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2:01 PM
@Donald.McLean I don't even remember the movie, just the Annoying CDs in the mail
@Simon - go to bed ;-) Awesome question, except for the PHP part.
obtw @Donald.McLean there's new questions, care to shoot ?
or do you not want them?
Zhe Germans predict it's going to be 41 degrees Saturday where I live
Q: Eclipse SVN code review plugin with Excel export

SpawnriderI am looking for a simple code review Eclipse plugin to review Java or others files from Maven/SVN project with an export on a Excel sheet. Do you know about such tool ?

2:07 PM
@StackOverflow Off-topic for CR! Oh wait... that's the SO feed
Off-topic, SO.... free flags for anyone who wants 'em
It's off-topic for SO also.
@SimonAndréForsberg OMG you're so frakkin' beyond-awesome!
@Vogel612 Ahh. Yes, I'll look at them. I don't always know what to say, I'm not exactly a Scala expert.
you're the best we have around to my knowledge..
@Mat'sMug Is suggesting he keep his SVG is another file a bad suggestion?
:22498553 Yes, he has SVG for his image, but it's stored inline, should I suggest he keep it seperate and do a replace or keep it inline?
2:14 PM
Never mind
@Quill no idea
How can a CR question be "unclear what you're asking"? It's got code, so review it.
@Donald.McLean Simply pasting code is not enough.
@Quill it's not that black and white..
sometimes it may be enough
2:17 PM
@Donald.McLean "here, review this! code dump" isn't well-received.
as of now it's not off-topic and VTCs are accordingly not the right tool for this
@Donald.McLean Does the code work? How can you tell if the user hasn't told you what its supposed to do? Or worse, if there are two or more languages, two or more files, what's context and what's up for review?
instead downvote the question...
if you don't know what the code is supposed to do, how can you make it better, @Donald.McLean?
A question with two or more languages requested for review is too broad. A question with two languages, but one provided as context for the other isn't too broad, but if there's no description of what the question is about, it's unclear which part is up for review.
2:18 PM
there should at least be specifications for what the output of the code is supposed to be
Like this:
Q: React Native iOS Bridge For Zoom In / Zoom Out functionality

WillObjective C Bridge // ZoomableImageViewManager.m // loaddocs // // Created by William Chu on 6/29/15. // Copyright (c) 2015 GoConvoy. All rights reserved. // #import "ZoomableImageViewManager.h" #import "RCTViewManager.h" #import "UIImageView+AFNetworking.h" @implementation ZoomableImageV...

@nhgrif that too ▲▲▲
Is that an Objective-C question? Or a JavaScript question?
hmm... okay then let's make a close reason for that
What's up for review?
2:19 PM
but we shouldn't abuse "unclear" for that.
We have a close reason.
We're not abusing it.
@Vogel612 but it is unclear
It's not even remotely clear what's being asked.
sure but on the wrong layer
Q: Count unique characters in a String and group the counts

HeeLWe take a string as input that must contain only 'A', 'C', 'G', and 'T'. For instance, "AACCC" should return the Map that looks like this: Map('A' -> 2, 'C' -> 3, 'G' -> 0, 'T' -> 0). More detail can be found in a gist with specs This is my solution: class DNA(code: String) { val nucleotides ...

