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Q: Why was the almost-dead Mexican driver shot in the head?

breathfidgetingThe movie "No Country for Old Men" has a scene with the dying Mexican driver, where it is shown that he is not dead. He is hit in the belly and asks Moss for water. Moss is coming back in the night with the water later. However, when the sheriff examines the crime scene, just for two seconds, vi...

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Q: How was the Burandan Airlines plane made?

Rebecca J. Stones This is a "Burandan Airlines" flight shown on Minister Jim Hacker's TV on Yes, Minister (season 1, episode 2), from the fictional African country of Buranda. The joke is that many "tin pot little African countries" don't actually have an airline, so just repaint the plane over and over. I'm j...

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Q: What's the first movie to show where camera goes into TV?

Pedro Manuel This is the scene from The Matrix (1999). What's the first movie to show where camera goes into TV?

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Movie of the day The Shining
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Q: What is the burning city referred to in the song "I'll Try" from the Tinkerbelle and the Lost Treasure soundrack?

Aaargh ZombiesThe Song "I'll Try" by Jessie McCartney Link from the soundtrack for Tinkerbelle and the Lost Treasure features the lines My whole world is changin' I don't know where to turn I can't leave you waitin' But I can't stay and watch the city burn Watch it burn What is the burning city that it refer...

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Q: Why was the ball singer obscured in ‘Borg McEnroe’?

Janus Bahs JacquetTowards the end of Borg McEnroe, there is a clip from the Wimbledon Champions’ Ball. The setting is quite a large room with a stage to one side, where a band with a female singer is playing jazz music. The music is at the foreground of the sound track in the scene, with individual conversations s...


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