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12:02 AM
Look here is my wizarding id: 🧙‍♂️
that is an emoji displayed by science and designed by muggles
12:21 AM
Q: The three door puzzle

Vassilis ParassidisIn a long room are three doors. Behind each door one block is hanging from the ceiling. Behind the first door the block is made of concrete; behind the second door the block is made of hardwood; behind the third door the block is made of styrofoam. The rectangular base of each block is 5 cm by 6 ...

12:56 AM
@bobble harrumph!
@AncientSwordRage am I wrong?
1:12 AM
This is how I truly look:
1:29 AM
Who is your puppet master?
Q: Mastermind: What should I guess next? That depends

Joseph Sible-Reinstate MonicaBob was playing a popular adventure game on his computer, and he came across a Mastermind minigame. Here's the results of his first four guesses: Bob has never been great at solving logic puzzles on the spot, so he asked Alice what he should guess next. Alice is exceptionally good at logic puzzl...

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2:44 AM
@oAlt "vocal" usually means "relating to voice" but it can mean "relating to vowels" as well... eg. MW has it as meaning #5 (synonym of "vocalic")
not my invention, though... i saw that used in a cryptic a while ago and thought it was a neat indicator
3:17 AM
@Jafe oh, interesting :0 (I won't edit my answer now though in fear that it will look like bumping it to the top, but acknowledged)
And yeah it is indeed neat, was just unfamiliar with that use of "vocal" :0

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