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12:14 AM
Q: Please Resolve Interesting Mathematical Equation

tomAs noted in the title can you find the mathematical expression for the following sequence of numbers? 1, 2, 2, 4, 1, 1, 3, 3, 4, 9, 1, 1, 3, 5, 9 From time to time hints will be updated. Note: this sequence cannot be found in The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

CCCC: Take back atrocity covered in scarlet (7)
12:28 AM
@Alconja maybe, DELIVER = Take (def) ; ( R(EVIL)ED )<
.. there.
ah, I was looking at "REVILED", but I didn't get the def. right
How is DELIVER "take"? Isn't it the opposite?
Take (to someone else)
  2: bring to a destination, make a delivery; "our local super
     market delivers"
ah right, in the sense of "bring", not the sense of "steal"
12:30 AM
because English. :)
yes, @Deusovi, "take" in the sense of "give"
... English is irreparably broken, we should just throw it all away and start from scratch
Tio ŝajnas bona ideo
I'm not sure we have enough scratch for that
@ffao this is a good idea
12:45 AM
Y know, 1984 really did have a point about English having too many confusing words
I don't really think that was the point 1984 was trying to make
i think we should all speak newspeak anyway
@EricTressler well it really is a good idea to redo a language make yet another alternative to English
Nobody can do that. The best you can do is make your own, like Esperanto
1. golfier, since you can use all of IPA 2. actually a sane language. I guess the biggest problem is actually getting people to use it
12:47 AM
Common English is doubleplus ungood
@ASCII-only being more terse is a terrible goal for a new language. I can just imagine you coming up with something like Jelly and trying to get people to learn it so they can talk to you.
@Rubio You got it. And yes, intentionally sneaky with "take" = deliver, and "take back" not being used together.
@Alconja You got me. I passed over "reviled", because of the tense, and was looking at "rescind" when Rubio solved it.
@EricTressler not in that sense, I meant more that you can fit more words in a certain amount of syllables since you have more phonemes available. Obviously using them all is a bad idea, but at least you will have other options than making like 17-letter words
I think i read Orwell was a supporter of Simplified English until he changed his mind
12:51 AM
@DestructibleLemon Yes because English is like PHP you should just never use it ever
@EricTressler I think simple languages can be quite elegant, if they can express complex thoughts using few unique “words”
Ooh, just got a Populist badge, for my 10th gold.
actually it was called something else
English already has too many phonemes compared to most other languages
English is also like HTML, you can’t parse it with regex :P
12:51 AM
@thecoder16 Lojban
just look at the number of words with one or two syllables
Basic English is an English-based controlled language created by linguist and philosopher Charles Kay Ogden as an international auxiliary language, and as an aid for teaching English as a second language. Basic English is, in essence, a simplified subset of regular English. It was presented in Ogden's book Basic English: A General Introduction with Rules and Grammar (1930). Ogden's Basic, and the concept of a simplified English, gained its greatest publicity just after the Allied victory in World War II as a means for world peace. Although Basic English was not built into a program, similar...
one of the issues is that there was no way to form new words
and only limited amounts of words (as a design goal, even)
@ffao two syllables = n ^ 4 (well, up to ~4?) possible words where n is the number of phonemes though?
@ffao well at least make each character stand for one phoneme and one phoneme only
I’m currently creating BARF (Barely Actually Readable Functional) for fun as a programming language that’s eztremely simple, yet can (theoretically?) do a lot
These are all terrible ideas.
12:53 AM
oh, you mean a tarpit?
It’s also mostly a joke, so it’s a bad example, but you get the point (hopefully?)
@ASCII-only idk if lojban is terse...
@DestructibleLemon "few unique “words”"
oh. toki pona would be better
making each character stand for only one sound is not a terrible idea
12:54 AM
@ASCII-only you can form new words
@ffao No, I guess not. Korean works that way, doesn't it?
Chinese has each character stand for one word/part of a word
@DestructibleLemon yes that actually
also people think lojban has no metaphors, but it does
12:55 AM
I believe Korean works that way
Portuguese is much closer than English but we still have letters like "x" that can have three different unindicated sounds
so you have to know the word to be able to say it
Well Chinese typewriters are dumb
we have calligraphy
@ffao Basically
@EricTressler Korean characters are like that too
also in Chinese basically every word is a homonym :/
I thought Chinese had the tones to differentiate
the bad part is when Japanese imported Chinese words they couldn't make the tones and everything turned into homophones
@ffao yes. but 4 tones for like 20+ synonyms
@ffao japanese has tones though?
uh nah
1:10 AM
@ffao not like written tones. but they still have intonation
CCCC: Hanging around new guy in The Sphinx's Lair, for example? (7)
"The Sphinx's Lair, for example" definition for chatroom?
@ffao :| i'm sure people have talked about this in Maid Cafe or something
sounds like it, but that is 8 letters
Slight tweak. :)
1:14 AM
"new guy" may either refer to actual new person or "puzzler" maybe? and "around" is probably one of those indicator word things
@ASCII-only en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitch_accent#Tone I don't know how to not onebox
@ffao just use a markdown link (also oh, right)
1:37 AM
Well, "new" is not an anagrind for "guy", unless the word's not in my dictionary.
"Think of words that anagram to GUY. There are only three words in the English language. What are they?"
*kicks Rubio from chat*
1:55 AM
Cryptic clues always make my head hurt. Someday I will get good at solving them, but.. I fear that that day will not be today.
2:08 AM
Fwiw, just watching people solve c4s helps.
I hadn't really done any cryptics before we started the C4s, but over that ~18mo period, I've learned lots
(to the point of being confident enough to write an actual cryptic crossword)
Reading over the Cryptic Clue Guide helped me a lot; that article is very helpful. At least I know what I'm looking at, now!
2:32 AM
Q: What's this code? I need help solving

