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@ElizB ok so they do feel the fingers too. then it makes sense. The thing you mentioned about other senses getting better/stronger I have heard a lot and I believe it 100%. I once tried not opening my eyes for half a day. yes i was at home, but it was an eye opening experience :D
@avazula She cannot. It is even harder for her to understand tongue and mouth positions, etc if she cannot see :) I do not mind, and thanks for being sensitive
@Cashbee That's hard to do. What do you remember? did you have to memorize how many steps you had, how many paces to go to down the hall, to get to the bathroom, to get to your clothes, to get out of your house, etc? that's what blind people do automatically, same with my peripheral view- If I see something, i look, because I never know if someone's getting my attention and I can't hear them?
I can recommend trying that out at home, it makes you realize how some people live and it is an awesome challenge to try out
ESPECIALLY at home. That way, you have knowledge of where your things are, mostly.
I would have no prayer working that. I have an eye condition that means even with glasses I can't see depth well at all
I basicly do all my movement by visual reference
@ElizB i didn't do it long enough to actively remember step counts and such. I visualized my surroundings with my inner eye and walked slowly, feeling with my feet
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your girlfriend asked in a round about way "will you love only me forever" from your comments it appears you responded with no. even if its the truth you would move on if she died. she doesn't want or need to hear it. — J.Doe 48 secs ago
It's a good thing to do anyway. Imagine there's a fire and your house is full of smoke. Can you get out?
#16775 J.Doe (101 rep) | Q: How to tell girlfriend that I don't like hypothetical and silly questions? (score: 8) | posted 3 hours ago by GamerGypps (41 rep) | Toxicity 0.3889421 | edited 3 hours ago by GamerGypps (41 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic"]
@Cashbee That's a good sense to have- that "inner eye". some people have a harder time visualizing where they are
but yes i had to put mental post it notes where i put what. (which is what i do anyways.)
also i remember focussing on my hearing. even sound reflections of mysteps
@ElizB I always wondered how a blind person would "see" things with their inner eye. As in: if you touch something and try to "visualise" it in your mind, how that would "look". Problem is that there's no possible way to actually explain that ...
1:06 PM
@Magisch That's interesting- I have a depth issue as well, because one of my eyes is nearsighted, so if I don't have my contact (one eye contact) in or my glasses on, things are weirdly out of depth
@Imus same, with hearing! I wondered what real hearing is like, and how it compares to my hearing with a cochlear implant.
@Magisch Isn't it hard to drive a car?
@ElizB Same for that yeah. Also entirely impossible to explain both directions :)
@Cashbee @scohe001 This is exactly what i'm talking about- this is a device that allows you to go row by row to read whatever is displayed on the computer screen or phone screen, and this allows my friend to read and respond to text messages. The eight buttons (two groups of four) are pressed in some combination to create messages.
@Imus I imagine it's all about forms, space and ground plots. no colours though
@Imus Yup, very interesting. If you ask my husband, he has some audio graphs? that compare the two.
1:09 PM
@avazula legally prohibited from obtaining a drivers license
@ElizB I don't think audio graphs can really cover the experience of hearing
@avazula and @Magisch My friend can't drive, so she has to depend on others for transportation... Problem is that she is not quite as independent as she says she is... She's asking for friends and such when people are paid to assist people like her, and she won't take advantage of it...
I have a bicycle
And public transport here is good
@imus I agree, but it's at least a visual representation of what happens
I agree, public transport here is fantastic
@ElizB true and I'm not saying it can't be interesting or useful. Just never enough to compensate for the real thing :)
Things like hearing the "it's a small world" melody, or even the first 4 notes of it and then beïng unconsiously forced to hear the entire song into your head ...
I don't think you can experience things like that by looking at any representation of sound
1:14 PM
@Imus Very true. :) This website shows all these different gadgets invented to help blind and deafblind people..... amazing
@IPSCommentBot tp
@scohe001 More info on deafblind communicative devices: deafblindinformation.org.au/acquired-deafblindness/…
@ElizB cutting things when blind! I never really thought just how hard that is :O
yesterday I even cut my own finger despite being able to see what I was doing XD
@Imus Exactly!! I didn't think of it either
@ElizB thanks once more for satisfying our curiosity!
1:16 PM
@IPSCommentBot you owe us a cookie, @avazula
@Cashbee No problem at all! I love answering these questions, I learn more by answering your questions :)
@Mithrandir Why is that?
Liquid Level Indicator is a cool thing as well ... saves your thumbs from burning when pouring boiling water into a mug
although I expect that with practice you can also gauge the height of the liquid based on the sound it makes :)
@ElizB Maybe she can't afford it?
