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12:00 AM
There are 1383 unanswered questions (94.4744% answered)
@SimonAndréForsberg, What if Duga had Day x-y-z since site inception in the daily reload?
Of which: we're day 1624
12:17 AM
Q: Create a custom discrete distribution that updates every 1000 iterations

Ryan I am working on a biological game theory summer project. I want to define a discrete probability distribution that updates every 1000 iterations of the game. I think I am using the discrete_distribution function improperly. I found some examples online, but some are difficult for me to comprehend...

Explaining code, even a person's own code, is off topic here, correct?
@Hosch250 Yeah
That always confuses me because we don't have a close reason for that.
12:37 AM
@Hosch250 it's just that the close reason assumes OP understands their own code; it says explaining someone else's code - it's OP's job to tell us what their code is doing.
So, I'm working on the C# wiki.
It has a reference to the C# 4.0 language spec from MS, but the link was changed to 5.0.
The 3.0 download link still works, but I can't find the 4.0 spec anywhere.
I have the 3.0 and 5.0 links in there, but it looks a little funny without a 4.0 link.
And ideas? Should I say link is missing? Should I take 3.0 out? Just leave it?
Think of it like windows, XP -> Vista -> 7, and just skip Vista
Doesn't really help, that would look funny too.
Uneventful versions are common
And yeah, it's windows after all
4.0 brought the dynamic keyword.
There is also a link to the running link for the latest version below.
12:56 AM
Q: Creating grouped chart and copying to MS Word

Abdul ShiyasGiven below code access Excel files in each sub-folders of a folder (c:\charts). It copies the range till 4th column, first column is string/levels and next three columns are corresponding values in numbers. Then the program swaps columns 2 and 4 (to make 4th column values come first in the group...

1:12 AM
OK, community, here's another question.
The wiki for is, well, rather unprofessional.
Certain parts (like the part about every challenge being a game) are just wrong now.
Do you guys want this cleaned up - almost to a full re-write, or should I leave it pretty much as-is?
Most (or all) of the content would stay, it would just be a bit more polished and professional, like the other tags.
Q: Reverse the words of string using Java

here4learnI have wrote this program which reverse the words in any given string, Please review and give your inputs. private static void reverseWords(String value) { // reverse the whole string value = reverseInOn2Time(value); // now split (on space) the string into an string array String...

