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1:33 AM
*check TV Guide, see no Doctor Who* ok, that explains why Whovians ended last week........it didn't really feel like a final episode
maybe gotten to used to The Doctor loosing someone at the end
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4:52 AM
Waffles hat is the hardest hat for me. I do not post comments much. That too it should be 15.
5:07 AM
Guess my reputation :)
WHy guess when we can check
Lol i'm just joking
5:22 AM
5:44 AM
I am getting nothing to edit from @AnkitSharma 's posts. AJ is stealing all of them.
Post something new when AJ is away. ;)
Who is editing your posts on Meta Stack Exchange and Bricks?
Q: Why didn't Gordon Shumway mind being called "ALF"?

onigameConsidering how acerbic and sarcastic he is, how come Gordon Shumway was so good-natured with the Tanners calling him "ALF"? If, say, a human went to the planet Melmac and had to hide out in a house, wouldn't that be equivalent to you being called "Human" (or some other silly acronym) all the ti...

6:15 AM
@NogShine lol
2 hours later…
@NogShine will check later
2 hours later…
9:54 AM
Eeeeek. That Ralph question exploded o_o
10:04 AM
@Mithrandir yeah and nobody like my answer anymore :D
I blame you :P
I'll accept that blame... :P
My answer also is equally valid :d but leave it
Time to search third post for Red Baron
2 hours later…
11:44 AM
Q: Doctor Strange language

JannomeisterHow did doctor strange understand the writings in the Book of Cagliostro?

...why is myspace in Ralph Breaks the Internet? I thought that was dead...
12:15 PM
Q: Is Flickmetrix having a problem?

longtryAnyone using flickmetrix.com? I can't lately. Whenever I use (or not use) the filters, the site keeps displaying the loading animation. No result whatsoever. So it's effectively useless. I'm wondering whether you guys are also experiencing this annoyance or not... And what could a solution be?

2 hours later…
2:03 PM
Q: Why did Mark King plan to frame his wife in The Other Woman?

Kimberly ChangWhy did Mark plan to frame his wife Kate in The Other Woman? Even though he is cheating on his wife, he still appears to have genuine feelings for her. Would people have really believed she was the mastermind? What would have happened if Carly hadn't interfered?

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4:37 PM
Q: Meg sits in dark obsessing, reference?

Tyler DurdenIn the Annie Award-winning Family Guy episode "Barely Legal", at one point Meg sits in the dark obsessing about Brian turning the light on and off. Is this a reference to something?

5:09 PM
Q: Why does Brian never translate what Stewie says?

MoondaneAfter watching a bit of the show it becomes clear that none of the main characters can understand what Stewie says, except for Brian, but why does he never tell anybody what Stewie says/wants or just the fact that he can speak? Obviously there would be much less fun if anybody could understand S...

I think it's time to unpin birthday message. Thank you all for your wishes.
6:11 PM
Q: Why didn't Helen close her eyes and keep them closed?

neverendingqsAfter why didn't Helen close her eyes and keep them closed? That would have

6:27 PM
Q: Why did David kill Elizabeth Shaw

Mister PositiveAfter watching Alien Covenant, it was not clear as to why David would kill Elizabeth? He was obviously a nutter, yes, but in my interpretation he really cared for her.

6:46 PM
@AJ Could you please remove your comments? I edited that so it fits the rules.
A: How much is Stan Lee paid for his cameos in MCU films?

Ver NickWe have an answer to a related question on Science fiction and fantasy: Stan Lee is the co-creator of the Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and many of the comic book heroes from Marvel’s stable. But Lee will not be making the Forbes 400 list this year. Even though th...

You can use comment flags for things like this.
@NapoleonWilson Ok, I flagged.
@NapoleonWilson What do you mean?
That there aren't any comment flags on the post.
6:56 PM
@NapoleonWilson Oh, I need to comment before flagging. Ok, now I flagged.
Yeah...no. Not flagging the chat message.
Flagging the comment you want removed.
There's specifically a "no longer needed" reason for comments that have grown obsolete.
Ok, but it seems my question still don't fits, so there is no flagging needed.
Hmm, okay then.
7:31 PM
Related, possible duplicatem1gp0z 2 hours ago
possible, eh?

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