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7:00 AM
It's super easy to add them into prefs.json as they're parsed
I would prefer a proper design rather than rushing things.
I don't personally feel like it's rushing things, but we can wait
I thought we were just trying to make it more convenient & less error-prone
And a themes/ dir is what lots of editors use
@AviFS You just did this whole thing overnight!
But here's the structure, in case it isn't clear:
@AviFS Now, it would probably be good to keep schemes in separate files, but that's not how RIDE currently works. A hybrid approach is messy.
7:02 AM
Where dracula.json is:
  "name": "Dracula",
  "theme": "dark",
  "styles": "asgn=fg:#50fa7b com=fg:#6272a4 diam=fg:#ff79c6 err=fg:#ff5555,bgo:1,U fn=fg:#8be9fd idm=U kw=fg:#ff79c6 lnum=bgo:0,fg:6272a4 mod=bgo:0.5,bg:#44475a mtch=bgo:0.5,fg:#f8f8f2,bg:#44475a norm=bg:#282a36,bgo:1,fg:f8f8f2 num=fg:#bd93f9 op1=fg:#50fa7b,fgo:1 op2=fg:#f1fa8c quad=fg:#ffb86c sel=bg:#6bb2ff,bgo:0.5 semi=fg:#50fa7b sqbr=fg:#50fa7b srch=bg:#bd93f9,bgo:0.5 str=fg:#f1fa8c tc=bg:#44475a,bgo:1 tcpe=bg:#44475a,bgo:1 zld=fg:#bd93f9 scmd=fg:#ff79c6 ucmd=fg:#ff79c6,B vtt=bg:#44475a,bgo:1 ca=bg:#44475a,bgo:1,fg:#ff5555 cm=bg:#282a36,bgo:1,fg:
@Adám Which part is hybrid?
You mean to have preferences stored in multiple places?
So, slow down and do it properly.
I don't see a good way around that, personally. I don't think preferences & themes belong in the same place. Esp since I don't think users should be messing with prefs.json themselves-- it's too risky. So anything you want users to add themselves manually should be separate imo.
Plus, if we want themes in their own files, as you said, then having themes and prefs.json separate is inevitable
Maybe it is OK to import all validated themes from /themes/ into prefs.json at startup time.
7:07 AM
That's what the PR does!
But what do you do if prefs.json already contains a theme of that name?
What happens if you have multiple files in /themes/ that define the same theme name?
It adds duplicate names, good point. That should be fixed.
Should the folder be called /themes/ or /schemes/?
Is there a better way to get this feedback without submitting a PR?
I'm not saying it's ready, I've just never submitted to a professional project and not sure what the stages for feedback are
I figured I'd do a PR to see the feedback and adjust it
The very first thing is to slow down.
7:09 AM
Is there a better way to go about it?
This isn't a mere bugfix, it is a major project.
@AviFS Yes, GitHub discussions. I'll enable that.
@AviFS Have a look at github.com/Dyalog/ride/discussions and see if you are allowed to start one about this.
@Adám I get that we misunderstood each other, but please bear in mind: I understood that you were saying I should go ahead with it right away and submit a PR and that 'Of course' you'd accept it. That it was 'first-priority' and that you thought I should do it before continuing on the aspects of my project that I was working on.
If I misunderstood in my naivety, it's fine, I've learned for next time. I just wish you'd stop telling me to slow down, please.
@AviFS Who am I to accept PRs on RIDE‽
@AviFS OK, don't slow down then. ;-)
Haha, thanks. I just hope it's clear that I really don't mean to pressure/rush anything. I was just under the wrong impression that this would be useful and appreciated right here & right now
And that your advice was to halt the current project until this was taken care of, before then adding more themes..
I think it would be useful.
I think it would be appreciated.
7:14 AM
@Adám Of course! Edited!
I think it should be done properly.
@AviFS I think the correct approach is figure out the architecture before building, but if you'd rather do it a different way, go ahead.
For RIDE I'll totally following your guys' advice, of course. But I think I disagree on the apl-themes front
For now, it's just a theme showcase that should make installing themes a tiny bit easier
@AviFS I don't know what you mean.
Maybe I misunderstood again, then? I really don't know!
@AviFS Ugh, I still don't know the connection between the two.
7:18 AM
But speaking of apl-themes, do you have any other themes in your prefs.json?
If you send it to me, I can convert them and add them!
I don't have any themes at all. What is a theme?
Color scheme I guess
Wait, @Bubbler! Do you have any?
@AviFS Yes, RIDE has built-in colour schemes.
7:20 AM
If you guys share the custom ones you use, I'll add them under your names
I just use the default color scheme (for any editor I use)
Like dzaima's
@Bubbler -←1
@Adám Which colourScheme do you use :P
@AviFS Nord, but I avoid RIDE as much as possible.
Darn, it's a bummer that has a name already!
Any custom tweaks on the Nord you use?
Of course, you're the one that made it so maybe not
I didn't really make it.
7:22 AM
I mean not the palette, but the RIDE thing I thought
So, step one (imo, feel free to disagree) is getting the nomenclature right.
@AviFS Right, if you look carefully, you might notice that the three schemes I added are actual well-specified colour schemes, not palettes.
Right, that's why I mean that you made the scheme!
And that's why I'm telling you that I didn't.
The palette was made, and you made it into a scheme...
Okay, we def have to figure out the nomenclature
If I had taken a palette and made a scheme from it, then you could claim that I had made the scheme.
However, I didn't.
7:24 AM
Ah, so who?
But that doesn't really matter.
OK, so a scheme has a name and is a set of styles (one rgba value for each syntactic elements) plus a theme (light/dark) setting, right?
RIDE 4.4 comes with 7 built-in schemes.
7:45 AM
@AviFS Have a look at this and feel free to continue the discussion.
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