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@hyper-neutrino I have no idea why I know this, but that's Hitler's birthday. Weird
@RedwolfPrograms When we can decide how to host a blog
It's still at +5 each
We should maybe pin it once the RO election ends to get some more feedback
(After because having two pinned messages would probably clutter up the starboard, which is definitely not currently filled with noise already :p)
I feel like there's some way to maybe exploit the parallels between ×J and Ä but probably not
@RedwolfPrograms I think we need to expose it to the rest of the site, through either featuring it (for a bit) or Hot Meta Questions
@UnrelatedString IIRC 05AB1E has ×J as a single byte
z with a bar through IIRC
I guess we could have it featured for a little while, it's definitely important enough
12:10 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing because 420 funny number
@hyper-neutrino (ノ°Д°)ノ︵ ┻━┻
@hyper-neutrino This is early symptoms of Lyxalitis :P
If symptoms worsen or persist over multiple weeks, talk to your doctor about Lyxitol™.
(pronounced "licks-it-all" I assume :p)
Yeah, that's how I read it in my head :P
Either that or "licks-ih-toll"
It looks like I diagnosed caird with Lyalitis twice .
caird, are you taking your meds?
12:22 AM
I spent a day as Lyxal, which was basically a vaccine, so I don't need to worry as much :p
Someone poked that :p in the eye apparently
Someone decided to chop this :p in half
@user No, but people keep giving me little rolled up balls of cheese with something crunchy inside. It makes no sense. Compels me though.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Sorry, I'm not sure I get the joke here
It's either too subtle for me or I just need to browse reddit more
12:40 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing is 'compels' from 'the power of Christ compels you'?
@user The easiest way to get dogs to take medication is by giving them pills wrapped in cheese
@rak1507 Nah, it's from the meme format
I have not seen this meme format
that was the only one I could think of with the word 'compels' in it
here's a fun 8 byter for bystanders
12:47 AM
ooh, I have a 7-byter since i allowed sorting high-to-low
it's different from the others, too :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Ohhh, so that's why cheese balls exist
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Find the traitor, Largest Compatible Maze
1:22 AM
lol Branch is already taken on esolangs.org here by a language from 2011 with no spec at all, a dead link for a manual, and no interpreter
sad. what should i name my esolangs link in that case
Just pretend the other one is a draft of yours and you switched usernames
see i was considering just overwriting it cuz there's really nothing there and the last edit was from 2016 and was just to change its category from Unimplemented to Implemented (even though it still has no available implementation on the page) but i don't suppose that would be encouraged
1:48 AM
I doubt anyone would really care
You could maybe rename it to Branch (2016)
could rename the current page to something like "Branch (Johnki)" then make a new one for yours
i am ninja
and then maybe flesh the article out if anyone can make sense of this just for the hell of it :P
ah yeah that is a good idea
1:53 AM
i love how there's just a dead link to a zip file containing the source
and this was 2016
er, that was going to contain the source once the interpreter was finished
which didn't happen
2:16 AM
@rak1507 need to rebuild it from scratch for it to be usable
yea, someone said that, oh well active posts it is
2:49 AM
@RedwolfPrograms completely wrong
Get it right
What are y'all's favorite brands of computers?
Whatever’s cheapest
Would you rather post as fastest-algorithm or restricted-time-complexity for question requiring a proved optimal complexity?
Peronally I really like Acer, their chromebooks are very high quality. I've owned two, the first one's wifi stopped working after a few years of heavy use but with $20 and a screwdriver I just switched out the network card and it works like new. My current one is about the same, but with some more modern features. Despite both being just over $200, they're insanely durable. I've had mine hit directly in the screen with a basketball at considerable velocity and it didn't do a thing.
I swear (good) chromebooks are insanely underrated
@l4m2 I’d prefer fastest algorithms byr it depends
2:55 AM
anyone know how to get a textarea to resize itself to the input like how TIO does it? i tried using a contenteditable div but now i am running into a multitude of issues
@RedwolfPrograms Michaelsoft
@l4m2 I don't really think one's better, it's just whether you prefer the winning criterion to be the algorithmic complexity itself, or the code length
@hyper-neutrino check main.html in my vyxal repo on github
will take a look, thanks
@RedwolfPrograms I’ve had 2 hp
laptops and they’re bith good,, the first is still good, though a bit slower, and the second s running like new thought it’s a year old
2:57 AM
@hyper-neutrino Do it the absolute worst possible way. Put rows=1000000 in the HTML, then disable scrolling the page with CSS. Use JS to override scrolling so that it only scrolls when the content is actually taller than the screen.
