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12:00 AM
Most upsetting since it looks quite good.
Also I'm going to go read Mistborn.
I'm really enjoying it.
@badp Pff that's git gut not gud
@badp That's like the worst possible chart to explain anything ever.
For most people it's really this: guides.github.com/introduction/flow/index.html
+/-the Github bits
lol 'more independant'
Did you take a personality quiz?
@DwarfSlice Wait wat?
it's from okcupid, from answering a ton of their profile questions
Is this the result of a personality quiz?
Why are my messages out of order?
Stop being weird chat
12:15 AM
@RedRiderX You do realize what you just said right?
@Unionhawk Yes but it's all out of order
@RedRiderX this was number 1
@RedRiderX this was number 2
@RedRiderX and number 4
I don't get the double post either
12:21 AM
@RedRiderX that's not even the same process
@badp Yes but most people don't need all those steps
@RedRiderX it's so gud it's become gut. It's like the past of gud, gut is what has gotten gud. Jeez do I have to explain everything to you?
@badp where's 'git rekt'
@RedRiderX most people will need to know what a stage is etc.
and 'git r done'
12:23 AM
It's just I've seen these things and I thought they were pretty bad
(Notice the file host)
@DwarfSlice alias it to rm
@DwarfSlice Alias it to push
In retrospect I should've added a faded arrow from modified to staged and modified with git add -p
git add -p is awesome
@badp Ah right not even mentioning the commands isn't very great either
@badp Nah man git -a all the way!
@RedRiderX git out
git push --force
@RedRiderX git decim8td
git reset --hard HEAD{five.minutes.ago}
Is that even the right syntax? I forget, I usually just copy paste the exadecimal
> She’s made as much as $10,000 for one day’s work, and gets to travel all over the world to sit on dudes. And she says she never does anything sexual with her clients.
12:32 AM
Business Management

Proposed Q&A site for managers of all levels in specializations including accounting, marketing and sales, operations, and human resources. This is an umbrella proposal to incorporate all individual sites in this area that have failed to gain enough support.

Currently in definition.

Well, that's certainly a thing.
`git fsck --lost-found
dangling commit six.minutes.ago`
No wait I need to do something else right?
12:47 AM
Q: what is the difference between beat'em all vs beat'em up

B413I'm not a native English speaker. Could you tell me what us the difference between beat'em all vs beat'em up (if any)?

There we go, random low level missions cleaned up
1:11 AM
Q: Are there any quests with more than one companion?

xenoterracideIn quite a few bioware games, near the end of the story you'll get a quest which allows you to travel with more than one of your companions. Often right before some of them decide to betray you. The point is often it is required for companions that you rarely traveled with to be well equipped at ...

1:25 AM
@Lazers Yeah, basically all of them, once you recruit your second companion
Q: Why can't I shoot my arrows far

JoshI cannot shoot my arrows far for some reason and even when I fully pull back the string I have tried to reset game and make a new bow but nothing will work they just fall to the ground please help

Q: Which levels have collectibles in “Where's my water?”?

Ryan ClarkeWhat levels are they in? I have checked every level but I can't find them.

2:09 AM
@OrigamiRobot do you have any idea how to get unobtainium in kittens?
2:23 AM
Q: What are the different currencies and how are they earned?

ehsteveDestiny has a number of different currencies available (vanguard marks, crucible marks, motes of light, strange coins), can someone provide a list of all of them, how they are earned, and which are most "effective" meaning high purchasing power versus time to earn.

Q: What is the difference between "revive" and "revive with oxygen"?

UnionhawkWhen I go up to a downed teammate, the game gives me two options: "Revive" and "Revive with Oxygen". What is the difference between these two options? How much oxygen does reviving with oxygen consume?

2:44 AM
must stop buying lauge & baba gnohm
@DwarfSlice Are these words?
These guys are phenomenal
Q: Mess 088 code usage

PowerlordIn Gemini Exoplanet Solutions, the terminal in the dark room down the hall from Product Storage, I'm given message 088 Maintenance Systems. This message includes a code and mentions possibly needing it to enable the distribution system However, I was able to restart the power distribution syst...

