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9:00 AM
whore of farts XD
guess what it should be :p
popcorn -> cop porn
let's have some cop porn at our movie night guys
@Tinkeringbell euhm, just thought about this, is this kind of thing allowed in chat here? Or should I remove it? (don't ban me please!)
That's the line :P Keep that one, but don't let it escalate into a stream of sexually themed spoonerisms ;)
Better a tinkering bell then a belligerent tinkerer
blinkering tell?
9:07 AM
Bash Cee?
kinda lacking
Carmus ... sounds like someone making fun of my username again
Its more fun backwards...
-> suck ram
still not a good one but what can you do
@Marcus sheeshkebab
9:11 AM
something like this...
except with lines, not moments
@Imus You must'nt
@Magisch Oh damn, and she specifically asked me not to fill a transcript page with jokes about the 2 of you ...
the hen bammer?
Just curious: If I do 1 downvote now, do I lose the mod tools again? (I'm at exactly 2k rep still)
@Imus Yes, you do
9:17 AM
You also lose them if you receive a downvote
good to know :)
hrr hrr >:)
The pressure is high
Oh guys, I finally found a solution for making my colleagues stop those rude jokes. It appears that they have a very high opinion of themselves and their knowledge, and I won't teach you anything if I say French language is a very difficult one ... So I told them about an spelling test
It's been 20 minutes and they're so into it
@avazula how does that stop these jokes?
9:22 AM
@Cashbee Now they're talking about their spelling knowledge
(That's why I won't edit my post to tell how it went, of course)
@avazula for now yes
might fall back to previous topics next week though
this doesnt strike me as a sermanent pollution
@Imus I know, I know. But nothing else worked and it's the best I've found for now, so I just enjoy the moment
I hope for you you did better than most of them
9:25 AM
@Imus Not bragging but I'm excellent at French spelling
that way, the next time one of 'm asks you for something stupid you can just make fun of him with things like: "says the guy who doesn't even know how to spell correctly"
But i'm not playing :)
@Imus Haha, good idea!
does that mean that elsewhen (lol) they were cracking rude jokes non-stop?
Well I'd just go for a "the guy who doesn't know how to spell whatever word correctly*, I wanna joke, not be rude
@Cashbee It's a habit of them to joke around kinda all day long
Hi @Belle-Sophie
Q: How to respond to girlfriend when she aks hypothetical and silly questions

GamerGyppsMy girlfriend has a habit of thinking of scenarios that will never happen and then asking me a question about them usual about our relationship and then getting upset if i dont answer correctly. One such example is: We were watching an episode of doctor who an she asked, If we were both m...

9:26 AM
That's my intention as well :) Just move the joking to a different topic, the most obvious one their failed spelling
@ExtrovertedMainMan Gonna get closed...
@avazula gonna get reworded
@Cashbee Spelling change?
@Belle-Sophie it can be rephrased so it isnt a should i question and still keept the meaning
im on it
Ugh, I didn't sleep well at all. My guest dog keeps waking me up.
9:29 AM
@Cashbee Of course ahah. I'm commenting right now
One more night, then I can bring her back!
@Imus I can't spell corectly.
@Belle-Sophie Hold out! Best of luck :)
@Mithrandir You sure you can't spell it? I mean, yeah you can't spell correctly correctly obviously, but does that mean you can't spell it at all?
Spelling corectly is dificult, as is spelling dificult corectly.
9:33 AM
"How can I tell her that I don't like these kind of hypothetical questions, without resorting to corny eternal-lover's oaths?" is that ok
@Cashbee Seems a bit long as title but sounds ok in body to me
not as title
@Cashbee Calm down, Shakespeare
@Belle-Sophie Hey you have the double name :p
@Cashbee Then go for it! You have my blessing boy
9:38 AM
@avazula thx so much
@Cashbee I think it's a good title
It's great editing. The title still needs to change IMO
@avazula whats wrong with it?
