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Q: Word to describe someone who doesn't do mainstream things because they are too mainstream

User NeutralThe word could be "Hipster" or "Snob", but I'm looking for something more precise. A good example would be somebody that doesn't wear Nike shoes simply because everyone does it, and wears instead Adidas.

Q: Single word for the animal action of bending down

Deepak KhanchandaniI'm looking for a single word to describe the bending-down motion that animals such as camels or elephants do to allow riders/passengers to more easily mount them.

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@Educ Dude!
@M.A.R. you monster
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Q: Can somebody help me to find the appropriate word for a course that thorough, fast and useful?

Eva Widyasariall I have a problem to find the good word for describing a course that is thorough, fast (in short time) like seminar and fruitful. Is it possible for me to use words 'a straightaway course'? Thank you in advance!

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11:20 AM
Q: What's another word for ensuring something is correct?

shoeI'm looking for a single word that communicates the same message as "ensure correct". Which is different than "make correct," which implies that something is being done, while "ensure correct" implies that something is being done only if the thing that must be correct is incorrect. My usage is f...


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