2:19 PM
We shouldn't waste our custom close reasons when "unclear" more than describes the problem with the question.
@Vogel612 flip it the other way around: if that isn't unclear, then what is?
We only have 3 custom close reasons. There is no guarantee that we'll get more once the graduation process is complete. Lots of graduated sites have just 3 custom reasons.
@Donald.McLean I feel like the title is a better explanation that the body
@Mat'sMug CR does not have unclear
The question contains a good description of what the code is doing. And the code isn't super complicated.
2:20 PM
if there's no question then all aspects are up for free fire
also what Donald says
@Donald.McLean that is not a question I would vote to close.
I wouldn't close that either (not at first glance).
@Malachi but it currently has 1 VTC as unclear and another one that was probably retracted
I don't know Scala so I can't fully inspect other problems it might have, but I certainly wouldn't call that unclear..
@Vogel612 Just because someone incorrectly close voted in this case doesn't mean that the "unclear" close vote isn't perfectly applicable in tons of cases.
if it is unclear what the code is supposed to be doing, then the question is unclear, you can't review the code and possible change what the code does because we don't know what they user wants it to do
2:22 PM
People incorrectly close vote all the time. That's why we also have reopen votes and a reopen queue.
@nhgrif true, but a code-dump question around here shouldn't be one of them
@Vogel612 so we need a "off-topic because wall of code without context, explanation or expectations" close reason instead?
@Mat'sMug Yes.
@Vogel612 Code dump questions are a 100% instant unclear close vote from me every time without thought.
@Mat'sMug forgot your sarcasm tags....
2:23 PM
if you put it like that @Mat'sMug ... it sounds dumb, but yes
@nhgrif I usually comment on those to see if the user really wants to put effort in, then I downvote, and then see what happens. if I can see what the code is doing right away.
unclear what you're asking is (and I'm repeating myself) a nonexistant issue after sieving out all the other close reasons.
I made an edit to the question
Questions shouldn't be left open indefinitely until we're tired on waiting for the user to fix them. They should be closed if they are off-topic. If the user edits it back to being on-topic, reopen it.
because of the scope of the site
2:25 PM
@Vogel612 I think we should post a Meta Question.
This should definitely be on the meta.
@Malachi there is an example case
Q: Why was the question too vague?

ChipsLettenI'm reasonably new here but wondered why this question got put on hold? The OP asks for a review of the code he had provided as the answer to another post on this site. (He includes a link to the original post.) His request seems to fall within this discussion of what is a code review and I wou...

But if you see a question is off-topic, you shouldn't wait around to see if the user is going to edit it before voting to close. That's wrong...
(unless you're a mod with a binding vote... that's different)
@nhgrif asserting that the question actually is off-topic
if it's just no-effort / "low-quality" then it's not off-topic
@nhgrif indeed. That's why CVs can be retracted
2:26 PM
and then a VTC is not the right action to take
instead downvote and / or comment
@nhgrif if it is unclear and not necessarily wrong, I would rather give the user a little bit of time to clean it up than to shut them down and make them cry. Programmers are Fragile
Your single vote doesn't shut them down.
The worst part is that open questions attract answers.
Edits invalidate answers.
Off-topic questions need edits to become on-topic.
@nhgrif that's a fallacy
No it's not.
edits to questions do not by definition invalidate answers
2:28 PM
grabs popcorn
Not 100% of the time. They tend to.
edits that change the code reviewed in an answer do
You don't have to change the code.
You could just clarify what's context and what's for review.
Did I change the question too much?
You could add a description (because you just had a code dump) that makes your question even further off-topic (feature request, broken code, not working, whatever)
And now it's a wasted answer.
2:29 PM
Q: Close Reason > Unclear what your Asking

MalachiWhat does this mean and are we using it correctly? What makes a question Unclear and Close Vote Worthy?

Don't leave questions open.
Close them. We've never not reopened deserving questions.
I just had both my Project Managers walk by. please feel free to spruce that up a bit
On hold question is the clearest sign to a new user that they need to check out the help center (no one reads it otherwise).
And now I need to get some actual work done...
I am going to be a master of MapKit by the end of this project.
@Quill is it correct, what you added?
@Malachi Yeah, it is
2:30 PM
@nhgrif BTW.Work
^ dito
damn word documents
@Quill who accepted the edit?
@Malachi ... possibly instant-edit?
@Malachi My edits automatically accept ..?
we're still at beta levels.
2:32 PM
GO to sleep!
@rolfl yeah, I didn't like doing it in PHP, but I think PHP might actually be one of the best tools for the job (ugh, I can't believe what I'm saying...)
@Quill if you accurately described the code, I wouldn't worry about it, but keep in mind that is a fine line you walked.
@SimonAndréForsberg Don't worry, I'm nearly finished my review
@Malachi I know, I was almost expecting a rollback
@Mat'sMug Thanks, I wonder how you're gonna use this in RubberDuck though, I have a feeling the README of your github repo will be filled with these...
@rolfl time is 4:34 p.m. I ain't sleeping now! I am preparing food though.
Oh, my TZCalculator is ass-backwards
2:35 PM
@Quill Bring it on! Hope to get many nice suggestions.
I'm also open to feature requests, and pull requests ;-)
Monking @All
Monking, @CodeX
@SimonAndréForsberg I'll stick it on PR's I think
Do i need to ask specific questions now? Has this room become totalitarian?
2:43 PM
room topic changed to The 2nd Monitor: General discussion about Code Review site -> codereview.stackexchange.com [addicted-to-cr] [just-saying-hi] [kick-the-trolls] [monkey-business] [my-code-is-compiling] [nice-people-room]
@rolfl out of pure interest...
is there a history for the room topic?
room topic changed to The 2nd Monitor: General discussion about Code Review site -> codereview.stackexchange.com Idle chatter moved to the Nth monitor, and violators will be kicked [addicted-to-cr] [just-saying-hi] [kick-the-trolls] [monkey-business] [my-code-is-compiling] [nice-people-room]
@rolfl I wish those would come with a diff...
Q: Close Reason > Unclear What You're Asking

