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11:00 PM
all of sigbovik is interesting, though learn from my experience and don't post it in chat
(assuming blinding people is not your primary motive)
@Wezl it's hosted on the 1st of April. That's clever.
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI fizzbuzz is the most admirable goal for a language. I simply help languages realise that goal
@Lyxal Bet you can't beat Vyxal :P
@Lyxal WysiScript is no language, it's evil in the guise of ugly colors.
We know "Lyxal" is pronounced "licks-all". How about "Vyxal"? Is it "vicks-all"?
Hello. :D
11:09 PM
Why ix all?
@Wezl $ \chatjax $?
150 Freston Road (England) is my new favourite place
> You've earned the "Guru" badge (Accepted answer and score of 40 or more) for "Minimally destroy CGCC in Game of Life".
Dang frick guys, it's probably the fastest-time Guru on the entire CGCC
40 upvotes?! Wow
@ChartZBelatedly can you make a challenge like that but about something I know a lot about?
11:21 PM
@MarkGiraffe well hello there!
50 rep if you do :)
@Wezl A bounty? I'm willing to write a challenge too, then!
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI The bounty is awarded if I'm guaranteed to get 20+ upvotes on my answer, good luck !)
@Wezl you can increase your chances of getting votes by using scratch
@Wezl Hmm, how about you make a big mathematical discovery, and then I'll ask a question about that?
11:26 PM
Using scratch is always a good idea
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI not my area of expertise
@Wezl What's your area of expertise, then?
Oh wait, you could make a random neural network, and then I'll make a question asking you to do whatever your premade network does best.
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI ·
(Ignore us, mods)
@Wezl ?
Oi, who starred my message?
11:28 PM
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I dislike it when people ... me like that. You should know this
Take that star back, Lyxal, or I'll downvote your answer to my meta question.
You too, @Wezl.
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI :::)
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I didn't answer your meta question
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI have you upvoted it yet?
11:29 PM
@Wezl I won't make you a challenge if we're both banned.
(In BQN, · is a built-in called Nothing)
@Lyxal I have, actually.
Lol why was I worried about you down voting then
@Bubbler In Husk, it's blt
Your votes probably locked in anyway
11:30 PM
I could edit and then downvote, right?
You could but that wouldn't be funny at all
I was never going to be that petty anyway
Nor would it be original
@Lyxal Yeah, and being Original is what I'm known for.
Being an Original, I should say :P
So my star remains
11:31 PM
Damn you, obtainer of two silver code-golf badges!
No no no who starred it again?!
@Wezl did you restar the message as well? Because if you did im laughing real hard right now
Okay good, the second is gone.
Whoever's left, I guarantee you I will make sockpuppets to downvote every last one of your posts.
And since I don't know who you are, I'm going to downvote both your posts >(
@Lyxal Schrödinger's laugh
@2x-1 I'm summoning you to star orignals message that says (ignore us mods)
11:34 PM
BRB just gonna enlist Dion to help my cause too
@Wezl I'm guessing Bubbler didn't have to know a lot of GoL to get that badge :P
I swear, I'm going to Australia and kicking down every rock pile I see just to hurt you.
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I don't have a pile anymore stupid.
@Lyxal Who do you think traveled back in time and knocked it down?
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI not you
If it was you, you would have specified the correct destruction method.
11:36 PM
Ran over it
With what vehicle?
I ran over your measly little rock pile
@Lyxal a time machine
@Wezl wrong.
11:37 PM
What is this and how do I stop it from continuing?
It was not the work of a time machine
@ChartZBelatedly Travel back in time :P
@Lyxal it was disguised as a $VEHICLE
@Lyxal A time machine that doubles as a car
A Delorean
11:37 PM
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI now you're just making things up
Because if you just traveled back in time, you'd end up in space
You need not only time travel, but also space travel
Stop starring my messages.
As far as your concerned, it might not have been a vehicle at all
Stop with the star spam guys, it isn't funny
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI You're only thinking it's a vehicle because I said it could have been
@Lyxal It was a vehicle. I did it.
11:39 PM
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Unless you travelled back exactly a year
@ChartZBelatedly No
Depending on your reference point, the entire solar system kinda moves around too
@ChartZBelatedly but it isn't spam. The second star to the most recent message was because I genuinely found it funny
It's a legitimate star
Here we go again.
Ok great, the star's removed
CMM: Should TNB only have stars on serious stuff? (or less stars on non-serious stuff?)
Today's desginated suffering is going to be nethering on mobile minecraft I think.
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI no.
Dennis said "waffles" and got 10 stars
Therefore we should be allowed to star funny
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI what would we star then?
11:44 PM
Right, and what does that say about us?
It says we're immature.
It says that we aren't robots and that we have a sense of humour
We need to start acting more mature
When was the last time something was on the starboard that wasn't a joke?
@Lyxal Right, but there are so many stars here that are just dumb (and I'll admit, I'm at fault for a lot of them)
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I think redwolf should be the judge of that.
11:45 PM
I'm not experienced at the SE game. I just come here for the humor.
> I'm constantly amazed as to how much number theory you can do in regex - Neil
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI No, but we should have ROs clear the stars off single-star messages every couple of days or so
@ChartZBelatedly Wouldn't that stress the ROs?
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Not if we had active ROs
@Lyxal I'm channelling Redwolf right now. Trust me, this is totally what they want.
@ChartZBelatedly Wouldn't be a bad idea, then.
11:46 PM
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI OK so maybe less starring jquery, but otherwise it discourages humor
E.g. if they come into the room and see the starboard filled with single-star messages from yesterday, they can just clear those stars. Don't take much effort
@Wezl Don't you dare touch jQuery. You think it's a joke? /s It won't discourage humor, just put more important stuff at the top
3 hours ago, by ChartZ Belatedly
Any feedback on any of these? Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 4
@Bubbler Can you help me a bit with the site rule?
If there is multiple answer with same shortest code length (for example: 2 bytes). Then which should I accept, or should I wait for 1 byte answer.
And also, if the first answer come out fairly quick, should accept it first as it's the shortest code only, or should I wait for certain amount of answer before accepting?
It's recommended not to accept an answer, since it may discourage future answerers.
11:52 PM
and besides, it favors golfing languages (which is sometimes fine, but not really helpful)
And not accepting encourages the idea that code golf is a competition within languages (i.e. Jelly competes only against Jelly), rather than a competition between all languages
I mean, golf favors golfing languages, but yeah
oh ok, thanks for the help :D
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI "For some reason, using a 5-iron instead of a cricket bat means my handicap decreases" :P
@ChartZBelatedly :P
Side note: never use a tennis racquet instead of a cricket bat; it doesn't end well.
11:55 PM
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I'll write that down. Tips help.
TBH I quite like that analogy :P Golfing languages are golf clubs, specifically designed to perform as well as possible. Esolangs are like kicking the golf ball - it works, but it's not the best way. Regular langs are like using a cricket bat - again, it works, but it isn't always great, but if you use it as it's supposed to, it's very useful
@okie You're welcome :P Also make sure the people you're playing cricket against understand the rules before you start playing.
@ChartZBelatedly but sometimes it depends on how you swing, which is why you shouldn't accept based on the club
Just like real life, the golfer matters too.
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I am the one who don't understand the rule :P.
Mostly hitting others with the bat
11:58 PM
@Wezl 100% A putter isn't the best club to hit from the tee, a driver isn't great on the green, but swap them around and they work beautifully :P
@ChartZBelatedly Do you play golf?
* Wezl does not know these terms
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Yeah, that's why I'm on this site :P
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI Very occasionally. Enough to know my way around a course and club
@ChartZBelatedly Ah
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