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12:08 AM
I closed it again.
This bio seems really familiar... I think I've seen it before for the same company... puzzling.stackexchange.com/users/52597/peterparker75001
We seem to be having A LOT of American Airline ads in Puzzling SE lately. Is this a trend in the other SE as well? puzzling.stackexchange.com/users/52635/ruby-thomas
Edit: Airline ads, not just american airline
@rubio Ah ha! These people are spam users! But the people disguised it well
The users all have this: "emailcustomersupportnumber.com/(airline name).php".
Seems to be stuff for customer services in airlines... though I have a feeling someone else already figured this out
12:33 AM
Q: A Heroic Riley Riddle (Risen)

user477343Before the Hero had risen, there was another before him. Riddle me this: My prefix rises when suspicious; See surprises, dark and raucous. Our possession holds my suffix; Hoots will freshen in the late ticks. Gently down, my prefix leads; Red around if awe proceeds. Fly ...

@North it doesn't look like those users intend on actually puzzling...
1:21 AM
Q: Riley riddles galore!

Yout RiedMy new riley riddle is different. Where my prefix is getting something from you, Here my suffix makes food last longer, You think my infix is on edge, Under thinking it is not what I do. $+$ Think it through

1:55 AM
Q: The answer to this riddle is a number

XenocaciaI made this up myself a while back, just thought I'd share: The key to this riddle is only for you Below are instructions, above this the clue First strike the one near the head of a year Then remove he who begins a cheer Next take away the end of a tunnel Then let us go to solve th...

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2:59 AM
Q: A Marvelous Meal

QuantumTwinkie S.H.I.E.L.D. Universe Okoye Ironman Cosmic Invisible-Girl Lois-Lane Electra Deadpool Yellowjacket Logan Loki Ant-man Captin-America Infinity-Warfare Groot Avengers Marvel So tell me, What did I eat for breakfast?

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5:58 AM
Q: A Place Where Fanatics Rule

user477343 I woke up. It was really hot, and the last thing I remembered was seeing the faces of my family in a white surrounding. A man then greeted me. He had pointy ears and a pointy beard, but he looked quite handsome nonetheless. "I have been expecting you," he said holding a black cat. "Follow...

6:47 AM
Q: In my trip to Gensokyo, I spied a...

ffaoYour final answer is something one would be likely to see lots of in Gensokyo.                                               In my trip to Gensokyo, I spied a(n)... ... sign with an assortment of words, ԝritten in stone by a three-fingered spirit that was resistant to order, indicating a lo...

7:08 AM
oooh, puzzle
8:07 AM
You have wasted no time ...
Are we allowed to post puzzles here if we wanted? Just curious :D
@Deusovi @MOehm @ffao
And others :)
I wouldn't say it's disallowed, but why not post it on the main site?
8:25 AM
Q: I walk with different legs - Who am I?

SaharshJI have 4 legs to walk in morning, 2 legs to walk in afternoon and 3 legs to walk in evening but in night I can't walk.

It depends. If it's just a small simple puzzle, for example a funny cryptic clue that is not enough to warrant a post on the main site, you can post it here, but for something more substantial, the chat format isn't really suited.
8:41 AM
Q: Why am I posting another Riley?

Rohit JoseI’m aggressive, astute if you will, My middle and end, will make you go still, But my end alone, rituals fulfil, My start is deep, but not used anymore, Now find out what I am, that’s what I ask for. Hint:

9:30 AM
Q: Teapot Riddle no.21

JannisTeapot riddle no.21 Rules: I have one word which has several (2 or more) meanings. Each of the meanings is a teapot (first, second ...) You try to figure out the word with my Hints. no further words needed, right? First Hint My first teapot is on the ground My second teapot is in the air ...

10:35 AM
Q: Use the digits 1, 9, 9, 8 to solve and get 81

Jakhu AEUse the digits 1, 9, 9, 8 in this order and by inserting the operations (+, - and or x) in any order between Paris of digits complete the sum so is equals 81. I have one solution 1x9+9x8 = 81 and Require three or four more solutions with other sequences and use of oper...

11:01 AM
^ are we still doing that o_o
and...he needs "three or four more solutions"?
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12:46 PM
Q: Sequence puzzle

simonzackThere's another sequence puzzle I found online which I'm stuck on: 452801, 773924, 102410, 471056, ? I figured out how to get from the first number to the second (+3, +2, +1, +1, +2, +3) for the digits, but this rule doesn't work for the rest. Any ideas?

