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12:01 AM
@rak1507 I won't be able to work on vyxal for 2 hours because uni but I'll look into it soon
there might be a way of doing it more golfily than user's 8 byte solution maybe
but I doubt it
@Bubbler oh, is this why you were asking what the function f such that f(f(x))=g(x) is called in the math.se chat room xd
Well, not exactly but closely related
@Bubbler none other than the one I've already given about the ascending requirement making it a lot harder
12:13 AM
I'll post the first one soon, and the third needs more opinions
that's a lot
I love when a sandbox challenge is titled "Challenge"
i'm not sure how to even think about the new challenge ;-; the oeis also doesn't even have any sort of algo listed
also apparently a(1) to a(33) are within 5mil and then a(34) is >10^69
If you carefully derive the terms step by step, you will get how it works (and why a(34) is suddenly that large), but translating it into code is another challenge
Q: The half-step of Fibonacci

BubblerImplement the 1-indexed sequence A054049, which starts like this: 1, 2, 3, 6, 13, 5, 9, 377, 21, 11, 89, 14, 8, 233, 16, 987, 18, 2584, 20, 6765, 55, 23, 28657, 25, 75025, 27, 196418, 29, 514229, 31, 1346269, 33, 3524578, ... This sequence is the lexicographically smallest sequence of positive i...

