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@KrishnaShweta haha
Q: Who are the 33 koti devas ? Does the word 'koti' mean type(category) or crore (number)?

ram(Other similar questions on this site don't have proper answer with scriptural reference. The Wikipedia answer doesn't cite sources, also don't think it's accurate, because Gita 'rudranam sankaras casmi', and sankar is not mentioned in that site) We say there are 33 crore gods, but the word 'cro...

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Q: In which talk/scripture Swami Vivekananda tells to keep telling yourself that you are Brahman?

P JaiI can’t really remember. But I read somewhere where he says to keep telling yourself “Aham Brahmasmi”....and other mahavakyas until it becomes the living reality

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5:16 AM
why are very old posts getting reopen votes!?
5:52 AM
Q: Who is actually learning? Is it Atman or me?

user2225190If I am learning something like learning physics or chemistry or maths means who is learning? Is it Atman or my brain? If Atman means why can't it (Atman) realize after death that I belong to this body and then I will enter back to this same body. If it is just my brain, my brain is learning ...

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@Hinduismbot Some other close voter can also add Which shloka or scripture states that there are 33 crores of Hindu gods? as a target.
There are well referenced answers about this topic.
I don't know which site the OP searched.
@MetaBot Got an upvote. O.o. Off-topic actually but selected duplicate.
So how many devata we have? Do we have a count of it?
koti means a group.
I know
I mean to say do we know how many gods we have. Like exact count
Any scripure etc say anything
and if existing answers are not satisfactory, we should offer bounty and not ask the same question again and say scriptural reference.
@AnkitSharma 33
@NogShine agreed
@NogShine 33 is type not total
6:49 AM
According to puranas, each manvantara gets new set of devatas i.e., eligibility to get havis from yajnas.
Devas do not reproduce due to curse of Parvati devi. They gave birth to new ones but no longer give birth to new ones.
@NogShine what? Never heard that story
Q: Are new demigods created?

user12458There are said to be a lot of demigods (about 33 crores). Is this number constant? Are new demigods created by the supreme being? What do scriptures say about this?

A: Why there are no new dieties?

SarvabhoumaThis is due to the curse of Goddess Parvati to deities. This is present in śiva Mahapurana Kumara Khanda chapter 2. O Gods, particularly wicked, selfish and cause pain to others. O Gods for the accomplishment of the selfish motive, you by the supreme lord Siva, have obstructed my conjugal p...

@NogShine why this post used teh term demigods O.o
@AnkitSharma ufff. not you also.
6:53 AM
Yeah not that debate but I likie wording of duplicate one
Q: Does Shiva have avataras?

user1952500Since Shiva resides in Kailasa (which is on Earth I think), does he have avataras? For example, is his test of Arjuna, where he blesses him with the Pasupata-astra considered an avatara?

@Hinduismbot I am sure dupe
Q: Why only Lord Vishnu incarnates to earth?

KhanjanThere said to be 3 supreme lords i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. But from all 3 why only 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu and not others?

Q: Why didn't Shiva take avatars like Maha Vishnu?

Pitchaiyan ChidambaramI need to know that, why lord Siva has not taken any avatar like lord Vishnu? as I am a devotee of both supreme lords (lord Siva and lord Maha Vishnu). If anybody knows the answer , please help me.

Q: Why did Lord Shiva take 44 avatars if his primary role is to be the destroyer?

YogiLord Maha Vishnu is the protector of whole universe and he said that he will take avatars whenever there is degradation of righteousness on this planet. Famous dashavatars are the avatars of Lord Maha Vishnu. But this article lists about 19 avatars of Lord Shiva: Piplaad Avatar Nandi A...

This three works
@NogShine your answer shoudl ahve been moved tehre by dupe merge as yoru answer is different then existing
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@NogShine but why she cursed
7:46 AM
No question I found about ti in details
8:22 AM
@AnkitSharma I will delete existing and again write a new one if needed
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2 hours ago, by Ankit Sharma
@NogShine but why she cursed
10:36 AM
Q: What are the 18 bhavas in which Sri Ramakrishna was siddha?

ParthaAccording to Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna was siddha in 18 bhavas.Can anybody mention what are these 18 bhavas according to our scriptures?