1:32 AM
@Hosch250 right. whatever.
@Mat'sMug So, I take it you don't want me to touch it?
I haven't yet.
it's outdated indeed
In fact, I got Research Assistant, and I've gone through most of the language tags now and cleaned them up pretty good, so I don't need to.
You have to have a certain number of characters changed, it appears, to count, so a lot of them didn't count.
I most certainly will, though, if you wish.
Sorry, I'm kinda depressed atm. Been re-reading today's transcript, and ...today has been a sad, sad day for the CR community. Very sad.
Yes, but it was needed.
1:35 AM
I hope good things will come out of the ashes of whatever burned today
Me too.
I don't even quite know anymore what burned today. This whole thing has seemed to get so warped.
The chat seems too quit now, but yesterday, there was a message every few seconds.
I think people might be afraid to post in here.
Or mad and boycotting it.
1:38 AM
I think rolfl's take with his answer is perfectly fine.
From what I understood, the intent is not to destroy all conversation unless it directly pertains to the site, but rather keep off topic chatter, like me and Q's conversation about arms, out of here. It's not outlawing talking, just reigning it back in to an extent.
I think I am going to agree with @Mat'sMug. All this has made me a little sad as well.
This comment doesn't appear to be needed anymore, but I'm not sure:
What do you guys think?
5 mins ago, by Ethan Bierlein
From what I understood, the intent is not to destroy all conversation unless it directly pertains to the site, but rather keep off topic chatter, like me and Q's conversation about arms, out of here. It's not outlawing talking, just reigning it back in to an extent.
This place is the freakin heart and soul of CR. Seeing it rot and become a twitter feed and seeing regulars walk away, flags rain and kicks and bans and people calling others trolls when a legit discussion is trying to go on...
I wish I had been able to say it that clearly earlier
@rolfl Whoops, looking at that I think I worded the first part of the sentence wrong.
@rolfl Well, if it's pinnable, feel free to pin it if you want.
1:47 AM
So, for those of you wondering, I have been struggling to find where it all went wrong, and I honestly don't know. The stress of elections is part of it. The sheer number of people trying to express their opinions at the same time is another part of it.
Hmm. Maybe I'm going to do a little looking through the transcript and see what I can find.
All I want is this room to remain useful, and, to be honest, the fun factor of listening to banalities was grating on me, and probably others too.... then, being challenged on my motives was... hard.
So, to try to communicate my thoughts, without an interruption, I froze the room, expressed them, and unfroze it.
That pissed off a bunch of people, because they thought it was targetted at them, and, in a sense, it was.
So, welcome to the joys of bveing a mod... damned if you do, damned if you don't. If nothing happened, this place would continue getting worse. Now it is just me that's the ogre, some folk have been upset, and hopefully the place will recover... but man, what a storm in a teacup. All I was doing was trying to ask for some reduced volume in here.
then it had to be a discussion of what volume-setting do you want, 3.2, 4.5, or 5.3?
what's wrong with 4.7?
or, no, can we have 3.9?
how do you define 5.0?
are you sure it was 8.6?
@rolfl I'm glad - I used learn a lot from the discussions here, but there wasn't good learning material here lately.
@rolfl You can't really define volume levels of chat. (I'm sure this is what you're getting to.) Everyone has their own definition.
Yes, and it just had to be "about half of what it was before".
So, everyone has had a shake-up, it seems, let's see where the cookie crumbles, and go from there.
1:54 AM
@rolfl This is why I don't want to be a mod.
I am off to blow up some fire-works, Canada Day, eh!
Don't blow up your fingers!
I'm out of flags.
The last ones have a couple others below that should have been flagged.
@ThisSuitIsBlackNot: I think I have addressed your comments with my edit. Thanks. — drewk Oct 16 '13 at 3:45
I wouldn't consider putting AFile after File a “more natural” order, regardless of the numeric suffix. — ThisSuitIsBlackNot Oct 15 '13 at 23:52
Also, you need to change $a->[2] and $b->[2] to $a->[0] and $b->[0], respectively (turn on warnings and you'll see why). Finally, this solution ignores the requirement that "the algorithm may only rely on comparing characters; to avoid overflow problems with very long numbers it must not convert substrings of digits into their numerical values." — ThisSuitIsBlackNot Oct 16 '13 at 0:06
35 comment flags waiting for review.
Thank you, mods.
0 comment flags waiting for review.
Quick work!
@rolfl You did the right thing, people shouldn't define whether you're an ogre or not on what happens under stress, but what you can do at your best
Everybody will calm down, they just need time
2:02 AM
43 flags/day now!
@Quill Absolutely right.
Thanks santa.
@rolfl Okay, I think the whole thing started here, where you mentioned "get a room". I then created The Nth Monitor, and some messages were moved. There wasn't much talk about this for a couple of hours. Then skiwi asked about The Nth Monitor. Everything sort of fell apart after that.
Is somebody serial upvoting me?
I'm getting votes on some pretty old questions.
@rolfl I agree with everything you said and did today. If that makes you an ogre, then it's an ogre we needed, and I'm glad someone took the ogre hat and did what needed to be done at last.
2:28 AM
A: Minimax for Tic-Tac-Toe

Hosch250This would be a good place to use a ternary comparison operator: var otherPlayer; if(currPlayer == board.X){ otherPlayer = board.O; } else { otherPlayer = board.X; } Then it would become a single line: var otherPlayer = currPlayer == board.X ? board.O : board.X; You could do this in a...

Dishes time, BBL.
2:40 AM
Q: GCD using Euclid algorithm

overexchangeBelow is the problem taken from here. Question 10: GCD* The greatest common divisor of two positive integers a and b is the largest integer which evenly divides both numbers (with no remainder). Euclid, a Greek mathematician in 300 B.C., realized that the greatest common divisor of a and...

@CaptainObvious is the tag relevant in this question?
@Quill I don't think it is either
3:02 AM
Q: Multi-User Roles in Laravel

user3758531I am very new to Laravel. I am building a website where multiple users can have one or more roles. I have a users table and a user_roles table. Each user_roles column has a user_id and an enum field where they can be a "referee", "coach", or "player". Whenever I want to check if the User is a cer...