MalachiWhat does 'Unclear What You're Asking' define, and are we using it correctly? What makes a question Unclear and Close Vote Worthy?

@Vogel612 I think search is your best bet
2:44 PM
@StackExchange damn it's not just me being slow today. the bots are abysmal!
speaking about bots.. where's Duga?
@Vogel612 @Duga feels offended.
Is she not here?
nope... and she's been quiet for too long...
@rolfl Oh.. I understand now #2015ModeratorElection ;)
2:46 PM
Maybe .. SO finally became aware of the on-topic page
@CodeX no that's actually unrelated..
@SimonAndréForsberg chat.stackexchange.com/…
unfortunately that chatsearch doesn't cover cases where the editing user overwrites the feeds message
wtf is up with all the showing off??
A: Shielding your CodeReview on Github

QuillOn a personal note, your code is really clean, the idea is brilliant, and I really hope to see it implemented soon. Your code is well implemented and structured, but there's syntax points that could be improved. I see a lot of basic if-else statements, if you're into ternaries, using them re...

2:48 PM
@rolfl perhaps you're the one that should go to sleep? :)
what has happened to this chat room?
I have been trying to find a good metric to use to quantify the soft-issue that I percieve in here, and I think I have figured it out.
@SimonAndréForsberg the chat room is getting quite busy
That ^^^^ and more
The issue is that, as a mod, there is important stuff that needs to be found in here, and it is a "conference room" of sorts.
2:50 PM
it's hard to find the stuff that pertains to Coding when there is so much chaff
I don't know what's idle chatter and what's not, but I totally agree with The 2nd Monitor is getting busier these days.
the problem is that it's impossible to isolate the water-cooler chat from the conference chat.
So, watercooler chat is being sent to the water cooler room
that is true
that way I don't have to wade through it to find the relevant stuff
What important issue is happening right now?
2:51 PM
elections and unclarities about unclear
though admittedly elections have their own room
Election is probably important enough
Elections have their own room.
@rolfl Can you not just make the room invite only?
This is the business room for the whole site
We agreed that there should be a meta about unclear questions.
2:52 PM
@CodeX that's counterproductive when people come here to ask about on-topicness
So, what is important going on right now in here?
@rolfl I misunderstood "conference chat"
Note the 2-hour-per-page windows at the top
Code review could benefit from multiple rooms with mods that are experts in that area of language, what do you think?
2:54 PM
... And?
@nhgrif And the room is overwhelmed with noise
@rolfl Then i don't understand what you are trying to achieve
it is counterproductive
2:55 PM
You want people to come to this room but not talk about anything you don't agree with..
Makes no sense
@CodeX Create a room where people interested in discussing things related to code revie, have a place to discuss thing srelated to code review.
If you want to discuss things about other things, go somewhere else
it is that simple
Maybe a list of these "things" would help funnel the convos
@CodeX Upon what do you base that? A I see you just entered this room, unless you've been lurking for a while (I cannot see that)
@CodeX well you can list all rooms attached to a site...
2:57 PM
@rolfl you have started this crusade extraordinarily late. If this room is business only, that should have started at least a year ago...
chat actually has that feature
And you should straighten out the room topic and the room tags
@nhgrif true, but maybe in this instance "better late than never" applies
@nhgrif No, somewhere around 4 weeks ago the room went "below the line" of acceptable
But what i am trying to say is.. This is a public room that people like myself can join and chat in, how does someone new know that they can't have general chatter
2:58 PM
hiya @Jamal
This is a public room that you can join and chat, but be prepared to be kicked if your chat is not on topic
@CodeX room topic
Im not being pedantic, just getting an idea for what is acceptable
This room is not a general social room
2:58 PM
Ok thanks
so @rolfl you want the CR Watercooler / nth monitor to become a thing?
@CodeX "General discussion about Code Review site", when I first joined it meant to me that there should only be talked about CR.SE content
@Vogel612 If it keeps the crud out of here, then yes
@rolfl you probably already know that it won't work that way
No... @rolfl ... The content is either on or off topic... You can't just to decide to start kicking people for stuff that has always been acceptable just because there is more of it now.
2:59 PM
@Vogel612 I do.
@nhgrif chat isn't black white