Q: Why according to Vyasadeva, Shaiva-mata is inconsistent with the Vedas?

ParthaIn our Vedas/ Upanishads, Vishnu/Narayana, Shiva/Rudra and Uma/Devi are all names of the Supreme Godheads. They same holds for different Puranas also. Why does then Vyasadeva declare the Shaiva Mata as inconsistent with the Vedas in His Brahma-sutra by saying :"patyur asamanjyasyaat"?

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Q: Why is Parvati not included in the Chirajivis

ParthaDevi Parvati was born as Himalaya's daughter and was married to Shiva. She has no death. Why is She not included in the list of Chirajivis like Bibhishana, Ashvatthama etc?

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Q: What is the structure of Skanda Purana?

hanugmHow are the slokas in Skanda Purana divided? Suppose Ramayana is divided into Kandas, which are further divided into sargas etc..

Q: Why did the direct disciples of Mahaprabhu not accept any relation with the Madhva Sect?

ParthaSri Vasudev Sarvabhouma, Kavi Karnapur, Sri Rupa, Sri Sanatana, Sri Srijiva Goswami, Sri Baladev Vidyabhushana --none of them accepted any link between Madhva sect and the Gaudiya Vaishnava sect.(Reference: Mahaprabhu Sri Chaitanya, Radhagovinda Nath, Sadhana Prakashani, Page 753. Why were they ...

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1:29 PM
Q: How to correctly pronounce "Nachiket" men name?

zhigimontWhere the emphasis should fall? nAchiket nachIket nachikEt

2:00 PM
There's a lock between eyebrows with two sides of nerves connecting to Ida, Pingala. But when Prana through Sushumna is centered around the lock in space between eyebrows, the channel through which air enters from nostrils through lungs is closed. This is the natural breathless stage which a Yogi attains - Kevala Kumbhaka is this.

If one does wrongly in stopping the Prana instead of center of eyebrows, if he does wrongly in left side of nerve, - Chandra nadi closes and his breath will run 24hrs only through Surya Nadi. This is dangerous... You should never be distracted as Prana should be
Q: Astronomical references in Hinduism

HemambujavalliI'm a grade teacher, who is going to introduce astronomy to 12 year olds. I want them to have a phenomenalogical understanding of the subject. From there I want to present the models in existence. In my quest to understand the subject better, I have been ridden by questions as to why text books t...

@AkshayS Is Prayanama an essential part to be followed or one can start Dharana and Dhyana?
@Pandya Namaskar
@AnkitSharma Namaskar!
@Pandya nice meta post
2:09 PM
@AnkitSharma Thanks.
So what's going on
I hope it be followed and sensed practically
@AnkitSharma Fine. How are you?
@NogShine you didn't answer my question O.o do you want me to ask it on site ;)
@Pandya we have to all work on it.
@Pandya mostly bored, time to leave office :D
@AnkitSharma So, your office time doesn't end at 6pm?
@Pandya they are quite flexible. On paper it's 10 to 7 but not really
2:12 PM
@AnkitSharma ohk.
Have a nice evening :)
Waiting for a friend who will give me lift :D
@Pandya you too
@AnkitSharma I think they've read your line "I Hate People" lol
@Pandya that was from Ducky Momo not me
Is it one kind of ninza?
Lol no, Ducky mom is a TV show character inside a TV show.
2:16 PM
Q: Does the incident of Shankara meeting a Chandala prove that Shankara never had realization?

Naveen KickAccording to Advaita Vedanta, things like caste, gotra, etc, will cease to exist after realization. But when Adi Shankara met a Chandala in Varanasi, he asked the Chandala to move away from his path. Chandala inquired that whether Adi Shankara is asking my body to move away or the real me to move...

@AnkitSharma Thanks for information I was about to ..... Haha
Btw, do you practice meditation? @AnkitSharma
2:22 PM
Not really
ok. I heard that some professions included it in weekly or daily slot like that of daily prayer or yoga at work.
Sound nice
I tired a bit in past for anxiety but not into it much
some of my colleagues gather for meditation session before starting work at office but I've not started to join them yet, I would prefer practicing meditation at home rather
What I said is not Pranayama. Its natural breathless stage. Kriya Yoga Pranayama deals with this. And Pranayama - if you follow Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha yogic process, pranayama is must before Dhyan.

