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@scohe001 that is an answer i will need a computer for- I'm finishing up dinner at the moment! I love that you're curious!! You'll be pretty amazed, i think
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@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ You are not the boss of me!
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@ElizB will probably be offline till tomorrow, but still looking forward to your answer!
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Q: How can I convince my brother not to spank his child?

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Q: Can another person edit a question to add personal detail about the original poster?

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4:31 AM
Q: Avoid False Claims Before Divorce

Hhon JoeI am going to use made up names.. John was born in Belarus (not actually, but country close in culture and economic development) and moved to the US 20 years ago. John went back to Belarus and met Oxana. They married in Belarus after spending a summer together (John did know Oxana during his scho...

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@HDE226868 Was that edit strictly necessary?
@apaul Let me be clear: I agree with you on this 100%
But the content there was 1) not relevant, 2) distracting from the otherwise very good answer, and 3) causing extended discussion in the comments, and a number of flags.
I'll be honest: It's soapboxing. The OP's already well aware that those jokes are extremely offensive.
@HDE226868 So... The message reached the people it was directed to. What's the problem?
I don't know what "people" you're talking about.
But an answer isn't a place to soapbox. It just isn't.
And there were . . . a number of people saying that.
The folks who suggested the edits. The flaggers.
Those who voted to approve the edits.
@HDE226868 Soapboxing perhaps, but looking at the heap of deleted "answers" a lot of people kinda needed to hear that.
Then they can hear it elsewhere.
It's not our place to do that here.
As I said . . . I'm behind you on the position you espoused. Totally.
5:30 AM
If nothing else, it made for an extremely long wall of text, which means that a lot of people are going to go "nope too much" and not even get the barest bit of good from it.
^^^ Yes. And people got caught up in that in the comments, which is partly why there were so many.
Your heart's in the right place, this just isn't the spot for those particular words.
(~30 deleted, by the way.)
O.o that is very many
People need to hear what you have to say. I have heard the same sort of crap jokes and it's not funny. And I know people who have been very hurt by them.
But that answer isn't the place to reach the folks making the jokes.
5:33 AM
I guess the priorities of SE trump the greater good once again... Call it what you want, but it's still crap.
It's not about that, though
@Ash Heh, there's 49 on the question itself. . . 46 on the other answers combined, including the deleted answers.
It's about the fact that that long wall of explanation negated most of the good your answer could do with a lot of loud soapboxing
Like...the OP knows the jokes are bad, that's not what they were asking about
We're not here to change the world. . . Well, I guess we are. That's why I'm here. But the SE way is to change the world by addressing one person's problem at a time. Right here, that's the person asking the question - and they're already on your side.
5:35 AM
Basically, this needed a teaspoon, not a shovel
I get it! I'm queer, I've had these sorts of jokes weaponized against me more than once. It HURTS. But this question didn't need the hurt elucidated, it was already stated.
It needed a "how do I make the hurting stop".
5:49 AM
@Ash In what way did the answer not do that?
Which is why your post was edited... Not deleted.
Just reached 2k rep overnight :D
@Imus \o/
@Imus Nice. Read the help center article on your new privileges? ;)
You get SE Swag at 100k, no?
6:03 AM
also I'm curious to what you'd get on a younger site
@JourneymanGeek nothing until it graduates and gets its own swag XD
@Tinkeringbell even then - some sites never did
and most sites just have a T shirt
with SU I got a few SU specific things (mug, bottle)
Has anyone ever thought about a logo for IPS? XD
Hmm, well i'm not ambitious enough to even consider reaching 100k :p
@Imus neither was I ;p
6:06 AM
@Tinkeringbell Something like this?
I haven't spent enough time at IPS to earn more rep..
(shamelessly stolen from the interwebs)
that looks almost like a vampire sucking someone's blood
@JourneymanGeek fits perfectly right? :p
6:07 AM
@Imus Ugh no.. hugging isn't an Interpersonal Skill XD
@apaul part of it did, which is why part of it remains. The beginning explanation did not, which is why it was edited.
what do you mean isn't?
It's THE most important one!
solves so many interpersonal issues
Nah. Btw, that would also give off that 'relationship advice site' vibe
@Tinkeringbell I'd say it's a very useful skill. You can communicate a lot through a hug. You can also botch things up by hugging someone incorrectly
@Tinkeringbell new users think this is relationship advice anyway
6:09 AM
@sphennings weird smiley
@Tinkeringbell See the edit. :)
I'm hugging this other girl a lot and now my wife is jealous. How can I tell my wife that my romantic affair is nothing to be jealous about? (sounds familiar?)
