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5:15 PM
Welcome to chat for: Interpersonal Skills
This is a general discussion room, but please feel free to create more subject-specific rooms (a single room with every possible discussion isn't very helpful)
For playing with chat features:


Where you can play with chat features (except flagging) and ch...
and remember; please read the FAQ ;p)
Hello and Welcome to the Interpersonal.SE website/chatroom! :)
Oh hello!
And it's off, ladies and gents.
May I ask a question?
5:24 PM
Congrats @Zizouz212 on being the first MOD to enter the room! :)
Is... That a real thing?
Q: How to deal with avoiding someone I don't like

Crafter0800Currently as part of my work I come into proximity with a lot of people, some of whom I do not like and try actively to avoid, making sure to stay away from locations they're in and placing myself in environments which I know he will prefer to avoid (such as being with friends or in a location he...

@Zizouz212 It's a routine.
I don't think that's a thing to congratulate someone for... More a thing to scare people away :P
Greetings, everyone. Looking forward to see some great content. :)
It's ok to post questions we submitted to the original proposal, correct?
5:33 PM
@StevenVascellaro Of course - but make sure that you make it like a real question, and include details. Otherwise, the question is almost next to worthless
Q: A private beta. What can we do to make this site a success

Sa͞g̛͘a̢͞rV̷d̛Interpersonal Skills has entered into private beta. I waited many days for this entry and since today is tuesday, I am checking from morning itself when this will be launched. There are many SE sites that get closed after beta because of less people/ questions/ etc. So, how can we make this sit...

Congrats @Ravenstine! Your proposal made it into private beta now let's see if it will make it out! :)
Proposal Interpersonal Skills Complete.
It's good to be in a new SE site once again.
again? you've been in others?
do tell.
Around 11.
5:47 PM
Oo, we have a veteran site grower. :)
hello all
this is exciting, this is my second time in a private beta
hi guys
5:54 PM
I'm actually surprised chats exist for such young sites a well
@ZoltánSchmidt It's created automatically.
oh I see
Hello to my main man *GypsySpellweaver.
5:56 PM
The new site is here! :)
words can't describe, by the way, how happy I am
This is one site I needed, but probably won't have much input on.
it was one of the most "demanded" topics on my behalf
full disclosure, I thought I might have something to offer this site…
5:59 PM
Q: The Real Essential Questions of Every Beta

asheeshrThe blog post Seven Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta gets linked to prominently from every beta's meta. However, this blog post is somewhat inaccurate and misdirects new users. In almost every beta, the site design question, for example, gets asked and undergoes a fair bit of discussion eve...

@YvetteColomb Glad you can join us, you're contributions may prove invaluable to others.
Thanks Henry.
@GypsySpellweaver hey. What're you doing here? Just kidding
You're Welcome! :)
Hopefully learning what I didn't years ago
@GypsySpellweaver ah yes. Well I am well behaved now, but as for struggling, there's not much people can throw at me, that I don't understand. It makes it helpful
@GypsySpellweaver that's most of us I suspect ;)
6:08 PM
boy, the site (and chat) is buzzing with live
uhm life, probably
@Ghanima Hey that's the same thing you said when IoT.SE came out.
it probably is
6:10 PM
Yep I have proof
I really need to check what else I've committed to on Area 51 lol
One private beta at a time is enough
Will soon loose my WiFi but will return later
Tooo many questions!
Or at least whenever I get back to the home page, there's questions I've never seen before. It's making my head go crazy :P
@Zizouz212 yepp, ... and another chat room to clutter one's tab bar
6:15 PM
@Randal'Thor nice to be here with you :)
@Ghanima ikr! :)
I'd like to participate in this chatroom, but I'm not sure if I have the interpersonal skills to deal with a large group of chatters.
give it a try
Can someone setup the feeds?
6:17 PM
Is this a normal blast off for betas? CSE wan't like this... I think
@Randal'Thor well played.
@HenryWHHackv2.0 What's the RSS or ATOM ink to add?
@HenryWHHackv2.0 Which ones?
@Zizouz212 I guess I need to close one other tab... IoT... there you go.
Zizouz212 has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
gerrit has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
Did that work?
6:20 PM
Oh, have we two feeds now.
@Zizouz212 The one for bounty questions and the one for new meta questions
Give me one second...
Bounty questions in chat, regular questions as ticker?
After the first half-week the number of questions will dorp off so I think that for the time being, a ticker with all regular questions should be fine.
Yep. That's cool
Am I the only person here who can't stand tickers?
6:26 PM
well, I actually am the same lol
@Randal'Thor no you're not
Meh. I just close 'em.
What's a ticker?
Q: How do we deal with cultural differences?

