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2:03 AM
A: 2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

nhgrifCode Review has approximately at 15-to-1 upvote-to-downvote ratio, nearly double Stack Overflow's approximate 8-to-1 ratio. As a moderator, you'll be regularly viewing the worst of the worst posts made to Code Review. Do you consider up and down voting of a moderation tool at all? Do you think...

Some of the moderator candidates have downright alarming upvote-to-downvote ratios by the way...
@Mat'sMug ... 41-to-1 upvote-to-downvote ratio.
downright alarming?
It's on your profile.
yeah, so?
You get your ratio with basic math.
I know how to calculate a ratio
2:06 AM
I was telling @QPaysTaxes who was asking..
There's a SEDE query, if you're so inclined
@nhgrif ah, just saw that. can't wait to answer it :)
I tried to make the question as neutral as possible.
good job
I just looked at my vote ratio. I probably don't upvote enough...
But as a site, we definitely don't downvote enough.
2:08 AM
would you consider Eric Lippert's upvote-to-downvote ratio alarming?
1 (accidental) to ^^
2:09 AM
I tend to not downvote on brand-new-users because -5- and a closed post feels unwelcoming.
For a regular user just browsing new posts, I think +10/-1 is a decent ratio.
But, I do DV bad posts.
I'm soooooo biting my tongue right now
can't wait to answer that one
But if you're trawling through the worst posts on the site doing moderation, anything more than +5/-1 seems... wrong...
@Mat'sMug You can start...
2:11 AM
I don't know why you feel the need to bite your tongue. Answers don't have to be secret.
I have about 24 flags left.
People just upvote everything here.
It's impossible to sort out what's good and what's great and what's bad (despite being still on-topic).
this is the first answer I got to the first question I asked on meta:
A: 1000 days in beta: let's make CR t-shirts

Jonny SooterThere's a reason why this site is still in beta: NOBODY VOTES Simple. Sorry for caps but it's true.

and crap yeah, it was the simple truth
back then
Oh, just 15.
Q: Using recursion schemes to avoid explicit corecursive unfolding

nponeccopThe code is self-contained and self-explaining. I want to improve the goal function. You can change everything below the -- My solution line as long as behaviour of goal :: Goal function is preserved and there is no explicit recursion. Basically I need to rearrange Strings from Graph in a Definit...

2:13 AM
Given how nearly impossible it is for something to be marked as a duplicate, we should actually have quite a lot of on-topic, open posts, with answers, and with negative scores, as far as I'm concerned.
then there was this:
> Voting is an odd beast here. When we reviewed the site, the front page had a dearth of voting. Even looking now, in the last 100 questions asked and the last 100 answers posted, less than 10 of each have scores past 3 with several negatively rated.
> Now, there are users who vote - vote a lot in fact, as most of the top users have hundreds of votes under their belts (with decent downvote rates as well). But in spite of this, there’s still a humongous bed of users sitting in the ~100-200 reputation range and not actually in the major privilege levels. So for where-ever all the votes are going, it ain’t accumulating.
It's clearly a request for a code review, which also means there will be opinions not facts. — MikeSW 42 secs ago
taken from this:
Q: How is Code Review doing right now?

Grace NoteI’m Grace Note, a Community Manager at Stack Exchange. Normally for most sites we run a community site evaluation, as explained in this Meta Stack Overflow post under Public Beta sites. However, these reviews involve comparing our site content against searches on the internet for competing answer...

which lead to this:
Q: Call of Duty - We're on a mission

Mat's MugThis is a direct reply to Grace Note's recent CR review, more precisely the following part: (emphasis mine) Unanswered Tying in to all of the above is one of the most pressing concerns about the site I had in my own review, which is the gigantic pool of unanswered questions. There are, ...