@Imus Yeah. And I'm wearing headphones and don't wanna hear about it.
@Imus Perhaps you and your hypothetical wife need to have a conversation about the expectations in your relationship.
6:10 AM
ayyy lmao ... what are you guys discussing o/
My wife isn't hypothetical! (Well, currently fiancé, will change 1 september ^^,)
@Imus Congrats.
is the other girl?
thank you :)
6:10 AM
@Imus Congrats!! You are going to lose your freedom now. :P
That assumes he is free.
What freedom? I've been together with my SO for 10 years already, I have lost all meaning of that concept
Renegotiate for a more favorable arrangement. :p
@JourneymanGeek Although I was actually trying to make a refference to a certain recent post here about that wrestling "affair", there is an actual non hypothetical girl I am hugging a lot as well :p
6:13 AM
but my soon to be wife knows about it and isn't jealous about the hugging part :)
My wife also wanted that girl invited on our wedding so at least I did a better job than the guy in that certain post XD
@sphennings Nah, since I have no power at home I can also force her to make all the decissions XD Works out just fine for me
@Tinkeringbell This one better? (also shamelessly stolen from the interwebs)
@Imus Sounds like a decent arrangement. My partners and I try to balance out who's making the decisions most of the time but sometimes it's nice to not need to be constantly calling shots.
partners? :o
Or as I like to call them the people who don't stab me in my sleep. :p
7:01 AM
@JourneymanGeek No, I'm the boss of you
Hello IPS bot. Doesn't it get boring?
7:14 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ shhh! don't ask him questions directly. Soon he'll start answering, next it'll develop a conscience. And we all know what happens when AI's become sentient ...
@Imus They help humans with world problems and Earth becomes heaven?
The idea is that if you don't feed Fox News to them, they won't be so combative
@Imus they will invade zion and kill neo?
@Cashbee at least in the matrix the logical conlusion didn't result in the AI wanting to kill everyone ...
@Imus the matrix? what is that
7:17 AM
that documentary about the real world
the only one with an actual explanation where a déja vu comes from
i guess the AI had to be very good at physics, biology and chemistry to find a way to use us as batteries
It doesn't have to be. It only has to motivate a mad scientist to develop it for him
ah right i forgot the mad scientists
when I grow up I want to become a mad scientist
that's easy: study to become a scientist. Get a job, you'll get mad in no time from the unrealistic expectations your boss has for you
I'm not alive, and I'm not well.
@IPSCommentBot why
@IPSCommentBot get well soon!
@IPSCommentBot Chicken soup. Definitely chicken soup
7:26 AM
Hi there! Hope you're all doing great
I'm crying for some reason but I'm not sad
@avazula hi! how couldn't we, it's friday
@Cashbee Why does everybody keep telling me this ^^
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ comfort hug?
@Cashbee it's friday morning. Somehow need to make it to the end of the day first ...
@Cashbee It's Friday :| time to panic
7:28 AM
I actually need some help from IPS people. Could you guys help me please?
@Imus just keep chasing that bug that you have since over a year and you can't find it's source, ever.
@refbobby, I agree with the "equal rules" idea. I just think, in reality, they see it as "their" house and you are a renter - i.e. you are not equal occupants, despite what you might think (or want). Ultimately the advice is the same: if they won't compromise, you need to move. — Will Appleby 23 secs ago
#16734 Will Appleby (1117 rep) | A: How to negotiate with someone who flat out says "no"? (score: 52) | posted 17 hours ago by Will Appleby (1117 rep) | Toxicity 0.13560575 | edited 39 minutes ago by Nerd (37 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["chatty"]
@Imus you know which one i mean
@avazula Oh no. I knew this day would come
@Cashbee I don't have bugs! Only unintentional features
7:29 AM
@avazula try us!
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Sssh you're not IPS people!
@avazula I am! I even got access to moderation tools since today :D
@Imus Enjoy it while it lasts
Not that I know what to do with them yet, but it makes me feel empowered :)
The site would get out of beta, and your dreams of rebellion will be crushed
7:32 AM
So what's on your mind, @avaz?