@Cashbee "How to tell girlfriend that I don't like hypothetical and silly questions?" sounds judgmental to me. OP thinks their SO's questions are silly, but do we?
@avazula why does it matter what we think?
:45751205 i dont care what user shows as last editor ^^
9:41 AM
Nvm. I read it wrong. Your edit didn't get reverted.
@Cashbee I don't know how to explain, actually. But if I'm the only one to think that way, then there's no problem :)
@avazula im actually very interested in what you mean
@Cashbee Ok, brb then, I'm trying to answer OP's question and think about how to explain
@avazula sure ;)
Q: Request for a telephone interview

Violet FlareI am currently job hunting and have recently applied for a role in Berlin and I live in the UK, the job advert offered paid relocation. They have just reached out offering me an interview at their office in Berlin within the next few days. I do currently have a job, so it's not easy for me to ju...

9:47 AM
I'm kinda wondering how upset that girlfriend is in such a situation
I'm feelin gwith OP. she expects him to be corny - I hate being corny
When I hear "not as beautiful as you" my gag reflex kicks in
I don't date so I can't relate anyways, but that corny stuff just strikes me as so obviously insincere
I have a friend whose wife is like that. They've been together for something like 5 months now. They're already married, because she thinks that's the most romantic thing ever and constantly gets him to swear eternal love to her. I think it's cringeworthy. I've been together for over 4 years now, but we're not even engaged!
The friend doesn't seem to mind it, though.
@Belle-Sophie Took me 8 years to ask, 10 years now and we're finally getting married :D
@Imus congratulations!
9:52 AM
@Belle-Sophie eh, it can work. Friend of mine started to date a girl at 17 and married her when they both turned 18 (they were a month apart). I think they're going on 19 years of marriage now
@Imus Oh, congrats!
@Cashbee how many more pings are you gonne give me on that same comment? XD
@Imus lol xD
english is har
@Imus I too want to ping you for this
@Magisch Yep. Not saying that it doesn't. I'm personally not that in a hurry, tbh. Since we live together now and Brexit is bringing uncertainty, we're probably getting married soon.
9:54 AM
@Belle-Sophie If your spouse or you is from the UK and living out of their home country that might be wise
To prevent Visa issues
@Magisch Exactly
on the one hand it's sad that you have to marry when it's not on your own terms. On the other hand marriage shouldn't really change much to how you live together with your SO in the first place so why not?
Then again, I can't speak from experience yet on how marriage changes your relationship :)
ask me again in a couple of months if it's still important/relevant then :p
I almost had a fight with my SO yesterday about this though :p I told her something similar to "I hope things are different after we're married" where she gave me this "You what now?" look XD
After I explained myself further that we're both not handling the stress of moving and planning the wedding that well and I hope things go back to how it was before the stress she fully agreed with me though :)
lunchy munchy. cya later
@Cashbee Enjoy!
10:11 AM
Bone appetite
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ My eyes bleed.
@avazula Excuse his French
@Belle-Sophie Mah, I think he's doing it on purpose, to annoy me è_é
And to answer your previous question @Cashbee, it may actually be a very personal reason. I'm someone who always find an excuse to a behavior, no matter how bad it is, so their GF's hypothetical questions may be silly to them but we actually don't know why she's asking him this. By describing them as silly, it seems OP is not very willing to try to understand their GF's reasons to do so and it personally dissuades me from helping them.
But if it doesn't shock anybody else, then it's just me and again, that's totally ok. I'm just trying to avoid sounding judgmental (as much as I can) when asking/answering/commenting on IPS because to me, it's not our role.
I recall the time a French guy asked for help about his cat situation (the cat was returning home only to eat and poop and this was bothering him), and he wanted to give them to the neighbor who was taking care of them. If you're asking me, that's terrible to think of an animal as something you can give away. Many people told him in their answers. I didn't.
