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RELOAD! There are 4066 unanswered questions (91.0018% answered)
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@Duga Almost below 91%.
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What happened?
grumbles something about Cisco ASAs being painful to get working proper
@ThomasWard That's a lie.
@RubberDuck You, Mat's, and a few others stopped answering.
@EBrown from scratch configs with many VLANs and the thing not liking traversal of icmp/udp packets in general.
because it 'can't find the egress interface' for the NAT
even though it's explicitly defined
@ThomasWard User error. :) I've never met an ASA I couldn't beat into submission.
@EBrown considering it's a brand new ASA 5505 with an ancient software set
i'd challenge you to make this work >.>
12:32 AM
Usually I threaten it with a screwdriver. Everyone always goes for a hammer but that's like shooting someone in the head.
and by 'brand new' I mean I had to nuke it recently, from the console
@ThomasWard $25 and I'll do it.
@EBrown I'd rather spend my $25 as entry fee to the place I go to to relax as a guy. (Secret location is secret)
I don't think you understand, I'm literally almost at my CCNA ROUTE, and I'll probably have that and my CCNA SECURITY by the end of the year.
@EBrown oh, nice. I still prefer pfSense, it's about 50 times more rapid in deployment :P
plus I don't have to spend out the ass just to get all the features I need. (Cisco dropped the ball wrt Security Plus Bundle keys...)
TL;DR, we use Cisco equipment at work
and I'm kinda the 'backup' systems admin guy
so i need to learn the Cisco stuff one way or another, CCNA or hands-on-learning both being viable options.
the switches are easier to config than the ASA xD
(since ASA 5505 Base license doesn't give any trunk ports at all, and no DMZ)
@EBrown I do have the ASA here configured to the point I could deploy it
12:35 AM
@ThomasWard I have a 5520.
but without a service license agreement to get the updated firmware and stuff, it's insecure to stick on the net.
@EBrown yeah the 5520 is good. I have a 5505 :P
5520 base license in the bundles gives a lot of useful things, and i think two trunks?
I forget, I CBA to be bothered, my primary infra is pfSense based
Cisco switches, though, I like those.
I use pfSense behind the ASA.
@EBrown heheh. I use Snort + pfBlockerNG + pfSense at the border of my network
and that actually scans as 'more secure' than this ASA according to Nessus Home lol
ASA -> pfSense -> Windows Server Firewall -> ROUTE1 -> ROUTE2 -> ROUTE3 -> SW1
12:37 AM
Only because it seems like fun.
@EBrown ERROR: Overcomplicated routing, selfdestruction of networking in progress
@EBrown I can understand ASA -> pfSense, and vice versa
@ThomasWard My home network is my lab.
the demonic network behind the ASA at work is actually on a network behind a pfSense
@EBrown what's the ASA you have called (hostname + domain)? Mine's named gatekeeper.daemonheim which is because it's the gateway to the demonic chaos network environment that shouldn't touch the real network directly lol. (Daemonheim is a reference to a cursed/corrupted dungeon-riddled environment in Runescape)
@EBrown fun, that's my home apartment network as well, but a dedicated VLAN segment or two.
@ThomasWard firewall1.local
next task: IPSec tunnel between my pfSense and this ASA which I will probably stick at the border of my parents' crappy Internet, right behind the Comcast modem/gateway combo xD
@EBrown CISCO dropped the ball with regards to the Security Plus Bundle that gives a lot of license power for things, and unlimited hosts and AnyConnect with this ASA, so they at least gave me a Security Plus plain license for zero-cost because of their screwup.
I really wanted the 'full bundle' though. maybe their tech people'll catch up :P
@EBrown ah, I like more 'fun' names lol.
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@ThomasWard I use the RRAS VPN solution, and forward the appropriate ports through the ASA and pfSense.
One day I'll get a 5585.
But that's $38,000.00 away.
@EBrown FWIW, I had to figure out a way to get ASDM to run in Linux lol.
that was and still is not fun xD
@EBrown I didn't stop... just stopped answering every day.
@RubberDuck That's fair, I don't answer a lot anymore.
12:55 AM
Review queue could use a little attention if you guys have a minute.
@RubberDuck I guess I do, but I suck at review queues.
That's why I stay out of them. Lmao
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Q: Swift - Extensive use of exception for database wrapper

SkrewEverythingMy favourite programming language is Java and I usually use JDBC for database operations. I'm using Swift for one of my projects and I should use a database. The problem is SQLite is only available in C. But I'm not comfortable with C due to its naming conventions and lack of documentation (when...