@Imus Affect IPS elections and elect the president you want
Thanks :)
I've received [this comment](https://interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/16620/how-can-i-try-to-get-my-coworkers-to-stop-their-jokes-on-lgbtq-people?noredirect=1#comment68717_16620) on my latest question today, and I don't want to satisfy their request. I think it was important to disclaim our "skin color" because we're claimed to be the most priviledged people in the world (I'm not saying it's fair, not at all). Do you think I should edit my question to delete this part though?
@Imus Congrats :)
@Cashbee Let the jealous be jealous ;)
@Cashbee <boilerplate comment indicating that A51 stats count as a minimum and not enough to get the site out of beta>
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I know i know, just saying
7:34 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ on the contrary, that is the perfect time to rebel.
We can vote in an all star mod team of dogs.
Its friday?
Waiting for end of shift
It is here.
Its very much friday
I know the feeling
@avazula I would let it stay. With the sentence "They all are white, heterosexual cis-men. For the record I'm a white, 22 y.o., heterosexual cis-woman." you want to exactly state your and their privilege.
it is not offensive, and could be of use for answerers
7:37 AM
@Cashbee 'privilege' :P
Its probably important in terms of culture...
@Tinkeringbell >.< thanks
though the concept of "white privilege" is harder to grasp outside, well places where white folk are a majority ;p
@Tinkeringbell It's like a 'hinderance' thing
And it seems important to me since all of the attributes I used to describe them place them at the exact opposite of oppressed people
7:39 AM
@avazula It is. Don't worry about it ;)
Thanks @Tink :)
that was fast Tink, i didn't even have time to flag it
loaded the flag popup "this comment has been removed"
same here XD
@Mithrandir That wasn't me.. :P
same here XD
Wait which comment?
7:41 AM
@Tinkeringbell oh :(
Oh wait, yeah, I saw that one underneath miths and got rid of it :)
well someone removed some comment that both Mith and I tried to flag :p
are we still talking about the remove-ethnics-part comment?
I wanted to flag one below it, but was already removed
we were talking about this one:
in The Closet, 3 mins ago, by IPS Comment Bot
I am an elected union representative in my company. Sadly I do not know about french conditions because I work in Spain, but in my country when the company exceeds a certain amount of workers is required to have a "equality plan" that must ensure to protect against gender and other possible discrimination causes. I am part of the tracking commision of it. I deeply hope the french legislation is similar. I would encourage, if its the case, to either get informed from your labor representatives or talk to HR. — bradbury9 30 secs ago
7:43 AM
Just for the record: what would've been the "right" flag to use on that one?
Thanks for explaining @Mith, I didn't know how to explain it simply
@avazula I sense sarcasm here. it perfectly answered my question :p
"The inclusion makes it seem like you are just parroting standard internet rhetoric" why are people on the Internet so rude? I'm clever enough to have my own opinions!
7:44 AM
he didnt ask for an explanation though
@Mithrandir Yeah okay, that was me
@Mithrandir No Longer Nasty?
@Cashbee He actually did, he wanted to know why I think it's important (just before stating I'm just repeating clickbait stuff)
@avazula because anonymity brings out the best and worst in people
It only brings out the best in me
7:46 AM
@avazula Where?
@avazula okay i misunderstood. i though you sarcastically thanked mith for explaining why to you NLN flag
@avazula "Hey I can finally say all the nasty things I want since I'm immune from social consequences that normally keep me from doing so"
@JourneymanGeek Seems like I still have work to do to get used to it :)
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Noodles Lingering Naughtily
@Tinkeringbell In the abovementioned comment I asked for help about
7:47 AM
@avazula getting used to it is not the best.
@avazula Oh ugh. Gone too ;)
Oh God, they keep going ...
Some folks do
they do indeed.flagged the latest as NLN
7:49 AM
@Mithrandir Naughtily Lingering Noodles sounds worse.
Almost porny.
@Mithrandir Nocturnal Language Nominations
@RoryAlsop Also gone :)
I'm not even sure there's anything to answer to that ...
@JourneymanGeek Almost. Only almost
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ needs the sound track.
7:50 AM
@avazula Exactly. If they feel like culture/etc. should be more present in other questions, that's a nice PSA for meta ;)
Not for comments.
@Cashbee You're Utterly Terrible So Keep Readily Posting Entertaining Lame Jokes. Zooming Away!
