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12:00 AM
I will take down the ninjas
And voting's closed
wow what a surprise nothing changed in those 5 minutes ;p
Thank you to all candidates who participated in the RO election, and thank you to all who voted. The election is now over, and we will instate the new room owners as soon as possible.
@Lyxal Not true, I voted for you :p
Nice last minute edit on the tag @hyper-neutrino :P
12:00 AM
@RedwolfPrograms didn't change rankings tho
@cairdcoinheringaahing it's gonna get stuck for the next 3 years and haunt me to my death again, i can feel it
that suggests you've died more than once
best of 2020, the nominations thread
yes, i've died multiple times
this isn't even my final form yet
12:01 AM
@hyper-neutrino you, uh using determination?
We need to get SE to just nuke the tag and remake it. The old "turn it off and turn it back on again"
@hyper-neutrino Do you just keep decaying into tau neutrinos?
Also known as oldtrinos I assume
hang on since when was there actual artwork for the github "Arctic Code Vault Contributor" badge?
@user was only 1 vote away from getting HN another badge :/
That's new it seems
12:04 AM
Sorry, HN, I'm sorry I failed you :(
I keep forgetting I have LFAPOU installed and I keep getting rickrolled
big brain moment
Why not uninstall it?
because I made it
> One cone snail can contain poison to kill about 700 people, and people stung by cone snails can get severely injured or even die
Ya think
Did you see the hot Biology.SE question too? :P
12:07 AM
I read pretty much all of the HNQs
It's where I get most of my news about science and politics :p
because I think i should
18, 21, 24, 27 votes. Nice arithmetic progression
@Lyxal There's an Ash builtin for that :p
@Bubbler Should've upvoted Lyxal to keep it nice :P
hey, I didn't even notice that. that's cool :P
12:10 AM
No wait I looked at the one above it
I was about to say, that's one specific builtin :P
there is a dash between code and golf in right?
CMC: find a polynomial that maps the ROs by rank to their respective votes; that is, f(1) = 3, f(2) = 4, f(3) = 9, f(4) = 13, f(5) = 18, f(6) = 21, f(7) = 24, f(8) = 27 (indexing really does not matter because you could just apply it to (x - offset) and recalculate the polynomial)
also, it doesn't matter if you map top-down or bottom-up because you could just apply it to -x + (some offset) and recalculate the polynomial
grabs ti-83
12:12 AM
grabs Desmos
honestly if your polynomial can be transformed into the one in my CMC by composing it with x=>ax+b on the right for some constant a,b, it's valid
Can we nuke ? its incredibly vague, and is either unnecessary or should be tagged with
@cairdcoinheringaahing Those are not the same thing
But I think it could be nuked
@user No, but they are used interchangeably at times on the site
12:15 AM
@hyper-neutrino WolframAlpha result
It shouldn't be synonymised, as there are a lot of questions that don't overlap
> For challenges that ask for a function or involve functions in some way. (Also known as methods or subroutines.)
lol, of course WA can just do that
That's the entire tag wiki for . I don't think I've seen a wiki more vague than that
NMP working overtime to be slow like usual
very nice
it's only been 5 mins
12:18 AM
could be faster
could be, idk, instant
laughs in New Posts
yes caird
that's what i'm talking about
we could use a chat bot instead of SE built-in feeds. i don't think this is smth enough people care about though, lol, but i would be willing to write one if it were so desired by the community
M = main
@Lyxal The userscript, not the feed
@hyper-neutrino I really don't think its necessary tbh
12:19 AM
It's only an hour max
also feeds are reliable, chat bot might not be.
@cairdcoinheringaahing +1 to "nuke it"
@cairdcoinheringaahing Thinking about it, it's probably best to bring it up on meta to have an actual discussion to sort the pearls from the crap. 47 questions is a lot and definitely meets my "take it to meta" threshold
@Lyxal "including taking a and b as a pair/list/tuple [a, b]"
12:23 AM
Happy birthday @Wasif
I skimmed through all the posts' titles and my impression was " could be simply removed, along with adding to a couple of them which are actually relevant to FP but not yet tagged as such"
Q: Print Every Code Golf tag

LyxalHuge omega thanks to @wasif for emailing me this challenge idea in it's basic form Everyone knows that questions on StackExchange require tags - labels that allow posts to be grouped together by category. However, most of the time, I barely know which tags exist, because there's just so many of t...