@CaptainObvious That had an edit from me and then from Jamal before it even hit here lol
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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this might be appropriate for Code Review, but certainly not appropriate for here. — Ken Y-N 9 secs ago
@KenY-N: It's not appropriate for CR either, because the code is not here, in the post itself. This is not a site for Please go to my project page, download my code, review it, and let me know what you think questions. To the poster: Please spend some time taking the tour and reading through the help center pages, particularly What topics can I ask about here? and How to Ask. — Ken White 45 secs ago
when SO users FGITW you at slapping bad CR recommendations
2:19 AM
Q: Flexible TCP socket framework

HardLuckI'm working on a flexible socket framework and trying to polish it so it's actually something usable in further development. Would really appreciate any critique, also I’m really interested whether I’m using cancellation tokens correctly on client (will use them on server later as well). This is ...

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Q: print inverse right angle using recursion

FurqanI wrote a program to print the following pattern using recursion to hands on recursion and my output is perfect but I want to know another and the most optimized approach for this. This is the sample output of my program if we insert n = 5 54321 4321 321 21 1 public class JavaApplication2 {...

Q: Getting the math right for a Hidden Markov Model in Java

ToastyIn an effort to learn and use hidden markov models, I am writing my own code to implement them. I am using this wiki article to help with my work. I do not wish to resort to pre-written libraries, because I have found I can achieve a better understanding if I write it myself. And no, this isn't a...

Q: Adjacency List representation of Graph using array versus Hashmap

TommyIs it better to use an array or hashmap to store the graph? I'm not sure which is more efficient way to store the nodes of the graph. I like the hashmap better because it seems more flexible. "Is it better to use an array or hashmap to store the graph? I'm not sure which is more efficient way t...

3:25 AM
Q: The Atbash Cipher

SylvooI am doing some exercises in C# and I have just finished writing my own implementation of the atbash cipher, here is the code: public class AtbashCipher { private string _plain = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"; private string _cipher = "zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba"; private readonly str...

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Thanks for your reply@42,i did not intend for a code review, but excuse me for missing the "Duration" instead of "Time" as i was trying to format the object in a way that can be easily understood. I will appreciate if you will take a look of the problem again. — henriquejosee 29 secs ago
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Q: Javascript - Which is faster?

Logan WayneI'm quite fond of jQuery, and I'm trying to learn AngularJS right now. Which is faster from the two codes below: jQuery: <input type="text" id="name"> <p></p> <script> $("#name").keyup(function(){ var inp = $(this).val(); $("p").text(inp); }) </script> AngularJS: <d...

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Q: simple virtual machine in C

NergalI've been learning about compiled and interpreted languages. I decided to start somewhere by writing a virtual machine designed for a C-like language. I already plan to add other features like a callstack for procedures and memory addressing for the stack and callstack. I'm already planning to g...

Q: Java8: clean method code

Eugene G. UstimenkoIs there any way to clean code with Optional or something else? public Token getValidUserToken(User user) { final Optional<Token> token = tokenRepository.getTokenByUser(user.getEmail()); Token result; if (token.isPresent()) { result = token.get(); if (result.isExpired...

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Working code should be posted to codereview.stackexchange.com. Overflow is strictly for programming help. — Alexander Reynolds 32 secs ago
6:12 AM
@RubberDuck congrats for the c# gold badge!
6:25 AM
For code review please use codereview.stackexchange.comSagar 50 secs ago
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Q: Pascal's triangles in python

James LiI saw this code to print Pascal triangle: L=[1] while True: yield L L = [1] + [ L[x-1] + L[x] for x in range(1,len(L)) ] + [1] It works fine, but I couldn't figure out how it works. Could anyone please help?

I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this is better suited for codereview.stackexchange.com — FrankerZ 12 secs ago
7:22 AM
Q: Best way to check types from a list in perl

Patrick85i created a function in perl to check the types from a list and also check the keys inside an dictionary. I have the following data: [ dict(name='Frank', tags=['dog', 'cat']), dict(name='Manfred', tags=['cat', 'chicken']) ] My function looks so: def _validate_data(self, data): if ...

