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12:00 AM
There are 1368 unanswered questions (94.5186% answered)
Wooo under 1.4k unanswered
Does it matter? IMHO no, the askers need a fast answer. Anything taking more than let's say one week is usually too late.
@maaartinus ...Does what matter?
All right, I know you fools just got reloaded:
A: Sprite-Kit/Swift game

nhgrifYou've posted quite a lot of code, and as such, for now I'm going to focus simply on a big picture overview of your code (and its organization). This is the first thing that stands out to me is that you've got property declarations interspersed through all of your method declarations. Move all ...

@QPaysTaxes The unanswered count.
@nhgrif Ohh
12:13 AM
@QPaysTaxes The number of unanswered questions.
94.5% answered is probably a sign that we don't get enough questions.
@maaartinus But <1.4k unanswered is better than more
Few people are going without answers to their questions
I'd care about number of questions unanswered in the first 3 days, maybe.
Ooh that'd be a fun query
Number of questions posted in the last three days without answers
It really doesn't matter... we're well, well over whatever percentage SE sets as the benchmark for beta sites.
@QPaysTaxes No, number of questions where oldest answer post day is 72 hours after question post day or greater
12:15 AM
@nhgrif Ohh
Yeah, that'd be a bit harder, but also a neat stat
Not really.
Q: React Native iOS Bridge For Zoom In / Zoom Out functionality

WillObjective C Bridge // ZoomableImageViewManager.m // loaddocs // // Created by William Chu on 6/29/15. // Copyright (c) 2015 GoConvoy. All rights reserved. // #import "ZoomableImageViewManager.h" #import "RCTViewManager.h" #import "UIImageView+AFNetworking.h" @implementation ZoomableImageV...

Q: Is this C# attribute container a stupid idea?

user3002473I made this really simple "attribute container" class that allows you to store arbitrary data to an object at will, sorta like in python how you can just assign attributes to arbitrary objects, but in C#. My gut is telling me it's a terrible idea, but I just want to get a group onion. This is th...

It'd be a measure of how quickly we answer questions
Also, you'd want to include unanswered questions older than 3 days
But not unanswered questions less than 3 days old.
I was saying "not really" to "that'd be a bit harder"
Eh, I don't SQL
It seems like it'd be harder
12:18 AM
What's the post type ID for questions? 1?
And 2 = answers?
Or whatever it is
@QPaysTaxes Variables are your friends, my friend
@Phrancis Whatever you say
DECLARE @Answer INT = (SELECT Id FROM PostTypes WHERE Name = 'Answer')
No need to memorize IDs then
SEDE thinks there are 1411 unanswered questions older than 3 days, and just 1 unanswered question less than 3 days old...
@Duga thinks otherwise...
12:23 AM
Mind the SEDE data dumps happen only once a week
Sure, but I would expect @Duga to have a higher number than SEDE, not lower.
Well, either the query is wrong or the data is right
So the data is right.
Because I wrote the query...
I've seen a lot of zombie answers lately
So yes, I think it's reasonable to say the data is right
BBL, time to do stuffz
12:28 AM
Yay, reload
@SirPython Concerning our comments: IMHO "instance-mapping" is the right working and also the right solution.
@maaartinus It wouldn't be the right wording for my answer, as I did not use an actual Map.
So, two more votes here and I get a shiny, I think
Anyone up for lending a hand? ;)
@SirPython That's what I meant. I'd keep the wording and change the implementation. ;)
12:34 AM
@maaartinus I don't feel right doing that; I'm not the one who came up with that idea for an implementation. You can post your own answer if you'd like.
I've posted it already. Then let's forget it.
In the moderator agreement, it says: "I acknowledge that I may have access to potentially personally-identifying information about Code Review Stack Exchange users..." What "potentially personally-identifying information" is this talking about?
@SirPython Emails
Or Facebook, or whatever the user signed up with
Hm, yes, like I thought
12:48 AM
I was surprised to find out @Mat'sMug favourited two of my questions!
@Quill That's said, nobody loves me.
@maaartinus Hey, I favorited one of your questions
Ethan favorited a bunch of my questions
Still need one more vote here to get another Necro
I see there's a star on
Q: Modular arithmetic

maaartinusAs the name says, LongModulus is a pretty long (lengthy) class implementing modular arithmetic for a long modulus. As overflow is a problem, I implemented two subclasses, one for moduli not using the highest non-sign bit (i.e., smaller than \$2^{62}\$) and one for the others. The code uses Guava...

