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8:01 AM
Morning chat
Q: Smartcast and range indicators for certain skills?

HojouHumanAs far as i know you can have your skills cast when you hit (keydown) your skill key QWER or after you press the target with your mouse. The whole clicking with the mouse to activate the skill sucks - it add too much delay and opportunaty for failure. Using smartcast to activate the skill right a...

was gonna be a smartass and say "late night chat", but I guess 5:33am counts as morning...
@Chippies also UGT, also CET
@KevinvanderVelden but those things take away my ability to be a smartass
@Chippies yes, and therefor I mention them
8:07 AM
@KevinvanderVelden but, but... :(
That thumbnail doesn't really convey what's in the video...
@5pike Now you know how @GnomeSlice feels
(I didn't see the thumbnail, or the video)
and I switched tab for only few seconds, came back and saw a message removed :(
Q: What are the requirements for the Greed portal to appear?

ArperumI've killed hundreds of goblins, on multiple difficulties, in rifts, out of rifts... Bu no greed portal has opened yet. I'm currently doing mainly rifts (I have a huge pile of rift fragments), so can these portals open in rifts? And do they require torment or above? Is there a level requirement ...

8:11 AM
@Arperum YES! I'M ON IT!
A: What are the requirements for the Greed portal to appear?

ChippiesGreed portals can only spawn in Level 70 Adventure mode. The portal to The Vault will not spawn inside a Nephalem Rift (and Treasure Goblins don't spawn inside of Greater Rifts at all). Source 1 and 2

@Chippies It was nothing dirty or anything. Just a picture that didn't convey anything, really.
@5pike suuure, that's what GnomeSlice they all say.
@Chippies I'll accept in 7 minutes, can't accept yet. stupid limits.
@Chippies dammit, edited the thing like 5 times, last edit was just barely after the 5 minute timer
now it has the ugly "Edited" thingy on it
@Chippies Do you want proof?
8:21 AM
@5pike don't really care, I was just joking
@Chippies This means I'll have to do some more bounties. And I have ~200 rift fragments stashed away already...
oh well, I'll go for the bounty achievements then, got the act 1 bounty achievemnt already.
Q: What are the requirements for the Greed portal to appear?

ArperumI've killed hundreds of goblins, on multiple difficulties, in rifts, out of rifts... Bu no greed portal has opened yet. I'm currently doing mainly rifts (I have a huge pile of rift fragments), so can these portals open in rifts? And do they require torment or above? Is there a level requirement ...

@Arperum damn, I barely have any bounty achievs even in non-seasons
@Chippies I'm not talking about general bounty achievs, I'm talking about the season specifc ones, the "do 100 bounties in act 1" and the equals for the other acts.
I got all kill X mobs in act during season quite some time ago.
8:25 AM
@Arperum yeah, I know that's what you meant
Doing kills in a rift works too for the kill X in act achievements. Not sure if the rift needs to be in the specific act though.
I got my RRoG from my 4th cache after I started looking for it
I only have like 30 or so bounties done in act 1
and less in other acts
I have actually been incredibly lucky with my season character
@Chippies I got one of these at a lower level.
@Arperum I didn't do adventure mode until early 60s
I got to malthael in campaign before going to adventure mode, because 1) I hate doing campaign when I'm 70 and 2) I stop before malthael to get my guaranteed legendary at 70
although the legendaries don't seem to matter as much anymore, because greater rifts can be farmed easily
also, Kadela is giving me tons of legendaries lately
I spent 280 shards on helms earlier today, 2 out of first 5 helms were set and 1 was legendary
had the same situation with gloves few days ago
@Chippies I leveled up two heroes mostly on bounties.
8:36 AM
@Arperum well, adventure mode is definitely faster exp than campaign
Q: Way out of the war I offered to join?

JujuZASo, the Aztec invasion hit while I was dominating Europe as the restored Roman Empire. They were attacking Britain, which I held most of, and Scotland, which was an independent kingdom. I had luckily declared war on a whole bunch of territories nearby and shipped my whole army out there to conq...

but I do wanted to get the campaign achievs for seasons and I hate doing campaign at 70
Software Licenses

Proposed Q&A site for people who want to learn more about software licenses.

Currently in definition.

Fruitarianism 101

Proposed Q&A site for 80/10/10 raw vegans, Raw till 4 vegans (Whether you implement fully or not).

Currently in definition.

@Chippies I still need to finish the campaign on my crusader.
I did it on my demon hunter though.
8:51 AM
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment what?
@5pike In the most extreme case, this is only eating food that has naturally fallen from the tree. Root vegetables are out, as is anything that involves damaging a living thing.
@fredley Oh, I see.
@5pike 80:10:10 appears to be a diet plan, I'm guessing raw till 4 is too.
@fredley Seems you are right. If I search for them, I get some diet plans.
@5pike Basically NOPE
9:04 AM
Q: How do we handle harmful answers?

