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@Bubbler Looks good
i'm actually pretty sure dennis fell out of the sky — undergroundmonorail Oct 25, 2015 at 16:24
...i feel like it might be a dupe of something
but i cannot for the life of me remember anything about what it was called
I don't think I've come across anything like this
and i can't find anything
I did look through all 214? questions tagged but couldn't find any either
might just be confusing a pair of unrelated challenges
@Bubbler i'm checking the combination of and that as well as just whatever keywords i can think of--upward, ascending, monotonic, rising, etc.
ahhhh, finally found it by searching all 6 pages of my brachylog answers
but 1. it has a stupid bonus and 2. it's not actually equivalent i just convinced myself it was somehow
ah wait yeah that's how i got confused, i conceptualized yours in terms of partitioning the list based on which end of the deque goes in, but forgot that those partitions still need to have a relationship between each other :P
12:23 AM
yeah I can see how it's somewhat similar
The way I thought of Bubbler's one was "over all prefixes, no element of the rest of the list is strictly within the range of said prefix"
i thought of a solution in terms of "every element is either >= the previous maximum o <= the previous minimum" which i guess is the same as yours
but still got the partitioning stuck in my head
at the exact same time
@emanresuA it's a correct way to approach it
another is "pop the first element X and partition the rest into two lists, where one is increasing and >=X and the other is decreasing and <= X"
Q: Sorting with a deque

BubblerYou're given an array of positive integers. Your job is to sort them using an initially empty deque (double-ended queue) by the following procedure: Take a number from the front of the array, and push it into one of the two ends of the deque. Repeat this until the array is empty. Determine if i...

Congratulations on your 300% vote-to-view ratio
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A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

l4m2Imagine a language that supports <> as brace and also as compare. To avoid confusion like a<b>(c), <(less than) and >(greater than) are not allowed on same layer. a<b<c is still allowed, though. <> can't directly contain &, so a<b&c>(d) would be treated as lt and gt. Use a<(b&c)>(d) to mean the o...

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CMC Given a set X, connect integer points on 2D plane with distance squared in the set, decide if all points connected
4:24 AM
@l4m2 I don't quite follow. What does "with distance squared in the set" mean?
@Adám Since inputting sqrt(2) may suffer some issue, take input 2 to mean square root of 2
idk why I find it so funny that CMU's substance abuse course thingy they make you take online is so high quality. Like of all the colleges in the country I'd bet CMU is close to the bottom in terms of how much people there would gain from it lol
At least from what I've heard (and in the few days I've been there, seen) about social life at CMU
It's so funny walking across the border from Pitt to CMU, I was there at like 10 PM and the second you hit 5000 Forbes Avenue it goes from tons of college students wearing backpacks wandering around in friend groups to complete and utter silence, empty streets, people studying in like half the lit windows lol
4:44 AM
Whoa they even have a section in the middle of the bog standard "here's how alcohol impacts men and women differently" breaking down the (lack of) research on how it affects trans people
I'm so tired of having to go through all these little courses on alcohol and substance abuse for school, work, college, blah blah blah
@RydwolfPrograms Meaning that we don't know if it is mainly psychological/social damage or physiological damage? (edit: or even hormone interaction!)
Just like, it takes more alcohol consumption in the same unit of time to cause the same physiological effect for the average man vs. the average woman (5:4 ratio roughly), and there's not enough research to know how the math works out for trans people
Hold on, what's the average body mass ratio between men and women?
@RydwolfPrograms (I'd actually been curious about that since I took the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission course thingy that allows me to sell alcohol at grocery stores, so it was interesting to see it brought up even if it was just saying there's not enough data to know)
@Adám I think this is controlling for body mass but I don't actually know
'cause usually they also talk about how body mass changes the impact of alcohol, so it would be weird to talk about both if one was a direct cause of another
Scientists are known to make weird claims.
4:54 AM
Well, at least for the TABC one, it definitely wasn't scientists in charge, it was meant primarily for people taking the course to be servers or bartenders rather than grocery store cashiers, so that they'd know the safe amounts of alcohol to let people order
Huh. There could even be a social bias then.
Possibly, this may also just be one of the limited situations where it really is sex that's physiologically responsible, since I know that's been found to be the case for race to some degree (which I'm sure is then further amplified by the resulting stereotypes)
5:11 AM
The course finally got to the part on drugs other than alcohol and it mentioned that 2mg is the standard amount of THC in an edible and I just remembered the time my roommate ate a brownie with 50mg of it with zero tolerance because she swore it wouldn't affect her 💀
@RydwolfPrograms the fun part is when they make you take them every year
My roommate and her boyfriend are currently arguing with a gay man in our living room about whether I technically rejected him or not what is going on lmao
I've thought about it and I think the only situation in which I'd bother with any drugs (except maybe mild amounts of alcohol at social gatherings when I'm old enough) would be stimulants if I was like, president
Just not whatever they give Biden 'cause that shit's not strong enough
5:51 AM
@RydwolfPrograms ooh that's neat that they bring that up
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There's a cricket in my ceiling what did I do to deserve trhis
9:19 AM
@l4m2 I think we've already had a challenge to count the number of distinct sets created
@RydwolfPrograms I use caffeine when necessary, which means that I'm generally not addicted, and so the effect is very strong. I start with 25 mg, and if the situation continues over multiple days, I scale up.
9:44 AM
@RydwolfPrograms "Drugs are bad, m’kay"
9:55 AM
look, I've written almost 6k answers, you can't really expect me to remember all of the questions, but I think it was one that I was able to answer in Retina, if that helps
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12:48 PM
Can I with regex easily test if all of a set of characters appear anywhere in any order?
1:00 PM
@RydwolfPrograms that's neat
Q: Match only if all characters in a set are present

