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12:09 AM
Does anyone know where I could find SVGs for this site's logo?
@ConorO'Brien What do you need it for? You might get away with the gradscript logo
@ConorO'Brien PPCG or grad script?
@Pavel I need the actual SVG >_>
How does this idea sound for a polyglot challenge restriction?: The submission must contain intermediate steps, and each step must work with only the languages that it is used with? (I'm bad at explaining)
@HeebyJeebyMan @DLosc @MDXF ?
1:07 AM
That would make it better.
but you should probably explain it better
Can anybody give me a good explanation? I absolutely suck at them.
@HeebyJeebyMan, were you Wheat Wizard?
Yes at one point
Oh man that explains a lot
Including the avatar
Yeah ... 'cause it gives me the HEEBY JEEBIES (hence the name?)
Ok you get a pass on that one, because it actually wasn't terrible :P
1:13 AM
So for the Best Of competition, I'm going to be hosting a secondary, unofficial ballot that doesn't show the vote totals. I'm curious to see how having vote totals be public knowledge in the official voting influences the competition.
I'm not voting for anything for one reason: I can't vote for QFT
@Zacharý You know, the decision to keep QFT out of the competition was decided with the support of several QFT team members, right?
I haven't been paying attention to the other ones, is what I mean.
Well now is an excellent time to read up on other submissions
1:17 AM
1:30 AM
Now is a great time to send me 10k rep!
heck even 8k
"If your polyglot runs in N languages, then for each integer in the inclusive range 1 ... N your submission must contain N subprograms. For the Mth subprogram, the polyglot must work for M out of your N languages, and only those M languages. In addition, the subprograms must be successive, that is, the Mth subprogram must have the same languages as the M-1th subprogram, plus another language."
Q: Detect If a Given Integer is a Fibonacci Number

Sandeep SilwalChallenge: Given an integer n, determine if n is a Fibonacci number. The output does not necessarily have to be true or false, just that the two cases should have distinct outputs. Cannot use a built in function that generates the Fibonacci sequence. Test Cases: 13 -> True 69 -> False 1597-> ...

^ Dupe, I think
@Zacharý @Christopher2EZ4RTZ, @MDXF, @HeebyJeebyMan, @DLosc, how does that look?
You're ... just there.
1:35 AM
@Zacharý Please don't mass-ping people
It's for a 404 challenge, possibly for a site-specific 404 page.
@Mego Okay
from my perspective I have no idea wtf it says
but it is clear
i just don't understand
It's supposed to be for a polyglot 404, the restriction is to make sure you don't have something like print(404) being a polyglot for a CRAP-TON of languages
Crap, I meant to say "N distinct subprograms"
The question is, would something like that be closed as unclear?
1:50 AM
Opinions @HeebyJeebyMan ?
It'll show up soon.
@Zacharý fun/painful/on-topic
So good job
It's definitely not as horrible as the behemoth of polyglot challenges.
Q: 404 - Unique 404 page not found

ZacharýThis challenge is inspired by the 404 page on Stack Overflow, which contains a polyglot that outputs 404 in different languages. Goal Your goal is simple, to create a polyglot that outputs the number 404 in as many languages as possible. Restrictions Here's the twist, there's a restriction to...

The behemoth of polyglot challenges wasn't horrible until it became an echo chamber of useless languages.
@NewMainPosts no sandbox?!
I don't sandbox, I take the risk. I don't want people to go making languages for it.
When the OP is dead on the site and the challenge is >1 yr old, you know it's gotten out of hand.
2:00 AM
Does anyone have any ideas of how to represent a Rubik's Cube in C++, allowing easy rotation of the faces and such?
No clue.
I'm porting Cubically to C++ and everything after this really needs to go
use better comments if you use them at all
(I didn't realize you were using C)
Yeah. I really should've added comments, I have no idea what anything in turncube does
/* here be dragons */
2:05 AM
>/* here be dragons */