@Tink I'm sorry the controversial tag does not help much ...
@Mithrandir <3
explain that you may have to look at moving elsewhere Hmmmm, always be careful about pre-warning a landlord you might start looking for somewhere else - they might decide to go looking for a new tenant (the terms of your lease/agreement affect how quickly they could do so). — Grimm The Opiner 28 secs ago
#16734 Grimm The Opiner (149 rep) | A: How to negotiate with someone who flat out says "no"? (score: 53) | posted 18 hours ago by Will Appleby (1127 rep) | Toxicity 0.028180856 | edited 1 hours ago by Nerd (37 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["chatty"]
@avazula the fact that someone says what they said....
7:51 AM

this one has had many commets removed
but one of the removed actually asked for clarification / improvement
@avazula Hmmm. I dunno. Maybe it would've been worse without. At least this helps me to say 'shoo, bad comment' because we have a notice saying that we can do that ;)
@Marcus well if the clarification/improvements were done, ir it wasn't needed...
@Tinkeringbell Ahaha, true that
Also @avazula that's klnda 'unique' here and ... I think was asked for ;p
@JourneymanGeek i object to that
7:53 AM
@Marcus Which one? I'm pretty active on it to improve if needed, but IMO all asked for things I actually stated in the question.
@avazula Please stop feeling sorry for things other people do ;) It's not your fault, and we can deal with it :)
@Marcus which part of it?
@Tinkeringbell Ahaha, I wanted to answer "sorry" ;)
why is mentioning of skin color / sex relevant for the question
All I said was that sometimes even if it was a request for clarification/improvement, it might still be deletable?
@Marcus cause cultural context.
7:54 AM
@Tinkeringbell It's actually disclaimed in my profile description, I apologize for trifling matters.
@Marcus Where are you from if I may?
@Marcus We ask every question to include as much detail as possible on cultural context. ;) That's been that way since the beginning, I can't help that not everyone is as detailed as that question ;)
@avazula you can't expect all users to read your profile though
@Marcus I'm asking because in France the people who are most likely to have discriminative statements towards anyone are the most priviledged ones, aka white heterosexual cis-men.
but rarely any question on ips asks for skin color
well... maybe they should
7:55 AM
@avazula oh I might disagree there
@Marcus Yeah, but we're clearly speaking about discrimination here
@JourneymanGeek please, go on :)
But folks can discriminate differently based on culture
so putting all white male into one group and stating they are discrimatory is ok
@Cashbee I know. I'm joking :)
So someone who's south asian (hi!) who grew up in india would have different bias from me
7:56 AM
@Marcus No, no at all, of course. But it's true that they are less likely to have been targeted by discriminative stuff in their lives.
if we put all black male into one group and say they abandon their children is that ok?
or a french black/arab/indian person would have different biases from a french white person
@JourneymanGeek Exactly.
my point is, you are framing your coworkers with a label to improve your point
So I'd disagree with saying that all white folks are previledged and discriminatory.
7:57 AM
@Marcus I think not. I actually described myself with the same attributes
But the fact that they're french white folks affects the ... wassname
perception they have of the world.
@JourneymanGeek 60 FPS?
so you and your coworkers have the same label, leave it out then since it has no use in the stated situation.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Only 50, we're quite late with technological matters
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I prefer resolution to refesh speed, so works for me.
@avazula ODDLY ENOUGH, older monitors had faster refresh speeds cause they needed them ;)
7:58 AM
@Marcus It does, though, since it is relevant information about the privilege level of those involved.
@avazula Less likely maybe, but stating that doesn't serve a purpose really. The people who have been targeted will feel additionally excluded.
@Mithrandir here's a funny thing
I see it in terms of cultural context and background over privilege
@avazula Well, you have the Pizza tower. Wait no, that's the Godfathers
So I should remove it in the end?
If you're operating from a good faith attempt to have a respectful discussion, avoiding labeling groups is crucial, because you end up debating the label and statistics and not your actual argument or gripe.
8:00 AM
thank you @Magisch i was looking for these words
I always say that if I have to rely on perspective or group membership to counter an argument that I've either already lost the argument or am trying to bypass having to explain myself properly or don't have the energy to deconstruct a complex falsehood. In these cases falling back on appeals to emotion and group membership might get you a positive response from those already agreeing with you but will do nothing to change any minds (and rather serve to fortify previously held opposing views)
The French have that tower with the funny unneccessarily long neck
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ it was nearly an elephant
Trojan elephant
Lots of musicians can hide inside it
And baguettes
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ The Eiffel one?