Rand al'ThorThe answers to many questions on this site will depend on the specific culture in which the OP lives. The norms of interpersonal contact vary a lot from one culture to another. (I realised this when I read this question; in Britain, if someone bumps into you in the street, you'd probably apologis...

Q: Do we want references in our answers?

Yvette ColombThis is the sort of site that could well lend itself to using personal experience to answer questions. Is it ok to use personal experience? Do we want people to cite authoritative sources in their answers? or is the School of Hard Knocks an Authority?

Q: I'm having asperger, is my contribution even gonna help for this private beta?

dheinJust front up: This is not about ranting I literarly see 2 options how this site is expected to be and need help to understand which of them is the supposed one. I'm having Asperger what made me when I signed up for this sites proposal, looking forward for an tool, to use in developing ways of g...

Q: Is social engineering on-topic here?

Zoltán SchmidtI guess such a topic, while related to both psychology and hacking, is essentially belonging a site like this. On the other hand, it would not be the best idea to give people advice for morally questionable acts. What about this topic?

Q: How should this site's general chat room be named?

GhanimaInterpersonal Skills General discussion for is quite boring... so: How should our main chat room be named? It is custom to use a clever play of words on the topic of the site.

holy moly what just happened?
6:28 PM
we need to get rid of that again ;)
The feeds came.
RSS bot?
Just the feed stream.
Zizouz212 created the Introverted Meta Man?
@ItamarGreen Nothing we are not really here!!!!
6:29 PM
Yep :)
OMG @Randal'Thor Your chatroom name ideas are hilarious! xD
but what are tickers??
@ItamarGreen Tickers are a disgusting thing that comes down to cover part of your chat screen every time a new question is posted.
They don't go away until you manually dismiss them, and once they're dismissed there's no lasting record of them.
@Randal'Thor o...k?
With a onebox feed, anyone who doesn't want to see them can set a single bot to 'ignore' and never have to be bothered by them, but there's still a searchable record in the room transcript.
6:32 PM
You'll see eventually
@Zizouz212 My first suggestion hits the "funny" bone, but I'm actually wondering if, especially given the topic of the site, we want something that's more welcoming to new users.
@Randal'Thor sounds like a plan!
Hence my second suggestion, and I'm trying to come up with more ideas along the same lines as that one.
"Speak Freely Here"?
"Where to Meet People"?
I'll be back in like 15 minutes... Gotta pick up my brother from school. Oh the joy of being finished with exams for forever...
nonono. the "awkward silence" one is perfect.
6:39 PM
@ItamarGreen There's a ticker feed coming in now.
Top left corner of the screen.
@ItamarGreen thanks! tried to nail common topics with my questions
6:52 PM
Eww.. Tikkers
Stupid question idea: How do I talk to a SE employee without getting nervous?
Q: What mix do we want of "dear abby" questions, and "Encyclopedia" questions?

tuskiomiMy question What interpersonal skills are important to develop to be successful in Business? Was closed due to being too broad. A helpful user commented that putting "interpersonal skills" is not enough to be a good question. That's akin to "What are useful skills for programming game...