I'd laugh at this if I hadn't actually seen something scarily similar in a real website
@RedwolfPrograms Given that it's known best, there must be some other winning criter
in that case it should certainly be restricted-complexity
Then fastest algorithm wouldn't be the right tag
because it's restricted to that complexity
wait. so is vyxal pronounced with an "eye" sound rather than a short I sound as well?
3:15 AM
Since most of you probably assume that first link is a rickroll :p
why would we then believe the second isn't :p
@hyper-neutrino vikesal
How is it pronounced that way
"Ash" isn't pronounced "aysh" is it?
@RedwolfPrograms you don't pronounce python "pithon"
Bold of you to assume...
3:18 AM
You pronounce is "pie-thon"
The ly/vy of Lyxal/Vyxal is the same as the py in python
I, at the same time, cannot argue with your logic but am deeply saddened by it
@Lyxal *pronounces "vikesal" as vicky-sal*
I actually pronounce it vyik-sal
@RedwolfPrograms if I've read that correctly that's close enough
3:25 AM
One moment while I get that website that pronounces IPA open
The IPA reader I just tried reads it more like vee-yik-sal than vyik-sal though :/
The vyik is one syllable (if syllables include the sound my cat makes while coughing up a hairball)
@RedwolfPrograms I'm gonna have to say no
3:45 AM
@Lyxal ok so i implemented more or less what your main.html is doing but for whatever reason my input fields have one extra line under them
and only the editable ones; the readonly fields work fine
any idea why
actually nvm it's all of the fields except the last one
4:01 AM
@hyper-neutrino link to page?
(contains a couple of the fields pre-filled; you can click RUN to get stdout and stderr)
this is why we use em units
height: 1em
i have my field set to min-height: 1em !important lol
never mind i forgot that min-height doesn't actually do anything to the height in most cases
i have the stupid
Let me quickly experiment on my interpreter and see what i find
just adding height: 1em below the min-height: 1em !important worked though, ty
4:09 AM
but then when you resize box doesn't it break?
nope, apparently not
i suppose it's because .input has lower priority than referencing the style of the element itself so as long as i don't !important the height itself it's fine??
it must then
idk how to actually do HTML/JS/CSS i've only made like several websites from scratch without actually understanding anything
honestly, razetime wrote the resizing script
idk what i'm doing either
nice :P
a typical day in the field of web dev with js
4:13 AM
"I just type random two letter abbreviations and use random numbers until things work"
imagine not making your site source open access
made by vyxal gang
Opinion: 2005 version of Ruler of Everything is better than 200(7/9) version
not allowed
it is allowed
TIL that you can just type --- to ungroup your messages o_O never knew that
@Lyxal whomst
@hyper-neutrino you
4:19 AM
i just added it to github xd
well played
oh you put it in a different repo
ah yes i love it when songs make me think my headphones are broken by starting with static
truly wonderful
ah yes absolutely amazing (what are you currently listening to?)
@Lyxal yeah didn't think it made much sense to put it in the same one. also put it up after i asked you to take a look but before you mentioned not open-sourcing my site
@hyper-neutrino mambo number 5
@hyper-neutrino culprate and au5 - impulse
@hyper-neutrino I looked at the html using inspect element lol. I put my HTML in the same repo because when I pull to the server it updates it
4:25 AM
@Lyxal ah that makes sense. i use codeanywhere to ssh directly into my server so i just edit the files there and then reboot the server and push to git from there
@hyper-neutrino I run rm -rf when pulling git changes
i get to have more fun
rm -rf ~/mysite/docs; rm -rf ~/mysite/templates; git clone https://github.com/Lyxal/Vyxal.git temp; cd temp; mv * ~/mysite; cd ~/mysite; rm -rf temp
that's the command that updates the server
it's one line and completely hacked together
please explain why the hell you git clone each time, what sort of witchcraft is this
because I found it by goolging
4:30 AM
does git pull or something like. not work or smth...
