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Q: Adding a new class property == new API version?

taylorswiftfanI have the following code: public class Car { public int numberOfWheels { get; set; } public string colour { get; set; } public Car(int numberOfWheels, string colour) { this.numberOfWheels = numberOfWheels; this.colour = colour; } } [Route("/")] public class ...

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Q: Multiple services with common code that gets a map and sets objects' prop using the map data

JamesI have the following service class: @Service @RequiredArgsConstructor public class AutoVendorNameService { // client of a 3rd party web service private final AutoClient autoClient; public void setAutoVendorName(ReportCars cars) { // autoVendorNamesById: ca...

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This question would be better on codereview.stackexchange.comthethiny 8 secs ago
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There is much here that is inefficient, inelegant, or wrong, but if the code works you should post this on Code ReviewTangentially Perpendicular 17 secs ago
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