7:35 AM
@Matt: you should take a look at the non-sieve answers. The classical mistake is to loop to n/2, whereas you only have to loop to sqrt(n) (included) because you would have found any divisors then if there were some. For the 3 and 5 that sounds strange. Look at all the links and check on codereview too (maybe your question is a duplicate of a codereview question too) — Jean-François Fabre just now
Q: Rxjs websocket connection retry

CedI would like some critics about the way I used Rxjs here. I made a websocket service that is a wrapper around SocketJs. The gist of said service is this: an user can send something to the backend, this is called an Action in my code, then when the backend answers this is called a Reaction. So f...

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Q: Is there a better way to Write this Code? ( Joomla Template PHP Header )

YoKoGFX is there a better way to write this Code, because there are many things in the Header and maybe there is a better way to write something or maybe it contians bugs I oversaw... :) Details: This Code is the Header of the index.php file and has to run on PHP 7.1 and Joomla 3.7.2. The Website it ru...

Q: TapeEquilibrium Java Implentation

ayush mittalA non-empty zero-indexed array A consisting of N integers is given. Array A represents numbers on a tape. Any integer P, such that 0 < P < N, splits this tape into two non-empty parts: A[0], A[1], ..., A[P − 1] and A[P], A[P + 1], ..., A[N − 1]. The difference between the two parts is the value...

8:18 AM
Q: BIOS Video Service INT 10H [Functions 9 & 13H] functionality

Shift_LeftOn the way to protected or long modes, real mode code needs to provide a lot of visual feedback. Video services INT 10H provide this functionality, but lack fluidity. This algorithm provides Write character and attribute AH = 9 and Write string AH = 13H functionality, reading NULL terminated stri...

8:39 AM
As you have code that is functional but you are interested in improving performance, this question might be best asked at codereview.stackexchange.comCarrosive 32 secs ago
8:54 AM
Heyho guys, quick question for helping for a variable name.
I'm currently implementing a string-search algorithm (Knuth Morris Pratt) for practice and am really friggin struggling finding an appropriate name for a variable. You have a pattern (a String) that you look for in a text (also a String). The variable I'm trying to name is the variable that contains the index of the text where I'm currently trying to match the first character of the pattern with the text. Short and concise names have been eluding me now for roughly half an hour and something better than "firstMatchedTextIndex" just
Naming is frigging hard
Maybe it's just a logic bug in your loop. Seems like your if ... else loops over all records and manipulates that nowPerson.data array and writes it. (Code is hard to understand and would not survive a code review.) Get rid of if...else, do that if part first, end the loop and when you found what you are looking for, then write that file.... — CFrei 41 secs ago
9:07 AM
Q: Find all occurrences of all permutations of a shorter string within a longer string in Javascript

se77enInput is two strings, the first string being the long string and the second smaller string being the permuted string. The output should return the starting indices of all occurrences as well as the permutation of the substring in the longer string. Case 1) permutationsInString('abcdcbadefbac',...

9:25 AM
@Isofruit In what language?
@Mast this one in java
Btw. imo it's absolutely fascinating how one of the hardest things in programming seems to be finding short, accurate, precise and easy-to-understand names for variables.
@Isofruit In that case I'd just go with firstMatchedTextIndex if that indeed fits the bill. A longer descriptive name is better than a short non-descriptive one.
Besides, it's Java.
Meaning the verbosity makes it easier to understand anyway?
No, it's verbose anyway.
@Mast Out of curiosity, what's your opinion on type-safety? Recently started learning a bit of python for my studies and I found the code-readability fairly good. The only thing that really annoyed me was the fact that variable types were never declared, which made me feel like I now needed to keep variable types in the back of my head instead of being able to read them.
9:32 AM
print(type(variable_foo)) is your friend :-)
Yes, you got to keep track. No, it's not at hard as it may seem.
Just don't start casting around your variable a lot.
That would be bad to keep track of.
@Mast Maybe because I'm so used to the "kiddy wheels" that java provides so much I'm feeling more uncertain about this. I just feel like bugs due to e.g. methods being used with object types they weren't meant to be used with might cause (in worst case undetectable) problems.
You can post your code in htpp://codereview.stackexchange.com so that people there can advice you for optimization — Swellar 27 secs ago
Q: Best Practice to store JWT in Client side and put token in all the future request

RohithI have started using NodeJS with Express JS and PassportJS & JWT for User Authentication. I am able to authenticate the user and generate JWT Token. I am using Bootstrap for my front-end. By using Postman I am able to get the token and put it in the next request header and it is working fine. B...