ZaidCharacter classes like /[abcde]/ are great when you want to match any character in the class, but I want to enforce that all characters in the set should be present, regardless of the order they appear in. So if my set comprises of abcde the regex should: successfully match strings like "ascribed"...

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@RydwolfPrograms my problem is that if it was stages, it would be extremely risky
especially with an ar 15 a football field away
you either gotta have really, really good aim or a sniper
multiple shooters confirmed
Any random idiot can buy a gun in the US, if anything it’s more surprising that those things don’t happen more often
2:32 PM
honestly given the "against tyranny" part of 2A, i'm surprised it doesn't happen as often as it does in schools
2:45 PM
@lyxal i am currently downloading the entire data dump of SO posts just so i can prove this to you what have you done lyxal
3:01 PM
aaand i dont have 98 GB of free space
3:13 PM
3:25 PM
stuff builds up
i almost never have that much free space and it's usually pretty hard for me to go out of my way to free up more than 20 or 30 gb
@RydwolfPrograms anecdotally i've heard one trans woman report markedly decreased alcohol tolerance after starting hrt, but she also suspected she might be disproportionately noticing certain specific physiological effects like flushing more so than the whole profile of intoxication, and iirc this was also still well within her "second puberty"--i can't help but wonder if trans men on hrt also go through a period of lower tolerance before bouncing back
@Adám same here. i've been a morning coffee drinker for most of my life, but over the last month or two i've tapered it off to the point where i went an entire week without any caffeine at all, and now when i do have even just a little bag of green tea the effect is really pronounced
3:41 PM
I'm the type of person where I can't really feel if I'm tired or not (unless I'm like literally about to fall asleep) so I don't actually know if coffee affects me or not
I guess when I was wandering around NYC it seemed to work sometimes
i've heard people say HRT does lower alcohol tolerance especially anti-androgens (though maybe that is related to the "second puberty" phase that you mentioned, this is all anecdotal)
or rather, idk if anti-androgens lower alcohol tolerance or just make alcohol effects stronger but not necessarily kick in with less alcohol lol. or maybe those are the same i'm not experienced with the effects of alcohol lol
that does make me wonder if it's something specific with the way anti-androgens work (i have no idea how they do lol i stopped taking biology after grade 10) or if androgens increase alcohol tolerance in which case i wonder if the testosterone version of HRT would increase alcohol tolerance instead
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@UnrelatedString same
i really need to get a new hard drive my windows partition has like 50 GB left which isn't enough to install like any games nowadays (that's all i use windows for) and my linux partition is on less than 2 GB free space and that's after i deleted a decent amount of stuff
Hard drives are not that expensive at least
4:14 PM
yeah im gonna get myself a 2 TB after i get paid today
im running on 256 GB
4:25 PM
yeah enjoy that 2tb
4:37 PM
You get paid halfway the month?
nah i get paid whenever i finish a job
lawn care
5:29 PM
@Seggan yeah I figured it wasn't actually a bullet, until the image came out (which could always be faked too ig, but that's getting a little far out)
Like if I was going to plot something like that I'd have some gunshots go off on the rooftop, then have one of the secret service agents who surround me cut my ear
@RydwolfPrograms Lol, I just walked into a bunch of my local pubs, asked if they were hiring and got a job :P
Do they ID people over there?
Never had to take any course on when to stop serving people, my personal rule is if you're slurring your words so much I can't understand you, or if you're unable to pay by tapping a card against the machine, I'm cutting you off
@RydwolfPrograms Only if we think they're under 25
I've ID'ed like, 4 people across my 8 or so shifts so far
It's under 30-40 for us (under 30 at the store I work at, Walmart's under 40 IIRC). We have to get a bunch of training on identifying fake IDs and stuff before we're allowed to sell anything tho (I'm guessing the "this is how BAC is impacted by xyz factors" was just to pad out how long the training took)