JutschgeEvery now and then I stumble upon an answer that is more or less harmful when followed. I'm talking about these "What's the shortcut for quicksaving?" -> "Alt+F4" answers (well obviously in a bigger scale). Sometimes in order to get a game or something in a game to work you have to modify and/o...

@fredley I don't really trust diet plans.
Well they're usually unscientific bullshit
@KevinvanderVelden To say the least
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, that's my usual thought.
Jeah, actually let me rephrase that. Unless it's from a trained dietitian for a single person. It is in 90% of the cases at best unscientific bullshit, at worst downright deadly
9:13 AM
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, the notion "works for this person, so it has to work for everyone" is total bullshit.
It also doesn't help that in some places (cough US cough) dietary supplements are barely regulated, and there is some terrible stuff in them sometimes
@KevinvanderVelden Many people will do anything to loose some weight...
@5pike yeah, but they don't really anticipate getting pesticides or stimulants that give heart attacks or things that cause cancer in their weight loss pills
I mean, death is a great weight loss method! But then it doesn't really matter much
9:31 AM
Humanity is rotten to the core.
The invention called the typewriter introduced the Shift Key
@Jutschge Ugh, the examples all look awful
> Copyright (C) 2002
2002 looks awful
2002 was awful
9:43 AM
2002 was like 2001 all over again
except for the thing that Americans seem to celebrate every September...
well 2003 was like 2002 but with the worst summer i know... seriously i felt like i'm in egypt.
I don't know how bad it was in northern Europe but here it was horrible...
I don't remember weather from that long ago
9:57 AM
@Jutschge Step 2: the computer is an invention by Alan Turing. You can find it on your desk: it is the big grey brick.
Q: NBA 2k14 PC - Are there any story based cutscenes like on the next gen consoles?

HiltI don't have the game yet, and i read that the game graphics are current gen etc. but i couldn't really find any answers to this: Are there any story based cutscenes like on the next gen consoles? Not just the aftergame press like in NBA 2k13, but cutscenes like in NBA 2k15 and 2k14 on Next Gen...

It seems like you had a colder-than-average summer in 2002
that's kind of impressive.
Neverminid there's no precipitation data
I hadn't even started school in 2001
10:04 AM
@3ventic July 10-21 look like fun
So many thunderstorms
I've moved since 2001 :(
A new simulator appears:
@Arperum thought it was IMPOSSIBRO, and I agreed!
@badp Damn, how long have you been playing now?
10:14 AM
@badp A whole month now. Interesting.
186+1463 souls
The thing is, before I got full Vaagur there was a point where hero upgrades stopped keeping up with the game
but now I can probably go onwards indefinitely
There's been a couple of moments when I thought "damn I am missing a LOT of DPS for the next boss"
but it just happened to be late at night
and if it didn't, each 1234568 gives me about 2 hours' worth of gold in 30 seconds
plus the dark ritual spam (I've had 130)
I can just keep going and beat bosses in 8-20 seconds
I guess
That must be the least heart felt "wonderful" I've seen in a while
You can have a "Wunderbar", if you want.
10:20 AM
It's a per-game launcher?
De-gild Betty Clicker. King Midas gild. Thanks Obama.
@badp Is that the new steam-like thing from gog?
@5pike yeah
I haven't seen any download for GOG Galaxy
I meant to sign up for, but then I forgot.
@3ventic Did you enter the beta?
10:27 AM
I got the key for Alien vs Predator
In that case GOG probably just likes @badp more.
Oh... all it is right now is that game's multiplayer
10:45 AM
@Yuuki Why?
AAAAAAAAAAAA where is the windowed mode
@badp A month well spent
@fredley amirite
@badp nournotrite
@fredley butamiritebro
11:00 AM
@badp nobroyouarewrong
@fredley yesbutamirite
@badp browhereisthisgoing
@fredley whereitsgoingisimmastrongindependentmodandidontneednoporkchop
@badp nobro
critical memetic failure detected
11:02 AM
@badp Yeah I have no idea what's going on
@badp 138k views - meme status: DENIED
@fredley critical reference failure detected
Now you have to watch all 15 minutes
@badp Already seen it. Totally worth it
@badp UGH
11:24 AM
Memes are the worst.
@Unionhawk Ohhh, I didn't realise it was actually a thing
@Wipqozn Nono. @Wipqozn is the worst.
So, @Wipqozn is a meme?
@KevinvanderVelden Come to think of it.... yeah, I basically am just a meme at this point.
11:34 AM
Confirmed: @Wipqozn is a frozen meme.
@fredley I'm basically a celebrity.
Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go.... (I spend an hour on the bus)
@KevinvanderVelden A Frozen meme?
Let it gooooooo
@TimStone that took way longer than I thought it would
11:35 AM
Notable fanfic pairings:

Spugsley x Dolan
Gnomeslice x Wipqozn
Wipqozn x Wipqozn
Garfield x Everyone
Wipqozn x Wipqozn is best pairing.
via this:
Q: A Terrible Mod Announcement

ManaThe time has come for me to step down as a moderator of this site. I love this place and the community we've built up around it, but unfortunately my other responsibilities leave me with too little time to spend here these days. I could reminisce about all the wonderful times we've had together,...

Just to remind you guys mana left.
I should probablyl ink to oak and gent86 too just for the sake of being terrible.
@wipqozn finished Mistborn yet?
Old @badp gravatar?
@AshleyNunn No. I had to sleep, and now I'm working :(
@Wipqozn boooooo
4 hours ago, by Chippies
@Arperum blah, that work! Always gets in the way of fun!
11:37 AM
@wipqozn double boo
Q: What would mining whole chunk mean?

FennekinI read that to get diamonds you should mine a whole chunk. what's this "mining a whole chunk" mean? I would also like to ask that would I get diamond for sure?

I'm currently working on a Wordpress plug-in for our AdTech ads, since we're using Wordpress more for setting up special sites, so at least the day should go by quickly.
And then I can resume reading.
well luckily I can read during my lunch break, which I plan to do.
I have more training today. I presume it will go as slow as yesterday. :(
My boss and the stats guy installed L4D on their PCs, and tried to convince me to do the same, but I told them that anytime spent playing L4D is time I could be reading instead.
looks at the weather outside Yeah, I'll probably be reading in the cafeteria during my lunchbreak
11:40 AM
Read ALL the books!
@AshleyNunn Training can be pretty boring.
@Wipqozn Wordpress is horrible. I basically evaded it for the day today.
I hope to finish my book about Mormon Dentist Zombie Hunters today. It is really good.
@5pike Fun fact: bp is yellow on other sites.
... mormon... dentist... zombie hunters?
@Wipqozn Yeah, I saw that.
11:41 AM
@Arperum I like wordpress.
@wipqozn I see why it is necessary, I just wish there was a better way to present the info.
@Wipqozn I don't like screwing around in it. It doesn't help that I dont like php.
@kevin yep. It's called "Extreme Dentistry", I picked it up at a con I went to this weekend.
@Arperum I've never been a PHP hater. There are things about it I dislike, but I certainly don't mind working in it.
@AshleyNunn that looks like the weirdest setting ever
I may need to pick it up if I ever see it
11:43 AM
@Wipqozn I like my variables to have a friggin stable type. None of that var nonsense.
@kevin it is totally worth it.
Ooh! I still need to pick up Jam by Yathzee Croshaw (guy from Zero Punctuation)
I've not read Jam. I read Mogworld and liked it well enough.
I really liked Mogworld
In other news, I can now honestly say I have no idea whether or I prefer an eReader or a physical book.
11:46 AM
I like both. Reader for portability, book for not having batteries.
@AshleyNunn you could have an eReader with no batteries as well. Of course, it would be useless, but still...
My favourite thing about books over eReaders (or at least my one) is it's a lot easier to back and forth between pages when I want to find something earlier on, or flip ahead to see how many pages are left in a chapter.
@AshleyNunn I've never had to worry about batteries with my ereader
Clicker Heroes needs a SFW text interface version
Or, in the parlance of ancient times, a "Boss button"
@Sterno you could just minimize your browser and pretend to be working
11:54 AM
@Chippies Or actually work!
or run the game in a separate window and alt tab
I mean, the game only needs 3 minutes of interaction every hour or so
@Sterno Pfft, you're funny
But when it's up, it's pretty obvious it is NOT work
@Sterno I haven't even bothered trying to access it, since it's probably blocked at work.
11:54 AM
@Sterno zoom out a bit and make a small separate window for it
i.e not fullscreen window
would be less noticeable
@Wipqozn :(
@Chippies Or make your boss addicted to it too.
@Arperum Risky, but if it works then perfect
@Arperum that is a good idea
@Chippies I can start trying on my collegues first :p
11:57 AM
Why is everyone awake? Isn't it like, really early in most of the USA?
@Arperum get everyone addicted? They can't fire you all!
@Chippies It's 8am
@OrigamiRobot EST?
@Chippies Heh, the others are playing bloons td battles during hours currently. Clicker requires less interaction, so I'm good. Also super slow day today.
@OrigamiRobot what a horrible time period to be awake =[
11:59 AM
I always assume most of the US people are in the PST timezone, because that's what I'm used to
but I guess the reality is that most people are actually in the EST
8am is my normal get out of bed time.
@KevinvanderVelden Tell me about it :(
I had a horrible headache last night.
I tried to just go to sleep through it, but I woke up at 1am with it even worse.
I had to drive to the gas station in a sleepy haze to get some medicine.
I'm glad I didn't die
Q: Term for special usable items?