1:08 AM
it's kind of weird how there's a 23, 25, 27, ..., 33 for every other element for a while
and then the next one isn't 35, but the huge number, lol. this is interesting
It's essentially a collection of disjoint chains. a34 is part of the "main" iterated fibo chain (which grows hyperexponentially), and the gaps are filled by starting a new chain using two smallest unused numbers
i probably just have to look through this and eventually try generating the sequence assuming i didn't already know the values
i don't see the pattern yet but i see a bunch of smaller patterns within it that i'll probably eventually figure out
1:24 AM
a(34) = fib(377+1) = 4444705723234237498833973519982908519933430818636409166351397897095281987215864
+1 because the fibonacci is offset by 1. Interesting how it happens to start with four 4's
2:01 AM
Nowadays the question traffic in main has increased, i missed 4 new questions in night
@user it works now
@rak1507 turns out I hadn't made ȯ reversible when given a function and a number. Now, the argument order no longer matters
@rak1507 I'm glad to see you experimenting with Vyxal. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me
okay so I think i got a generator for the fib half-step working....... it's not at all golfed and i doubt this is even close to being optimal, lol
That's fast
this is what i have right now
2:18 AM
Looks correct, assuming you will fix the hardcoded 100 later
2:32 AM
lol i just forgot to change one of my hardcoded values when i added g; very smart of me
I might just golf this down and submit it just for the FGITW a reference solution
Is it allowed to take until what number to print non hamming numbers like take 15 and output 1,7,11,13?
2:50 AM
I don't think that's a standard of , so you'll probably have to ask the OP
I would assume no but yeah worth asking
IIRC it's output infinitely, output Nth, and output first N that are conventionally allowed, with 1- or 0- indexing allowed for the second option except in challenges like the fib half step where only one of them actually makes sense
maybe some allow it (idak of any examples) so it'd be worth a shot asking but i doubt it
Ok asked there
So its better to not post my solution until it clarifies
3:11 AM
I'm very excited for tomorrow
for tomorrow (at least in american date systems) is 4/20
and that's funny
You'd find it real funny if you use dd/m/yyyy, since it has 420 in the middle for 30 days every year for the 21th century
it's more special if it's exactly one day
plus it happens every year regardless of century
Its already fixed who are winning in the RO election
not necessarily, thought i'd be surprised if something drastic enough happens within the next 21 hours to change the current standings
3:18 AM
And also tomorrow is my birthday (4/20)
@Wasif i envy you
was just gonna say, lyxal's gotta have jealousy over that
Hehe thats funny
@hyper-neutrino I highly doubt I'd be able to coerce at least 3 people into voting to make a tie for 4th
Does someone have birthday on 6/9 or 9/6
3:20 AM
If I told everyone to vote for Lyxal so we can tie and both be ROs and Lyxal ends up overtaking me I'm going to be slightly annoyed :p
easy solution: 5 ro slots instead of 4
@RedwolfPrograms for this exact reason I will vote for lyxal
@Lyxal haha jk jk... unless?
tbh lyxal pretty far off
I ended up voting for everyone by accident
3:21 AM
@Razetime not neccesarily
3 people would be enough to bridge the gap
good luck finding 3 people
TBT the last election when someone was complaining about FPTP being a bad system even though this election is far from FPTP lol
@Razetime I can think of 2 out of 3
STV would be better but unfortunately we have no easy way of doing that
A bad thing is you cannot reverse votes until the post is edited but why?
3:22 AM
@Lyxal actually I've got 3 in mind
the real question is can I be bothered to try and influence those three people in the next 21 hours
given that one of them is in a completely different timezone, I think the answer is a very easy no
Oh, so the election ends on Tuesday at 00:00? Somehow I thought it was at 23:59 on the same day
@Razetime heh I accepted that fact 6 days ago
Someone undid an upvote on both Lyxal and me lol
This is someone among us
3:27 AM
2 people among us
Currently talking here
No it can't be Lyxal he last shown up 9 mins ago in meta, but it could be redwolf, he last shown up 2 mins ago, so that means lyxal maybe was downvoted by redwolf, and someone else downvoted Lyxal
well, as it is with elections, we can only guess who voted what :)
@Wasif accurate
@hyper-neutrino that's where you're wrong kiddo
@Lyxal wow, transpose is a 2 byte command in vyxal?
But the "someone else" is probably none among us, because everyone didn't show up in the meta within a short time interval
3:34 AM
@Razetime it used to be one byte but somehow I accidentally forgot to include it in the rewrite
@Lyxal o.O
i mean for any vote you can be 100% sure it wasn't me lmao
@hyper-neutrino I've always been transparent with my somewhat fraudulent voting activities
Oh i didn't notice i got my 4th starred message as my birthday gift, also number of stars in my most starred message is 4 and birthday month is also 4, i think i have a special connection with number 4
@Lyxal right, but one can only trust what you say, there's no way to 100% confirm you actually voted the way you say you did even if it makes perfect sense and voting otherwise wold be strange
@hyper-neutrino would screenshots help?
3:40 AM
