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5:03 AM
Q: Difference between stotra and a kavacham

SillyaskerWhat is the effects of chanting a kavacham ? And how different is it from a stotra in providing results and how should a kavacham be chanted , aloud or quiet?

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11:02 AM
Q: Regarding shudhi of semem

Patit JiSometimes after sex with my wife when my semen is in the hand I touch phone , door knobs etc and after bath when I try to maintain madi I doubt phone , door knobs etc having small smears of semen and I don't understand how to use them and keep madi.does semen disturb the madi?

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3:20 PM
Q: Verses on efficacy of prayer over rituals

অনুWhatever little amount of scripture has been read shows that while they speak much on importance of rituals, sadācāra & siddhānta, very few mentions were obtained about prayer. In these times, prayer is often touted as an all-round solution for all spiritual woes & ritualistic approaches are ofte...

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5:26 PM
Q: Upcoming sign-up experiments related to tags

SpencerGIn April, we shared that we had been conducting sign-up experiments on Stack Overflow and found positive results. These were centered around simplifying the typical sign-up flow and experience. Our team is continuing to explore ways to improve the experience for new users on the platform, and we ...


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