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2:00 PM
when's the next elections
Probably not for a while
Whenever the mod team needs them
Typically either a mod will step down, or the mods will ask the CMs to hold another one to expand the team
Given that we have 4 active mods, and we aren't really big enough of a site to need 6, I think it'll be a year minimum
@Lyxal No, you're not "on mobile too," you're Lyxal. Get it right.
I will keep annoying you until you surrender and promise never to tell that joke again.
Aha! I golfed my Ash code from yesterday
2:15 PM
@user which message is this again
Actually, thinking about it. We've had 3 "proper" elections, and we've had 12 different mod teams. The largest one was directly after the second election and just before Alex officially gave up his diamond, and that was 6 mods
I want the diamond purely so I can say I had the diamond
FYI, Doorknob joining the mod team was the first "change" to the team after the pro tem mods were appointed, and he's stayed on the team since 2014, which is crazy :D
@StackMeter Click on the arrow, it'll take you there
understanding is mine
2:28 PM
Ugh, I haven't posted a challenge for 6 days, but all my sandbox proposals are "do a lot of work" kind of challenges that I can't just open and post :/
Same here :/
Why are all of my faces malformed recently
@StackMeter I want the diamond purely so I don't have to bother the mods all the time.
I have one challenge idea that's been dead for a week
@cairdcoinheringaahing Repost an older question (maybe a closed on) with more lenient rules and profit
s/profit$/Profit/ #FTFY
2:40 PM
@user Well, I do have an as-yet-unused dupe hammer I've been wanted to use :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing wait you had two suspensions
@StackMeter three
Although one of them was requested by me
b r o
how did you have a 37/40 candidate score
The candidate score is based on rep and badges
well I'll have like, 2/40 score
2:45 PM
@StackMeter Because I understood why I got suspended, decided I didn't like being that kind of user and that I'd prefer to contribute to the site in a positive way
@StackMeter I have 30000 times your reputation, and have been a member for over 4 years. It's not surprising I've got a higher candidate score :P
I have 171 rep
My candidate score would be 23
it's less than 250 times
and I'm posting another answer soon
@StackMeter Bah, that's just a couple of orders of magnitude, who even cares about those :P
The difference between 1 and 100 is two zeroes, which adds to zero.
2:49 PM
also @RedwolfPrograms I have a challenge for u
do u know python
A tiny bit
Indeed, in scientific notation, they look even more similar, 1E0 and 1E2 :P
do you know how to import modules
I think :p
if you are as good as your 20k-ish reputations suggests
you have 5 minutes to solve this question
2:52 PM
i got three nice answer badges overnight from the RO election thread :P
Look at you profiting off caird, Bubbler, and Adám's success :p
@RedwolfPrograms True. 1 = 100 digit-sub-wise.
@StackMeter wait you can't start without telling him what he gets
@StackMeter I'd suggest that you stop "challenging" users. A more polite thing to do would be to set a CMC (Chat Mini Challenge) that allows anyone who wants to to try their hand at whatever it is
also i'm not exactly sure why i made the answers CW but dennis did it so i know there's a good reason :)
2:53 PM
@hyper-neutrino If only you had mod powers that could turn CW on or off at will :P
@hyper-neutrino Looks like you'll get another one soon, Redwolf's at +9
@cairdcoinheringaahing ok how do I do that
CMC: print the number 5
Just do something like this:
@cairdcoinheringaahing Ash, 1 byte: 4
Wait no it's 5
2:55 PM
keyboards are hard ok
how do I link things
@cairdcoinheringaahing BF, 25 bytes: +++++[>++++++++++<-]>+++. (could probably be shorter but I suck at BF)
Python, 8 bytes: print(5)
@hyper-neutrino BF, unary output with NUL bytes: ..... :P
@StackMeter if you're trying to reply to a message you can click the arrow on the bottom-right of a message when you hover over it
Java, not a lot of bytes:

package com.user.cmcs.print5;

class Print5 {
public static final int numberToBePrinted = 5;
public static void main(String[] args) {
public static printNumber(int number) {
Can't markdown format in multiline
@user bro
2:57 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing 2+2
@user not enough AbstractBaseFactoryManager
Who spam flagged that
@RedwolfPrograms I am literally flagging this
Use flags for actually offensive things, not jokes
@StackMeter I think you clicked the wrong button
2:58 PM
Flags draw the attention of all 10k+ users on the network, and aren't something to be played with
oh god
@pxeger Welp I forgot the AbstractBasePrinterInterfaceFactoryProducerAdapterBuilder
did I just rickroll 10k users
@Adám How does 2++2 produce 5?
