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Q: Refactor Node.js similar controller methods

Sam WithersThis is a controller from an Express app that lets users view and manage articles. There are at least a couple of issues I'd like to address... The program displays a list of articles in a sidebar that appears on each page. Right now, the app queries the database for article names, caches them, ...

Q: String to binary converter

Mr Pro PopI did research about binary counting, and wanted to make an application in Java that converts a string to binary code: /** * This class converts strings by looping through the characters, gets the * decimal code for each, then divides the number by 2 untill the quotient is 0 * * @author Mr...

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@matt: I have posted this question in codereview.stackexchange.com. — ArtBajji 16 secs ago
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Q: Checking if a Chess square is guarded

ArtBajjiI developed a Chess game using Swift. The heart of the engine is where I evaluate whether a square is protected enough for a move. I maintain an array of array of Chess pieces that attack any particular square after each move. Example: White to move. Please check the attached image. In this c...

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Q: Node.js: User model and DB insertion queries

OguntoyeI have written the following user model for an app I am working on to encapsulate some raw SQL queries and insert rows into a PostgreSQL database. I need some input on how I can refactor and extract to make this more modular, slim and dry. Also, I am thinking of returning the created DB object ...


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