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4:02 PM
I like IRV, and I guess STV is the closest thing to that for multiple candidates
the existence of downvotes and upvotes is probably a problem
IRV's more complicated than approval, but it's way better IMO (and it's not like some specific countries whose names end in A and start with U and include the words "united' and "states" already have extremely complicated voting that 1% of the population understands)
(we should remove upvotes)
@Wezl ????
Dis-approval voting is something I'd definitely support :p
4:03 PM
I don't like downvoting things it feels mean :(
@RedwolfPrograms you mean, it's something you wouldn't oppose?
IRV seems somewhat like the system i thought of in 5th grade after realizing someone could win an FPTP election with 66% disapproval
CMQ: How many downvotes you given until now in PPCG (approximate answer is ok)
I have given none I think
@Wasif ~3 2 (3 on meta)
i've given 22 (that aren't on deleted posts)
What? I have given a downvote?
Mostly because I came across a ton of bad questions while going for Electorate
4:06 PM
I barely vote tbh
I vote a lot, and lot more if it is related to getting badges :P
BTW is it allowed to vote blindly to get badges
I've got more than 2000 votes
@Wasif Don't blindly vote, vote on good stuff
@Wasif 45, on non-deleted posts (you can't see votes on deleted posts)
If you can't find good stuff, download Random Question
Or go to my profile
@RedwolfPrograms If i do that then my badges should be reversed?
4:08 PM
Badges can't be revoked
(aside from tag badges)
@cairdcoinheringaahing but why?
I search this bookmark occasionally: codegolf.stackexchange.com/…
@Wasif IDK. Once you've met the requirements, they no longer care
It's not explicitly disallowed I don't think, but you could inadvertently upvote something bad, or skip over something that deserves it more
Then we can get disciplined by deleting a 3 upvoted answer and after getting the badge recover it :-)
4:09 PM
That's what I did
And the easiest meta badges to get in PPCG is convention I think because of Sandbox
Necromancer's pretty easy to rack up because of the Sandbox
16/29 of my meta silver badges are Necromancer
Pundit is also pretty easy too, just comment in closed questions :P
Can a Necromancer help bring life to my dead questions? :P
4:12 PM
wait is peer pressure still a badge?
Yeah :\
@hyper-neutrino yes
I strongly dislike that badge :/
4:12 PM
Heh, ninja'd all of you
Quadruple ninja'd
Heh, ninja'd you (again)
I've been meta ninja'd
@hyper-neutrino That;s delete a +3 post right?
4:13 PM
Hey My network is slow
Peer pressure is anti-disciplined
disciplined is delete +3 i think
Yeah, that one's kinda iffy
@RedwolfPrograms I'm not sure what that one's supposed to represent
4:13 PM
i don't like peer pressure because the only way to get it is to post something bad that gets downvoted :/
it's not much of an achievement...
It's more of an achievement if you later post good stuff
I get why ("thanks for deleting your low quality post, here's a consolation prize") but it just leads to a lot of people posting -3 quality posts :/
i think all SE badges should promote some positive action overall
You can get revival
if you get more votes later
@hyper-neutrino It's only awarded if you self-delete tho, so it promotes recognising your bad post and deleting it
Of course, that requires having a bad post in the first place
4:14 PM
that's fair enough. but also ^
also what does people reached mean?
It's supposed to be indicative of how many people have seen your content, but it's completely vapid and useless data
It's an approximation of how many people saw your posts
it's a statistic that's generated using a pretty complicated algorithm; you can read more about that here
4:16 PM
If you only post questions, it's just the sum of the views on that. Otherwise it's the result of ^^ algorithm
what algorithm
It's a joke
what HN linked
I am too bad in understanding jokes
@Wasif No worries, humour is difficult to convey in text. That's typically why I end my jokes/humour with :P
The solution: I just randomly show up at everyone's houses, tell my joke, then vanish :P
4:18 PM
Among other things, such as sarcasm
hehe BTW the website is quite useful i think
@cairdcoinheringaahing Wait, so that's why a dog showed up at my house saying "nO, yOu'Re nOt JoKiNg"?
@user sArCaSm iS HaRd tO CoNvEy iN TeXt
@user Oh really? Sarcasm's hard to convey by text, huh? Sure
that's why i just use (/s) when i want to be clear lol
4:20 PM
But making it clear like that kinda takes the fun away
@user I cannot speak for the actions of Patch :P
On the other hand, not making it clear can make people think you're a raving idiot
@cairdcoinheringaahing Indeed, Patch can speak for himself, being a talking dog
If Patch could talk, the only thing I'd ever hear in my life would be "Please throw the ball. Please. Please throw the ball"
How do you know your dog doesn't know the question to life, the universe, and everything, but just can't communicate that to lower being such as us?