@StackMeter no, "10k+ users" means "users with more than 10k reputation", not "all ten thousand users"
2:59 PM
Looks like it'd be 2 + increment 2, maybe?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Not ++ just normal +
@cairdcoinheringaahing Because Redwolf has shown us that 4=5
Wait, no, I missed the = in the header :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing =++ is a=>b=> (a=b)+(a+b)
Yeah, that makes more sense :P
I always forget the APL doesn't use = for assignment
3:01 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing working on it, this is quite a hard challenge
you have 5 minutes from now
@StackMeter Why the time limit?
@cairdcoinheringaahing 2+2
because that's what makes it fun
also because it's stupid easy
half your time gone
1 minute left
I don't think people really want to solve things like this on such a short time restriction
5 hours then
3:08 PM
is the trick that the "there's a space and a tab in there as well" (e.g. lowercase L) is part of the character set?
it's just a space and a tab
I'd suggest putting the parenthesis out of the code block then
You can insert a space and a tab by using <pre><code> and &#9; for a tab and &#32; for a space, I'll be happy to edit if you'd like?
that would be nice as I am incompetent
3:11 PM
your Bonus 1 has imbalanced brackets and both bonuses are invalid because you cannot assume that the input is pre-emptively stored in a variable
is your main challenge even valid?
it is
I just print them all out
i think the challenge specifically requires computing the nth value
well I'm deleting that answer
Hello, what discussion is going on now
Also does the meeker number sequence have an entry in OEIS?
you can search, and it says no apparently
3:18 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Whirl, 52 bytes
could be 7 bytes if someone invented 'compressed whirl'
It does not have an entry
> Whirl was designed with the following state-of-the-art features in mind:

Ease of use
Grilled Chicken
Unfortunately, none of those things made it into the final product.
it's quite a fun language to try, I answered an anagol problem in it
3:19 PM
'Grilled chicken'??
JS has that
All good programming languages have grilled chicken. And JS
What is it
You just use it for a few weeks then your brain is that
I see
@Wasif it's when people do unspeakable things to innocent birds :/
Then Factor is a grilled chicken too
I have an idea for an esolang
Be back in ten minutes once it's implemented
Wait no never mind
I just reinvented prime factors but with more work
@RedwolfPrograms what will be the name of it
Q: Find the nth base-b digit of (b^k-1)^-2

quintopiaTask Your task is simple. Write a program or function which takes three positive integer arguments n, k, and b in any order, such that 2 ≤ b ≤ 36, and returns or outputs the nth (1-indexed) base-b digit after the decimal point of the rational number (bk - 1)-2. The output must be correct for n an...

Q: Output nearby primes

Thomas OWrite a program which takes an input (which may or may not be prime), and lists the immediate prime following and preceding it. Example input: 1259 Example output: 1249 1277 Shortest program wins. Must execute within 10 seconds on a modern desktop PC. Inputs will be limited to 10,000 maxim...

3:26 PM
does anyone have an easy question
And will you do in JS
oh my god it worked
be back soon gotta hit that bronze code-golf badge
13% of the way ther
@StackMeter just sort them by votes
@StackMeter hey, you won't return until you get 87 more votes?
well, maybe just 7
That's why your name is stackMeter
Let's kill StackMeter and change name to VoteMeter!
3:32 PM
@rak1507 CMC: outgolf this
i see a Chat mega question
Let it burn!
Friendly reminder to not vote to delete spam. If it gets deleted before enough flags happen, it won't be burned properly.
@hyper-neutrino Oops. Then what happens?
3:35 PM
@Adám it just gets deleted like a normal post and nothing really happens
if a post is deleted by flags, it will be locked and have its content wiped as well (unless you go into the revision history)
@hyper-neutrino Ah, so that's what happened in this case, despite my wrongful vote.
@hyper-neutrino Did you kill the user?