9:58 AM
You would probably get better answers on CodeReview.SE. — Nisarg Shah 27 secs ago
@Isofruit the question of type-safety translates directly into one of compilation vs interpretation...
and I'm all for compiled languages for bigger projects.
for the one-off-script an interpreted language is good enough...
This site is not for code reviews, it is for specific questions. You may be surprised but the code review site is for code reviews. — Maarten Bodewes 31 secs ago
10:28 AM
@Isofruit You can use typing to give non-enforced type hints. I've only messed around with them a little bit, and when I asked a question which included them I got the advice of not to use them...
So I don't really know how great they are, ;P
I'm usually stuck with Python 2, so I type the old-fashioned way.
Q: Digital signing XML message using Java

johnny_hWe have an unsupported application at my place of work which digitally signs XML messages using a certificate from a keystore that we want to replace. Im attempting to write a replacement application using Java however when I sign the XML, the generated digital signatures between both the existin...

Q: Member variable in generic abstract base class?

Siddharth TrikhaI have a hierarchical data model and am trying to implement their CRUD operations in my Web Application. Currently I have code inheritance for CRUD operations of my entities (resources) as follows: I have implemented the Template design pattern with a generic base class and implementing classes...

Just use the type which makes most sense and it usually goes well.
@Mast TBF almost everything subclasses or interfaces the basic data types, so it's not like there's too much to remember. :)
@Peilonrayz I'm not really deep into it, barely learned to code methods and classes in it and do a bit of biopython. Just noticed when I first thought making a larger exercise in it that it'd be a pain to keep in mind how to properly use the methods and not have the IDE remind me that the variables don't fit it.
But yeah, might take a look at it for the future.
10:44 AM
Why do OPs accept some answers so fast ? It seems like they don't even want to see what other improvements (perhaps better solutions) are out there
@Peilonrayz Yup.
@MrGrj Some of the users at SO get touchy if you don't accept within a day.
Might be related.
@Mast It might..
Q: Regex to DFA parser in Dart

Qwerp-Derp I've created a Regex to DFA parser, using Thompson's construction algorithm and epsilon-reduction. Here is the code: builtins.dart: bool setEquals(Set a, Set b) { List temp_a = a.toList(); List temp_b = b.toList(); return listEquals(temp_a, temp_b); } bool listEquals(List a, List b) {...

Q: Reduce amount of Specific Javascript Functions

Ryan PotterI have a really bad habit at the moment with writing global specific functions to handle data and feel like I could reduce my work load by stop copying the same. Basically I have a registration form that performs in line validation and didn't want to use an external library like jQuery Validate....

11:31 AM
Q: Mask latitude text filed

askhatI have an input element on one of the pages. This input is supposed to take a string of digits from a user. In order to enhance UX I'd like to mask input's value at any given time. Like so: What came up with as a solutinon is following piece of code: (function () { var input = document.getE...

Q: optimize php. taking too long in execution

SaMeErI have script which is doing too many stuff when it gets execute and result is user has to wait until response.I am doing some heavy things inside like : Inserting record Check for settings Sending sms based on settings (using smsgateway) generating notification (locally and using FCM) these...

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This question is more suitable for Code Reviewgp_sflover 49 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by jean on question by jean: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/166702/revisions
12:12 PM
I found a kindred spirit.
@Heslacher Thanks buddy!
possible answer invalidation by jean on question by jean: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/166702/revisions
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possible answer invalidation by jean on question by jean: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/166702/revisions
possible answer invalidation by EBrown on question by EBrown: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/166785/revisions
@Duga @RubberDuck Care to check this one? It shouldn't be considered invalidation as I'm just adding a test-case.
12:43 PM
Also if you are seeking for a code review, ask the question on Code Review, read their FAQ first. — Bhargav Rao ♦ 34 secs ago
Looks like a good edit to me @EBrown
Thanks. :)
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The code works, which is the most important thing for a beginner. If you're interested in a detailed code review, then you should post a question on codereview.stackexchange.com — Jim Mischel 26 secs ago
This might be better suited for codereview.stackexchange.comHåken Lid 47 secs ago
1:35 PM
Q: Puzzle game solver via Backtracking

flawrI'm relatively new to Haskell and I'd like to get feedback on the style of my program. Specifically: Coding Style: Can any parts be written in a more concise or more readable way? Misuse: Are there any parts that are generally should be avoided, or any typical beginner mistakes? (Basically th...

moving forward post your porgram in codereview.stackexchange.com and get it reviewed. — codespawner 27 secs ago
Q: Find the Thief - Coding Challenge - JavaScript Implementation (FIXED)

Tommy YamakaitisAbout a week ago (maybe less), I posted this and I didn't really have a 100% full-proof working implementation, but I think I have got it now. First of all, here is the coding / algorithm challenge question: Assume there is a thief hiding in a line of caves. Every day the thief will move eit...