I love that comment
I added that last week when I realized how much of a dumpster fire rubiks.c was
rubiks.c => rubiks.cpp
ಠ_ಠ the whole point is that C++ undoubtedly has a better way to store/modify the cube
@MDXF Just found these, might be helpful. Haven't looked at them.
@bkul First one stores it graphically, second one uses something less efficient than Cubically does
2:08 AM
Argh, the downvoats are here.
Told you... sandbox
Yeah, I probably should've .
Why do I always cause the most split opinions? I have +1 and -1 so far
Wow such split opinions, two total votes and they're different :o
I've never used the sandbox. But my challenges are pretty simple and uncontroversial.
Most of my challenges have barely avoided close votes.
2:12 AM
Me too until I started using the sandbox
+2 -0, woohoo!
2:29 AM
Q: Launch HelloWorld.java on the Amazon AWS Cloud

AlexI give you HelloWorld.java: /** * The HelloWorldApp class implements an application that * simply prints "Hello World!" to standard output. */ class HelloWorldApp { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Hello World!"); // Display the string. } } What i...

2:41 AM
@Zacharý ... that's a terrible reason not to sandbox
I know
2:57 AM
Ugh I still have no better ways to store/represent/rotate a Rubik's Cube
3:09 AM
Port. And cya
3:41 AM
for (i = 0; i < size; i++)
    for (j = 0; j < size; j++)
        rotated_arr[i][j] = arr[size-j-1][i];
What's the time complexity of ^ ?
wouldn't it depend somewhat on how the matrix is stored in memory?
for sufficiently large sizes, ofc
@MDXF O(N^2)
What do you mean
@Mego Aha thought so, thanks
@Mego @MDXF If the matrix was large enough it couldn't all fit in RAM at once...
Since arrays are contiguous, access is constant (it's just *(head+i+j))
@mudkip201 Well sure, but then you have other problems
3:44 AM
@mudkip201 Well yeah obviously
To be fair, for the sizes you're likely dealing with, that won't be an issue
Also asymptotic complexity doesn't care about RAM - it cares about operations
You do O(N^2) memory accesses/modifications
@Mego ah. I was thinking of actual time used
Whether they are RAM or disk is irrelevant to big-O
How about this?
3:46 AM
Instead of changing the memory values directly, I'd just change the pointers
It will be a bit more complex, but much faster
What do you propose?
Ok so there are a small number of different moves you can do to a cube
And they only affect a single plane
They also affect the inner layers
You're right
Hang on, typing up code for example
Wait - are you talking about a generic 3x3x3 matrix, or a Rubik's Cube?
3:50 AM
A rubik's cube
Ok good we're on the same page
Ok disregard what I said because I realized it really only works well for 2D, and 3D makes it much more complicated and not very useful
Man, I thought building GCC took forever. The test suites have been running for about 6 hours o_O
Why are you building GCC from source?
7 hours ago, by Mego
@Zacharý Distro version is super old
4:08 AM
Q: c code segment . how is it able to print hello in output

vipin yadavvoid main {char *s; s="hello"; printf("%d",s);//it prints hello } how is this possible ,since s is char pointer variable,so how do we are able to insert value directly int instead of address?

@Mego do you know of an algorithm to rotate a 2D array counterclockwise in O(n) time/space?
@MDXF Nope
I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a way to do it in O(n) time
If we can do it clockwise (and we can), then there's got to be a way to do it counterclockwise with the same complexity
4:18 AM
(The linked code rotates an array clockwise 90 degrees in O(n) time and space complexity)
How is that O(n) though?
Because the SO answer said it was and it was verified in the comments? Idk how to check it myself
@MDXF What is n?
The size of the array
Then... of course you can.
"Just do it."
4:20 AM
get outta here Nike
A: How do you rotate a two dimensional array?

user2793692Time - O(N), Space - O(1) public void rotate(int[][] matrix) { int n = matrix.length; for (int i = 0; i < n / 2; i++) { int last = n - 1 - i; for (int j = i; j < last; j++) { int top = matrix[i][j]; matrix[i][j] = matrix[last - j][i]; m...