@user Because he doesn't understand the concept of object permanence :P
4:24 PM
Nah, dogs just happen to be capable of time travel and get confused because of that occasionally :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Cats can, dogs can't?
@RedwolfPrograms It generally varies with Patch
Some things he knows are still there, but just put away. Others are gone from existence as soon as he forgets about them
Honestly, that kinda sucks
For my cats I exist but only about two hours before it's time for food
@RedwolfPrograms I want to make a dumb joke about you vanishing from existence when they're not hungry but I need to leave now because my cats just ate
4:29 PM
CM? Cats?
@Wezl Yes, but also, no
I'm confused
@RedwolfPrograms nope *sprays anasthetic all over Lyxal*
@user (I don't actually have cats because they're evil; I just said that for the purposes of that joke)
4:33 PM
Not all cats are evil
all cats are evil, but it's not like you have a choice
@Wezl Interesting history
@RedwolfPrograms Proof?
I have one cat (Stormie) who's genuinely just curious. He once broke into a cage of guinea pigs and just watched them for an hour.
I am back
what is the full form of [CMUVWXYZ?](https://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/0?m=57698329#57698329)
4:35 PM
Does this look like a cat who wants to hurt you?
@RedwolfPrograms Stormie enjoyed the fear of those guinea pigs and tortured them by "just watching" them
@RedwolfPrograms Yes.
Okay that's a bad picture but still
@RedwolfPrograms it looks creeeeepy
It looks like it's trying to use its mind control powers on a human.
"Feeeed meeee"
I think he thought they were cats too
4:37 PM
So cats are evil and dumb :P
Also is the cat tied with the table?
If it is then it is really evil
@user well sure they're larger
but larger =/= better
Dogs smell. Cats clean themselves.
Well, when it comes to code golf, smaller == better, but otherwise larger == better
4:41 PM
@RedwolfPrograms So? It's more proof that cats are from an advanced civilization, and obviously they pretend to be our pets to exploit us.
@Wezl No PE? I can get behind that
I prefer being exploited over being slobbered on :P
Dogs hide their evil under a thin layer of loyalty. Cats are upfront about it.
@RedwolfPrograms Excuse me what
Dogs are too dumb to be evil
What's wrong with just liking all animals?
4:43 PM
I like both this is just fun :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing "All animals" includes humans.
@cairdcoinheringaahing they don't like us back, so we're more vulnerable that way
I've had cats and dogs, and I genuinely didn't "prefer" either, they were both pretty great and occasionally shit
Literally or figuratively? Or both?
@user Good point, well made
4:44 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Just occasionally? You'd think they'd do it everyday :P
@RedwolfPrograms both
I've had a cat throw up in my room and a dog go to the toilet on my foot
@cairdcoinheringaahing then change your pfp
@Wasif To a picture of the cat throwing up? No thanks.
@Wasif Nah, I'm recognisable with Patch :P
4:45 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing at least the cat throw up smells better :)
Also, my cats died a few years ago and I only have like 2 pictures of the
@user only cats? I would prefer throwing up both cats and dogs with 2 hands
I'm trying to get my cats to learn to throw up in my sister's room
@RedwolfPrograms That's evil
@Wasif Throwing up your cats and dogs is fine, as long as you don't throw up their throw-up
@cairdcoinheringaahing Just like their cats
4:47 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Younger or older sister? The sibling dynamic is very different :P
@RedwolfPrograms That has to be one of the fastest-starred messages here
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

caird coinheringaahingVote for me to win! In this king-of-the-hill challenge, bots will be running against each other in an election to determine who the winner is. The electoral system will be based on our recent room owner election. Each bot will be both a candidate and a voter in the election, and will be the only ...

Well what is one of the slowest starred messages
@NewSandboxedPosts Totally not me advertising for votes in the election :P
@Wasif Chat Mega Challenge: This
4:48 PM
I was about to go flag that for spam then I remembered it wasn't November anymore :p
Is there something different about November?
wait what happened in november other than when our site graduated
Political elections
Wait that happened last November?
4:50 PM
I think
@RedwolfPrograms Ohhh
Apr 11 at 22:26, by caird coinheringaahing
Feb 28 at 1:17, by caird coinheringaahing
idk the physics behind it, but time has been on some hardcore drugs for the past 18 months
I just typed "drugs" into the search bar time to get put on some watchlists lol
I'd like some of whatever time's on
@user you'd like some clocks?
I remember asking time what it was, turns out it was a combination of every drug you've ever heard of :P
4:52 PM
Nov 20 '15 at 2:01, by Anonymous
Don't use Perl, don't use tabs, don't use drugs.
Words of wisdom.
"don't do perl, kids"
"if your friend offers you perl, just say no"
Perl, tabs, drugs -> PTD -> Permanent Total Disability
do please use perl
@RedwolfPrograms given that strategic voting is a thing, you can't think of any strategies?