AnonVTFOQ00ySXlOV3RhV0VsbllWZFpaMlZYT1RGSlIwNW9ZbWxDYTFwWFRuWmFSMVZuWkVkb2NHTjNQVDA9 Someone sent me this, and I can't solve it. I need help.

:| Why do Hexcells levels have to be so large
3:07 AM
Q: When is a door not a door?

Lifesaving LinenMay I ask any of you? A door is almost always a door, but some doors are not doors. When is a door not a door?

Q: Master Bomb Defusers

DmihawkDay 115 of your investigation and you and your ever-faithful-if-only-a-bit-slow partner have finally caught the trail of your arch-nemesis, a serial bomber known only as "Mr. 5". Doing your best to hold back snide remarks about terrible cliches, you step into the abandoned warehouse located near...

3:24 AM
@TrevorPowell Glad it was useful! Cryptics are hard to get into, but I think they can be really interesting.
3:34 AM
finally finished hexcells infinite
@Deusovi I've had friends try to explain them to me before, but this is the first explanation that seems like maybe it took. I'm still not having much luck at figuring them out, but at least I can feel like I'm following the conversation. :)
hexcells infinite has an "infinite" mode, which isn't anywhere nearly as satisfying or challenging as its hand-created puzzles. This is probably unsurprising.
@EricTressler Now I just need to do 60 generator levels :/
@TrevorPowell Well of course, considering the puzzles are generated in like 1 second >_>
I wouldn't do it if I were you. I'm with @TrevorPowell, they're trash
@EricTressler yes but i need that one achievement
so i can then uninstall it once and for all
3:43 AM
The meaningless steam points are very very important. :D
did that one randomly generated level just take me 10 minutes :|
So ~10 hours to do 60 of them? They're not hard, but they are kind of big (if I remember). I played 2 or 3 at most
hmm, I got a small one this time (side-8 hexagon)
In the original design of XBox Live, GamerScore (points earned by doing achievements) and Microsoft Points (paid for with cash) were the same thing. If you accomplished lots of achievements in a game, those could then finance buying new games. I often wonder about how the modern video game industry would be different if they'd actually gone through with that original design back then.
(That story may not be factual; I have it third-hand. But I'm intrigued anyhow, about how the market would be different if gamers had it as fully understood and expected that investing time/effort/skill in a platform was equivalent to investing money.)
Exploits in games (or hacks) would have immediate economic consequences, though.
3:56 AM
Huh, interesting! There would have to be some way to control for games with ridiculous amounts of achievements, though.
Yeah, they'd have to be regulated by Sony/Microsoft, etc. (or devalued to the point of being meaningless, like arcade tickets)
Those were absolutely regulated, even for the system they eventually went with. And the numbers are what makes the story especially believable.
A new smallish game on XBL would typically sell for 800-ish "Microsoft Points" (400 for an especially indie-looking, or up to 1200 for something high quality). And your game was required to provide a certain number of GameScore points via achievements. The number of points was based upon your sale price. I seem to recall that for a 400 point game, you would give out 100 points of achievements. That sort of thing.
@Deusovi Yeah, I have two of those really terrible mobile-quality games with 300+ achievements

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