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8:00 PM
I was searching for something with a type signature like (x -> y) -> (y -> y -> z) -> x -> x -> z. ¤ has a signature (y -> y -> z) -> (x -> y) -> x -> x -> z
Husk needs a Hoogle
i was about to say that
8:01 PM
how would you do this with jelly
i don't think hoogle for jelly would work
unless you mean over
You might be able to kinda do it
i meant over (i have no idea what hoogle is)
FgFɗ? maybe?
jelly does not have any good equivalent of over
@hyper-neutrino Joogle
8:02 PM
where good means golfy as opposed to effective because there's like five effective ways to go it
@hyper-neutrino fgf}
So over would be like g(f(a), f(b)) in other languages
@hyper-neutrino If f is a link that's more than one byte: ,f€g/
In Ash you would write that like gfafb, easy :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing oh yeah, that would work. i had an idea similar to that but i thought it would be far too long; guess not, lol
8:05 PM
Is it recommended to vote in moderator elections on sites you don't spend much time on?
You mean Code Review? :P
Being a mod is kinda site-independant here
Code Golf lured me away from SO and CR
I'd expect HN to be a good mod on any site they wanted to
8:06 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Aight time to screw over CR by voting for a bad mod
So I think take a look at the candidates and if any of them make you go "Yeah, they'll probably be a good mod" then vote for them
Makes sense
I voted for Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ, Mast, and Peilonrayz, no idea who any of those people are but they looked like good choices based on what they wrote :p
@RedwolfPrograms I can speak from experience that Mast is a good user
Actually, I've got some rep and interaction with Cr, I might as well vote :P
Oh, I forgot they changed the election system recently. Looks weird
I was confused on how to vote for a minute :p
8:11 PM
what did they change exactly? I remember they made the questionnaire an official feature
Questionnaire and voting
I don't recall having actually voted in an election since the CGCC one last year, and I can't recall if I voted on any before that.
> candidate score 1/40
That's a rough score to be running on
Welcome to the TNB, @LorenDB!
8:16 PM
Any recommendations for tools to use to count bytes?
javascript:(()=>{alert(prompt().length)})() I use a bookmarklet since I don't answer in SBCS languages anything other than ascii usually
If you just need a UTF-8 byte counter, choose a mainstream language such as Python or Java and paste into the Code field
OK, thanks! I just wondered
@Wezl That fails for solutions with non-ascii characters
8:18 PM
If you're using UTF-8 you can use the JS snippet new TextEncoder().encode("code").length
For SBCS languages Wezl's snippet works
@cairdcoinheringaahing ... I literally pointed it out yesterday lol
@rak1507 Yeah, I remember (which is why I asked), but I couldn't remember the symbol
ah lol, it's the first one on the commands page
Q: Abusing the algebra of algebraic data types - why does this work?

Chris TaylorThe 'algebraic' expression for algebraic data types looks very suggestive to someone with a background in mathematics. Let me try to explain what I mean. Having defined the basic types Product • Union + Singleton X Unit 1 and using the shorthand X² for X•X and 2X for X+X et cetera, we can th...

This is pretty beautiful
8:47 PM
8:59 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

caird coinheringaahingImplement an Over function Over is a higher-order function in multiple languages such as APL (⍥). It takes 2 functions and 2 values as arguments, applies the first function to both values, then applies the second to their result. For example, using ⍥ to represent Over: 1 ²⍥+ 2 We would first cal...

