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3:17 PM
the internet just told me that the rapture will be on monday
you all ready?
personally i want to get some space pants before that happens
@Poke please no, next monday is a holiday here D:
I planned on staying home, not being enraptured
but it's okay because today is 4/20
Super Troopers 2, babyyyyyyyyyyy
Is LQP queue automatic or manual or both?
Looks like both.
Is there a way to differentiate them?
@Poke What is that?
3:24 PM
@Pavel a movie about the funnies
@Dennis Thanks.. it's remarkably hard to commit account suicide :)
Lets not be that morbid
@Pavel it's the sequel to Super Troopers
@Pavel I didn't mean real suicide..sorry
@JoKing If that's my fault, sorry.
3:28 PM
@Dennis so who has to look at it if not you?
My thought process: "Well that joke's kinda in bad taste" => "wait should I actually be concerned right now" => "...nah" => "but what if?" => "ok, no"
@Lembik You mentioned a CM by name in chat. I didn't see anything else.
"All in all: everything's working as expected, and someone just needs to have a look at your profile "
just wondering what sort of person if not you
A community manager. Mods can only schedule an account deletion after a certain rep threshold, much like you can do yourself.
got you thanks
and now I am thinking of a ppcg challenge. Have we had one for just counting up on the spot? That is printing 1, 2,3,4,5 etc. to the console but in place, so one number replaces the one before?
if not, maybe there is time for one last challenge :)
3:49 PM
Is there any issue with reposting in the sandbox if the challenge has been significantly updated, and all of the comments are now completed/invalid?
the only side effect that I can think of is that it gets reposted in here, but that seems to be a good think to me
the challenge was posted 2 days ago
Q: Number of surjections

Leaky NunTask Given 2 positive integers n and k, where n > k, output the number of surjections from a set of n distinguishable elements to a set of k distinguishable elements. Example When n=3 and k=2, the output is 6, since there are 6 surjections from {1,2,3} to {1,2}: 1↦1, 2↦1, 3↦2 1↦1, 2↦2, 3↦1 1...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Redwolf ProgramsBot Wars at the Auction king-of-the-hilljavascript I have seen KOTH challenges where the bots fight each other, and I have seen KOTH challenges where the bots are in an auction. So I came up with this: The Challenge: You must build a javascript bot function that will fight other bots using we...

@NewMainPosts That was a CMC.
+1 for the impatient upvote-demanding implicit in a line of code that basically reads “plus one, now!”. — Janus Bahs Jacquet Nov 14 '15 at 14:39
@Lembik I feel that it's just "count up forever" + "use \r as the separator".
Random question: Why do you want to delete your account?
Yo @NathanMerrill you around? I have a few KOTH points for consideration

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