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@KrishnaShweta I was waiting whether someone would ask me this but you're intelligent :D.. Pranan is different from Prana. Prana is vital air out of primary 10 vayus but Pranan is ultimate shakti of supreme which is there at top of head for us.
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1:48 AM
When will users know that title is not the question?!
Vague and one liners without improvement are reopened blindly.
2:38 AM
@NogShine hi man
@AkshayS hello
3:25 AM
Q: Who is Sridhara Swami Advaitin or Vaishnav?

krrSridhara Swami is generally referred as an Advaita commentator but this site https://www.bhagavad-gita.us/bhagavad-gita-1-1/ says Sridhara Swami of Rudra sampradaya. Which is true?

4:06 AM
@AkshayS Questions which have nothing in the body are not questions and closed as unclear. That is the way.
4:16 AM
@NogShine Yes... that's why I added the comment to be specific in the body on what basis does the author wants the answer. And to me, question is not unclear and the author perhaps would have missed to add content in body. Are women not allowed to read vedas or is there restrictions on women is the question. Its not unclear and if author can add and be specific in content, it will give perfect picture to answer. This question is not unclear and at the same time its unclear to answer
Do not reopen/leave open questions which have nothing in the body and only title.
@AkshayS Personally, every question is good and everything will be clear. But close voting doesn't have personal opinions. If different people have different views, it is obviously unclear and a bad question. But people are voting to reopen many such questions.
@NogShine I didnt click leave open option but instead I skipped because that question can be changed and we must give 1 chance for author to rephrase it
@NogShine This is not personal view because title makes it clear what OP expects but if they can add further content in body, it can be answered. I give suggestions only for which it can be improved.
A question can be always reopened if it is clear enough. It is only putting on hold not deleting. But every time 1 chance to the OP and users reviewing will give wrong reviews every time. There won't be no closing of such questions.
@AkshayS Title is only introduction. It is not question. Question is the body.
Nothing is present there.
titles should be short and simple. Body should be detailed.
@NogShine That's correct but if we look at from author's perpsective, he could have added the question in title itself. That's why suggestion I felt is needed!
@NogShine how long questions will be on hold?
@AkshayS So, we should not close one liners? In that case, we should not delete one liners too?
Adding question in the title is not the right way..
Moderation should go on..
allowing such question will become a practice and users think that is the good way to write questions.
4:27 AM
@NogShine I am not saying we should not close all one liners because not all post have same quality or clarity in title itself. Depends on questions. but if we look at certain questions, we can definitely realize certain questions can be given a chance
@AkshayS Titles need to be clear. They are just introductions. It is the body which matters.
I am always cool in discussions because difference of opinion is always Maya :P
Q: How do I write a good title?

Mark HarrisonA good title helps your question get the attention it deserves. What goes into a good title? Return to FAQ index

Q: 'Playing football takes us nearer to heaven rather than reading Bhagavad Gita' but how and why?

Arnav DasThat famous line above was uttered by none other than Swami Vivekananda. I admit that I haven't gone through the complete speech yet, but I am curious to know what he meant by that. Did he mean that being a karmayogi in the path of salvation is more suited to today than any other path or did he ...

No one says this question is unclear based on title.
@NogShine Ohooo... then come lets play and go to Moksha :P
Read that faq post.
4:33 AM
@NogShine The question is clear... what is unclear?
@AkshayS The title is not saying what the question is. Is it?
It is clear because the body is detailed.
Same applies to all questions.
@NogShine We cant fix a standardized rule because application of each question is different...
Even if we have that rule, we should be able to see whether this question can be given a chance or not
@AkshayS Fixing rules is what discussions and Meta is for. There are guidelines to follow which post to close or delete. There are clear rules to follow. It is people who have different opinions. Different opinions and misunderstanding is not the same as not having standard rules.
@AkshayS Moderation and improvement both should go on. One should not stop for the other.
@NogShine Let me not get trapped in Maya. Lets finish this discussion :P
@AkshayS Why do you always say Maya? Are you fond of it?
Discussions do not end here. Just a pause and break
4:45 AM
@NogShine haha.... because without Maya, everyone of us are same.
So, what is going on?
5:19 AM
@NogShine Reading SAGAKALVI of Vallalar
There was one question about Vallalar but unclear and opinion based one.
Another is open and unanswered
Q: What is the yoga of Sri VallalAr?

Rakesh JoshiHe was (is?) a well known divine figure of the south Indian shaiva siddha tradition. His name was Sri RAmalinga swamigal and lived in tamil nadu. It is believed that he DEMATERIALIZED his physical body and transformed it to a light body. Thus attained immortality. His place vaDalur is a pilgri...

5:36 AM
@NogShine He never did any Yoga to be honest. He lived a life with his mother and wife, and when his wife passed away, he came to chidambaram.... His path was GYAN YOGA and in that he always told us to be 24hrs in vichara. Through Vichara reach immortality
He visited and did as per procedure deity worship to Lord Shiva and Parvati, got their darshan and his guru was Muruga...
5:48 AM
@AkshayS I think you can write an answer with some reference.
Just post for the site or leave it. No problem but don't say based on user.
1 message moved to Trash
1 message moved to Trash
@NogShine Ask one of mods to kindly remove it..
@AkshayS I moved away. No problem now.
6:06 AM
@NogShine haha.... now time to leave.... will see you soon !
@AkshayS Sure. Take care
6:44 AM
Q: Permenant hell in Hinduism

hanugmFrom the answers of this question, we came to know that Hinduism does not have any permanent hell. But from the following excerpt from Vana Parva of Mahabharata, the permanent hell exists The Yaksha asked,--'O bull of the Bharata race, who is he that is condemned to everlasting hell? It be...