Beautiful work
I have all but one of their releases now. Two if you count the compilation of random tracks.
@TimStone @Unionhawk I was playing Magic all day
@Chippies No clue
2:51 AM
A likely excuse!
I can play now
@DwarfSlice Anyway Dustforce is really good and I am going to play more. I had to do things today and I didn't want to because I was playing Dustforce.
It is really good.
I'd play now but I'm so tired I almost feel drunk.
2:53 AM
@Mana should come talk about Dustforce with us.
But I'm so close to buying a new thing in Clicker Heroes I can't sleep yet.
3:13 AM
3:50 AM
Q: Will AI in civilization 5 buy units?

EnigmaDoes the AI ever purchase units, land, or buildings? Will an AI make use of excess gold?

Hey, WoW people! Any for an addon downloader/updater for Mac that isn’t WowMatrix? Because I did a cursory look through their addon list for some of the stuff I actually use and like none of it is even listed there.
Apparently curse doesn’t maintain their mac client anymore and oh god why did I even resubscribe to WoW at all please help me.
Okay, that's kinda cool.
4:16 AM
Q: Name of an early game

rhughesYears ago when the N64 came out I played a game at a shop in England. The premise was you flew a transformer like robot and you had to land on buildings to destroy them. You had a time limit and got points for the buildings. It was a very early N64 game, but for years I have never remembered it'...

@Frank Yeah, I like that.
Wouldn't stop me from jaywalking, but I would be entertained while doing so at least
Around here the “Don’t Walk” signal is a red hand, so it wouldn’t really work.
4:40 AM
Q: Minecraft - Using WorldEdit, is there an easy way to hollow out a mountain?

Andy RamaBy hollow out I mean leave only the surface (the blocks that can be seen from the outside) untouched, creating a very large cave inside that is the same shape as the surface.

4:51 AM
@Frank It's an interesting idea, but I think the novelty will wear off pretty quickly, and it will stop being effective.
Q: Should i reference Anime.SE for Lore Questions in Tag Wikis

Memor-XI'm looking into working on some of the Tag Wikis of games i know about as a means to try and get closer to 10k rep so i can finally start reading deleted questions and answers. i'm wondering, here Lore Questions are kinda of a grey area and while are allowed some like them, some don't, those th...

5:08 AM
Woah, Halo 4 just gave me all of my missing Crimson and Castle DLC achievements just for starting the game
@murgatroid99 Wait, what? I have to try this
Apparently the game wasn't giving them out properly, and I had the requirements
Hmmm, odd. I have a few of those already lol
Nope, no new ones for me
Strangely, I got 6 total, but 2 weren't on that list
I had 3 of those already, and the others didn't unlock
What other 2 did you get?
5:16 AM
clay pidgeon and bigfoot
and I don't think I deserved half of them
but, since I think DLC achievements are BS anyway, I'm not unhappy
Yeah, I hate the DLC ones with a passion
Especially since the DLC playlist now only has like 15 people at any given time (if they haven't removed it)
I think it's gone by now
I don't think I've been in a Majestic game since the dedicated playlist when it first came out
That's probably why I didn't get the 2 Majestic achievements on that list
Yeah, not sure I have either
There isn't a lot of people left playing anyway
heh, big team has 1337 people in it lol
@Ktash It is the middle of the night in America
On average, anyway
5:35 AM
Haha, yeah, but even at the popular times it is dead
everybody's onto the next game
Q: How do I keep my rockets from blowing up the pad without launch stabilizers?

IsziSince 0.25, it is now possible to destroy buildings at KSC. Unfortunately, this appears to also mean it's now possible to overload your launch pad. On several occasions, even with relatively small craft, I've found that the launch pad simply collapses under the weight of my rocket. Right now the...

