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2:38 AM
Q: What is the fictional date of Shane (1953)?

M. A. GoldingThe movie Shane (1953) is based on the novel Shane (1949) by Jack Shaefer. It is obvious that the novel Shane (1949) could have a precise fictional date or a vague possible date range, and the movie Shane (1953) based on that novel could have the same precise fictional date or vague possible dat...

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3:48 AM
Q: Looking for an insurance commercial

Jack ThomasI used to remember an insurance commercial series a couple years ago, where they pretty much featured a man in a normal situation, but after a series of decisions, he ends up getting caught in bad situations, eventually ending up with even selling his own hair, and that's why you should buy their...

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7:38 AM
Q: Jokers pencil trick? He knew someone would get up to allow it to happen?

arslan sanaThis pencil trick scene here from "The Dark Knight" never made any sense to me: Joker says "How bout a magic trick", pushes pencil into the table, at which point the thug is still seated at the table. Then, "Im gonna make this pencil disappear", and it is only NO...

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8:49 AM
Q: Did predator thought "Cantrell" not a threat that time even she had a Gun on her hand?

RANSARA009In the movie Predator 2 (1990) theirs a scene that detective's Cantrell and Lambert take the subway train. after that predator came roof of the train & scan train with his Heat vision who's with Guns & then Predator attack & kill them all including detective Lambert.when "Cantrell" captured by Pr...

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1:48 PM
Q: Is there any explanation of the final scene Assasins Creed movie?

h22I mean, what are the free dark figures doing on the roof of the high building and what is the rationale behind? Seems that the main character is about to take a risky jump from the high building, but why this would be required? Suicide seems unreasonable at this point and does not explain why to ...

2:04 PM
Q: What is "Sexiteria" in Jerusalem?

Egor SmolyakovNow I am watching the second episode of Futurama and Bender said on the tenth minute this: Yeah. You're the kind of guy who visits Jerusalem... and doesn't want to see the "Sexiteria."

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4:56 PM
Q: Why Dr Strange didn't die when he was thrown into SPACE?

Mr ASquare In the scene, When Ebony Maw torturing Dr Strange for the time stone in his ship, Iron man interrupts. They would have little chat then Iron man opens fire and makes a hole to the ship to Ebony Maw's right. Then Ebony Maw was thrown into space and Dr Strange was pulled too. But first his cape a...

5:14 PM
Should "Movies & TV" come under the category of Life/Arts or Recreation/Culture?
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6:29 PM
Q: Why did spiderman apologize to Tony stark before getting erased?

Surya TejWhy did Peter apologized to Tony? Just before getting erased


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