If you follow Raja Yoga, mantra yoga, these paths - dont deal with external breath. They deal with cleansing the mind, and focusing on Paramatma and Pranayama is a part of this process and not seperate limb like how Pranayama is part of Sandhyavandanam...
@Pandya hmm i see
2:25 PM
have a small work; will come later soon. Bye!
bye o/
2:40 PM
Q: Redefine and moderate the caste-system tag

user5011The caste system is the biggest black mark on the face of Hinduism. While the whole of Hinduism is struggling to eradicate it, I think this website is quietly harboring caste feelings. Check some of the answers to these questions. Why Hinduism won't encourage inter-caste marriages?. Is stoppin...

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3:44 PM
Hello @Zanna... so r u cleared for India visit?
@KrishnaShweta what temple did u go today?
@Pandya That might sound good. But It's preferable to do Meditation alone. However in case of Ashrama, a group Meditation is also fine.
For example You'll see in Virupaksha Cave
Many people do Meditation there together
Now that I mentioned about Virupaksha Cave, want to go again there 😍
4:03 PM
@TheLittleNaruto Vipassana :P
@AkshayS yeah Vipassana is also an example. And this is more or less Ashrama only. BTW do you know this great personality from Tamilnadu: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subramania_Bharati ?
@TheLittleNaruto I already told here about him
@TheLittleNaruto Go to rickoss and pandya room and see.... I had said about him...
4:36 PM
@AkshayS I see. He is one of the legend of that time.
Q: Who are five Acharyas between Gaudapada and Adi Shankaracharya mentioned by Vidyaranya?

PandyaI searched a lot while trying to find answer to What was the lifestyle of Gaudapada? ; Though I couldn't find an answer worthy to post. I read couple of research papers and some pages of a very useful book "Gaudapada A study in early Advaita by Dr. T.M.P. Mahadevan. While reading The soteriology ...

@TheLittleNaruto definitely. He got Jnana just by mere touch of his Guru.....
4:56 PM
@AkshayS I can visit two temples which are very near to my home. Both temples have Hanuman, Shiva, Sai baba and Navagraha. And I visited both today ^^
Btw.. every Saturday I visit one of these temples. :-)
@KrishnaShweta nice. Be regular in Worship of god... those who chant vedic mantras correctly and worship supreme regularly with sandhya for him Navagaraha doesn't work
@AkshayS when did she come to India?
@AkshayS I even do abhishekam with water to shiva lingam every day mrng and evng. I'm liking it so much
@TheLittleNaruto Srisailam is also best place.
5:09 PM
@KrishnaShweta wow..... so nice... HAR HAR MAHADEV. ...
@TheDestroyer she's visiting this summer she told
@AkshayS cya :)
@KrishnaShweta that's super... surely ur life is now in hands of that supreme soul.....
@AkshayS ok.
@TheDestroyer read my yogic text above
3 hours ago, by Akshay S
There's a lock between eyebrows with two sides of nerves connecting to Ida, Pingala. But when Prana through Sushumna is centered around the lock in space between eyebrows, the channel through which air enters from nostrils through lungs is closed. This is the natural breathless stage which a Yogi attains - Kevala Kumbhaka is this.

