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5:04 PM
@Catija I just tuned in when I noticed this blasphemy, read up, and am now horribly amused. :-p
@TheTinyMan Well, I don't think Kilt checks are a good choice for Mith. :P
I read the transcript but still can't follow whats going on
@Catija I still wear kilts to LARPs, but after someone pointed out the error I have started to be more careful about wearing holey underwear, when I might die and land in a dramatic death pose at any moment. xD
I wonder how many times that happened and no one pointed out the error...
@TheTinyMan Always wear your best undies! If something happens and you land in hospital...
@Tinkeringbell I wanna hear about these plans where @Tinkeringbell thinks she's allowed to have fun! :o
@Tinkeringbell Then they're probably going to be soiled when I fall unconscious and lose muscle control anyways ;-)
5:09 PM
what about wearing shorts underneath the kilt?
@ElizB My underwear practically is shorts xD
@ElizB and an underwear underneath the shorts.
@TheTinyMan well. There you have it. Sleep and getting drunk :P not much more to it ;)
@Sid Maybe a thong beneath the underwear?
@Tinkeringbell Drinking alone, or drinking to endure family? ;-)
5:12 PM
@TheTinyMan Damn.
@TheTinyMan Exercise shorts on top of your underwear?
@ElizB Yeeeeah! And some pants on top of all of that!
I...am really tempted to post a hilarious crochet that my nesting partner found on Etsy recently, but it's, uh, maybe not fit for mixed company.
@TheTinyMan hahaha maybe try leggings/tights underneath the kilt? :P
@ElizB And then let's not forget the plate mail!
@TheTinyMan Ah, yeah that's right! What else? ;P
5:15 PM
@ElizB Well we can always layer our skirts. Tutus and stuff.
my understanding is boxer briefs are the well-kept-secret totally OP better than everything else underwear
@TheTinyMan That'll be burdensome to carry
Agree with @ChrisSunami, as someone who's name is mispronounced a decent bit (I'm in the US, for context). I don't mind that people can't pronounce it right, but have a homophone for those who'd like to try. I definitely appreciate the extra effort, but I do also mention that it's ok if they don't get it right the first time, or at all - I would say the only thing that bothers me is when people are ridiculously far from any half-decent pronunciation. — HeebieJeebies 1 min ago
#16741 HeebieJeebies (156 rep) | A: Polite way to ask how to pronounce name with sounds outside local language? (score: 8) | posted 2 hours ago by Chris Sunami (2222 rep) | Toxicity 0.14591843 | edited 2 hours ago by avazula (5387 rep)
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@doppelgreener This is true. Someone shared the secret with me years ago and I've never looked back. I tried on another kind of underwear recently to see if I was correctly remembering how much worse they were, and I was.
I would rather not delve into my personal choice of underpants here :P
5:21 PM
@ElizB I apologize, am I making you uncomfortable by talking about mine?
@TheTinyMan Nah, i'm more amused than uncomfortable. I'm just making it clear that we can talk about your underpants but not mine :)
@ElizB Okay. :-) I'd hate to make anyone uncomfortable, I try very hard to skirt the line between "crass enough to be hilariously crass" and "reducing anyone's enjoyment, even a little."
@TheTinyMan Understandable-back in undergraduate around freshman year i made a guy get mad at me after I basically told him to stop making crude jokes, while I was eating my lunch. I have finished my lunch now and have no issue with this, and this is far better and funnier than what that guy was talking about. :)
@ElizB Woo, success! :-D
Okay, 3 hours left till I get out from work, gonna try to focus. :) o/
5:27 PM
Quick, everyone distract @ElizB!
@TheTinyMan -_-
@ElizB Woo, more success! ;-)
1 hour later…
6:42 PM
@Cashbee... feed seems to work: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/61165?m=45698635#45698635 was posted when the first answer looking for feedback was posted. The feed won't feed comments though, that's going to be too noisy and impossible to set up
@Tinkeringbell That's what we have the closet for anyways, right?
@scohe001 True :)
Does every site have their own "closet" or are we just special?
And I hope he's actually pinging you and sphennings? That way, you get notifications as well :)
@scohe001 We're special. Although the comment bot may be running on other sites, you'd have to ask @thesecretmaster
@Tinkeringbell Guh he hasn't been. Lucky for him we're both natural born Closet lurkers :P
Speaking of which, can I get your eyes over there if you have a sec? I'm not sure there's a way to pull his question on topic...
(if you're busy, no worries!)
6:49 PM
@Tinkeringbell Nope, comment bot is special for y'all. Actually, the room was originally for me to just mess around with chat bots, then Mith asked me to do IPSCommentBot and it kinda took over. So the room now belongs to IPSCommentBot, really.
Huh. Well it's been absurdly helpful. It's crazy how many of those new comments I end up flagging. Glad we got lucky that we have you and Mith :)
I sometimes like to replace "absurdly" with "idiotically". "It's been idiotically helpful"
@scohe001 Pfft. That's a hard one. Because even including the original e-mail, and asking 'what did I do wrong to get 'you're unethical' as a response' is still straying very close to asking us to write the e-mail for them...
I personally don't feel like 20 questions a week from people that didn't get the reply they wanted from their e-mails. ;)
@scohe001 I've left a comment on the Sandbox answer, up to you and @sphennings to try and figure out if you'd like that to work and how ;)
Maybe, if you can make a case for body language etc. not being an option...
7:13 PM
@Tinkeringbell I don't know how to salvage it either.
I'm not a fan of questions asking "How do I argue some point?"
This isn't asking how to argue the point, as they've already got their arguments, looking at the comments.
So it's more like 'how do I bring these across most effectively' and maybe the fact that it has to be done over e-mail adds an interesting dimension to it.
@Tinkeringbell Exactly. I don't know what they need us for besides validation.
Especially since it's interacting with an organization there's probably organizational policy that is a larger factor than any interpersonal interaction.
Hmmm. It looks like the organization is small enough that they're communicating with the chairman directly...
You might as well invite them to chat, ask them what their e-mail was like, give some feedback... so they don't think their effort was wasted..
@thesecretmaster or, well, you saw me floundering with GetAllTehCommentz and decided to step up and help out ;)
Q: how do I get people to email me instead of texting?

gorgabalI wondered if there is an tactful way to let people email me instead of texting (sms/whatsapp). I find texting intrusive and distracting. How can I let texting people know politely that important but non-urgent matters should go to my email?

Q: How to tactfully turn down demands from a demanding friend?

ElizBI have a deaf-blind friend, and she is very sweet. Because she is deaf and blind, there are many restrictions on what she can and can't do, and she has a mitochondrial condition that causes her balance to be off, so she not only can't see where she's going and can't walk without some assistance. ...

7:29 PM
@Tinkeringbell So SOBotics has a bot that can track new comments on a specific post - github.com/SOBotics/Boson/blob/master/docs/…, could probably set that up if you want
And at least for whatsapp: just uninstall! — Daniel 1 min ago
#16748 Daniel (5661 rep) | Q: how do I get people to email me instead of texting? (score: -1) | posted 25 minutes ago by gorgabal (127 rep) | Toxicity 0.12983523 | edited 16 minutes ago by gorgabal (127 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic"]
@IPSCommentBot tp
@Mithrandir For every answer to the sandbox? rather not :P
I'll sleep on it :P But I don't expect that to change XD
8:15 PM
@Tinkeringbell Thank you Tink! Couldn't have worded that better than you if I tried :)
@ElizB suuuuuper off topic from your latest question, but how does a deaf-blind person text and read text?

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