@Ktash It'll be interesting to see how popular the Master Chief Collection is
Every multiplayer map ever should draw some people in
Yeah. I think it'll be fairly big
but I don't think it'll be the console seller M$ wants
5:52 AM
Yeah, I mainly want the remastered Halo 2, and the Halo 5 beta
I'm also interested to see the updated Halo 3. I loved that one
6:04 AM
I won't be getting it because I don't have an xbone, and don't really want one
6:23 AM
@Lazers burn! Also, could a blue delete this.
Ping @LessPop_MoreFizz or @GraceNote
Or a room owner I guess. But I am not one of those things either
And another
Nevermind, I can flag them :D
6:40 AM
Hi, I just deleted the messages you guys flagged - as far as I saw from the conversation, this was your intent, right?
@rumtscho Yes, but at the same time, I think this calls for a traditional chant of "MOD ABUSE!", not that there was any, but I'm led to believe that is the appropriate reaction to anything done by a mod. :P
( /bridge humour )
@rumtscho Yes, it was. Thanks. They were just spam on the main site that the bot picked up. If they don't get deleted here, they just hang around in the transcript forever
OK. I must admit that at first I dismissed the flags, thinking that some automated system has picked up a discussion about spam, and declared it spam itself. But then I thought of coming into the room and seeing the actual conversation surrounding it, and then it's when it dawned on me that you maybe really didn't want the citation hanging around here.
@TrentHawkins Ah, local traditions. Fine by me. Do I have to do something special, or should I just stand in the middle with a dumb smile while you pelt me with virtual mud?
Yeah, it's just messy if the spam hangs around in chat, so I usually try and flag it when I'm in the room
@rumtscho I think the traditional thing to do is de-owner @Wipqozn.
6:48 AM
But I usually forget I can flag it so I also ping the mods too lol
@TrentHawkins I don't think he is ownered right now
Ooh, he is
I was wrong
Yes, that is a thing that you should do
blarg... Why do I ever think I can just play Binding of Isaac without the wiki open on a second screen?
Morning chat
7:05 AM
Good night, chat
Q: How to get DLC multiplayer archievements

SysDragonDLC's in Halo Reach came with some new achievements. As the game became less popular and currently there are no dedicated queue lists to play only on the new maps, some of the achievements became really difficult to get as some of them require that DLC maps. Usually, when playing on matchmaking,...

7:50 AM
Hey @Unionhawk, are you there?
8:24 AM
@5pike "It's me, @5pike"
@fredley I wanted to ask him, if we could play Borderlands together sometimes.
8:40 AM
Justice has been served.
@5pike So much WoW spam today, it's making my lazer finger tired
Poor lazer finger. Cut it off and replace it with a cybernetic lazer finger :D
(i.e. just a LAZER without an off button, careful where you aim it)
What could possibly go wrong?
Nothing, I am sure it will go perfectly fine, you work does something with detecting cancer right? Just wondering, no particular reason
9:04 AM
shhhhh, no cancer, only John Green
This is hell
@5pike There's harder ones later. Much harder.
@fredley Oh my. I don't think I have the patience for this.
9:24 AM
Ok, got it, but didn't enjoy it.
@5pike Ha. I'm far enough ahead that there aren't many people around, which makes it hard
@fredley I bet. Do you need them for those button thingies?
@5pike jup
I was stuck on the wrong side of a level for 5 minutes waiting for someone to stick around on the other side to open my gate
@5pike That's the hardest one
9:33 AM
@fredley I'm getting tense just looking at it.
No, I can't...
@5pike Looks like a good use case for these Wacom Cintiq tablets. :D
@MartinSojka Ha, yeah, just put a ruler on it and off you go.
9:54 AM
@5pike Oh, not because of the straight lines, just for the speed. You can move your mouse pointer in straight horizontal and vertical lines easily enough just with the basic OS input assistance, by moving it with the keyboard keys.
@MartinSojka Oh, that's nice.
@5pike That one is cheatable, the cursor moves in a straightline to wherever your mouse is pointing, but it doesn't count when your mouse is out of the game area. So position perfectly above/under a gap you have to pass, make a large mouse circle out of game area and enter right below/above the point where you left the area.
@TrentHawkins nah man, don't de-owner that Wipqozn guy. That meme is so last week. The new meme is NOT removing Wipqozn from ownership.
10:15 AM
dammit. Lost connection to server. bad cursors.io!
10:31 AM
@fredley later levels are really bad
@badp Yeah, if there's nobody about
the one with the six buttons
Q: How do you make people drop extra items?

aytimothyAs seen in this video: (Skip to 5:53) When a player is slain, they drop an Enchanting Table on top of their inventory. Ho...