I changed my profile picture. I hope nobody freaks out.
it can take a moment to filter in to chat.
if you want, I can hurry it along.
Yes please :)
3:17 AM
Thank you!
@rolfl How do you do that? Magic?
mod magic
You have it backwords; test first, then ask specific questions about what doesn't work. Suggestions for improving working code can be solicited at codereview.stackexchange.com. — chepner 6 secs ago
3:39 AM
wow, look what I've found
Nov 21 '13 at 1:35, by rolfl
Actually, somewhere in side of me I have this urge to mentor people.
@Mat'sMug Why "(removed)"?
You've been mentoring me with my programming.
I removed "ugh" because I had pasted the wrong link... fixed now :)
Oh, that was the "ugh".
I thought it was pointed at the comment.
I'm leaving now too, might be back later, might not be back til tomorrow.
3:43 AM
@Mat'sMug I think everyone does to a degree, it kinda puts you in a superior position as well as a parenting / nurturing kinda position
A lot of people like that, I guess
or this:
Nov 21 '13 at 1:34, by rolfl
Perhaps, it's a good outlet for something, I am not sure what.... but sometimes it's nice to look at crap code and think 'I'm better' ;-)
Just left you a comment in the Duck room, @Mat'sMug.
Presumably you saw that though. BBL.
@Mat'sMug Yeah, that too
What ya doin, @Mat's ? Dredging up "ancient" history?
working on a meta answer
3:49 AM
Yeah, this has come a long way, and been a bit of a victim of it's own success.
Q: Reverse the words of a string using Java

here4learnI wrote this program which reverses the words in a given string. Please review and give your inputs. private static void reverseWords(String value) { // reverse the whole string value = reverseInOn2Time(value); // now split (on space) the string into an string array String[] str...

Am I crazy or should that be closed?
@Legato I first saw it after the answer. I downvoted.... your comment there is fair, but, by that point, the damage is sort of done. Closing it now does not help it to be fixe.d
And I just happened to find a non-answer from the OP.
Got it.
3:56 AM
Your inspection of the code was/is more than mine would have been, I would not have noticed the missing swap, etc. unless I decided to answer it.
Bottom line: apparently enough code to review, poor question
its broken code. Also calls reverseInOn2Time() instead of reverseInOofN2Time()
Good evening, folks.
hi @Donald.McLean
Well, technically it's morning here.
Greetings, Donald.
4:03 AM
4 minutes into Thursday here
@Mat'sMug Hmm. I didn't realize we're in the same time zone.
Hiya @Hosch250
Hi, @Legato.
Reading a Q/A on Programmers:
Q: Is testable code better code?

WannabeCoderI'm attempting to get into the habit of writing unit tests regularly with my code, but I've read that first it's important to write testable code. This question touches on SOLID principles of writing testable code, but I want to know if those design principles are beneficial (or at least not harm...

Pretty good.
It keeps reminding me that I haven't written tests for my resx editor.
I'll do that tomorrow, I guess.
4:52 AM
Nice to see you around here @Donald.McLean :)
@Mehrad I'm normally around during my work day.
@Donald.McLean I barely see you in 2nd monitor man. maybe it's me who isn't around :)
@Mehrad I'm here now. What do you want to talk about?
@Donald.McLean Nothing :( I was just excited to see you here
@QPaysTaxes please review your definition of respectful.
5:02 AM
@QPaysTaxes In here I think I'd rather be known as the Scala guy.
@QPaysTaxes I am an electrical engineer for hobby and living but for whatever part I am an amateur bodybuilder. And my English isn't good enough to get the 2nd part of question
I don't get involved in drama.
The archive. It's more than just the raw pictures, but it does include them.
monking @all
@QPaysTaxes Nobody works directly with the telescopes - they're in orbit.
@QPaysTaxes I'm a software developer, not an aerospace engineer.
However, the archive does include some test data from the new telescope, which has not yet launched.
5:10 AM
@Donald.McLean Is that you with the flash light? :)
Q: Passing around and using Python dicts

PydermanI have an Excel file - my profit spreadsheet - which has one tab per product range. The tabs are defined and named, but apart from that, the file contains no data (yet). I wish to use openpyxl to: One day 1, parse data from a number of other spreadsheets containing expense data. Let's imagine t...