1:18 PM
(note: with you, not ElizB ofcourse, just a blind but hearing person in general)
@avazula you tripped the bot ;)
@ElizB how baffled are you at the concept of "hearing" how full a glass is? :D
In soviet stack exchange, bot trips you
@Mithrandir What did I do? o_o
@avazula Part of the issue, yeah. Still, she is entitled to assistance.
@Imus .... sorta baffled. If i shake the bottle, I can feel how full it is, but i cant hear how full it is....
it just sounds like water to me haha
1:21 PM
I can't hear that either, but when I let water pour into a bottle I can tell from the sound when it's near full. Not nearly as precise as seeing it though
@Mithrandir In my defence, I'm currently facing a troll attack ;_;
Yeah, that i can't do well
maybe a graph would explain that difference in sound perfectly :)
Hi FreezePhoenix!
1:23 PM
@Imus That would be interesting
@avazula ..who? Where? How?
@avazula Those aren't fun. (I've been on the other end of one of those too, unfortunately)
Currently trying to save an on hold, brb
How are you guys?
@FreezePhoenix we're currently having fun trying to see how blind and/or deaf people experience things differently. Thanks to ElizB (deaf with chochlear implants) willing to explain things to us hearing folks ^^,
1:27 PM
I will go back to dorm on Sunday. So, a bit sad that holidays are over. Also, a bit of regret that I didn't utilize my holidays well.
@Imus Happy to educate! not enough people ask...
@ElizB was just thinking: how useful would it be if we give you a youtube video where someone explains something (with talking) ... then figured theres a subtitle option ...
makes me feel stupid for not realising sooner XD
@Imus I always look for the subtitle and if there's none, then I simply don't watch it...
1:30 PM
@ElizB Do you have any notion of concepts like standing waves and/or how for example a tuba/trumpet/panflute "works"?
As in: change the length of the tube to make the notes "go up or down"
@avazula Sorry, we don't delete users as no longer needed
@Tinkeringbell So sorry, typo. Edited
@avazula Hahaha. I actually found it quite funny ;)
@Imus I'm not sure what standing waves are... and sorta, i think.
@ElizB The concept of standing wave itself doesn't matter much. But the tube changging in lenght corresponding to a higher/lower tone is exactly what happens when pouring water into a bottle
@Imus Ahhhh gotcha I see.
@ElizB Things I only found out cause I'm generally curious about physics and how things work XD Proves useful now to explain things based on sounds to someone that can't know what a sound is exactly :)
1:35 PM
@Imus Yeah, I can see that haha
i stop pouring water when the pitch reaches the high G#
Cool. :) I stop pouring when I see it's full or if it splashes over haha
depends on how well I'm paying attention
@ElizB I usually do it based on sight as well. But it's useful when you're talking with someone (looking at them, not the water pouring) and can tell when it's nearing the top ^^,
@Imus Yeah, I can see how useful it is.
Or at work when I'm pressing the buttons on our coffee machine to pour hot water into my mug for thee while holding another button for cold watter pouring into a can (I don't like walking for water constantly so take both to my desk)
1:40 PM
I wanna drop another really funny concept- signing is dangerous....
@ElizB hmm, in which situation?
I can guess similar to looking on my phone while walking around and almost getting hit by something really quiet (normally avoid stuff based on sound and limited peripheral vision)
@ElizB Or maybe when someone asks you something while you're holding a hot beverage. Then start signing before you remember that it'll splash stuff out of your mug?
@ElizB when gesticulating to vividly and some bypasser walks into your arms?
@Imus that makes more sense
@Cashbee Hitting someone does sound like a real problem as well :o
@Imus Yes, or bumping hot water or food with hands or elbow...
@Cashbee YES. or worse, hitting your conversation partner...
Hitting someone. so many times. Hitting your necklace if it's long, glasses, earrings, etc
@ElizB does that happen? I would expect some extra space between you 2 so there's room for your partner to actually see what you're showing with your hands
1:46 PM
youtu.be/tsxs8uwZTSE Funny concepts about why deaf people suffer so much from signing everyday
@Imus Hmm.... Yeah, thats true but some tight spaces dont allow it or walking side by side
kind of what I had in mind with my "looking at phone" comparison. Where you're not watching where you're going and end up well .. what happens in that video
hahah yeah
that guy is hilarious, he makes videos and posts them on facebook
Last time i posted something from facebook i got flagged :P
I don't think the flag itself is bad though, as long as you put it on the same line as the explanation why it's a relevant video for the conversation here. That way mods can tell the auto facebook flag was a false positive :) (I guess)
Right that's exactly what I didnt do that first time :P
So interpersonal skills are absolutely used when apologizing for signing being dangerous out in public....
reads up
@ElizB people who don't sign are capable of doing these things by accident
1:54 PM
@JourneymanGeek read up first :p It started from the concept of "signing is dangerous"
@JourneymanGeek They are. Still, who moves their hands more than the typical hearing person? Either an italian or a person that uses a sign language.