2:42 PM
@BrunoFacca You're right that there isn't a huge difference here. I like this approach because the parameterized example groups are more declarative. It seems like these tests are part of a larger suite that's designed in such a way that's forced your hand a bit (ergo object instead of subject). You might want to post a larger section of your code at Code Review Stack Exchange and see if they have any tips. — Jordan Running 16 secs ago
So your code works, you just want to find a better way of implementing it? Might want to try: codereview.stackexchange.comJavia1492 6 secs ago
Q: Allocation and reallocation of memory

SamuelI am programming a parallel tree algorithm where I have to send data to other processors. The amount of data is not constant. Therefore I have to work with dynamic arrays using malloc() and realloc(). Since I am new to C I wondered if I am doing it right. I do not get any error. But I think that ...

Q: Altering item/string in a Python for loop

Matt D.Here is a minimum viable example in python for altering string values in a for loop. After the changes, it assigns the result to a new list. This code behaves as expected. I am wondering if there is some fine detail in python that I am treading on that will cause me unforseen problems. In the...

Q: ESLint rule for Jasmine/Protractor

alecxe In Protractor, Jasmine expectations are patched to resolve WebDriver promises implicitly. For instance, if you need to assert a count of certain elements, you can use count() method (which returns a promise) directly: expect($$(".myclass").count()).toEqual(5); But, newcomers to...

What do you think is wrong with your code? Consider asking the question on Code Review. — PeterMader 1 min ago
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Q: Very frequent information transfer from CPU -> GPU -> CPU (memory leak)

khaverimI have a pretty large C++ application (https://github.com/khavernathy/mcmd) in which I've utilized CUDA for faster runtime. This code (and the whole program) works fine. It is only that after a certain about of time (e.g., 1,000,000 iterations of this function), I consume all memory I have. It i...

Q: Create basic GUI inputting and display pet name / age / type, where am I going wrong?

Saiimport javax.swing.JOptionPane; public class pet { public static void main(String[] args) { String strInput; pet box = new pet(); strInput = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter pet's name "); box.setName(strInput); strInput = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter type of pet "); box.setType(str...

Q: Binary values in hexidecimal notation written directly to video memory

Shift_LeftIn X86 Legacy boot loader prologue the first seven instructions preserve the state of the 8 general purpose and 6 segment registers. This is where they are displayed, right justified without leading zeros. Most often you'll see this kind of thing formulated as an ASCII string, then displayed with...

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possible answer invalidation by Steve R on question by Steve R: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/166780/revisions
3:53 PM
If the code works, and you're just looking to mainly make it more efficient, then I suggest instead posting this to CodeReview instead. That being said, at the very least, you should always avoid using .Select/.Activate. — BruceWayne 43 secs ago
Q: Optimisation on array

Mayank ThakurThe problem is given an arrray A with N number of elements, for each element i (1<=i<=N), find x + y, where x is the largest number less than i such that A[x] > A[i] and y is the smallest number greater than i such that A[y] > A[i]. If there is no x < i where A[x]>A[i], x=-1, similarly If there...

Q: Extraction of mutational data from large files in R

SajberI previously published an article on a new method for analysing RNA-seq data as part of my PhD studies, and I'm now working on making this into an R package. I don't come from a programming background, so this is quite challenging and, thankfully, both fun as well as rewarding. There was a part o...

4:33 PM
Q: Skiena's DFS on unweighted graphs, in Python 3, with adjacency-list implementation

LiavKIn the Algorithm Design Manual (2nd ed) pp 172 - 173, Skiena writes: As algorithm design paradigms go, a depth-first search isn't particularly intimidating. It is surprisingly subtle, however meaning that its correctness requires getting details right... In undirected graphs, each e...