it's an exciting line of work and full of excitement. especially when you get to explode a rocket full of 1800 kilo astronaut food
I have one on my keyboard if you want :P
I was going to say that I've never exploded anything, but technically I have. We got to throw live grenades in basic training.
@QPaysTaxes a bar from space.
Threats are never funny. Sorry.
5:18 AM
@QPaysTaxes, hello
@QPaysTaxes forgive me. I didn't want to do it to you :) I even tried to backspace but it was tempting :P
Did you read my answer to Mast's meta question?
@Mehrad I literally lol'd :)
Jun 13 at 19:05, by rolfl
threats or suggestions of violence are not permitted here.
yesterday, by Quill
 bait: something intended to entice someone to do something
@Mat'sMug the atmosphere was tense so nobody stared it :)
5:22 AM
@Quill am I over-compensating for my lack of kick-muting in the past? that was asking for it, no?
hi @LokiAstari!
@Mat'sMug Threats of violence. What did I miss?
Even if I want to send a little <3 ? :(
@LokiAstari drama
A: How much idle chatter do we tolerate in The 2nd Monitor?

rolflThis seems to be about the right place to post a response to what happened in the chat room today, and in the past 6 weeks or so. Since various names have come up, and people have posted here too, I won't make it all anonymous, but will use concrete examples instead. I also want to stress that ...

I love converting 10 line if else loops into one-line ternaries :-)
@Mat'sMug: I'll have to become more active if the discussion is going downhill. One of the things I liked about this community is that it was civil without much intervention.
5:36 AM
I had a quick read of this the other day when @Quill shared it. I apologize if I missed something there cuz it's a fairly long read. however, I wanted to clarify something now that we are talking about it.
As I mentioned, I have been working on an electrical project rather than usual C# and not much to offer as questions or reviews to this community but I still hang around. And there is only one reason, over the day, reading conversation here and there I have accumulated so much valuable knowledge just by bumping on stuff which our members talk about. Generally I want to see where do I sit
@LokiAstari me too
..what do you mean with "I'll have to become more active"?
You know me. I am more of a lurker. If things are going fine, I don;t need to interject. But I can be more active if that is what is required from the community
ah ok.. lol for a split second I thought you were going to announce you're running for moderator! =)
Moderator means you have social skills.
@LokiAstari Let's not go quite that far.
5:41 AM
But I like this community. And I join in when I think it will help.
Still reading the full article. But so far a tiny bit disturbed.
Just posted my answer there
A: How much idle chatter do we tolerate in The 2nd Monitor?

Mat's MugFrom the Chat FAQ (emphasis mine): This site is an extension of The Stack Exchange Network, so discussion should more or less revolve around the same topics you'd find at The Stack Exchange Network — but in an interactive, less strictly Q&A focused way. Do have fun, but please keep it profess...

Q: Given a Array of Strings, return the number of sets of anagrams

Bagesh SharmaHi techies please review my code. Thanks a lot for your suggestions and improvements. public class Anagram { public static void main(String args[]) { String[] arr = { "abc", "cbc", "bcc", "dog", "god", "mary", "army", "rty" }; HashMap<Integer, List<String>> m...

TTGTB, @Donald.McLean you should be sleeping too! ;-)
@Mat'sMug My back was feeling restless. I'm an old man after all.
@Mat'sMug +1
5:53 AM
16 hours ago, by Mat's Mug
I think moderating chat is harder than many things
Is your approach having any problem??? I think this should be in codereview.stackexchange.comAbishek Manoharan 48 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on Code ReviewJim Garrison 52 secs ago
@JimGarrison Okay i will close it now & move it to code review.. thanks — Donkey 13 secs ago
OK. More vigilance starting tomorrow. Going home to bed. Be warned all you naysayers of academia and wordy chat. Loki will be watching and echoing rolf and Mat (because I trust them).
What the heck is a "naysayer of academia"?
Q: aggregation in java of file

DonkeyLooking for approach to do I have millions of files in a folder, files type will be with name PES _timestamp & DOM_timestamp. I have to aggrate all PES & DOM file name into one file which have same file name. The Aggregator program picks up only matching PES and DOM file pairs based on the tim...