@rolfl I don't envy you trying to control what is already out of control
@rolfl then why are you struggling? What exactly used to be possible with the 2nd monitor that isn't anymore now?
If any socializing is offtopic, all of it is. Make the topic and tags of the room reflect that and enforce it more strictly from now on. And don't get lax about it. Don't punish people based on your mood at the time...
Some rules for room engagement would be useful
3:01 PM
@nhgrif I'd say that it seems like people who have been around here for a long time have more "privileges" than newcomers... I think we're all interested to learn a bit more about the person behind the name, but we don't need to hear all details of a single day of a person that's just dropping by and we have no connections with whatsoever
I expect it will work as follows: I set an overly strict tolerance for what is on topic, and people get irritated when they can't idly chatter. They will take their chatter to some other room, the bridge, tavern, whatever. Over time the threshold will loosen up again, and in a year or so we will have to wash-rinse, and repeat
@nhgrif I would stop with this black-white nonsense right now, actual rules kill all the fun, it'll always be a grey area
That's irresponsible. Be consistent. Anything else is ludicrous.
So, I am sending idle chatter to the Nth room, and then people will realize that the important and useful stuff is actually better in the 2nd monitor, and it is because there is no crap in the 2nd that it works.
My messages are okay this month because you're not overwhelmed but not okay next month when you are overwhelmed?
3:02 PM
This room went from people Monking to people working for free on behalf of SE
@CodeX, your timing as a quasi-troll is perfect.
too much excitement has everyone's panties in a wad. I agree with what @rolfl is doing and support the idle chatter being moved.
I'm with nhgrif on this one. it's not acceptable to set the moderation standards depending on the room volume
nothing has changed, except for that there is now a chat room for the idle chatter
@Vogel612 - if you disagree with the room topic, then create a room with a topic you agree with
3:04 PM
but it is acceptable to change the moderation standards for once
I'm fine with it being more strict, as long as it is consistently so.
I have been told a time or two in the past to tone it down a bit
it is consistent
Do people want to disagree that in the last weeks the quality of this room has declined?
@Malachi meh.
It's not.
3:04 PM
@skiwi no definitely not. but then that's because we as chat-regulars didn't intervene in time
@rolfl Im not a "quasi-troll".. :/
@CodeX you made yourself one with that statement
@Vogel612 Look at it again..
Q: Are we somehow misusing CR.Meta? (what's off-topic on meta?)

Mat's MugDon't get me wrong, I love the fact that this site is far less, uh, stuck-up (in a good way?) than SO/MSO can be (despite the occasional craziness). Maybe it's because we're short of a moderator, but I feel like some meta-discussions (and sometimes even on the main site) would get the involved pe...

@Vogel612 But we cannot, all we can do is sit and watch the whole situation explode, because we have no rights to kick people for being annoying
3:05 PM
Q: What's on and off topic in The 2nd Monitor chat room?

JaDoggExactly what is considered strictly off-topic there? Anyone can assume the obvious: NSFW (Not Safe for Work) are off topic, and should be flagged. Anything else?

I don't disagree, @skiwi but @rolfl just stated he wouldn't even consistently enforce the rules in the future.
@skiwi basically when the mods have to forcefully enact what non-mods should've done we failed
@skiwi but we have the right to tell them to tone down
@Vogel612 But if we as chat-regulars call out on it, then drama is ensured
@skiwi I think you have some right to talk out, your a long term member of this room
3:06 PM
@nhgrif Rules change over time. Rules are dynamic. And they're also not black and white.
that's a fallacy, because when drama ensues for calling out mistakes then the time's ripe for calling out mistakes
@nhgrif Don't confuse the lack of enforcement of standards with the lack of standards. COnsider it like the speed limits... sometimes the cops have to step in and fine people. Does not mean the limit has changed, just that over time people have been excessively abusive of the limits
I could call out a lot of things right now about some people, but if not everyone agrees on it, then there's drama, so I won't call out on anyone
@SimonAndréForsberg but rules are consistent while they are enacted
That said, I gotta go visit my brother and his kids. See you all later.
3:07 PM
@skiwi I'd say that's the wrong attitude for here right now
@SimonAndréForsberg Cya HF
Q: How far off-Topic can we get in the Code Review General Chat Room?