Perl, Tabs, Scripting languages, Drugs -> PTSD
4:53 PM
Other than downvote everyone else, no
@user shouldn't it be PTSLD
Of the top of my head, voting only for oneself, voting for a specific candidate each time, voting for everyone. Just some basic ones
clearly the best way to satisfy both tab users and space users is to mix them in your indenting
Perl, Tabs, Scripting languages, Drugs -> PTSD -> Post traumatic stress disorder (Grilled chicken of perl)
@cairdcoinheringaahing But there's an obvious best strategy. The only way to win is to vote for yourself and maybe even make other bots to support you.
If you added the ability to communicate, make promises to vote for people, etc, it could get much more interesting
4:56 PM
i don't think there's any scenario where you want to do anything other than just vote for yourself so i'm not sure this has any strategy. but maybe i've read the specs incorrectly
@hyper-neutrino I know you're joking, but this (mixing tabs and spaces) is pretty much the only reason I don't use tabs
nO i'M hYpErNeUtRiNo
@RedwolfPrograms <
pretty much every editor i use except TIO just turns it to spaces when i press the tab key
@hyper-neutrino No you're hyper-neutrino
Get it right, stoopid
4:57 PM
except my branch interpreter, where tab just goes to the next input field, lol
I wish tabs and spaces were colored differently
@hyper-neutrino Oh knew your real name
maybe i should change that to hyper-neutrino since my domain name, github, and SE username are now all in whatever case this is (kebab-case? i've seen someone call it that before)
@hyper-neutrino No you're not joking, you're "Alexander Liao (alex) known as HyperNeutrino or variants online"
kebab-case yeah
4:58 PM
Kebab-case has to be the tastiest case, right after camel case
Poor snake case
@user I object to this on multiple levels
@Wezl why?
don't get me started on lisp or vegetarianism
@RedwolfPrograms I should try snake kebabs
4:59 PM
or anything else for that matter
@user ninja'd my comment again :-(
well, how is Duocentehexaquinquagesimal pronounced
duo + cent + (a) + hexa + kwin + kwa + jesimal
If you break it up it's not that bad
5:02 PM
I think the ee would be more like /ə/
yeah, something like a short a/i
Yeah, I don't call centimeters "centeeeeemeters" :p
Some people might actually
well it's also not spelled "centemetres" :P
@RedwolfPrograms ngl that'd be fun
CMQ: what is one of your message here you posted, but it got stars you never expected
5:04 PM
Mar 24 at 23:27, by Original Original Original VI
(Ignore us, mods)
13 hours ago, by hyper-neutrino
bruh moment
> ^ Star this, please - (I expected the message above this one to get starred)
Because 4/20 is nice
@Wasif intentional same link?
5:06 PM
@hyper-neutrino no I wanted to link to "Wasif can be for if statements"
@Wasif this one
Yeah, you can't predict what people will star
@user really, look above, your prediction is wrong
@user some messages you can
5:10 PM
@user Like this message, it's hardly star-worthy
i would say the new duo answer is in the same spirit as violation of this loophole
@Wezl Okay, yeah, but some are just inexplicable
ah never mind, found this exact loophole
rats user ninja'd me before I could make up my mind whether to ninja hyper-neutrino
5:13 PM
see you technically ninja'd me but i had to comment about my action on the post too, not just about the loophole :P
> Hesitation is the mark of a ninja victim - Master Oogway
so the consensus is that cats are better than dogs
Upvote this message if you like dogs, downvote it if you like cats
^ Look, no one downvoted, so obviously dogs are better!
good night see you all tomorrow
5:18 PM
@user I did
Eh, weasels don't have human rights (/s)
@user how dare you /s, their rights are obviously superior
including the right to DV chat messages
@RedwolfPrograms it's kinda disappointing seeing this from a 3k user
You'd think (and SE clearly does, see privileges) that once you reach 3k, you have a good enough understanding of the community and its rules to not do that
@hyper-neutrino Not only is the loophole exact, but the example used in the loophole specifically states what the answer is doing :/
Challenge and all
yep; i scrolled down further and this isn't the first answer to have that idea (though OP has insufficient reputation to know that)
um, I don't often actually copy paste from SO but I did on Apr 1 just so I could see the joke
Who copy pastes from SO? Aren't the variable names and code styles incompatible?
@RedwolfPrograms ?
yeah i often get help but I rarely copy from there
> Once we set up a system to react every time someone typed Command+C
Ah, a good use of StackExchange's time
6:05 PM
Windows users go brrr
God forbid they actually work on something that the community has asked them to
@cairdcoinheringaahing Nothing wrong with a little fun now and then, and this project was probably not something time consuming
@user Nothing wrong with a little fun now and then, as long as you're doing valuable work normally
Fair enough
I wouldn't be suprised if SO headquarters consisted of 40 people in someone's garage playing pac man
6:07 PM
Not with COVID :P
Ypu can actually tour their headquarters on google maps
Can Ypu teach me this skill?
