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11:00 PM
I LOVE cooking, especially with a friend
Illusion spells can be fun due to their versatility
@MikeQ ...I wonder how mind-reading would play out in a Gumshoe game.
I agree, do you have a suggestion?
Probably pretty okay, since Gumshoe understands the point isn't finding out what's going on; the point is what you decide to do with what you know.
Im debating dropping Fly or Fear right now
11:04 PM
As a wizard you want spell diversity, and given your party makeup, I'd say have ~1 damage cantrip, 1-2 AOE damage spells, and maybe 1 single-target damage spell if it has a secondary effect
Hmm, ok that makes sense
Fireball and Chill Touch are actually my only ways of causing damage right now
Why the touch damage and not the ranged one (ray of frost)?
Anything you would swap from my suggestion?
Chill touch is ranges
120 feet, 1d8, prevents regeneration
Huh, I figured it was melee range because "touch". Never mind then.
on undead, gives them disadvantage on attack rolls too
Yeah, im fine with notnhaving ways to do dmg
when my party does a ton
Web, Invisibility, Misty Step, Locate Object, Fireball, Dispel, Fly, Fear is probably it then
Thanks for the suggestions chat, let me know if you come up with something <3
11:18 PM
I dunno what your defenses look like, but sometimes it's best for support casters to be cowardly and hide behind allies
Its what I do, but theres typically a lot of damage coming our way in general
Like ranged enemies or zombies sprouting from the earth beneath us
and I ended up needing some defensive stuff cause its a permadeath campaign
@MikeQ Very much so.
@Caitlynn Tomb of A?
Nope, custom campaign
Zombie Apocalypse happened and were trying to end it
Cool, perma death does add that bit of tension ... fear, it's fun! there's even a spell named after it. :)
Yep! Basically, dying instantly makes you a zombie because of some spell a Lich is channeling
and you cant be restored with anything less than wish
11:32 PM
@Caitlynn We had one of those but our DM put it in a jungle so we were always exhausted, even my monk who wore no armor. Pain in the butt, really.
Those Lich es, man, we need to do something about them ....
Ooh, dangerous setting
yup, thats the plan :)
Yeah, it got suspended due to DM having RL invade in a big way. Too bad, we were getting close to "what is this?" and we found out that "cure disease" was not helping.
@KorvinStarmast yeah, I'm super glad that our current ToA party isn't terribly bothered by jungle conditions XD
@Shalvenay yet. I'm just glad that we can keep the campaign going. so far. I am tempted to slip down into Omu sneaky wise, with my Gloom Stalker feature: critters needing darkvision to see me can't.
@KorvinStarmast heheh. I am very glad we can keep things going as well
11:35 PM
How stealthy is Rrauj? I am so tempted to do some recon before we leave ... we have another week to ponder that.
Oops, called to kitchen clean up duty, talk to you all in a bit. Best wishes to all!
@KorvinStarmast I picked up invisibility, so we should be good for scouting
@KorvinStarmast Rrauj has proficiency, but is only modestly stealthy as a whole
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