Malachiwhat is off limits in chat? Pretty Simple subject for Discussion. but it might need to be discussed.

Any rules that do change certainly shouldn't change at the whim of a single person. That's a dictatorship.
> for less structured, casual (but still roughly on-topic) conversation
@rolfl so you want to make this a judgement call again? Sorry but that's not how chat topics work
3:08 PM
A: How far off-Topic can we get in the Code Review General Chat Room?

JamalAccording to the Talk in Chat privilege page: When should I visit chat? for real time collaboration to meet the fellow members of your community in a more social environment for less structured, casual (but still roughly on-topic) conversation As this primarily pertains to th...

rolfl has frozen this room.
@Vogel612 THis is exactly how things work.
The chat rooms are a tool for the site to chat about the site. If they stop becoming useful, or if things start getting in the way of site activity, or become a distraction to the site, then it is the duty of a moderator to bring things back in line.
This room is the official channel of the site, and its purpose has become dilued by the overly social nature of it.
As such, I have to reign it in.
Any arguments about that open a meta post.
Feel free to discuss it further once the meta post is up, and then it is back to being duscussions about the site, etc.
or take it to the Nth
rolfl has unfrozen this room.
Q: Web Link Parser that Hunts for Specific String (Speed Improvements)

xxSithRagexxI love the concept of this site. Between Code Review and StackOverflow I believe everyone will have excellent resources on their quest to become efficient programmers. Below is my code for handling a parsing system to look at every users profile page and determine their job classification based ...

Q: Is the Copy-Swap Idiom implemented here correctly?

BROYIs the Copy-Swap Idiom implemented here correctly? //Copy swap Idiom. #include <iostream> using namespace std; class MyClass { private: int x; int y; int z; private: void Swap(const MyClass & rhs) throw () { x = rhs.x; y = rhs.y; z = rhs.z; } pub...

@rolfl requesting pin then
3:14 PM
Q: The "Be Nice Policy" - and Chat

rolflThe revised "Be Nice Policy" states: Don't be a jerk. .... Inappropriate language or attention. Avoid vulgar terms and anything sexually suggestive. Also, this is so not a dating site. When a clarification about how this applies to Chat room on the Stack Exchange (Stack Overflow) sites, the...

Q: The NEW new "Be Nice" Policy ("Code of Conduct") — Updated with your feedback

JaydlesUpdate: Thanks for all the additional feedback below. We incorporated a lot of your suggestions, and this is going live (as http://meta.stackexchange.com/help/be-nice). We're also looking at ways to get this in front of more new users when they sign up, to help them start off on the right foot...

@Mast Post a meta post
@Malachi that was pre-revival... things have changed since then. I think it's time for a new meta about CR chat and The 2nd Monitor.
I wouldn't directly change the purpose though, things have been fine in the past, just control the parts that made it go out of hand
If we are going to have 100 users instead of 10 in this room, then well yeah, there's not much we can do to preserve our old status quo
@Mat'sMug which post are you referring to?
@Malachi the two meta posts you linked to...
@Mat'sMug the point that I was trying to make is that the rules haven't changed. and there was 3 I linked to... :)
3:24 PM
@Malachi busy with the kids atm.. came back to find the room frozen..
@Mat'sMug chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/25394/the-nth-monitor Watercooler room for BS'ing
Watercooler room for BS'ing
@Malachi That message should be pinned.
@Mat'sMug Hey, chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/22500211#22500211 this one is from last august
@Malachi ChatSEy isn't cooperating. What's that about?
3:33 PM
and that's the answer I was looking for too.
@Mat'sMug I haven't been using ChatSEy today... what is it doing?
The link goes to last page of today's transcript
sorry I linked to my chat message of the link and then didn't let chat do it's thing
There is one other project I wish I had time for. An "internet beverage database" - for people to rate/review bottled beverages such as beer and cider.
Q: Implement the method "plus"

HeeLI'm implementing a plus method that should work this way: 1 plus 2 // 3 "a" plus "b" // "a and b = ab" Here is my implementation: object MyMath { implicit class MyMath(a: Any) { def plus(b: Any) = { (a, b) match { case (s: String, s2: String) => s"$s and $s2" ...

