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3:39 AM
@tchrist Have you seen this?
Q: Why do some parts of the standard theme use different fonts than the rest of the site?

Jon EricsonWe've been asked why different parts of the responsive design site theme have noticably different fonts on some sites: As you can see, the logo and the question titles are in a serif font and everything else is sans serif. You might not notice the discrepancy the first time you look, but once ...

4:04 AM
Q: Noun form of "controlling," as a personality characteristic

TravisI'm looking for a noun that could be applied to a person who is controlling or overbearing. Either the name of a quality they possess (ie an impetuous person has recklessness), or something they could be said to be (ie an exceptionally nice person is an angel). Nothing so strong as a despot, but...

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6:46 AM
Q: Nice, short and catchy words for business entities

dotNETI need two nice words to represent two roles in my business: A person who'll place a request to get an item delivered to him/her. A person who'll offer delivery services. Words should be nice and short, but not disrespectful or offensive.

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5:22 PM
Q: Is there a word for the ability to see through deception?

tjt263Is there a word for the skill, talent, or ability (or the study of being able) to detect lies, observe/identify tells (like in poker), and see through deception with relative ease? Whether inexplicable, or simply by studying and interpreting human behaviour, micro-expressions, etc.

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6:59 PM
Q: Word for “someone who makes a little go a long way”

James NostackI’m searching for a word that means someone who manages to make a little go a long way, or who manages to do a remarkable job given very little resources. Specifically, I am envisioning someone who is teetering on poverty but can still put together a feast on short notice, or who can make a fa...

@Cerberus Can you recommend a good Greek language learning book?
7:41 PM
@Gigili I only know that the books in the Teach Yourself series and Routledge's Colloquial series are usually good, so that would be Teach Yourself Complete Greek and Colloquial Greek, if you want to take a look.
Although the books in the Living Language series have very good reviews, they cover very little material, so Living Language Complete Greek would probably cover much less.
7:55 PM
@Gigili I'm afraid I only know Dutch books to learn Ancient Greek, which will probably be of no use to you.
Q: what's the word for when you don't resist doing something you don't want to do?

tjt263What's it called when you unenthusiastically do something that you have reservations about. You might consciously resist participating in something because you're ethically opposed to it or because it conflicts with your personal ideals. But in the end you submit either because you're compelled b...

@Cerberus Don't be afraid.

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