@Lyxal those can be too easily tampered with using inspect-element, or just voting, screenshotting, and then changing the vote
it is actually somewhat important to an election that an individual cannot prove their vote even if they wanted to
@hyper-neutrino wow. I can't even admit to voting fraud
this is so sad
see my memory is bad so i don't actually recall you admitting to voting fraud but unless you are using alt accounts to vote i don't see how you could be committing voting fraud
Apr 15 at 0:20, by Lyxal
Feb 11 at 0:48, by Lyxal
@cairdcoinheringaahing I'd make a comment about voting fraud but I've done it myself, so eh
2 days ago, by Lyxal
@rak1507 that may or may not have been a result of voting manipulation to break a 3 way tie
Feb 11 at 0:49, by Lyxal
I made it so that Whispers was lotm over factor
there's three admissions
bruh moment
yet no one takes me seriously
this is a lyxal moment
@hyper-neutrino you mean editing a post then changing my vote doesn't count.
Obv I didn't do that with the ro election
Because the edit history shows I couldn't have
3:55 AM
oh. that's... arguably an abuse of how the system works. i'm not too sure how i feel about not being allowed to change your mind though. so idrk how i feel about that lol
i mean, i did just edit an extra newline at the end of every one of the election posts just in case anyone wanted to change their vote
Dah even my voting fraud isn't actually fraud
This is so sad
why does your command dict save a tuple of a string and an integer
are you using eval to run the value mapped by the key command.......
@hyper-neutrino where?
Point out the example you mean and I'll explain it
"ḋ": ("vector = pop(stack); stack.append(all_combinations(vector));", 1),
"F": ("stack.append(Generator(fibonacci(), is_numeric_sequence=True))", 0),
"!": ("stack.append(Generator(factorials(), is_numeric_sequence=True))", 0),
4:04 AM
The string is what it transpiles as and the number is the default arity of the command
You do know vyxal is transpiled right?
i do not
that's cool
You can see the corresponding python with the c flag
4:06 AM
h u h
very cool
I should've just JIT transpiled Ash, interpreting it is very not fun
i decided to make the branch interpreter in C because i hate myself or smth like that
It all started when I got tired of trying to interpret keg
I've transpiled my languages since mid 2019
Is there any nice articles on how to create esolangs
4:08 AM
Probably not
It's a very niche hobby :p
Just try to make one then work your way up to actually good ones
can't seem to find anything on esolangs.org
Hehe i have heard a blog is coming on ppcg
There was a question about creating golfing langs on CGCC
but not esolangs in general
Can we maximum 256 characters in Code page?
My first esolang was bad I kinda want to try using it on CGCC just for fun
4:09 AM
Can we get maximum 256 characters in Code page?
yep! you can propose ideas here. language design and development is already proposed
@Wasif Unless you can put more than 256 values in a byte
@Wasif yes, because that is the number of possible values of a byte
@hyper-neutrino the integer in the tuple is mainly for vectorisation purposes. I had no clue on how to vectorise things other than monads so I decided to store the arity hard coded
@RedwolfPrograms i'd be very impressed
4:09 AM
You could use 9 or 10 bits per character, though
@Wasif in a single byte codepage, yes.
In a double/multi byte codepage, no
@Lyxal that makes sense (i figured the second value was the arity)
Oh i understand
@Wasif Protip: press ↑ on your keyboard to edit your last message
Has somone written an eval based esolang?
4:10 AM
See cairds esolang named Orst for a double byte code page with 512 commands
@Wasif eval based?
@Lyxal Wouldn't double byte be 65536?
@Lyxal yeah
Like eval for recursion as the only looping?
@Wasif wdym by eval based?
iirc how jelly does dyad vectorization is to apply [a+x for x in b] if b is a list, [x+b for x in a] if a is a list, and [x+y for x, y in zip(a, b)] + the overflow values if both are a list (vectorizing the value in the comprehension too if applicable)
4:11 AM
@Wasif I think I've seen something that tries to eval itself over and over, can't recall its name
@RedwolfPrograms i actually meant interpreter is eval based that means read line by line and replace and eval
That's called transpilation
@Wasif Vyxal and keg both fit that description
@hyper-neutrino that sounds like what my vectorisation function does
Except mine also accounts for generators
Because generators are a completely different data type lol
@RedwolfPrograms probably. Perhaps caird used a variable byte codepage
do you support unbounded/infinite sequences or smth
But even mapping/filtering is a generator
4:16 AM
AOC showed me vyxal was way too slow
So I made a generator wrapper to encompass both yield generators and things like map/itertools objects
> ...it would still pop from the global stack as it cannot get any more global.
I simultaneously love and hate my old writing style
ah yes, the global stack here is made out of global
Imagine comprehensively explaining things
Also nobody google for my old esolangs they're embarassingly bad :p
4:19 AM
well i know what i'm doing now
I wrote the first one before I knew the word accumulator
Y'all won't beleaf what I've been doing just now
Shredding leaves into pieces is fun
So I called it the "pipe" because the value would "travel" along the program and get modified. I don't know why.
it has just occurred to me that i do not feel like reading through javascript
@Lyxal that aspect ratio though