Interesting to see that Scala is actually that powerful
Didn't know 1 plus 2 would just work, or are there downsides to it?
@Donald.McLean Create time > Make project > ??? > Profit
3:49 PM
@skiwi This is why Scala is one of the most popular platform for creating "domain specific languages".
@skiwi There are downsides to everything. The main problem with the flexibility of some of the Scala syntax is very familiar to anyone with C++ experience - operator overloading gone wild.
Just because you can do something, doesn't mean that it isn't a really bad idea.
@Donald.McLean I'm thinking Groovy is a serious contender, Java seems to be old-fashioned
But this is a thing I didn't know about Scala
I'm not a big fan of loosely typed languages.
I'm not sure if Groovy is more loosely typed than Scala, as I don't have Scala experience
@skiwi Scala is a strongly typed language like Java.
Python is awful.
3:58 PM
I'm having a hard time understanding what happened here this morning while I was away, but perhaps and should be moved to this new chatroom if we (suddenly?) want this room to be all business.
@Donald.McLean Just with as many enhancements as possible?
You don't know what anything is unless you see the declaration.
@RubberDuck yes that definitely seems like
also personal notice: until further clarification on this room's moderation happens I will not be around here
I also will not respond to pings from here. You can find me in the nth monitor or in the election chatroom
@skiwi I'm sure more enhancements are possible. :-)
@Vogel612 Same here
4:00 PM
@Donald.McLean Things I like about Groovy is the DSL syntax mostly
I've never needed to create my own DSL. My feelings about why I like Scala are well known - almost a cliche or meme here.
I really hate that clicking on a room in the sidebar reloads that room into the current one, rather than opening a new page
@skiwi right click open in new tab
@skiwi that was a joke btw.. :/
Q: Object pooling for a top down shooting game

FunlambI have an Asteroids clone I'm working on and I want to see if my object pooling is written correctly. The code works I just want to know if there is anything else I need to change to make it more efficient. My first class is my ObjectPoolManager.cs. This holds the bullets and the asteroids. p...

Q: SQL Query to Filter Based on Aggregate of a Group

Joseph NieldsLet's say I have a table like this: Value rank OtherCols.... 1 1 1 2 1 3 1 4 2 1 2 2 2 3 2 4 I want to select value, othercols where the order is the min for the group. You could do: SELECT value, otherCols FROM theTable T WHERE rank = ( S...

@Shog9 I mentioned you in The Nth Monitor
4:14 PM
@Malachi I'm flattered, but... You could just ask me a question if you have one you think I could answer.
I just mentioned that you showed up here, I didn't have a question. I was talking with @Jamal.
just didn't want you thinking I was talking about you behind your back. even though you probably see and hear everything around these parts
Some were concerned with the sudden change in room topics. I learned about it as soon as I entered the room this morning.
Q: handling multiple async functions

Tomas RI want to run multiple asynchronous functions and use their results in a final function that is called after all async functions finished. For example reading 2 files at the same time and doing something with both results after reading is complete This is what I have so far: function callback...

4:38 PM
Q: Why does this function perform so badly?

PawanI have this function in a class: /** * Creates an appropriate instance of a Parsable implementation depending * upon the header of the file. * * @param file the path of the file from which to create a Parsable. * @return the created Parsable. */ private Parsable createParsable(Path file) { Toml ...

@Jamal I'm just glad I have no idea what's going on.
@rolfl Done.
Q: How much idle chatter do we tolerate in the 2nd monitor?

MastRelated but not a duplicate: How far off-topic can we get in 'the 2nd monitor'? Today was a complicated day in the history of the 2nd monitor. On one side there appears to be consensus something went wrong which should be handled. On the other side there appears to be disagreement about how muc...

Thanks to Vogel for the title.
4:54 PM
Q: How much idle chatter do we tolerate in The 2nd Monitor?

MastRelated but not a duplicate: How far off-topic can we get in 'the 2nd monitor'? Today was a complicated day in the history of The 2nd Monitor. On one side there appears to be consensus something went wrong which should be handled. On the other side there appears to be disagreement about how muc...

This question may be better suited for codereview.stackexchange.combdares 45 secs ago

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