Smells like it too.
It's definitely spam.
... and now I'm hungry. Thanks, internet!
there was spam here, it's gone now
I'm also pretty sure I just read a really major spoiler for the ending of Mistborn #1 when trying to add book 2 to my "to read" list". Most upsetting. I think I should stick to the system I used with The Empire Trilogy where I just added the next book in a series stright to my "currently reading" list.
11:11 AM
I think for my next game, I'm going to have currency called Wow Gold that you have to solve various puzzles to obtain.
@fredley An alloy of gold and grindium?
@MartinSojka eh?
Well, similar to red or rose gold (gold + copper), purple gold (gold + aluminium), white gold (gold + palladium or nickel, depends), wow gold could be gold + grindium.
@MartinSojka Oh I thought you were replying to the screenshot
I was confused
@fredley maybe bash would've worked better?
11:20 AM
@badp Goes to wikipedia
@fredley sigh
@badp Term goes to iterm though
In a few iterations iTunes will be its own operating system
su -> ST3
sub -> ST2
subl -> ST3
why do you have ST2 installed?
11:22 AM
@badp Never removed it
You could also make it an alloy of gold and dysprosium, but most people wouldn't get the connection (Greek "δυσπρόσιτος" = "hart to obtain").
Q: What are the benefits of burning a corpse?

CrystalBlueIn chapter 2, they introduce you to the burning mechanic. The tutorial tip informs you that burning a corpse on the ground will remove it permanently. This makes me think that enemies can get up after I've killed them. However, through the first area of the game, I have been able to stealth ki...

11:28 AM
Speaking of
what do you guys think about this?
A: When is it appropriate to close a lore question as "not addressed directly through in-universe sources"?

badpYes, you do have to know what you are talking about before you vote to close. The only people who have the global power to vote to close on the network are community managers and developers. They're like the exception handlers' exception handlers: they act when shit really does hit the fan. Thei...