9:43 PM
SE chat's FAQ hasn't been updated for so long that the nascent community project to create an IRC link to chat that the FAQ links to hasn't been updated since 2010
you love to see it
9:59 PM
it's so much fun when you reload and your rep has gone up. Now I want to just keep reloading
10:10 PM
Any glaring issues? Its a simple enough challenge that I might just post it later
What tf happened here overnight? I leave for roughly 8 hours and y'all have 69 million conversations at once.
It's monday, everyone's bored at work or school :P
@hyper-neutrino this looks to have a pretty solid consensus (+7/-0, no other answers). Is it worth pinging the CMs to see if we can actually do it?
@NewSandboxedPosts hey so how would a language like 05ab1e take black box functions as input? Iirc there isn't exactly a way to "define" a function for later use.
Strings to be evaluated?
I feel like that's more of an issue with general meta than with the challenge itself
10:21 PM
I'm fine with more or less any reasonable method of "run a specific bit of code with 1/2 arguments"
forget what the precedent is from the last time this came up with the zipwith challenge
10:49 PM
Just got an upvote on this, was sad that I lost 10 rep to the repcap, then realised it's CW so I wouldn't have gotten any rep anyway :P
11:15 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing added a new meta post for a final consensus just to make sure everyone's on board, and if so, i'll get it touch to have this done
@hyper-neutrino Upvoted :)
why is the nominations thread back on the featured list aaaaaa
go away
i unlocked it just to get it to leave and re-locked it when it stopped showing up and now it's back
It's cursed
The nominations thread pops on and off, whereas the Welcome page just gets silently removed :/
My most starred chat message is about cats throwing up
11:19 PM
Gotta love a -356 answer O.o
> +25
my two tied most starred messages are one about having an option for a gold tag-badge user to vote as duplicate but not hammer, and one telling conor o'brien that emoji and emoticons are not the same :P
this is truly a bruh moment
@RedwolfPrograms mine
@UnrelatedString Both have comedic value
11:24 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Did you look into the timeline-->vote summaries? That was not well received the instant it went up.
Users: Please. We're begging. Fix *one* important bug
SE: Hey, we tracked Copy-Paste stats because of April Fools, isn't that cool?
Users: ...just ...one ...bug ..please
SE: Did you know that anonymous users copy-paste a lot? Isn't that cool and unexpected?
Users: Fine. No bug fixes. How about an apology for the lasting harm you caused?
SE: Also, did you know that people copy from code blocks in SO more than from not code blocks!? Who would've known??
@nitsua60 Yeah, I'm not surprised
also did you know that people copy from code blocks in SO more than from not code blocks? who would've known
@cairdcoinheringaahing I would say :P, but...:(
@hyper-neutrino Good point, thanks for the inspiration for more :P
The titles of the questions here are rather amusing
11:28 PM
> Al Gore won't leave me alone. How do I unfriend him on Facebook?
> How can I keep monsters out of my nether regions?
The weird overlap between the 90s and the 2010s
Q: Removing unnecessary bounty templates - final consensus

hyper-neutrinoThis is now at +7/0 and seems to be a pretty solid consensus. I would like to finalize the proposal before getting in touch to get something done about it. The proposal is as follows: TL;DR - Authoritative reference required, Canonical answer required, Current answers are outdated, and Improve de...

@user Book a flight and do it while boarding, they don't stop you
11:29 PM
I think we should keep Improve Details
I'm guessing. This is not at all based on experience
For tips questions, and other weird situations
that's a good point. leaving it around wouldn't cause harm either
Yeah, I didn't consider tips questions when I wrote my answer
Who's going to add the new ROs? Is xnor around?
Or can mods do that
11:37 PM
I think mods can do that, but xnor is also around
mods can do anything ROs can do, and also xnor is around
Hehehe, I ninja'd you!
Twenty minutes until the voting ends.
Oh wait it's Tuesday in the UK right now
and here
it's tuesday here
11:48 PM
In the UK?
upside down land
Lyxal lives in upside down land
with the exact same comment too
@Lyxal Isn't that in the UK or someplace?
Yeah, Australia's in England/the UK, right?
11:50 PM
Ten minutes until voting is finished
'Cause they have the same accent there
Pretty sure Australia is just south of Kensington-upon-Thames, right?
A bit further east than Ottery St. Catchpole IIRC
@cairdcoinheringaahing A little, yeah
Five minutes until voting is finished
11:56 PM
I love that HN keeps updating the pin :P
this isn't AOC y'know.
(you can bet I'm doing an AOC style countdown for this :p)
Quick, everyone vote for Lyxal :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing don't do that. Don't give me hope like that. ;p
11:58 PM
If you're going to do it, at least do it at the right time :P
Is that better?
Get ninja'd :P
I am going to train and become a samurai

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