i don't know how tf to use git on command line
so I just looked up how to clone repo
and copy pasted the first result
;-; this gives me pain
if you're inside a repository folder, git pull updates the local files to what's on that branch on github
the point is that it works
and I'm not risking breaking it for efficiency
4:31 AM
i mean fair enough
branch.hyper-neutrino.xyz ok so i have another issue, i'm trying to get a sticky footer working, but it's causing the page to become scrollable
not sure if this is how you're meant to do it but basically i put all of the page content into <main></main> and the footer into a <footer></footer> under it (both in <body>)
this is where my knowledge becomes useless
@Razetime you're good at web dev right?
wait i'm stupid
@hyper-neutrino you're not stupid, you're hyper‐neutrino
@hyper-neutrino nO yOu'Re HyPeR-nEuTrInO
get ninja'd
4:33 AM
i was copying my css from my personal site to this site
and it wasn't working
so i added a fix
well done
guess where i put it
into a file you weren't importing?
into my personal site's css, the thing i was copying from, not the css i was trying to fix
4:35 AM
this has to be in my top 10 most hated things
Hey that happened to me lately
i've only been playing videos in that tab for like 7 minutes... like i just started listening to music
@Lyxal sort of yes
whatcha need
hyper was asking a question
and you might know the answer
6 mins ago, by hyper-neutrino
https://branch.hyper-neutrino.xyz/ ok so i have another issue, i'm trying to get a sticky footer working, but it's causing the page to become scrollable
4:38 AM
@hyper-neutrino cute lookin interpreter
@hyper-neutrino this is the right way to do flexbox, yes
@Razetime sad that it's not a TIO rip-off like mine
sticky footer mm
so setting position to fixed is hurting it?
what exactyl does sticky footer mean
Love the commit message
how is it not a TIO rip-off xd
4:44 AM
i use the same colours prety much
@Razetime thanks :3
i got my footer working btw
so what was the problem
you have a sticky footer and you don't want a scrollbar
html and body had margin/padding/whatever so setting height to 100vh makes it take up too much space
so err whats the point of a sticky footer
so if my site's content is less than a full page tall, the footer is still at the bottom
perhaps sticky isn't the right term
4:46 AM
oh just set height to 100% and overflow-y to scroll
adding html, body { margin: 0; padding: 0; } fixed it, but the issue was i was putting it in the wrong CSS file
2 hours later…
6:42 AM
Should we create a new chatroom for language Userscript?
would probably be a good idea if you plan on having more + more in-depth discussion/conversation about it
Then it should be done
so far the bit of discussion in this room hasn't cluttered the room much (since it's just asking "what should this user do" or "what user should do this") but in terms of development and discussing it further, it'd be a good idea
7:16 AM
What's UserScript about?
@ManishKundu UserScript is a project by the PPCG community to make a language with the users here. Each user will represent as a command. Its current (unifinished) interpreter is available at userscript.surge.sh
You can read these
There have been a lot of chat on it
It started from this message of mine: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/240?m=57653929#57653929
i see. pretty sick
7:29 AM
@hyper-neutrino may I please have access to the room made for the discussion regarding the day we all swapped pictures and usernames?
@Lyxal i meant to make it gallery not private lol
everyone should be able to read it now
3 hours later…
11:04 AM
I pronounce it as Vik-sal
Or sometimes Vig-sal
2 hours later…
2:07 PM
codegolf.codidact.com/posts/281384 new codidact problem go solve
Q: Reversencode the given string

EliteDaMythGiven a string, if it is even, break the string into 2 even parts, then reverse the parts to get the "reversencoded" string. Example: onomatopoeia -> tamonoaieopo If the string is not of even length, then do not change the position of the middle character, and reverse the letters before and after...