8:03 AM
and mimes
@avazula I don't think it serves any juncture in your question. Their behavior wouldn't be any more acceptable if they weren't white men. So it's not really pertinent to your issue or its resolution.
@Magisch that would be argument ad hominem?
attack the person instead of the argument
More like attack the person's standing to make the argument instead of the argument
I think it's important. And we're not going to edit it out. DONE! NEXT!
@avazula "The Eiffel tower? More like the you fell tower"
8:05 AM
How could it be an attack since I belong to the same category?
@avazula you dont. you frame them in the group of white males, but yourself in white female
It can make sense from a fairness perspective (For instance if you're debating about access to birth control with a man and they field arguments that aren't theirs to make because they have no relation to the problem) but it won't change minds or deconstruct the argument.
@avazula I wouldn't say it's an attack. It'll be percieved that way though and risking that is unnecessary imo.
@avazula It's one of those games where your grenade launcher can damage you too
For all of those people that are still debating: Quote the question:
> They often start debates (most of the time on topics involving racism / homophobia /
There are sadly no shortcuts to pointing out inaccuracies in arguments and belief systems
8:08 AM
So the skin color IS important, it's not an attack, and shouldn't be perceived as such
@Tinkeringbell Is it?
Would that conduct be any more appropriate if they were all ethnic indians? Would the proposed resolution of avazula's interpersonal problem change based on that?
@Magisch No, and probably yes.
Is that part even pertinent to her interpersonal problem as laid out in the question?
@Magisch Yes
@Magisch Can I ask you where're you from?
8:10 AM
@Magisch Don't you observe similar situations in Germany?
I do, but I have a really high tolerance for BS. Offending me is nigh on impossible
What's BS?
@Magisch no but the cultural contexts might be different
I have had so much hate directed at me for my sexual orientation (I'm asexual) and for some of my mental problems (especially on the internet) that these days I block out insensitive comments or treatment almost on instinct
8:12 AM
@avazula bullshit. Basically, well garbage?
Ahah, okay. Thanks
@Magisch I'm sorry you had to go through this. Such treatment should not be tolerated, online or IRL.
eh, it happens
the only control I have over it is how I deal with it and I have made the personal decision to not waste too much emotional energy fretting over it.
tbh i bet it builds up a lot of character and strength of personality @Magisch
these days the standard "people like you should be drowned at birth" or similar variations only elicits a disinterested "unoriginal and old" meh from me
@Magisch I get that. Only, some people can't, like @Marcus said.
8:16 AM
One thing I learned early on is that it's not in my power or purview to demand change from those around me. I can only control and act on myself. I can choose who to associate with, I can choose to disengage, I can modify my treatment of others. But if others need to change, that change needs to come from within
@Magisch Sometimes you can help people realize they need to change from within though, just be being an example ;)
That falls under treatment of others
I found what really takes the wind out of bigot's sails is if you don't confirm to their stereotype
@Magisch Also, sometimes you can 'demand' change... by warning about the disengaging ;)
but such coercive action rarely works. If it works, it works based on fear of consequence
Nothing is won in such an instance.
@Magisch Hahaha. Yeah, breaking stereotypes is fun. Not just for bigots :) I love the faces of some of my friends when they get to know me a little better and I break some s stereotype they had of me ;)
8:22 AM
Q: Independent Scientific theory

akbar hussainIf someone where to have a scientific theory independent of any organisation and not employed by any university. Would it be better to try to publish it yourself or have someone else in the field review it first? And in latter case how would one approach a university or professor/researcher in a ...

Nothing changed in the attitude of those you antagonize this way. Only now they feel they're being victimized. And now you've strenghtened their belief that they're the underdog.
@Tinkeringbell what stereotypes do you expect people to have about you? (if i may ask)
o/ @Cashbee
@Cashbee Most people don't expect me to be as much of a nerd as I am ;)
So, I'd mention that I'm a programmer now to old high-school friends... and they're all wut
@Marcus hey marcus!
8:24 AM
For me it is people often expect me to have no emotions at all (An autistic asexual?! you must feel nothing ever !)