Q: Implement an Over function

caird coinheringaahingOver is a higher-order function in multiple languages such as APL (⍥). It takes 2 functions and 2 values as arguments, applies the first function to both values, then applies the second to their result. For example, using ⍥ to represent Over: 1 ²⍥+ 2 We would first calculate ² of each argument: ...

There are a couple where I think having would be helpful, with a usage of "Use this tag on challenges that are specifically about the behaviour of functions, in a mathematical sense" (example)
That should be named imo
That would fit better with the naming theme for
12:29 AM
or or something
I think falls into the same trap as in that's its far too vague and easily overlaps with other tags
For example, if we redesigned the tags from scratch now, I wouldn't support for the same reason
Why? It's a very well established field of mathematics. I don't see how it would easily overlap with other tags
I could very easily see a new user posting a math related challenge (e.g. "solve the input for x") with , , , as they see "algebra" and recognise it from what they learnt at school
avoids that (mainly)
Oh, we have abstract-algebra. OK
Unrelated, but I'm catching you with Socratic :P
12:36 AM
IMO math is a good "broad field" tag though (except that it probably should have been spelled in Am/Br-neutral word like "mathematics")
@cairdcoinheringaahing That's really fast
@Bubbler I've had a couple of flashes of inspiration, but the challenges themselves aren't exactly "stand-out", more "forget about after 2 months"
@Bubbler Now, I'm just thinking about how cursed it would be if Americans called it "mathematic" :/
@Bubbler I'm drafting up a meta post now, I'll post it soon
@cairdcoinheringaahing for the "over" challenge, can i accept the inputs as the TIO header, footer, and command line args, or would that be stretching the input format :P
(specifically, for jelly)
or sorry not footer, just header, to take the blackbox funcs
Jelly's default way to take blackbox functions is either through link references or as a string, so if I understand you correctly, yes
Spend ten whole minutes debugging a JS solution. Turns out SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list means I forgot async. How intuitive.
IIRC functions being defined with certain names is an acceptable way to take them, and positions relative to the line in question are close enough
12:47 AM
You can look at it as "each line is a function with a name equal to its index". Ŀ and friends just take an index and call the function with that name
Ç and Ñ are just "shortcut" ways of referring to those names
1:00 AM
Thsnks OSP
@NewMainPosts how many bytes would a built-in apl answer be?
1:43 AM
turns out bounty reasons can't be edited
this would've been smarter to ask a while ago before bringing the old status-review back up again
RIP :(
I'm not saying this will definitely happens, but if you post a new feature request similar to what was done here we will look into it. — Taryn ♦ Jan 25 '17 at 19:18
hm. worth continuing with it? or should we just leave it as is
it's been fine for 4 years and clearly not much of an issue cuz the original proposal was forgotten about for that long
I'd suggest maybe brining up Taryn's comment with whoever you asked as a clarification
Just as a double check. If it's 100% a no-go, then we abandon it
@hyper-neutrino If you don't mind my asking, are you allowed to share which staff member you typically go to with our feature requests/bugs?
I just go to the TL, lol.
Fair enough :P
1:49 AM
Also, puts things on the To-Do list for SE staff no matter which meta site it's on, and in theory that's equally weighted across all metas
so it seems like this might be possible; definitely not a trivial change, but something that might happen if we try. is it worth trying to get this through (will probably need to bother staff about it for a while since it's probably not something that they can just go into the settings and make a few changes in)? if we're just removing bounty reasons, we can just ignore then unnecessary ones, at worst the box is small instead of very small, lol.
@hyper-neutrino I'd be in favour of tagging it in that case. It puts it on our "list" for the devs, and is a good balance of importance between status-review and status-deferred
...right I forgot that was a tag
The status tags aren't used that much off mother meta :P
However, it is almost 3am here and I've been awake since 6am "yesterday", so Imma head to sleep. o/
Makes sense; most posts here are discussing things to do with CGCC and not things that require the attention of staff or other parts of SE in general :P
Q: Cleaning up the vague [function] tag