I'm heading for lunch too. Bon appétit to all, and bone appetite to my dear @M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ ;). CYL!
Enjoy! I think that sometimes it's good to shake OP up a little.
@Belle-Sophie I guess that's what frame-challenge answers are for :)
10:40 AM
@avazula ah. I understand that. but yes this is why "we are not here to judge". If op thinks the questions are silly, let him write that in his question
There have been over 200 comments posted on this question and it's answers. ._.
7 messages moved to Trash
10:55 AM
@TheMaskedRebel hello o/
@Cashbee how are you
@TheMaskedRebel I am fine and well, thanks. and you?
@Cashbee Very well, thank you
Hello people who just came in
@Belle-Sophie o/
What happens here
11:06 AM
o/ (sleepily) morning. @scohe001 i will work on answering you as soon as i get to my computer.
Not much for me. I'm procrastinating work and trying to figure out if I should adopt one or two cats.
@TheMaskedRebel just some casual conversations, smalltalks, questions about the stack, questions not about the stack, whatever you want to talk about
@FreezePhoenix are you a mod here
@TheMaskedRebel he is not
Leaves room...
11:11 AM
@TheMaskedRebel Mods have blue names
@Cashbee Ok
@TheMaskedRebel did you want to speak with a mod?
@Cashbee No
weekend approaching
@Belle-Sophie Depends how much space you have? :)
@Cashbee ok then. It's nice to have your opinion about it :)
11:19 AM
@avazula .. as long as it is not rude or abusive of course ;)
@avazula My apartment is about 120m2. No outside that's suitable for kitties, though.
@Belle-Sophie Is your desk big enough to fit 2 boxes on it? If not, you'll have to settle for 1 cat or learn to live with cats using your keyboard as a bed
@Belle-Sophie You're not first floor or planning to move in the not-so-distant future?
@avazula No moving plans yet. My front door ends in the rooftop garden, which is closed off with a door to the elevator. I'm afraid it might get stuck in the elevator area and not know how to come back.
The garden is shared
Okay. Are those gonna come from a shelter?
Because if you want my opinion if it's a yes I'd go for two and only one if not. :)
@Marcus How long do you have left till WE? :)
11:26 AM
Most likely. I'd rather adopt than buy some cats. Especially with my allergy. I need to be sure I won't die with them around.
@avazula little more than an hour
@Belle-Sophie Then you'd still do them a favor by adopting them
@Marcus Nice! Still 4 to go here. Enjoy :)
roughly 2 and a half hour here ...
i worked some overtime this week so i can leave early today
@avazula Is the 5 love languages book worth to buy? it was recommended to me on other questions before
11:28 AM
@avazula Exactly! I'm allergic to some cats only, but I may be able to agree on a trial with the shelter.
@Cashbee I'm currently reading it, so I could tell you next week if you want :)
@avazula yes please
For now I'm still in the part where they're saying this is revolutionary and it's gonna change your life, and so on xD
I already read a few books from Chapman. It helped a lot in a previous relationship. I have a good feeling.
@Belle-Sophie I think you can indeed. But actually I don't see why a breeder wouldn't offer you the same?
@avazula "I already bought your book, stop selling it to me stupid C***" (sensoring Chapman looked too funny not to do it)
it may sound uhm.. strange, but i know i speak the physical love language.
11:30 AM
@Imus Hahaha! I'm not that aggressive, cmon :)
what are these books about?
@Cashbee Be careful, you're on the line of what's allowed in this chat :D
But I get it :)
@Marcus Chapman is a psychologist, marriage counselor and writer. He's published a lot of books about romance relationships and marriage. The 5 Love languages is a theory he authored which claims that we express love and feel loved in different ways.
@avazula Maybe. I'm set on a shelter-cat though.
this is what i meant with may soudn strange (and I wanted it to sound like that >:)). I don't mean as in sexual intercourse. any physical contact. Caressing my SO is my favorite hobby
@Belle-Sophie I was not trying to dissuade you. I think it's a great decision :)
@Belle-Sophie looks spammy, please edit
@avazula can you elaborate on these claims?