@ElizB >_>
I kinda used to move my hands a lot while talking
@ElizB not only moving hands. Constantly looking at something other than where you're going
@ElizB i just wanted to say italian.. but you were faster
kinda toned it down, partially due to teenage bullying.
1:55 PM
Israelis tend to move their hands around a lot too.
@JourneymanGeek ah, gotcha. I get it that people who prefer to move their hands a lot can also knock or bump into things, that's typically me.
I also have a habit of putting my hands on my hips when ... not doing anything
its genetic apparently
@ElizB at least you got an obvious excuse for doing so :p
drives my mom nuts cause my elbows are at her eye level XD
@Mithrandir I didn't know that... I'm half italian so I get it
@JourneymanGeek Wow, i can understand your mom, i wouldn't want to get accidentally knocked out by elbows that happened to be there
1:58 PM
@ElizB I actively try not to do that
@JourneymanGeek that's rather common methinks
@Sid my granma on my dad's side would do that too ;p
@ElizB Italian moving hands reminds me of this joke: reddit.com/r/Jokes/comments/1bieaw/the_3_spies
@Imus Still, have to clean up after whatever I knock over
@Imus That's a great one! what if one of the spies was deaf? :P
same answer as the italian one, probably
@ElizB yup
and would be harder to get when the other 2 spies "asked him how ..."
2:01 PM
@Imus haha yeah, there's the issue of his not being able to hear at all
@ElizB are you able to hear musquito's with your implants? These little devilspawsn can keep me up at night just out of fear from beïng stung -.- (despite them having a preference for my GF though XD)
or can you/do you take them off at night? (don't know if that's possible in the first place)
@Imus No, I don't sleep with them.
there's an internal and external component, I take off the external so my skin can breathe a bit :)
plus it's peaceful
sleep right through storms :P
Not sure if I should say "lucky you" for not beïng able to hear them then or "sucks to be bitten more often since you don't know they're there"
(shrugs) IF the mosquitoes get in, then yeah, some bite.
oh well.
We open our windows in the evening an hour before bedtime so it can cool off ... don't have a bug screen yet -.-
2:09 PM
ahh, that would explain it. all our windows have a screen
the problem with having a really well isolation on our house also means that once the heat gets inside, it's hard to get it out again ...
yeah, that's an issue heh
Don't have those
I now had a package delivered at work that my GF ordered. Etheric oils (translated that right?) that should keep musquitos away
essential oils?
that probably yes :)
2:12 PM
Someone said ether
that's a good idea. peppermint, lemon, rosemary, etc those smells will keep bugs in general away
they hate the stink
@ElizB yesterday i saw this on reddit and had to think of you. i love how she plays the air guitat and drums :)
@Cashbee looks both awesome and boring since most songs are basically the same XD
@cashbee Thanks for bringing that up! great interpreters like her are hard to find, and she really translates the song, the feeling, and the words well
not just words
i think i saw a gif of her translating an eminem concert
2:16 PM
Yeah, there's some interpreters out there that partner with the singer themselves to better understand their music- the interpreters have to know every song they're gonna play by heart.
@Cashbee Makes me wonder if a signing-translator like that does that, did they practice it like a choreography or do they do it translate on the spot?
@Imus Depends on the situation: They practice it for big venues like this, and in most cases like doctors appointments and meetings they translate on the spot
@ElizB do they play air guitar at the doctor's too?
@Cashbee that would be cool to see that, but no. hehe :P
Lol Cashbee XD! But yeah, I expected normal conversation to be translated on the spot. But for big venues, is it like practicing a dance? Or just learning the "words" (possible just the spoken ones) and then sign those with certain extra gestures based on audio queues like the drum/guitar
2:21 PM
@Imus It is learning the words, and understanding how to convey that in sign, then sometimes the big gestures and stuff like that is impromptu. if you know the song inside and out and backwards, you can do all sorts of things if you know what's coming
I would love to see an interpreter at a death metal concert, whipping their hair back and forth while signing
@ElizB hmm, so it's more like someone actually singing along with a song (not signing) and at a guitar/drum solo just air-play along
@cashbee that would be very fun. I'm not a fan of death metal though :P @imus Yeah, that's more like it
@ElizB When you see someone signing a song like that, do they also make you actually feel the "rythm" of the song or is it more like they're telling a story about how the song feels?