if there was a close reason "too localized" that would be it ;)
@HenryWHHackv2.0 lol You just talk to their exobrains
7:01 PM
I have been forcing myself to stay awake while waiting for the site and when it came I got my energy back.
is this on topic? there's zero activity around it, so I'm thinking hm
@YvetteColomb I'll take a look at it!
@Zizouz212 Unreal!! I LOVE your enthusiasm :D
lol I'm just in a really good mood today :P
there must be something wrong with your main site ;)
7:09 PM
Have you seen Open Source?
It's a jewel.
Everyday, I hear mods going about what they deal with.
Me: "Oh, we've probably only had 20 flags since January"
Gets two flags in a week Oh my goodness, who's causing trouble? :P
I think even I've handled more than that, thanks to Rand over there.
Let me pull out some stats
@Mithrandir oh look, it's getting (inter)personal here
(feedback on my answer welcome)
Wait, how blue is this room? I'm on mobile and can't see the colors.
way too blue
... or as we say moderator overflow
7:14 PM
I recognize 6 blue out of 14 in the room.
6 mods and 8 regulars
well 7 regulars now
out of the blue
It's all blue to me.
How can I completely disable that pesky RSS popup again?
7:19 PM
Do I hear the infamous ticker?
'Tis the crocodile!
It's really a time bomb. RUN!!!
keep calm :)
7:23 PM
> How to keep calm when someone keeps ticking?
tick tock tick tock...
Keep calm and witness the chat explosion
Smack them. It's tharapuetic (?).
That's the one.
@Zizouz212 having a site's chat room explode within the first day, that would be something for the chronicles of SE
7:28 PM
I can't spell or pronounce anything.
@Ghanima oh, that happened on Lit
Room got put in time out and everything
*second day, but yeah
@Mithrandir By Shog, no less.
"I'm in a meeting and y'all are being jerks"
So yeah. That was... interesting.
Woo Mortarboard :-D
Is it just me or will the favicon get mixed up with the one for Islam?
7:32 PM
I don't think so
Is vs is
What could possibly go wrong?
@Mithrandir I see a meta post coming
Q: Favicon is identical to Islam's

MithrandirThe favicon for this site and Islam are essentially identical. Both say 'is'. Can we change this one so that it's not hopelessly confusing?

Screenshots from someone not on mobile would be appreciated
7:45 PM
Q: Favicon is identical to Islam's

MithrandirThe favicon for this site and Islam are essentially identical. Both say 'is'. Can we change this one so that it's not hopelessly confusing? The Interpersonal Skills one: Islam:

I'm glad this site finally got launched
I need to find a question to ask...
I have so many.
Q: Are hypothetical questions welcome?

Gregory Avery-WeirUsually, Stack Exchanges deal with "questions about an actual problem you have faced." However, I can see Interpersonal Skills being well-suited to questions that: Deal with a situation you think may happen and want to be prepared for, deal with a general etiquette or empathy question that happ...

7:59 PM
Seeing that meta link is going to kill me really soon.
@10Replies Do you want my real answer to your question?
Which one?
The one I just answered. Still gave you my real answer though :P
8:17 PM
@LukasRotter !!!!!
You're back! :-D
in The Sphinx's Lair, Jun 19 at 19:22, by Mithrandir
Oohh! Lukas Rotter recreated their account!
@Mithrandir I know, but I hadn't seen him in chat until now.
omg 10 replies is a person!
@Zizouz212 I don't think that the "rejection" tag is too ambiguous
I thought you were making a joke - "I'm making 10 replies"
OR that you found "10 replies" literally to a post
8:21 PM
Wow, I have been mistaken for several things, but, never a joke.
Just so you know, your actually the first person to actively admit to making that mistake except for myself.
Poor you.
I named this acc 10 replies to troll people into thinking that all the comment threads had 10 replies that could be viewed by clicking on my username.
I got pulled over by a cop for speeding and he told me I was the first person in his whole career who admitted to speeding.
I promptly forgot about it, came back a few months later, and then tried to view the 10 extra replies
8:26 PM
Why didn't you call yourself "show 10 more comments" then?
@10Replies rofl
because I wasn't that clever
and or because 10 replies is shorter and nicer
and less obvious
And then leave comments saying "add a comment".
I like the way you think
What can I say, I'm a puzzler.
I want to say something clever and get a star
8:33 PM
Q: Are questions about romantic relationships on topic?