@user202729 ಠ_ಠ if I could I already would have, idk how to
So the array size is sqrt(n) * sqrt(n)?
And n is a perfect square?
oh. size is sqrt(n)
then yeah
I thought you were saying an n-by-n matrix
and I was all confused
... So... as the usual comment I often made on StackOverflow.
"Show your attempt please. Where are you stuck at?"
4:22 AM
I'm stuck at having no idea how the algorithm works and therefore having no idea how to modify it to my desires
... at least this is not StackOverflow.
Ok, do this:
fun fact: the keypress sequence to close a question for SO is M C 2 1 ENTER
flip each assignment operation, and then flip their order?
... on which browser?
4:23 AM
SE has keyboard shortcuts
@user202729 ....
you need to enable SE keyboard shortcuts (ninja'd) which are not on by default
Oh they're not?
@MDXF since counterclockwise is the opposite of clockwise, just reverse the operations
@mudkip201 That might work brb
4:24 AM
Ok, do it yourself. I'm bored.
I'm off to sleep
I (used to) have a userscript to automatically enable them whenever i join a community but then i got my computer reset and i'm too lazy to find it again
@mudkip201 nope borks badly
I might've done something wrong though
@MDXF 1. Understand it. 2. Modify it.
4:26 AM
@MDXF did you flip the order of operations too?
so... the last assignment becomes the first
... duh that was my problem
@MDXF Ok, what's the inverse of {temp = a; a = b; b = c; c = d; d = temp; }?
@MDXF So, that algorithm is only O(n) if you treat n as the total number of entries in the matrix
Is that good or bad
4:36 AM
It means that's it's O(n^2) if you treat n as the length of one side of the matrix (i.e. the matrix is n-by-n)
Ah. Then n refers to the total number of entries. My old algorithm was O(n^2) with that same definition of n.
Actually, it was like O((n^2)*9) in worst-case, which isn't a thing, but it was terrible
Thanks for the help
sighs now I just need to figure out what turncube does..
4:39 AM
@MDXF Looks like it rotates the cube in 3D space
Indeed it does, I just have no clue how it does that
I wrote it in May and didn't leave any comments, all I know now is that it's really messy and confusing and sub-optimal
Rewrite it with quarternions :P
no. Octonions
CMP: should esolang names be capitalized properly? E.g. Triangular vs triangular
@mudkip201 But they're nonassociative which is gross
@MDXF It should be capitalized exactly like the language name
4:42 AM
@Mego updated
For the new question: it doesn't matter - personal choice
Yeah that's why it's a poll
I say ^ in the most non-confrontational way possible
I think it really goes by a case by case basis. ><> obviously looks better when not capitalized, while LOLCODE should definitely not go Title Case.
Names should be title case unless it's an acronym, in which case it should be entirely uppercase.
Some languages like Hexagony looks neat in titlecase.
4:47 AM
And brainfuck is specifically meant to be lowercase
starry, for example, might be lowercase
but brainfuck is definitely full lowercase
@Mego Why is that, actually?
@MDXF Because the language author made a big deal about it
@MDXF it's also a verb, so it shouldn't pretend to be a name
4:48 AM
And by "a big deal" he said "no lowercase is what I meant"
I should make languages that use aLtCaSe and tUMBLRCASE
My esolang will be in camelCase
if I get to make it
I want to get Rubyで作る奇妙なプログラミング言語 to learn how that esolang author tackles developing languages, but apparently it's out of print, is there a torrent of it anywhere?
... What?
What's that? Can I read Chinese/Korean/etc.? No.
4:51 AM
@Unihedron Requesting or offering sources of illegally-obtained content is a violation of Stack Exchange's ToS
... who says torrent must be illegal?
nvm I found it on google play
but it's region locked
@Mego Oh okay when you said "a big deal" my mind jumped to how PPCG makes a big deal out of nuking every challenge that isn't excruciatingly detailed to the point that a robot could probably understand the challenge and create solutions that completely adhere to the spec. It's reassuring that he wasn't a member of StackExchange.
@user202729 It isn't illegal to torrent things that are legally uploaded. However, the vast majority of torrents aren't legally uploaded, so consider my message to be a warning. I don't know if such a torrent would be legal or not, but if it's not, SE is not the proper place for discussion.
Considering that the print media is pretty much non-existent I highly doubt anyone would illegally reupload a book over other media...
4:54 AM
