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3:39 AM
Q: Who is the guru/master for an astrology/prasangam in hinduism/puranas on earth

ssr1012Someone could you please give me a source of Guru in an Astrology Vaanasasthiram in the starting of Hinduism/puranas on earth planet. And how did he became a master/guru of an astrology.

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6:30 AM
Q: What is the meaning of "san/sam" in Sanskrit?

StangoesagainI'm aware of traditional translations as "refined", "well-done", "perfected", "accomplished" etc. The point is that these adjectives make sense only in comparison to something else and so to fully grasp their meaning one needs to know what is that something is and how exactly Sanskrit is better. ...

7:24 AM
7:37 AM
Q: Donating money or food to beggars, and its karmic results

ruben2020I have heard that it is better to donate food (or clothes etc.), instead of money, to beggars. The reason is that if the beggars mislead the donor into thinking that they will use the money to buy food, but instead use it to purchase alcoholic beverages or use it for other unbeneficial things li...

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8:43 AM
@NogShine casted yesterday already. Couldn't reply though.

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