TimWe've had a few questions about romantic relationships here. Previously there was a site here dedicated to relationships - unfortunately, it was closed. Do we want to allow questions about romantic relationships here?

@YvetteColomb and that was the best that you came up with?
@Ghanima yus :D
e= mc2
* "^2"
is that a clever enough statement?
no. try harder
8:36 PM
the whole site or just the chat?
The question got closed just as I was posting my here.
your welcome
@10Replies yep too lazy
@Randal'Thor yep saw that
I really want to make a joke about regional tags - if we have the Aussie tag, we will be banned from seeing all the recent posts, as we are always restricted with the latest movies and tv shows
sounds of crickets
@Mithrandir hello! I didn't see you here
8:59 PM
I always forget how busy private betas get.
I think this one is going to be extremely useful, though.
@YvetteColomb :)
@SoylentGray you're so sweet!!! :)
lol jk
To Blave!
9:15 PM
hehe Love that movie
@SoylentGray it would be nice to see you on pets again :)
@Randal'Thor What sort of content was that question?
I think private beta sites are one of the few places the "active" tab is actually useful
by the active tab what do you mean?
ah yes of course thanks
9:27 PM
I 100% of the time use the tab normally
yes same on SO, but on Pets I use both equally
I use the active tab on sites where I'm moderator
I missed the start of this because of work, so I guess I have the advantage of looking back on the first few hours as a mass, but I'd like to say this:
I really hope we don't keep seeing lots of really short answers.
Length is not always connected to quality, sure. And I'm not saying that everyone should write paragraphs and paragraphs.
But I feel like more than three sentences would be nice.
@HDE226868 tots agree. I'm restricting my posts to one per day - meta and main - question and answer and am trying to make them count
Perfectly agree :)
9:37 PM
^^ except the chat room names - that blew out my daily cap
@YvetteColomb Haha. Always excusable.
you can earn a lot of rep posting early in beta as we all know
@YvetteColomb ha!
so it's important to resist the urge for quantity at the sacrifice of quality in a rush to be first
9:39 PM
@YvetteColomb please post that sign all over SO
I'd add to that. The private beta is the time to create expert questions with expert answers. The focus should be on quality instead of quantity. The earliest questions will set the tone for future questions, so they need to be models for the future. If we develop crappy models, we won't get what we want a year from now. Hypothetical questions by nature don't facilitate that, so unless you can't reflect on an actual experience, or create a detailed question, I'd ask everyone to refrain from doing so, especially if they are doing it for the sake of adding questions to the site. — Zizouz212 2 hours ago
yep I agree
can you give me honest feedback about the answer I wrote on main @Zizouz212 I am wondering if I was too relaxed. I was looking at the other posts and it seems like the tone is more relaxed than many of the other sites here
I'm not that happy with it tbh
> My experience with females shows that usually, they (but usually neither side) don't prefer to start meeting with the inherent and definitive purpose of making it romantic.
What a great question.
9:43 PM
Yeah, that assumes a lot.
Yes I did notice that, but I reckon there's a hell of a lotta young guys who can identify with that.
I have two sons 17 and 23 and I'm used to fielding all sorts of questions
I did add in my answer that women can be proactive and these days those barriers are coming down with traditional stereotypes about romance
@YvetteColomb Is it bad that I'm as old as your youngest?
@Zizouz212 not at all, I'm used to it by now :) One of my fav people on the site is the same age.
I am impressed by young people participating on here and the enthusiasm, it beats a lot of other things you could be doing
@HDE226868 Oh, it's already deleted? It was something about the packaging labels on shopping - totally off-topic for this site.
@enderland Wow, people actually use that?