2:43 PM
@Lyxal I prefer to update with dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda; echo "Update required: Please reinstall." (do not actually run that :p)
3:29 PM
@rak1507 One thing to note: posting answers from mobile is alright (if using TIO, just copy paste). Posting explanations from mobile is very difficult, as it doesn't have monospaced font while drafting, and the copy-pasting is very weird
not this again! :)
Sorry, my recent answer just reminded me :P
I started drafting an explanation with my answer before posting and went "Oh right, I forgot how bad mobile is. It can wait"
have we had a challenge to convert TitleCase to whatever-this-is and if not do y'all think it would be a decent challenge or too trivial
We've had one for snake_case I think
(inspiration: changing my display name from HyperNeutrino to hyper-neutrino to support people with small screens / higher zoom in chat)
3:37 PM
@hyper-neutrino Dupe hammer
ah. it's a subset of that. :c
Though, that's an old, outdated challenge that bans builtins
i should've waited to post my challenge from yesterday
the upvotes are split across UTC midnight so i'm not going to get a repcap on either day lol
The trick is to post around 8/9pm UTC when you've already got +140/+150 in the day
and branch just isn't interesting enough to deserve upvotes from my recent answers
3:39 PM
You get the few upvotes necessary to repcap on the first day, then repcap again the next day when it hits HNQ
hmm. that's a good tip
no takers for my codidact challenge? :( shame
@rak1507 Will the input always be of even length?
I tried to sign up and it gave me a 500 error :/
3:44 PM
Can we take the input as a singleton array (e.g. ['CRYPTO'])?
3/9 vote-answer ratio on the new challenge
lol caird i'm impressed by how fast you must've close-voted that; i closed it like 35 seconds after posting
i am speed
I believe 14 seconds is my record, but that was close :P
I should really have new posts open more often
3:49 PM
granted, i opened math.se to copy the link into the comment first since I posted my comment from the close reason box so i stalled myself there a bit so someone with fast hands could've easily beaten me to it lol
CV first, comment second :P
The more civil version of "shoot first ask questions later" :p
i wonder what the record for close time on our site is / if that's possible to check
I seem to remember Alex hammering something closed within 5 seconds once
Hello everyone, is Codadict active now currently
3:51 PM
lol nice
And can we ask questions from here to there
You can post your own, I believe
I think Codidact is CC-BY-SA 3.0 as well, so you can cross post anything you have permission to from the original author
My own questions?
Then its nice
3:54 PM
do we have a challenge to just diagonalize a matrix
actually that would probably be too complicated to direct post to main even if it were interesting which it might not be given we have an eigenvalues challenge already
@hyper-neutrino I can find nothing
@Wasif I'm trying to revive it
@rak1507 How much reputation you currently have there
3:56 PM
although that's just to find the jordan normal form, not the entire decomp
can answers be accepted there
don't know
then where did your +15 come
3:59 PM
@rak1507 How does EOYCTNNPRI -> ENCRYPTION?
I get this:
['ETR', 'YN'], ['ONI', 'CP']
[['ER', 'T'], ['Y', 'N']], [['OI', 'N'], ['C', 'P']]
Is this a clone of today's challenge?
@cairdcoinheringaahing you are encrypting, not decrypting
@rak1507 I'd make that much clearer in the psot then
yes, I've edited it, sorry for the confusion
4:04 PM
Has there been any fully random KotH until now?
How would that work?
Like a Ludo game, where Dice roll moves pieces ahead, and who reaches the destination first they win
But there's no strategy in a fully random game, and koths rely on different strategies
It wouldn't be any fun
what would submissions even do in full random koths lol
while True:
4:24 PM
@rak1507 Jelly, 9 bytes. Codidact is refusing to send me a confirmation email when I try to sign up, so I guess that's the reason I'm giving y'all when you bug me to join :P
that's weird
hopefully it'll work...
nice solution btw
@rak1507 If you want to report the bug on meta, the error quote id is ff64bd24-d3ff-4daf-be54-1d53a343157b
I'd do it, but you have to log in
Challenge: I'll give you a +500 bounty if you can post a fully random kotH and get a net score of +2 after being closed.
Something's definitely up with their confirmation page, you should probably let them know
4:29 PM
@Wasif please don't encourage intentionally posting content that won't be wanted on this site
I did this because I knew none will do this
@Wasif Remove the "after being closed" bit and it's not a bad offer
if someone can post a fully random koth that's actually well-made and interesting i will be rather impressed
@cairdcoinheringaahing are you using a sane email?
@Mithical Same email I use for everything else
Never had a problem before
4:33 PM
gonna try to create a sock, see if I can repro
CMM: What's our policy on cross-posting challenges to/from Codidact?
Like, legally, I think it's ok, but do and should we have a policy about it?