HowieIn my RPG game there are three types of items. Two of them we already know are "usable items" and "wearable items". However I also have a third type which is more arcade-y, maybe more in line with powerups found in other games. Once your character picks them up, they don't go in the inventory sl...

12:01 PM
Also, that gas station was really bright
@OrigamiRobot So are we, it would be less fun without AUTOCADBOT every now and then.
Aww, I knew you cared
For some reason I care about a lot of people.
I'd blame witchcraft. Did you piss off any witches lately?
@KevinvanderVelden I think I may have killed one in Minecraft...do they have ghosts that come back to haunt people?
@Arperum lucky, I have to be up usually prior to 7:30 :P
12:09 PM
That's it! Sorry @Arperum the ghost of the witch @RPi killed in minecraft is haunting you
@AshleyNunn ugh. I do 40 minutes and that's bad enough.
@Arperum Sorry :(
@KevinvanderVelden If Witchcraft isn't a Minecraft mod I'll be really pissed off
@OrigamiRobot Don't blame me, blame mana! He's the one that excluded Wipqozn x OrigamiRobot.
@KevinvanderVelden wat. Why? I'm confused now.
12:10 PM
@fredley there's the witchery mod
@KevinvanderVelden Not the correct name, I am pissed off
@Arperum well the ghost cursed you so you'd care about people. Duh
The curse also causes confusion.
@KevinvanderVelden Oh. WHen did you kill that witch @RPi?
12:12 PM
@Arperum Uh...can't remember now
It killed me :P
Because I was busy caring sunday night too. About a german girl who had to do a 6 hour drive home starting at midnight...
She got home safely though. So that's good.
I really need to put on pants and go to work
@5pike yes
It was literally a forum emoticon
but dyed blue because mod
I've since redrawn my avatar in glorious 16×16×3
12:17 PM
Name Rosetta's landing site! Bridge-themed names, go!
We should name it @MarkTrapp
@TimStone The Unionhawk Lake of Wrongness
"Lazer's Landing"
> any name can be proposed, but it must not be the name of a person
The Sea of Lazers
12:19 PM
@badp Wow, I didn't know that piece of badp lore
It was from the beforetimes.
Who is radp?
I was planning on going outside just now
@KevinvanderVelden Don't do it!
Then it started raining
12:20 PM
@KevinvanderVelden And then the rain arrived?
Raining a lot
Whew. Crisis averted.
@KevinvanderVelden It came in from the south.
@badp lolol
12:20 PM
@Arperum I live in The South!
@OrigamiRobot I didn't use capitals, so it wasn't your rain.
I'm still gonna blame @OrigamiRobot for the rain now
Rainjected :(
@TimStone Sounds painful
12:24 PM
@TimStone is that when you ask for a rain check and they say no?
I'm off for a bit, cya chat
in The DMZ, 3 mins ago, by Adnan
If any of you is into CSS stuff http://css-tricks.com/examples/ShapesOfCSS/
@Arperum Some of these don't render correctly in latest Chrome. Don't think that stuff is quite ready for prime time yet.
12:32 PM
They look okay in Chrome dev
@fredley Some of them also have some issues in firefox. But still, impressive nonetheless.
There are some pretty nifty ones in there
The only difference I can see between chrome and ff is that the space invader looks better in chrome.
I had to open inspector to see how the fb one was put together. Very neat.
it's all showed right belowthe icons.
12:35 PM
The space invader one is is a bit dumb, just pixel offsets hacked into drop shadow. Why not do that with a pixel size of 1, and encode whole photos! No image transfer bandwidth at all!
Also most of these seem to be a game of 'what can you make with essentially 3 divs' (before and after). It makes me think ::before and ::after should be some special cases of ::child(n), allowing you to use more than 3 elements.
Huh, they actually all render right in IE 11 too, with a few minor quirks.
@TimStone Wow, a version of IE that's a year and a half old actually works, ish!
@fredley that's clearly 10101
apparently that means NAK
@badp l⦿l⦿l
@Arperum Too bad you can't put actual text in many of those
12:48 PM
@badp True.
@LessPop_MoreFizz привет
I seem to have given myself a rugburn on top of my foot while sleeping last night.
This is bad because I need to go do work but it hurts to put my sock and shoe on.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Take a picture of your socks

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