@Cashbee You really sound like a good person
@Marcus Sure :) I actually resumed it in this answer, but I can elaborate interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/16780/4550
@Cashbee My GF doesn't like hugging as much as I do :( I compensate by hugging everyone else I can withing socially accepted boundries (like nieces/nephews, good female friends, sisters, ...
@avazula i see. guess i dont speak #1 then.
11:36 AM
@Marcus So there's physical contact: when it's your primary love language, then you'll feel loved when hugged, cuddled
@Marcus Huh? Okay :) which one do you think you speak?
i guess 2-5
2,4,5 on equal level. 3 on a low level
@Belle-Sophie I agree
I lurk on this chat :P
@TheMaskedRebel feel free 😀 welcome back
@TheMaskedRebel perfectly acceptable thing to do :) although it's even more fun to just join in on the banter
11:40 AM
@avazula i just wanted to comment on the top voted answer "OP explicitly said "without resorting to corny eternal-lover's oaths"" but then I realized that I edited that part in. fml
@Cashbee Good morning
@Belle-Sophie hi :)
As a native of your neighbor nation of bread connoisseurs I find this question really strange. A bakery could sell me stale bread exactly once. Most people I know would suffer any hardships to avoid buying stale bread. A baker selling old bread without informing the customers runs quickly out of business. The baker is offending you and you should tell them in no uncertain terms. — Roland 5 secs ago
#16615 Roland (101 rep) | Q: How to ask my local baker if he is always selling freshly baked bread (score: 52) | posted 3 days ago by Toine42 (363 rep) | Toxicity 0.1414373 | edited 24 hours ago by psmears (150 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic"]
@avazula but tbh i wonder if there even is a consensus on what love is... so disecting that into smaller parts is even more ambiguous
@IPSCommentBot I agree very so
11:45 AM
@Marcus What is love??
In this kind of conversations what matters is intention , if Op's intention is just to show his SO that he loves her, it's fine to play along on the game she's proposing, even if he doesn't know because the idea of the game, is just feeling loved and beeing cared of. I personally agree with OP that those games are rather foolish and pointless but then, why make such a big deal of it? — Alexander Aeons Torn 27 secs ago
#16778 Alexander Aeons Torn (1385 rep) | A: How to tell girlfriend that I don't like hypothetical and silly questions? (score: 10) | posted 1 hours ago by Legisey (217 rep) | Toxicity 0.33799845
Matched regex(es) ["chatty"]
@Cashbee Baby don't hurt me
@Marcus I don't think there's one. However, I think this theory could help some people
it'll help couples by giving them something to discuss and find where they misunderstand each other
11:48 AM
@Marcus I think there's more than that but yes, that's true :)
you actually feel more loved when your so knows what type you are and can reassure you their love in that way. Theres a caveat too - they can now manipulate you better. even if they no longer love you, they can use your love language to make you think they still do
@avazula what do you think about that?
@Cashbee sound like trust issues
@Cashbee I think it's interesting. It indeed is a risk you take. But I personally think that love is already a risk to be hurt in some way
I'm actually more eager to know how to please my SO rather than knowing they know how to tell me
I tend to show my love with numerous gifts but my SO is not that sensitive to it. So I'm currently trying to find a compromise between how he likes to be shown he's loved and how I like to show my love.
@avazula I wouldn't care much about gifts either. All I need is lots of cuddles :D
Yeah, cuddles wink
11:59 AM
@Imus That's more or less what he told me haha
@Imus Which is why at night I've got one hand stroking his hair and the other stroking the cat
@avazula awh, now you're making me jealous :p My SO only does so every once in a while ... and we dont have a cat :(
I wouldn't mind having cats like these:
@Cashbee i have read the 5 love languages with my husband, and it's helped a ton even when me and hubby already felt that we understood each other well.