4:22 AM
@RedwolfPrograms it's called taking pictures on my phone
that's still a rather long aspect ratio for a phone
It's full screen lol
I like my pictures taking up the entire screen
So your another hobby is added alongside putting pegs into clothes
is that picture the same ratio as your phone or is it extra long
Same as phone
4:24 AM
This is cursed.
Keg is more cursed
@Lyxal you made keg too
@Wasif correct
I had no clue about how to make a good golfing language
So I made the best I could do
Now I know a whole lot more
Thus, vyxal
You could make the monologue look like poem
How to make a good language i had no clue, so i made the best i could do, ....
My laptop is sentient it seems. I was listening to mambo number 5, updated my computer and tried to sign in using the fingerprint sensor. I kid you not, it told me to move my finger to the left and then to the right before letting me in. One of the lines of the song is something like "take one step left and move to the right" or something
Good job Microsoft
And it even winked at me when it unlocked
4:31 AM
Maybe it's an easter egg :p
I think it's excited about being on a roof
In linux sudo has a mode like this too, it mocks you cutting jokes when you fail to enter correct password
"Take one step left and one step right...And if it looks like this then you doin it right"
that ain't mocking
it's picking up on my music tastes
its emulating the memes i like
4:51 AM
I should be the person who writes math problems
> Question 4: A train leaves Chicago at 40 MPH heading west. One hour later, a train leaves 400 miles away, heading east on the same track at 60 MPH. Unnoticed by the operators, the trains grow closer. By 8:00 AM, they come within view of each other, exactly two miles apart. It is too late. Both engage their brakes, slowing to speeds of 20 MPH and 30 MPH respectively at the time of the crash. There are no survivors. What time did the crash occur?
at 6:90PM
Actually a better question to ask would be what time the crash occured relative to the time the train left Chicago
That involves calculating when they would be two miles apart
69 minutes after 4:20PM
I just answered both your questions
you should be happy
do they slow linearly?
4:55 AM
i assume at a constant rate from when they see each other until the instant they crash
unless i misunderstand this, the delay between the trains' departures shouldn't matter? is 400 miles the distance between the trains at start or the distance from chicago to the other station
oh actually if we know the trains are at 40mph and 60mph at 8 AM 2 miles apart and slow linearly to 20 and 30 that's already enough info
Yeah I think that's the relevant part
That's why I changed it to be relative to when the chicago train left
I think it'd be 4.58 hours after the chicago train left that they'd be two miles apart
I think it's correct
4:59 AM
2/75 hours? idk just from looking at it for a bit and attempting to do mental math with my 3 brain cells
that's 00:01:36 (8:01:36 AM i guess)
Relative speed decreases from 100mph to 50 linearly, traveling two miles
Average speed is 75mph, so it must be 2/75 hours indeed
so the area of the trapezoid under the speed graph if it takes X amount of time (hours) would be (100 + 50) * x / 2 or 75*x
I'll go test it, anyone know how to get into those control rooms?
5:00 AM
oh that was a much smarter solution
see i'm not smart (i'm hyper-neutrino) so i immediately tried to put the speed on a graph and observe the area under it lmao
Well, that was not a very good question because it has too much superfluous information
Not if you're in the US
Trick the student into failing
It's not a math question, it's a reading comprehension question :/
still a bad question just that the question seems not as bad because the entire education system is worse
though yeah, such things do appear on many tests, even official ones
5:04 AM
The official ones are the worst from my experience
and it's also bad because it uses mph
yeah, it should be using hamburgers per gun (or was it vice versa? i forget the standard)
Well people got mad at me for using light years per middle c
2 hours later…
6:53 AM
@RedwolfPrograms not major c?
1 hour later…
7:59 AM
Wow, the top 4 HNQ posts by hotness are all from us, nice job guys!
We have 5 total on HNQ, at 1,2,3,4 and 9th :P
hey, i have two questions on the front page on HNQ right now :P nice
I should post my sandboxed questions to main
I should sandbox a challenge that actually feels worth posting one of these days
8:03 AM
i wish i was creative enough to come up with a lot of challenges
i only thought of the rain challenge because i went for a walk yesterday and got rained on and realized that even though running gets you hit more, i probably could've avoided the rain getting heavier if i tried to run back home sooner
@hyper-neutrino The problem isn't coming up with a lot, it's coming up with good challenges
i mean coming up with a lot of good challenges :p i'd like to think at least some of mine are good, but not many
@hyper-neutrino imagine living a life interesting enough to make challenges
Made by Lyxal gang
If you really want to post a challenge, go browse OEIS or math Wikipedia pages. The results aren't bad, they're just extremely forgettable :P
Sequence challenges are kinda overdone imo
Would a challenge implementing an automated version of the "you're not x you're Y" joke be interesting enough for main?
8:07 AM
We can get challenge idea everywhere
I just got
If we compress the browser window, our usernames compress like

