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12:33 AM
Is this year's coming up, or are we just talking generally? Cuz I would totally want to play
Q: The Warlock's Will

DqwertyCYour master, the great Warlock William the Wide, has recently passed away. In his will, he left you a crystal box with a grid of squares and names on top and a note: The note reads: You are certainly a gifted student, but are you my most gifted? This box lists some of the most talented s...

@feelinferrety next year's starts Jan 12
if I got it right, since the website has no mention at all to next year's, which is weird organization :P
1:24 AM
Q: What am I? plesase help me solve this

Alexandra MejiaI am lifeless, yet i gave you life. my contents are gone but are. still in the air my sides are sweaty especially in the cold. when you are done, i am rarely used again. what am i?

1:53 AM
@ffao yeah, it's kinda weird. but it happens every Martin Luther King Day weekend (so Monday is a national holiday)
and @feelinferrety, you definitely should!
3 hours later…
4:34 AM
@Rubio sorry to bother you but are you, by any remote possibility, participating in World Sudoku Championship 2017
That seems like a random question, so I'm going to assume that there's some reason why it isn't one. But to answer it - no, I am not. :)
Q: A couple of cryptic clues for your enjoyment (or otherwise)

paxdiabloMissing real time, Walter runs the servers (4, 6). O' Eternal (2,3).

2 hours later…
7:06 AM
@MikeQ Honorable mention and what @boboquack said

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