So you vote not on the quality of the post, but on the fact that more people need more reputation?
and a complete change in the culture of voting on this site
and to my knowledge, there was PLENTY of high-quality DESERVING answers everywhere on this site, to upvote
2:16 AM
I don't have a problem with deserving posts getting upvotes.
and whenever I come across a bad question or a wrong answer, I DO downvote
You only found 285 posts worth downvoting out of like 12,000 posts?
(This isn't personal against you, @Mat'sMug, by the way, so please don't take it that way)
it's hard to downvote when you're out of ammo
I have a problem with the voting culture of the site as a whole
OK, to whomever is going on a comment voting spree....
See this comment? :
@Xor-el see the edited answer — xmojmr Dec 31 '14 at 8:13
and this comment:
thanks. will check them out — Xor-el Dec 31 '14 at 14:21
You flagged the seocond one, not the first.
It is really, really nice if you can flag all the comments on a thread that need removal, not just one...
because, otherwise I have to go through and figure out what's important, and what's not.
2:19 AM
@rolfl Free, easy, bonus flags.
@rolfl hmm I thought that was pestering mods. I'll remember that.
@nhgrif what's with the voting on this site?
2 mins ago, by nhgrif
I have a problem with the voting culture of the site as a whole
@rolfl Sorry, that didn't come up in my SQL query.
That's a good one.
@Hosch250, some of my tags went through, and incremented my Research Assistant badge, yours might've too
@Hosch250 You're not getting the point, though....
@Hosch250 it did come up on the page you were on when you made that flag....
2:21 AM
Yeah, sorry.
It's not about cleaning up one comment, it's about cleaning up the post.
@Mat'sMug It's impossible to tell what content is good and what content is shitty.
Yes, I'll be more careful.
Wow. I leave for an hour and a half and I come back to this.
This is what a mod sees:
2:22 AM
I made a comment to the user on this question, explaining why their question is bad. It's not off-topic, it's just bad. My comment got an upvote (so at least one person agrees with me), but I'm the only downvote on the question:
Q: Sprite-Kit/Swift game

user76691I was writing a game in Swift and Sprite Kit and it is very simple. It works perfectly other than the fact that it gets a bit laggy sometimes. I'd like to use this experience as both a learning tool, and to get the 'lagginess' resolved. My code is relatively short, actually: import SpriteKit imp...

@EthanBierlein I went and fixed up every single empty tag (except )
@rolfl If I get elected you can punish me by only flagging one comment.
So your first argument is "I don't know Swift, how can I tell it's bad?" And I have two counterpoints. If you can't tell if it's bad and can't possibly downvote, then how can you tell it's good and needs an upvote? And even if you can't tell, isn't my comment enough of a sign?
@Quill Nice
2:23 AM
posted on July 01, 2015 by ojo akinlolu o.

code a program with Python that most efficiently calculates the combination of tasks that provides the largest total fee in a 100 days. Also, if there is a task that does not complete within the 100 days, the reward will not be provided. Please use “Branch and bound algorithm.

@Hosch250 - so, that flag means someone else has to go through and sort out the mess, which is a pain if you're the mod.
Darn, I ran out, and that whole thread of the last two should probably be cleaned up a bit.
If you can tell that the person flagging the post has taken the time to sort out what's good, and what's crap, then it is much easier
And you don't have to know Swift to know that that question is bad. Just read the plain English, skip the code, and notice something is missing. A question asking for help optimizing the speed or eliminating some lagginess, and there is no mention of any time profiling done to the code.
It is a long discussion about whether the post is off topic, and eventually the post was reopened.
@Jamal I'm trying to get a review between those 2 things, as I've been using the first method for a lot of stuff and I feel like it is wrong, as in a lot of examples I see the use of get and set. — anthonytimmers May 7 '14 at 20:11
The bottom three.
OK, the whole thing was put on hold again.
2:27 AM
This question appears to be off-topic because it is a code review request. This is better suited to the Code Review Stack Exchange site. Before posting there be sure to read their FAQ to ensure that your question meets their guidelines. — John Conde 29 secs ago
@nhgrif OP is clearly a beginner, and is a new user. I didn't upvote their post, but I don't deem it off-topic either, and flaming a brand new user with a downvote just because they're trying to learn the basics is against my principles. Your definition of shitty is rather different than mine.
@Jamal - hi there ;-) We're working cross purposes.
A downvote isn't a personal attack on a user.
It's telling the asker that this question doesn't meet the standards of our site.
Code Review doesn't really have standards (besides on/off topic).
If it's on-topic, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, and deserved at least 10 upvotes
Unless of course it's in the Apple domain, which gets half as many views and therefore half as many upvotes.
@nhgrif or anything that isn't C#, Java or Python
2:29 AM
Or it is posted in a busy time of day gets pushed off the front page in the blink of an eye.
@rolfl But they're just comments. ;-) Shog even said once that it shouldn't take more then a few seconds to judge a comment for deletion.
@Jamal No, I deleted the comments, you closed the post ;-)
just seems that we are working in the same space, so I moved on to the suggested edits ;0
@Jamal For the record, I agree with @rolfl that if you're going to flag one comment, you should take the time to sort out the whole comment chain and flag everything you think should be removed.
51 approved tag edits today, I think that's pretty good
2:30 AM
@nhgrif Me? I wasn't flagging comments.
No, I was.
And I missed a few that should have been flagged on a thread.
@Hosch250 - for the record, @Jamal went through that post and deleted 2 other comments, that you had not flagged ;-)
so that took both of our time ;-)
(he handled the flag while I was chatting about it ;-)
OK, you guys can flag single comments and leave me to go through the thread if I get elected ;)
Q: React Native iOS Bridge For Zoom In / Zoom Out functionality

WillObjective C Bridge // ZoomableImageViewManager.m // loaddocs // // Created by William Chu on 6/29/15. // Copyright (c) 2015 GoConvoy. All rights reserved. // #import "ZoomableImageViewManager.h" #import "RCTViewManager.h" #import "UIImageView+AFNetworking.h" @implementation ZoomableImageV...

