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12:46 AM
I'm starting to suspect that Jelly is a prank. :D
(Not really.)
The last two Jelly submissions I read were both 2 bytes long.
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5:27 AM
Q: How many spaces are there?

TwilightSparkleYour task is to input a string, and output the number of spaces in the string. This is code-golf, so least number of bytes win. Your Test Cases Double quotes are not part of the test cases. "test" => 0 "Hello, World!" => 1 "C O D E G O L F" => 7 " " => 6

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7:53 AM
Q: What should i do with this question?

The random guyI recently posted this challenge on codegolf. The idea was simple : reproduce an hexagonal logo, graphically or in ASCII art. At first i thought it would be good enouth to be interessing, but the lack of acceptability criterias kind of engraved the challenge. I tried to add some explanations, but...

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10:30 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Kevin CruijssenDigit Date Range code-golfnumberdate NOTE: Since I'm Dutch myself, all dates are in the Dutch dd-MM-yyyy format in the challenge description and test cases. Challenge: Inputs: Start date \$s\$; End date \$e\$; Digit \$n\$ Outputs: All dates within the range \$[s,e]\$ (including on both sides...

11:10 AM
@TannerSwett That's one of the reasons why some people don't like "too easy" challenges...

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