@Adám yep. as long as it doesn't accumulate enough delete votes it's fine
yes, i destroyed the user
they can just remake their account I think, and i'm not sure if the flag history carries over to the new account, but the one year suspension i gave them will :)
I don't understand how that can work. How does the system know the connection between two accounts?
if they re-create it from the same email address
no ip bans?
3:38 PM
@hyper-neutrino That'd be pretty stupid.
@rak1507 That might be a problem for public libraries and schools.
@Adám yeah; i suspect they're on throw-away email addresses anyway
@Adám true
there are actually tens to possibly hundreds or more spam accounts on CGCC right now but since they haven't posted anything i'm not going to waste time hunting down all of them
Which user is destroyed
One that posted a spam answer in French.
3:40 PM
IIRC question and answer rate-limiting is done by IP so if you submit enough low-quality posts that you get limited for posting, other people on the same IP get that too
not sure though
@hyper-neutrino yeah there's this weird account codegolf.stackexchange.com/users/43319/ad%c3%a1m, you should check it out, no idea what most of their posts are, appears to be some sort of secret code, seems pretty suspicious
And get this, the programming language they use is called "A Programming Language". Obviously, it's some fake language because no one would name a real language that.
@user very good point
me silently crafting a language called "A Programming Language"
@StackMeter You're 60 years too late :P
3:54 PM
@StackMeter Not to worry. I can teach you the existing one.
Time for "Yet Another Programming Language" (TM)
(context: APL is fun and worth it and gets lots of upvotes)
4:01 PM
@Wezl gets lots of upvotes[citation needed]
@rak1507 gets lots of rep
@rak1507 you made the meme by yourself?
@Wasif no, someone else did
@rak1507 my most upvoted answer being APL
4:02 PM
@user can't argue there
@Wezl it's haskell
@rak1507 it's a tie
mine is a bash
mine is jelly :(
well I know very little about bash
@rak1507 Mine too (and it's a very basic one :( )
4:03 PM
@user yep lol basic jelly = 1000 upvotes
my most upvoted answer is a random python answer where i literally just used sympy and used a well known formula and got 34 upvotes :c
@Wezl Ironically, my most upvoted answer is in TI-BASIC :-(
Mar 11 at 0:23, by user
Someone needs to make a .anguish extension for files that lets others feel your pain
i should learn APL
I wonder why I cannot get more than 4 upvotes in Powershell?
4:04 PM
@Wasif the answers are quite long in general, and it's quite niche
@user By adding .anguish files to answers, people would know when to upvote
@hyper-neutrino It looks like you want to learn APL. Can I help?
(context: he can)
(context: Wezl enjoys unnecessarily adding "(context: ...)" in response to everyone's comments)
It wasn't so much a question of if I am able to, as an offer.
4:05 PM
@Adám once i have some time, i might decide to try it out again (i tried a while back and didn't get far); i'll drop by in the APL orchard if i do decide to
Yeah, you know the place by now.
yep :)
@rak1507 Where is it from? Should be added to APL Wiki
There's a part of me that wants to learn APL, and there's a part of me that refuses to because I know you're here to sell me APL
@Adám it's from the plvm discord server
@pxeger if you learn APL and win the dyalog competition, you can actually cost dyalog money ;)
4:07 PM
@pxeger touché, but messages in TNB are rarely necessary
@hyper-neutrino my most upvoted answer got three upvotes
@pxeger I mean, you don't have to be a Dyalog customer, just apply for an APL bounty and feel the dopamine rush when you get your rep :P
@user lol exactly
You'll get more upvotes as time goes on
4:09 PM
or feel the anti-dopamine rush when you post a really great apl answer and it gets less upvotes than a jelly builtin
getting significantly high-voted answers is partially down to spending more time on the site and more so just luck, TBH
@rak1507 Honestly, a little bit of anger feels good once in a while
it's unfortunate, but voting on this site has always been pretty arbitrary and that's just a feature of the way SE is setup which is inconsistent with the core idea of our community
4:10 PM
Also self-pity, as long as you don't overdo any of those
@pxeger I'm not really here to sell anything, really. Everyone at Dyalog wants APL to spread more than they want to earn money. We have to charge commercial customers, because we can't feed ourselves otherwise, but we're not in it for the money.