so the query is wrong...?
SEDE gets new data every sunday
Shit... it reads "postId", not "userId". My fault.
12:57 AM
How can I check how close I am to a tag badge?
Your profile?
Yeah, no duh
Click tags and then hover over the tag
There we go.
Except nope, doesn't work
Just shows the tag excerpt
Hover over the score, and you'll get
12:58 AM
Oh, wait, lemme clarify
Once you've passed all of the reputation levels
There's a pair of bars that show your progress towards a badge
Is there anything like that without getting more than 4k rep?
Or whatever the level is
I don't think so
You could use basic math though, and work it out :P
lol I'm a dumbass
1:00 AM
@Quill That's my line!
@Quill Where's this from?!
@QPaysTaxes I just wrote it, fixed font just came up while I was typing so I hit it
@Quill ...Nice
I thought you were using fixed font as a quote
> Instead of this
@QPaysTaxes I've got you
What keyboard combo is fixed font
1:02 AM
@maaartinus Mhm
I favorited it so I'd remember
Ooh I'm #1 in the weekly rep leagues
Q: Switch case statement based on ajax response

Jrags87Is there a way to combine the disabled, and deleted cases to the ajax done section, but still execute the default behavior if those cases fail? I use the checkUser function quite often and those cases are written multiple times; so it would be nice to only have to write it once. function che...

How can I find my query again?
1:09 AM
SQL looks like a fun language.
Ooh I'm getting sorta close to a Java badge
For some values of fun.
Just bronze, but that's alright, right?
(Incidentally, if anyone wants to upvote some of my Java answers...)
Hi, @hichris123
I have the minimum score for a php badge, but not enough answers
@Quill Dang, you write good answers
At this rate I'll get enough answers but not enough votes
1:15 AM
@QPaysTaxes The screenshot above is the hover over value for my php tag
> You must have a total score of 100 in at least 20 non-community wiki answers to achieve this badge.
Is that bronze?
I just pre-ordered Fallout 4 PipBoy Edition for Xbox 1, and I don't even have an Xbox 1
@QPaysTaxes I've just got add(long, long) working. ;)
1:16 AM
@maaartinus :D Nice!
@QPaysTaxes Hi again.
Q: JavaScript Image Slideshow

amylynn83I've created a JavaScript image slideshow, using only JavaScript (no jQuery). I want to become more familiar with JavaScript, which is why I didn't use jQuery. My four requirements were: 1.) It must work if JavaScript is disabled. 2.) It must be responsive. 3.) It cannot use jQuery. 4.) I...

That user updated their question and it got reopened, but we never welcomed them properly.
Unless I'm missing something.
@Hosch250 You're not
I upvoted
It's a pretty good question now
1:20 AM
So did it. It's +3 -3 :D
Nice work on the Swift question @nhgrif
While we're upvoting, I'm gonna whore out this answer of mine because it needs just one more upvote to earn me a silver shiny
What silver shiny???
1:32 AM
@janos, I updated this question to include a switch as well
> part of a Programmer's Toolbelt(TM)
I see. I don't like your answer enough to upvote it. The problem is that the original code is a mess... and the OP is concerned with efficiency BECAUSE OF A SPACE. :D
Also @QPaysTaxes, to put it into perspective, I have the same amount of answers as you, and one more question asked
@Quill ...wot
Also, looking at your zombie finder
I dare say... could you use a ternary
     if (tag.indexOf("-") == 0) {
      current = "-%5B" + tag.substring(1);
    } else {
      current = "%5B" + tag;
Did you look at the golfed code?
That extended version was ungolfed as far as it would go, because I wanted to make it super easy to debug
1:38 AM
current = (tag.indexOf("-") == 0 ? "-%5B" + tag.substring(1) : "%5B" + tag);
I know.
I could have, but that would have been less clear.
Never mind then :P
Q: Insert k copies of each element in ArrayList

cody.codesThis method takes an ArrayList of Strings s and an int k , then creates k copies of each element. I'm pretty new to ArrayLists; can you find any bugs in this code? Any suggestions for improvement would be most welcome! public static void copyStrings(ArrayList<String> s, int k) {         if (k <=...

Q: If/else in C++ calculation program.

UncleAlanAttempting to write a simple program for teacher. It is simply a program that calculates the average of all the grades entered by the teacher. However, I attempted to make it a little more complicated when the user inputs a number that is above 100, the computer would ask if it was extra credit. ...

@CaptainObvious Dis one is mine
SOmeone flagged a bunch of obsolete comments on a post, except for my obsolete comment... chicken..... ;-)
1:42 AM
@QPaysTaxes ewww double for loop
They're not missing a closing bracket, either
I know, I realized
The indentation is off
I'm answering now :D
(Please dun steel)
> can you find any bugs in this code?
@QPaysTaxes I cant do Java, but I'll try :P
@Quill Dangit
I made an edit
@Quill Your edit screwed up some formatting
1:45 AM
Side by side says it's up a line
You put ` around the "s" to make "String" plural
@Quill That's still perverted! Why to search for '-' when you want to know if the string starts with it?
Also, "int k" is meant to mimic how you declare variables in Java.
No, I put it around the s because it's a variable
It's not two separate things.
1:47 AM
Strings s
<string>s <s>
Well, whatever, I made it look better
How bout that
Much better :D
You've tagged this c++/c but I'm guessing you're just doing c++. What you'll want to do is create a class that inherits from std::iterator, that class will then define methods that describe how to walk your collection. See this link for more an example: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/74609/…. Notice how they embed an iterator class that extends the std::iterator class with knowledge of how to walk his specific container. — Walter Delevich 58 secs ago
@Q, is .remove(x) where x is an index position?
Yeah, I'm good, have the answer
Q: Mangling the words of a sentence