@Mat'sMug This question is closed as off topic and only has 2 downvotes... worse, it has an upvote
(lots of smileys ;-)
2:32 AM
Code Review users don't read posts. They just upvote.
@nhgrif Isn't mine.
not mine either
there's nothing to read...
it has my close vote
I am glad I have a good excuse for not having Marshal. I was only a regular user for nine months before I got appointed.
I have 39 flags now.
I got Marshal in like 6 weeks on Stack Overflow...
2:33 AM
Just about 6 days until I get my gold flag badge.
It's much easier on SO, though. I have over 14k flags.
@Jamal Huh, I was for 5
This closed post has 3 upvotes.
Q: Handling button behaviour

MaKoI have an iOS app where I use some buttons for different things, but I'm repeating a lot. For buttons pressed: - (IBAction)button_1_pressed:(id)sender { [self touchedAtPoint:sender onPosition:1]; self.button_1.userInteractionEnabled = NO; } - (IBAction)button_2_pressed:(id)sender { ...

you see that's why my up:down ratio is to high. instead of downvoting, I often keep the vote for another post that deserves an upvote.
I suppose that's a fair argument.
I don't know what votes you've actually cast.
And I'm certainly not placing the blame on any one person.
2:35 AM
Also, hypothetical-code are hard to spot
@nhgrif One of those was mine. I've seen a good few posts like that - I figured maybe you knew how to reduce the specific code.
But I hope that I'm not by myself in this thought that there aren't enough downvotes and that questions are being upvoted too easily.
@QPaysTaxes What do you think so far: data.stackexchange.com/codereview/query/330823/…
I agree, but I also don't like to feel like I'm saying "go away".
@rolfl Perhaps, but...
> I have 17 buttons. How can I clean this up?
And the code only shows 4...
If you upvoted that question, you didn't read the whole post (or aren't familiar with the site's scope to know that hypothetical questions aren't allowed)
2:37 AM
@nhgrif no, but to call my up:down ratio "alarming" puts me on the defensive a bit - sorry. I agree that I should downvote more, but at the same time I don't see much use in downvoting a post that's already at -2.. unless it deserves to be removed from the face of CR.
and I'm happy I haven't upvoted any of the posts you've been linking so far ;-)
@nhgrif I do mostly agree. I now mostly upvote "interesting" questions and don't vote on "boring" questions (such as Project Euler).
Just because someone mentions they have more similar code that they will apply the review principles to doesn't necessarily make a post off topic, does it?
That is, if they don't include it in the post.
I just started a bounty:
Q: BiDirectional Dictionary (and its Mutable friend can come too)

nhgrifI've attempted to implement a 1-to-1 dictionary in Objective-C. I'm probably missing some convenient methods that one might commonly want to use. These are both declared in the same .h file and implemented in the same .m file. I think if much more code is added to either of these, splitting th...

Q: How to make my code cleaner

Valerie Sharpguys so I am working on this website for a group of artist and want to know of a way to make my code cleaner and my website run faster. I am working on the gallery page, and there are over 100 pictures I want to show. I have been entering them in as shown below, but I know there must be a better ...

@nhgrif cute little title :)
2:39 AM
@Mat'sMug I find myself downvote posts that 5 clowns have already upvoted without paying a lick of attention to what they were actually upvoting.
Q: How to make my code cleaner

Valerie Sharpguys so I am working on this website for a group of artist and want to know of a way to make my code cleaner and my website run faster. I am working on the gallery page, and there are over 100 pictures I want to show. I have been entering them in as shown below, but I know there must be a better ...

And I'm pretty sure that MartinR has already looked at it.
thank you I will start doing that. — Valerie Sharp 3 mins ago
keeping the tab open
But maybe a 50 point bounty can garner 10 more upvotes on the question, so I can break even on the bounty?
2:40 AM
@QPaysTaxes Now, I do think some tags in the General list could be better used (or copied) in another list, but I don't want to put you through that
Q: The 101 Pictures Gallery

Valerie SharpI am working on a website for a group of artists and want to know of a way to make my code cleaner and my website run faster. I am working on the gallery page, and there are over 100 pictures I want to show. I have been entering them in as shown below, but I know there must be a better way to try...