@hyper-neutrino Well, it's really entirely luck-based, and just if you spend lots of time on the site you'll have more chances at getting that luck
Writing good explanations increases the chance of getting upvotes, so there's that
@pxeger that's true
my most upvoted jelly answer is literally Ṿ¡ ;-;
it's not entirely luck based
4:11 PM
i have other jelly answers i'm quite proud of and this is certainly not one of them
Voting's always going to be weird because humans are involved - we're just stupid.
@user otoh, answering quickly does too.
I think if you consistently post 'good' answers (good is subjective), or post quickly, you will get more upvotes than someone who doesn't
there are luck elements but saying it's entirely luck based is not really true imo
@Adám Unfortunately, yeah, along with your language and rep
The great thing about posting APL solutions to old problems is that you're guaranteed the equivalent of 10 (or, if you beat all existing solutions) 20 upvotes.
4:14 PM
@Adám yes, some consolation
this was for the recent fastest-code challenge; i told him to hand-write some assembly because why not and he just randomly got a bunch of upvotes even though he insists his solution really isn't smart and he just took my C approach and hand-wrote assembly for it
Time to learn assembly and farm rep /s
i don't know assembly so it still looks impressive but who knows :P
4:15 PM
i am back
uncommon languages get more rep
but why?
People think they're smarter
Time to answer some stuff in unsure then :p
because common languages often have existing answers posted already?
@user Time to learn <del>assembly</del> language of month and farm rep /s
wouldn't say uncommon languages get more rep, just that languages perceived as 'harder' do
4:17 PM
When I answer in (e.g.) Haskell, I feel like a fraud because I really don't know it at all
@pxeger ^
(maybe also that the chance that someone who is answering in an uncommon language is really good at it is higher too)
@Wasif Try --- assembly ---
I did fraud in Factor and got a huge +750 rep!
@rak1507 Can you ask if it is OK to use it?
4:18 PM
@Adám sure, I don't see why it wouldn't be, but I'll double check
I got +2750 rep, and the answer I got 500 rep on was just [ ] ! ] esrever [ :\ (reverse the source code, reverse the input)
@Wasif you followed the bounty, and got your reward, no fraud there!
That feeling when you spell right first try
I'm ashamed to admit that this highly voted Haskell answer was largely copied from the sequence's OEIS page
@user No spaces, though: ---assembly--- gives assembly
4:19 PM
@Razetime they were trivial though
was it told in the bounty that the answers shouldn't be trivial?
CMC: "kolmogorov"
@RedwolfPrograms here I was thinking it was kolgomorov-complexity
quotes included in output or no?
4:20 PM
Haha I win!
@Adám kolmogorov???
@hyper-neutrino No.
@Adám oh no don't make me do this in whirl
@Adám Scala: print("kolomogrov")
Why didn't I get notified about a bounty being put on one of my answers?
4:21 PM
@Wasif Yeah, you have to output/return exactly that string.
APL: ⎕←'kolmogorov' (do I need the ⎕←?)
@rak1507 No you don't.
'kolmogorov' then
jelly can do this in one byte shorter than "kolmogorov" :)
4:21 PM
@rak1507 do it in stax
Anyone know where the Jelly space compression thing is?
@hyper-neutrino You don't need the final », surely?
Stax: âéÄ·DºÇ⌂⌡•
@pxeger compressed strings end in that
I was about to answer a challenge and it seemed familiar then I realized it'd already been answered in unsure :/
@Razetime but if it's the end of the program, it can be omitted (to let it be filled in implicitly), can't it?
4:22 PM
@pxeger no, because then it autofills it with the normal string close
@hyper-neutrino ah
which would make it that mess of random characters, not the compressed string "kolmogorov"
new username for caird
4:29 PM
Dude coinheringaahing, or Lil Chart Z are the next one's I'll be considering :P
Feel free to submit a "Change your username, caird" application if you'd like your suggestion to be formally considered :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing On Meta? Can you start a question to accept applications?
@Adám On the one hand, APL looks cool and interesting. On the other hand, I dislike the concept of advertising and promoting things, so much that I instinctively want to dislike it :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing I suggest sticking to your user name if you become RO.
