum 7 mins ago
@FEichinger - Wow it's getting heated over a simple, meaningless question post!
We've gone from "this is off-topic" to "i'm gonna evade any bans you throw at me!"
4:34 AM
Meaningless questions are the best type of questions to get into a heated debate for
This is ... fascinating, to be quite frank.
@FEichinger ask and ye shall receive?
@DavidM it's good to argue now so we can point to that meta later when we get a new argument about the same thing
Mainly because they're meaningless
@Ktash :p I get all self conscious
4:35 AM
@3ventic I don't deny that. It's just being taken awfully personally by this guy.
@DavidM true... as if he was part of it
@MBraedley I'll ask @badp if that is a valid reason to suspend someone :p
@3ventic All he did was answer the question (correctly) and he's acting like his mom asked it.
@spugsley then we just have to convince @Ian to set it up without you knowing lol
@DavidM which is odd to say the least
4:40 AM
@3ventic Yeah. I wonder if it should have just been down voted into oblivion rather than a formal closure? Might make for a better overall policy.
As you boys pointed out, it sends the message
On the other hand, it would be perfect for my "GOOGLE IT!!!!" flag!
@DavidM we make a distinction between bad content and off-topic content
Google it is a bad way to respond to any question
There's a good proof of that on SO, where the answer says to google it (along with a short actual answer) and the first result on google is the answer itself.
@3ventic A question like this: Who is SKIDROW? Would deserve that, though
But, point taken.
@DavidM I agree, but no matter how trivial, SE questions often get the top result on Google
I mean
@3ventic - Now you see why I'm not a moderator. LOL!
4:44 AM
it's already fifth:
I must admit, I was tempted to respond with "It's an 80s/90s hair band."
Just like I'm sad that the Mario cool question is on hold. I would love nothing more than to post an answer to that saying that Mario is way older than Luigi, and hence cooler!
And source it by a link to website about rainbows and unicorns.
4:47 AM
I loved their shit so much as a kid
@AshleyNunn She's at the age where that is how she wants to paint her room!
But who designed their website? A 5 year old from 1992?
@DavidM <3
@Ktash A 5 year old from 2013 would love it, too!
4:49 AM
@DavidM And I maintain that they should not be designing websites. At least not ones for major brands
I constantly have to check my clothing for rainbow stickers, etc.
@Ktash Clearly this is the work of deranged elves!
I mean, I've had my fair share of terrible site designs, but I wasn't ever that bad
Also, so much of it is BROKEN
@DavidM Most likely scenario
@AshleyNunn Yeah, what?! Shop doesn't work?!
@Ktash This might be a plot by the sinister SKIDROW!
4:50 AM
@AshleyNunn I was so disappointed that I couldn't buy a pencil holder in the color "Unicorn Barf"
You can join the club, still.
@AshleyNunn LOL!
@DavidM "Membership is currently unavailable, please check back soon!"
sad forever
@AshleyNunn It reminds me of the golden turd sub-plot of American Dad
4:54 AM
I really hope that includes a web designer
@Ktash One would hope!
> Lisa Frank artists have a great eye for color
that's good
@Ktash I'm either color-blind now, or it cured my color-blindness, or something now that I saw that site!
Site hasn't been updated since 2011
@FrostEngineer Yeah, because that design was totally En Vogue in 2011!
4:57 AM
Not only that, but it looks like it was made with Frontpage circa 2003
invalid HTML that using nothing but tables and images
it is lovely
@AshleyNunn Someone once got a tattoo of a grilled cheese sandwich with the virgin mary on it . . .
@Ktash but hey, that is HTML I know how to do
Lisa Frank Website designer

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