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12:31 AM
@Duga Denis Micheal is getting to be pain with their edits.
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ ^^^
I have rejected a number of their edits/
@pacmaninbw FWIW if you see a general negative pattern you can flag. We will discuss the situation in the 1st.
We will discuss such flags in the 1st*
12:52 AM
@pacmaninbw Yeah, I can see why
1:12 AM
REFRESH! There are 6797 unanswered questions (91.2082 answered)
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5:46 AM
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9:22 AM
@Mast @SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ How do sites deal with cross-site duplicates?
Not related to Code Review in this case, but figured I could ask you if it's something that should be flagged for moderator attention?
it's been too long since I was a mod :)
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11:39 AM
Q: Todo application using Spring Boot 3, Dockerized Postgres, Java 17, Maven

J.OlufsenI'd like to have code review for backend of todo app. It has 2 main functionalities: Authentication and authorization using Spring Security and JWT token. CRUD for tasks In particular I'd like to focus on code quality and database design. https://github.com/redshift-7/todo-app REST controller...

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1:15 PM
@SimonForsberg IIRC cross posts are frowned upon, but unless the post is off-topic not disallowed.
You can probably find a bunch of LaTeX dups between SO and LaTeX because IIRC LaTeX didn't split off from SO for a while. Unlike SU, U&L, etc
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3:16 PM
If in a company there're strict (== normal for me) coding rules, scattered magic 0s, 1s, ""s across the code are prohibited, especially people use automatic code reviews or reviews by external code review teams, while constants or enum entries are okay. EMPTY is readable enough (imported from org.apache.commons.lang3.StringUtils.EMPTY) if there is no support for it in JVM languages — Alexander Petrovskiy 15 secs ago
3:44 PM
@SimonForsberg We don't.
I tend to leave a comment like you did when they do it SO <-> CR, but there's no mod action involved.
4:24 PM
How does one flag an edit for moderator attention?
One that isn't SPAM, but by a user that continues to make bad edits.
@pacmaninbw flag any post. Preferably one of the posts with a bad edit.
Comment flags are inferior to post flags, so just don't use comment flags.
4:46 PM
Flag the post and make the most out of the characters provided.
5:04 PM
Thank you.
If more context is required, you could even link towards a chat message where you have way more characters available. Could be this chat, or a chat room you created yourself... I've cheated a lot of character counts :-)
Now, moderators between sites can cheat by putting everything in Teachers Lounge which is mod-only and thus a secure channel. So that does make it much easier...
@Mast Is that really cheating?
@Mast We can also make private rooms. Vogel made one for me when I made a rather lengthy report.
@pacmaninbw You're supposed to keep the message shorter than the maximum character count. But it's using a channel for moderators for moderation purposes, so, not really.
@Phroggie Yup. I've been invited to at least one of those when Mat required additional context.
5:27 PM
@pacmaninbw Are you familiar with side-by-side markdown view?
I find it a very effective tool for reviewing edits.
First SO question in four years.
Q: Emitting on upstream flow inside onSubscription is not collected - despite what documentation says

Simon ForsbergThe documentation for SharedFlow<T>.onSubscription says: (emphasis mine) Returns a flow that invokes the given action after this shared flow starts to be collected (after the subscription is registered). The action is called before any value is emitted from the upstream flow to this subscription...

5:55 PM
@SimonForsberg I added an auto-comment to my list, and altered it last week:
Nov 22, 2022 at 23:17, by Duga
Since the question is now posted on CR please delete the question here. cross-posting is frowned upon. — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ just now
@Mast Side by side is generally how I view the edits.
6:11 PM
If your code works, and you want suggestions on improving it, try codereview.stackexchange.com. — Chris 42 secs ago
@Chris I'll try asking on Code Review Stack Exchange — Aliaksei Badnarchuk 50 secs ago
6:37 PM
@pacmaninbw They won't be for about 7 days.
6:54 PM
Checking if a number is prime in NASM Win64 Assembly on codereview has a working prime-test loop. — Peter Cordes 10 secs ago
7:17 PM
7:46 PM
Q: C++ printing library with templates

DorukI was mad C++ did not have support for printing containers. I also could not find a header only library for printing containers so I decided to make my own. My goals were: 1) practicing templates 2) learn how to make a small library. I would also be very happy if some people found this useful and...

Q: Finding the longest path on a grid with obstacles from the top to the bottom

Aliaksei BadnarchukI have a rectangle of . (platforms) and # (obstacles). I can start at any platform in the top row and go to the left, right or down to another platform. I cannot visit a platform twice. I need to find the longest path from the top row to the bottom row. Example input: #.....#... #......... ..#.....

TIL when you go from dual boot to single boot you have to use bcdboot C:\windows /s C: /f UEFI to make your Windows system bootable...
Dualboot always gave me problems when I hadn't exited Windows in just the right way. Would claim the entire drive.
Yeah Windows suspends to disk... so you get mad data loss when dual booting and sharing NTFS drives. I've completely given up with dual booting. I've had two PCs for a while now, a Windows and Linux one... I've just finally gotten around to removing the extra Linux OS on my Windows box which held Windows boot manager for some reason...
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9:42 PM
Q: Raspi5 Throws "mmap of gpio registers failed" with pwm fan script

sellembasically the title. the following code import RPi.GPIO as GPIO import time import subprocess GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BCM) GPIO.setwarnings(False) GPIO.setup(14, GPIO.OUT) GPIO.output(14,True)``` throws ```Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/marcelmedia/FanProportional.py"


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