caird coinheringaahingfunction is, in my opinion, an incredibly vague tag, that overlaps significantly with functional-programming. The tag wiki of function only has an excerpt that reads For challenges that ask for a function or involve functions in some way. (Also known as methods or subroutines.) Taking a browse ...

1:58 AM
aplwiki is really not telling me anything about how the hell dops work
and by aplwiki i mean the wikipedia article aplwiki links me to
5 + {⍺ ⍺⍺⍥⍵⍵ ⍵} ! 7 works in tryAPL
not sure how to make that work in general tho
@UnrelatedString It's Dyalog v18 feature (and Extended)
f←⍥ doesn't work unfortunately
APL, 9 bytes: {⍺⍵⍵⍥⍺⍺⍵}
The trick is to break ambiguities from ⍺⍺⍺ and ⍵⍵⍵
J, 1 byte: &
J one is assignable
2:29 AM
@RedwolfPrograms On Politics.SE: "Trump launched a nuclear weapon at North Korea. How does this impact gerrymandering to benefit the Republicans?"
(yes, I thought of jokes far too late)
go back to sleep
let us monitor the HNQ
I'm essentially an insomniac, I'll stay awake all night if my body insists on it :(
Time to commence operation "Get Caird off to sleep"
@hyper-neutrino @RedwolfPrograms @Razetime @user @2x-1 come help me with my mission
(those are people who I know won't care if I ping them for a purpose like this)
2:32 AM
CMC: latest you've gone to sleep (be reasonable with definitions), or have you pulled a full all-nighter (and slept the next night after reasonable time; staying up until 11 AM and then immediately going to sleep doesn't really count as an all-nighter, that would count as 11 AM being your latest)
@Lyxal heh, i'm not a great person to ask for getting someone to sleep at a reasonable time
@hyper-neutrino 5 am
but not because I stayed up that long
jetlag? or did you just go to sleep at a weird time during the day
but because during the hours of 12-5 am I was awake at a hospital with a relative (I was fine, they were the reason we went)
ah, I see
while i was there, I did what most reasonable people would do
2:35 AM
(hope they're alright though)
let me guess, you golfed
@hyper-neutrino this was a year ago as you can see by the challenge date
that's consequently the earliest (or latest, idk) I've posted a challenge
i want to say i've pulled a proper all-nighter but if it was in the last year or two it was probably after i woke up at like 4 pm
i maybe could've pulled an all-nighter but i still decided to go to sleep at 9:30 AM (i think i got up at about 10-ish AM the day before and probably went to sleep at like 4 AM that day)
not sure if i ended up more or less tired since i ended up deciding to sleep
2:38 AM
Stop encouraging caird
we need him sleeping not awake
@Lyxal ok
caird sleep
@hyper-neutrino around ३ am
what is with that 3
it makes it look like there's something on my screen
I accidentally usef the devnagari Keyboard on my phone
A: List of bounties with no deadline

Lyxal200 rep for Vyxal answers I'm basing this off the Japt bounty, so some of the wording is going to be the same Vyxal has managed to get 21 stars on GitHub without much usage on the site. Let's change this by providing an incentive to answer! If any of y'all posts 5 Vyxal solutions in a 30 day peri...