@Imus Story about how the song feels, adding the rhythm. Many deaf people can't understand or really catch on to rhythm
I can, for the most part. complicated stuff is harder for me
2:25 PM
That would be my next question: Do you know the full (?) concept of rythm? :)
@imus Sorta, depends on what you mean by that
@Imus do you? :D
yeah, that's what the ? was for :p
ahh, haha
I mean: this pleasing feeling of tapping allong in the same beat, and things like on or in between beat taps
those things you should be able to experience even without sound, but I can't tell for sure
might be that the pleasing part of the rythm is based on what we hearing people imagine along based on music we have heard before ...
2:28 PM
I can be on beat, but in between is harder
@Imus that's how i think it is.
well put
Was searching for a way to explain what I was thinking about XD
I like listening to a good beat, yes. Carrie Underwood is one of my favorite artists, then Sugarland, and then for techno I love Lindsey Stirling, and for A cappella I like Peter Hollens
Just remembered a really cool video (ted talk) about a guy playing guitar with an echo that's 1,5 "measures" behind. And I think that's something impossible to explain to a deaf person how awesome that sounds
huh, interesting
2:32 PM
I tried explaining it to my GF before showing her the video ... and even that was impossible
@ElizB doesn't ring a bell for me. Now im listening to Peter Hollens. The background singer sounds extremely familiar. it reminds me of "davinci's notebook". do you know that?
in the end I gave up and said: just listen to this
Also: Lindsey stirling is amazing :D Love her cosplay too ^^,
@Cashbee Don't know davinci's notebook
Yes. I've seen her twice in concert. :D she's so inspiring.
@Cashbee I love Lamb of God
so much fun
@ElizB im researching if they have common groupmembers
2:34 PM
Peter collaborates with many different people and the background is usually his voice
In the song "Disney Villains Medley" especially, the first few sounds right at the start sound exactly like davincis notebook
ahh gotcha
that's such a great video :D
@ElizB I got this youtube video favorited. Not sure if it's great for deaf people as well youtube.com/…
@Imus Work won't let me get to the video, so i'll check it out on my phone at lunch :)
2:37 PM
@ElizB sure, just ping me with your answer so I can see later
gonne go home soon anyway ^^,
waaaaaaait.. peter hollens sings Baba Yetu? awesooooooome
i LOVE that song
Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens are both good... especially together ;)
@Cashbee I actually preferred the original for that one
@Mithrandir Can't disagree on that one
@Mithrandir i agree :'(
2:45 PM
@imus sure.
@Mithrandir I agree that they are fantastic together.... what about radioactive by Pentatonix, with lindsey stirling... that was an epic video
@ElizB indeed
Pentatonix's cover of Bohemian Rhapsody is also really good. Mitch got it spot on.
@Mithrandir that and skyrim are my favorites.
Yeah thats a good video
Also, Caleb Hyle's "Hellfire" and "Go the Distance".
Yes, and "The Plagues" from Prince of Egypt
That was a bit too metal for me, but otherwise nice.
2:51 PM
I didn't mind it as much, because of the song's intensity and meaning behind it
I thought the metal was very justified
Oh and I completely cracked up at those "Google Translate Sings".
hahah yeah those are just funny weird
Now I wanna take a listen to them :P (puts on headphones) :D (happy place)
@ElizB oh yeah, the intensity was definitely justified. In fact, I participated in a bibliodrama about that story once and actually thinking about that song really helped me connect
@Mithrandir That's cool. I think that song cover could've easily made it into the movie if I could put it in
Have a nice weekend, kind people of IPS
you too, unkind people
3:03 PM
I have to run - laters, folks
See ya later! nice chat :)
3:24 PM
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@ElizB Whaaaaat that's really cool! I had no idea something like that existed. Though I guess it makes sense that there's Braille tech out there
@scohe001 hey there! yeah, it's super cool!
Could use some NLN flags on almost every comment on this thread
4:32 PM
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9:34 PM
@sphennings after seeing and having written "Welcome to IPS!" so many times, seeing "Welcome to the Sandbox" was perfect :P
Also awesome job on that comment, I was about to write something similar
@scohe001 Having spent a lot of time in the sandbox on Worldbuilding it helps to have multiple people working it.
If for no other reason than to prevent it from becoming learn how to make questions fit Sphennings' particular interpretation site policy.
Hahaha that's a good point. Controlling the Sandbox is probably the first step to site domination
He who holds the Sandbox controls the main site
I was worried I'd be the only one maintaining it, so I'm happy for your company :)
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11:15 PM
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