(actually, strike that - the devs are on it and looks like it's something out of my depth)
to has definitely been done before (hello world, quine, etc)
from, idk, maybe people wouldn't want their challenges to be posted from codidact onto cgcc for moral reasons, but personally I'd be fine with it
@Mithical Feel free to ping me when it's fixed :)
(blame AWS, apparently)
4:37 PM
Ah, another reason to be mad at Amazon :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing worth noting from aSEO standpoint it's not great for us to duplicate too much content
original, new content is always better
@Mithical Yeah, I was just thinking about the fact that some of the more prominent Codidact site post their challenges on both, and link the two. I suppose in an effort to get answers/participation from users on both sites who refuse to use the other site
1 hour later…
5:48 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

caird coinheringaahingWe go up together, we go down together Given a list of positive digits, return that list where consecutive elements are grouped together. For example: [1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 5, 4, 4, 1] -> [[1, 2, 3], [5, 6, 5, 4], [4], [1]] Essentially, all adjacent elements whose absolute difference is 1 should be gr...

So, the last time was on a question was Mar 17, 2014, yet it hasn't been deleted
it also isn't a synonym (meta only has two synonyms total)
i would but i'm not actually sure how
never mind i think it worked
You could just merge it with
6:00 PM
yeah i wasn't sure if that actually nukes the tag but i think it's gone?
Yeah, it no longer shows up in the tag list
any others that should be nuked?
there are a couple of empty ones but they look like they're automatically created for all meta sites and shouldn't be removed. idk
I'll let you know if I find any :P
alright :P
Found one: ?
Appears to have never been used on a question ever
Over on MM, it's a synonym of tag-watching, so it's not even a "we need to keep this" tag
6:13 PM
PPCG culture question: new answers on old challenges okay? (Having answered REPAIR THE KEYBOARD, I'm seeing that the language I used wasn't used on DISARM THE BOMB.)
Pretty sure they are
they are allowed
No reason why they shouldn't be okay, as long as they're not duplicates or something (although duplicates are allowed)
making an answer with a 1/0-byte to just "solve this challenge" is already a standard disallowed loophole anyway
@nitsua60 Absolutely (unless specifically disallowed by the challenge)
Just be warned that you're less likely to get upvotes on older questions
6:26 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing ofc.
Thank you.
@hyper-neutrino Right. This wouldn't be that, I'm just noticing that I can get over half of PASSWORD_01 in Cubically with fewer than half the bytes of the current leader....
But I have actual work I need to get to at some point, so it may be next weekend before I tackle it.
@nitsua60 Okay. I didn't think that's what you meant anyway; our site used to disallow new languages to prevent people from making a language just to solve the problem, then allowed it if they were marked as "non-competing", and now that we have that standard loophole to prevent it, we eventually decided (four years ago) that newer languages should be allowed (unless otherwise specified, of course)
Right--I read through those the other night. I couldn't find when MDXF wrote Cubically, but I'm assuming it's younger than seven years, so this falls into that grey space of "language is newer than the challenge, but definitely wasn't written for that challenge."
7:06 PM
Is this a dupe? I'll be posting it later if not
Q: Is it better to walk or run in the rain?

hyper-neutrinoThe age-old question - is it better to walk or run? There are two trains of thought. If you run, you cause the rain to effectively hit you from the front, which increases your surface area and basically causes you to run into the raindrops, getting hit with more water. However, if you walk, you s...

that was fast
@NewMainPosts Neither, skip
Faster than walking, doesn't slant the rain like running
7:29 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing if you're good at skipping, it's faster than running too
Driving's better than all of those (as long as you're not in a convertible)
using an umbrella works too
Not always
Often your feet get wet either because the rain's coming at an angle or because there are puddles everywhere
Also, why exert yourself when you can not exert yourself?
Also, if the wind is bad, you could lose your umbrella
The only nice thing about an umbrella is that you can twirl it to send water droplets spinning off of it and annoy other people :P
7:49 PM
that's as good a reason as any then :P
Man, the last 3 challenges I've written Jelly answers to, I've been pretty heavily outgolfed :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing (not-so-subtle hint) Time to learn a new language
that's a lot of antifreeze
I wouldn't need antifreeze if y'all helped boost activity
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