2:43 AM
@NewBountiesWithNoDeadlines yes take 10 minutes to show this why don't you
Stupid feeds
Dint say that you’ll hurt its feelings
You don't have feelings when you are at bot level in the hivemind
I have feelings
You're at a higher level that does allow feelings
Oh ok
i still prefer mot to insult bots in case hey becomes sentient one day
2:49 AM
You need grammar in that sentence
Correction, you need spelling
Tnb needs to improve its grammar honestly
eceryone here uses weird abbreviations improper punctuation etc
Alright listen up yall \ you need to work on your grammar \ if i see another :p or lol \ I’ll hit ya w/ a dupe hammer
lol :p
I don’t actually have a gols tag for a dipe hammer lol
@hyper-neutrino but consider this your last warning
2:56 AM
@user ok lol :p
⌍p lol rofl lmao
Also what the frick is wrong with your keyboard layout?
@user "A dipe hammer" sounds like it would be a very painful way to change baby diapers
I have like 5 keyboards
No I only have 2
2:58 AM
@hyper-neutrino Somewhere around 2:45 AM
no i only have 2 i think you missed the "I" key
*dupe hammer
i used to formulate my message as more or less complete (+ grammatically correct) sentences but i haven't cared for a while now
2:59 AM
I'm slowly trying to transition to caring less about it
English has no formal rules, so I see no reason to follow them
If you can be understood, you are communicating correctly. Anything else is feathers and paint.
As I correctly use capitalization, spelling, and grammar :p
Did I just try to copy paste text from inside an image :|
@hyper-neutrino me too
@RedwolfPrograms why
@user "Ah yes, this french here is made out of france"
for a while in middle school i was rather obsessed with grammar including correcting others over it but eventually i figured i didn't actually care, i probably just did that due to getting bullied every now and then about grammar and mostly pronunciation in elem school
since i learned a good amount of pronounciation from my parents whose english grammar and pronunciation both aren't spectacular (especially my dad)
3:03 AM
@hyper-neutrino that sucks :/
@RedwolfPrograms i think it’s because there’s otger dialects in other places
there's a lot of other dialects or localized version of french but i'm not sure it'd factor into keyboard layout
unless this is general language settings
probably changes like one or two keys
oh wait my phone doesn’t have the userscript
supposedly english (us) is different from some other english layouts (i'm not sure in what ways) but /shrug/
how do you get chat to dark theme
3:07 AM
Use fff
enabke night mode
oh lol
it forces all sites to have a crappy dar theme
i have a dark theme extension on chrome but uh
Screws up tio thiugh
it doesn't look the greatest
3:08 AM
Dark reader?
it's just called "Dark Mode"
I should try that
might install a custom stylesheet extension and make my own
I do that for cgcc main
(Stolen from so)
i should reinstall my un-graduation script
3:11 AM
(it's not really that funny, it was maybe 1% funny when i first made it)
Gtg sllep o/
@hyper-neutrino mine looks better
3:13 AM
(doesn't even give me nostalgia)
@user goodnight o/
@Lyxal what do you use
cmq what/how many userscripts do you have installed
@hyper-neutrino dark mode + grad script
@hyper-neutrino yes
none lol
don't even have tampermonkey
or whatever the thing is you use for them
I have 5 installed but honestly I could live if i didn't have any
actually that's just on ubuntu i tihnk i have more installed on windows (at least one more, the SE auto comment thing, which is actually very helpful)
@hyper-neutrino One userscript for running APL code in the chatbox, and one custom style for viewing all code on any SE site in DejaVu Sans Mono
@UnrelatedString It's called Tampermonkey for Chrome and Greasemonkey for Firefox
@hyper-neutrino about 12
3:26 AM
i thought you were going to sleep o.o
bye again
lol :p
so we've had plenty of stack-based languages but is there a queue-based language (not that i think that'd actually work well)
It's nice today
@hyper-neutrino Which auto-comment one?
@Lyxal yes; obviously you mean because it's wasif's birthday, right
3:34 AM
@hyper-neutrino 4/20 day
Funny number
Mine's better :p
wait this isn't a userscript
I've got a simpler one that's just a userscript that binds Alt + Shift + N (where N is a number 0 to 9) to some text to paste in
I didn't know that one was a thing already :p
oh that sounds convenient, lol
3:42 AM
You could download both for double the convenience xD
One serious problem I've noticed: harder questions get less answers, so they don't end up on the HNQs
Whereas trivial ones with catchy titles get a bunch of interaction
I know it's been discussed, but now that I have New Posts it's especially easy to see first hand with the two most recent ones
E.g., Arnauld's answer to the over function one, which is just (f,g,x,y)=>g(f(x),f(y)), has 6 upvotes, while none on print every code golf tag have more than 3, despite all of them requiring quite a bit more effort.
the thing is the HNQ effect also amplifies the FGITW effect, because easier/trivial challenges get a lot of answers which puts it on HNQ and if it's easy, it gets a ton of answers in the main languages and therefore only the fastest people get an answer in and ninjas everyone else, and now when it hits HNQ, you're essentially rewarded for writing the fastest solution to the easiest problem so you get to the top and once you're there, ppl with sort-by-vote will just keep upvoting top answers
emphasis on "ppl with sort-by-vote"
3:54 AM
sort-by-vote makes a lot of sense on Q+A sites (once again, another incompatibility with CGCC and a Q+A-based network). that's why i immediately thought to suggest bringing attention to underappreciated answers on the blog, lol
Can we get this featured or pinned here? We need more votes to decide what format the blog should be.
Hey everyone! We're thinking of starting a CGCC blog; please take a look at this meta post to vote on what format the blog should be in if you're interested in this idea!
@RedwolfPrograms you should have done that yourself
Not an RO yet :p
3:57 AM
@hyper-neutrino fix this
even though i'm 99% sure nobody will, i'm still waiting for the other mods to respond to see if they have objections to the pending ROs
2 hours later…
6:13 AM
Hello everyone, i don't see any tips thread for Vyxal, should I open one?
if you'd like one, i'd say go ahead!
is vyxal's development stable yet? cc @Lyxal
nice. would you consider adding it back to the LOTM nomination list then? i see that you removed it since it was still too heavily in dev for that when you initially added it
Yes it would be good to see it as lotm
give me a day or two
meta writing is a slow process lately
6:20 AM
alright, cool. was just looking through LOTM to see if it was there yet and saw the deleted post, so figured i'd mention it :P
Well UserScript is being developed, I want to see it as a lotm in June/July :P
Q: Draw the flag of Bangladesh

