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12:06 AM
Good day
12:58 AM
I feel like we have a meta about "homebrew this item for me" questions but the search is weak with this one. Can anyone put their finger on it?
@nitsua60 You mean "Homebrew this for me" as in "I have this concept and am too lazy to try and make it up myself so someone else do it for me"?
Sorta, though I wouldn't necessarily conclude that "lazy" is the reason.
Yeah. Generalizing haha
@nitsua60 There's a "How to ask" and a "Which close reason" meta?
You could replace "lazy" with "busy" for example
@trogdor Or "crazy" or "floozy" or any number of "zy"s =D
[stretching, there]
1:06 AM
So what exactly are you looking for? I've got a couple up that match your criteria
@Ben mind just linking a few? I've got a tickle in my brain that we've said something about "homebrew this for me" but can't remember what. (Maybe we say they're off-topic, maybe we list out what they should have to help us do it well, maybe I'm just imagining things?)
@nitsua60 any of those sure
Q: How do we ask for homebrew suggestions?

Premier BromanovI want to know if there is a good homebrew somewhere for dnd 5e. I see that we've revised our game recs policy, so I was curious how this extends to homebrewing. Is that something i can ask about here? If so, how can I ask it correctly? To be more specific, I'd like to ask about armor rules. Mos...

Q: Close Reason for "Homebrew this for me" questions

inthemanualI've recently noticed a couple questions that seemed like "make me some suggestions for this homebrew idea I had". I voted to close both as an off-topic Shopping/Recommendation request, as to me they both seemed like asking for recommendations and idea generation, which is clearly off-topic here....

Q: 'Homebrew a class for me' questions

MinimanWe have 2 questions (this one and this one) that are asking for answers to homebrew up a class for them. To me this seems like it's both very broad and entirely opinion-based. I can't see a way to judge answers objectively. Since there's 2 of them, I figured it was worth checking with meta. Are...

But not cluzey, that had it's chance
Q: Are homebrew evaluation questions OK?

MagicianWhat's the stance on asking for feedback on house-ruled material? In my particular case, I wrote a couple of generic moves for Tremulus (they can probably be extended to AW/DW), changing the wealth system, and wanted to ask if the community could spot any potential pitfalls with them.

1:09 AM
Cool--thanks. These definitely get me in the ballpark; I just need to do some re-reading.
Glad to help :)
1:21 AM
hey there @nitsua60 and @KorvinStarmast
This may not be the best question in the world, but I like being on a site where we ask questions like this and it is considered normal. Can a centaur thief wear magic pants?
@Shalvenay Hullo Shal, how are thee?
@KorvinStarmast So long as the question is not "How does a centaur thief wear pants"
@Ben Yeah, we need not peel the onion skin back that far ...
@KorvinStarmast fine here, re-researching insulating composite concrete forms, also muttering about ductopi
@Shalvenay hiya
1:39 AM
@Shalvenay I've heard that a ductopus has eight ventacles
@MikeQ :P
1:53 AM
@MikeQ I made an "Aussie" Spiderman in Savage Worlds.
Named him "Huntsman"
Gave his the "Nemesis" edge
His nemesis is "Dr. Croctopus"
(Loosely labelled after "Dingodile" from Crash Bandicoot 3)
2:30 AM
@Ben ah dingodile XD
@trogdor He is my favourite Crash Boss haha
3:01 AM
Mine too actually
2 hours later…
4:58 AM
Can anyone help me understand the "secondary" ability on a weapon?
Like, for example, one PC has a Katana that can inflict an electric pulse on an enemy, which, should they fail, cause them to be Shaken (though if they are already shaken, this does nothing)
5:11 AM
@Ben what system are you referring to
Savage Worlds
Didn't realise I didn't specify that haha
Then I have no idea... Maybe search the site archives? Or just interweb search?
@MikeQ I did have a look... but I haven't really identified anything hard just yet...
Only gists and ideas of how everything works
5:58 AM
In the meantime though... How about Pathfinder?
This question got me thinking about our latest game - we were revived and are now effectively "Golems".
How much of an effect on the game does being a golem... uhh… make?
2 hours later…
7:58 AM
Do we have a question on effects of lycantropy in DnD 5e?
Two of our characters were infected by werewolves yesterday and it turns out lycanthropy has only positive effects in 5e if you resist it... some curse, we thought! Except then I read the full chapter on lycanthropes which adds that it's impossible to resist the curse on full moon. I wonder why they omitted that from the infobox.
I'd like to ask and answer this myself, but it might be a dupe.
8:45 AM
@kviiri See this answer for some information on lycanthropes.
hmm, that doesn't really cover what I was about to ask
Also really look into this line in the Monster Manual: "The DM is free to decide that a change in alignment places the character under DM control until the curse of lycanthropy is removed."
This makes werebear and weretiger easy to see for PCs but the others are less workable if you use that rule.
@DavidCoffron If the alignment changes at all. A character who resists the curse doesn't change their alignment.
So it's a very voluntary downside
" retains its normal alignment and personality while in humanoid form" (emphasis mine)
Oh I see what you are saying
They resist the curse, gain the benefits of the PCs as lycanthropes section, but essentially no cost
Yeah. Except the cost is there, it's just hidden outside the infobox.
8:53 AM
@kviiri Right. but I mean, in other fantasy stories, characters have contracted lycanthropy as a means to increase their power.
they just have their allies restrain them during the full moon
But that's besides the point because the infobox doesn't really have anything on the full moon bit either, it sounds like the lycanthropy is just a voluntary deal
@kviiri Probably if you rule as intended, but RAW I think you count as a lycanthrope anyway (and thus get the benefits). Certainly worth the question (I didn't see it on the stack or remember it)

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