Q: Create an object based on data from a text file

PawanThe following method reads specially formatted text (TOML) from a file and parses the input using a parser to get a few properties, which are then used to create an object. The profiler tells me that this method is the bottleneck in my program. While parsing ~5000 files, this method eats up over...

6:09 AM
@Donald.McLean O naysayer; you have been marked. Watch thine comments. :-)
Time for bed. I'll see some of you in the morning.
@LokiAstari How can I be a naysayer? I'm one of the most positive and upbeat people I know.
6:35 AM
Q: W/AwContents﹕ nativeOnDraw failed; clearing to background color

ShalimaI am trying to run an bannerAd in an activity. The banner doesnot show up, leaving a blank space there. Heres the logcat logs. Any help is appreciated. '07-01 23:08:27.018 5907-5907/net.etuldan.sparss.floss W/AwContents﹕ nativeOnDraw failed; clearing to background color. 07-01 23:08:27.068 5907...

Q: Inverse cascade challenge - Recursion

overexchangeProblem: Print the following pattern 1 12 123 1234 123 12 1 Solution: def inverse_cascade(n): def grow(n): if n < 10: print(n) else: grow(n // 10) print(n) def shrink(n): if n < 10: print(n) else: ...

7:17 AM
Wow it's actually a day in the 2nd monitor where I can "load to my last message"
sigh, answer a question, scroll back up and see an edit to the question has been made that changes what the problem specs are.
Q: implementation of Sieve of Eratosthenes algortihm

James ZafarI have made an implementation of Sieve of Eratosthenes algoritm in Java, and am not certain that it is as efficent as possible. I have looked at other peoples implementations on Google, and on this site, which raised concerns for me, as no one has taken a similar approach to me. public class si...

@Snowhawk04 link? seems to be rollbackworthy...
Q: Inverse cascade challenge - Recursion

overexchange Print the following pattern, when you invoke inverse_cascade(1234) 1 12 123 1234 123 12 1 Solution: def inverse_cascade(n): def grow(n): if n < 10: print(n) else: grow(n // 10) print(n) def shrink(n): if n < 10: ...

that one looks okay from my side..
7:28 AM
Programmers or Code Review would be a better fit for this question — RGraham 49 secs ago
@RGraham If you try to recommend two sites at once, usually at least one of them is wrong. In this case actually both seem misfitting. Codereview only accepts code that is fully working as intended and Programmers doesn't like questions about code and design patterns, especially if they include code, because they are often too broad. — Vogel612 14 secs ago
@Snowhawk04 aw damn you're right...
A: c++ code for OOP elevator design evaluation

CrackerI have put my thoughts here. Let me know your comments: http://algods-cracker.blogspot.in/2015/03/design-elevator.html

low quality response
7:45 AM
Rule of thumb : if the code works, it's for Code Review ;) // Also consider Game Development. — Quentin 50 secs ago
Q: Templating a member name

Dietr1chI'm writing a library that provides graphs for search algorithms. Usually you want to rank nodes using a priority queue. Normally you want to search for an specific node in the queue and lower its key (when you find a better path to it). Searching would be O(n) unless you know the index of the ...

8:04 AM
@Snowhawk04 I'd say worse.
abusing our site as a link-farm for SEO
Q: Fibonacci using memoization

overexchangeProblem: Using recursion approach, find fibonacci sum without repetition of computation. sum_fibonacci(35) Solution: fibcache = {} def sum_fibonacci(n): if n == 0: fibcache[n] = 0 return fibcache[n] elif n == 1: fibcache[n] = 1 return fibcache[n] ...

8:35 AM
Q: Header element or font-size

user77031Im confused why people use elemnts, what is the point to do that, I mean u can just use font-size Title vs title

8:54 AM
@CaptainObvious Nuked.
VLQ, no code, no review request, pick one.
9:23 AM
Q: a game loop with fixed fps and fixed updates per second

mr ohI read the gaffer article on fix your tilmestep and also dewitters about fixed frame render rate. I agree with both parts, I think choosing a desired frame rate and locking it locking the frame rate at 24, 30, 60 or even 120 at the beginning of the project and then working within those limitatio...

