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12:46 AM
Q: Can an astrologer charge money for his predictions?

RudraI heard from someone that parashara hora shastra states that using knowledge of astrology as business is restricted and no one should charge money for it. But I never have came across such verse. So, any shastra comment on this subject?

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7:34 AM
Q: Reference source of this shloka - Niścalātavai bhaktir yā saiva muktiḥ janārdana

nunamI am trying to identify the reference/source of this shloka, Niścalātavai bhaktir yā saiva muktiḥ janārdana निश्चलात्वै भक्तिर या सैव मुक्तिर जनार्दन any hints suggestions are appreciated.

2 hours later…
9:05 AM
Q: I have heard vaiṣṇavas had captured many Śaiva temples

Maha Maheswara ŚivaDid Vaiṣṇavas really converted temples? If so state it with proper inscriptional data.


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