Q: Select highest and second highest values

Yuan Cheni've written a procedure to where it selects the first and second highest values not already selected (as designated by previous highlights of green and yellow). The first highest ignores anything already highlighted in green or yellow and selects the highest value. The second highest value ignor...

Q: Summing Pieces - Hackerrank Problem (Domain - Dynamic programming)

Ayush MishraI was trying to implement the solution of the above mentioned problem but I am passing only 4 T.C's while res are eith WA's or TLE or segmentation fault (generally for input of orde 1e6); problem link : here Here is my code : #include<bits/stdc++.h> #define sync ios::sync_with_stdio(false) #d...

4:50 PM
possible answer invalidation by Samuel on question by Samuel: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/166874/revisions
5:19 PM
Q: Data Access Object Pattern

Dikong Prigmi'm trying to implement a layered application to my solution. Basically, this is just a simple n layered architecture which include the Database layer where all my SQL go, the Data Transfer Object which is just an anemic class that doesn't contain any validation which i use just to move objects a...

@DanLyons Not sure why, but here, have a star
heh, you could have said //todo star
5:34 PM
Q: Optimizing moment.js for thousands of date conversions

szierI have a very large list of users (a Mongo Collection with roughly +4000 users). Each user belongs to a site. On the client-side I need to loop over both the sites and users to get completed and incomplete counts between a startDate and endDate. This logic must take place on the client-side. ...

5:47 PM
// TODO: Monking
6:22 PM
// TODO: Monkleanup
/TODO: Fix the stupid mess that is UML Use Case Diagrams ...
@Vogel612 Is UML still used in 2017 ? You poor humans
I made three (more or less) nonsensical UML diagrams today. ..
@Vogel612 And you're still alive. You, dear monkey, have my respect!
Q: Turn XML into Object

AoradonI've got a working program that turns XML into a XmlObject. The object can then be accessed using getName(), getValue(), and getChild(). The code works but I'm looking for recommendations. I couldn't find anything built into c# that creates an object from XML. I'm currently learning by doing game...

6:25 PM
University assignments are stupid ..
Why do I consistently have problems with Visual Studio?
@EBrown oh, oh! Problems are fun. Visual Studio is not
possible answer invalidation by Mat's Mug on question by Yuan Chen: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/166894/revisions
This is not code review, but I have to bring up a few points. Please do not use inline styles. styling every element will make it a horrible experience editing anything in the future. Here is what I have for you though. codepen.io/CapySloth/pen/gRooarKanstantsin Arlouski 37 secs ago
6:43 PM
Q: getline function not working properly

Tushar VatsalI tried to read 'fullname' variable via getline function in my code given below. This loop runs three times but after first iteration it is not asking for input for variable 'fullname'. I also checked that fullname is assigned '\0' after first iteration. But when I introduced cin.ignore(), it is ...

Q: Opinions on a C# codebase

Igor Ribeirothese days I was participating in a job selection process and one of the tasks I was asked to do was to develop a take home pay application to let users to calculate their paycheks based on their location. Today I received the feedback, and it stated that: Taxes poorly factored; Low OO knowledg...

Q: deep_ptr<T>; a header-only, value semantic smart pointer for optionally defined types

TomA couple days ago I posted a similar question here. Since then, I have refined the implementation a bit further, as the solution I had previously posited was a bit off target. To repeat my problem statement: Motivation: I found myself with class members of forward declared types in a header, ...

@EBrown What kind of problems?
@EthanBierlein Some crappy error that pops up periodically on my work install that blocks me from making any edits to a file.
That sounds incredibly annoying.
It is...
Visual Studio 2017 is pretty damn solid so far
6:58 PM
Wait, when did VS2017 get released?
Have I been living under a rock or something?
@EthanBierlein Yes you have
Don't know when, a few months ago?
7:17 PM
Q: Referencing subquery in MYSQL

MichaelI am doing a hacker rank MySQL problem (full description here). My query is supposed to get a list of hacker_id, hacker name, and # of challenges completed by that hacker, excluding those who have completed the same number of challenges as another hacker except if they are tied for first place, s...

Q: PyCryptoScraper to scrape currency rates

Patrick85Hello everybody i created a PyCryptoScraper script to scrape crypto-currencies fromCoingecko. Now i want to know if you could give me some hints or improvements for my script. The script works fine. I want your opinion to improve my coding skills ;) Thank you in advance The hole code also can ...


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