7:22 AM
if you deeply spiritual you need to give reference to all the scriptures.. so I have no word to convey anything, now I order substantia above I need to give reference to satprashnoupanishad in turn will lead kath Upanishad in turn lead purana in turn lead veda… it will never end.. — prasanna ragothaman 22 mins ago
@AkshayS oh :-)
@KrishnaShweta I knew about this users mindset and avoided to talk to him or advise him
Happened before also?
@KrishnaShweta SS haha... he is like that... I am waiting for one rude comment from him to flag
Oh where? Link please
@KrishnaShweta Check his answers from his profile. 4 answers.
@TheDestroyer For VAYU BOOTHA = Mahesvara is the deity. Mahesvara is deity and is different from supreme Isvara.... Iswara is not deity for vayu bootha. In a way my suggestion was correct! hinduism.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/23507
7:31 AM
@AkshayS Ok..
@KrishnaShweta I appreciated your intellegence. u forgot to read that :P
I read that
I replied
Hello @Nog
@NogShine Its time to search users rude behavior :P
@AkshayS Huh? Are you reading my mind? Will do it tonight when you are asleep. ;)
@KrishnaShweta Hello
@NogShine When you are in yoga sadhana you can do these miracles :P
7:35 AM
@NogShine you have used other Trash. Maybe I understood why you did.
@KrishnaShweta :-)
@AkshayS Guess what I will do with it?
@NogShine when time comes I will say :P
@Nog you didn't welcome one new user in comments :-(
@KrishnaShweta flag this post?
Aug 8 at 17:25, by Bhargav Rao
> Dear Precious Snowflake, I apologize for my inability to help you. It is not your fault. It is mine. Entirely mine. I'm really sorry to bother you with anything short of an immediate answer, but perhaps please could you give me a few seconds to research this for you.
@KrishnaShweta Like this ? ^
Aug 8 at 17:29, by Nog Shine
> Hello Sir/Madam, Welcome to Hinduism Stack Exchange. We are blessed on this special day to have you as a user. Pleased to see you here. Your question looks wonderful but I am extremely sorry to say that you shown minimum effort. Did you happen to search first on a search engine? If not, I am sorry. We will still help you. Sorry again :( :( :(
Or this ?
7:41 AM
@AkshayS hmm yes I think.
@NogShine Night is meant to sleep :P
@KrishnaShweta One liners are received well. That is my problem. :(
@AkshayS Lions hunt at night ;-P
@NogShine So me too joining :D but not at the cost of sleep :P
Back to my previous chat status. 😎
@NogShine https://hinduism.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/23507
For VAYU BOOTHA = Mahesvara is the deity. Mahesvara is deity and is different from supreme Isvara.... Iswara is not deity for vayu bootha. In a way my suggestion was correct!
7:48 AM
@Zanna You brought friends with you?
Welcome @Kulfy !
@NogShine hahaha
@AkshayS Yes. But the author was writing different. Let the author know it. It will be approved.
@NogShine seems so ^_^
@NogShine if the user is girl then please leave them for first time. You know we have hardly two or three :-(
@KrishnaShweta hahaha.
(I'm talking about reopen queue.)
7:51 AM
@NogShine everyone is female here. Only Param Purusha is male, the ultimate Parabrahman
@AkshayS Yes. Exactly.
> "1.My daughter, the one who has a shining face, is now even unable to stand
at one place and has been restless. Her heart has been melting and her
eyes and cheeks are full of tears and has been singing of Him. She has
been searching for Him desperately at all places and has been calling
"NarasimhA! NarasimhA!" She has been weltering that Lord NarasimhA
immediately arrived for PrahlAdA while He never comes for her at all.""
No need for any effort at improving gender representation then ;)
Nammalwar sings above thinking himself as a women yearning for the love of the Lord ^ ^
@NogShine Nice!!
@NogShine That's why Amman has another name SIVA KAMA SUNDHARI...in nataraj temple. Here KAMA for Purusha, Isvara....
Welcome @TheDestroyer - Rudra :D
7:54 AM
> aadiyaadi* akamkaraindhu,* isai
paadippaadik* kaNNeermalki,* engum
naadi_naadi* narasingaa enRu,*
vaadivaadum* ivvaaNuthalE. 2.4.1
Tamil for @Zanna and @AkshayS ^
@AkshayS Let that corrected in answer or through comments. It would be better if we don't edit such technical aspects.
Hello @TheDestroyer I have someone's comment for you. ^^
@AkshayS Thanks Rudra..
@KrishnaShweta which comment?
@TheDestroyer why? Shouldnt we be correct in mentioning Panchabootha deities?
@NogShine ^_^
7:55 AM
@KrishnaShweta It's not about merely external cleanliness like taking a bath, but internal and spiritual purity also, which Chandalas don't have due to their birth. — Ikshvaku 11 hours ago
@TheDestroyer ^^
@AkshayS Vayu element is actually mentioned differently in different places. Technical aspects need not be edited in questions.
@KrishnaShweta what's point of showing it to me?
@TheDestroyer Here vayu is related to internal deity of 6 chakras. Muladhara being AUM Kara, then next 5 = panchaboothas, and 7th is Turiya.
@TheDestroyer nothing. I forgot sorry.
@AkshayS Actually, it conflicts author's words. Let such things be corrected through answer or through comments. We can only edit grammar or such things.
@TheDestroyer ohoo....
8:49 AM
Found something about hats :D
looks like 2016

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