A: Is it possible to go on a tour of the Stack Exchange headquarters?

PopsYou are now welcome to virtually tour the NYC office at http://s.tk/NYCTour, courtesy of Google Maps!

It has an interesting amount of orange, and a surprising number of unicorn employees
It's blocked on school WiFi
> unicorn employees
Where are the unicorns?
6:09 PM
(and it uses http apparently, so I actually got to see the block page instead of a security warning)
Mar 1 at 21:21, by Redwolf Programs
We could fly to SE's headquarters, then in the dead of night we break in. We pick the lock on the server room and inject a custom payload. The site goes down for a little while. Then, we sneak out through the air ducts. We fly back to our homes, and the next morning the site's magically updated. A few people wonder how, but the meta posts magically vanish. Nobody will ever know.
@user Click the link and pivot to your right :P
@user Time to put this plan into action
Although, it's rude of google to not blur the unicorns' face
They probably drove a google streetview car right through the building lol
6:11 PM
There's people literally sleeping there
> People copy from code blocks more than ten times as often as they do from the surrounding text
I'm shocked, shocked! Well, not that shocked
🚨 Lyxal alert 🚨
I am disappointed in that zalgo generator.
It's practically unreadable and that was the lowest setting.
Okay, these headquarters are seriously bizarre - there's unicorns, sleeping/dead people, mini gardens, people with paper masks in the shape of foxes on
Also, the google car apparently drove into a bathroom
@RedwolfPrograms Isn't that good? It's a powerful generator
too overkill is not good either
"The art of zalgo lies in balance" - Sun Tzu, Art of War
6:16 PM
Right, but it's impossible to overdo zalgo
Ỡ̶͍̞̦͆̆̍̀̏̊̓̿̊h̶̯́͆͐͂͗̾͛̂̄̀̊͘͝ ̵̛̲̞̖̲̰̟̰̘̬͑̇͗̈́̉̓̆̀̍͆̎̕r̵̜̠̻̲̣̦̠̙̹̪̦̻̀̄̔̀͘̕e̶̡̨̧̗̯͓̳̹̪͈̯̳̟̲̟͆̽̀́̋a̴̢̩͊̒̒̔̇̀̍͑̊̇̈͜l̵̨̨̡̦̦̙͎̖̠͎̈̑̔̈́̒̓ľ̸̹͈̃͋̄̐̔̋̄̐̐̋͐̈̚ÿ̵̢͚̻͉͍̏͂̽̐̍̅̇͛͘
Wait that's not very impressive
It's all I can fit without hitting the limit
That's not as much zalgo as I had
The whole column of the screen was black
Nice, which generator did you use?
I put it through multiple of them, over and over again
It took 10 or 15 seconds to copy and paste the last few times
It's exponential, since they try to zalgo the diacritics themselves
6:21 PM
My browser just froze because I zalgofied "Yes, really" twice and pasted it into TIO :(
1 hour later…
7:21 PM
> What started as a joke has snowballed into a worthwhile exploration, producing new insights and sparking many internal conversations about how we can continue to innovate our public platform and bring more value to Stack Overflow for Teams.
I suppose its a good thing that they're now openly saying that the most valuable thing to them is Teams
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (I like this kaimoji)
What are we looking at?
Simulation of the size of a population after a mutation that makes them more efficient at hunting/eating
It's cool looking, and draws as the population grows
What do the each of the colors represent?
7:28 PM
Blue is unmutated, purple is one allele mutated and one not (same as blue but a carrier for the trait), red is the mutated variant
wait are they the same species
are they eating each other
or some other food
7:29 PM
They're eating another food
They just get better at it
Wait so is it some kind of codominant gene (or incomplete dominance maybe, idk genetics)?
No, it's just recessive.
Then why are purples increasing at the expensive of blues at the start?
Once there's a few red ones (not enough to see), they start taking more of the food and mating more
So there're more purple ones
7:32 PM
Oh ok
Damn Reds
no they're improving the species
Made that after some people in my bio class doubted natural selection was real :p
it's like if some people are rich and more people become rich
Speaking of which, any feedback here?
that's not bad
7:33 PM
@Wezl Not sure it'd work the same way
@Wezl [citation-needed]; i think it tends to work the opposite
@RedwolfPrograms Of course it isn't real, we're being observed by aliens in a lab that use artificial selection to guide us the way they want
@Wezl Reaganomics would like to disagree :P
okay I guess that's true
@user I'd like a way to disallow brute force without using a mathematical function like in the comments
7:55 PM
Does Husk have APL's over? a f⍥g b = (f a) g (f b), apply f to both arguments, then apply g to results, etc
pretty sure it does but don't remember which combinator it is

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