Snowhawk04Original Problem Statement [2015-06-22] Challenge #220 [Easy] Mangling sentences Problem Analysis Task: Given a sentence, mangle each word and output the result. Clarifications: Mangling will be defined as a word with its characters in case-insensitive order. The case of the original c...

@SirPython Nice work there
Afternoon everbody :D
2:01 AM
Afternoon @Mehrad, running for mod, elections started today
Thanks santa.
@Quill good job man... can see that you're climbing the success steps very fast :)
TTGTB. See you all later.
@CaptainObvious When does the Captain post a questions here? I've just posted a new question and he ignores me
Q: IntModulus long addition and subtraction

maaartinusOne of the remarks in this answer to my question concerning IntModulus says What's more problematic is that you don't have matching argument symmetry for add and subtract. You should have long versions of those. and the reason for this part missing is that I hoped to get something faster th...

@maaartinus He was looking for the missing sock
2:03 AM
@Mehrad Thanks, are you going to run for mod?
Q: IntModulus long addition and subtraction

maaartinusOne of the remarks in this answer to my question concerning IntModulus says What's more problematic is that you don't have matching argument symmetry for add and subtract. You should have long versions of those. and the reason for this part missing is that I hoped to get something faster th...

Thank you, mods, I'm done now.
@mjolka @Mehrad I think either/both of you would make good mods. What do you think?
I'm surprised running for mod doesn't show up in people's RSS feeds
oh well
Boy, the elections are really getting people to post answers.
1 flagged comment that needs to be handled.
I'm posting as many answers as I always do
2:07 AM
8 days of flags worth left (comment only) until I get the gold flag badge.
If I flag enough posts, it could be less.
I'm also 210/500 for the gold edit badge.
36 more flags and I get the silver one
@maaartinus ...Wait really?
Thanks :D
I've never won a bounty, I should try sometime.
I tried on SO on a question asking how to do something in CSS.
I've won three
All on CR
2:14 AM
All the answers said to do it in jQuery, and I explained how to do it in CSS, but I was just downvoted and the bounty said it wanted a way to do it in CSS, but it was given to a jQuery answer.
I don't remember if I deleted the answer - probably.
That's stupider than a redneck
There are 7 featured now, I should try again.
Yeah, you should
Well, this one is as good as won:
Q: Spell Corrector in C

syb0rgI recently stumbled across this article on how to write a spelling corrector, and figured I'd try to have a go at it in C (mainly because the link at the end of the page for the C code is broken). Here is what I would like reviewed: Accuracy: What can I do to make the program output a more acc...

@QPaysTaxes Concerning short names: Once we had `Math.pow` rather than `power`, there's no need to use the long version anymore. And lacking the possibility to write

a - b * c

for e.g. `BigInteger`, I'd really prefer




because of:

1. the longer the worse
2. sub/mul is exactly as clear as subtract/multiply. Everyone knows it.
2:18 AM
@maaartinus Ah, fair point. I forgot about using more than one per line.
That's it... long names lead to long lines pretty soon and there aren't many things as bad as broken lines.
I'm gonna strike that out
My comment about shift32 is still valid though
@QPaysTaxes No... let it be. It's a valid point, though you may have changed your mind.
Not in this context, it isn't
Sure... shift32 is in the part I haven't touched since.
2:23 AM
"This context" being a BigInteger-style library
Which is meant to be used like an int or something
Well... then maybe just add what we wrote now, so that it's clear you haven't missed this point, but just decided that it's fine.
Hmm, sure
How's that look?
2:28 AM
I still have one one-away. I may need just one or two more answers to finish off my tag badge.
One answer, then.
I have two of them
@Jamal That should give you it.
I daren't do any more.
2:34 AM
Anyone need the link the one vote short query?
@Jamal I'll take it
Dishes time.
2:36 AM
Thanks. I should get Necromancer from that.
Oh, I guess not. You can remove it if you wish.
I'm not on that list, you are quite a bit Q
I need one upvote here to get another Necro D:
I need two more here for my first necro
I'm not upvoting that
I've been told not to click blue buttons
@QPaysTaxes blue?
2:41 AM
Ah, I see
It's been upvoted for a while
I figured, as one sees their rep go up
...Holy crap
I'm about to cap again
It's not even midnight here
It's all Maaartinus' fault
two hours past utc midnight, nice work
2:46 AM
Actualy, @maaartinus what was your qualm with my point about asserts?

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