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1:38 AM
@Rubio Thanks for that edit! Can't believe I missed that.
3 hours later…
4:32 AM
@GarethMcCaughan EMBER (days) = DECEMBER minus, I'm going to say... DEC[ani]?
5:01 AM
Q: Obscure IQ test question

JordanI stumbled upon this (probably simple) mathematical matrix I just couldn't solve. The problem is I came up with the answer 12 (which isn't one) and now I am so fixated on that that I am having trouble seeing other solutions :P. Can somebody solve it for me? The first image is the question, the...

5:51 AM
Q: Sometimes I am lonely.

ChowzenSometimes I feel pretty lonely. To take the edge off of being so lonely, I joined a book club that my ex belongs to just to be around her some. My brothers wouldn't like that, but they aren't members, so they don't know. About my brothers: The oldest can be a pretty lonely guy too, maybe...

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11:37 AM
@Sp3000 Spot on! My apologies for the obscurity of some of the things in that clue -- I thought the nice surface made up for it :-).
The definition, in case it wasn't obvious, is "for a brief period of prayer and fasting" -- "ember" on its own means something like "pertaining to ember-days". "For" isn't really quite the right preposition, but I decided the surface was more important.
"Can" and "dec" are, I believe, very commonly used abbreviations among actual choristers in cathedrals, college chapels, etc., but they're not used much by anyone else and tend not to appear in lists of abbreviations...
9 hours later…
8:26 PM
@Sp3000 You owe us all a new cryptic clue...
Q: Ziggy - make a square from 8 polyomino pieces

Jaap ScherphuisA few years ago I created a small packing puzzle that I'd like to share here today. The puzzle is based on the fact that $1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 6^2$. It consists of 8 zig-zag polyomino pieces, ranging in size from 1 to 8 squares. The pieces are shown here: The basic aim is to create a 6 by 6 squar...

9:13 PM
@Mithrandir queued, thanks
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11:05 PM
Q: Really basic puzzle

Trooper ZI am sure you will be able to find this puzzle out easily. Let's Begin! I am long as infinity I can be round or a rectangle People like me when I go inside them I come in many flavors I don't have a reason why, just a meal You can find me partnered with math Basic, right?


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