1:35 PM
Q: Fill in the boxes to get the right equation

DEEMHere is a math puzzle I had a little bit of hard time with No computers please

2:08 PM
Q: Whaimat? (Intentional Title)

IT AlexI am helpful I deliver cures to the sick I deliver fuel to explosive chambers I deliver molten material to create I am harmful I deliver death to criminals I deliver irritation to the skin I deliver addiction to the addicted What am I?

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3:29 PM
Q: Another Perpetual Riley

PerpetualJSince the community appears to enjoy Riley riddles, I have another one for the community to solve. As always, good luck to you all! Witness the prefix, it looks similar to you; built with some wicker, and wire too. Knowing the infix, will help you a lot; like one or the other, or maybe n...

3:46 PM
Q: Does Anyone Like Movies?

ChowzenWhat two movies am I going to watch this weekend? GAMMD---------------------{02}SI FMDIDGAD------------------{02}GWTW MASLWLABOCYNKWYGG---------{01}FG YGNABB--------------------{04}J YTTM?---------------------{06}TD MNIIMYKMFPTD--------------{09}TPB IOAFW---------------------{06}MPATHG HLVB--...

3:59 PM
@user477343 I would agree
Hey @North are you familiar with PEDMAS/PEMDAS?
Which one do you use, if so?
Just curious... (I am having a small discussion on which one should be used. Apparently multiplication always comes before division... not necessarily true, though, right?)
@user477343 The Parentheses, Exponent, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction thing?
No, it's not always true
Division can come before if it comes before in the sequence
@user477343 (MD) and (AS) can be (DM) and (SA). It doesn't matter. They have the same priority.
4:02 PM
That's what I was saying.
If you break it down, it's actually P, E, M/D, A/S.
@GentlePurpleRain @North alright. I was just confirming. Thanks for that clarification
@GentlePurpleRain Were those above users considered spam?
@North I think so. @GentlePurpleRain what do you reckon?
4:03 PM
@North I didn't really look at them. That's more Rubio's department.
I haven't seen Rubio in a hile
He drops in occasionally. I think he's been busy lately.
I could figure, yea
I aven't been online much lately either... I should probably work on that new puzzle
The movie one?
I solved one of them.
Which one?
Oh no
I mean a new puzzle I'm creating :P
4:05 PM
Well, create away, then.
Haven't finalized te idea tho
I'm thinking along the lines of cryptography, but I'm not sure
Like I don't know the balance between easy and like obscenely "hard" because the clues are too vague
Any had any new ideas for paramesis's "You Go Wherever Today?"
I figured out that the flag 4 is the Vietnamese flag
So 1 is Japan (most likely), 4 is Vietnam, and 5 is Korea
Maybe the other flags are asian flags too
Q: A Fairly Simple Equation

Excited RaichuI'm new, so I thought I'd start with a fairly simple puzzle.(Simple doesn't necessarily mean easy.) Can you fit the numbers $2, 3, 4, 5, 6,$ and $10$ into this equation, each replacing one letter, so that the result is $93$ (rounded to the nearest whole number) Equation: $(A+B)(C-D)(E/F)$ I'm ...

Q: You come to me day after day. I see you in a most unflattering way

Joe-You-KnowWell, since it seems that my other riddle won't be solved any time soon, here's a new riddle. Stuck in this prison for what seems forever, How long do I have left? 10 years? 20 years? Never? Over the years, you've stuck to this same ritual. Only, instead of purpose, its mostly habitu...

4:24 PM
Yay, @Joe-You-Know with another riddle
No.1 at acrostics :P
4:51 PM
Q: Getting All Riled Up

Level 51Recently, there's been an awful lot of Riley riddles across PSE. Why are they so prolific? I think there's three main reasons: they're quick to write, quick to solve, and apart from its minor gimmick they're very accessible. This crossword's also like a Riley riddle! Firstly, one-third of the cl...

^ hehe
5:08 PM
and just before I have a class where I can't use my laptop for an hour D:
i have the worst timing
(or the best, if you don't want me to solve it first... 🤔)
actually come to think of it all of my puzzles appear to have been posted at around 1am
Nice work level 51
5:40 PM
Q: My First Math Riddle

PerpetualJOkay, so I write a lot of Riley and story riddles; however, I've noticed that I like the mathematical riddles too! I decided to write one, and I hope you all enjoy it. A few rules: No rotation. No duplication. No combination. No rounding. No computers. Good luck to all of you! You are gi...