Wasif -> was
Caird -> cair
Lyxal -> Lyx
Hyper-neutrino -> Hy (DIamond)
Unrelated string -> Unr

and so on

This could be a challenge
@hyper-neutrino easy solution: get wasif to email you a challenge idea
Worked for me
I got 4 challenge ideas (emailed one included) posted into the sandbox
As in I found a mini streak of ideas
You go and post your PPCG tags challenge today
My Vyxal answer lost to Jelly, Husk, 05AB1E for just 1 byte :-( (Non-hamming numbers question)
Use a filter lambda
Makes it 5 bytes
Wow its too helpful, thanks!
@Wasif go and beat everyone!
And remind me to upvote at utc midnight tomorrow too
I'm out of votes for today
8:22 AM
Well I have already upvoted for everyone, including you
I mean your answer
I can't upvote your answer
I thought it was for RO election
is there any way to return a function from a function in C
8:25 AM
@Lyxal How? It's not even 9am UTC
i'm trying type signature void*(*) f(...) and void*(*)() f(...) but neither seem to work
@cairdcoinheringaahing I vote a lot
Q: How to make a function return a pointer to a function? (C++)

user98188I'm trying to make a function that takes a character, then returns a pointer to a function depending on what the character was. I just am not sure how to make a function return a pointer to a function.

@hyper-neutrino The type of a pointer to int f(int x) is int (*)(int) (iirc)
@Wasif I've come to terms with the fact I probably won't win. But the fact that you absolutely dominated everyone is exciting!
8:27 AM
@Bubbler Wrong person :P
Dang frick, I though I clicked on HN's message
Did you say the funny word!?!
i ended up figuring out another way to do it which probably works better with what i'm trying to do; thanks everyone tho
And I guess it confirms that my C knowledge hasn't gone away yet
Dec 18 '20 at 5:41, by Bubbler
If you're not sure about C types, try this challenge:
Q: Read out the C variable declaration

BubblerBackground Variable declaration statement in C consists of three parts: the name of the variable, its base type, and the type modifier(s). There are three kinds of type modifiers: Pointer * (prefix) Array [N] (postfix) Function () (postfix) You can specify a list of function arguments inside th...

oh i remember this. it's a cool challenge
8:41 AM
Is it just me, or have the review queues been kinda quiet for the past few days?
No they seem to be a bit quiet
Hey @cairdcoinheringaahing, are you still considering applying for uni in Australia? Because if you are, you totally should.
It'd be cool to have another code golfer down under
@Lyxal I was looking at it, but decided that if I do any uni in Australia, I'd rather it be a year abroad
So like an exchange student program?
Either that, or a lot of unis here just let you study your second year abroad at a partner uni
Wait so how many years is your course?
8:46 AM
Typically 3
You can do 4 year courses in some subjects
Ah, comsci then?
Oh very nice
CS has always been more of a hobby for me
I enjoy coding and hate all the theory around it :P
i enjoy the theory around it until i try to actually understand and/or use it
8:49 AM
laughs in compiler design in 2 years time
@Bubbler For your puzzling SE sequence question, metagaming from your half Fibonacci challenge made me notice that f(f(n)) is always a multiple of n
And maybe the lexicographically first such sequence, though some condition would be needed to exclude the trivial f(n)=n
Wow TIL my degree apparently only has 2 math subjects, both of which are first year
Good to know
@Lyxal Linear algebra is one of them?
Well I gtg for now
9:13 AM
@Lyxal To me compiler design was relatively easy and fun, compared to e.g. operating system and database
Q: Separate a list into even-indexed and odd-indexed parts