If I see an ad for something, I'm about 1000% less likely to use it
@Adám Yeah, if I do change my username, it'll be in a while (no earlier than half a year)
@cairdcoinheringaahing I totally understand. I make a point out of not buying something I've seen advertised.
4:34 PM
Gah I keep posting answers then seeing a (1) in new posts and it's my own answer
A difference here is you're not actually buying anything, and learning/using APL can be a mind-opening experience that gains you skill you can apply elsewhere. We never, ever, directly ask anyone to buy anything. If you make substantial money based on all our hard work, then we require you to pay a small percentage of what you made.
@Adám I dislike the idea that someone in a position of "authority" (e.g. RO, mod, etc.) can't ever change their username/pfp, but I do agree that it shouldn't be a regular thing, if only to avoid confusion
@cairdcoinheringaahing It isn't that it should be prohibited, only that a constant name (and avatar) makes for a better experience for everyone else. Think of it as doing your fellow golfers a service.
i might eventually change my avatar, even if just so lyxal stops mentioning that i have an "anime girl" in my pfp lmao
yes therefore your opinion does not matter
4:37 PM
I liked your old one, but it was easy to get it mixed up with Lyxal's
CMQ: suggestions for new pfp that isn't confusing
@hyper-neutrino weasel
what if i make it an anime boy :thonk:
@hyper-neutrino visualization of a neutrino
@hyper-neutrino I actually thought you had switched pronouns.
I also liked your old one.
4:39 PM
visualization of a hyper :P
@Adám oh. nah, i make no attempt for my profile picture to be at all representative of anything about me, lol
@RedwolfPrograms Clearly the solution is to force Lyxal to change their pfp :P
Maybe into a still from the rickroll?
what was my old one again
err umm some league of legends thing?
A benzene ring IIRC
4:41 PM
My pfp is nice and simple. Although sometimes I worry it makes me look like I'm arrogantly trying to say I'm bright/smart
the benzene ring was really old iirc
@pxeger I want to click on your avatar to get context help.
@hyper-neutrino A ν inscribed in a hyperbola?
@Adám lol. It's from octicons I think
4:42 PM
I am back after loaw voltage and charging my phone
I wonder why it is low voltage when every electrical machine is working in full power
@Adám any particular reason? Or just to be mathematical
v for neutrino, and hyper(bola)?
Yeah ^.
@hyper-neutrino ohhh
@Adám Even when you're pointing in arrow, you still punctuate every sentence; I love it!
is lambda already used by someone on this site (i know it has nothing to do with hyper or neutrino but neither do benzene rings)
4:44 PM
@pxeger Heh, at least three people have commented on that by now. I do it automatically.
@Adám I think I've pointed it out before...
@hyper-neutrino Benzene might make you hyper if you sniff it (don't!)
@hyper-neutrino probably, but you can always decorate it
i don't see anyone in the first 5 pages of top users with the lambda symbol. considering it
IIRC does RGS use a lambda?
4:47 PM
no a pi
Ooh, just used my dupe hammer for the first time :D
Nice, but the rounding on the hyperbola doesn't match the sharp corners of the nu
Right, just a draft.
CMQ: What's the best pfp you have ever seen here
4:51 PM
can't remember many off the top of my head but bonus points to dzaima's, wezl's, and razetime's for being 'homemade'
I think @Razetime's is pretty cool
redwolfs is too
stuff that isn't a picture/image gets extra credit
I like Razetimes's one and i am going to change my current to that
But when i don't know
exactly that?
lol that would be confusing
4:53 PM
@Wezl no
@rak1507 what can it be if not a picture or image?? Do you mean like a drawing as opposed to a photo?
With my image given that effect
@pxeger stuff that isn't a picture/image of a real person, thing, or physical object
Razetime's is, I believe, an edited version of a picture of himself
4:53 PM
@Wasif Do you want a high res version for max confusion
@Razetime i wanna reduce confusion
@Razetime Ah, I needed that for my recent presentation. Too late now.
lol which one
APL seeds
No, internal.
idea: everyone change to my pfp
4:56 PM
If we're all a hivemind with Redwolf, shouldn't we all change to Redwolf's pfp?
@Razetime there's a 'crazetime' joke here somewhere but I can't find it

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