If one does wrongly in stopping the Prana instead of center of eyebrows, if he does wrongly in left side of nerve, - Chandra nadi closes and his breath will run 24hrs only through Surya Nadi. This is dangerous... You should never be distracted as Prana should be
@AkshayS This one?
5:12 PM
@TheDestroyer sss
@KrishnaShweta I think these things will be purifying you a lot.....
@AkshayS You know so much of theoretical and practical aspects of Yoga. So, hereby i confer you the title "Yogi of Hinduism Stack Exchange". :P
@TheDestroyer haha... but this would suit when I see myself as atma... not now
@AkshayS But you still post many things about Yoga.
@AkshayS Read similar thing in Hindi few days ago.
It is from a facebook Kashimiri Shaiva page.
@TheDestroyer yes I post what I read and realised. Not completely I am realized
@KrishnaShweta @TheDestroyer does this msg imply " c u later"? What is cya?
@AkshayS cya..See ya..see you later
5:22 PM
@TheDestroyer oh this has this much meaning. ..:O
@AkshayS Unfortunately yes.
@TheDestroyer haha...
@TheDestroyer Yeah if I ever want to stay alone for 10-20 days. Srisailam is the place I would choose. That's for sure.
@TheDestroyer This year El Nino forming in Pacific. Summer heat could be relentless here this time
@AkshayS ohh.. Global warming.
5:28 PM
@SwiftPushkar I am going to sleep now. So iriavu urakkam...
2 Times free food, Full Jio 4G Network, Free Stay. What else you want ? @TheD
and Free WiFi too
@TheLittleNaruto Where?
@TheDestroyer south IO has warmed 0.4c in last 2 decades. .. this has weakened Monsoon over India. Because if oceans warm, rainfall over land reduces.
@TheDestroyer Srisailam!
I can go to any place if there is free wifi..Lol
5:29 PM
@AkshayS iriavu urakkam 🕚 :)
@TheLittleNaruto ohh.. Where exactly in Srisailam?
@TheDestroyer bye sleeping
@TheLittleNaruto take care of baby.... sleeping
@TheDestroyer I don't know what it is called, but outside temple they made some stay kinda place in Srisailam. Most of the people who come for Tapas stay there. It's open place divided by pillers
And free food also you'll get in temple premises only
river is near so you can take bath and do your dincharya
free WiFi is anywhere you visit in 500 m radius of the temple
@TheLittleNaruto ohh.. Nice.
However temple covers 500m radius distance only, so mostly everywhere
@TheDestroyer If you really interested in doing Tapas for 5-10 days. That's the place to go IMHO
5:34 PM
@TheLittleNaruto Ok.
@TheDestroyer It is said Shivaji Maharaj had received his Sword from Devi from this place only
There is a devi temple in same campus
a true devotee might feel the presence of Lord Shiva.
@TheLittleNaruto Yes. it is said. Symbolically blessing i think. At time of Shivaji, swords were no longer weapons in India. They had gun powder i think.
5:54 PM
@AkshayS yes, got visa, booked flight & place to stay, just working on details :)
@TheDestroyer I came in 2017. I am coming again soon.
Q: Where did Thirumangai Alwar meet Narasimha?

Keshav SrinivasanThe Alwars (also spelled Azhwars) are a group of 12 ancient Vaishnava saints who lived in Tamil Nadu and are famous for their poetry in praise of Vishnu. One of the Alwars was Thirumangai Alwar, aka Parakala.  At various points in his life, he was a chieftain and a robber.  And he met Vishnu on m...

6:15 PM
@TheDestroyer Hmm
@Zanna Yay! \o/ How about throwing a grand party when you're here ? ;-)
haha I am not a party person
@TheLittleNaruto what do you have in mind?
@Zanna Dosha And Idli cooked by you :D
hahaha I can't make those
hope I can learn
Yeah you'll eventually
I hope it's not that hard
in the climate here, it's hard to get good fermentation
even yeast needs a lot of encouragement
6:28 PM
@Zanna Listen to this track when you're alone and relaxing: gaana.com/song/dreamcatcher-11 with earphone plugged
ooh thanks! I would listen to it now but my laptop has stopped playing audio for some reason
use your phone ?
will play it on mini tablet
Also must fix this audio problem... it might be something simple like need to change setting haha
6:41 PM
@Zanna Oh fix then
Let me know if you liked it
I had to make a login for the site...
@Zanna Then do it from here: youtube.com/watch?v=M7gDEwUb4_Q
I don't mind, I made the login
ah it's so beautiful
6:52 PM
thanks for sharing <3
Sure thing. Do you listen to Aphex twin ?
If not then here is whole collection: youtube.com/watch?v=Xw5AiRVqfqk Listen to it when you're at work, It'll help you to stay focused. @Zanna
thanks! :)
maybe if I focus I can fix my audio problem :/
Do it lol
Don't think a lot, just do it.

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