@MDXF The detail requirement is less for robots and more for people who may have differing backgrounds or levels of English comprehension, to make challenges clear for everyone.
We have those rules for fairness, not to satisfy our own pedantry
So, my circle of friends advanced to the next code golf problem, and this one is printing 99 bottles of beer repeatedly infinitely. I'm gonna try it in brainfuck. SeemsGood
@Unihedron Stick the existing bf 99BB solution in +[ ]?
@HeebyJeebyMan My edit to oeis.org/A187924 that we discussed last month was just approved.
It didn't even occur to me that I could look up and reuse the existing code...
@ØrjanJohansen Neat!
@ØrjanJohansen Wait a second, you're the one that made CHIQRSX9+? You're the source of many, many arguments in here and on main :P
5:04 AM
Heh :P
yep, i am
You monster :P
Next, take a look at Malbolge Unshackled.
(Which is actually intended to be evil.)
5:35 AM
@ØrjanJohansen That was the movie with Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz, right?
... There are too many beginner questions on StackOverflow, I wonder why...
Too many beginners, obviously.
Got to discourage them somehow.
@ØrjanJohansen ... tell them that "you should not learn programming"??? What???
5:55 AM
No, they should all just start out advanced
They should just do information downloads directly into their brains like the rest of us
My loop is 1 byte too long... in Hexagony.
@user202729 Ouch
@Mego Brains? Nah, we should drop those entirely. The entire difficulty of programming comes from creating a decent protocol for communication between the brain and the computer, so getting rid of the brains and working directly on the computer should make it much faster
Dumb idea: everybody -1 Jon Skeet's posts to get him under 1,000,000 again. Just to see if we can.
That would only give him more rep...
(just like how targeted upvoting on him will give him less rep)
6:15 AM
CMP: What do you think of having a "language of the week" type event? We'd nominate a different language each time; participants would learn it (if they don't know it already), answer questions in it, try to outgolf each other, and discuss it in chat. (The time period could be more than a week if that's not long enough.)
This would be vaguely similar to the writing challenges on Writers.SE or the reading challenges on Literature.SE. The main idea is to get more exposure for lesser-known languages--esolangs or not--and to have fun learning & golfing them together.
@DLosc I like it
@DLosc One way to do this might be to organize golfing practices (there are many such challenges on main, but they have all been closed) in the language in question.
Also, esolangs.org has a featured section but it's very slow to update (it's been brainfuck for a while now)
Previously there's Deadfish, Emmental, Malbolge, Glass (heard of that one?), and ///.
@EsolangingFruit For golfing practice, I like what's been going on in The Third Stack recently: Brain-Flak CMCs. A language-specific chatroom seems like a good place for that sort of thing.
Can't close CMC's (I have been grateful for this before)
Anyway, if y'all like the idea, I'll see about proposing it on Meta, probably tomorrow.
6:39 AM
I'm not sure what the best way to implement it would be, but I like it
Proposition for language of next week: Seed
I think one week is not a lot of time to pick up a new language with it, getting good enough to start shortening stuff with 7 days is kinda tight. How about language of the month?
Yeah that, probably
and I'll suggest my language once I finish it
@Unihedron Yeah, I was thinking a week was too short, but a full month might be too long. Maybe 2 or 3 weeks.
Languages like Seed and Malbolge would not be very good candidates for this--I think the sweet spot is languages where programming/golfing is perhaps a bit challenging, but doable, and which can be used for solutions to many different challenges (i.e. can do more than just Hello, World! and truth-machine).
2 hours later…
9:10 AM
Are there a list of categories of esolangs?
oh, I was looking for something like "length-aware" like starry and lenguage
but I guess this works
2 hours later…
10:52 AM
Q: Largest Prime Factor of Number

Mrigank PawagiI was solving the 3rd problem at Project Euler which requires me to calculate the largest prime factor of 600851475143 which I think is a really large number (more than 6 billion). QB64 At first, I tried solving this problem using QB64. CLS n = 600851475143 FOR x = 1 TO n IF n MOD x = 0 ...


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