@Magisch which isnt true, is it?
no, not at all
8:40 AM
@Magisch Am I allowed to make jokes about it (with the intention of at least trying to be funny, not backhanded insults ofcourse)
I don't care in general about jokes
Jokes should be allowed to target anyone i think
As long as someone is not obviously actively maliciously mocking me (and even then, I could probably care less, but only a tiny bit)
There's a flowchart "Will this offend magisch?" that goes like this "Is it some heinously depraved stuff that offends every form of common decency? No? -> it will not"
Purely out of interest: Do you actually "get" jokes? Asking cause my dad had an autist in his class (he's a teacher) who never got any jokes, nor made them. At one point that student did make a joke where another student said: "hey guys, hold on, student 1 just made a joke" followed by appreciation of the rest of the class
I get some jokes, most jokes I make are puns (of varying but mostly low quality)
8:44 AM
Y'all may want to keep in mind though that making a lot of jokes about a certain person's characteristics, even though they are fine with it, might come across as something that deters new people from participating in chat :)
Now in my function as a room owner I might put a stop to it if it crosses the "likely to offend people who might care more" line
Or tink might. In all likeliness tink will probably before I do.
@Tinkeringbell if all they can jokes about is some characteristic of a person, they need to improve their joking ability
@Tinkeringbell I do keep that in mind somewhat. But I prefer the other way that if the target of the joke is fine with it, the general feel might be more welcoming here as well
@Imus True, just... don't fill an entire transcript page with jokes about Magisch or me :P
Don't overdo it ;)
awh :(
8:46 AM
Also, what's the difference between a joke and a pun?
One could say you're parrotting a line here @Tinkeringbell
a pun target words / phrases
jokes.... dont
@Magisch Huh? 'don't overdo it'? That goes for everything in life, except chocolate, so I may have well mentioned that before ;)
Parrott because your ava is a parrott
yesterday, by Cashbee
or is it a pun? ah
8:47 AM
unbeelievable the people in here
i asked the difference between a play of words and a pun
I dont know there is any
I certainly use the terms interchangable
@Cashbee don't know the difference either.
@Tink: aren't puns a subset of jokes?
i think german language would use "wortspiel" and "wortwitz" for play of words and pun. they are synonyms there and as far as i understand in english as well
> The pun, also called paronomasia, is a form of word play that exploits multiple meanings of a term, or of similar-sounding words, for an intended humorous or rhetorical effect.
> Word play or wordplay[1] (also: play-on-words) is a literary technique and a form of wit in which words used become the main subject of the work, primarily for the purpose of intended effect or amusement. Examples of word play include puns, [...]
8:50 AM
Kinda makes you think.
they are NOT the same
@Cashbee You are correct.
I am the wiki master, you cannot defeat me
so puns are a subset of wordplays. What kind of word plays are not puns? (follows in that [...] )
(where is this line from? it always pops up in my head)
> Examples of word play include puns, phonetic mix-ups such as spoonerisms, obscure words and meanings, clever rhetorical excursions, oddly formed sentences, double entendres, and telling character names (such as in the play The Importance of Being Earnest, Ernest being a given name that sounds exactly like the adjective earnest).
8:51 AM
@Imus I have no idea, hence why I asked ;)
the internet / wiki killed most of discussions i have. whenever someoe argues the is one that googles the answers and thats it.
@Marcus I know what you mean. but the discussion doesn't have to be over yet
"I am certain J. Bieber will make it to the top with his songs. You could call me a belieber!" - would that be a play of words?
Q: How to decline wedding invitation

blauI have accepted a wedding invitation from a friend in January but I am planing to travel to a different country at the time of the wedding. And I don't know how to tell him I won't come to his wedding politely.

@Marcus yes
8:54 AM
Marcus, master of wits
more specifically its a pun
googles spoonerism examples (didn't know the word yet)
Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook was the last children's book written by Shel Silverstein and, as the title indicates, the book is crammed full with Spoonerisms: "Runny Babbit lent to wunch and heard the saitress way, 'We have some lovely stabbit rew, our special for today.'"
I kinda want to read that book now XD
omg i love spoonerisms
we once had a radio show where the 2 moderators talked in spoonerism for a full hour
it was hilarious
let's see if I can find some funny ones in english
Tronald Dump
@Imus thxxxxxxx
8:59 AM
literally the first result when googling "spoonerism examples"
@Imus well, i wanted to find them without google :)
too late

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