9:41 AM
Q: MS Access VBA freeze/crash on Export

SidThe lines below are an extract from code used to generate a XML. Access freezes than crashes when executing the Set dlgSaveAs line. This seems to only happen when data is imported using .xls files, .csv's seem to work fine. Don't see what's wrong with the code and why it doesn't work with .xls/...

@CaptainObvious VTCs please
Fo sho
10:18 AM
Monking @SimonAndréForsberg
@CaptainObvious I read the gaffer article on fix your tilmestep and also dewitters about fixed frame render rate. Wut?
@Mast I guess programming blogs?
I'm tempted to UWYA it, but his intent is good so I probably shouldn't.
I'm not sure if it's code not written, there's definitely chunks missing
Do we do pseudocode when it looks like that? It's clearly a critique my design, but there's only 80% of the code there
10:27 AM
As long as the essential stuff is in there and the code is actual code, it's acceptable.
And owned by OP, ofc.
Well yeah. I feel like I should be able to comment on that one in particular, but I've never done anything with a fixed time step and variable for a game loop.
An ominous phrase if I ever saw one
@AndrewShepherd in it's current form, I bet this question would be closed as "pseudocode" on codereview. Please see the codereview help center and "Be careful when recommending Code Review"Vogel612 just now
@Vogel612 good job ^^ and very good job with this comment earlier:
@RGraham If you try to recommend two sites at once, usually at least one of them is wrong. In this case actually both seem misfitting. Codereview only accepts code that is fully working as intended and Programmers doesn't like questions about code and design patterns, especially if they include code, because they are often too broad. — Vogel612 3 hours ago
his reply was a bit... weird...
@Vogel612 It's not my responsibility to get it right. I'm offering some suggestions as this is much too broad a question for here. The question literally says So I was going through few thoughts how to organise / structure it. - Programmers allows software architecture and design and this is working code (as denoted by This version works in the question) — RGraham 3 hours ago
I don't really agree with him about "It's not my responsibility to get it right", but I won't be starting an off-topic comment discussion about that.
With great 19,824 power reputation comes great some responsibility.
10:39 AM
One day...
@SimonAndréForsberg same
I was like... um.. it is, but eh you seem to not be in any state to discuss anything right now, sooo...
@SimonAndréForsberg Flagged for not constructive
Just wondering (not planning on it), but is the kicking for idle chat permanent, or do you have to grovel a little bit?
situational I think..
Okay then, so if you sort of drifted, and didn't notice, you might be okay? Depending on how much of an ass you are about it?
10:51 AM
~confused as to what you mean
@Yann nothing is black and white. you might get kicked directly, you might get a warning. It depends
^ that
with that being said I think all regulars will be more on the watch for a while
grumble grumble unhappy about the whole thing. All of it.
Fair enough. Just not wanting to either aggravate drama or bug peeps.
I would just like to have my 2nd Monitor back.
10:54 AM
@RubberDuck I think we got it back...
at least I feel back at home here right now..
@RubberDuck What do you see that the difference is? (Not wanting to initiate ranting, just trying to understand what's happened)
Q: Implementation of WENO and ENO on Python

ilciavoThis question was been redirected, since it was addressed as a debugging question. I've found a Matlab implementations of WENO and ENO schemes by Jan S Hesthaven. I've translated them into Python and they produce the same results. Additionally, I found a WENO smoother, but this doesn't compute...

@Yann basically there was loads and loads of noise in here
@Vogel612 It might take another day, but we'll be fine.
and many regulars went to other chatrooms for being considerate
10:55 AM
The amount of noise got accelerated by a couple of new users. Some regulars (including me) got taken in with the flow.
Idk.... a lot of damage was done that can't easily be undone.
People make mistakes.
Welcome to the human race.
But really, if we all keep the bigger picture in mind, we'll be fine.
I thought the chat was a place for the noise to go, so it didn't build up on the main site and meta. I'd always thought that the topic was a rough guideline. I'm perfectly prepared to be wrong though.
I'm fine with killing the noise a bit, what I'm honestly still irked about was killing the on topic meta conversation yesterday.
@RubberDuck Yea, most agreed on that.
But something had to be done.
10:58 AM
@Mast agreed with that bit at least.
It wasn't perfect, but nobody knew the perfect solution.

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