11:39 AM
@badp I agree with sterno's questions that we shouldn't VTC a question about in-game elements just because it lacks an in-universe answer.
I try to stay away from lore questions, because usually, I don't give a frick about lore.
@Wipqozn So what should we do?
Sterno does not come up with a suggestion himself
I disagree strongly that we should answer "there is no answer"
I'm not really sure, but I really dislike the idea of using close votes if users don't think there's an answer, and then it being reopened if someone discovers there is. That just isn't what close votes are really meant for.
I'm not sure if I like the idea of "there is no answer' either. I'd prefer just not leaving an answer.
It gets especially interesting for game series where the answer appears in a new instalment of the game. Stuff like "Which Daggerfall ending is the canonical one?" not being answered until Morrowind (answer: all of them), for example.
@Wipqozn but isn't that the whole point of closing questions?
Why do we close questions?
11:47 AM
Or "Where did Jiub go?" (Morrowind) answered in Oblivion ("He went and banished all cliff racers from Vvardenfell").
Or more importantly, why wouldn't we close questions such as this?
"Why didn't Aperture Science invent perpetual motion?"
@MartinSojka That guy is a freaking saint.
@5pike Literally
In that question I took the risk of saying "we don't know" but I don't think we should be forced to
@badp ew, past Wipqozn upvoted that at some point.
11:50 AM
The asker also went for a retort asking me to defend my statement
Look at how many comments I got there for saying "we don't know"
eventually I have to start speculating myself to defend the fact that we don't know
that's bollocks
For this question I would say it should be closed since it's asking about something not in-game. Asking why a fictional company did not do a thing which isn't mentioned at any point in the game is just not an answerable question at all. That's based purely on the question.
@Wipqozn How's that different from "VTC a question about in-game elements just because it lacks an in-universe answer."
"The portal gun is in-game!"
(maybe I'm not getting your point)
@badp "VTC a question asking about something not in the game" vs "VTC a question about something in-game since the answer is not in the game"
I'm saying the linked question doesn't ask about anything in the game itself.
@Wipqozn Ostensibly perpetual motion is in the game
@badp In the sense physics are a thing, but it's never really discussed at all.
11:55 AM
Do we have a close reason of "Asking to prove a negative" already?
@MartinSojka purple gold is a thing? googles. It looks pretty awesome, and it's bubblegum pink when molten O.o
@MartinSojka That is my point, we should close such questions
The go-to close reason here should be
> Questions about Game Design and Development are off topic. This includes speculative questions about developer intent, with respect to both mechanics and narrative. You might want to ask over at GameDev.SE, but be sure to read their FAQ
@badp Not because it's a lore question though. For all we know, Aperture Science did invent perpetual motion. They just couldn't bring it to market quickly enough.
I think ultimately we're just going to need to accept that if we allow Lore Questions we're going to need to accept we're going to get crappy questions as well, some of which just can't be answered with any in-universe answers.
because if you can't find an answer in-game and you don't answer "there is no answer" what remains is just making shit up
@Wipqozn What's the problem with closing the crappy questions exactly?
11:56 AM
I personally think Lore Questions should be permitted, and as much as I dislike the idea of needing to take crappy-yet-valid along with the good lore questions, it's something I've come to accept.
"Accept them all" or "ban them all" is a false dichotomy
We don't have to choose between the two
I'm not saying that.
I think your linked question should absolutely be closed, however there are a lot of crap lore questions that I often see peope trying to close but really should just be downvoted instead.
@KevinvanderVelden It's comparatively new, since ... well, obtaining relatively pure aluminium is a new thing. Goldsmiths typically work with traditional materials.
I think this applies to questions without an in-universe answer as well. It would be great to close those things, but I feel that we ultimately can't, since the only real solution to closing them is "close until someone comes up with an answer", and I don't like that at all.
@MartinSojka it's also quite different in use to normal metals, seems like it has to be treated like a gem (i.e. cut and grinded, not deformed)
11:59 AM
@Wipqozn We only close if we agree is an answer
Reopening questions we closed by mistake is how the system is supposed to work
It's gorgeous though:
(or reopening them once the question has become acceptable)
@badp I agree, and I think you raise some good points about how high the bar is for closing. However, in this case we're saying the question was perfectly fine all along, we just didn't know it until someone posted an answer. It just seems... wrong.
I mean, take @MartinSojka's counterexample. I don't know if we need to look through all closed and deleted Skyrim questions once Skyrim+1 comes out, but I don't even know if askers would appreciate receiving an email with plot spoilers about the new game...
@Wipqozn It's okay to be wrong on the internet.
12:01 PM
There's also the fact that we delete closed questions if they can't (won't) be fixed. This situation would mean we would just need to leave these questions sitting in limbo for an arbitrary amount of time.
@Wipqozn If they're deleted they can simply be reasked.
If nothing has changed since the original question we can close the new one too.
@badp Except the "nothing has changed" in this case is that no one has answered the question.
@Wipqozn I was thinking about @MartinSojka's counterexample where a question can go from invalid to valid just through the release of a new later game in the series
which perhaps is the single weakest point of the current approach
(and yet how often does that happen?)
@badp I agree that a lore question can get an in-universe answer with a new game release, and also that a question can go from invalid to valid with a new game release.
Example: That smash bros questions asking about linking 3ds and wiiu versions.
We'll never know for a few years from now. Most of the examples are by necessity older than Arqade.
And yes, those are real questions which have been asked on the Bethesda forums in the past.
12:06 PM
@MartinSojka ...Arqade is 4¼ years old
(That's why the lore junkies there can't wait for any new game which comes out, they have soooo many questions needing answers)
@badp Yep, an order of magnitude younger than the video gaming industry.
@MartinSojka Yes, but I am now going to be a lot less worried about a side case with an expected frequency of less than once every five years
Well, you probably shouldn't be. For exceptional cases we have exceptional methods anyway - mods and admins and whatnot.
especially when for most questions, the solution is "simply ask again"
Q: Download software from your external harddrive

Marco GeertsmaSo recently i started playing (the) hacker experience. Im really enjoying this game but for some reason somebody hacked me and deleted all my software. Now i've backed up some of my files but when i try to download them back to my 'software' folder it says the software already exists. Screenshots...

12:10 PM
@lazers How ironic...
@DatEpicCoderGuyWhoPrograms How is that ironic?
Everything in the question happens ingame.
@Arperum Oh, the way the question was worded made it seem like he was actually hacked...
@DatEpicCoderGuyWhoPrograms I assume he was hacked ingame. I don't acutally know the game though.
@Arperum Neither do I...
12:17 PM
Q: What is reason behind slow computer processing?

Della JohnsonMy brother used play computer games for hour. While I was searching for baby newborn carrier the computer suddenly got hanged. Please help.

I wonder why the comment's posting times don't use UTC time like everything else in the stackexchange network.
@Lazers wat.
@lazers spam, or in other words, () { :;};.
env aqr='() { :;}; echo Yippee!' bash -c 'echo Hooray!'
You're fork bomb has a few problems you know
12:53 PM
Uuuuuh. No
I think that's the correct answer

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