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Q: Two answers using exactly the same source to answer the same question -- Does that make the answer posted later flag-able as not an answer?

RickrossLet's suppose I have posted an answer A to a question Q using some texts T as reference. Now, some hours later, another user posts another answer B to the same question Q using exactly the same texts T as reference. Does that make the answer B flag-able as not an answer? I remember reading someth...

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9:50 AM
Q: Which scripture says the initiation by Saraswathi to Nala on Chintamani mantra?

hanugmIt is said that Saraswathi initiated the Nala on Chintamani mantra at the time of Damayanthi swayamvaram. Which scripture describes this event?

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1:14 PM
Happy Shri Krishna Janmashtami 🕉⚛✡
On the occasion of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, sharing this wonderful mantra chanting of Lord Krishna AGAIN: youtube.com/watch?v=llMQ1kHvsAE

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