I was thinking of just posting on Meta.CR asking everyone for suggestions
@Phrancis Probably a better idea
For the record, I haven't deleted this yet because janos will lose all rep for his answer. That will no longer apply after 60 days, though.
2:42 AM
Hm. There is something deeply wrong with this that I just noticed
CREATE TABLE #LanguageTags (Name VARCHAR(100));
INSERT INTO #LanguageTags (Name)
And yes, someone upvoted that question...
Is janos that concerned about 50 rep?
Spot one or more missing languages
t-sql / sql?
No, it's in the database table
2:43 AM
Hey, @Phrancis
@QPaysTaxes YES
I'm not going to tell you which ones you missed.
That you missed all of mine.
Python 2.7
I'm not mad at you @Phrancis. I'm just disappointed.
Make of that what you will.
Swift, Obj-C, LOLCODE
2:44 AM
I'm disappointed too
I suggest you update it swiftly though...
You should make it your prime objective, see...
We'd hate to lose our Jobs.
I had intended to grab the 500 most active tags, something must be wrong with the data my original query from weeks ago
@nhgrif You'd have to become a Cook at McDonalds
2:46 AM
@nhgrif Hah nice pun
You know what'd be cool...
You know how on meta, the status tags are red?
It'd be cool if the language tags on main site were blue
I like blue and green better.
And non language tags gray.
That would be cool.
Go post a Meta.SE.
@Phrancis So is
2:47 AM
Don't hold your breath
You just update your language list...
I'll hold my breath for as long as an Apple Watch keeps its battery charged.
I'll be fine.
Are you saying they can't hold a charge?
I've got a nice watch that has been running for months without getting a new battery.
19 mins ago, by Mat's Mug
I also often do that instead of downvoting:
Welcome to Code Review! ...where is the code that loads up the 100-some pictures? If you have 100 lines to load up 100 images, it's better to include it in the post - right now it looks like you hypothetically would have 100-some pictures, but the code you posted only shows a fraction of that. Please include your actual code :) — Mat's Mug 3 mins ago
He has fat fingers.
2:49 AM
and then often, this happens:
Thank you, I will do that right now. Sorry if I am not doing everything right, I am new to all of this. And thank you for the edit. — Valerie Sharp 1 min ago
I added java, obj-c, swift... any others I'm obviously missing?
and only when it's edited, the post earns my upvote
fortran cobol assembly basic
@Mat'sMug I have a feeling the post will run out of space.
@Phrancis LOLCODE, Py 2.6, SQL
2:50 AM
Well, there is GolfScript.
@Hosch250 there's almost nothing in there
And CJam.
SQL is in the #DatabaseTags table
2:50 AM
AppleScript, Powershell
Eww what?
Julia, K, Haskell?
Powershell is useful.
AppleScript is dumb.
@nhgrif ^ that
2:51 AM
@nhgrif says the apple guy
I hope you didn't forget PHP and BF.
There's no need to use AppleScript. Apple is based on Unix, so you just use Bash.
it must be really dumb then
Windows is dumb and you can't use all the Unix stuff, so you use Powershell.
Fortunately, Powershell is actually decent. It's certainly not as dumb as AppleScript.
According to @SimonAndréForsberg, some people say that .NET is a language...
2:52 AM
I guess Powershell has to be decent since... you know... no Bash.
You can run Bash on Windows, I believe.
@Hosch250 It's not a language. Although @Phrancis's list probably diddn't have ASP
AppleScript may as well be written with crayons.
I know it isn't.
It's a framework.
Yep, there are a few ports of Bash for Windows.
Weird. Some avatars, including mine, are appearing as the default Gravatar in the review queues.
2:54 AM
@Hosch250 Not factory though, so
Earlier, they were showing up as blanks.
Tell iTunes To Open
  Then Tell iTunes To Play "Umbrella"
Then Close iTunes
^^ AppleScript, soft-of
@Phrancis and they call a joke language??
using (var iTunesInstance = new iTunes())
Well, AppleScript has a compiler........
2:56 AM
It is one step worse than Basic.
@QPaysTaxes They'd have figured out how to click the icon first, so they wouldn't ever find out about it.
I feel sorry for the elections room - it must feel lonely.
And the dishes must feel dirty and forgotten, so I'd better go.
@Jamal ... thoughts? ^^^
@Jamal I'm not sure I understand what you're asking me to edit, apart from the title which should perhaps include IEnumerable?
Anyone see anything obviously wrong or missing from this before I meta-post it for help? data.stackexchange.com/codereview/query/330823/…

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