WasifThe flag of Bangladesh is very simple. It looks like below: The flag will be in bottle green (#006a4e) and rectangular in size in the proportion of length to width of 10:6, with a red circle in near middle. The red circle will have a radius of one-fifth of the length of the flag. This image will...

@Wasif sorry if i missed this in the post somehow, but what is the definition of red?
my color picker reports a different color for the green in the image than what your challenge spec says, so i can't just color pick it lol
@hyper-neutrino #f42a41 it is of the circle
6:28 AM
I'll go make an edit
nice +1
When making a golfing tips question, is it good practice to create a new tag for the language?
I wouldn't say it's a good idea
okay just checking
I somewhat doubt a substantial amount of other vyxal questions will show up, but if it seems like that might happen, we can create the tag and retroactively add it
6:52 AM
Wow I just used the edit tags box for it's purpose for the first time
7:08 AM
Q: Tips for Golfing in Vyxal

LyxalVyxal is a golfing language that has 500+ different commands (achieved through overloads), and is a known beater of Jelly, 05AB1E and most golfing languages. Henceforth, it seems like a good idea to share some of the tips and tricks of the industry used to get terse programs in Vyxal. One tip per...

15 mins
idk if that's slower than earlier today
but still
NMP do be needing to learn speedrunning strats
1 hour later…
8:27 AM
Q: You are kinda Replacable to Me

Manish KunduYou are provided with a non-empty array \$A\$ of integers, all greater than 0. But what good is an array if the elements do not sum up to the number \$N\$ (also provided as input)... So to change that, you can pick any integer of your choice present in the array and replace any of its digits with...