6:17 PM
I also can't work on it now, but it doesn't matter as Gareth is on it anyway
ah, so he is
I was going to start work on it now
well, you still might have a chance of finishing first, I certainly do not
That's nonchalance -- to give Gareth a headstart on a cryptic crpssword. (But then it's Deusovi, so that might even work out.)
Yes, Gareth's probably faster than me. He's certainly solved more CCCCs than I have. (But then again, these are variety cryptics, so I might have an advantage there, depending on how many he's solved...)
Gareth seems to spend a lot of time to have all the specifics of the variety nailed down by prodding Level 51. Anyway, you can just enjoy the crossword withot bothering to get it first. That' what I'll do, but I don't expect to get far with it.
6:29 PM
True. I'm more talking about experience solving them, not just knowledge of how. (But yes, I do plan to solve it even if I'm not first. I just enjoy competing for the top spot too.)
6:51 PM
Talking about CCCC, anyone know a 10 letter destination starting in F? :P
A 10 letter appear works too
Oh, I should probably give a 4d hint.
i looked up every island that starts with F a couple of days ago :|
that's 9
unless you include the question mark
6:56 PM
enumeration is much easier when you can add arbitrary punctuation
I'm also pretty busy at the moment so have had less time to look at L51's crossword than I'd like. So Deusovi may well beat me.
(I mean, he would very likely beat me anyway, of course)
My only interesting idea for this was that "Appear in" could mean "act in" or something, so it's not a container/contents
Which would lead to things like "materialize"
or I suppose "in first" or "in first class" could also just be phrases
I thought "appear in first" could mean lead or something, but that would be slightly strange phrasing
not that I can find 10-letter words for those two possibilities either
I've only gotten 10 of the clues for L51's crossword so far. Though I think I have an idea of what the extraction for the "quick to solve" clues is.
96h C4 hint: The island is in the Mediterranean. It is not large, but at least it's not one of the many Greek islands.
7:03 PM
when you've solved so many variety cryptics the gimmicked clues are easier than the normal ones
Who's up for a game?
Apparently I scanned the islands too quickly
apparently so
7:05 PM
(I'm sorry if that makes the C4 a bit Euro-centric or maybe even Germany-centric. But if you know where Germans like to put their towels when they're on holiday, that might be a hint, too.)
formentera has 10 letters, for one
FORMENTERA was one I tried for a while to fit
since "form" and "enter" could both be appear
which is 'ENTER' for appear, in 'FORMA' or 'FORM A'
really, form A is first class?
First class = Form A?
7:08 PM
Did you just stop shrugging?
it only takes a second or two
I assume it works like /br
it's <br />
So, <shrug/>
why are you even parsing it as XML if it had no <> to begin with
7:11 PM
@Sconibulus That is the intended parsing. A form is a class in school and if you used letters instead of ordinals, the first class would be Form A.
I'll admit that this wasn't my best effort, but for what it's worth, the "something A, B, C etc." device occurs every now and then in crosswords and I kinda like it.
Hey all!
Haven't been here in a while
@MOehm would you say that your cryptic was pro forma?
Oh, the CCCCs are still going on. Nice.
Q: A Simple Math Puzzle

PerpetualJSo my last math puzzle was too easy apparently, and this one might be too. Either way, the rules are the same. No rotation. No duplication. No combination. No rounding. No computers. Good luck to all of you! You are given the following set of numbers: $1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9$. Inject these num...

@EricTressler Hehe. No, but I'm pro form A.
7:24 PM
Oh bleh, that makes it my turn doesn't it
@Sconibulus Yes, I think so. Congratulations, by the way.
CCCC: Periods without pest or mistakes (6)
sorry if it's bad
haven't done one of these in a long time
7:50 PM
Q: A Perpetual Puzzle

PerpetualJA Quick Note I am having a hard time picking a topic for my next story riddle and have decided to make a new puzzle. Today I have combined a multitude of puzzles into a single larger puzzle to make something truly fun! Yesterday was quite odd; while out for my run I came across a note nailed ...

@Sconibulus Are you sure it's "periods" and not "period"? Because then we could have ER(RAT)A
an era is subdivided into periods
ah, in geology
yeah, what ffao said, and you wins!
not a clean win, but i'll take it
7:57 PM
Anyone up for a game?
8:07 PM
could contact for a bit
Deusovi and I are likely to be otherwise engaged for a little longer.
I won't be able to replace the cryptic until tonight
I've solved the majority of the left half of the grid, but seem to have hit a roadblock. How's your progress, Gareth?
~6-8 hours, probably
I'm also working on the cryptic; I have the entire left half and a handful of entries on the right
8:18 PM
ah, I'll leave it to you then
Though I'm also hitting some roadblocks now too
5 clues left to do
though some of them are very baffling
12 here; I think this one's all yours
and some of the ones I'm claiming as done I don't 100% understand
I wouldn't be at all surprised to be overtaken

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