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10:00 PM
@doppelgreener, as someone not familiar with URI, is that line the only offending line?
@godskook hm. checking. this is Angular, right?
ASP.NET on the backend, which I can edit or make a call to a different URL if needed.
hrm, i am having trouble parsing this at 11pm at night...
i'll have to check on this tomorrow instead
Speaking of tomorrows, chances of a Doppelgreener at Geek Night?
@BESW pretty strong. :)
10:06 PM
Horse-riding librarians were the Great Depression's bookmobiles http://smithmag.co/8vdcKu
@JuneShores [gestures at tweet above] Somehow I think this might be relephant to your interests.
just goes to show you, I should have been a librarian
maybe not when things sucked so bad though
@KorvinStarmast Deadline is 12 July.
[wave] What's new?
hey there @Forrestfire, how're things going?
10:20 PM
my internet was down for 6 days but now it's back
and so I'm just reading through questions idly
how goes?
OK here
that's good
(and continuing to find questions I have answers to, answered better by other people)
(as always)
Man, I leave you guys alone for a few days and come back to 4,000 messages. Just who do you think is going to read all of these?!
10:35 PM
hey there @JoelHarmon
hey @Shalvenay
how're things going?
pretty hectic these past few days
how about you?
@JoelHarmon OK here, still wondering when Reibello will turn back up
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