@Randal'Thor Oh, I might have seen something like that earlier. That explains a bit.
9:48 PM
I almost always use the active tab.
@Randal'Thor Someone asked a question about packaging labels?
@YvetteColomb Haha, I'm just finished my exams. That's all :P
@Zizouz212 yeh, but at least you did your exams. There's a lot of apathetic teenagers in our society atm
Also, I thought the answer was pretty good. You went pretty in-depth at everything.
^ That's what I'd like to see. In-depth but not too long.
I created a shyness tag as I think that shyness != introvert - but an introvert can be shy and vice versa, but not necessarily the same. For e.g. I am not shy, but am very drained by interacting with people i.e. introverted, as opposed to being energised from it -> extroverted.
9:52 PM
I bet tagging is going to be an issue on this site, at least for a while.
@Zizouz212 and the tone? I lightened it up a bit with humour. As I understand how petrified youngins can be when it comes to these issues
I thought the tone was good too. It felt very relaxing :)
@Randal'Thor I'm trying to get the synonyms of species tags - unjoined - on pets with their offspring tag, as there's many issues that apply to offspring that don't apply to the adult i.e. kitten vs cat
@Zizouz212 ah coolies, that was what I was trying to achieve. Convey the feeling of how he can approach the relationship within the post. But it made it less scientific and I tend to be scientific in my answers on SE
not meta of course
I'm waiting for the first question about interactions on Stack Exchange to show up. I know we've had one or two Internet ones already.
10:02 PM
@HDE226868 ?
@YvetteColomb ?
I'm waiting for the first question about interactions on Stack Exchange to show up. I know we've had one or two Internet ones already.
I just saw this, and it made me wonder.
ah yes! of course
@YvetteColomb Even better a question about interactions on Meta SE.... so its a meta question about a meta interaction on Meta... that belongs on the Main SE :)
I am a huge fan of irony like that
10:09 PM
me too :)
3 hours ago, by Henry WH Hack v2.0
Stupid question idea: How do I talk to a SE employee without getting nervous?
@Randal'Thor Oh, mannnn.
We totally need Shog to answer that one.
That would be hilarious.
"Well, @Henry, y'all can just, you know, talk to us."
Plus or minus an analogy or two.
Probably related to food or gardening.
Or both.
10:23 PM
well, I guess it's expected some people will be frightened to talk to a floating head
Well, there we go. I've asked a Stack-Exchange-inspired one.
@HDE226868 I'm trying to think of an appropriately witty comment to leave on your question ...
Sarcastic, I hope?
@YvetteColomb I am both extremely outgoing and extremely introverted. shyness definitely isn't the same thing as being an introvert
@enderland exactly!
@HDE226868 hm I think I need to make my comment into a sarcastic answer ;)
ah coolies
10:31 PM
@HDE226868 Of course.
I'm still a bit miffed that my hilarious comment about Brits apologising was deleted, but at least I turned it into an answer. (Which I suppose is the point.)
what was it?
On this question, I said:
> If you're British, apologise right back at him.
That could probably be the answer to a lot of questions on this site :-P
My colleague witnessed two Brits who had a traffic accident, then got into a fight "it's my fault", "no, it's MY fault", "not at all, it was MY fault"
Speaking of declining scams, another amusing story.
My uncle once answered the phone to a cold caller. Looked at the rest of us in the room. Beamed. "Ooh! I've won a cruise to the Caribbean!" Turned back to the phone. "You can stick it up your arse, missis!"
10:57 PM
@Randal'Thor ah k
From My Point Of View — dhein 5 hours ago
I think I'm onto something
Favourite is duck duct cleaning calls
@Zizouz212 ?
I really miss having @10Replies to my comments :)
11:47 PM
Hello who got to be TO? it makes no sense
What's TO?
No ROs yet.
O so just mods
Nope, no mods yet either.
Mods will be appiinted in a few weeks.
(A bunch of us are mods in this chatroom, but only because we're mods on other sites. Mods anywhere are mods in all of chat.)

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