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12:00 AM
There are 1378 unanswered questions (94.4842% answered)
Q: Synonymise [objective-c-runtime] with [objective-c]

QuillThe tag objective-c-runtime has 3 questions: UIScrollView Category utility function for auto sizing contentSize (0 answers) Dynamically setting unknown properties of a subclass from parent class in Objective-C (1 answer) Generic class for displaying UIAlertView / UIAlertController on iOS (1 ans...

@nhgrif, what do you think?
@Duga Up by 10.
I think needs a cleanup.
I might have to disagree with you
@Hosch250 How so?
I think that it is a good tag. there are lots of times when you need to handle null values, it is just under used and needs a better description
12:08 AM
A lot of the questions that use it don't appear to use it right.
Well, it can have a review, anyway.
Q: Synonymise [objective-c-runtime] with [objective-c]

QuillThe tag objective-c-runtime has 3 questions: UIScrollView Category utility function for auto sizing contentSize (0 answers) Dynamically setting unknown properties of a subclass from parent class in Objective-C (1 answer) Generic class for displaying UIAlertView / UIAlertController on iOS (1 ans...

@Quill Programmers, I believe, doesn't use many language tags and focuses more on theory.
I haven't been there much, but I'd agree with you
I'm just trimming a bit, but I may have a CM burninate it altogether. I have so far found one off-topic question among them.
12:20 AM
I'm fixing grammar in tags before the rep requirement goes up to 20k.
Some of them are pretty bad.
@Jamal Yeah, I thought the same things when I saw your edits
@Hosch250 That they are, and I also filled in 7 or so empty tags yesterday, so there still might be more empty tags
@Quill Yeah, I approved a couple edits.
> Use the tag for all Python related questions. If you believe your question may be even more specific, you can include a version specific tag such as .
Should we require a specific version to also be included because they aren't compatible?
@Hosch250 There's a meta discussion about that
OK, have a link?
@Hosch250 and yeah: print "abc":V2.7, print("abc"):V3
12:30 AM
OK, I was just asking before I removed the chunk saying it was optional.
A: Python 2.7 wiki

nhgrifIf I know all versions of Python, the easiest way for me to look at all of the Python questions isn't for me to come up with some complicated search that makes sure I'm including all the possible Python tags. The easiest way is for all of the Python questions to have the python tag. The version...

@Quill That is the most common, AFAIK, but there is more besides.
Well, I won't remove it yet.
@Hosch250 Python 3 is more strict on indentation too
Less than 10 away from Research Assistant.
Might as well go for it - it will increase my mod candidate score.
--  ('mysql'), disgusting
Powershell is that an actual language... or WTF is it?
I think I'll leave it in languages, it's a pretty minor tag anyways
12:46 AM
Q: What's wrong with this code (Python)?

caseyimport turtle t = turtle.Pen() for x in range(0,1000) t.forward(100) t.left(179) turtle.done()

Sure, I'll play
Closer and closer to Pundit, lol
@QPaysTaxes ^ Me too
was a mess.
I just accepted a few edits.
@Hosch250 I saw, thanks
12:51 AM
@QPaysTaxes Wasn't talking about that, the wiki was a mess.
People were using '' instead of " (that is, two single-quotes instead of one double-quote).
And lots of grammar mistakes.
Outdated information too.
It said 2.1.1 was the latest, and 2.2.2 is later.
I fixed that and the link.
@QPaysTaxes In Utero Party?
I don't know the latin word for party
@QPaysTaxes How old were you in 1998?
69k, not 69.
I like the two 225's.
I'd go with jaja
12:58 AM
@QPaysTaxes lul is pretty obnoxious
@QPaysTaxes You get rep and I get review points, so don't worry.
@QPaysTaxes Tag wikis cover a broad spectrum, so I suspect it's relatively high. Not sure the exact num.
The wiki appears to be copied from SO, but why should the style guide be removed?
@QPaysTaxes ^^ Sounds like YouTube comments section :D
The rep is 4k for now, 20k later.
But having a guide doesn't harm the wiki.
> •general background information on the subject
So, that would be the history.
Well, I approved; I hope the mods don't mind.
OK, @rolfl rejected it.
Hey @Hosch250, do you wanna fill in
I could.
You show up in the top 30 answerers for the past 30 days, which gives you some cred.... but that edit is huge....
stripping off that info is too substantuial
Well that's a strong statement, and I am not sure I agree.
do we really need an tag?
Wiki tags should have anything and everything that may help.
1:10 AM
seems more appropriate.
and it's 3 questions
@Mat'sMug Feel free to meta it
@Quill sure
@QPaysTaxes that's why you can't be trusted with wiki edits....
I can't tell.
You make a serious edit and a serious comment about too much detail, and then a joke, no, I missed the joke.
Someone once said that on SE, moderation privileges seem to be granted at exactly the time you're ready to be trusted with them
Anybody here know ?
1:14 AM
Why should your edit undo all the work that Uri put in to it?
He is the one who copied from SO.
@Quill You might be SOL on , it's pretty arcane here on CR... maybe try SO?
There's a LUA bounty out there, which is probably why Quill is asking
That is tricky - you have to reformat a lot of it, remove a bunch of dead links, remove SO-specific material...
I know, because I did several.
1:16 AM
@rolfl No, actually, I was asking about , but @Phrancis reminded me of the existence of SO
Is more of a concept or a language of its own?
@Phrancis It's more a library, with slightly incompatible implementations in many languages
@Phrancis Concept.
There are many implementations.
Pretty much all the major languages have a specific implementation to use that are similar and non-similar in various respects.
1:17 AM
I'm tempted to shove it in with library tags then
But, maybe not. It's a pretty small tag, so not sure it matters too much. Heck, I could put it in both!
It is, and it links ruby before java, just like Uri's profile,.
I'm cleaning up , should I leave the SO chatroom in?
@QPaysTaxes On Code Review, though, he's got the badges and the reputation, and your edit is what would start an edit war. If you disagree, then post a question to meta.
1:20 AM
I agree with that ^^
Your single opinion is contrary to someone else's and the right way to resolve it is in meta.
Has anyone ever realized we have 41231 tags here?
@FutureReviewer: My edit on just now was really borderline
@Phrancis Ummm no.
@Phrancis 814?
Owait, I was on SO lol
1:22 AM
@Phrancis, can you do the tag for
also SO's is empty
For some values of "do"? What do you mean?
@rolfl Should I remove the SO chatroom from the CR tag wiki for ?
@Quill DO all the links work?
@Hosch250 Typically leave them, it's a resource that works
@rolfl I really don't know, feel free to reject it
1:24 AM
@Quill If you want the "credit" for the edit, then please put in the work to do it right
Shoot, I probably shouldn't have accepted that one then.
Q: JOptionPane in MVC and Checkbox for don't show this message again