@ElizB That's great news
@ElizB You guys are making me consider getting that book as well :p
@ElizB Would you mind me asking if you guys got a Christian wedding?
12:05 PM
@ElizB I guess I'll get that book soon
@Imus i highly reccomend it. It doesnt have to be when youre in a relationship, it's an applicable concept to any relationship- family, friends, relatives, etc
@avazula yes i did
I got baptised quite late in my life (my mom let me choose) so I have fresh memories of religion class. One thing that particularly stroke me is the force of the christian wedding. My parents broke up right after my birth so the idea of people trying to make it work through adversity, to understand the other and support them no matter that, really rang a bell in me
I'm not likely to get one someday though, as SO is an atheist haha
Yeah that's what me and hubby are working on. We choose this instead of we feel love. That honeymoon feeling fades but dedication to each other's futures has not faded
@Imus They're so cute
I've been baptized twice, actually :) i was raised Catholic
12:11 PM
@avazula I'm an attheist myself. But I do believe in the Christian values (just not that there's a god judging me for them). I also want to raise my kids in a Christian way and have them choose themselves later on like I did myself. For this reason I have chosen to still marry my SO in church as well since she IS (sorta) Christian :)
@Imus that's cool!
I disagree, you don't win her game by playing along. You win the game by putting this kind of attention seeking down with a good neg, "Probably not, I'm more attracted to 20 year old girls than dead 80 year olds" — Matt 1 min ago
@Imus That's nice of you :) My SO's position is that he'd not feel legit to get married in a church he doesn't believe in. He thinks it's offensive, and I get why.
#16778 Matt (101 rep) | A: How to tell girlfriend that I don't like hypothetical and silly questions? (score: 16) | posted 2 hours ago by Legisey (277 rep) | Toxicity 0.46850836
Matched regex(es) ["chatty"]
@Imus same here. except for the repression of women. (sry i just read the davinci code again :D)
12:15 PM
I'm actually not a Christian either but I do love its key values
@Cashbee Christians here don't repress women in any way as far as I know though :o
@Imus I think he was referring to christian history
the modern christian values are getting better each century yes
@Imus Well, up until recently the southern baptists did...
this could come off as rude, sry if it did. that was not my intention. i respect religions
12:16 PM
@ElizB I meant here in Belgium :) don't have "southern baptists" here as far as I know :p
Yes, they are getting better. For example, more women are now allowed to become pastors
@ElizB hmm, in that way ... yeah no woman pastors at all :o
@Imus yes, i understood that :)
@ElizB Oh, you're lucky. When I was 16 I wanted to become a priest, but catholicism (the religion I got baptised from) does not allow women at this position.
our pastors can marry. i respect that change very much
12:17 PM
@Imus it was only the woman's position to be a good wife, that was it.
Instead I've become a software engineer and now I convert my Java colleagues to C++.
@avazula thats what i was raised in and i chose later when i was in college to not go to Catholic church, i chose a Christian church that was a bit more accepting
Some people i knew freaked out because of that change
@ElizB you were raised in C++? :)
@Cashbee no way, or she wouldn't have switched
@Cashbee catholic church. :P
12:21 PM
ok. sry I don't know how deaf children are raised best
Hahaha good one. With sign language.
isn't C++ a sign language?
.... i dont know lol
My husband's the programmer, not me :p
@ElizB Don't mind @Cashbee, he's teasing you :)
@avazula hehe no worries. :P
12:25 PM
@Imus cat hugs!
@Magisch I know right? So cute!
@ElizB in your recent question, you mention speaking with your deaf-blind friend via signing. Is that hand-signing? or how do you communicate with deaf-blind people? Please only answer if you are still okay with me being curious.
unbeelievable cashbee
@Magisch .. always magically appearing out of the blue
@Magisch The only issue with cats is that you need to find a box that is big and strong enough to fit in: p.fod4.com/p/media/5f52eb691d/Dy1u2oDITGKs5YSbylIB_c7.gif
12:30 PM
@Imus still a kitty
big kitty, but a kitty
Q: I recently got a really well paying job (relative to my parents) and I would like to help them out. How?

