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10:14 AM
@Xanne It's by Alesha Stupin, an artist, he has painted a boatload of pictures in this style
10:29 AM
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12:59 PM
How lovely they are.
1:32 PM
Interestingly, watching a British program last night, I heard people using the "had have" construction. So maybe we ought not to dismiss questions about this (still spurious) usage quite out of hand. This was fictional, but the characters were quite highly educated. Now I wonder if this usage is a "thing" over there, maybe a hypercorrection or something.
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2:43 PM
I thought I'd leave this here since it might influence what we may, or may not post in the future:
Q: Is this type of content 'inappropriate content' for the chat?

AsieR_2When today I connected to the chat (SOes) I saw that yesterday I was suspended 30 minutes for 'inappropriate content'. I clicked on the notification and I saw the flagged message, it was this: https://chat.stackexchange.com/messages/51109359/history https://isabellasradblog.files.wordpress.com/2...

Vote your conscience or share your thoughts.
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4:26 PM
What do you call the gap in the guardrail in the middle of a street that lets you turn around and go to the other side of the street?
5:25 PM
@Færd 'break in the median barrier so you can u-turn' or 'a place to u-turn'
Which should imply that I can't think of a canonical word for it. You just say 'that place where...'
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, blacklisted website in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (179): Are there any English words pronounced with sounds/syllables that aren't part of the spelling? by kulkarni on english.SE
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7:32 PM
@CowperKettle Thanks!
7:46 PM
@Mitch It seemed likely to have a simple word. Thanks.
@Færd In the field of road transport, a turnaround is a type of junction that allows traffic traveling in one direction on a road to efficiently make a U-turn (to reverse course and travel the opposite direction) typically without backing up or making dangerous maneuvers in the middle of the traffic stream. While many junction types permit U-turns, the term turnaround often applies to road junctions built specifically for this purpose.
@Færd The median U-turn crossover (often called a "Michigan left" in the United States) allows traffic traveling in one direction on a divided highway (typically one with traffic lights and at-grade intersections) to perform a U-turn through the median.
@Færd so, turnaround, in a word
@Færd from wikipedia turnaround
@CowperKettle this artist is only 7 years old? that’s scary. not just the talent, but the political insight.
8:20 PM
@Færd yeah, @Xanne's probably right. I'm sure there are other words to for it. I just no when I'm driving down the highway, a split lane highway with a big median uncrossable for miles, with signs that say 'Next Exit in 16 Miles' and I just passed the exit and I totally need to turn around and you see way up ahead this gap thing you're talking about and you slow down and there's a sign that says 'NO EFFING U-TURN - FOR POLICE USE ONLY' I look away and forget that I ever saw it.
The sign doesn't name it so it doesn't exist.
9:13 PM
Q: Where can i learn english?

ahmet kayaI am new here and this is my first question: where can I learn english? i want to watch movies without subtitle or read a book like many people so i want it extremly.i am waiting your suggestions...

9:24 PM
@Xanne Great. Thanks!
@Mitch Haha, those things could be traps set by police!
10:04 PM
@CowperKettle it turns out Alesha Stopin is a 52-year old now living in San Francisco, true name Igor Please (supposedly).

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