@Fatalize Thing is those wouldn't even be that annoying, they're actually pretty good about talking in terms of harm reduction and balanced pros/cons, which makes it take wayyy longer than "don't do drugs kids"
I had to do a 7 question true/false test to become a licenced bartender
If you failed you where allowed to just try again
5:41 PM
@UnrelatedString "Back in my day we had to earn our femboys"
surely they're not shutting off the cs programs too
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@UnrelatedString I never liked coffee, but on top of that, I spent almost two years in a cult where we were forced to drink cup upon cup of strong brew (with ginger and loads of sugar) so that we had a fighting chance to stay up (literally; standing) late or all night, listening to the cult leader's sermons. Kind of ensured that I'd never feel like trying coffee again. I can't even stand it in coffee or chocolate cake, or filled chocolates.
Sounds like an experience
Oh yes, wouldn't want to be without it.
How did you get out? (If you don't want to share I understand)
Oh, not a secret at all (other than maybe the specific people that assisted, not to put them in harms way, since the cult is still active, and known to use violence).
We (myself with the girl they married to me) smuggled out our essential belongings, then someone arranged a van to pick up those belongings and then us, waiting such that we could run to it through bushes and neighbours' gardens, all timed such that it was dark (and various lights were strategically broken, missing, or off) and we'd get last minute to the airport, lessening the risk of interception. Would probably make for an OK movie.
The flight had a stop-over, but again, it was all timed (short transfer) such that we'd be at our final destination before the cult would expect our appearance at communal gatherings the next morning.
9:01 PM
9:12 PM
Thanks for the support, but don't worry, all (nah, most) is well (for me) now, and with the help of the FBI and other law enforcement, many of the cult officers are serving decades long prison sentences (the leader when I was there drowned). Unfortunately, still, the cult lives on, and counts my wife's entire closest family (she's the oldest of approx. 17), and I'm pretty sure they continue forced child marriages, physical punishments etc. Think of the kids!
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A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

C5H8NNaO4String animations Heya, I just discovered a fun text animation while sketching up my personal website. It's a scroll-jacking website and as you scroll the text unrandomizes itself. The idea is to present bullet points of information. At the beginning the strings are shuffled and progressively sor...

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Bruh Vance is the VP pick? The guy from that stupid book? And it's not even strategically smart because two conservative white guys doesn't really expand your voter appeal much beyond what you have as one conservative white guy
I mean I guess don't interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake...
Just means I have to hear more about this fuckin guy for the next five months
@Adám How have we not heard this lore before
Nobody asked, and it was never relevant to the conversation. My full name is easy enough to find, and if you search for it, some of this history will be among the top results.
@RydwolfPrograms Nah, it checks out. Trump doesn't care about expanding his appeal, and he doesn't care about conventional political wisdom. Conventional wisdom said he had no chance of winning the presidency in 2016, yet here we are.
10:56 PM
Do we have a challenge but with output of many-valued logic?
'Cause I'm coming up with one.
11:13 PM
Not specifically about many-valued logic, but I once had a challenge to classify something into one of five categories
which is tagged instead of
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Dannyu NDosThree-valued Satisfiability problem Objective Given an expression involving ternary values and free variables, decide whether the expression is satisfiable. The caveat is, the output is a ternary value by itself. So this isn't really a decision-problem; it's classification problem. Ternary Values...

Still NP-complete, I guess.
11:29 PM
I think so given that, if we limit the choices to LT (false) and GT (true), min = AND, max = OR, (compare EQ) = NOT
Yeah, exactly.

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