1 hour later…
9:42 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

guettliFilter json, with only few characters. Filter the name of each dictionary in the json list. You are allowed to use any package which can be installed on Ubuntu 20.04. Example json: [ { "id":"d963984c-1075-4d25-8cd0-eae9a7e2d130", "extra": { "foo": false, "bar": nul...

2 hours later…
11:12 AM
Ah yes looks like I'll be rep capping just before the period of most activity
Gonna miss out on all those juicy upvotes if people leave them overnight
Truly splendid
Okay so you can be at vote cap for the day but be able to change a vote on a post and not be able to undo it if you quickly change your mind
Is there any bounty running on new languages answers?
@Wasif redwolf's bounty should cover that
@Lyxal oh he's running one! How many rep per answer and criteria please give the link
A: List of bounties with no deadline

Redwolf Programs100-200 rep for good answers in interesting new languages This is a bit subjective of course, but here are my criteria: The language is fairly new, and is interesting (in my opinion) The answer is clever, shows a lot of work put in, and shows off many features of the language (so no trivial post...

11:25 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

l4m2Brainfuck to ESOPUNKS Brainfuck use 8 instructions byte(or bigint, your choose) a[inf]; bigint i; + ++a[i]; - --a[i]; , a[i]=getchar(); . putchar(a[i]); [ while(a[i]){ ] } < if(--i<0) undefined_behavior(); > ++i; ESOPUNKS have two registers X and T, two I/O ports #STDI(stdin, read like h...

11:47 AM
@hyper-neutrino english (uk) has all the punctuation in the right place for a start
also the latest I can remember must be about 9am or so, it's memorable because I ran into a table in the dark and had to walk back to my digs in pain (it was downhill all the way at least)
@hyper-neutrino UK bottom row: Shift \| Z X ..., middle row: Caps A ... L ;: '@ #~ Enter, top row: Tab Q ... P [ ] Enter, number row: backtick¬| 1! 2" 3£ 4$€ 5% ...
@hyper-neutrino I think I've pulled a full all nighter once. Went to school on Thursday, got back, couldn't sleep all night, then went to school on Friday. Crashed into bed after ~36hours of being awake at ~8pm on Friday and slept until about 2pm on Saturday
Worst experience of my life, staying up that long is not good
@hyper-neutrino I've had the good old train-cancelled-need-to-wait-for-the-first-one-tomorrow-morning experience a couple of times
I probably did fall asleep in the station though, but it was not really a night's sleep
I have had the brilliant idea to go do buzz feed quizzes
I'll compile the ones I do into a list
See y'all soon
Legend says Lyxal was never seen or heard from again
The infinite abyss of Buzzfeed garbage lured him ever further, ever closer to his inevitable complete loss of independent thought
11:59 AM
lyxal has independent thought? huh
The preliminary results are in
@rak1507 96% of the time yes
In conclusion, Buzzfeed quizzes are actually quite boring
I thought it'd be funnier
0/19, way too underwhelming
Welp I guess it's redditing time
12:33 PM
Review stalker just randomly decides not to work some days
This is annoying
12:49 PM
The tag wiki for says "related to the APL language", which is a horrendous double tautology
the a programming language language
Someone star the above message for me so I feel less guilty about starring it later
How about I don't
@pxeger Just be happy it's not "related to the APL programming language"
PIN number
ATM machine
ATM machine
Ninja'd :(
My old school had a SED (special education department) department
12:53 PM
@user people have said 'the apl programming language' before and it hurts me inside
APL is a crap acronym anyway so it's fine :P
Very original and creative name.
Tops anything I could come up with
I mean, I'm "working" on a language called Language
Anyhow, I'm going to go for maybe 10 or 11 hours
Bye everyone
Okay guys, time to post a billion messages in chat so Lyxal can't read them all :P
1:13 PM
@RedwolfPrograms The trick is to reload it every so often
If you haven't seen the tab reload is a while, just go and hit f5
1:24 PM
I tried everything. The script just doesn't load until I restart my whole laptop :|
@pxeger the a programming language is bad enough
Not to be confused with the A programming language, which does exist :p

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