anatolygInspired by this question: Make a function (or a full program) that receives a list of numbers and outputs the list rearranged, so that even-indexed numbers appear first, and odd-indexed numbers follow. The values of the numbers themselves don't affect ordering - only their indices do. All indic...

Q: Square free Numbers

fR0DDYGiven a number N, write the shortest complete program to find the number of square-free integers below N. Sample Input 100000 Sample Output 60794 Constraints: Should work for all positive N below 1,000,000 Should not take more than 10 secs. Please do not use built in functions, please.

Q: A prime test that's LITERALLY prime

Noah LWrite a program that will test the primality of a specified number, and give the output as a Boolean value (True is prime). Your prime test can (but doesn't have to) be valid for the number 1. Here's the catch: your program itself has to sum to a prime number. Convert every character (including...

@Bubbler that's what I mean
I'm looking forward to it
9:31 AM
hi all
CMC following a previous conversation... if you toss 10 coins each with prob p of getting a head, can anyone write code to compute the probability there is a run of at least 4 heads?
@Wasif yeah, unfortunately doing that makes it , which is much easier to code
anyone know the direct link to see your progress towards a badge?
@Neil Which badge?
Not all of them have progress tracking
legendary, although epic will do if it goes to 51/50
There is a next badge tab in the profile
9:35 AM
yeah I specifically asked for the direct link thank you
oh nvm
@Neil I don't think there's a way to see progress aside from the tab in your profile
A couple (the review based ones and tag editing) have progress bars in the specific area, but the rest are profile-only tracking
maybe it's too mathey for here?
but surely nothing is too mathey for here :)
huh, I thought there was a way, but I must have imagined it
@Neil You can mess around with SEDE as that has pretty much all the info needed to track badges, but that seems like overkill for something like Legendary
9:43 AM
not a fan of the change to the hamming problem, breaks all sequence convention
Because Jelly has such good builtins, it doesn't even save a byte :/
hopefully the author will change their mind
Any more feedback/votes on this answer, or the question its on?
@cairdcoinheringaahing I don't know a thing about Jelly, but I feel like there should be a <=6 bytes solution to the Hamming problem if you check whether n divides 30^n instead of checking prime factors
@Delfad0r Unfortunately not, as it takes an extra byte to deal with 0 (remove the to see)
There's this 6 byter that uses the same format as the Vyxal answer, but that's iffy IMO
9:58 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing :(
@Delfad0r I've edited in the 6 byter that filters the numbers < n, because it is technically valid, so thanks!
Kept the more typically 7 byte version because it looks like there's some disagreement in the comments about allowing the <n version
Yeah, I'm actually one of the upvoters of rak1507's comment
@Delfad0r Same; it basically just turns it into a slightly more convoluted
10:14 AM
Also, the new rule doesn't save any bytes for my solution. That's the main reason I'm against it
I don't really like sequence challenges anyway as they're annoying and difficult in languages that don't have convenient builtins or infinite lists
Personally, I prefer sequence challenges that aren't based on "X is part of the sequence if Y", and are instead "here's how to calculate the sequence" (nth term, term-to-term relation etc.)
yeah, exactly
Otherwise, and especially in golfing languages, it just becomes "count through the integers, return those that are true"
yeah, husk: f(whatever)N ez
10:17 AM
Jelly: ...µ# :P
there should really be 1 byte builtins for these things
05AB1E: ∞ʒ...
@rak1507 # kinda is, the µ is only a syntax element

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