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12:02 PM
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12:18 PM
@Tinkeringbell o/
Not much. It's hot, yet I need to go out grocery shopping soon ;)
I'm crocheting, and hoping it'll cool off a little soon (it's usually hottests between 12 and 3, so I was waiting till 4 :) )
@Tinkeringbell It's raining here
We could really use some rain. There's dead grass everywhere, I can't remember ever having consciously seen a drought like this one
12:26 PM
@Tinkeringbell You wouldn't want the kind of weather going on here. :P It's rain one day and hot next day.
Hahaha. Ah well... I'd settle for a week or 4 of rain ;)
12:45 PM
@Tinkeringbell 2 days of rain continuously for me. It sucks. You cant go out anywhere
@Sid That's why they invented umbrellas and cars :)
@ExtrovertedMainMan Why has this not been deleted yet? Mods!
1:04 PM
@Sid gone. :P
1:36 PM
Q: Friend asking for a job referral but doesn't have the skills

JenksA friend who wants to get into software development asked me to refer him to my company. I had a look at his CV and he is unlikely to even get an interview ( lack of skills, lots of spelling mistakes that he won't correct ). Is it ethical for me to just not forward his CV and tell him he has been...

2:09 PM
Q: "Categorized Conversation" roulette plattform?

SearchSpaceIdea: Other people are the greatest inspiration resource we have and often we talk with the same people and often know what they think. Therefore it would come handy, if we would have an "Categorized Conversation" plattform (auditive, that's important because only then it's real talk with another...

2:25 PM
Q: How to convince open-source developers that no-deriv licenses are ok?

KGMI think non-derivative licenses are great because they prevent anybody from stealing your code legally but they don't affect the end user. now i want to publish some huge project on a forum that does not allow me to post things under such licenses under such a license soon. my last "post" (publ...

2:50 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan That is as IPS material as "how to teach my students that the octet rule is an oversimplification?"
Except with some extra "Oooh look at my Github" thing
Yeah, it doesn't feel like an IPS thing to me
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5:07 PM
Q: Ensuring about a word

user20111*can we say beautiful-voiced to refer to someone whose voice is beautiful? I just wonder if it's considered correct! *

5:17 PM
@ExtrovertedMainMan Not a particularly good ELL question either

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