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1:14 AM
Q: Is Annihilation an original movie, a sequel or a remake?

NatanaelI have the clear feeling and the vague memory I've seen Annihilation before or at least some scenes in other(s) movie(s) years ago. Scenes I think I already seen in a movie or movies before: Pool with a guy with giant worms inside; Abandoned military base with information on a table; Bear atta...

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2:38 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ if he say it's good then it get very less chances to be in my list ;) I used to watch lots of movies but now I am more stuck with shows , mostly Indian
2:50 AM
Q: 'Baby Driver' Tip Offs

Stephen FrancisWhen we see Doc lay out both heist plans in Baby Driver, both schemes involve information or equipment provided by an insider with 'a nasal problem'. What does this refer to? Is it an insinuation that Doc coerces cocaine dependants into helping him pull robberies or is it something else?

@MovieReel tried to answer
@AnkitSharma you missing a key point. to rule Asgard you need a cape
infact if you look at everyone who tried to lift MewMew none of them wore capes
3:05 AM
and Thor didn't wear a cape when he initially couldn't pick it up when SHIELD contained the site
3:24 AM
Q: When did Dexter break Harry's code for the first time?

SimpletonDexter breaks Harry's code several times in the later seasons of the show. But, when did he break it for the first time?

Q: How did Thor guess the access code to Quinjet?

Jack JohanssonIn the Thor - Ragnarok, there's a scene when Thor is trying to access the Quinjet, but everything he tries ends up in an "Access Denied" response from the security system. Then he gets mad at Tony stark, and tries the "Pointbreak" keyword, which unlocks the system. What did that passphrase mean,...

@MovieReel answer done again, and no hammer involved so @Memor-X can't find any fault ;)
@AnkitSharma was going to say "challenge accepted" but i can't find something to say something stupid about without sounding like like a prick
3:56 AM
This doesn't answer the question. What has long hair got to do with the question of how Thor get access to the Quinjet? — chuacw 1 min ago
Can't make it more clear then that :D
Yeah... not sure. Seems obvious to me.
@AnkitSharma bet you Tony has a program hidden in the Quinjet that when Thor accesses it, because it only responds to Point Break, will notify Tony of the activation
> *in the middle of a fight*
Friday: sir, a Quinjet has been accessed by Thor
Tony: *snickers*
Steve: what's so funny
Tony: Thor knows
@Catija even got DV :D
Interesting but is it real O.o
99% chances I will late for office again
4:48 AM
Q: How that strange alien thing came under the chariot?

ivicaaIn season 1, episode 10, when J2 reached the orbit, they have gravity onboard. The gravity seems to come from the alien tech under the chariot which was used to drive to the crashed alien ship. What was that thing and how did it came under the chariot?

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6:29 AM
Looks like I might get epic badge today only
Time to talk to walls
well, congratulations! ;)
right now, I am hunting for silver badge
@AJ it's not sure yet, just speculation
Two of my answer in HNQ, so not far fetched
@AJ I have that already, even enough score for gold but need more answers
6:44 AM
@AnkitSharma so who to blame? you or users on the site who're not asking enough questions for you to answer? ;)
@AJ I will blame IPS slacker mod:p
@AnkitSharma John? What did he do? ;)
@AJ hey, it's not very nice to attack your moddy colleagues
@AnkitSharma I will kick you if you say anything about my fellow mods. You can call me, but I won't tolerate for others. ;)
@JAD I am not attacking. I am asking.
@JAD agreed
@AJ O.o
6:58 AM
@AJ I'm willing to go on a limb and guess that he just called you a slacker, not any other mods :P
OK. This conversation took other turn than it supposed to.
@JAD ofcourse
I think I'll miss watching Infinity Wars in theaters.
I might be busy this weekend, so will try next week weekdays after office
same here.
7:13 AM
7:29 AM
@AJ see you are being slacker and someone else need to edit
Finally got Epic badge and rep cap
Q: Why didn't Don scratch his eyes in Lost In Space?

AhmadIn Season 1 Finale episode of Netflix Lost In Space (2018), we see Don working with John Robinson on what appears to be the left over of the space craft that exploded in their attempt to reach The Resolute in the previous episode. While they are trying to ignite fire in space, (by means of sho...

Now time to sit back and relax
8:17 AM
@AnkitSharma I was doing lunch. :P
8:59 AM
@AJ excuses can't help
@AnkitSharma there you go. edited. :P
9:28 AM
Q: Why specifically 3 meters above the sky?

BlueMoon93In Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo, Babi and Hugo are measuring how happy they are. Hugo: My happiness reaches Barcelona! Baby: Mine reaches the sky! Hugo: Mine goes 3 meters over the sky. This line is the movie's title, "Three Steps Above Heaven". But what this does mean, specifically...

10:20 AM
Q: How do they create such movies?

HardikTSo using Visual Effects in a movie is no big deal now a days. Visual Effects have exceeded to such an extent that an apocalypse movie, a futuristic movie, anything could be made. But my this question is particular to this one movie - Ready Player One. As you all might know, the movie is set in ...

11:17 AM
Infinity War ticket rates are doubled. Meh. I won't spend that much for it. Maybe I will watch it next week.
I will better watch DP 2 and Solo in that price.
@AJ lol
Seriously, even ticket rate for Baahubali 2 wasn't raised that much.
Blame Thanos
IW doesn't matter that much for me, so I might watch it next week.
We're trying to get Friday's show tickets, but we were surprised when we looked at price.
No wonder tickets are still not booked.
11:47 AM
Here the tickets are selling as they come in. The rates are same though...
Trying to get tickets for Sunday but everything seems to be booked...
They're selling tickets for till Sunday.
Here bookings opened for Monday too in some theatres... If I can't get Sunday tickets will try for May 1st... Though this is for second viewing. Got first day first show tickets! :D
well, congratulations!
Stopped watching all trailers and promos and avoiding comicbook.com like the plague! :D
12:18 PM
@AJ not at all, avengers rate are fine here but bahuballi was 200 to 300% more
Somebody kick Scorpions out of HNQ
@AnkitSharma really? It's not fine here.
Why ID tag badge progress still there
I got NQ badge two days ago for an ID.
12:43 PM
1:09 PM
@AJ You shouldn't. They can't be voted on anymore.
@NapoleonWilson Notable Question, actually. ;-P
Blurgh, that's the problem with acronyms.
Q: Whose finger do they re-attach to Tucker?

BlueMoon93In Tucker & Dale VS Evil, Tucker gets a couple of fingers cut off. At the end of the movie, doctors re-attach two fingers, but one has red nail polish and is clearly not his. Whose is it, and where did it come from?

1:25 PM
Speaking of ID, one just appeared on the site.
and closed.
closed in 25 seconds.
1:38 PM
Q: Shadow entity riding a horse in woods killing people?

AlonXDevilSo I don't have much information about this movie because i've seen it a long long time ago but this is all that I remember: A group of people were in the woods for a reason, and some of them starting to get killed by a shadowy figure riding a horse that was either black or shadow-transparent lik...

2:00 PM
@MovieReel obviously the ringwraiths from LotR
@NapoleonWilson I should have agreed at first, shouldn't I? That would have stretched the fun for long. :P
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3:35 PM
Leave my scorpion answer alone
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4:52 PM
Q: Is there a formal title for Larry's "lying inspection" bit?

JacobIRRWhen Larry suspects someone of lying, he inches toward them and "inspects" their face while a song plays. This happens all the time throughout the series. Is there a name for this?


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