HanMahMy parents have been supportive of my education for my entire life. I lucked out and the field of interest to me just so happens to be a very high paying field. I recently finished my formal education and got a really well paying job. I am really grateful for all that my parents did for me and I ...

Yesterday we were afraid of laughing out loud at work
Today we fear the "aaaaaaw" caused by cuteness overload
@Cashbee i can answer your question better as soon as fingers hit the keyboard... it's basically called tactile sign, and it uses ASL but the blind person holds the hands of the signer and understands where they are
I'm about to hop off the bus in a min to head into work, so not long :)
@ElizB o.O amazing! cyl
12:34 PM
@ElizB see you later :)
I will be back on within 10 min so see ya soon
Although I do agree that the OP may be doing some overthinking of their own, I disagree with this answer because if it was a game to his girlfriend she wouldn't have got upset. — Astralbee 24 secs ago
#16778 Astralbee (15141 rep) | A: How to tell girlfriend that I don't like hypothetical and silly questions? (score: 20) | posted 2 hours ago by Legisey (297 rep) | Toxicity 0.41188496
Matched regex(es) ["chatty"]
I'm very productive at work today, looking at cats to potentially adopt.
@Belle-Sophie Be careful not to get boosted :)
12:44 PM
@avazula busted? :)
@Belle-Sophie Yes, haha my bad
But looking for cats is boosting too
@Belle-Sophie get norwegian forest cats if you can
they're awesome
My work allows internetbrowsing. It's not a fireable offence
@Magisch Those two are norwegian forest cats crosses
European shorthair with Norwegian forest cat
My Cat killed a pigeon and then took it to Prayer Room and began eating it. Mom saw that and was furious and decided no food for Cat for 2 days. :P
12:49 PM
@Sid Awh the poor cat can't help it!
alright im off to the weekend. see you monday guys
I love cats, i like the looks of a maine coon cat, theyre big and furry and smart apparently
@Marcus Enjoy!
@Marcus Enjoy! HAND
Cya :) enjoy the weekend
12:49 PM
@ElizB They are lovely. My aunt has 12 of them or something.
@Belle-Sophie I now desperately want to visit your aunt
That's a lot
And possibly definitely cuddle all the cats
Wow, my friend has one haha
on a keyboard now! :D (fingers going so fast they are blurry)
Alright, @scohe001, @Cashbee, and @avazula I can do my best to answer questions about deaf-blind technology :D
@ElizB is tactile sign the main language for deaf-blind people?
and how do they know what your fingers do? all they know is where your hands are
12:55 PM
So @scohe001 - my friend has a device that basically allows her to read in braille what's on the phone. Looking for a good website about it
Ok, I think someone is trolling my posts via the comments xD
@Cashbee American Sign language is the main sign language for deaf blind people here in the states, and the tactile "method" is more of a "how" to read another's sign language without seeing their hands, so they use their hands to analyze the signer's fingers and hand position to learn what they're saying.
@Owl I ... don't get your comment. What makes you think I advised not to talk? — avazula 2 mins ago
#16780 avazula (5501 rep) | A: How to tell girlfriend that I don't like hypothetical and silly questions? (score: 6) | posted 2 hours ago by avazula (5501 rep) | Toxicity 0.070203304 | edited 32 minutes ago by avazula (5501 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["experimental(@mith)"]
y'know how some people that lose one sense gain more in the other senses? Deaf people like me may have better peripheral visibility, and maybe better sensitivity to vibrations- I know I do.
Blind people gain sight by touching and remembering the space they are in differently, same with sign language
12:59 PM
@ElizB I know that some deaf people are able to speak orally. Would you mind me asking if you can?

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