user3282568I thought about using static factors since I will have at least 5 error messages for the entire application. It could possibly grow to easily 10 error messages if I decide to. The error messages would be displayed in a JOptionPane. Would you declare this as the best method? The controller would c...

It read fine, anyway.
And I'm locked out of that queue now - probably just as well.
@QPaysTaxes ty
exists here, but not on SO, wat do
Q: inserting a node at a given position in a linked list - java

Sunny Rahl BabaGiven a node class like class Node { int data; Node next; } Provide an implementation to Insert a node at a specific position in a linked list Node insert(Node head, int data, int position) { Node newNode = new Node(); newNode.data = data; newNode.next = null; i...

@rolfl Straight from SO, I'll redo
Hmm, I expected JRE to be a tag here...
Because I wanted to make an analogy. But no one has used .
Q: Synonymise [objective-c-runtime] with [objective-c]

QuillThe tag objective-c-runtime has 3 questions: UIScrollView Category utility function for auto sizing contentSize (0 answers) Dynamically setting unknown properties of a subclass from parent class in Objective-C (1 answer) Generic class for displaying UIAlertView / UIAlertController on iOS (1 ans...

A: Synonymise [objective-c-runtime] with [objective-c]

nhgrifThese tags should not be synonymised. I will double check the objective-c-runtime-tagged questions and be certain that they are tagged correctly, but synonymising these tags would actually be quite harmful. From the Objective-C runtime wiki: The Objective-C runtime is a runtime support libr...

@nhgrif Thanks
Also, I was the one who pasted the tag wiki content in from SO
A: Using "Next" as a Return Key

nhgrifMake sure your text fields have their delegate set and implement the textFieldShouldReturn method. This is the method that is called when the user taps the return key (no matter what it looks like). The method might look something like this: func textFieldShouldReturn(textField: UITextField) ->...

^^ Objective-C runtime.
We’ve resolved the connectivity issues some of you have seen. We ran into a LACP bug on the new hardware which broke some machine’s connect.
1:49 AM
It appears there is a daily limit on tag wiki edits that apply to Research Assistant.
@Quill Of the three questions. The first two definitely deserve the tag. The third one, well, I won't remove it, but I wouldn't have added it.
So, you guys just got a bunch of grammar edits for free ;)
Time to start flagging comments.
@Hosch250 what, noooooo
The last several haven't increased my counter.
1:51 AM
I don't think so.
@Hosch250 Yeah, I've done 48 completed today and only 14 have counted on my counter
Less than 14 here, I think.
I was above 30 when I started, and I got stuck at 44.
By the way, all of the answers to those questions you linked in that meta post are amazing @Quill. You guys should go upvote them.
A: Dynamically setting unknown properties of a subclass from parent class in Objective-C

nhgrifThis review is going to have to be in the form of a handful of questions, things perhaps you haven't considered. I don't know the answer to these, but I know they need to be answered. typeOfArgumentForSelector:(SEL)selector atIndex:(int)index and the way you use it is bothering me a little bit....

Hey, that guy has the same icon as me.
1:53 AM
A: Generic class for displaying UIAlertView / UIAlertController on iOS

nhgrifAs a start, this is confusing: - (BOOL) supportsiOS8 { Class kAlertViewClass = NSClassFromString(@"UIAlertController"); return !kAlertViewClass ? NO : YES; } There was a time when I was uncomfortable with ternary operators. They're admittedly kind of weird. I've gotten used to them, ...

@rolfl Do you prefer "Hi" comments to be flagged as Not Constructive or Too Chatty?
I'm starting to think @StackExchange has disposed of my meta-post
too chatty
@Mat'sMug I saw it....
just not here.
the CO runtimes are anywhere between 5 and 50 minutes
1:54 AM
> would you rather get flooded with "not constructive" comment flags or "too chatty" comment flags?
@rolfl I answered that Meta if you want to it.
I tend to leave the ones that lead into detailed discussions and the flag the "Hi, thanks" ones - especially when the grammar is bad.
@QPaysTaxes Somebody told me not to click the blue button, sorry
1:56 AM
Lol, I just found one of my own too chatty comments.
Removed it.
Q: Dispose of [idisposable]?

Mat's MugThere are 3 questions tagged idisposable, one closed as off-topic, the other two featuring an IDisposable implementation. I don't think we need a tag for any specific interface of the .NET framework - that includes ienumerable, which is the only other tag I've found for a .NET interface. These ...

well hi there!

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