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this question seems better suited to codereview.stackexchange.comjimmont 48 secs ago
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Q: Interactive Linux upgrade script - Follow-up #1

VlastimilOne year ago I asked for a yearly revision of my Interactive Linux upgrade script. There is nothing new to the conditions, therefore please read the original question before you decide to comment and / or vote to close as unclear. Additional notes: The script will always run interactively as ...

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Q: pythonic way of handling http status message and multilple returm

Rohit HaritashI am new to python. I have wriiten a function which call an api and do some processing. Please review the code and explain what is the right and pythonic way. def featch_storedetails(api_link, zone_id, latitude, longitude): """ :param api_link: :param zone_id: :param latitude: :param longitude...

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Q: https://timesnutrition.com/trim-pill-keto/

johin abraham22Trim Pill Keto Exercising plans to lose weight should be carried out with a selected plan of weight loss program. If people are running out and not ingesting well than this may show to be bad and in preference to dropping weight one may additionally grow to be extremely skinny and bad. So keeping...

Q: Is "How does this algorithm work?" a good question here?

Poream3387If I have a question about the algorithm that I can't understand the logic behind, how and where should I ask the question?

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This seems off-topic for Stack Overflow. A better place to ask this kind of question is codereview.stackexchange.com. — mzjn 14 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by Reinderien on question by Rohit Haritash: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/207851/revisions
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Reviewing working code is off-topic for Stack Overflow, the question belongs on Code Reviewgreg-449 18 secs ago
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Q: Stroke Algorithm in python

Aries_is_thereHere is my next Numpy practice, I am not sure is it more accurate to call it "Stroke Algorithm" or "Draw edge stuff", xD. Anyway I did in steps: calculate each pixel's RGB absolute distance to pixels on its right and down side, the distance is simple measured by absolute different in each col...

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Q: Assigning 2 keybinds on Autohotkey script in order to stop it

Yes man#NoEnv SendMode Input ~x:: if (GetKeyState("x", "T")) { Send {RButton down} sleep 100 Send {lshift down} Sleep 100 Send {Ctrl down} sleep 100 Send, {lshift up} sleep 100 } else { Sleep, 100 Send, {RButton up} Send, {Ctrl up} } return How do I make it after the script is enabled with "x", if I p...

When looking for improvement of already working code you should better ask at SE Code Review. To ensure yourself that your code works as intended write appropriate unit tests. — πάντα ῥεῖ 58 secs ago
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Although you might get some responses here, Stack Exchange has a site specifically for this, where you will probably get a better result: codereview.stackexchange.comsellotape 11 secs ago
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Hi, you might have more luck posting this on codereview.stackexchange.com. — georg 21 secs ago
Q: Is the structure of my C# code and my way of thinking right?

Emanuel de JongI'm a first year student at a college that focuses heavily on self learning (SCRUM) without any classical lessons. Because of this, I basically learned everything I know from websites like this. I don't wan't to get any bad habits or wrong understandings. So, is this code any good? I'm not lookin...

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Q: Generate songs from random lyrics

Esmail EL BoBI'm new at JS and I want know if my code look like pro or not. It generates random words and generates songs with this words. // This Function For The Random Array List (Random Words) let mainJS = function(ed, eminem) { let randomwords = [ "I'm professional programmer", "Noobest programmer y...

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Q: Python Project (Hangman Game) feedback

JonasThis is one of my first programmes which I had written (definitely first over 100 lines) and I could really use some feedback. import time import getpass import random def invalid(): print("") print("INVALID INPUT") time.sleep(sec) def play_game(secret,sec): #the actual game de...

Q: Boolean Expression generator and evaluator using Object Orient Programing (Python)

DemiheroI have been trying to get a handle on object-oriented programming and was recommended to try and create a boolean evaluator using these principles. My code currently can build an expression, print out a more human-readable version, generate a truth table, and check if the created statement is a t...


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